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DROID Pro About to be Announced? Is Like We Said, Not What You Were Expecting

You are now staring at what Verizon is claiming to be the new Droid Pro by Motorola.  And yep, it’s as we told you months ago, not what all of the ridiculous rumors were suggesting.  While we didn’t know it was going to be a Blackberry-styled device, we definitely knew it wasn’t going to be the beast of forum chatter.  While many were off calling the Droid 2 Global the “Droid Pro” we tried to make it as clear as possible that these were separate devices.

Here is what we know from VZW:

This candybar-style smartphone packs a touch screen and a full QWERTY keyboard on the front. The Droid Pro is the first Global Android device from Verizon Wireless, and it allows customers to enjoy wireless voice service in more than 220 countries and data coverage in more than 200 countries.

Stay tuned as we’re on the hunt for more info…

Update:  We’re expecting the “official” announcement from Verizon within the next hour or so.

Initial thoughts?

Via:  PhoneScoop, BGR

  • Havoc70


  • rals

    I think some of you people have such a warped vision of the “dream” phone. You think Verizon is that stupid to release a dream phone before the LTE hits?? Think about it. why have a front facing camera, 1.3ghz, 512mb of ram, 4″ screen and all the bells and whistles now??? I would be pissed to have this phone out now before LTE is announced and have to keep the device for 2 years?

    Think about it people, there will be a true beast phone that will rival EVO and the iphone.

  • Jdstell

    I am disappoint.

  • Love the candy-bar style. Makes me think back to the Q.


  • The350zWolf

    VZW sucks!

    • rals

      Why? Because they made phones for business use? You're right….they do suck!

  • Anthonyandjackie

    this phone is definitely for the business minded people. Professionals if you prefer. It looks alot like a blackberry for a reason. Most droids and the I-phoney look a bit too gameboyish (I love my droid X by the way) for corporate America. So this phone looks more corporate, is Global, has enhanced security, push email, and I'm positive will be mistaken for a blackberry out in the public. It may not appeal to the majority of us, but it will have it's uses. Good move by Moto.

    Looking at the phone's screen…it says Nov 11. Possible release date? 🙂

  • Jpb282

    I like it. If it had Sense instead of Blur I'd be all over it. I miss my Blackberry keyboard.

  • dylan84

    Meh. This is nothing more than a Motorola branded Blackberry with Android.

  • Fha-q

    You are such a tool.

  • Kraymanbauer

    Don't like bb's or their look at all bt I am souped for this new edition to the droid family! 1+ to moto for having the bells to not only try a starting os in android (which has been blowing other os's off the map since release) but running with like noone else, even htc, could. Now they are also starting to hunt for i*hone and blackberry lovers and bring them to the vzw side. With phones like the fascinate and now this, most who have been sceptical about vzw or android now have a comfortable choicde that may feel like home for them. Keep it up! I know its not what we all are looking for…..but its a step in the right direction for our beloved android and his linebacker moto! >=)

  • sc4fpse

    lol, Kellex, what in the world are you talking about, man? None of what you wrote makes any sense at all.

    “And yep, it’s as we told you months ago, not what all of the ridiculous rumors were suggesting.”

    So, you link to an old Droid-Life article, entitled “DROID Pro is just DROID 2 World Edition.” Uh, yeah, you sure told us so..

    “While many were off calling the Droid 2 Global the “Droid Pro” we tried to make it as clear as possible that these were separate devices.”

    lol, no you weren't. You just linked to an article in which you clearly stated that the Droid Pro was not a new device, but rather a global version of the Droid 2.

    I think you've gone and confused yourself. 😛

  • RealGame22

    Looks pretty good to me