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JRummy Releases Droid X/2 Overclock App, 1.45GHz Speeds and Voltage Settings

JRummy, one of our favorite ROM developers of all time released his Droid X and 2 overclock app this morning and it doesn’t disappoint.  We told you about the Unstable Apps release earlier, but this is another option that I highly recommend.  The UI is as pretty as his ROMs, you can clock your device up to 1.45GHz, change the voltage and even set them on boot.  Oh, he even tossed in some goodies like an ad blocker and apps to SD support.  How can you beat that?  

Same $.99 price as the other one.


Download Link

  • Hi, it says that it works on milestone 2, but then when i run the app on my milestone2 and it aint able to recognize the device and wont let me overclock.

  • Antonio Michael1987

    when i go to download the droid x/2 overclock app it takes me to the android market problem is when it shows the app on the adroid market the app that shows is Droid X overclock not the Droid X/2 Overclock program

  • D Rod07

    I just downloaded the overclock app and when I try and open it it won't let me it keeps saying “unable to gain root access!!” What should i do?

  • Update: Bought and installed the app on Droid 2 Global. It FCs when the app tries to load. I did remove SetCpu prior to the install to avoid any conflicts. Do I need to leave SetCpu installed for JRummy's app to work?

  • Will this work on a Droid 2 Global?

  • Ad0131065

    I got mine running on ULV 1.3ghz stable, anything higher causes freeze at any voltage. Great App

  • Chaddcline
  • Jscarter0173

    Why doesn't it show on the market? DX rooted with flyx rom….

  • Mikekarrie3

    I can't find the download for it where is it

  • Amaroth

    I would really like to know what rom/theme that is in the screenshot

  • hahayeahright

    This app is WAY better than the one released by unstable apps. Amazing. Thank you @jrummy16 !

  • Roger

    i am a newbee and confused I have the app running along with visionary. The x2 app does not control the kernel at all. I have to connect g2 via usb to pc and run adb to adjust speed. Once the speed is set then and only then will the x2 app throttle the speed. When i reboot i have to start all over and push the clock speed via the pc. WTF am i doing something wrong here. I assumed that once the Kernel was pushed to the g2 then x2 as an app could root and control the speed. Instead i must control kernel from pc initially then the x2 tapp can control. This is a stupid waist of time.

  • nickbutterz

    i cant get this to do anything. when ever i try to do anything it force closes. even when i just tried to enable the ad blocker

  • Slvrscoobie

    How will this play with SetCPU?

  • I get error. failed to install overclocking components. Contact the developer????????

    • Fast94accord

      same here….just installed it a few min ago

      • If there issues like this they should pull the app and revamp it to make it better and stable before launching it again. Just my two cents.

        • Dakinclark

          your ninety- nine cents 😀 Unstable's works great