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DROID X and 2 Clocked at 2.0GHz, Both Laugh at T-Mobile G2

Thought all that T-Mobile G2 overclocking business was neat?  Well, we’ll just call it cute in comparison to what our buddies Matt4542 and Joe just pulled on their Droid X and 2 devices.  How does 2.0GHz sound?  You impressed?  Matt4542, part of Team DeFuse, is working hard at making this stable and seems to believe that it’s possible.  Can you imagine your Droid family member dominating at speeds like this?  See it for yourself running on Fission and the D2 after the break.  


Update: How does 2.5GHz sound on your Droid 2?

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  • Fail

    this is the well known placebo effect. the clock doesnt actually go up that high, it sits around 1.3-1.5, which is still nice. but not 2-2.5 the processor would burn up if that were the case, and the battery would overheat as well.

    you should look up your stuff first. also, never set your minimum and maximum to the same on setcpu…really stupid…..

  • Thats pretty amazing, I'm not sure how happy I'd be having that in my trouser pocket though. Just means that the problem is in software and not hardware…thanks

  • darkness

    So, if you overclock and end up bricking your phone this voids the warranty. If you have the insurance on your phone, couldn't you just say you lost it and pay the $50 and get a new one without having to return your bricked one in which case no one would know you had rooted, oc'd, etc…?

  • mitch

    might as well just take this post down. i managed this today on my dx. the screenshot says it all. the scaling is on performance. thats how mine worked. quadrant and linpack both were low for me. 3 mflops and mid 300s. not real… you can overclock but not double the speed.

  • eleminop

    that is not 2.5ghz, at most its showing 2.1 and that can be faked as well, useless without benchmarks.

  • Mr2turbo15

    Im ok with my tmobile g2 at 1420 mhz

  • Email

    I call fake.