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Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing?

Verizon just announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 without a contract and currently has no plans for subsidized pricing by signing up for another data contract.  Pricing had been under speculation from the day this thing was announced to the world, but this model was definitely not expected.  After reading through the comments on the announcement post, I quickly get the feeling that this pricetag is way too steep for most and some sites are already predicting this to be a failure.

My thoughts would be that this is priced under the competition and well below prices we saw overseas.  In fact, if you look at the $599 price point, that’s the same price you would pay for a Droid X if you bought it at full retail, so shouldn’t this be considered a deal?  It also seemed that early on, everyone wanted a “wi-fi only” version because they didn’t want to have to signup for another contract.  Well now you get a wi-fi and 3G version plus you don’t have to sign up for a contract which I thought would be huge.

Update:  Is the verdict in?  Bad price point Big Red.

Tell me your thoughts!  Would $399 have sold you on this?  What price?

Thoughts on Galaxy Tab Pricing?

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  • Bsaomoan

    Why buy this tab at that price when you can get a netbook for less. Not to mention better specs.

  • droidxlvr

    399, first day. even without a removable battery.

  • Haulintransport

    $399 would have peaked my interest, but for $599 my Droid X and laptop will do.

  • Dunk0m0ngsekki

    True…i agree if it was $399 it would gotten my full attention into buying it..

  • The Archos 70 is coming out in a similar time frame for $275.

  • Jmanin

    It looks like a great product and I would jump at getting one but not at that price point. We will be seeing a lot of tablets coming on the market 1Q 11', especially once Android Honeycomb is ready and at much better pricing. I'm waiting for the Notion Ink Adam!

  • Lin Karl

    $599 is way to expensive!!! the potential buyer will compare the price of this with that of iPad and go ahead and buy iPad, unless front facing camera is a must for them. First half of next year, there are going to be more of these kind of devices in the market. if Samsung does not lower the price to $399. it is going to be a failure….

  • Bkjolly77

    I'd buy one at $399.00 but the current price is too high for a first generation tablet.

    • Mezmryz03

      First gen is always more expensive!

  • dumb verizon, you might as well by and i*ad wifi only with a 10 inch screen, no monthly bill for 3g, and a great app store

  • RLJSlick

    You just know this price will drop like a rock, just like the Kindle prices drop. $600 is crazy.

  • ace4311


  • mathees

    costs more than an i*ad? amateur move

    • Mezmryz03

      Costs $30 less than the 3G/WiFi iPad.

  • Tomwoot

    Epic fail. I like the 7″ screen and look at this a an internet appliance, portable media player and eBook reader. This is a very useful device but not worth the price. I can get a netbook at less than 1/2 price that will do all those things and more. Wifi is all this device needs, I already have a smartphone. I expect everyone considering this device has a smartphone as well.

  • Sahuntjr

    I now see the light and the fall backs of owning a Android cell and what is now going to happen in the Android tablet market as well. The fall back is that with Android being a Open source OS any one and everyone can use it and fit it their production cells. this in turn creates a full fledge cyclone of opportunity for the market and cell phone manufactures. So for example when you get the motorola droid when it first came out in Oct/Nov 09, thinking that it was the end all to be all, 5-6 mo later another android phone come out on the seme carrier and market. which makes your droid old and legendary. Granted that the droid was the best phone on the market and still was when the other came out, but still the new devices took away from the appeal of having something no one else had. Now we have the Droid 2, Droid 2.2, Droid X and Droid Incredible with the later 2 being the best at this time and when you go to get these just think in 3 mo there will be something perceived to be better, but now you are locked into a 2 year contract and by the time your contract ends you will be at least 5-7 phones behind everyone else. that sucks becuz as technology is dwendling down from a 6 mo main stay on the market of now becoming obsolete, that time now has become 4-5 mo on the market and your device will be removed from the line up. so you want me to pay for a $600 tablet that won't be worth anything in 4-5 mos. get the hell outta here with that no sense. going to stick to getting beat over the head with my droid 1 and leave it at that.

  • Curtisthefox

    I'm gonna wait until they come out with a tablet that has the Tablet version of Android anyways… so I don't really care that much about this one.

  • Cool1 Arizona

    They're not looking at other Cell carriers for pricing. The competition is definitely 'Apple'. When you compare it to the cost of buying an iPad and running it on the substandard network it's stuck on, it's a pretty good deal.

    If the Verizon 3G network doesn't meet your needs, your free to try another carrier, which is the real point of 'NOT' subsidizing this device. Without the exclusivity that cell carriers rely on for their 'contracted' phones, it doesn't make sense to offer a subsidized device.

    Anyone expecting anything else is living in fantasyland, which, while probably a lot of fun, leads to a lot of dissapointments when it collides with reality, where the rest of us live.

  • feztheforeigner

    $600 for a tablet sounds right when super phones are typically $400 and sometimes $450 off contract

    • Super phones are all over $550 off contract…

    • But this is not a phone. This is not a laptop. This is a supplementary device, a toy.

      • oscarahj

        I think you hit it on the head there. The average user would only need this as a “supplementary device, a toy.” Desktops and laptops are more functional.

        On the argument between a 7″ and a 10″. I would think that a tablet IS supplementary that a smaller size is more convenient to take along in a backpack or briefcase.

        I've held the i*ad and it's not THAT big. I can't say too much about the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab though. Though I do plan on going to the local VZW and check it out. They're not out yet though are they?

  • Around $300 is about right. Can't pay more for a toy. It should be about the same price as netbooks.

  • The350zWolf

    3G and WiFi, no contract, $599 is fair in my book. Perhaps is good to wait for the other tablets to appear and see how the whole scenario unfolds

  • Umm its barely more expensive than an unsubsidized Droid with a much larger screen and a front facing camera… How were we expecting them to make money at $399? And as a Droid-Life reader, why in the world would you pay for a data plan (to save $200 now but end up paying $500 over the life of the contract) when you have an unlimited data plan on your phone and wifi tether for root users perfectly available? Kellex, your initial thoughts that this pricing is perfectly reasonable were spot on, and I hate to have to say it, but Droid-Life readers are starting to sound more like the masses/iPhone users every day, and it makes me quite sad. But really, are we expecting them to give away such a quality product for free?

    • oscarahj

      I would say it is reasonably priced. This thing probably costs nearly $200 to manufacture. You can't expect big business to expect less than double what it cost to make something.

      Like it or not, it's the truth.

    • oscarahj


      I would not consider paying for it if it did not have wifi. But if it's true that they are adding wifi, “not considering it” has changed to “I want to take a look at it.”

    • Mezmryz03

      Finally some sense. These posts are sad and uninformed. What do you expect from the Entitled Generation though?


    What, is this a joke? $199 might sell a few.

  • fallenshell

    300-400 would have had a shot… at 600 its a joke. (Really closer to 350) especially considering how they stripped it of some features vs the base model.

  • Stevaroo01

    I think it's way over priced, though I can't say that I'm totally surprised by the price. I mean, think about how much they charge for an Incredible or X if you buy it w/o a contract! Even more than this (or at least it was when I got my DInc in August).

    I'm not real convinced I need anything like this yet, but even if I decide I do, I'm waiting for the larger size screen (at least 10″) and a build of Android which Google will support on my device. Not to mention that 4G is right around the corner too.

  • Michael

    Seriously, why not just get a smartphone at this size that can make calls as well with far better price? Maybe SJ is right… it might get DOA!

  • Here's my problem right now this tablet is very much over priced… And by next year there will be even better tablets out that will be cheaper then that, so I'll be stuck with an overpriced tablet that I really never needed in the first place.

  • Armyof2

    All i know is I love the clock/weather widget….thats the only thought i have on it

  • VZWEmployeePNW

    I work for VZW and even I have to admit this is a little over priced. I admit that it is the same price as our full retail high end model android phones that we offer. I do like the data plans that they have for the tablets though. I could see paying $400 full retail or lower if I was put on a contract. Not for sure about this. I feel like this was setup to fail against the Apple IPad because of our agreement with them now. Seriously…..

  • danofiveo

    Would like a larger device with Android 3.0 pre-installed. Waiting on OEM's for updates is ridiculous.

  • Mrdat

    Very disappointing. 399 would have set them up for market dominance. Needs to be priced below iPad to gain momentum. Have faith in the technology and the demand and downprice for positioning. Even 450 would have been better, but 600…

    Sure, they can drop price later on, but at the cost of lost market capture to iPad.

  • 1bad69z28

    The price is a little high, for the price this thing better go back and forth from home and work and stop by Starbucks and pick up my Pumkin Spice Latte, order and bring me lunch. Don't fall into the “Apple over priced, Gee look at me with my over priced TOY”

    I also came across this article, more Tabs are on the way people


  • Imronburgundy

    Problem is that most people probably don't need a tablet computer. I mean, I've seen what my brother's ipad can do and anything it can do, I can do on either my droidx or macbook pro. This would really be a “toy” buy for most people.

  • Norm WAlker

    Since it is only 7 inches I would need it to be a couple hundred dollars less then my iPad before I would purchase one. I think a $399 price point with 3G woudl be enough for a lot of people to start buying these up.

  • sylent101

    Didn't plan on buying one anyway but this is way too overpriced for a large fascinate with a extra camera and a few new widgets…

  • Justin

    I wouldn't want a 7″ tablet…. I've used an ipad and the 9″ (10, whatever it is) is really nice! and 600 bucks is ridiculous… I'll go buy an ipad

  • Parkersmee

    Between $350-400 and I would be all over a 7″ tablet. But $600 is redonkulus!

  • Zach

    This just goes to show you how overpriced smartphones are full retail $350 and I might have purchased it(with no contract) for 600 dollars I can buy a netbook or laptop, it may not be the same form factor but your getting a lot more for your money.

  • Raven

    I wouldn't buy it because it is too overpriced for its size and functionality. I don't really get the 7″ form factor. Too big to put in my pocket, not that much bigger than my Droid phone to warrant 2 devices, not big enough to ever choose over my 12″ netbook for video watching. In fact, I think 12-13″ would be perfect for a tablet or in other words 8.5″ x 11″.

    • Hogasswildmc

      Almost exactly my thoughts. The Notion Ink Adam is about that size and should be priced at $299 or so….I'm holding out for that.

  • Finire

    I wanted to see a wi-fi only version to avoid the extra cost of the 3G card, forget about the data plans.

  • JG

    499 with no contract but the option to still add the 1gb data plan
    399 if you sign a contract and get a 20 dollar data plan
    299-349 if you sign up for a 30 dollar 2 gb plan

    • In a year, you would have spent more than the unsubsidized version, and still be locked into a contract knowing it would be cheaper to tether to your phone for free

  • Hogasswildmc

    I was actually expecting $199 for a subsidized price and $399 for an un-subsidized price. Look at it this way, it's basically a netbook without a keyboard lol. So it should be less expensive than a netbook.

    • Rousellbrandon

      I think the same thing

      • jcdagget

        Maybe $250 for subsidized and $399 for un-subsidized. Afterall it does have a larger screen than a phone and most new high-end phones start at $199.

  • El El Kool J

    even though most of us here see this as way overpriced.. there is plenty of fools out there just waitin to purchase one of these…

  • DeeMat

    My wife's laptop cost me less than that…

  • I want to see what the other carriers announce, pricing wise. One thing I know is that Sprint was selling the Evo for like 400 dollars, while Verizon sells the smaller Incredible for 600. I realize this is a Samsung product, but you never know.

  • Hell yes it's too expensive! Maybe if it was $399 with a 10 inch screen, but $600 for 7″? Forget it.

  • If I could use it as a phone and they offered a discount with contract maybe. I'm feeling the all black though

  • verizon already rips us off as it is

  • No way in hell would I pay $599.00 for this.

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    I honestly think that its a great price, because its a fully loaded product, 7 in screen, front camera, what do people expect it to be, $99 dollars, I think the pricing is right, thats how much a phone would cost without contract,

  • synthe

    My 9″ tablet convertible netbook was about $300. So I don't see what I'm missing other than a capacitive screen (mine is resistive) and 3g, and I can just get a card for that. $300-$400 would be my range for these tablets. Not to mention I'd wait until gingerbread anyway.

  • KillaPenguin

    Your average consumer is going to walk into a Verizon store, see the Samsung Galaxy Tab sitting right next to the i*ad. At that point, they will have a decision to make, and I am afraid it's a non-decision. 10″ vs 7″. Apple name vs Samsung, $100 cheaper (or only $30 more with a MiFi). Even to me, an Apple hater, the i*ad **seems** like a better deal.

    I'm sure my mom (and most people) will choose the i*ad, unfortunately.

  • cdick133

    I don't get how they couldn't make this cheaper. The Droid Incredible managed to fit in the same speed processor, as much RAM, though only half the memory with the full retail price $70 cheaper. Usually when you're working with more space you can build it a bit cheaper since you don't have to pack everything in as much.

    And I don't think a device only $30 cheaper with a smaller screen will steer the average consumer away from the iPad. Most people will likely see it as spending only $30 to upgrade to the extra screen real estate, I'd imagine.

  • villian1998

    Needs gingerbread

  • digitalicecream

    The price point for a rootable android tablet that will accept a 4G card is perfect It's $100 more than the cheapest Ipad but will hold the same capacity as the most expensive ipad with a drop of a memory card. Sold without a contract means that I can then only pay for a subscription when needed, assuming they use the same model as the ipad (pay per month). Think about it. Root your Tab and get free wifi tether over the course of the units life on 4G. I will certainly jump at this price point because all I'll want to do is tether this to my phone anyway even thought my current phone isnt 4g. Even thought I think that 7″ is a bit smallish, I think I'll wait to see what the 10″ screen does to the price point of this device. Now onto tiered data plans so I can save a few buxx.

  • droidrev71

    $399 is much more reasonable!!!!

  • Walkingonwires

    The price is more than fair. why would verizon subsidize the cost of a device that has no contract ?? If you don't want it fine stop complaining get an ipad

  • bkj216

    They're not going to beat the iPad if it costs more than the iPad (if their base model does atleast)

  • Jeff

    Way over priced… I do not see this selling well at all…

    Around $300 would have been my price range for this product….

  • Octotron

    Ridiculous. I couldn't imagine this thing being over 400. I thought 400 subsidized would have been a bit over priced with having to get a data plan. 350 subsidized with a monthly data plan would have been just right.

    I could see this going for 550 off the self with no 3g, but the smaller screen size seems like that is even still too much. You are looking to attack the competition with this kind of device, not simply make something that will be an afterthought when a customer can get the same thing for virtually the same price and a bigger screen being sold next to it. No reason to charge this much for this device.

  • MansterRock

    A 9 or 10 inch tablet is the minimum that I would consider looking at. $599 way to high. The cost of a netbook is only $150-$250 so would I rather get a netbook at the current price, yes. If they were comparatively priced, I would have to consider the tab. But in either case, No contract is a must, wifi only is ok (wireless tether on my droid helps there) and it has to be $250 or less, otherwise it's overpriced and not worth looking at.

  • I'll just wait for the Moto Stingray with Honeycomb.

  • EM

    I'm waiting on a tablet optimized version of Android.

  • Leroy1983

    remember when ipad was 1st came out, everyone said it was a huge ipod touch & it will fail. well, then wouldn't call this a giant samsung galaxy s. lol, i guess it isn't a fail until everyone copies it. and also people say it cost more because of the camera. ipod touch now was a camera on the front & back and you can make video calls. and its the same price as the previous generations. all that being said i wish it luck

  • Kblakeshot

    $399 might have got my attention.. but $599 just made me laugh.

    • Anonymous

      Amazing that so many think this is way overpriced. I will save my rant since it will only fall on deaf ears, but if you actually stop worrying about the size(which is great) and pay attention to what features you get, you will see the price is fair for initial MSRP.

  • I would be sold for $399.00. I would be fine with signing a two year contract for that price, but I just can't shell out $600 for a device to companion my laptop that was only $550. Either way, there is a bright future ahead for Android tablets. Next year is going to bring a lot of promise, including more competitive pricing.

    That's what my head says anyway. My heart still greatly desires this.

  • Rlm308

    Ridiculously over priced

  • Hogasswildmc

    Obviously Samsung doesn't understand how to break into an already dominated market. I also think Jobs is right about the size. Although nearly twice as large as my Droid screen, I'd rather have a 10″ screen. I think that's the sweet spot.

  • brando56894

    It sounds expensive at first but just like you said its the same price as a device thats about 5″ smaller and it does all the same stuff as a phone (im assuming). I still wont be getting one though.

    • kellex

      Well except make calls unfortunately. 🙁

  • Br_d

    I don't need or want a tablet of any size or brand. Even if you gave it to me for free, I would sell it on ebay for whatever I could get for it.

    I have a computer at home, and I have my phone. The only reason I would want a tablet is for traveling, and I don't travel that often.

  • durangojim

    Problem is that most people aren't sure what it offers over the ipad. Average consumer doesn't care about Android vs iOS, they just care about what looks cool and is easy to use. Unfortunately for Samsung, the ipad (to most people) looks cooler because it has a larger screen, and is very easy to use. I love my DINC and really like the Android OS. I bought my wife an ipad the day it was released because for her, it's easy to surf the web, check her email, play games, and load all of our kids' disney movies on. It's so easy that our 5 and 2 year olds can operate it themselves. If the Galaxy tab was $400 or less I would have bought one, but for $600 I just don't see where it fits into my electronics ecosystem. I would have liked to get one to watch movies on a plane ride or use the FFC, but I think I'll wait until next year to see what comes out.

    • Leroy1983

      true, my niece plays w/ my mama ipad all the time. 1st time using it she figured it out. android is alright, but its not intuitive.

      • Anonymous

        My 7 year old son can navigate my Droid Incredible as well as most adults, how can you say it’s not intuitive?

    • Anonymous

      Yep. A 3G capable iPad is only $30 more, with a bigger screen. Drop the price or bump the screen size.

      • Anonymous

        It has so many more features though. Do you know what they are asking you to pay for? It is better than an iPad in many ways. Bigger is not always better.

  • Darkseider

    Way too much. Especially considering the Archos 70 will be available Oct. 31st for $279 and is essentially the same exact thing as this minus 3G. The Archos 101 is $349. Hell the Elocity A7 is $379 and is packing next generation processing power with the Cortex A9 based Tegra 2 250 dual core. Really Samsung/VZW fail on this one. $350 tops otherwise this thing is D.O.A.

  • Marco.hk

    Overpriced but I want!!!! But I think that GinoSylum is very right!!!

  • I'll wait for wifi only and bigger screen size.

  • sadly this is a LOT more expensive than I would bargain for. I really would've thought about it at 299 or 399. Its not MUCH more than a phone, just a little bigger. And the MaxiPad is the same price as this for bigger! Bad marketing there.

    • So if a Droid costs $300 to put together, and this is bigger than a Droid and has a front facing camera (screen will be quite a bit more expensive), HOW are you expecting them to make money selling it at $299 or $399?

  • mhoe

    $399 and a 10″ screen, then I'll start to look into getting one…

    • Have you used a 10 inch tablet? In my opinion they're awkward and not intuitive in the slightest. A 7 inch tablet seems like it would be a sweet spot between functionality and ergonomics to me.

      • bkj216

        I have an iPad and I think that 9 inches for a tablet is perfect. Its just large enough to take around and comfortable use the keyboard, and its not small enough to the point that I’m debating whether or not to use my 4.3 inch Evo vs it. 7″ might work too, but if I’m thinking anything like Netbooks, 7 will suck…hard.

        • I agree that 10 inches is the optimum size for a netbook, but the limited amount of time that I spent using an iPad, it felt very awkward to me in both landscape and portrait modes. This could have a lot to do with the fact that I have very small hands.

          • Anonymous

            i think i saw you on those burger king commercials!

          • No, that was my cousin Marvin.

          • maybe this will help, a 10 inches tablet is like a stack of paper 8 1/2 by 11. I have a 10 inches laptop and it’s just the right size.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not going to say your opinion is wrong, but I don’t understand how the size has anything to do with how intuitive the product is. Seems to me that would have more to do with the OS. Yes, I’ve used a 10″ iPad with every intention to hate the thing, unfortunately I came away thinking it was actually pretty fun, comfortable, and a good product. I’m not saying a 7″ tablet is a bad thing, but they would really, really need to aggressively price it for me to even consider one; I’m talking 25% the cost of what it looks like it will be.

        • PersianDeity

          you’re OBVIOUSLY not the target audience for this item… the average American, you want EVERYTHIGN for NOTHING… (yes I am a born and raised american, but I do work retail, and I have to deal with people like you all day long… “but isn’t it a FREE upgrade to a brand new Droid X/Incredible/iPhone… WHAT, you DON’T have the IPHONE!… I’ve been paying VZW hundreds of dollars a month to just get $500 off my phone with a two year contract!”… yes, you pay verizon wireless (or your respective wireless service provider) a lot of money to get to use your phone where ever you may be standing at any time… lets not forget you are paying for min/txt/internet and recieving thoes daily… THAT is what you pay VZW (or your respective wireless provider) for… they OFFER you a discount on a phone, not that you DESERVE one..

          • Anonymous

            You are right, I am obviously not the target audience. I’m not in desperate need for any tablet. To ME it isn’t worth spending that much money on this device. Trust me, you won’t be finding me in your store bothering you about this being too much money. I am not in the market for getting a tablet. I do not expect everything for nothing as you state. I, like most Americans, work hard for my money and see that there are clear advantages to spending that money elsewhere. Products are only really worth what people are willing to spend on them. You are pretty off base with your comment.

          • Anonymous

            mhoe: “I’m not saying a 7″ tablet is a bad thing, but they would really, really need to aggressively price it for me to even consider one; I’m talking 25% the cost of what it looks like it will be.” . . . . . . .”I am not in the market for getting a tablet.”

            So, are you in the market or not? Apparently if they offered one for $150 you’d buy one. I guess you’re in the market, right? What if they did offer this for $150 but you had to sign up for a 2 year contract @ $50 per month for 5 GB of data? Would you buy it then? Paying $1200 over 2 years for data service?

            Why is everyone so STUPID!!! You’re purchasing an un-subsudized piece of equipment. VZW is not guaranteed any monthly money from you for purchasing this. Why is everyone so upset?

            I am going to get this tablet, and I am going to purchase it from VZW for $599, and I will not be signing up for a plan for it. I’m going to use my Rooted Droid Incredible to give me access whenever WiFi is not available.

          • PersianDeity

            THANK you for being an intellegent human being who can clearly see reason… can you please be the person who drives infront of me so I can stop cursing at stupid people all day long? thanks 😉

            You’re a person who can see a use for it and is actually in the market for one and sees the value in the product… THIS is who this product is target at mhoe… not you… not you mhoe…

          • Anonymous

            I think I’ve agreed with you this whole time, this product is not targeted for me; it is targeted for the same people that have been buying their tablets from K-mart. It is targeted to the suckers who jump on a product right away without patiently waiting for the handful of better products that come out a few months later at a cheaper price.

          • Anonymous

            “It is targeted to the suckers who jump on a product right away without patiently waiting for the handful of better products that come out a few months later at a cheaper price.”

            I didn’t know it was targeted at iPhone 4 users.

          • PersianDeity

            so… you’re not in the market for a tablet… and i’m not in the market for a ferrari… you don’t see me slamming the ferrari fourms because their item is too over priced and that I would only buy one if it was 25% of the cost… of COURSE it seems over priced to you… you’re not REALLY in the market for it… you really have no use for it… ANYTHING that you’re not really in the market for is over priced… would you pay $1000 for a piece of flat glass 12ft by 20ft? NO, why? because you have no use for one… someone who’s looking for a replacement window for their shop might… so stop saying it’s over priced if you’re not really in the market for it… if you can’t see yourself really using it, don’t say its over priced… I drive a Honda, WHY? because I was in the market for an ecenomic car… not a sports deamon… if I was well off enough, I would be in the market for a ferrari, and I wouldn’t think it was over priced for the type of rare sports car I was in the market for… this question SHOULD be aimed toward people seriously looking at the iPad and asking THEM if it was over priced compared to what they’re gettin with the iPad… so, no… I wasn’t very far off base… again, you want something for nothing… but for $600 bux, its not targeted at you, just like a ferrari, not targeted to you… I don’t expect you in my store looking for one… I expect someone who could afford one, someone who could buy one with a purpose in mind for it in my store…

          • Anonymous

            No reason for the two of you to get all fired up… I would not buy one if I had to sign up for any sort of extra contract. I can afford one of these, but just don’t think it’s worth $600; so far 1900 people agree with me on this site for a wide variety of reasons, and it is the same general consensus across the tech sites. I’ll revert to my original post-I’ll wait a little while until a 10″ comes out for $399, no contract, and then tablets will enter my radar, it is inevitable this will happen. I think your metaphor is a bit exaggerated; this by no means is the Ferrari of the tablet world.

            My metaphor: I’m not in the market for a $25k Crossover SUV, especially a poorly reviewed one and especially when I’m told there are a handful of much better ones coming out in the next few months- I already have a sedan, and I don’t really want to spend $25k on something that really doesn’t offer me much more than I already have. I’d rather spend my money on a $25k full sized truck, something that does offer much more than my current sedan. But if I came across a dealership that was offering a brand new crossover for $10,000, I’d at least be inclined to look into it, not necessarily buy it.

          • I agree with mhoe, and based on the vote so do about 1400 other people. The price of this is to high, my touchscreen, bio-scan laptop cost 50 dollars more than this tablet and comes with way more options and features. I’m a big supporter of Android, but these big companies try to take advantage of consumers way to much. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I hope this product flops due to the overprice. We as consumers have to stop overpaying for services and products that don’t provide us with equal output of the price tag.

          • The market defines what “overpaying is”, John Forrest doesn’t. If the product is worth the money to people who actually are interested in buying the product, then its priced well, which is completely independent of what you think it should be priced at.

          • Ben Smith

            I agree with mhoe. Products are only worth what people are willing to pay for them and I am not willing to pay verizon $599.00 for a seven inch tablet. They got greedy and blew it on them. We have 3 android smart phones in our house that I am dishing out a monthly data service fee to Veirzon for and would have done so for a tablet if it was priced correctly. I am in the market for a tablet but at these prices, I will have to go for the ipad.

      • GinoSylum

        Yes, i have used them… 10 inches is perfect. Its like holding a magazine in your hand that can go on the net. Anything smaller and its a phone.

      • Todd

        “Have you used a 10 inch tablet?”

        Yep, used a HP TC1100 for 3 years as my daily business machine.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you’re cheap.

  • Wild1210

    i rather get a laptop for that price……….

    • I’d rather get a quality laptop for twice as much money than a cheap low end one… You’re comparing a high end tablet to a low end laptop. They aren’t competing against each other at all

  • GinoSylum

    Its just too small i think. Its only 3 inches bigger then the Droid X or the Evo… whats the point? i like everything about it OTHER then the size. To have to carry around another device, it has to be worth it. A bigger phone is not the same as a tablet. IMHO.. Till Android has a tablet sized tablet, I'll just stick with my phone.

    • There are many tablet-sized tablets already out, or coming out in the near future. Check out the Flatpad A10T (shipping the end of the month), or even better, the Notion Ink Adam (shipping early Dec. I think, no official dates yet).

      • GinoSylum

        Thanks… I want a pad that has all these bells a whistles but still has the size and sleekness of the iPad… Love the Android OS and Love everything that comes with this pad.. But at this price and this size, I’m so out.

  • Michael_NM

    It's $30 more than a Droid X @ full retail. Is it overpriced? Yes, all these devices are, but I still want one. 🙂

    • guest

      too true. while i love the direction mobile tech is going (multi-core ftw), anything over $399 for a sub-tablet is not going to get my $$; be it a phone, tab, or whatever other mobile device is thought up. Anything over $400 starts into the notebook/laptop/netbook arena.

  • Patwww

    First! Definitely Overpriced.

  • It’s too much. It either needs to be 3″ bigger, or $300 cheaper. Like it or not, Android isn’t ready to compete directly with iOS on tablets (which is what Google themselves has said), and thus it needs to compete on either features or price. Feature-wise it’s basically the same, except the screen is 3″ smaller, so it needs to be cheaper. But it’s not.