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Detailed Verizon 3G Tiered Data Plan Information

Wanting to know every single detail on the new tiered 3G data plans coming to Verizon?  We’ve got you covered.  As was rumored earlier in the week, the new $15/150MB tier is expected to go live by October 28th and while Verizon documents no longer feature dates for the most part, the 28th and 29th have been brought up more than once, so we’re expecting it any day.

I’ve always been a fan of tiered pricing because not all consumers need or want unlimited data and VZW seems to have at least taken a much smoother first step into these waters than AT&T did.  While 150MB might not even be enough for the average email user, it at least gives us another option.

Oh and 3G tablets are also touched on.

Thoughts on the new tier?

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  • Verizonmn

    This is a plan from last year – note there are no 4G devices listed

  • Anonymous

    Thank GOD they have unlimited, unlike the author I hate worrying about my minutes, its ok if they simply tell you that your over, or cap you, but they let you rack up the bill! I switched from ATT because they got rid of the unlimited plan. Good job Verizon for giving their customers what they want, everyone is different and unlike some I need an unlimited plan.

    Be seeing Droid Life at the Jawcase launch!

  • Listen, I'm not going to any other provider, but damnit Verizon stop boosting these prices. This “tiered” data plan is not at all about saving people money or giving them another option. READ THE WHOLE GUIDE!

    -Those who buy new multimedia phones are going to have to pay $15 now instead of $10 (which was already insane!)
    -$15 for 150MB is nuts. I have light-moderate usage and hit 350MB easy every month on my Droid X. If VZW is trying to justify $15 for “lighter” users, the cap should be 300MB. In comparison to getting unlimited for $30, this is more than reasonable. (You could even argue that 500MB-1GB is fair).

    Bottom line – VZW gets a large number of customers who purchase multimedia phones. VZW is going to cash in on an extra $5/mo from each one as they buy new phones. This will greatly outweigh the money lost from smart phone users going to the $15/mo plan, because at a 150MB cap, not many customers will!

  • ckeegan

    What's a 3G tablet? Who would every buy one of those? Seriously though, I knew from the get-go that I would never buy a tablet until they were capable of 4G.

  • digitalicecream

    I'm actually pretty stoked about this because I'll be able to drop to a bottom tier for both my phones and (hopefully) only ramp them up when I need to use them more. But I'm so used to using them on wifi now that the only time I'm certain this would apply to me is if I need turn by turn directions. Now to install a browser that lets me turf off flash animation downloads…d'oh!

  • I'm fine with the data pricing for phones since we still get unlimited for $30, but wtf is up with the mobile broadband pricing?! Seriously, $50 for 5GB and $80 for 10GB?? They must be crazy.


    Most of us are all stuck on contracts right now. Verizon will be rolling out 4G LTE soon. By halving the data price that gives you an amount of data that is absurdly low if you actually use your phone, they're giving us a perfectly valid option to slowly pay back the subsidy on our first phone while taking out a second line for an LTE phone! This is now quite a bit more affordable than it was before! All I can say is, THANK YOU VERIZON!

    Plus, if I did that and had two phones, I'd just tether the phone with more data to the one without the data. No loss whatsoever if I were to use that one.

  • oh..and the thing with the Tablet pricings….for devices like the iPad-which are OFF Contract…instead of getting 1gb for 20$..you could always-yknow…add the 3G Mobile Hotspot to your Droid IncrediFascinate X thingy mabob of DOOM…and get double the bandwith for the same price…

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    I'm cool with it as long as they don't use it as an excuse to gouge the unlimited plans. Granted, I've been using my data like crazy (Maps and Pandora + lots of email and some streaming) this month and I'm not quite at 1.6 GB, but I still like to know that I don't have to ration my data use. I'm still amazed by how much data some people use.

  • vdphb

    As far as mobile hotspots go, isn't it $20 for 2GB right now? Looks like it's dropping to 1GB for the same price…

  • InvaderDJ

    I'm really glad Verizon kept the unlimited plan and kept it at the same price, but they should have added another tier a $20 2-3GB plan would have been great.

    • Bill

      agreed. it was basically a smoke screen. it's either you don't use your smartphone for anything that it's meant for, or you use it like you should & pay the same.

      we got jipped.

    • I agree. $15 for 250MB, $20 for 2GB, $30 for unlimited sounds reasonable. Not that I have a vested interest, I use 6-7GB/month between Pandora and Netflix.

  • Niedespi12

    I really don't see any added benefit but a bunch of jargon to confuse someone into eventually making them pay more..that is bullshit..PAY TO PLAY and keep it simple with out all this added bullshit..they really have no reason why they cant offer competitive pricing with sprint!! IM SERIOUS..I pay way too much for 2 phones!! LOL

  • Miked

    Personally my idea of a nice tiered data plan would be:
    $10.00 for 150MB
    $15.00 for 1GB
    $30.00 for unlimited
    Additional $5.00 for tethering.
    This would, in my opinion, be perfect for low usage, medium usage and high usage customers.

    • ckeegan

      I think they do have that pricing in fantasy land. What would be the point of offering tiered data plans, if you're going to offer an unlimited option?

      • Miked

        Because there are people that don't need unlimited, so why should they have to pay for an unlimited data plan? I know plenty of people who would never go over a 1GB cap and would love to be saving $15 a month on their bill.

        • Chris.Go

          People that don't get unlimited are the people that are socked with a $2,000 bill for no reason. These phones constantly use internet traffic… this is all BS when your already paying near or over $100 for a fukin phone… per month.

  • Ross

    I am up to 88MB and the cycle is until the 12th of November… The cycle started on October 12th. Ugh. I don't think 150MB will work for me.

  • Iturbided

    if i were to be on WiFi the whole time will that still count as me using my megabits?

    • Michael_NM

      No. The wifis don't use your geebees…

      • Mtnbikenc

        Loved that vid… +1,000,000

  • Ben

    Bahahah. I just looked. And with 6 days left on my billing cycle I'm already at 12+ gigs. Lmao

    • Tergiversator_Maximus

      Just curious – what all do you do to use that much data? Do you stream a lot of video?

  • Mrpicolas

    Buy off contract and just use your phone to tether the tablet that way you are using the full potential of your unlimited data plan

    • Michael_NM

      Dr. Root,

      I'm sure this question has been answered frequently, but I don't recall seeing it. When I bought my Droid X, I was told specifically that tethering would cancel my contract and I'd have to pay the cancellation fee. My paranoia often gets the best of me (what did you just call me?), and I'm wondering if VZ can actually find out if you're tethering? Have you heard of this happening?

      BTW: Thanks for agreeing to let my “kid” visit you? 😉

      • Mrpicolas

        BTW: Thanks for agreeing to let my “kid” visit you! ;- ???? what do you mean???

        • Michael_NM

          “kid” = Droid. Apologies if I'm mistaken about this…

          • Mrpicolas

            Ahhh lol i doubt that vzw would do anything youd have to be constantly tether everyday all day for them to even flag it

          • Michael_NM

            Thanks. I'll give a try when my “kid” gets home. 😛

  • Troppus8

    What does 150MBs equal? 1,000 web page visits?? 1000 emails?? 100 music downloads??

    Just trying to figure my data usage before I delve into the smartphone world. Guess I won't know until I actually use it tho! LOL. But just trying to understand…ballpark figure…of what 150MBs actually is.

    • Michael_NM

      Have a look at this for your answer: http://bit.ly/cHly0Q

      Regardless, unless you plan to use your smartphone on wi-fi almost all of the time, 150MB will not be enough.

      • Troppus8

        thanks. those 2 links spell it out nicely. I suspect 150 wont be enough!

        • I can pretty much guarantee 150 MB won’t be enough (IT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE), you’ll be much happier with the infinite

    • Towel73

      Here's an interactive data calculator:


      • Troppus8


  • neknoznip

    As a former BB user switching over to Android has been one if my best life decisions. Im sure many of you would argee…. As more people use data the cost unfortunately rises, but on the same token the price also lowers over time…. I'm a data hound right how but mainly because wi-fi is not offered in the private sector as it is in the public (Panera, Starbucks etc) I for one support the plans as long as the unlimited is an option. The cost WILL GO down sooner or later, but for now this is what we got. Not everone is like me and needs unlimited….. I can't afford to pay the overage. Yanno??

  • The deal with Tablets getting hit with the 3G tiers here is not to force users to pay more, but to force users to utilize open and free Wifi hotspots more often. If you noticed, Smartphones aren't getting touched much in regards to unlimited data usage. That is because these devices aren't considered work horses when it comes to online content. Tablets are in a similar boat as laptops and netbooks. They are designed to do more, especially multimedia. This isn't a bad idea, just so long as the consumer is taken care of.

  • Ktmotoxer

    This is B.S. Great way to make people afraid to use their smart phones

  • 10c/MB overage, same rate as the 150MB/$15… gotta say, for an overage fee, that's pretty reasonable.

    I tend to keep my phone on WIFI at home and work anyway, so that's actually a pretty reasonable plan for me.

  • The350zWolf

    Tablets are getting a big hit, I could easily see using 5Gb on a tablet, I do it on my phone!!! Man $50 for 5Gb??? No thanks!

    • ckeegan

      I actually don’t see people using as much data on tablets, as they do on their phones. Quite honestly, you’re not likely to carry around your tablet for 18 hours a day, like you do your phone.

      • Excellent point. Also, if all else fails, tether! I intend to get an Archos 70 and tether it, thereby paying $30 for unlimited data on my tablet, phone, and netbook. I have the Seidio Innocell 3500, so I don’t worry about battery life. Yes, I know, batteryboss.org. However, I have never been able to kill my phone in a single day, despite Angry Birds and Netflix on Wi-Fi tethering, so the battery is definitely worth something.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    150-250mb plans are such a joke. they pick a threshold just so low enough, you might as well stay with your larger plan and if not, they will hit you with the overage. It makes the average sheep think “wow, they are making new more affordable deals” – yeah, for like the 100 people that will move to it.

    • There is a Blackberry on my second line that uses 50MB a month, but is still getting hit with the $30/month fee. Usage is light with basic web browsing, mostly Facebook, Twitter, and Email, and most of that is plain text stuff. I'm guessing that unless you're streaming music on a Blackberry, since the screen is small (minus the Storm) and the browser isn't that great, most people would rarely go over the threshold.

  • Heavy Usage Customer Right Here, Streaming That Android Show Tonight =)

  • I they should change the $15 plan to 250MB

  • Ben

    As long as they charge a maximum of $30 for unlimited data I am ok with it. I would hope that their progression of bandwidth makes data cheaper in the future, not more expensive – because my usage won't be decreasing in the future.

    • Well, hate to burst your bubble, but LTE will almost certainly be both tiered and more expensive

    • when (ever) has new tech. been cheaper? sorry Ben, its gunna co$t ya, lol.

  • Todd

    $15/150mb. I hit 1gb 10 days into my current month, this will never fly. Lets hope they keep an unlimited option for an affordable price.

    • So what's with your “this will never fly” BS? So, you use a lot of data, that's what they're giving you unlimited for. Just because you use a lot of data doesn't mean everyone else does, and now THEY have a choice as well. Now be happy for grandma that might want a smartphone to send an occasional email who doesn't want to pay $30 a month

      • Anonymous

        Good Lord! Why so angry? He meant that will never fly WITH HIM. Let’s all settle down and talk calmly, OK?

    • This is seriously the reason I'm going to get a smartphone now. I have wifi everywhere so I don't need a data plan, and the $15/mo is basically just covering the subsidized pricing of the phone.

    • ckeegan

      I’m confused. If you use a gig every 10 days, then you’re using approximately 3gb per month. Based on the tablet pricing above, you’d actually save about $10 per month versus the current unlimited plan for $45.

      • ckeegan

        Nevermind, I just realized unlimited was $30, so the 3gb plan is actually $5 more. My biggest question though, is how tablet data pricing will differ from smartphone tiered options.

  • EC8CH

    “Top 5 Take Aways”

    They missed the biggest 1:

    Unlimited Data Plan Still $29.99!

  • Calculatorwatch

    Wow, this is actually a good thing, especially since all that happened is the 150mb package took the place of that $20 or $25 75mb package for multimedia phones which was a huge ripoff, so good job VZW!

    I get the feeling the 4G tiered data plans will be much more dramatic though.

    • Georhe 2819

      $15/150 MB data is a joke. I bet you that $30 unlimited data very soon will be eliminated.

      • mphunter995

        It would make sense but I hope you're wrong. I love having unlimited data

      • No its not, lets say you use wifi exclusively, but want a Droid. You don't want to pay for the data though, and you're on a family plan. So your phone is $200, your line is $10 a month, and until now, you've been forced to pay $30 a month. The $10 a month you pay over the life of a 20 month upgrade cycle is only $200, you're at $400 and the phone is $550+ dollars unsubsidized. What this $15 a month is doing is giving you an opportunity to make up the subsidy by ensuring that you really won't be using their data network.

        • timarnette

          I agree with you. I have my Droid X that I use all the time and I still have my Droid 1 witch I use very little. This will be very good for me.

        • That is exactly my situation.

  • bob

    as long as they still offer unlimited data i think they will be fine.

  • Wizbiff

    Are you talking about column 3? I see 5 and 10 GB at the same price for all devices. They just offer more choices for some devices than others.

  • Michael_NM

    What a convoluted load of crap! Data should cost the same regardless of the device using it. I really don't want to see what VZ's cooking up for 4G pricing.

    • Wizbiff

      Are you talking about column 3? I see 5 and 10 GB at the same price for all devices. They just offer more choices for some devices than others.

      • Michael_NM

        Let's look at the new $15 smartphone plan, that's $1/10MB, but with column three those same 10MB cost 20 cents. I understand the idea of tiered pricing, but why is the bottom end pricing different by 500% depending upon the device used?

    • EC8CH

      Seems like $/GB is constant. Only difference is the size of the data plans for different devices.

      • Michael_NM

        I tried to make sense of my point below. Ulitmately, I'm happy that I can keep my “unlimited” plan at the same rate, but I don't understand the need for so many categories. It could be as simple as this

        VZ 3G Pricing: 1GB/Month: $20; 5GB/Month: $30; 10GB/Month: $80; Existing plans will be grandfathered.

        • eryk

          shouldn't 10GB be more like $50?

          • Michael_NM

            If it were up to me…
            3G: $30/month unlimited
            4G: $40/month unlimited
            …of course it's not up to me, and I think I've said enough. 🙂

        • Why would 10 GB be well over twice as expensive as 5 GB plans?

  • i LOVE the new Data Pricings. Seriously, they're the best in the industry right now-because we still offer the $30 / unlimited plan on all phones. Seriously, +1 big red!

    • kellex

      Couldn't agree more even if you are turning into an Apple fanboi. 😛

      • see…my Macbook is better than every Windows computer I’ve owned combined times eleven. So thats a plus one for Apple.

        as far as phones go sir, i havent had any particular issue with my Droids…just weird bugs. The allure of the i*hone is just that, allure.

        Tablets now, thats a different story. 7″ tablet is way to small for me…i want a giant doom bringing tablet, and that pic of the Galaxy Tab ontop of an iPad does it no favors. I want an iPad, and if I can give one of my 2 other team members a $500 accessory sale, when everyone is hurting for accessory sales on my team (except me, cuz im awesome) by buying a product I would eventually be buying anyways…than yes sir. call me a fanboy……

  • ouch

    • PersianDeity

      means you keep them, but once you leave it, you lost it for ever