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Rumor: DROID 2 Update On the Way, Will Fix Additional Exchange Issues and Match DROID X Version

Anyone receive an update on their Droid 2, taking them to version 2.3.15 yet?  According to Motorola, the update is “sending in batches” and your phone could see the update at any time.  One of our readers had a chance to hit up Moto support over the weekend and they acknowledged that they expect the Droid X and D2 to be on the same software version which would be 2.3.15.  We confirmed this and more this morning in a quick chat with their live support…  

Kellen B: HI Romella, I’ve been having Exchange issues on my DROID 2. I know that the DROID X received an update to version 2.3.15 which fixed alot of these. Will I be receiving an update to this too?
Romella: Yes. There are sending in in batches that is maybe why you have not received the upgrade yet.
Romella: Try to go to your settings>about phone> system update.
Kellen B: Checking now
Romella: Thanks.
Kellen B: Looks like it’s not ready for me yet. But the update to 2.3.15 for the Droid 2 is definitely on the way?
Romella: It has been release. Let us just wait for the notification on the phone on how to download it.
Romella: We apologize for the inconvenience.

While I’m still skeptical that this update is available now, I am confident that it will be on its way soon. The Droid 2 and Droid X essentially run the same software and this move would make a lot of sense.  On the other hand, we’ve received enough mis-information from support reps that it could be months away.

Time to start checking those system update pages:  Settings>About>System Updates.

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  • Smkmeup

    Droid X System Version 2.3.15 is on mine! is this good or bad?? Can I root without locking out?

  • Ortizchief

    i have system version 2.2.20 Im supposes to get it

  • m3commish

    I received my Droid X on Friday and it came with 2.3.15. The issues I have noticed with it are losing connection with wifi and a couple of times it rebooted for no apparent reason. Other than that, all seems fine. Btw, does anyone have a link to Motorola's page showing which issues they are looking to 'fix'?

    Thanks ahead of time –

    • Rain_king46

      Here is a link to the issues that Moto is fessing up to. There has also been rumors of a security issue where a person could make calls from your phone even if it is locked.


      The issues seem to come and go and not everybody has every issue. I have not had the stuck on the M logo, nor have I had random rebooting yet. Lumped in with the media files problems, Pandora seems to be hit or miss for some people.

  • Xeneize480

    I have 2.3.15 =)

  • Well this is weird im at 2.4.5.A957……

  • Kellex, I like your actual name xD Kellen is a sick name.

  • Maybe ill sbf to get FOTA.apk back and see if I have the OTA 😛 Forget that lol

  • timarnette

    I hope you can help me please. I have a Big problem. I rooted my X the other day and now it is stuck in clock mod recovery. I have done everything I know to do. I tried to flash with RDS Lite in SPF Recovery. When I click on the button that has 3 dots in RSD Lite, nothing happens. So I am really stuck. I can't call Verizon because I am rooted. I know the X is not bricked because it goes into clockmod recovery. I hope someone can help me. Please and Thanks!!!

  • Matthew Brown

    The D2 is my first android phone so I'm not sure but: what do I do if I am rooted? Can I upgrade to this or do I have to wait for someone to come out with an update for a rooted D2? Is this going to be pushed to my phone where I have no choice but to download it, or will it be something that I have to choose wether to install or not?

  • NOOOOOOOO!!! So im gonna have to root all over again? Will I even be able to root? CRAP!… I don't feel like being prompted to update and lose root!

  • Rain_king46

    Given the problems that the X has had with 2.3.15 and Moto has admitted to, why would any D2 owner want this update? Why would MOTO even release it without addressing the known issues first? If I were a D2 owner, I would NOT download this update until Moto addresses these problems.

    Last week Moto Matt posted several rather snotty posts on the Moto owners forum, one of which concluded with the following:

    “At this time I don't have information about when the next software update will be available — when I have it, I'll share it here. Again, these issues are not common (liar), but if you experience them, know that a fix is on the way.”

    “We need your help to make sure we understand the issues owners are seeing, and how widespread they are. We're always looking for owners willing to help us with research. If you have not already, please consider becoming a member of the Motorola Feedback Network”

    Well Matt, I *AM* a member of the Moto feedback network, and if they want an ear full, PLEASE tell the boys in the feedback department to ask me what I think of the 2.3.15 release and Moto software in general.

    Most of these problems were reported in the forums when the first leaks of 2.2 were installed. Moto was so concerned about sending out C&D notices over the version of 2.2 that was leaked prior to the official OTA. Had they worried less about slapping hands and payed more attention to the forums, they would have known about these issues and been able to correct them for their official OTA release.

    Does ANYBODY find this open ended 'we will fix the problems when we get to it' attitude from Moto acceptable? Perhaps if they spent less time crippling their products with Blur and locked boot loaders they could find time to fix problems, or better yet, release a stable OS update in the first place. Moto, if you guys dont have time to fix the problems, unlock the bootloader and let capable guys like Beesley, Birdman, etc do your job for you. /end rant

  • Isn't there issues with Droid X update? Should they worry about fixing those issues before making to devices with the same issues?

    • Wahahaha

      I was thinking the same thing..

    • JTE

      With the D2 WE, the Droid Pro, the tegra 2 device, and future tablets, I'm beginning to think they don't have a single person working to fix issues with the DX or D2 running 2.2.

      I'm not holding my breath that we see any complete fixes for the multitude of reported issues around the 2.2 builds. If they come, I'll be ecstatic. But if they don't, life will go on, and my jaded view of motorola and verizon will as well.

    • I agree, but with this update they most likely would have fixed the issues that the DX had and then once they know the issues are fixed they will push it to the DX.

  • I wonder if it will fix the ANDROID_ID problem that the Droid 2 has?

    (For those not familiar with this problem, see this link: http://groups.google.com/group/android-developers/browse_thread/thread/53898e508fab44f6/?pli=1

  • Guest

    Just checked. No dice. Lets see if I can restrain myself from checking more than once an hour.

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid, asking VZ for an honest answer about updates is like asking a used-car salesman for an honest answer about a car… 🙂

    • Rain_king46

      Moto is who you should be asking, not VZ. But your statement still rings true with either company.

  • Sean_king72

    I have an X….it already says 2.3.15

    • Wahahaha


  • tbaybe

    lol… wont get it!

    • Get it when you get a new phone LOL

    • Lol if you run any of my roms(2.0, 2.5, 2.7 or me and Ang's Fission) we removed FOTA.apk so you wont get it 😀

  • villian1998

    I wish I could pull updates on my D1

    • EC8CH

      If you say that three times fast, blur will appear on your D1 =-O

      • villian1998

        Blur, ha… nevermind then

  • Does anyone actually care? 😛
    Sincere question…lol

    • Mth2134

      Lol. See last post of D2's at Walmart.

      • Did you see how many comments were on that? Like 10? Tops?!? lol
        Case and point…No one cares about the D2(except for the owners). It is considered a failure and I have sympathy for the owners.

        Pay me 😀

        • Agnog

          I am one of thse a$$holes… Was all excited for my first android phone ever and went with the D2. Kind of hoping that once all stock is gone Asurion will replace D2 with a DX and I will have convenient “accident”.

        • Mth2134

          I'm with u. I feel bad that vz dangled a shiny new phone in front of people then used and abused them. 😮
          Even star wars collectors passed on the “special” r2d2.

          • Poor lil R2. Again, Marketing Dept f'ed up in my opinion…
            Plus, when we had all the special features of the ROM drop, we could ALL
            see it was a blatant piece of crap.
            Tisk tisk at Moto!!! 😛

            Hoping they'll give me $ to “keep quiet” lol

          • Rain_king46

            +1 Tim is right on the money here.

          • +1 lmao

          • Yet even the R2D2 has a newer rom than the original D2… I guess the spiffy paint job made the rom incompatible with the original.

        • AngDroid

          Mostly because of the bootloader and no vanilla ROMs but that has changed 🙂

          Anyways…2.3.15 is old…even for the DX. I have 2.4.5 posted for both devices already…

    • kellex

      Thanks for the team support Tato!

      • You know I have NOTHING but love, but as the days go on, I feel violated and in need of a shower after thinking about this phone and the damage it has done to the lovely branding.
        I know that you know that I know that you know what I am talking about. Let's not beat around the proverbial bush shall we? 🙂

        -Sincerely yours, Tato <3

    • AngDroid

      Yes many people care…just because 5% of the people who answered Droid-Life Poll on what phone they use is not an accurate representation of actual usuers. How many users acutally did the poll? I know I didn't and I am a D2 user. You guys need to give the Droid2 more love. Lots has been going on with it lately 🙂

      2.3.15 is already old. All my ROMs besides Fission are based on 2.4.5 and 2.3.15 is still riddled with a wifi connection issue that is not present in 2.4.5