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HTC Merge/Lexikon User Guide Flashes a Lot of Bing

We got our hands on the HTC Merge/Lexikon user guide today and all of your Bing worries have been confirmed.  The guide also confirms that it is indeed a global phone, has a slide-out keyboard and Froyo, but that’s about it.  The name was left off of it as that is clearly still being debated and no other specs were revealed that we don’t already know.

We’re also pretty sure that this will NOT be the next Droid.  We’ve heard murmurs from a few sources that it was at one time under consideration, but as far as we know will no longer become a part of this exclusive family of smartphones.

More UG shots after the break.  

  • tomnewtn

    Now that we have learned that the G2 locks out hackers so they can't root it, you have to consider that it's also true of this device. If that's true, good luck getting rid of Bing.

  • Gandrean

    The element “8” in the Your Phone pagem is a frontal camera ?

  • Raptor Jesus

    QQ more about Bing. Like every HTC device I have ever owned (4) it is very simple to set application defaults. And if that doesnt work the just route it. Personally if you dont even plan on routing it, then don't buy it. And that goes for any smartphone, if you dont plan to upgrade the software when you get it then your phone is already behind the times. By the time a phone has been out for a month there are generally 5 better operation protocols that could be added to enhance the device.

  • loved my OG droid. best thing ive ever done now is traded my droid x for an incredible, root and flash CM6. stock android is amazing why the hell do these other companies change it ? all it does is get them sued !!!

  • crichton007

    I'm not a fan of integrating Bing in with no option of switching back to the Google stuff.

  • Tommy_Subway

    People should refuse to buy these non-google phones…the people who do buy them will probably just root them and fix this issue anyway.

  • Notice how Motorla isn't letting Verizon put bing on their phones. HTC and Samsung are getting the bing treatment. They are trying to put bing on the phones that are actually making it, since microsoft phones arent taking off. (wheres the Kin???? riiiiiight!…)

  • Andrew

    you guys need to stop w/ the bitching….

  • JohnPA2006

    Bing or Google, wont matter, as soon as ROM's come out for this phone.
    You can run it however you want.
    Remember people this is Android, people hack the balls off these phones.
    So dont accept the stock OS as the “be all end all” of your phones OS.
    I would get this phone and root it and put on a rom anyway.
    Not to mention, even if you dont root, I am sure there will be a bunch of ways to get it back to Google
    for all the services. I have been waiting for a phone like this ever since the Verizon Touch Pro 2.
    This is like that phone, only with a
    1ghz processor,
    front and rear camera
    large full keyboard (a lot like the xbox360 chat pad for button feel)
    large 4.3 screen.
    Even though my preference is Motorola (being a Droid 1 owner)
    I start to drool a little at the thought of this phone too.

    AND furthermore, if they never put anything other than google on a phone, eventually people would complain about that too saying they dont have any choice.
    So basically their darned if they do and their darned if they dont. So they did it.
    Stop complaining, be glad your not on At&t and enjoy your phones, whatever they may be.

  • Jordan

    This is crap. I have the Droid Eris and would VERY much like to stay with HTC Android phones since I love Sense. However, I very much dislike Bing. Make it go away! Make it stop!

  • lolfuckvzw. i dont wanna be stuck with my droid x forever.. gets boring too easily… especially when youve had a rooted droid 1 with cm6 nightlies on it before… ugh. why cant they give us a stock high end phone like tmobile and the g2??

  • Prent

    What's the big deal about it having Bing over Google? It can still do Gmail and has the Android market soooo…

    • Well, part of it is just that it's ridiculous. Google made the whole thing possible, why shortchange them?

      Aside from that, Bing sucks and Microsoft is evil.

    • “Bing” by Microsoft, doesn't belong on a “Google” phone. Thats it!

  • Stevaroo01

    It has always irked me that as soon as I buy a really cool new phone (or any other electronic device for that matter), that there is something tons better released immediately after that making me wish I had it instead. I got my Droid Incredible (my first smartphone) about two months ago and was afraid that it would be obsolete more or less right away. Well, so far it's safe. And from the looks of things, it'll continue to be at the top of the VZW Android mountain (perhaps with the DX) for quite a while.

    I haven't been at this Android thing for long yet, but I know one thing for sure… Google offers a lot of really cool and useful products/apps and Microsoft sucks at nearly everything! So, if VZW is going to start putting Bing on all of their new Android phones, those of us with the current line of Droids probably have the last of the good phones they have to offer.

    I sure hope I'm wrong!

    • I hope we're wrong and that Bing doesn't show up on *all* their new phones. Perhaps the Droid line will continue to have Google, as some have suggested.

      I think the X / Inc / 2 / Original differences are all personal preference, as I wouldn't trade my X for the others, but I respect that you feel the same way about your Inc, and so forth.

  • jedijesus95

    This is just sad. Verizon should ask MS if they would ever force windows users to use Chrome by default instead of IE. Verizon wants to put Bing on their phones, thats fine. At least give me the option to change my default search engine. Bing by default scares the hell out of me and I can see it Verizon getting worse. They might block google nav and force you to use VZ nav.

    • Stevaroo01

      The day VZW blocks Google nav and forces me to choose VZ Nav or nothing is the day that I say adiós to VZW.

      I've always had a good experience with Verizon, but I don't appreciate all the VZ crap that they put on my phone without my asking for it. I haven't rooted my D Inc yet (still a bit nervous about taking that step), but I'm seriously considering it just to get all that Verizon stuff off of it.

      • Lasteve11

        Root Root Root!!! you won't regret it. And no Verizon bloatware!

  • I really wanted this phone, but not anymore. I don't want to root my phone- I'd rather have a warranty, since every Verizon phone I've had has had to be replaced at least once (and most of them twice). I like the way it looks and I want a phone with a physical keyboard… it looks way better to me than the Droid 2 (I have the Droid now). I was most excited about the world phone stuff, but eh. It doesn't seem worth it anymore, sadly.

    • TP2

      if you get the insurance program ($5 a month) you can do whatever you want to the phone and get a new one…. literally anything.

      • Wow, thanks- I actually do have that insurance, guess I never realized how good it was.

  • Michael

    Not a DROID phone? I was about to ask, “How come?”, but then I realized… it runs Bing over Google, and hence not officially Google sanctioned, I suppose. So, no DROID label. *shrug*

  • This phone was sub-par since the day that it leaked. I am so unimpressed with the thought of an 800 Mhz processor in our 1 Ghz + world, that I could care less about Bing. I wouldn't buy this phone either way.

    • The350zWolf

      I wonder if this will be the cheaper alternative to the droid world edition phone. So far +1 on the droid WE.

  • jcdagget

    I have a close friend who works for Verizon. Word I heard is they have a deal in place that gives them something like $2/phone for every phone they put Bing on. Can't blame them if Microsoft if willing to throw money at them for putting an app on their phone.

    • I don't have that big an issue with them putting it on there as the default if that nets them some cash. My problem is that you can't change it.

  • Mobrienjr85

    That looks really similar to my wife's Touch Pro 2….awesome phone, wish it would run Android and not windows mobile

    • JohnPA2006

      There is a custom ROM for the HTC Trouch Pro 2, to run Android 2.2
      only catch is some features still dont work.But it runs Android much better than WinMo6.5
      plus the latest update from Verizon for the TouchPro2 really slows it down.

    • Ray

      this phone does run android what are you talking about. Not being a droid and not being an android are two different things get with the program. Android is a OS, Droid is a Marketing Label.Geez

      • I'm guessing he meant the TouchPro 2 was an awesome phone.

        You might want to take a second to re-read things before you start with the “get with the program” and the “Geez”.

  • Guest

    Good lord all the whining about Bing. Just search for “Google Search”, “Google Maps”, “Gmail” etc on the Android Market, install, then set them as defaults.

    No need to root. Problem solved.

    • Jim Davis

      You can't set them as the default search application (when you hit the search key) without root. I always launch Google voice search that way.

  • Gilberto_rodriguez1

    i mean operating system by google

  • Gilberto_rodriguez1

    If it has android doesnt it mean it runs on google?

    isn't froyo the 2.2 version of android from google?

    • Mellomoto

      Not really. Android is from the Open Handset Alliance, Google apps (maps, Gmail,Market) are from Google.

  • I want to make a windows phone 7 that only has google options. No Microsoft. You guys think that would swing?

  • leave it to big-wig exec's to ruin a good thing. oh well, just another device to root. and as for android market becoming unavailable to Verizon users, oh well again, rooting will likely fix that too.

  • its not really going to ruin the device. its just two apparent pieces of bloatware (that can easily be removed with rooting i'm sure)

    • My phone’s rooted, but for people who don’t understand how it all works (and yes that includes me, at least so far) it’s scary. I’m glad for the ability to root my phone, and really grateful for the work that all the talented devs put in to make our phones more flexible, but I really understand where people are coming from if they don’t want to root their phones, and they shouldn’t be *stuck* with Bing as a punishment for not wanting to void their warranties.

    • My phone’s rooted, but for people who don’t understand how it all works (and yes that includes me, at least so far) it’s scary. I’m glad for the ability to root my phone, and really grateful for the work that all the talented devs put in to make our phones more flexible, but I really understand where people are coming from if they don’t want to root their phones, and they shouldn’t be *stuck* with Bing as a punishment for not wanting to void their warranties.

  • Those HTC Scenes in Sense.. does it mean that it will have the new version of sense?

  • greatone_pro

    Why don't Verizon just come out and be honest about this. Any phone that's not a Droid will have Bing and not Google. I'm tired of all this high end, low end garbage. This phone is a high end phone all because of the fact that it's a World smartphone and if not for any other reason, but yet again Bing rules.

  • Armyof2

    I just wish companies would give you options on this…I get that google doesn't wanna mandate that the manufacturers use stock android…but why not have the option of a stock android experiance so that we can modify it to our tastes?

    • Urugami

      If Providers did this, they couldn't sign deals with third parties who pay them to lock in their products/services, so they get Manufacturers to lock the bootloaders, for example, to make this harder.

      It's all about making more money by taking control out of YOUR hands.

      Just guessing; is this about right?

      • Timoh

        Sounds right to me. V Cast is next. Verizon customers wont be able to access the android market, only V-Cast. They're already making the framework for it.

        • Guest

          Well if they lock out the Android Market and make their Android phone V-Cast only, then my next Adroid phone will be on Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, or any other provider who does not screw up the phone.

          V-Cast = Lame.

          • The problem is that all the carriers are going to do the same thing (even if it’s to varying degrees right now).

          • The problem is that all the carriers are going to do the same thing (even if it’s to varying degrees right now).

  • Timoh

    Do the Bing phones have google nav? We all know Verizon likes to push VZ navigator, would be another reason for them to keep pushing bing.

    • kellex

      Bing nav and VZ Nav is it.

    • xFenixKnightx

      Download Maps from Marketplace and you get Google Nav.

  • Thornfullessrose


  • sylent101

    Why does everyone make a big deal about Bing?can't you just download Google search from the market?

    • Thornfullessrose

      no. you are restricted from google search unless you root. thats why.

      • xFenixKnightx

        But wont this be a 2.2 phone? If so Google Search is downloadable on Froyo.

        • Thornfullessrose

          can only hope

  • Too bad, I had high hopes for this phone..

  • tbaybe


  • Zing!!!

    • Michael_NM

      Would you please quit saying “bing?!” 🙂

      • kellex

        What! Yes.

        • Michael_NM

          Haha! Tato's visitor should be coming to see you next week I suspect. 🙂