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Flash 10.1 on Android Tops 1 Million Downloads, Everyone Enjoying it?

Flash 10.1 for Android recently topped 1 million downloads from the market which is quite an achievement, but the more interesting issue is whether or not 1 million users are satisfied.  I know that I have had nothing but positive experiences with Flash’s performance on my Incredible and Droid X, but what about the rest of the userbase?  The original Droid, who’s specs don’t technically meet minimum requirements, has the largest hold on the Android world and early reviews aren’t necessarily screaming positive pie.

How is Flash working out for everyone?  Loving it?  Hating it?

Via:  ZDNet

  • Nospam

    I still use a youtube app to view youtube flash vids. Using the browser to view any flash vids is akin to pulling teeth on my htc desire with froyo on a Japanese mobile 3G network. TOTAL fail.

  • Zac Livesay

    I use it on my incredible and it works fine, although I don't use many flash based things. I guess it's not one of those things I absolutely need, but I do feel like it's still one upping iPhones : p

  • Zfliss

    D1 running Shadow Rom v02.1 w/ ChevyN01 1.0 medV kernel. Flash runs perfect…

  • Droid 1 overclocked to 900Mhz. It works. My phone will overheat if I use it for more than a couple of minutes though. I'm glad to have it, I just have to turn down my clock speed. I have an upgrade in 7 months so hopefully there will be a nice Tegra2 phone out there that I can get. The Droid 1 was a beast when it was released a year ago but I am definitely looking forward to getting something with a lot more under the hood.

  • guessWho

    I don't use it hardly ever. But!, I did get a stab at my professor when he said that he couldn't watch flash sites on his i*hone.

  • Kirintor

    I don't love it, but I can't blame adobe:
    1) OG droid, and even rooted & clocked 1.1ghz, flash is kinda slow on most sites. Specs are specs, but most flash programmers on the web are lazy due to escalating computer/browser power.
    2) The web is better without flash. Flash for animations is fine. Web games in flash can be great. But if I have to DL 5mb of sounds & graphics just to navigate your site on an 'authentic' futuristic spinning circular screen, especially one the breaks the back button and bookmarks, then I'll go somewhere else.
    2.5) Ads. For every awesome site that needs flash (even including those above with Cardassian navigation systems) there are 10 flash “grow your junk”, “see my boobs”, or “infinite money now” flash ads, many of which stream video & yell at max volume. Not only annoying, but with major carriers doing tiered pricing, now costly too.

  • cb2000a

    Flash works great on my D1 (stock). Verizon's network cannot keep up though.

  • Jose Nissan

    Work perfect Droid 1 oc 1g

  • Bengmo

    its better than nothing on my droid1 overclocked to 1ghz, but just barely. The main thing I've noticed it enabling are ads.

  • hunkoman

    Works flawlessly on my D1 rooted. Am using about 81 apps so if your not getting the performance better ROOT Jive turkey.

  • Jorj

    I uninstalled it from my Droid (buglessbeast .5) before i ever even tried it. I hate flash on the desktop and have NO desire to run it on my phone. I love my droid and i love my iPad. Yes, you can appreciate both Android and iOS. 🙂

  • Ronanderson177

    It works well on the og Droid, this one is stock. When leaving flash it lags the system from 5-30 seconds.

  • is it supposed to run slow and kill your battery?

  • The350zWolf

    Enjoying it??? Hell yeah! ;^)

  • Dmorris31

    Better than no Flash but experience so-so on Droid the first.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    it works. I use it now and then.

    I moved mine to the SD card since the app since is absurd. I am not on the latest version, 1 version behind.

  • Jjb

    Just uninstalled Flash. Browser becomes very slow and phone stops working after ending some apps. Last for 15-20 seconds.

  • EvilDroid

    work just fine in my D1 running at 800MHZ 🙂

  • db17k

    Playing Mafia Wars on the DX sucks, all the flash popups get jumbled up and overlapped, also clicking the action buttons rarely has a response. Needs improvement!!!!

  • Eriik

    im hateing it. one of the main reasons i got a droid was because of flash and because i couldnt get an iphone. but now that the iphone may be coming to verizon im probably getting it because flash sucks

  • so many people whine about apps2sd in the comments section. they are so stupid

    • Keefers

      Okay einstein. Share your wisdom and tell us why everyone is stupid.

      • didnt call everyone stupid. just those who dont consider reading the comments and see why its not apps2sd compatible (many many many people have said why) instead of writing “Adobe your supposed to be a big company but cant do the simple task of making this apps2sd compatible you guys are stupid” or “APPS2SD PLEASE ADOBE!!!! THIS AND AIR!!!” or “this needs apps2sd asap, then ill give five stars” or “COME ON!!!! 12MB!!!! THATS INSANE!!!! FLASH SUCKS” or “apps2sd please! uninstalling until fixed” or “apps2sd NOW!!!”. I mean what did they expect? 4mb? ITS FULL FRICKIN FLASH!!!

    • You know, it's not that big a deal on the DX or D2, but for OG Droid owners, it's pretty important! It doesn't affect me, but I understand why people feel that way and I try not to “whine” about people having concerns about their phones.

  • Mdn5024

    Works great on my DX, wish espn3 would work though

    • Chris Nimon

      Thanks to droid4lyfe for boxlive.tv and thegr8zamboni99 for channelsurfing.net I have been watching sports and shows on my Droid.

  • Works great on Droid X. I would not mind faster performance, but I guess that will have to wait until we all get our hands on dual core phones 😛

    One con, battery consumption is high when streaming flash video.

  • [email protected]

    Having a rooted d.1 and over clocked, I have no issues with it, works legendary and I watch movies from iphonemoviez.net with it at work and love it. Maybe people should root their d.1 and see how awsome it is cause I don't have any issues with it at all.

  • Sprotthedestroyer

    Non rooted OGD(OriGinalDroid) and love it. Very rarely messes up, battery life is still great and my ogd doesn't get hot at all. Did at first though. I use it a lot.
    I do think its better than beta but still can't watch everything I want. Love it for watching non mobile videos.
    If you find the right sites to watch the videos are superb.
    I do wish it had move to sd, other than that, love it! Love it!
    LOVE IT!

    • wow dude you must have one of those perfect droids! good watch!

      • Sprotthedestroyer

        I wouldn’t say perfect. Force closes constantly, and even reboots randomly but that’s from other programs and apps. Flash is perfect 90% of the time. When I wrote first comment, went and watched every treehouse of horror(simpsons). No problems. Just because no one else knows how to use flash, doesn’t mean its flash’s fault. Also… sarcasm is only used by ppl who have nothing intelligent to say. Why most ppl use sarcasm, most aren’t intelligent

        • Sprotthedestroyer

          Ha,Ha(in the words of nelson)

  • misa

    I can't find this on the market?

    • Xeneize480

      Probably your phone is not ready for the update. This is for Android 2.2 only.

  • Xeneize480

    DX Flash 10.1 the best that ever happen to my phone. =) I can watch live tv now from any website.

  • Jgordon00

    It's ok on my incredible but I find that INTERACTING with Flash is very difficult. Pressing buttons in the Flash interface is not that responsive and I find that the phone gets confused between whether it's inside the Flash interface or not.

    • Same Problem With My Droid 1.

      • Rob_P

        Same here. It can actually be a bit frustrating. D1, not rooted.

  • ac35

    I haven't noticed it once since I downloaded it. Just holding on to 12 mb of my limited memory in case I ever need it. Droid 1.

  • For me on the D1, even with moving other apps to the SD card, it takes up too much app space. Same as AIR. It didn't run slow on my Sapphire 1.1.1 ROM at all – it just took up too much space. Gotta have room for Angry Birds, Fruit Ninjas, TweetDecks & RockPlayers

    • Gadgetskopf

      I ended up taking AIR off as I have no need of it at present. Flash, I just forced to SD using Titanium Backup and it runs just fine.

  • Ltgiven

    How can I verify that Flash 10.1 was installed on my Incredible with Froyo update?

    • Chris Nimon

      Open this site on your phone, if you see the advertisements or the green arrow its working. OR hit menu, settings, Applications, Manage Applications, look for Adobe Flash Player 10.1

  • Paul

    Runs OK, but whats the point?

    D1, 800MHz

  • Runs like a champ on my DROID2!

  • It's great to have flash available for those sites that use it. Makes the mobile web experience feel more complete. Works as advertised… what's not to like?

  • Cjreyes666

    Runs great on my og droid overclocked at 900 but also it depends on what type of video ur trying to stream low resolution runs great but with hd it just blows

  • Garret

    I love watching ESPN3.com on my Droid X. I also enjoy watching other videos on websites and blogs and haven't had a buffering problem so far, even when I'm on 3G. I have it set to on demand so I can only watch what I want and can skip ads.

  • I'm using the original Droid, and I haven't ran into any major issues. A few laggy bits here and there, but the negative happens about 15% of the time I've used flash.

  • Michael_NM

    I enjoy showing it to my iPhon't friends! 😛

  • Works well for me. Videos can be a little spotty but animations and sound are great, not to mention the games. The recent update greatly improved overall stability as well as processor requirements; set to on demand, its great. The size could use some improvement but that's what the sdcard is for. 😉

  • azeric

    I have the d2 and it works beautifully, especially when swith to on demand.

  • My bro in law loves flash on his D1. But that's probably because I rooted and gave him bugless beast on it.

  • Romma1

    Works great on my Dinc!

  • Works great for lite porn use. (oh cmon…like it has any other use)

  • Timoh

    Works great on my DX for lower resolution videos. Put it on 720p and it has some problems. Overall happy though. I'm glad we get to choose whether or not we want to use it, instead of just banning it all together.

  • ogdroidftw

    Works great on my overclocked Droid 1 . Booyah

    OG Droid not obsolete just yet.

  • Chasemanhattan

    I have D1, OC'd to 800 Mhz, and flash seems to run great. But the phone gets super hot when running flash for any extended period of time. So there's that. All in all I would not say that flash is a bad experience. mlb.tv doesn't work at all though, which is a bummer. But everything else seems to work good enough.

  • Mandorawk

    I was going to say that . I enjoy the flash on demand. I watched full lengths movies on my phone no prob ,sometv shows streamed great even watched a ufc pay per view streamed excellent I'm rooted but not over clocked.just like ntropia said a small 1min clip is laggy just makes me laugh .overall I enjoy it its not perfect but use it. OftenI'm glad I have the option unlike the i*hone.

  • El El Kool J

    Runs great on my Droid 1.. 🙂 never choppy load times are a lil slower when loading a page with flash, but that is expected.

    Droid 1
    Zen MIUI ROM
    1.2ghz max 800 mhz min

  • so far so good…I wish someone would tell me how to only use it on demand though..hint hint

    • oh nvm…I looked, progressive thinker I know 🙂

    • Kierra. Load up your browser and go to settings, scroll down to “enable plug-ins”. “Choose “on demand”. Hope this helps

  • I have it set to on demand. Don't know why anyone would really want to use it any other way.
    I like to have it and I use it on occasion, but too often the videos have crappy framerates. I can get the gist of what's happening but I don't like to use it for any content that is moving fast cause I will surely miss stuff. Example would be an action movie trailer…it's just not going to work on the phone.

    I have a Motorola Droid overclocked to 1Ghz with Bugless Beast Rom.

  • droidrev71

    My DX doesn't like it as much on 3G.

  • M1ghtysauc3

    I can flash better than Adobe.

  • droidrev71

    I like it on wi-fi.

  • Guest

    runs like crap on original Droid. Too big. Should have a Move to SD option

    • Gadgetskopf

      Force it! It works.

  • Chris Nimon

    love Flash. I dont use it so much for videos as much as I use it to browse normal full websites, Especially Facebook and such. (Droid, 1 Ghz, on demand)

  • B-Do

    Droid 1 – Hate it. Uninstalled due to slow performance.

    • Do you folks that are uninstalling know that there is an “on demand” mode. No need to uninstall. Just put it in on demand mode and you can use it when you need it or not at all with no system performance hit when your not using it.

  • Shaneforu

    works on DX but choppy

  • Cowpoke

    Fine on my D1. Overclocked to 1 ghz. Set to on demand so it doesn't affect performance at all unless i need to turn it on.

  • Works great on my R2D2

  • Mth2134

    Works ok on D1, BB5. However, no matter what ROM I use I can't get ESPN to play. Whatever. Still, crappy flash is still MORE flash than i*hone.

  • Works well on my Droid X most of the time…on wifi. On 3G it can get spotty, buffering times take forever. I think Gingerbread will optimize for Flash even more.

  • Patriotvirus

    Needs to support move to SD.

    • Gadgetskopf

      I forced mine to SD using Titanium Backup. Works just fine.

      • The350zWolf

        I’ll second that, move with Titanium

    • Atavanhalen23

      i hate how people have frickin boners for apps2sd now.

  • Lansdownunder

    Hate it

  • Droid X works well but kind of ghetto fitting to screen, scrolling through youtube though

  • Mmoreimi

    It's kind of fun to be bombarded by integrated ads that use flash… makes me feel right at home 🙂

  • Marcogiudice79

    Flash works great on my d1 oc 1.1ghz…I don't know what the problem is with the d1 users are. If your on droid life in the first place that means your not the average user and theres no reason why your phone shouldn't be rooted and over clocked to meet the min req!! Please don't say warranty issues b'cuz its so easy to unroot the damn phone that theres no excuse. Then u deserve a laggy droid w/flash

  • Having Flash on my Droid X has been like having electricity in my house: you don't notice how much it pervades your daily experience until you have to go without it.

  • I think that the implementation of flash is generally flawed. It “can” run any flash video or site; however, it is still designed for “mobile optimized” videos. At least on my D1 the experience is still akin to beta. There are times when on Wi-Fi and overclocked that flash works well, but usually it isn't acceptable. I haven't tried flash on my wife's DX yet. (not sure she knows she has it coming to think of it) I think the real move to multi-media web pages will be in HTML5 still.

  • Jerry

    Works Great on my X…..Set to ondemand.

  • Drew_VA

    Haven't tried it on yet on Shadow, but on BB.4 on my D1 it was pretty jittery and took awhile to start. Would love to be able to watch ESPN360 on my Droid without it taking 2 minutes to start.

  • jblee65

    Works great on my DX. I love it–when set to “On Demand,” that is. I don't need to see Flash ads all the time just because they're there. For watching videos, though, it has worked perfectly for me, on 3G and WiFi.

  • Leroy1983

    i have a question, why is it on these tv ads they use Flash as a selling point. i dont have android but my sister has one and it's half and half with flash. sites work that uses flash but when you go to video forget about it. but dont worry ads loads up beautifully. someone told her to root or overclock her phone to get it to work better with flash, but the average user dont know or even want to do all that. i dont care about flash or html5 i just want it to work like it should. and yes i do have a iphone so call me a fanboy all you want. i guess in the geek world that fighting words.

    • Umm… because it is? Flash is a very important part of the internet, be it video, audio, animation, or otherwise. Sure, it’s not perfect, but it works, and I have the option. Have you tried to use facebook without it? (and i’m talking about the real facebook, not the dumbed down mobile version) Video quality will vary greatly both with different phones and different websites, but it can only get better.

      I guess my point is that I’d rather take the good with the bad than not have any good at all.

  • Cgeek5467

    Not so great on my original Droid. Wish it would let you move it to the SD card to free up space!!!!!!!! So bloated!

    • Gadgetskopf

      If you’re rooted, you can force it to SD. I used Titanium backup the first time, and more recently the Move2SD Enabler app (free) gives you the ‘move to sd’ button in just about any app that does not expressly forbid it.

  • Josh

    Droid 1. Runs flawlessly. Overclocked to 1.2ghz 🙂

    • Ntropia

      The keywords here are “flawlessy” and “overclocked”.

      This is a a dramatic example of outrageously crappy programming.
      On a vanilla Droid-1 you can amazingly play a fullscreen movie (DivX, 768×576), but you can't watch a 30 seconds 300×200 video in Flash without wanting to smash your phone…

      No competition makes Flash a dull-boy (cit.)


      • Josh

        How about keyword is just “overclocked”? I’ve used it before at stock CPU speed, it’s dreadful. Also on 3g while overclocked, it is dreadful. Some competition would be nice though, but until then we’re stuck with Flash.

        Would you rather be on iOS and not have the option to use Flash at all?

        • Ntropia

          Yes, I am in a iOS-scenario, since I’ve un-installed Flash from my phone.

          Apparently, not having it on the Apple toy lead magically YouTube providing videos in H.256, allowing any reasonably modern browser be able to play any movies without having to do software/hardware voodoo.

          • YouTube is not the only site that uses Flash. It is not even 1% the sites that use Flash. It is one website on the whole Internet.

  • dmattx

    hate it, slow and audio is not sync'd with people talking off 3G and WIFI. Droid 1, stock 2.2 FRG22D.

  • Its running perfectly on my Dx. All positive from me.

    • Oh, 1st.

      • I agree…Skyfire optimizes for mobile before sending you the video. That’s the key. Video doesn’t look as great quality wise, but at least frame rates are good and it loads faster without any pauses for streaming.

        Problem for me is that Skyfire force closes all the time. It so annoying I stopped using it.

      • OreoMan

        Don't you mean 3rd? 🙂

  • OreoMan

    Had to remove it from my D1. It was grinding pretty hard and locking up my D1!

  • Kpurdu1

    Yeah not so great on my original Droid. I could easily live without it.