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Radio Android is Running Two Android Shows You Should Be Listening To

Wanted to quickly let everyone now about a couple of Android shows run by a good buddy of mine in the industry, Scotty Brown.  You may remember him from his AndroidGuys days, but the dude is on his own now doin’ what he does best, making great call-in live radio shows.  He’s a major voice in the industry and takes more pride in Android than you’ll find almost anywhere, which makes him always worth a listen.  He currently hosts 2 weekly shows:  “Android After Dark” and “The Android Show.”

Details of both after the jump.  

“Android After Dark” – 7-9PM (Pacific) Every Tuesday

An uncensored, open discussion format with an emphasis on community involvement during the show. We encourage open discussion (cursing) and drinking alcohol with the hosts during the show. We’ll often have listeners live on the air with us during the show to participate. Hosted by Scotty Brown with cohosts Matthew Patience and Greg Carron from Mobicartel, this broadcast is both an audio and video feed.

“The Android Show” – 7-9PM (Pacific) Every Wednesday

This show features a rotating weekly cohost, corporate sponsors, give aways, on air guests from the Android community, and interviews with the industry’s top companies. The Android Show is our flagship broadcast, and is done in a video format with a live video and audio feed.

If you want to listen in and enjoy the company of a group of Android enthusiasts, I’m telling you that these are two shows you might want to check out.  The “After Dark” show is all about having a good time with a bunch of people who love the same stuff you do, Android.  The “Android Show” on the other hand is all about business and is the place for you to hear the latest news, plus commentary from some of the industry’s leading representatives.

Oh and who doesn’t love free stuff?  Next week they plan on giving away a Samsung Fascinate.  Not bad right?

“Android After Dark” starts in just over an hour!

Head over to RadioAndroid.net now.

  • Another great post! This really got me rolling all over the floor! well I like a program where the host has a more professional vocabulary.

  • Thanks to EVERYONE from Droid-Life for joining us Tuesday and Wednesday… we gave out a few Droid cases to Droid-Life viewers last night during The Android Show courtesy of CheapDroids.com and Zooly! Hope to catch you guys back again next Tuesday and Wednesday night. For updates, I'd implore you to follow me on Twitter as well as @radioandroid!

    Thanks for the article, Kellen!

  • Jkhasley53

    Went over to RadioAndroid to listen to anything new with android. Was quite excited that it was available. The first 30 the host used profanity twice. I like a program where the host has a more professional vocabulary.

    • Tuesday nights are uncensored discussion… including profanity. If you are looking for a more main stream discussion, you should check out The Android Show on Wednesday nights!

  • Sweeeet. Missed AAD but I'll try to listen to the Android Show tonight.

    Still waiting for the DL cast!

  • Mth2134

    Well…thank u kellex. Thank u for providing another outlet for my girlfriend(according to my wife). Eh. What can I say? I love android. Seriously. Thank you. 🙂

  • Danlarock

    I Like the content of these shows but the audio quality of them makes them UNLISTENABLE!

    • kellex

      One of the nice things about this is the video feed. If you think the audio is bad, you can at least watch them make fools of themselves hah.

    • Did you listen? We have one of if not the best audio quality on the net. We take a LOT of pride in providing a quality product, specifically when it comes to the audio stream!

  • Michael_NM

    Where's the Droid-Life Droidcast? 🙂

    • kellex

      You are on a roll.

      Oh and we've considered entering that mark, but no definitive plans.