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Video: R2-D2 DROID2 Hands-on, Only Clocked at 1.0GHz

We had a few minutes of hands-on time with the special edition R2-D2 Droid 2 today and dug into one of the main rumors that was floating around about the phone’s processor.  Is it clocked at 1.2GHz like the Droid 2 Global?  The answer is no.  The R2-D2 is at the same 1.0GHz that the original Droid 2 is at, but we have a feeling this will change in a later update.  After all, these phones all have the same exact processor, the D2 Global is just clocked higher.  Oh well right?

And back to the phone!  It’s exactly as you have already heard (and seen), a Droid 2 that has been themed to look like an R2-D2 unit.  I will say, that they’ve done a great job with the outside of the device and all of the special features tucked into the OS.  For the first special edition Droid, Moto and Verizon have come up with a winner.  This is definitely a collector’s item for all of the Star Wars gurus out there.

The phone launches tonight at midnight online and in select stores for $249 on contract after $100 mail-in-rebate.  Full retail price is rumored to be $599.

If you purchase one, you’ll find a couple of extra goodies in the box including the special edition multimedia dock and a set of Motorola headphones.  There is your extra $50 people.  Stop complaining about the price!

Video action:

  • i would have been mad if they put a 1.2ghz processor on this. its only the r2d2 version. i understand the global having a 1.2ghz.

  • TT

    What the Heck! I didn't know it had blur. kills it for me.

  • Chasemanhattan

    Still on D1…not switching. Not until they produce a root-able world phone, at least 1ghz processor (dual core TI cpu would be nice), at least 512 RAM, at least have a cam on front and back, at least 8mp on cam, at least 720p video, at least nice cam software (the dynamic lighting stuff on the iPhone would be nice…i know…i know…), probably a 4inch screen (I think that's the sweet spot), keyboard is a must have (in texas your fingers get sticky in the summer, which makes swype impossible, this goes double when riding in the car). If no root, I will ride this D1 to my own grave. People will be viewing it and me in the coffin. Sorry, but that's just the way it is you bonehead manufacturers. I care more about freedom than warranty all day long.

    Without these specs, I'm not upgrading to jack donkey doo…period. Getting locked into lagfest motoblur looks about as enticing as drilling a hole through my head. And those apps look weak. I mean come on! I'm a Star Wars fan, but those apps look like crapola. Might as well make an app that spits bantha poo in my face for crying out loud!

  • nblufire12

    This looks REALLY slow.. my D1 rooted runnin BB 0.5 is WAY more responsive…

  • NoBananas

    I'm finding it hilarious that it's not sold out yet. Verizon really botched a great opportunity… slight upgrades to the D1 at best. Blur is a disaster. Long live HTC.

    I already have every piece of this phone that's interesting loaded onto my DInc. The R2-D2 skin on the back is really poorly done, so I'm not too bummed about not having that either. The only parts of this phone that seem well done are the dock and the keyboard.

  • Holy wow that thing was laggy. I'm guessing that was probably because you just booted up and didn't give it time to finish loading everything though.

  • Spawne32

    I kept waiting for something to be good and i wasted 4:36 minutes of my life watching.

  • Scea

    This is about the dumbest thing I have ever seen !!! Whats next a Jaws phone ??? Freddie Kruger ?? Jason ?? Give me a break ??

    • NorCalGuy

      The T2… its going to have Arnold's half human have robot face on the back… and were it says r2 d2 on the back it will say I'll be back

  • tankboyben

    wow thats one duff phone, do not want, cant wait to leave moto behind, HTC here i come

  • Haha I really love that you loaded Quadrant Standard on there, Kellex.

  • bring on the chugginess!!

  • jedijesus95

    The phone is ugly as all get out but for some reason I still want it.

  • Teabling

    Man that MotoBlur is a laggy beast.

    • ReebX

      The parts that aren't launcher specific aren't too bad, except for the widgets. Once you replace the launcher and the blur widgets, the DX and D2 are plenty smooth.

    • DroidieAng

      Jaba the hut of home luanchers?

  • Xraytedjim

    I really like the idea and really want to like this phone…. I just think it was done pretty half-assed.

  • Fuast2233

    If it didn't come with moto so slow I can barely function as a phone, I mean motoblur I might consider it.

  • Droid1


  • Droid-life makin moves….

  • Msombloski

    i don't get the hype about this phone. it's not overclocked, the widgets look pretty lame and the 3 extra apps it has are probably already available somewhere. just go buy a skin for 10 bucks.

    • were those 3 extra apps in the system dump that leaked where all the live wallpapers were taken from? i want the trivia one!

      but the hype is, if your a huge starwars fan and in the market for a new smartphone this is a pretty awesome buy. i have the dx, but if i didnt and wanted a keyboard, i would def. get this thing, its just damn cool to a star wars fan

  • Collinc0162

    is there a way to get motoblur on droid1?

    • It's probably doable with some hackery but …… why would you ever want to do a thing like that?

    • Michael_NM

      If you punch yourself in the face, your Droid might look blurry, and it would probably be just as useful. 😛

  • Kraymanbauer

    Digging the idea….not buying it.
    Waiting for the next big droid….and my contract to end :(….and more $

    • Kraymanbauer

      Yay 3rd! go me!

    • Pnicuh

      yup same here… waiting for the next big droid.

  • meh

  • 1bad69z28

    The Freaks Come out at Night FIRST lol

    • Kraymanbauer

      You thinking droid fans or ” never heard of droid phones…where's my starwars stuff!” fans?

      • I think there's probably a huge overlap of those two groups.

      • Anonymous

        Both 🙂

  • No offense but I think this thing is retarded. I mean really????