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JRummy Releases Droid X/2 Overclock App, 1.45GHz Speeds and Voltage Settings

JRummy, one of our favorite ROM developers of all time released his Droid X and 2 overclock app this morning and it doesn’t disappoint.  We told you about the Unstable Apps release earlier, but this is another option that I highly recommend.  The UI is as pretty as his ROMs, you can clock your device up to 1.45GHz, change the voltage and even set them on boot.  Oh, he even tossed in some goodies like an ad blocker and apps to SD support.  How can you beat that?  

Same $.99 price as the other one.


Download Link

  • Hi, it says that it works on milestone 2, but then when i run the app on my milestone2 and it aint able to recognize the device and wont let me overclock.

  • Antonio Michael1987

    when i go to download the droid x/2 overclock app it takes me to the android market problem is when it shows the app on the adroid market the app that shows is Droid X overclock not the Droid X/2 Overclock program

  • D Rod07

    I just downloaded the overclock app and when I try and open it it won't let me it keeps saying “unable to gain root access!!” What should i do?

  • Update: Bought and installed the app on Droid 2 Global. It FCs when the app tries to load. I did remove SetCpu prior to the install to avoid any conflicts. Do I need to leave SetCpu installed for JRummy's app to work?

  • Will this work on a Droid 2 Global?

  • Ad0131065

    I got mine running on ULV 1.3ghz stable, anything higher causes freeze at any voltage. Great App

  • Chaddcline
  • Jscarter0173

    Why doesn't it show on the market? DX rooted with flyx rom….

  • Mikekarrie3

    I can't find the download for it where is it

  • Amaroth

    I would really like to know what rom/theme that is in the screenshot

  • hahayeahright

    This app is WAY better than the one released by unstable apps. Amazing. Thank you @jrummy16 !

  • Roger

    i am a newbee and confused I have the app running along with visionary. The x2 app does not control the kernel at all. I have to connect g2 via usb to pc and run adb to adjust speed. Once the speed is set then and only then will the x2 app throttle the speed. When i reboot i have to start all over and push the clock speed via the pc. WTF am i doing something wrong here. I assumed that once the Kernel was pushed to the g2 then x2 as an app could root and control the speed. Instead i must control kernel from pc initially then the x2 tapp can control. This is a stupid waist of time.

  • nickbutterz

    i cant get this to do anything. when ever i try to do anything it force closes. even when i just tried to enable the ad blocker

  • Slvrscoobie

    How will this play with SetCPU?

  • I get error. failed to install overclocking components. Contact the developer????????

    • Fast94accord

      same here….just installed it a few min ago

      • If there issues like this they should pull the app and revamp it to make it better and stable before launching it again. Just my two cents.

        • Dakinclark

          your ninety- nine cents 😀 Unstable's works great

  • does this work on an incredible? if not, could anyone tell me where i could get a kernel with a 1.3 or above?

  • possomcrast1

    they removed it

  • Why are sooo many people unable to download the app??? It downloaded and installed in like 20 seconds and works flawlessly. ah well…

    • Muse

      Wow, this post was very helpful..

  • So, I can't get the phone to turn back on. It turns on, goes to the “M” screen, then turns back off. It keeps doing this process. Any one know what's wrong?

    • You my friend are in a boot-loop. Your phone probably can't handle what ever you set up. Restore a backup and either go down in clock-speed or go up in voltage. Every Droid isn't strong enough to handle high clockspeed and low voltages.

  • Yourmom


  • Jeremy

    Can't wait to use it, justt gotta love the market sometimes. I've been sitting in authorizing purchase for about 3 hours now. Usually it takes a few min to pass through but this is crazy, cmon Google fix your damn market

    • Donkey9587

      supp jeremy. when i try to overclock my dx. everything slows down and it does until i take battery out.
      what could cause and this and how do i fix?

  • Can any one give us some ideas of setting that work well?

  • Killer4247

    Do you really need koush bootstrap because I don't have it and its working according to setcpu

    • You do need it if you plan to recover your phone in case anything goes wrong.

  • Search droid x/2 overclock that is the only why i got it to pull up

  • Mike Morris 1981

    need serious help. downloaded for rooted droid 2 and tried to change frequency to 1.3..immediately shut down and now i cant get past the m screen. very annoyed and any help will be appreciated.

    • Blckrex1313

      it will go past the m screen it just takes forever bc its run to fast, it took my phone 5 mins to get past the m screen. after ur phone starts up go back to stock settings..

  • Muse

    Cant download this.. NOT in the market and links give error's

    • Eli

      What's going on with the links?

      • Muse

        Not sure. Nobody is saying anything about the broken links.

  • Jinxt

    When I saw the unstable apps post I figured I'd just wait a bit until the app went through the “usual channels” and snag it for free, but then I saw this and jumped on the chance to contribute to an upstanding member of our little community. Paid and downloading now. Thank you JRummy for your contributions to our community.

    • P3droid

      I am disappointed that you would even post that you were waiting to steal the app, or as you call it..get a paid app for free.

      This sort of attitude is BAD for the community, especially towards someone who is a good guy.

    • TheRealBeesley

      Yeah man.. Wow.. Support the damn dev you thief. Its only 99 cents FFS. Cheap bastard.

    • Towelie420

      If you can’t shell out a buck or two for a dude who is creating some awesome stuff for you, then you should switch over to i*hone.

    • WACOMalt

      Man lots of hate for saying you’d get it for free. Ima not judge.

      Though it is 99 cents 😛

      But come on people, have you ever burned a CD? Then quit your bitchin’

    • droidphone

      I don’t see why everyone is hating on your post. If the damn thing was to be in unstable apps, why would you want to pay for something that might not work? No offense but every hater towards you is a complete idiot. You purchased the app, supported the dev, and they still whine. Kudos to you.

  • Xeneize480

    Make you do a Backup first, I just installed this app then my phone got really slow….everything is gone so now going back to restore my info from 15 days ago. I should done a backup so now I have to set all my settings back… =(

  • tkilla

    What's a safe temp for my phone to be at? What's thee max it should be at?

  • RUKKU5

    This isnt in the market? how do i get it?

  • Uncle paul

    keeps hitting “turtle” or “cool down” mode when trying to go any higher than 1.15ghz. at any voltage, must of got a bum cpu, lol

  • Chris Nimon

    Damn You JRummy! First you make Lithium Mod which I cant seem to change from (because I love it too much) and now you make this for the DX. Now im gonna have to start looking to upgrade to DX from Droid. 🙂

  • Uncle paul

    locks up or slows to unusable state – wont run any higher than 1.1…

  • Stevaroo01

    All the recent posting about overclocking DX's and D2's makes me want to give it a go on my Incredible. Is that possible?

  • looks like I need to fix the email notification icon in that theme… Yay… the the app is great

  • Blckrex1313

    y is it that every time i try to change to a voltage it slows sthe heck out of my phone?

    • you might have set the voltage lower than your phone can handle.

      • Blckrex1313

        ok now im not getting service

        • maybe you should email the dev. different phones have different limits in overclocking. i would say yours probably needs a lower clockspeed or a higher voltage.

          • But aren't all DXs the same????? Or am I missing something

          • sigh! yes but we are talking about overclocking here. every droid is different reaction to different clockspeeds and voltages. some can handle ultra low voltage on 1.4ghz why some cant go past 1.1ghz or can’t even handle low voltage.

  • The350zWolf

    Moto please release the D2 Global…

  • jrummy is alot better than the other unstable. i jumped up to 16 from 14

  • 11knives

    Any chance on a one click root app for DX 2.2 ota? As we all know easy root is no longer supported.

  • pcguru30

    will we see SetCPU be updated for the Droid x? I paid for it back when I had the Droid 1 and would like to continue using it with the X

    • its works for any device thats rooted.

      • unstableapps

        I think he means a one click on the device root. Which as of all Moto 2.2 updates simply isn't possible at this time.

  • Dshudson

    error busybox not found?? please thanks.

    • Dshudson

      forget it.. works!

      • How did you get it to work? I'm getting this error also.

  • JRummy16

    Thanks for the article 🙂 If anyone has errors or needs help email me (probably really gonna regret saying that, lol) and I will do my best to meet your needs.. to come: advanced option. Also see: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-x-hacks/91102-droid-x-2-overclock-app-easy-noob-friendly.html#post930212

    • Shawn

      i'm having huge problems. My phone will not boot up after i set it to boot at 1.45. It gets to lockscreen sometimes but then shuts right off…what should I do? Will restoring a backup on clockwork help my cause?

      • JRummy16

        yes, restore a backup. Just be careful, each phone can handle different speeds.

      • yes, restore a backup. your phone cant handle 1.45. either go down in clockspeed or go up in voltage.

    • Tuna

      I keep getting server error, when I try to download, ideas???

    • Donkey9587

      supp jrummy. when i try oc my dx. everything slows down and stays like that till i remove the bat. how can i have a succesful oc?

  • austin

    if you get an error saying overclocking components not installed go to the market and there should be an update

  • Mrpicolas

    For those wanting to go back to stock medium voltage at 1ghz is the setting

    • Ehearth

      Other than this, is there a way to return to stock?

      • Mrpicolas just said it! thats the way unless you just delete the app!

  • tkilla

    I know this might be a stupid question but what temp is ideal for my phone? Basically how hot should it be before I start getting worried?

  • Dshudson

    failed to install overclocking components! Droid X Rooted

    • Dshudson

      let me know if you get your to work. thx

  • I get an error: failed to install overclocking components. Has anyone else gotten this error? And yes, I'm rooted.

    • Dshudson

      let me know if you get your to work. thx

      • I've already emailed JRummy and am now waiting for a reply.

  • ieatapples

    No cool overclocking app for D1 and DInc..

    • im getting tired of you guys. every time something comes up y’all like “what about the OG?” or “no love for the D1???” or (like yours) “Why isnt this for the D1?” you dont need an app! you guys can install roms with custom kernels of your choice!

    • skltr21

      ummmm……seriously??? yes there is, but you need to be rooted. are you rooted?

      • choosn2change

        im rooted, where can i find this app?

        • skltr21

          you have the incredible right? you need a custom kernel and then setcpu should work. apparently setcpu will work on the stock kernel on the incredible but you have to mess with some settings. just do a google search for overclocking the droid incredible. but the app is setcpu droidforums has some stuff talking about it.

    • KleenDroid

      You simply need to have a rom with an overclocking kernel of your choice and set cpu.

  • choosn2change

    when is someone going to make an overclock for the incredible?

  • Tuna

    is it' not downloading for anyone else. I can download free apps, when I click on this app it gives me an error. It it just getting pounded right now??

  • Grimmy

    anyone know of another test other than quadrant to test stability? 4 straight quadrants at 1.3ghz on low voltage and no issues at all scoring in high 1600's low 1700's ill let ya know on battery life full charge right now see if it lasts the day

  • Ufish2

    have any of you guys ran any of the build mods ..thats what I had to do running the leaked 2.2..I used Beesleys build with all mods and market update support..worked for me 🙂 DX/overclocked 1.1 with unstableapp/rooted/Beesley build mod..1600 Quadrant score…

  • djxtreme

    still can not find running flyx

  • Djxtreme30

    tried to

  • kellex

    DO NOT “Set on Boot” until you have thoroughly tested your selection.

    • Anonymous

      Also create a Backup!!

    • Micklu109

      You should put this in the main post

  • Hamholla

    1.45 ghz running apex!! WOOHOOO

  • ohsnapitskli

    phone won't boot up…now forced to do a recovery

    • JG

      maybe you should of tested it first before you set the frequencies to be set on boot…but hey who am i to question your decision…

  • kcrang

    tried 1.45 gHz on high voltage. my phone wouldn't boot up…

  • JRummy is AWESOME! I used his ROMs on my Droid1 and now he's made a spectacular app for the Droid 2/X. Thanks a lot man, keep up the GREAT work!!!

    • KleenDroid

      I also chose JRummy’s version because I used to use his roms on my D1. It’s a good way to show support.

  • Grimmy

    trying the 1.3 on low voltage with fission 1.1 so far so good

  • Thrlckdkn

    Again – tried downloading this, and I'm running the leaked 2.2 on my DX and I can't find this DL this in App Brain or through the market?

    Anyone else having difficulties?

    • HalfMoon

      Yep, can't find it.

      • Thrlckdkn

        Are you running the leaked version?

        • HalfMoon

          Yes. looking at another ROM now to play with and will see if it's able to be seen in the market later.

    • JG

      im running apeX and i found this fine on the market just searching overclock…

    • K$

      yea, totally downloaded it… then flashed a new ROM (Rubix sans blur) and wiped cache and now I can’t find it. Def paid for it too… it’s only $0.99 but it’s the principle of the matter… and I wanna OC and use some of the other cool features, ie: disable boot anim.

  • Bjb

    What does the dalvik vm heap do?

  • You the man Jrummy keep up the great work!

  • dredaav

    Thats whats up!!

  • skltr21