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Star Wars Empire Strikes Back App Available to Verizon Android Phones Now

Verizon informed us that the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back app was scheduled to be released on 10/4, but it looks like they had a slight push back to 10/5 as the app is now available in the Android Market.  Well, for “select” Verizon Android phones that is.

The release of this app comes just 7 days after the R2-D2 Droid 2 launched and also celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars saga.  We haven’t heard numbers yet, but you can still order the special edition D2 online, so we’re only going to assume that the device didn’t quite sell as expected.  Maybe the release of this app will get the Star Wars fanboys excited?

You can find the app for free under the Verizon section in the market, but will cost you $2.99 after download to unlock certain featured content such as the live wallpapers, widgets and sound boards..  I should also mention that the $2.99 will be charged to your bill and not through the normal Google Checkout procedure.

Here are some of the features:

  • There are 4 sections based off of scenes from the movie Empire Strikes Back which include a live wallpaper, movie clip, photo gallery, soundboard, and widgets.
  • There is a Bounty Hunter scavenger hunt built in.
  • A Star Wars news feed.
  • A trivia challenge.

Download Link

Cheers bubbasixx!

  • Bear

    anyone know why this has been removed from the market?

  • Good thing mines came with my phone

  • It would have been very nice, and I think completely appropriate, if DROID LIFE had also included in their little promo for Verizon and this App that it truly is a spectacularly GIGANTIC STEAMING PILE OF BANTHA POODOO.

    I can't believe they charged $3 for this totally craptastic app. Actually, I can't believe I trusted a Verizon app to be anything other than craptastic. Stupid me. I thought things might improve if I plunked down the three bucks. At least I earnestly hoped it would anyway because I am a rabid Star Wars fan. WRONG! Now all I can do is hope and pray that the force is with me and that Verizon will refund my three bucks because this GIGANTIC STEAMING PILE OF BANTHA POODOO had all but hamstrung my DroidX memory and processor even when I wasn't running it. I had to uninstall it, and even then it didn't uninstall all the way. I had to manually delete some files and the root folders.

    I bet Verizon will be inundated with calls and demands for refunds from those of us that payed the three bucks because there is no one on planet Earth that isn't at least one rung above Downs Syndrome that could possibly be even slightly satisfied with this app.

  • Rogue_5

    This sounds like a rush job, did they do at least some quality control? Who did they get to do this app? Jar Jar binks?

  • droid 1

    a total ripoff will slow down your phone to almost dead stop Droid X

  • DaveIsAwesome

    Just download a SNES emulator and get Super The Empire Strikes Back on your phone.

  • wow i am super disappointed, i was waiting for this app to be avail and it turned out to be terrible. it is incredibly unstable and half the options dont even work in it. just glad i found out before i paid for it.

  • Haha

    may the force close be with you!

    • you win best retort i have seen so far today.

  • George Lucas

    Total piece of garbage. George Lucas proves once again that he will whore out the Star Wars franchise for a quick buck.

    They should have just released a Star Wars Life Day app (that ridiculous Christmas special on tv between the first & second movie). That would be less embarrassing than this app.

  • jparness

    OK, I'm an original trilogy Star Wars fanboy so this is right up my alley, but I'm not paying $2.99 for this app…

  • Solstice_wind

    This application truely does FAIL The application lags, the introduction screen asks if your ready to be a “Bounter Hunter” some of the images in the bounty hunter scavenger hunt are of the completely wrong item (if for one dont remember the official soundtrack art being a boba fett toy helmet displayed on a store shelf) and worst of all, whos idea was it to have the boba fett quotes in the soundboard be quotes redone by a voice double of the jengo fett actor…. All my bias aside, this app truely wasnt consumer ready and has less 'proofreading' then my post. I recommend waiting to see if its updated and fixed before even trying the app.

  • This is a joke right??

  • DiggityDave

    Do not waste your money on this. The interface for it is terrible. If you can get past that the content in it is disappointing. There are 4 live wallpapers that are pretty poor quaility. You can also get better ring tones and sound bites from free apps already available. Right now there is only one widget you can get. It's Boba Fet's head with a very small digital clock hanging off of an antenna – it's really not that impressive looking.

  • Jdstell

    omg, this is terrible. My gf is a Stars Wars nut and I downloaded it for her. It's feels as if it's a cheap foreign knock off, almost as if it was written in another language and then translated directly to English. How did this get through QA at Verizon?

    • Morpheus282

      Your girlfriend is a Star Wars nut? Does she have a sister? 🙂

    • digsoreos

      Maybe it got through QA the same way 2.2 did? More focus on the OS; less on app development, I say.

  • Well Dled this will see what its all about on break. If its anything like the App that came on my r2 im sure it wont be great.

  • Anton_05

    DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP! It fails every measure of quality assurance: it LAGS so badly, the live wallpapers aren't the cool ones from the R2 phone but junky stuttering lo-res gif animations. Unforgivable they release this as ready for consumers. Worst part? NO REFUND when you uninstall.

    • That is so dang ture.. i good thing i did not pay for it. XD

    • jparness

      Wow, no refund when you uninstall, even within 24 hours? That's pretty shady on Verizon's part.

      • digsoreos

        That's because it gets billed to your Verizon account, not to your Google mobile pay account. Call VZW to see if you can get a refund.

  • r0landct

    Biggest steaming pile of start wars crap since jar jar.

  • Finire

    Another app that should've only been released once it was ready. Some things are backwards, others are just not functioning. Within 5 minutes of using the app, I've already FC'd 3 times.

    • Kraigmc

      Agreed. I was anxious to get a licensed Star Wars app (for my new Fascinate) when the R2 phone was released, but I'd much rather have waited and got a product that actually works.
      I cannot get the Bounty Hunt to work without Force Closing, and a few times it's told me I have to pay 2.99 to unlock, when I already have.

  • Michael_NM

    Dr. Droid working late. 🙂

    I love Star Wars, Android and VZ (data and phone service service, not customer service). However, when you combine all three, it gets a bit messy and over-priced.

  • is the trivia free?

    or should I say “the trivia free is it?”

    • No anything that belongs to the app you have to pay 2.99 to unlock it.

  • Kendal

    Is it just me, or are “Tautan” and “The first transport is a away” pretty good signs that there is little to no quality control behind this thing?

    • Kraigmc

      I just installed the “Bobafette Clock” !!! WTF.
      Why is this official App that we've been waiting for so bad?

      • digsoreos

        Maybe Bobafette is Smurfette's cousin?

  • Verizon pile of crap? I think so.

  • masterxchief

    The VHS quality is a feature?

  • Huh. Great UI…

  • Droid

    FIRST!! YESS!!!!

    • Finire