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Is this the Motorola Olympus “About” Screen Showing Android 3.0?

Our friends at “Motorola” just sent over this interesting screenshot, which appears to be straight from the new Motorola Olympus that we’ve been talking non-stop about over the last few days.  While we’re running on this hunch that the Olympus and Everest are both tablets, our tipster left out any real specifics.  And with that said, this is a shot of an “About” screen which we all know can be doctored fairly easily.  You’ll notice that the notification bar is missing and that the resolution on the image doesn’t necessarily match any of the devices we have, but that could mean a variety of things.  Oh and I blocked out the PRL version which is why you see a giant black space at the bottom.

Is this a 7-inch tablet with weird resolution?  Will we no longer have a notification bar in Gingerbread?  Is this fake?  We’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Update:  As Fira pointed out in the comments, one of Google’s Android peeps (Romain Guy) has posted this screenshot which he calls a “stock” and “unmodified” version of Android running on his device without a notification bar.  Of course he doesn’t mention which version that is and we’re still skeptical…

Digging for more…

-K and Tato

  • Guest

    Doesn't this look like the standard ADW.Launcher with the notification bar hidden? Looks fake to me…

  • Uplink

    Its a tablet

  • Livin2Bfree

    this is for sure a fake and the main reason is the device being discussed (Olympus)is not even a phone

  • Sorry to break this to all, but, this is definitely fake. Look at Kernel number.. 2.9.something.. Android is using Linux Kernel.. Very latest right now is 2.6.36 (http://www.kernel.org) 2.9 is years away. They went from 2.4 to 2.6 in past 5 years. Great photoshopping skills! :: applause ::

  • Aubreyvt

    This is not uncommon for those running Launcer Pro. There is a selection for hiding the notification bar in the settings.

  • Darkseider

    Ummm… not for nothing but if this is Gingerbread I already see nothing different in the UI than the notification bar missing? Seriously? I, as well as many others, are under the impression that Gingerbread is getting a UI overhaul. The sceenshots here show no such thing. As for Honeycomb? Again I say no. You would think in Google's infinite wisdom they would use the “new and improved UI” from Gingerbread and optimize for tablets in Honeycomb. I call shenanigans on this one.

  • SP

    No Notification Bar??? I thought that was one of the best feature on Android phones… I hope this is now an option where user can turn it on/off. I would like it to be on my phone

  • feztheforeigner

    Maybe this is a new feature in Gingerbread? When there are no new notifications the notification bar goes away…seems interesting. (Obviously they can't just get rid of it entirely, its one of android's greatest gifts).

  • feztheforeigner

    Maybe this is a new feature in Gingerbread? When there are no new notifications the notification bar goes away…seems interesting. (Obviously they can't just get rid of it entirely, its one of android's greatest gifts).

  • Tvldone

    Possibly a fake, wouldn't it say About Tablet instead of About Phone. Maybe it's a Phone!

  • I hope the UI would change more

  • Finire

    If this is from a 7″ screen they really need to work on fitting more icons on the screen.

  • Droid_Dizzle

    Could be an early version of “Gingerbread” or a dumbed down version of it because doesn't the T-Mobile G2 run stock and have 7 screens? Maybe the notification bar is gone because of a new feature where you can swipe gesture it to pop up or it only shows up when you have a notification. Gingerbread is suppose to have big appearance changes and maybe they can't show them yet I expect more screen shots to come if the rumor of the sdk coming next week is true.

    Also would be nice to find out fede was rebuilding launcher pro only to make it the new stock Gingerbread lol I can dream bout it right?

  • Mugshot

    Screenshots of “missing” notification bar is legit. I'm running ADW Launcher as my homescreen replacement and I can hide me notification bar by just “flicking” my screen up. Drag your finger up on the screen again to bring it back.

  • theripper

    interesting fact: Olympus is the name of CEO Sanjay Jha's personal conference room.

  • I think this is Honeycomb.
    1) Honeycomb is said to be tablet optimized, and since the Olympus will most likely be a tablet, it would make sense.
    2) It would also make sense for there to not be a notification bar on a tablet, or at least not the notification bar/system we are used to because a thin little notification strip actually is somewhat out of place on a larger tablet as opposed to a smaller phone, so they may be making another notification system, or maybe even, it'll be dual screen like that one leaked Samsung phone and the notifications will be on the other screen?

  • Patch89esch

    if this is their “new” UI i will be extremely dissapointed. The only difference i am seeing is there is no notification bar which sucks. I like having the notification bar up there. This i think is a dev messing with our heads there is no way that this is all gingerbread is going to offer, if it is in fact even going to be 3.0 (could still be 2.5). Im calling shenanigans

  • John

    anyone not notice the kernel version???? there is no such kernel!!!!

    No, seriously.. I'd be extremely upset without my notification bar… And these things are soooo easily doctored, like you said. I don't believe it is real…

  • NorCalGuy

    Could be a new feature… much like some of the Rom's out now with an option to hide notification bar…its also still in a beta so they might not have finished putting in all the details/ changed them cuz they knew that kellex would throw it up on dl as soon as he got it, just stoking the fire. Either way I want one of what ever it is!

  • ABerry5

    I bet it's real.. something just tells me

  • Droid1294

    it looks real but it's probably fake. Weird resolution and no notification bar.

  • wolverinefan

    If this new OS 3.0 Is coming will Droid X be able to upgrade??? Or we Stuck with the 2.2 only

    • mathees

      you'll probably be stuck with 2.2. its a good thing though, gingerbread is gonna bring massive awesome changes

      • wolverinefan

        What the hell do u talk about stuck with 2.2, thats not good i bought the phone for 200 bucks….thats bullshit

    • DannyJedi

      **shakes the magik 8ball**

      Yes… Yes the X will get it.

      That will be $13.00

  • JEllis

    Im telling you right now, this tegra 2 phone better have a screen resolution greater or equal to apples so called retina displays or im gonna be dissapointed.

  • Fira

    This could be 3.0 with the missing notification bar…
    Romain Guy who works for Google Android project had a screenshot uploaded on his website which is, according to him using an “unmodified version of “stock” Android running on a NexusOne (and I won’t tell you which version I am running.)”
    Source below:

  • El El Kool J

    not have a notification bar doesn't mean its fake.. I can hide my notification bar with a gesture using LP. but yes the fact that even 10 year olds can use photoshop might be the reason its a fake 😛

  • If it's fake, it's boring.

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, And a nondescript picture that can be easily faked with Photoshop or the build.prop is worth… *does some figuring* 2.53368 x 10²³ words; so I'm not going to make any conjectures. 😉

  • gamboo

    I hate photoshopped about screens. Next thing you know someone will tell me there is no Santa Claus.

  • 1bad69z28

    Ok if this is a Tab screen then why have the About Phone, unless this tab is a phone as well. A tab that can be used as a phone??? plus a front facing camera and Gingerbread and all the added features, seems too good to be true.

    Actually that would be nice if you can also synch your phone to the tablet as well. I don't think IJunk can do that..

  • Stephen D

    Maybe the notification bar is gone or hidden when on the about screen on Android 3.0.

  • Hey Ill take a pic with the same info and send it now 😀 I love my build.prop editing haha. Or as Timotato calls it systembuildprop thing.

  • durangojim

    I sure hope the Olympus is a Droid and just not another Android phone that goes to AT&T first

  • Mmoreimi

    This is obviously not a fake. Forging this would take skillset beyond anything capable of the current human being.

    • Good enough for me….it's REAL!!! 🙂 lol

    • EC8CH

      If this turns out to be fake, I will be convinced of the existence of an extraterrestrial intelligence that far exceeds our own.

      • El El Kool J

        kinda like district 9?

        • EC8CH

          ! Those F%ck!ng Prawns Did This !

          • in a South African accent, it was “fooking prrrawns man”!

          • EC8CH

            That’s what I was going for! +1

          • Anonymous

            Epic FAKE. Why? Gingerbread is 2.3, and Honeycomb would not have been ready by October 2010.

          • Anonymous

            Epic FAKE. Why? Gingerbread is 2.3, and Honeycomb would not have been ready by October 2010.

    • So you're saying it's a new Droid that edited its own build.prop?

    • Anonymous

      So in other words, a DROID could forge it, but a human couldn’t? xD
      Because in a world that doesn’t, droid… still doesn’t… forge about pages… but it DOES do everything else…



      • Anonymous

        When you’re using Photoshop do you find Caps Lock to be helpful? 🙂http://go4uteam.com/capslock

        • EC8CH

          At least he doesn’t use the caps lock “all the time”

          See what I did there…

          • Anonymous

            8CH, you are one funny dude!

  • mattyboy1013

    heres my theory. gingerbread is supposed to be appearance changes. i think the tipster did NOT want to reveal gingerbreads look, but rather reveal the existance of the device (hinting at the status bar could get this guy in bigger trouble.

  • monkeydroid

    I'm call this a fake. We've seen these “3.0” screenshots before with the Nexus One allegedly running it too. We need screen shots of the home screen before we can consider it real. Plus, where is the notification bar?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Get it to Developer. Lets ROM this mother!!!!

  • Brandon Goodman

    Who would buy a tablet running at 352 × 600 ?? Either this is a phone less than 4″ or someone has done some image manipulation…

    • kellex

      Actual screenshot size is 480×818.

      • durangojim

        Could that be because the status bar takes up 36 pixels?

        • Anonymous

          Actually it takes up exactly that many pixels heh.

          • Anonymous

            Then I think he had a good point… but my question is why would the status bar be edited out? or could it have been to “protect some moto secret” about the notification bar? Who will know… until we get some more pics 😀

  • droidrev71

    Who knows? Gotta love all the articles posted daily by kellex!!

    • Anonymous

      Who doesn’t like our good friend Kellex…

  • manicpop

    wow they must also have an “early version” of linux kernel 2.9.

  • this is obviously faked, this can be done in 30 seconds with very little effort in photoshop, or even ms paint. FAIL droid life you should know better.

    • you don't even have to use photoshop to doctor it. you can change what it says if you root your phone.

    • Michael_NM

      Droid-Life never fails!!! The post is a question, how can a question fail?

    • Are you done? Oh well good. Then allow me to retort….
      Did you even read what we wrote? Stop trollin' and try seeing the part that says “Is it fake?” Come on, dude! We even pose the question for you….anyways…thanks

      btw…Droid-Life Wins….daily 😛

      • HEIF

        Jules: [Jules shoots the man on the couch] I’m sorry, did I break your concentration? I didn’t mean to do that. Please, continue, you were saying something about best intentions. What’s the matter? Oh, you were finished! Well, allow me to retort. What does Marsellus Wallace look like?
        Brett: What?
        Jules: What country are you from?
        Brett: What? What? Wh – ?
        Jules: “What” ain’t no country I’ve ever heard of. They speak English in What?
        Brett: What?
        Jules: English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

        • Anonymous

          Where’s that from?

          • EC8CH

            And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee…

            Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction directed by Quentin Tarantino

      • kellex

        It's OK, not everyone knows how to read. 😛

  • Could be easily doctored, but the resolution seems to show as a smartphone, not a tablet

  • no notification bar? it has to have something up there… even dumbphones have something like a notification bar

    • Fira

      it could be that they must have changed the implementation of the notification bar to only show up when notifications are present (like in WP7)
      Romain guy (who works for the google android project) has a screenshot of an upcoming version of stock android running on nexus one on his website which does not have a notification bar either:


      • EC8CH

        If that’s the major UI rework that gingerbread brings I will be disappointed 🙁

        • probably 2.2.1
          Edit: i didnt see that the notification bar was missing… but i doubt thats gingerbread, if it is, i dont know what change is anymore

          • EC8CH

            You sound like a disillusioned Barack Obama supporter 😀

          • Anonymous

            Then we would be telling them to keep the change.

    • Fira

      And it just makes sense.. The first screenshots of the alleged “Gingerbread” running on Nexus onewhich came out months back, had the notification bar covered with paper for weird reasons:


  • Gotmurph84


  • CheeseMcGee

    Until I can see more screens, I call B.S.

  • stop calling it fake remember last yr ppl said the same about android 2.0 that came out in november for the droid