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Introducing the Chinjuu DROID Stand, Where Art and Metal Meet Technology

The Chinjuu Droid stand is a look at where accessories could go if you were to start with a vision and finish it off with some high quality materials.  I’ve used just about every Droid stand on the planet and this by far is the most impressive one I’ve seen yet.  The build quality, feel and look all come together seamlessly, forming a product that I hope inspires other artists to see what their imaginations can create.  

This limited production stand is probably not for everyone, but the designer behind is expecting it to be.  In fact, he’s wanting feedback from Droid Life readers, so that he can decide if this is something to pursue.  Be completely honest in the comments.

Would you buy a Chinjuu?  What would pay for it?

More information can be found here.

  • Humm, it looks artistic, its only rival as far as I know is the Ezestand but this looks much better. However it would have been nice if it featured some adjustment to the angle, not everyone is going to enjoy that angle. I think it was a great idea to get everyone's opinion on here first before going into production. I'll do the same for my phone case/car mount/desk stand/camera stand!

  • Make one for the DInc, we're desperate. The Droid has a multimedia dock, but DInc users are still waiting.

  • Notwireless

    It's a shame with this stand…
    While it exudes class and a touch of luxury due to its design…
    Not being able to utilise an “L” shape adapter to hide the dangling wire kills the
    aforementioned traits of the product.

    I'll pass.

  • Irie

    I would definitely buy one for that price……………………….If it came with a free phone!

  • Tfkroberts

    I'd pay like $15 for something like this.

  • joeblaze

    I purchased the eze Stand bundled with a 6 foot charging cable for $15.00 and free shipping. Looks great and works fine.

  • Their website says it comes with a 6ft right angle cable. I'd definitely be interested in this, doesn't look I have to take the case off to put it in a stand, the only reason why I never bought a home dock and why I hate using the car mount.

  • TonyTitanium

    Anyone with a DInc wanting a dock should check this out. I got one. It's sweet. The lack of VZ and HTC accessories for it is pitiful but this was worth it.



    • Lakerzz

      Thats purrty sweet….

  • Dbillett1

    Cute. But how about something usable? Like for example, a flexible tripod stand so that I can take photos with my Droid using the timer while being IN the photos. It can be difficult to find a way to prop the phone up on its own.

  • Mec6250

    love it – I'd pay up to 50.00 maybe more

  • Rvrikard

    I like it…and I agree there needs to be built in charging cable and magnets to trigger dock. Based on the materials – I think $20-$40 dollar range is acceptable…

  • I think the stand looks artsy and cool. I foresee the same issues that I have with my EZStand that I bought from the link on the right of this page. The EZStand is light weight but when I push the physical buttons of the Droid X the stand moves back from the press (sometimes the phone wants to become dislodged) because there is no heft to it. There is rubber no-slip on the bottom, but there needs to be some lead or weight added to make it really seat to the table. I would think that this would have the same issue. Also, there “shelf” where the phone sits does not cradle it. Again, with physical buttons the phone would want to slide out.

    All in all I really like the design. It would really freshen up my desk at work. I'd buy it if the afore mentioned issues were addressed and it was priced in the $20-$30 range.

    • Kris

      Hi, I am the designer of the base. It has high quality non-slip surface. The phone rests on the shelf and it does not move or slip out when the touch keys are pressed. Price range of the stand will be $60-$100. I may create a version without the labor intensive surface finishing this base has and it would be 1/2 the price.

      • Liam

        Dude the stand looks great! But 98% of people would never pay that insanely high price for a stand like that. I do use a stand everynight with my DINC plugged in with the “bedside” app. I made a nice stand out of scrap wood and put a wood stain on it and it was free! Other people make them out of coat hangers for free!

      • Notwireless

        One word son…Demographics…
        Most people complain about an extended battery being $49.99

        While your stand looks very well done, if you're going to charge that much
        coin you'd better incorporate a built in L shape adapter to hide the
        dangling wire effect our chargers will create.

        If you also put in two LED's (one cool blue and the other purple)
        for charging % I would pay $60-$75.

        Just for a piece of metal, though, no way.

        • Vegagruven

          I am going to have to agree w/ you, Notwireless… First of all, Incorporate something to hide the dangling micro USB cable AND the HDMI cable. i made a plastic stand out of a dvd spindle case just to stand it up on my desk and the cable dangling down is a pain in the ass to situate. This stand would have to be able to charge my Droid X, (or at least power it) to not drain the battery while watching flicks on it. Second, a cool-blue and either a white or a purple LED for sure for charging. Third, priced under $70 IS THE ONLY WAY i would pay for a CHARGING, METAL, DESIGNER STAND. If it is just a Designer stand, i would NOT pay any more than $25. Amazon dot com has the plastic charging stand for $15!!!

  • Kolache102

    With a power dock feature, I would be interested…

    • http://artmsllc.com/images/FRONT%20W-DROID%20091920.jpg from this photo on the website, it looks like you can plug it in though, it doesn't appear to be the cable that comes with the phone. I like that you can have a case on your phone and still put it on the stand – something I cannot do with my multimedia docks (I don't think).

  • Datterdude

    In order to get me to buy this it would have to function as a dock. That means that I can seat it without having to plug a charger in first. The seating plugs it in. That is the most annoying thing about stands. So make it a stand and dock and I'm all over it. DINC

  • ReebX

    What we DX owners need is a stand shaped like a dish so it reflects the sound out where you can hear it.

  • Ateamlawn

    i like it, but becuase it's made of metal it will probably cost to much.

  • I like it, I thought thought about getting the dock, but it is a little much. It looks like it would accommodate the power cord thru the bottom. I would buy it if it was reasonable. Nice and simple, not to mention very portable!

  • Lakerzz

    Cool…it does look like it has a magnet when you look at the pic with the rear view…WHERE AND WHEN CAN I BUY????!!!!! Hopefully the DX fits on it though. 😛

  • gingersauce

    $15 price tag and im sold.