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Wednesday Poll: Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Tab Pricing?

Verizon just announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $599 without a contract and currently has no plans for subsidized pricing by signing up for another data contract.  Pricing had been under speculation from the day this thing was announced to the world, but this model was definitely not expected.  After reading through the comments on the announcement post, I quickly get the feeling that this pricetag is way too steep for most and some sites are already predicting this to be a failure.

My thoughts would be that this is priced under the competition and well below prices we saw overseas.  In fact, if you look at the $599 price point, that’s the same price you would pay for a Droid X if you bought it at full retail, so shouldn’t this be considered a deal?  It also seemed that early on, everyone wanted a “wi-fi only” version because they didn’t want to have to signup for another contract.  Well now you get a wi-fi and 3G version plus you don’t have to sign up for a contract which I thought would be huge.

Update:  Is the verdict in?  Bad price point Big Red.

Tell me your thoughts!  Would $399 have sold you on this?  What price?

Thoughts on Galaxy Tab Pricing?

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  • Bsaomoan

    Why buy this tab at that price when you can get a netbook for less. Not to mention better specs.

  • droidxlvr

    399, first day. even without a removable battery.

  • Haulintransport

    $399 would have peaked my interest, but for $599 my Droid X and laptop will do.

  • Dunk0m0ngsekki

    True…i agree if it was $399 it would gotten my full attention into buying it..

  • The Archos 70 is coming out in a similar time frame for $275.

  • Jmanin

    It looks like a great product and I would jump at getting one but not at that price point. We will be seeing a lot of tablets coming on the market 1Q 11', especially once Android Honeycomb is ready and at much better pricing. I'm waiting for the Notion Ink Adam!

  • Lin Karl

    $599 is way to expensive!!! the potential buyer will compare the price of this with that of iPad and go ahead and buy iPad, unless front facing camera is a must for them. First half of next year, there are going to be more of these kind of devices in the market. if Samsung does not lower the price to $399. it is going to be a failure….

  • Bkjolly77

    I'd buy one at $399.00 but the current price is too high for a first generation tablet.

    • Mezmryz03

      First gen is always more expensive!

  • dumb verizon, you might as well by and i*ad wifi only with a 10 inch screen, no monthly bill for 3g, and a great app store

  • RLJSlick

    You just know this price will drop like a rock, just like the Kindle prices drop. $600 is crazy.

  • ace4311


  • mathees

    costs more than an i*ad? amateur move

    • Mezmryz03

      Costs $30 less than the 3G/WiFi iPad.

  • Tomwoot

    Epic fail. I like the 7″ screen and look at this a an internet appliance, portable media player and eBook reader. This is a very useful device but not worth the price. I can get a netbook at less than 1/2 price that will do all those things and more. Wifi is all this device needs, I already have a smartphone. I expect everyone considering this device has a smartphone as well.

  • Sahuntjr

    I now see the light and the fall backs of owning a Android cell and what is now going to happen in the Android tablet market as well. The fall back is that with Android being a Open source OS any one and everyone can use it and fit it their production cells. this in turn creates a full fledge cyclone of opportunity for the market and cell phone manufactures. So for example when you get the motorola droid when it first came out in Oct/Nov 09, thinking that it was the end all to be all, 5-6 mo later another android phone come out on the seme carrier and market. which makes your droid old and legendary. Granted that the droid was the best phone on the market and still was when the other came out, but still the new devices took away from the appeal of having something no one else had. Now we have the Droid 2, Droid 2.2, Droid X and Droid Incredible with the later 2 being the best at this time and when you go to get these just think in 3 mo there will be something perceived to be better, but now you are locked into a 2 year contract and by the time your contract ends you will be at least 5-7 phones behind everyone else. that sucks becuz as technology is dwendling down from a 6 mo main stay on the market of now becoming obsolete, that time now has become 4-5 mo on the market and your device will be removed from the line up. so you want me to pay for a $600 tablet that won't be worth anything in 4-5 mos. get the hell outta here with that no sense. going to stick to getting beat over the head with my droid 1 and leave it at that.

  • Curtisthefox

    I'm gonna wait until they come out with a tablet that has the Tablet version of Android anyways… so I don't really care that much about this one.

  • Cool1 Arizona

    They're not looking at other Cell carriers for pricing. The competition is definitely 'Apple'. When you compare it to the cost of buying an iPad and running it on the substandard network it's stuck on, it's a pretty good deal.

    If the Verizon 3G network doesn't meet your needs, your free to try another carrier, which is the real point of 'NOT' subsidizing this device. Without the exclusivity that cell carriers rely on for their 'contracted' phones, it doesn't make sense to offer a subsidized device.

    Anyone expecting anything else is living in fantasyland, which, while probably a lot of fun, leads to a lot of dissapointments when it collides with reality, where the rest of us live.

  • feztheforeigner

    $600 for a tablet sounds right when super phones are typically $400 and sometimes $450 off contract

    • Super phones are all over $550 off contract…

    • But this is not a phone. This is not a laptop. This is a supplementary device, a toy.

      • oscarahj

        I think you hit it on the head there. The average user would only need this as a “supplementary device, a toy.” Desktops and laptops are more functional.

        On the argument between a 7″ and a 10″. I would think that a tablet IS supplementary that a smaller size is more convenient to take along in a backpack or briefcase.

        I've held the i*ad and it's not THAT big. I can't say too much about the 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab though. Though I do plan on going to the local VZW and check it out. They're not out yet though are they?

  • Around $300 is about right. Can't pay more for a toy. It should be about the same price as netbooks.

  • The350zWolf

    3G and WiFi, no contract, $599 is fair in my book. Perhaps is good to wait for the other tablets to appear and see how the whole scenario unfolds

  • Umm its barely more expensive than an unsubsidized Droid with a much larger screen and a front facing camera… How were we expecting them to make money at $399? And as a Droid-Life reader, why in the world would you pay for a data plan (to save $200 now but end up paying $500 over the life of the contract) when you have an unlimited data plan on your phone and wifi tether for root users perfectly available? Kellex, your initial thoughts that this pricing is perfectly reasonable were spot on, and I hate to have to say it, but Droid-Life readers are starting to sound more like the masses/iPhone users every day, and it makes me quite sad. But really, are we expecting them to give away such a quality product for free?

    • oscarahj

      I would say it is reasonably priced. This thing probably costs nearly $200 to manufacture. You can't expect big business to expect less than double what it cost to make something.

      Like it or not, it's the truth.

    • oscarahj


      I would not consider paying for it if it did not have wifi. But if it's true that they are adding wifi, “not considering it” has changed to “I want to take a look at it.”

    • Mezmryz03

      Finally some sense. These posts are sad and uninformed. What do you expect from the Entitled Generation though?


    What, is this a joke? $199 might sell a few.

  • fallenshell

    300-400 would have had a shot… at 600 its a joke. (Really closer to 350) especially considering how they stripped it of some features vs the base model.

  • Stevaroo01

    I think it's way over priced, though I can't say that I'm totally surprised by the price. I mean, think about how much they charge for an Incredible or X if you buy it w/o a contract! Even more than this (or at least it was when I got my DInc in August).

    I'm not real convinced I need anything like this yet, but even if I decide I do, I'm waiting for the larger size screen (at least 10″) and a build of Android which Google will support on my device. Not to mention that 4G is right around the corner too.

  • Michael

    Seriously, why not just get a smartphone at this size that can make calls as well with far better price? Maybe SJ is right… it might get DOA!

  • Here's my problem right now this tablet is very much over priced… And by next year there will be even better tablets out that will be cheaper then that, so I'll be stuck with an overpriced tablet that I really never needed in the first place.

  • Armyof2

    All i know is I love the clock/weather widget….thats the only thought i have on it

  • VZWEmployeePNW

    I work for VZW and even I have to admit this is a little over priced. I admit that it is the same price as our full retail high end model android phones that we offer. I do like the data plans that they have for the tablets though. I could see paying $400 full retail or lower if I was put on a contract. Not for sure about this. I feel like this was setup to fail against the Apple IPad because of our agreement with them now. Seriously…..

  • danofiveo

    Would like a larger device with Android 3.0 pre-installed. Waiting on OEM's for updates is ridiculous.

  • Mrdat

    Very disappointing. 399 would have set them up for market dominance. Needs to be priced below iPad to gain momentum. Have faith in the technology and the demand and downprice for positioning. Even 450 would have been better, but 600…

    Sure, they can drop price later on, but at the cost of lost market capture to iPad.