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LauncherPro Icons App Introduces 26 New Color Options

LauncherPro Icons received an update that includes 26 new icon color choiceswhich as you can see from the screenies above, leaves you with almost limitless options.  Feeling green?  Walnutty?  Pink like Droid Life?

To access these, download the app, hit Menu>Icon Color and choose your poison.

Download Link

  • The whole color spectrum looks covered. Check it out if you’d like with the barcode below or search LauncherPro Icons in the Android market.

  • Truthordylan

    well it waz slow on my d1…. good idea, but i uninstalled it.. i rated it 4 stars though. just too slow

  • Mahers

    I like this app and these are the only icons I use. I wish there was an easier way to change the color of all my icons at once though, rather than one by one. Also would like a darker orange color than the one on there now. I'm not a big fan of the new folder set up for each color I choose, but I can get used to it

    • I've been considering doing a sort of get previously downloaded icons again, so when you switch colors, it will ask if you want to download all the icons you already have in this new color.

      Several people were complaining about new color choices overwriting previous downloads, so I broke out the folders. I'll eventually make that optional.

      Without some help From Fede, I won't be able to actually apply all the colors to the dock/home screen though.

      • DRG Lancer

        I actually like the separate folder design, keeps things tidy. If I want red, I go to red folder. The idea about downloading all previously downloaded icons in a different color is very nice though.

        Also, Have you considered making the default core LPI capable of a color change? Or am I missing something?

        Anyways, awesome app! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Jrap505

    Can someone tell me how I change the icon color??
    I have launcher pro.. and the launcher pro icons app. I just can't figure out how to change my icons.

    • Hit Menu-> Icon Color. Choose one, and then go back to the icons tab and download all the icons you need.

    • Chad

      Download Desktop Visualizer from the market.

  • Difficult to use, can't make a solid “theme” out of this add on, as most of your on screen widgets aren't converted. Takes forever to import one icon at a time as well.
    The icons you change out look great though.

    Still exploring, I'll let you know if I figure more out!

    • Yeah. LauncherPro doesn't support “themes.” There is one guy who has been reengineering LP to have different widget styles, but that takes actually installing a different LP apk, from what I understand.

      As Fede rebuilds LP from scratch I hope to work with him to get some better integration going, but he has his priorities too.

  • zepfloyd

    hey Kellex, speaking of pink like droid-life….what ever happened to the new logo/redesign that won the contest from a few months ago??

    • memnoch73

      wasn't that for their Twitter icon??

  • El El Kool J

    gotta Love these customization updates 🙂 LP is the best..

  • rals

    Not really worth $2 IMO for this add on but that's just me.

  • Droidmanx


  • 1bad69z28

    Damn, third I like this app works well on my D1

  • Jtwildman1

    Keeps getting Better and Better.

  • needs more cool looking icon sets.

    • The core of our icons will always be the classic LauncherPro Style. We'll never design outside that limitation. Our goal is to provide a replacement icon for as many apps as possible rather than a lot of styles for a few apps like most icon packs.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Now this makes the app worth paying for!