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Tip: Angry Birds Hack to Unlock Any World

Don’t have the patience it takes to beat the first world on Angry Birds in order to unlock the second?  Then check out this little trick which appears to be a bug in the game that lets you into either locked world. Oh, you may want to do this sooner than later as I’m sure a fix will be out any time now.  

Video Instructions:


1. Load up Angry Birds and go to the world select screen.
2. Center a locked world on the screen.
3. Push back button on your phone all the way out of Angry Birds.
4. Load Angry Birds back up and when the “Play” button appears, hammer on it!
5. You should be inside the locked worlds stage select screen.
6. To keep it unlocked just pass the first world.

Have fun lazy ones!

Via:  reddit

Cheers Grant!

  • AngryBirdsEU

    The best hacks for Angry Birds :


  • Doesn’t work anymore

  • Casiopcr20

    thanks mann you are the besttt

  • Lloyd

    Doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy. 🙁

  • Droid_ice

    How do you unlock the golden eggs?

  • lol this is awsome

  • Joesmith

    Worked great for me! I was curious to see if it would work on the iPhone version (my friend has one)..and it didn't..way to go Android! lol

  • Just play the game again…

  • Rogue_5

    I doubt i will need this, but by cousin is getting frustrated trying to get pass the 2nd world all weekend. This would be good for him.

  • An this trick work on ipad too, great

  • Cbaxter82


    Electronic Arts said Wednesday that it will acquire Chillingo, the company that publishes the ultra-popular smartphone game Angry Birds.

    • Killer4247

      I thought rovio published it and why would ea buy a 2 person team

  • funkyearl

    Excellent game best by far on android systems but was a little to easy and short shouldn't need a hack

  • A little too late…I was playing this game all weekend, completed the first world, the first day! =)

  • A little too late…I was playing this game all weekend, completed the first world, the first day! =)

  • ryanallaire

    Cant believe people would actually wanna cheat on a game like this, it's all fun! Wont even bother trying this, after you beat the first world it unlocks the rest of them.

  • Ross


  • Mobrienjr85

    I already beat it

  • Ross

    I am stuck on 4-14! UGH!

  • Cool!….but I'm going to earn my stripes. Thanks though!

  • Acles003

    Anyone else notice your Droid get really hot and the battery drains like its in navigation mode?

    • Tacown

      Mine doesn't get too hot … it tops off at about 95F unless it's on the charge … then it gets hot.

      As far as battery life, I can burn it down to 20% in about an hour and a half of playtime :/ I'm currently looking into new kernels.

  • Chris

    Check Out what EA did today, bought Angry Bird's Publisher


  • Useless to say now… I've already unlocked all the levels… Lol

  • tiptoptommy

    But I already spent all the time doing it the right way what a jip.

  • jonj95835

    Nice Worked For Me Kick ASS

  • Craym87

    I'm confused as to whether our not this bug was caused by fragmentation?!?!

  • Mrdat

    Confused, does this unlock the levels that are paid locked levels too?

  • Stevaroo01

    I don't normally like to cheat with hacks, etc, but I gave this a try anyway. It worked and I beat the first level of the second and third worlds. But, I think I'm going to go back and continue beating each level from where I left off. Cool that it worked though!

  • jahpickney

    Take this video down before Steve J*bs have another thing to complain about.

  • Flombardo

    Worked great, thanks y'all!!!

  • anyone having problems doing this on the DX?

    • Aaron

      HEY YO.

      Does jack for me

  • tomgaz

    this will last… until they roll out an update… so do not update 🙂

  • Chris.Go


  • Meangreen82

    i already have all of the worlds unlocked… just started playing the third world, guess i spend way too much time playing…

  • sholtkamp

    Hahaha I accidentally did this last night and just realized it after watching the video. I love droid-life!

  • Kdkinc

    How do you save the progress files ???Thats been the biggest PTA now that I'm changing Rom's every few days?
    Does it save in Titanium ??

    • Pilotbluemike

      yes it does.. just restore data with Titanium backup

  • Works like a charm. Cool. 🙂

  • Br_d

    I am anal and am not moving on to further levels until I beat each one with 3 stars. I don't want to cheat, because I want this game to last as long as possible! Just finished 3-16.

    • Chris Nimon

      I guess I am too. Its like Doom, Tomb Raider, or X-com I think I have a higher satisfaction level when I finally see those end credits 🙂

    • Serqet

      That's hardcore right there… I just try to beat a level at all first, then go back after they're all beaten and try for the three stars. Almost feels like I'm getting to play a harder sequel at that point vs banging my head against the wall when I get stuck with less than 3 stars on one level. 🙂

      • C Henry94

        Yea I did the same thing. I have already beat all of the levels, now I am just going back to try to get 3 stars on all of them. Also I have only gotten 2 of the golden eggs. Not quite sure how to get them, but I dont mind going back to play more!!

  • Matholomus

    FIRST!!! FINALLY hahahahaha =]]

    • Matholomus

      ………….. D*MN!!!!!

      • Finire

        Fail. People like you that try over and over make me smile inside as I laugh on the outside.

  • Andrew Hewitt

    This is going to be so helpful for every time I wipe data for a new ROM and lose all my Angry Birds game progress :[

    • puck

      agree! and i just tried it and it work flawlesly..woohoo U DA MAN KELLEX

    • Ruddy

      i agree 😀

    • kellex

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Usawrestling

      You should use titanium backup. It will save all your data for the app and can restore it once you wipe for a new ROM

      • hellllooooo

        i tried doing that but it didnt restore all levels cuz thats the only reason i used it. guess i did it wrong

    • OR you could get Titanium Backup 😉

    • Serqet

      Much agreed with Usawrestling there, Titanium Backup, even just the free edition, will bring all your progress right back with no problem. Have done it many times myself already since the release of the full game version.

    • El El Kool J

      or you can keep the current ROM always.. ya right huh..!! thats like impossible..