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Fennec Leaves Alpha, Trims Down as Firefox Beta

It looks like Mozilla is ready to ditch this odd Fennec name and start to align everything with the release of Firefox beta for mobile.

If you’ve been using the Fennec alpha that keeps auto-updating itself, you’ve actually been on “beta” for a couple of days now.  In fact, if you keep your current Fennec and allow it to update, you’ll be on version 4.0b2pre which appears to be newer than this official Firefox beta.  If you want the sweet Firefox logo though, you will need to uninstall Fennec and then go with this official version.

Visit the link below to download the first version of Firefox beta (4.0b1):


No word yet if this version will prompt you for updates as Fennec did, but we’ll assume that it will.

Release notes here.  List of supported devices here.

  • cardoman

    This is absolute rubbish…damn thing hugs memory like hell and froze my droid, fastest uninstall I ever did!

  • i can't even get it to open a page… get the loading page and then it goes black… what a waste.

    i want chrome w/ synced bookmarks.

  • Drox2k

    Just posting to give my 2 cents and just as everybody else agrees Firefox for mobile SUCKS.

  • Dusten Michel

    Quickly froze my DX and forced it to reboot. This program is trash, can't believe they call this Beta….. wouldn't even call it Alpha, completely unusable.

  • El El Kool J

    So here we are again with another browser… So this just takes up memory on my phone or sdcard to do the same thing the stock browser does.. (surf the web) I guess nice to have other options if somehow you get so mad at your stock browser..lol.. that you need to download an alternative right!! 😛

  • azpilot

    Not impressed with this at all..

  • Psg6801

    Still sucks on original Droid! Sloooowwww!!!!

  • Uncle paul

    What rubbish, heres an idea, how about stop releasing CRAP.

    uninstalled right away sucks hard.

    • Drox2k

      Glad you feel this way, just making sure I'm not the only one. Installed it about 10 minutes ago, uninstalling it right now…just like you said CRAP

  • Eniacpx

    Just what I want, a loading screen on my phone while I wait for the browser to load. This is why I don't use Firefox on the PC. I wish google would release mobile chrome with bookmark syncing…

  • It has improved from the Fennec alphas. Overall, the interface is nice and I really like Firefox Sync, but it still needs a lot of work; text is blurry most of the time unless you are at 100% zoom, UI could still use some tweaking and they need to chop a lot off the total size — there is no reason it should be 10 times larger than Dolphin, which is the browser I will be sticking with until they fix these issues.

  • Ickidy

    Ya, this pretty much sucks!

  • ChromeDome

    Where is Chrome for Mobile?

    • what do you think the stock browser is?

  • blade78

    I installed Fennec or Firefox on my Droid 1. When I opened the browser; it frozed. I closed it and immediately went to application to see the file size. It turned out to be over 40 MB. It said it was suppose to be 11 MB. This Firefox beta is bloated and it froze my Droid. Do not installed. Until they make improvements; I want install again.

  • jason6g

    i agree! i love firefox on my pc and my linux netbook, but my gosh did they fail on this one… stock browser gets a 9/10 from me for my uses, and xscope gets a 9.5. this literally gets a 0

  • Darkseider

    Downloaded it, tried it and it still sucks complete ass. All 40 meg of it.

  • Craym87

    I love having the firefox icon but the app takes up 44mb when installed and is DEFINITELY a BETA. froze my OG droid. Excited for the finished product though.

  • Wheeze

    Uses 32 MB of internal storage space.
    You gotta be s**ting me. I'm sticking with
    my stock froyo browser!

  • tl

    Totally froze D1. Batter pull-uninstall.

  • A lot better than the fennec alpha release but still a little choppy for such a big file. On the plus side, it's still a beta release so that means room for improvements!

  • every time i try this it doesn't impress me. My favorite will always be my stock froyo browser with flash. why would anyone want anything else? its been proven its the fastest mobile browser out!

  • Michael_NM

    Sadly, I'm not impressed with this. Still perfectly happy with the stock browser though. 🙂

  • JL

    still sucks!

  • Given that the stock browser has all the features I need for now and is the fastest option that doesn't use a middleman server, I'll be waiting for independent comparative performance tests before trying this.

  • Blakjakdavy

    Froze my dx in seconds, requiring a battery pull. All the messy, convoluted interface does is remind me why I switched to chrome on my pc ages ago. Its claims to speed in browsing and pinch zooming are vastly erroneous in this beta. Uninstalled

  • Todd

    Meh. At 43mb and slow as hell, I'll stick with xscope for now.

  • Jarrett

    ehh doesnt beat dolphin browser for me.. BUT it has a lot of potential

  • Kdkinc


  • superchachi

    froze ze Droid on the first page I tried. something about first impressions…..

  • Wmsco51

    This is a week old app called Big App Show in market it shows video of selected app new app every day five days a week so far pretty good the support was quick they take suggestion and request

  • “Fennec” isn't an odd name, it's the scientific name of a small fox from Africa. Sheesh.

  • zizzybaloobah

    Does it still have a huge footprint? That's a show stopper for me, which is a same because I've used Firefox for many years.

  • The350zWolf

    Hard to beat XScope!

  • Syco2020

    Its absolutely terrible. To slow and pinch to zoom leaves text blurry.

    • leaves text blurry? it stayed blurry the whole time for me! lol

  • FortitudineVincimus
  • would like to know what the benefits are of going with firefox/fennec instead of android's standard offering?

    • Some reasons to use Firefox:

      * Two-way sync of boomarks, URLs, tabs, form data, and passwords between your phone and computer.

      * Convenient interface for switching between tabs while browsing.

      * Add-ons to customize the UI and behavior.

      * Supports some web technologies that the stock browser doesn't, like SVG.

      Of course, Firefox is still in beta, and the stock browser is still better at some things. If you don't have much space on the phone, then you might want to stick with the stock browser. But if you have a compatible phone and plenty of storage, then you can install Firefox and have more choices.

      • aaron

        so, dolphin browser?

        • I do wish Dolphin handled tabs better. Or am I missing something? Is there a way NOT to scroll back to the top to switch tabs?

          • Malonzo85

            shiny shake

    • The350zWolf

      Hey Steve, your colors are wrong, shouldn't you be displaying a BYU helmet? Or a SF 49'rs one?

  • Fjgomez008

    So how does this compare to the stock browser?

    • It is quite nice, but it still need improvement in performance to be an acceptable replacement. I really like the user interface, though, and Sync being built-in the browser is quite nice.

  • I don't know how I feel about this, specifically when it comes to the name.
    I absolutely love the name and logo of Fennec, but I can also say after feeling bad about that while this installed, It also felt quite gratifying seeing the Firefox logo in my app drawer.

  • RoadsterHD1


    • Dinofan01


  • RoadsterHD1

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  • RoadsterHD1


  • Berelowitz Adam

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