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Best Buy Announces “Free Phone Fridays” for Month of October

Best Buy announced a new program today called “Free Phone Fridays” for the month of October.  Each Friday throughout the entire month, BB will feature 4 phones, one from each of the major carriers and to kick it all off, they’ve offered the Samsung Fascinate.  (Read our review here!)

To get the phone for free, as you may have expected, you need to sign up for a new contract or at least add a new line to your existing plan.  Still though, a free Fascinate?  Not a bad deal right?

They’ll announce future Friday phones on the Thursday before at 1PM central time, so stay tuned to next Thursday.  Maybe we’ll see a Droid!

Via:  Best Buy Blog

  • Nawlins

    It say's you must sing up for a NEW CONTRACT? I'm guessing this takes updates out of the equations?

    • no, I used my upgrade back in october on a free phone friday at best buy to get the droid incredible

  • Bob

    The mall near me has a Best Buy Phone Store. Last weekend they ran an unadvertised special where if you bought one Motorola accessory, the 2nd was 1/2 off. No other requirements or purchases necessary.

  • snowblind64

    Go to Amazon.com they have the Fascinate for $0.01! That's right one penny with new activation! Droid 2 is going for $50, and X for $180 with no mail in rebate BS!

  • Just more proof that smart phones are waaay over priced. We are suckers!

    • realigion

      No they're not. They cost hundreds of dollars in hardware, never mind the R+D. Our contracts are overpriced, our hardware, not at all.

  • aczm1988

    They must be desperate for sales now that verizon took their business selling those fantastic refurbs lol!

  • pcguru30

    wish they would put out a calendar for the entire month.. I'm eligible to upgrade in october and if I can get a droid X for even half the signup price much less free I'd be a happy camper

  • Hmmmm, tempting….? 😛

    • Mrpicolas

      Do it tim 10 bucks and you'll have an x and a d1 as a spare

      • Are you shi**ing me? $10? 😛
        Ok, I need to make a call…..lol

        • Mrpicolas

          Yeah if you add a line its only 10 bucks

          Driod-Life writer, moderator

          If I have helped consider donating


          • HEIF

            Does the data plan count per account or per phone? I'd imagine phone… so current phone will have to be out of commision and then if I ever need it reactivate data plan on old phone?

          • snowblind64

            You can't stop service on your old phone unless you want to pay the ETF. You will be stuck paying $30 for data on both phones plus the $10 a month for an additional line. Not worth it!

          • Mdeamicis

            you can pick up a used dumb phone cheap, you don't keep your old phones for back up or know of anyone who has one or teen stuffed in the closet. heck, post up on craigslist that you need a dumb phone for whatever network you have and then switch it on.

        • HEIF

          So wait….. I am pretty sure it only cost 10$ a month to add a line right? I just have to agree to pay the 10$ extra a month and I could be rocking a second phone??

          Sounds like a great idea….

      • aczm1988

        Wow 10$ bux! If i see a best buy offering up a droid im all over that. Freaking awesome thx Dr. Root haha 😀

      • snowblind64

        Wrong! More like $40 a month. $10 for the additional line and $29.99 for data! Plus, if you're not already on a family plan you will have to make changes to your calling plan.

        • Mrpicolas

          Put a regular cell on it retire one android device and switch the new to

          data and its like 10 bux or so on a share plan

          Driod-Life writer, moderator

          • snowblind64

            Assuming you already have a spare Verizon dumb-phone you are correct. I also find it odd that you make it sound like it's a single time fee of $10, it's $10 a month plus an activation fee.

            I guess if you're close to the end of your contract this might be a viable option. However, now isn't really the time to get a new phone. I would wait for late 2010/early 2011 for the next generation phones to drop.

            Lastly, Amazon is usually giving these phones away for practically nothing. So I wouldn't let the Best Buy sales sway my decision of when to purchase.

  • Stephen D

    Awesome! This is just what I need to get a new phone!

    • I really want to know if you can do this for a line upgrade. My wife has an upgrade and I was going to get her this phone b4 I found out about all of the Bing crap on it. Since that problem has been fixed I feel quite a bit better about getting her the phone. I will especially do so if I can get it for free.

      • Stephen D

        As hard as it is, I’ve decided to wait. I’m not getting any of the new phones. My rooted Droid with ShadowRom and an 1100mhz slayher kernel with the interactive governor is as fast as these phones. I’ll wait for LTE/2ghz/dual core phones. With the way things are going, if I wait until I can get a new phone in July, it’ll be 4G and have amazing hardware. So I can wait it out.

  • CheeseMcGee

    Hmmm, might be time to update to that there Droid X! (Assuming they offer that one)

  • Guest

    nice voice add-on