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Software Upgrade Required to Fix DROID X Text Message Issue

There is a known text messaging issue with the Droid X running official Android 2.2 that Motorola is apparently aware of and already working on.  According to their forums manager, their dev team has realized that an actual software upgrade is the only way to fix the problem.

Most right now are reporting that the issue has to do with text messages appearing out of order, but from my early experience with the leaked 2.2 and after talking with one of our readers, the problem is actually in the date and time settings of the phone.  Messages aren’t appearing out of order, but are showing with a 4 hour time difference to when you actually received the message.

What’s funny about this issue, is I ran into so long ago and was unable to find a fix.  At the time, I had a pretty good idea that the OS was to blame, but figured it was a big enough problem that it would have been ironed out in the official version.  Apparently I was wrong and should have made a bigger deal out of it.

It should be noted that the problem is found in the native text app, Chomp and Handcent so there is really no work around at this time.

Anyone experiencing this issue?

Source:  Motorola Forums
Via:  Phandroid

  • Bamafan360

    im having problems with my side keyboard when ever i type the letters dnt show up can anyone help?

  • Bamafan360

    when ever i type on my side keybord the letters wont show up and the screen goes back to all my text messages i have a droid 2 can anyone help?

  • Anonymous

    I was having this problem with my Droid X and went to my Verizon store….The person I talked to told me they were aware of this problem and that the best thing to do was to get rid of my Driod and use my upgrade to buy a Iphone-4 at $219….I just stood there with my mouth open….I told him I had only had this phone for 14 months and that this was an unacceptable resolution…he said he was sorry but that was all that could be done…I am glad I did not fall for it and went home and researched what could be done as a partial fix….I think I should report him or something…I wonder how many people followed his advice or will follow it still.

  • Gracekw1

    I am having similar issues in that when I am typing a text, the phone lags behind what I am actally typing and even going so far as to go to two previous messages while I am texting.  Since I have had my Droid I have had to do a factory reset 4 times.  This is so irritating that I am thinking about going to the IPhone.  This needs to be fixed.  I didn’t start having issues until the last system update.

  • Jushoward

    Keyboard drops when I hit the space bar.. this is getting really annoying.. Girl friend was due for new phone.. she’s getting a iphone now.. this took 10 mins to write.. please get this fixed..

  • Phone: Droid X
    Software: Android 2.3 Ginger Bread
    App: Default/Native text messaging app.

    I am experiencing a weird issue with the native text messaging app on Droid X. And I have been experiencing in the last few days. As I start typing on the virtual keyboard, after a few words the text disappears and if I revert back to the entire message then it appears whereas appears totally garbled. I am not sure what is doing that and its pretty annoying. The only thing I did was traveled across time zones but then that should not mess up anything. Any suggestions, I tried to use handcent and it also does the same. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Jushoward

    When I hit the spacebar my keyboard goes down?????

  • dommmers

    This is what’s happening to mine. It went crazy and then I tried turning it off but after getting frustrated, I took out the battery. then it wouldn’t turn on for awhile and now it says it’s december 31 1969 at 5:27 night when actuality it’s 10:19 may forth 2011. how do I get it to go back?
    Plus the messages I received after turning back on can’t be seen at all.

  • Nativegirl40

    Yes I have been experiencing this issue. It’s irritating because this is how i communicate with my son at college so when he needs something i don’t really know when he sent the message.

  • Nativegirl40

    Not this issue exactly, I just notice that if i have my phone off for a day or so, I live in a rural area, and I get back into the service area, the time stamp on the text message is not the time and date that text message originally arrived it has the time that I turned the phone on. Is this related to the same issue?

  • Nativegirl40

    Not this issue exactly, I just notice that if i have my phone off for a day or so, I live in a rural area, and I get back into the service area, the time stamp on the text message is not the time and date that text message originally arrived it has the time that I turned the phone on. Is this related to the same issue?

  • This is UNACCEPTABLE and either SPRINT or HTC should figure out what is going on with time stamps and there phone and software.Thanks

  • david

    I HATE that the comma button has been moved. It used to be on the same button as the period, and you would double tap to get a comma. This new location is more cumberaome by anyones standards.

  • DJ

    Has anyone had the problem of sending a text and when the other person receives it, it is all in numbers?

  • Artisticsoul79

    yep, I have the same issue… I reside in Texas and when my girlfriend is in California, her text messages are all the way down the bottom instead of on top like it should be…

  • There is many phones on account and Droid X is the only one that does it. So since it appears to be a Driod X issue, are other droid types experiencing the same issue?

  • travel2vc

    shucks. I was told that “there is an app for that”. Granted, I am a newby to the Droid X, but I smell a rat already. I used to have the Blackberry and decided to get the Droid to have the wonderful pictures and web browsing capabilities. Now Im finding that my Blackberry was so much more stable/reliable.
    OK so there is a problem… is there an app to fix the out of order text messages???
    Also, Verizon tells me that I can only “save an email draft” when using my gmail account. Excuuuuse me? Seriously this is rediculous.

  • henry

    I take the photo with the droid camera and then hit “share” and upload to FB, BIGGER pic that way! my problem is , Yeah but when I do that it uploads to lil sammys profile and whwn I log back into my own the share prompt doesn't give me the facebook option.

  • jojo

    sometimes when i send a text from my droid x the person will either receive a blank txt or wont receive it at all idk if its because its too long or what…

    has this happenned to any one else? is this part of the problem theyre working on fixing?

  • I have the texting issue too. Also, when I'm entering a text, it won't let me go back and edit it like I used to unless I switch to landscape.

  • TupperwareMagic

    Does anyone else hate the speaker and sound on the DroidX? I don't understand why they couldn't have left if like the Droid 1. That one was PERFECT, now the DroidX speaker is not even half the size of the Original droid. Man that phone just blasted my MP3's. My friends couldn't believe it was a Cell phone I was using to play my music.

  • TupperwareMagic

    I hate that the comma and period are no longer on the same button.

  • jenn

    Yes i am. Been going on since i got phone in august. Called cs. They deactivated phone or something but still happens randomly like last time was five minutes ago. People also say text with garble ccomes through about five times and shuts down their phone. Very frustrating!

  • Cindy

    Some of the recipients of my texts messages are reporting that they're garbled…. bunch of question marks and other symbols. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • fcastro

    Running Froyo 2.2 on stock sprint HTC EVO.

    I am getting MMS (Pictures) from another Sprint user who has a Touch Pro 2 running Windows 6.5 and everytime I get an MMS message from him its back stamped 4 hours. So if he sends it at 8pm it gets time stamped at 4pm on my phone. When he sends me an SMS (text message) its is CORRECTLY time stamped at 8pm. This causes my threaded messaging to put his MMS all the way up in the thread. This is UNACCEPTABLE and either SPRINT or HTC should figure out what is going on with time stamps and there phone and software.

  • John W Graves

    Yes! Im having the same 2 issues and its really a pain. The ?????'s and the out of order text messages. I hate scrolling down to find my most recent text message.

    Do you when the fix is going to happen?

  • Luisrodriguez121

    When I receive a picture message the picture wont show but the song will play….and started after I updated to 2.2…plz help

  • Ismaeltirado7

    The question I have is about how to forward the text and email messages ? ! ?

  • ryandeeny

    I have not got the froyo and I have the droid x cen u help me

  • Kcooper0000

    Hello my name is Karen C. & I'm having problems w/my Droid sticking when texting & my live wallpaper app will no longer work. It won't allow me to uninstall and reinstall it. What's the problem?

  • rex

    Droid X contacts can not be sorted by lastname…and when changing time zones…calendar appointments change by 2 hours…had i only known…..

  • Fuzzywireman

    I have an issue with the text being out of order, text not all there and sometimes appears gibberish as my daughter put it. Many have some words with #@&?><* all mixed in in random spots throughout the text. I sent one and when she got it it was all ????????????? marks. No words. It sure is frustrating to have this problem. I hope this is a priority in your agenda to repair. I have many phones on my account and Droid X is the only one that does it. So since it appears to be a Driod X issue, are other droid types experiencing the same issue? If not go to there software application and get it resolved, to me it is a no brainer. I know other people that have different Droid's and are not having this problem. Switching the software to make it work would benefit the customers and that should be a primary focus. Why make us wait on something that could be an easy fix by using the software of a droid that works. Put a RUSH on this repair… PLEASE!

  • Jbeverlove

    Didnt get a lot outta the update. Text date stamp is bad, slower overall performance, calendar is still sub par… of all the known issues i expected more. How do i hide icons on the system screens too? The news is a duplicate now and the screen is a cluttered mess! Phew. I feel better now.

    • Bsxee

      entering birth dates into gmail contacts results in 2 birthdays being shown and not always the date you entered. it could be something else entirely. when you go to delete extra date, it's not there…….hmmmmmm……

  • an issue i'm having with a leaked rom is i'm getting every message twice! hope it's not effecting my bill.

  • guest

    I have the texting issue too. Also, when I'm entering a text, it won't let me go back and edit it like I used to unless I switch to landscape.

  • Togrady152

    Help!!!! I just tried installing the update on my droid x and now it does not turn on at all. Don't know what happened. It started to reboot and now….nothing. What can I do?

  • pir800

    +1 for the text message issue. What the hell were they fixing this entire time that they overlooked the text message order?

  • Smooter

    Yeah, and it shows notifications for both Handcent, and the native txt messaging app even if you have Handcent set as default.


  • My music player keeps saying “cannot play this type of audio file”. It works fine for a while. But when I stop playing music and go back to start again later, it gives me that annoying error and I have to pull battery. EVERYTIME.
    Is anyone else having this?

    • Jeff

      sameeeee here.

    • Cowboyupdan

      yup, getting kind of anoying.

  • DarthRogue

    Back to the whole, YOU CAN'T SBF AFTER OTA thing, has anybody considered nandroid backups? With the bootstrapped clockwork, can't you make clockworkmod backups, and just restore them to go backwards? i'm sorry if I sound like the stupid guy here, but that idea just makes too much sense! Anybody tried it yet?

  • Santos Moreno3

    I am getting double texts messages from everyone that sends me a text

  • Bsxee

    i have no issues except for some apps force closing now, battery has improved

  • Bsxee

    has anyone noticed when your on the phone and sending a text message the other person can hear the clicks when you type., and what happened to the return key

  • Stu

    I have this same issue. I use Handcent and I used the change time setting within Handcent to make it work better (I only noticed the problem with the sent message receipts. I hope the find the time to fix the screen lock & swipe issue as well as this is a bigger PIA.

  • Messages out of order???? Please explain….I.m not experiencing that. what should I look out for?

  • Tom

    I'm having this text message issue as well! I don't text an awful lot but it is annoying.

    Also new complaint: I don't like how when I search through my contacts to call someone, when I go back to my contacts AFTER completing a phone call and several times of turning the display on and off, whatever I searched for is STILL there. I have to delete my search and then restart. I don't believe this was happening with 2.1.

    -Tom; Droid X, unrooted,

  • Papa Mike

    My DX works fine…date and time seem to be working fine on the phone and the time stamp in Gmail just fine when I sent a test message to myself from my DX to Gmail. I hope that's what this is about and not something else..


    • rex

      date and time works great…until you cross time zones…then your calendar goes off by the number of hours that have changed. travel 2 time zones…your appointments are off by 2 hours….

  • Ksmith624

    For real, it is extremely annoying… I use LauncherPro's messaging widget and the texts messages I get say the most ridiculous times for receiving non-drunk txts

  • My issue on the Droid X is the inability to capitalize the letter “i” when “I” need it capitalized. Can this be fixed?

  • Chdennis

    My messages are for sure out of order.

  • Bigsike

    Lost half my pictures and all my videos, horrible sound control and and everything now opens in landscape mode ugh! wth!

  • Chicoman83

    My text messages are definitely out of order…correct times just out if order

  • Tbrrrn

    I hate this update. My music player won't play my songs now and my whole phone is slower. I need to go back to 2.1

  • Rain_king46

    Interesting. I had this problem when I first installed the 2.2 leak. after that Handcent released a new update and I have not had the problem since with the leak or the OTA

  • Jeffisgreat

    Yes! Glad to know im not alone.

  • soulever989

    Droid X Text Message gate?

  • Dan

    Wife and I are having same issue. Both have dx one rooted one not.

  • bryan

    I had the time issue when I went to 2.2 along with my text messages coming back even after I deleted them.

    I wiped my phone and it seemed to fix all the problems. It's annoying having to reinstall all the apps. I could have backed them up and restored them using an app but chose to go with a clean slate. I am happy to say so far everything is running flawlessly.

    • digsoreos

      I did a complete factory reset BEFORE installing the Froyo update and I haven't had this text time stamp/texts out of order problem.

  • Xuser

    Am I the only one NOT having issues? Everything seems to be working fine and I've been using it since the update came out.

    • Crawford720

      no issues here, works good, there are a few little things I have not figured out yet.

  • Dman27


    Emailed u guys after i got the ota update! err hope there is a fix sooon

  • nickbuterz

    well i fixed mine. im running original 2.2 leak with flyx x and galaxy x theme. I uninstalled mms.apk cause i was reciving double text messages and one of the doubles was reading with the wrong time. ever since i unstilled mms.apk ive been good only receiving one text and at the right time

  • KleenDroid

    Why couldn't they simply use the same software that is on my Droid 2 that doesn't have this issue?

  • Sdlimogirl

    Date and time in my droid x and picture that I have with my contacts are wrong. I am not using any apps on my phone either.

  • blu3bird

    Damn't I just rooted after the update. Am I going to have to unroot when they release another?

  • Ryan

    I have this issue and the flickering while scrolling issue! Flickering while scrolling on contacts and settings menus. Fix it motorola!

  • Puffy98

    more bugs?

    i hav ringtone, music issues….simply my X has shown ” doent support mp3 files' WTF!!!

    after reboot myself, it worked. however, after several hours, it happened again!!

    if u set up ur mp3 music as an alarm or ringtone, be careful…u highly hav a chance any phoncall or alarm!!

  • Brian

    I had a problem with text messages showing out of order when texting from the Google Voice app while ON MY COMPUTER. It happened recently when the sender sent two messages in a row. The google voice app showed them out of order.

  • Adip

    & I thought I was the only one having this problem. Also, bring back the 2.1 pin unlock screen, the 2.2 one is ugly in my honest opinion! Anybody else agree?

    • Ksmith624

      I think the pin unlock screen should look similar to the dialer… meh? maybe?

    • Bsxee

      has anyone noticed when your on the phone and sending a text message the other person can hear the clicks when you type., and what happened to the return key

    • MikethePole910

      I fixed all of my problems in one fell swoop. After I updated, I started having a bunch of problems with texting, the browser, and the market. What I did was go into Settings > Date & Time > and checked the automatic tab which had magically unchecked after the update.
      I have a DROID X, and everything worked perfectly after that.

  • Patrick

    im totally still having this problem. The official 2.2 download has been nothing but trouble since I got it. . . .

  • Rinfante001

    I am having wifi connection problems. Is there anyone else, having the same problem?

    • I was having problems with the leak concerning wifi but after downgrading back to 2.1 and using the ota it's all fixed.

    • Gearz23

      I had issues with wifi as well. It would turn on and off but fixed it. Just try restarting ur router

  • R3velation129

    Yea im having this issue and its annoying. Im also having problems playing music it skips from time to time and freezes. Also getting a lot of force closes. Its just a shame because my phone ran flawlessly with 2.1. Not happy

  • Ltneckodawg

    I am having the same wi-fi issue. Worked fine before the 2.2 upgrade.

    • Gearz23

      Try restarting ur router while ur wifi is on

  • Hp

    This was happening to me multi-party texts. It was bad having to search for new texts. Great how long will it take moto for this update. I will back up all my pictures, videos and music this time. Froyo update caused major freezing with my 6gb of mp3 files and 100+ pics and HD videos i shot of various events this summer.

  • Gearz23

    Im having a huge issue with wifi for some reason. Whenever i turn wifi on it would disconnect then connect again and makes it impossible to use the browser or anything that requires internet access. Any ideas??

  • Im still getting the texts on time I just have to search for them when I get them

  • Rob513

    Hmm i have handcent and its working fine- DX 2.2

  • I am having same issue as well. All of my texts are in the wrong order.

  • Cwa9801

    I think that this affects Google Sky also. It is showing the moon in the wrong place. After reading this, it appears that the shown position is probably 4 hours later than real time. This was not true prior to the update.

  • Smooth

    I did have an issue with the native txt constantly showing up as an unread txt for a few days, but after a hard reset (wipe back to factory) the problem was gone, and I've hand no problems with handcent sat all.

  • rsk

    I'm having problems with the X pulling my yahoo and hotmail. It doesn't pull any mail unless I manually do it. Wasn't like that before 2.2. Anyone got a fix?

  • RanballX

    yes… I have the same problem. I thought I was going bonkers. Quite annoying.

  • Blaqninja

    YESSSS!!!!…. I thought it was just me…lol

  • ItsMySoapBox

    This is no surprise, the fact that Motorola cannot tell time is clearly evident if you use 24 hour military time. If you use the Motorola widget 'date & time', when the digital clock hits midnight, the time changes to 24:01, etc. There is no 24 hundred hours in military time, the cycle ends at 23:59 hours. At midnight it is supposed to be 00:01, etc. I noticed this before 2.2 and presumed that it would be fixed. Two dot two arrived and the error remained. Sent a note to Motorola, however, I think that they are too embarrassed to reply.

  • Yea everyday since the update… its so annoying…..it has to be fixed

  • gabemcg

    I haven't noticed the problem using google voice sms. Leaked or official 2.2

  • Edbracy

    Same issue on leaked 2.2…sucks but its not major!

  • Jay

    My “.com” button when going to the browser has disappeared after the update. Has anyone else noticed this? If there is a solution I'd love to know.

  • Nick J Poirier

    I use google voice for my texting so never noticed this

  • Semperfarr

    The moto social networking widget isn't working right either. Since the 2.2 upgrade it will freeze as I slide through updates and then it closes with a screen freeze before letting me open it up again but then I have to look at all the status updates again. Its starting to get frustrating… Does anyone else have this problem too?

  • Mata

    These problems are annoying. Anyone else having issues keeping bluetooth headsets connected after the update? Mine is randomly dropping connection here and there.

  • Xheavymetaldadx

    good old droid life I've been working on my girlfriends all day tryin to fix it lol unistalled and reinstalled handcent at least five times. i just about had her convinced to let me root it lmao i was hoping that would fix but now she wants deal with it til the official fix comes out

  • pitchblack86

    I am having no issues. Shows time and order correctly. Everything works on the X. I'm on ota 2.2 rooted. I've had 2 browser fc's but that's it. I didn't have any problems with leaked 2.2 either except fc's when opening battery manager.

  • Jmartinez06

    Ummm… Kellex, you realize there is a time stamp fix in handcent…

  • My workaround (which also works around the text messaging fee that so many people pay ridiculous amounts for) is to use Google Voice.

  • brian

    I noticed it too but I wasn't sure if it was a setting I had changed or somthing

  • zepfloyd

    I have had this issue twice so far…but what's more annoying is when I open a thread, many times it opens at the top instead of the bottom where the new text is (reminds me of old POS BB Storm) which forces me to manually scroll down.

  • mphunter995

    yea i have this problem, i thought maybe it was handcents fault but apparently not, lets hope they update this soon.

  • Krweby

    Hope they fix the wma problem also which was in 2.1 the leaked 2.2 and now the ota. They knew about it before.

  • Jasons_waxxx

    I am experiencing this issue.
    Wish Motorola would fix the Multi-touch keyboard.
    type a word followed by a space.
    Then type the “&” symbol.
    The multi-touch keyboard automatically removes the space. Does this with $ sign along with other symbols.
    Day& night
    This product costs$100.

    Motorola also really needs to give the size of the txt input window some attention.

    It is entirely too short vertically when you have the Multi-kescreeon screen.
    The above sentence is yet another display of typing bug in multi-touch keyboard where if you make a typing error and tap on screen to correct it, the M. Keyboard garbles up the sentence by adding letters from another area in the sentence.
    I love the Multi-touch keyboard but have stopped using it since it has so many issues.
    Please Motorola, fix the Multi-Touch Keyboard as well as the texting app.
    Think STOCK Android Texting app like found on the Droid1.
    It was so much better.
    Does anyone really need to hit done when typing a text and THEN ALSO hit send after tapping on done??
    Is anyone else NOT experiencing/ noticing these issues??
    My apologies for the rant.

    • Ron D

      And I thought the space& special character problem was something I was doing!

    • quiklives

      No, I haven't, because I use the Swype keyboard. Why wouldn't anyone, since it functions as a multi-touch keyboard as well?

      • Jasons_waxxx

        Swype fanboying is not necessary & not who's attention I was trying to get.
        Some people may prefer or require the larger keys.
        Thanks for semi-trolling.

        • Wow. Actually, it was really an honest question, as I haven’t really used the multi-touch keyboard and I was unaware of its comparative benefits, which was why I was asking.

          I’m afraid I would have to be a fangirl or possibly a fanboi, but not a fanboy, that is, if I was a fan-anything of a virtual keyboard on a phone. I wouldn’t say I feel that strongly about it, tbh.

          Also, I think you meant “whose.” http://tinyurl.com/3yko5ko

        • Wow. Actually, it was really an honest question, as I haven’t really used
          the multi-touch keyboard and I was unaware of its comparative benefits,
          which was why I was asking.

          I’m afraid I would have to be a fangirl or possibly a fanboi, but not a
          fanboy, that is, if I was a fan-anything of a virtual keyboard on a phone. I
          wouldn’t say I feel that strongly about it, tbh.

          Also, I think you meant “whose.” http://tinyurl.com/3yko5ko

  • I dont have any of the issues that Ya'll are having with official 2.2 on droid x. Mine is running like a champ and hyper fast too

  • Ron D

    I noticed it right away. Had to sssearch for a txt I jussst recieved. Alssso, the battery isssue reared its ugly head today. Mine wasss good after the update asss sssoon asss I ressset my battery mode to max battery sssaver. But today I turned on the GPSss on the golf courssse and the battery drained way fassster than it usssed to. At thisss point I'm hoping 2.3 getsss here fassst!!!!

  • Sjm614

    Wow. I have heard a lot of issues with the Droid X. I am glad I have a Dinc!

  • tabe

    I had the issue with stock and Chomp. All is fine with Handcent…

    • Jopatt8

      what is handcent.

  • Luisito099317

    This update sucks balls

  • Luisito099317

    What the heck, it does not let me listen to my music on 2.2

  • Wesford9

    2.2 has issues.. its obvious.. does anyone have any idea how soon a “bug fix” update could be released? Verizon is saying it could take 3 weeks to push the 2.2 update to everyone's droid x's, so I guess it's safe to say we shouldn't expect it before then…

  • Scea0512

    Use Handcent and forget about the stock app , it sucks by comparison anyway , handcent has so many more features and is far superior !!! No time issues with that app

    • karyncristina

      Actually I am having time issues within Handcent also.

  • timarnette

    I have no problem at all. Everything is working great, Thank G-d

  • I had two version of Messaging installed at some point and I would receive two messages, one labeled 4 hours earlier than the other. It didn't make any sense until now.

  • Landale

    I had this same problem and fixed it using the application SMS Time Fix from the market. Just enable it and check the box to use your phones time. Note this will only fix new incoming messages and not ones you received prior to this fix.

    If you use Handcent you will also need to downgrade to version 3.26 as all versions after have a Droid X timestamp fix that actually will now make it even more off. You can download the older version of handcent here:


    • Biggs

      yea my texts do this an its annoying especially after i do a forward or something an everytime i text an get a reply it puts it under all my forwards so i gotta scroll way down annoying so i have to go in an delete those texts then its all good but just a pain

  • Pistal

    And fix that 'Messsages' typo in the sms menu also.

  • Alexandermacsmith

    I had this issue till I realized that I had two messaging apks in my system/app folder. delleted one and it was ok after that. if I can remember it was the Mms.apk

  • somethingwired7

    When I send a message to one person it will say (maximum number of recipients) or something in a pop up box that never goes away unless I force close blur messaging. 2.2 fail

  • Jimmy

    i've been having this problem since leaked 2.2 =

  • Jmtanzo

    I noticed this problem last night when I activated my Droid X. All the messages are out of order. It's annoying but at least it's 2.2., I'm sure they will figure it out..

  • Youknowikeepsaprivatejet

    This is funny. All of us users who used leaks identified this weeks ago. What kind of testing process is verizon utilizing?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah.. All they care about is the locking down the bootloader bullshit…

  • XsmittyX

    My issue is that I can't view my text message (if 3+ sentences long) prior to sending.
    Also, why aren't there arrows to move right and left? Is the only option touching the screen to re-locate the cursor.
    Am I missing something?

  • Erdabbs

    I have that same problem, very annoying.

  • andrewcweaver

    Not having that, but it is very very laggy. Even more laggy then stock 2.1. Disappointed, I miss my Incredible.

  • innerlight

    trillian works fine with gvoice and gtalk. I dont use sms. No issues there.

  • Needs an option to disable the lockscreen too.

    • GNO

      AMEN! Does anyone have a workaround?

      • Get ‘No Lock’ from Android Market. Its free

      • Trongable

        Some of us were able to change that by removing our corporate email accounts, disabling the password/pin lock, and re-adding our email accounts. Worked for me, but some people didn’t even have a corporate email account synced up and had problems. No clue where to start if you’re in that boat too.

        • GNO

          Not sure if anyone is still following this thread, but….

          I’m in the latter boat – no corp email. I followed Andrew’s post about No lock. It disabled ALL locking function so that the initial screen lock is off, but so is the pattern lock that I preferred. So you get 2 screen locks or no screen locks. Grrrr.

          If anyone else has another idea, I’d love to hear it.

    • I hear a lot of people ask for this, and I'm just curious as to why? Is it that annoying to swipe the screen to get to your home screen? Again I'm really just curious because I've never heard anyone say why, just that they want it, so inquiring minds want to know! 😉

      • Rob

        If you have a pattern or passcode lock, then you have to swipe and unlock, and then enter your pattern or passcode. It's annoying because its too many steps to get into your phone.

        • Well that makes perfect sense now! Thanks guys! It wasn’t like that on the Droid 1 was it? I guess I haven’t used a pattern lock on my X yet.

          • GNO

            Once you do, you’ll be hooked.

        • If I set a pattern lock on my phone it disables the normal swipe in lieu of the pattern lock.

      • quiklives

        I think it's because they use the pattern lock, and it's aggravating and redundant to have both.

      • It is kinda annoying to swipe every time.

    • Grab 'No Lock' from the Android Market. Its the only fix that resolves it… for now at least. Motorola just flubs release after release. I think we as the Android community should participate in the bug fixing process in conjunction with Motorola. We as a community would be of great value. Seriously.

    • Dan H.

      Same here.. and I agree, the lock screen is absolutely annoying.

  • That's odd, I have the time 4 hours off in my LauncherPro widget, but if I go into the actual message it has the correct time. I'm running the leaked build of Froyo still on my X. I thought it was a LauncherPro bug. Atleast I can stop bugging Federico! ha ha

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