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DROID X and 2 Clocked at 2.0GHz, Both Laugh at T-Mobile G2

Thought all that T-Mobile G2 overclocking business was neat?  Well, we’ll just call it cute in comparison to what our buddies Matt4542 and Joe just pulled on their Droid X and 2 devices.  How does 2.0GHz sound?  You impressed?  Matt4542, part of Team DeFuse, is working hard at making this stable and seems to believe that it’s possible.  Can you imagine your Droid family member dominating at speeds like this?  See it for yourself running on Fission and the D2 after the break.  


Update: How does 2.5GHz sound on your Droid 2?

  • 362601342

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  • Fail

    this is the well known placebo effect. the clock doesnt actually go up that high, it sits around 1.3-1.5, which is still nice. but not 2-2.5 the processor would burn up if that were the case, and the battery would overheat as well.

    you should look up your stuff first. also, never set your minimum and maximum to the same on setcpu…really stupid…..

  • Thats pretty amazing, I'm not sure how happy I'd be having that in my trouser pocket though. Just means that the problem is in software and not hardware…thanks

  • darkness

    So, if you overclock and end up bricking your phone this voids the warranty. If you have the insurance on your phone, couldn't you just say you lost it and pay the $50 and get a new one without having to return your bricked one in which case no one would know you had rooted, oc'd, etc…?

  • mitch

    might as well just take this post down. i managed this today on my dx. the screenshot says it all. the scaling is on performance. thats how mine worked. quadrant and linpack both were low for me. 3 mflops and mid 300s. not real… you can overclock but not double the speed.

  • eleminop

    that is not 2.5ghz, at most its showing 2.1 and that can be faked as well, useless without benchmarks.

  • Mr2turbo15

    Im ok with my tmobile g2 at 1420 mhz

  • Email

    I call fake.

  • go ahead guys and overclock your phones to max output. You'll just overheat them causing the solders to break on the board and guess what? Yes that's right! You will be making a trip to the store to buy a new phone. Take caution and don't dive right in.

  • acidsmark

    Ok so… you have shown a pic of a droid 2 that can be oc to 2GHz. My question is what are the fricken values necessary to get to that?! I understand that it won't work on every cpu but LET ME HAVE IT… lol

  • Patrickrtucker

    BTW This was a hoax….also appeared on androidcentral.com….

    Completely FAKE =(

  • og droid cant even run stable at 1.1 ghz, but 2 ghz runs ok on d2?! im amazed

  • So according to android central this is fake and can't be done

  • So this is a hoax? The setcpu Creator says so.

  • Stephen D

    PUSH IT TO 3ghz! That'll be impressive. Then these phones will probably already be faster than the upcoming 2ghz/dual core phones 😛

  • New

    Tmo is right! The CDMA network cannot do Data and Voice at the same time… Only GSM. Sorry, but whats the point in having a smartphone if you can't do both? Basically – you can't be tethered to a laptop and place a phone call at the same time. So – if all you have is a speedy phone and that makes you happy… have fun.

  • Tmo

    Oh – and the G2 is only a 800Mhz phone… your not comparing apples to apples…

    • Mrpicolas

      the x is not a true 1ghz either it is actually mid 700mhz oc to 1ghz by moto so it actually apples to apples

  • Tmo

    Doesn't matter how fast you can get them – they STILL can't do Voice and Data at the same time!! BoooYaaaa!!

    • Right but in 2011 were getting SVDO which will allow that and also LTE by the send of this year so you shouldn't be using that as one of your troll points

      • Tmo

        They have said that stuff since 2009…. Believe it when I see it.

        How about another point : Currently I get 12mps under T-Mobiles HSPA+ Network. Faster speeds then your soon to be LTE… And the top speed for us can be cranked up to 42mps. Verizon couldn't even come close…

        • nicotinic

          Why are you posting here…this is for droid enthusiasts. Trolls belong under bridges…with their phones.

        • not true in the least bit, verizon has the bandwidth AND the capacity to bump the lte network to well over 50mbs, and by the end of 2011/early 2012, we'll see a nationwide footprint, compare that to the pockmark that is the tmobile footprint and you'll quickly see why red is best. Also, voice and data at the same time will be a reality as they are repurposing the EVDO network to be voice, while LTE will be data. DERP. Trolls trollin trolls trollin trolls.

        • BfromtheD

          You really should try reading a little more. “They” have also said since 2009 that 42Mbps is the theoretical peak of HSPA+. If you want to compare that to LTE, you should look at the theoretical limit for LTE –

          OVER 300Mbps!

        • alex

          yea? well ill believe it when i see it 🙂

    • lol why are you here??? leave please!

    • Jsmall88

      but they can hold a phone call without dropping it multiple times 🙂

  • Scott Holstein

    Is it stable at the 2 and 2.5 ghz ranges though?

  • possomcrast1

    OMFG !!!!!!!!!! thats incredible

  • I call fake.

  • Markss Simpson

    So how can I get my hands on your voltage values and echos 1 thru 3?! Irc if its stable I will work on that myself cause every cpu is different anyway

  • feztheforeigner

    How far we will overclock the terminator/olympus phone????

  • Twodumbdogs

    Not seeing this in the market. Is there an alternate source for the apk?

  • Chris Nimon

    Goooo! Time to buy a new phone i guess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jEIgL39xxI

  • Sruel3216

    Silly fanboys, iphones are for kids

  • Ddf

    Maybe real. Maybe fake. The other night when instructions to overclock were released, I made a small error, and basically able to change the listed speed in setcpu, but stay on stock speed. Forgot how I did it, but until proof is shown, I have my doubts

  • Try it on an iPad 😛

  • why does setCPU say “max 2000 min 300” when both sliders are at 2000?

  • Kurtdl

    Do we have to be running Fission ROM to get it to 2hz?

  • richlost

    Do Android phones emit a force field that causes all videos and photographs of them to be out if focus and shaky?

    • +1, lmbo. (R2-D2's just use the Force however)

  • drewoid

    that's my boy[dX]!

  • Guest

    No Quadrent? Weird, is that not where the true test lies? Sure they can be faked too, thats not in any way to say this is faked though. I just think it reminds me of when people were trying to max out the Nexus/Adreno 200…


    • nicotinic

      It’s not stable yet. Maybe the Quadrant benchmark crashes or will not run.

  • skltr21

    why does it seem like the screen is really either unresponsive or the phone is just refreshing really slowly????

  • M23wilson

    After selecting a Setting a new frequency at boot… What do you have to do in set cpu to crank it up? I selected a medium volt 1.2 but my set cpu is still only showing 1000 ?? Little help I'm a amateur compared to most.. I am running a droid2 with Matt4542 's epic rom and its amazing

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      go to settings in setcpu and select device again so it does an auto detect maybe that will help

  • Umm…cool man. Just remember that clock speed isn't everything – you have to have a higher speed network to really take advantage of it. When Verizon opens up LTE in 38 markets this December, will your overclocked Droid work on it?

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      What are you talking about? Overclocking makes the phone processor run faster. It has nothing to do with the network. There is not a droid on the market that will work on 4G. Phone Nerd needs to go hit the books.

  • Teagadinho

    Tell us when Matt4542 makes this stable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It's nice to see jakeday is still developing for Android 🙂

  • El El Kool J

    So are any of you X owners seeing a difference in performance with this new overclocking 2.0GHz beastly phone…

  • Thornfullessrose

    “I've become so nuuuuuuuuuuummb!”

    • Lmao I am listening to that now xD Linkin Park FTW!

  • kcrang

    Right now my DX is overclocked to 1.38 gHz, and the battery life is AMAZING. I wonder what happens when overclocked to 2.0 gHz…

  • hunkoman

    Sweet Duracell will be going into the DX battery business. $199.99 for a 10 pack.

    I can't imagine wearing shorts ever again. Not with the 4.3 rectangular Burns on my thighs from this OCed beast.

  • Todd_Anthony

    Its a good start.

  • Bigger, Better, Faster.

    • El El Kool J

      Isn't that a documentary movie about steroids?? lol..

  • Bill

    suck it app*e!

  • Ray

    Now i really cant wait to get my droid 2 world. its going to be off the charts.

    • Livin2Bfree

      Why it is the same chip as the X. And to run stable it is highly unlikely we'll see devices getting past 1.5Ghz or so. Sure anyone can get them up there but the device needs to function also and I'll put money on the fact at 2Ghz it is not running stable at all.

      • El El Kool J

        try it out and tell us what the verdict is than… prove us all wrong 😛

      • Actually it is a different chip. The DX has a chip that supports 720p video recording while the D2 does not. Get your facts right 🙂 Also it runs pretty stable. Thank you.

        • Livin2Bfree

          Running pretty stable IMO is a far cry from saying it is stable when needing your devices for daily use.
          And I hate to burst your bubble but you are incorrect on your comment about the chip. My facts are right seeing as the info came directly from someone I know who worked on designing both devices. They are the same chip (3630) just a different tier of the 3630. And that is why the X has the added feature that allows for 720p recording that they did not put in the D2 line of devices. Fact is it is a 2 part process that allows for the 720p recording on the X that the D2 line doesn’t and will not get.

          Great work & app btw, many thanks for helping make life easier to OC these devices.

          • Nicotinic

            right but doesn’t that make it a different chip? It’s like the binning process for desktop cpus. There are the high end chips and then other chips that are the “same” chip with portions of the architecture disabled/crippled for lower perfomance…that makes it technically a different chip.
            It must have a different part # for use in different devices since it has different funtionality. I’m with Mr. Matt4542…different chip for different devices with the same base…like car engines…okay you got it.

          • OHHHHH, The old ‘It’s the SAME but DIFFERENT’ argument again.

        • Teagadinho

          Tell us when you get this working!

  • Dustin

    Am I the only one who's scurred without knowing cpu temp?

    • Thornfullessrose


  • Serqet

    I could throw this whole heaping plate of bacon in the trash too, but that doesn't make it a good idea…

  • non_existant2k3

    I thought the D2 had the same processor as the D1 only it came OC'd and would only be capable of a little more than 1GHz.

    • No, it is a different processor just is still part of the OMAP3 line.

    • lol dont know why people keep saying that. maybe cuz they dont want to think of the droid2 as a improvement when it is. as Matt already said, its a different (better) processor.

  • Josh

    DroidX features list:
    -Large display
    -1ghz processor (overclockable to 2ghz)
    -HDMI out
    -8MP camera
    -Portable campsite cooking stove (overclocked mode only)

    • Anonymous

      So Motorola was right when they promised a 2 GHz smartphone before the end of the year….Ha Ha

      • Anonymous

        LOL true. :)Still, we are not seeing any benchmark results at this clock speed yet.I don’t see anyone submitting to http://smartphonebenchmarks.com at 2GHz (yet?) either. Perhaps it’s not stable enough to run benchmark apps yet?

        • knight4linux

          It’s fake. This guy is a crock of…

          It’s been shown to be a fake on many android sites already. Don’t trust droid modders. 🙂

    • Dperkins88

      LOL Yeaaap

  • JRummy16

    If you want an easy way to overclock your droid x or droid 2 check out Droid X/2 Overclock on the market 😉 Just released it last night. Search for “overclock” or “jrummy16” 😉 … Kellex, you are the man.. keep up the great work and thanks to all the hard work from others so we can laugh at Moto :p

    • is there a way to check what i am clocked at with your app

      • use setCPU like every other android root user.

        EDIT: lol just noticed we have the same first name. cool!

    • Muddy B00ts

      Hey I read something recently about a new release of LiMod? Any idea when that’s coming and do you need a tester? 😀

    • Rummy you released it :O 😀 Yay

    • Ray

      No Your the man!

    • Yea, I'm using yours JRummy. It's GREAT!

      • I’ve tried these settings and multiples of other settings and my phone just reboots. I am using the Epic ROM.

        What ROM would you recommend with the Droid2?

    • El El Kool J

      JRummy I love your ROMS for the OG droid.. 😛 awesome work.. best themes.. don't forget about the D1 there's still alot of us out there..

  • brando56894

    Thats bad ass!! This puts my original droid to shame….

  • Ben

    There's no limit to what Droid does…

    • … but currently limited to 2ghz …

      • ballocaust

        Awesome comment hahahahahahaha!

  • Wow, that is a ton of speed. I wonder how high their voltage is and all of their settings. My Dx seems to freeze up anytime I go over 1.16GHz. I'd love to have my Dx running close to 2GHz!

  • jedijesus95

    Damn. Thats fast but would we need that for daily use yet or for just bragging rights?

    • Gonna try to get it working for daily use. Right now it is just a middle finger to the rest of the Android world 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Haha! Shouldn’t that finger be pointed at another world that begins with A? 🙂

        • Anonymous

          Dude we have been flipping them off ever since we got the Droid 1.

  • Phaise

    If it aint stable and the battery life suffers, Im far from impressed

    • El El Kool J

      I take it you probably drive a Prius.. 😛

    • KillaPenguin

      Not a fair statement… if you underclock to 600mhz, the stock speed battery life would suck comparably. It's all about tradeoffs. I would take the need to charge more if it meant an extra 50%-60% speed (what you would actually get, real world).

    • I love your grammar.

  • tjpeco

    Battery life of 120 seconds!

    • haha

    • More like around 3 and a half hours 🙂 Pwned.

      • Are you using a standard battery or Verizon’s extended?

        • I use the standard. No need for an extended.

          • Phaise

            Ill wait an extra 2 seconds to load my app if I can use the phone the entire day

          • Hotrodherman

            Its not just about loading fast, pushing the boundaries of extreme is what its all about

          • what about the heat on that thing?; or any possible damage to phone?

  • MudRacer

    hOLY Crap that is FAST! I like. I like alot.