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Google Instant Hits Beta for Some Android Devices

Google launched “Instant” back in September for non-mobile devices, but it looks like they’ve released a “beta” into the wild for Android.  One of our forum members (marc11284) tipped us after noticing his Google search page had an interesting note attached to it referencing “Instant (beta)” being turned off.  So far we’re only hearing of it landing on the original Droid, although ours doesn’t have the instant option yet.  We’ll be digging for answers as to when we can all expect the “Instant” feature to mysteriously show up. Check your phones now!

Update:   Readers are reporting it on their Droid X, Incredible and OG.  

Source:  Droid Life Forums

  • Elisha

    The “beta” choice for the google search bar has been offered on my Motorola Electrify for the past 2 months. I first began using the device in November 2011. (Is this Chrome?)

  • Highside19

    FYI. This is also happining on the Driod 3 as well. Oddly, it says it more often on my wifes phone then mine, but it comes up on both.