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Thursday Poll: Thoughts on 2.2 for the DROID X?

What are your thoughts on the official 2.2 update for the Droid X? Was it worth the wait?  Are you already looking forward to the next Android release?  Let us know in the comments!

Was the DROID X 2.2 update worth the wait?

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  • Sasuke818

    my camera doesnt load somtimes and i have to restart it also my music closes alot. hopefully gingerbread will be better.

  • TOM

    There are problems reported with music playback. My alarm has stopped playing music. The error it gives is that “Sorry the file you are trying to play does not exist anymore.” However, connecting through USB shows my MP3 file there?!

  • Bluff_daddy9

    since the download as soon as my auto kill kills all apps they turn themselves back on instantly

  • Wlbaxter

    2.2 on my Droid X is great, But I discovered at least one quirk with the newly updated blue tooth head headset functionality. If you use the screen lock, voice command over a Blue tooth can not be started by simply long pressing the head set call button. It appears that the screen lock has to remain off for this to work as advertised.
    You can get around it by using Choice dialer+ from the Android Market which does work even if the phones screen lock is enabled, or you can just not use the screen lock if security is not a priority for you. Hopefully, this is just a minor bug with the 2.2 android voice commander app and will be fixed with an update.

  • BMWMan

    So far I haven't had any issues. Battery life seems good. I do have one complaint…Why can't they make the lock slide like the (dare I say it) iphones? The slide lock is amaturish at best.

  • Schruelty

    Having some issues with phone freezing and getting blank screen after reboot. This also happened after initial update but was resolved after phone sat for awhile. Seems a little buggy still just hope lock up does not occur when im not around home and need my phone. When it is running seems to run fine not much difference, less random crashes then 2.1. Nice to have flash, hope and update is coming for the bugs such as the text messaging.

  • DroidEquis

    I Don't know if some of you are experiencing a “Force Close” when checking battery usage on your Droid X? Only about 35% of the time does it ever allow me to actually view what my battery is using most of its juice for. If its just my phone then, that makes me a sad panda. =(

  • Didjeri

    My signal strength seems to be very flaky since the update. I also HATE the slider lock requirement since my corporate sync requires the PIN lock also. Otherwise, I feel some improvements were worthwhile but not as earthshattering as everyone made it seems like the update would be.

  • Dpry3580

    The unlock feature does take longer now, u'd think they'd make it faster!

  • Dongoracing1

    Love It, Love It!!! Phone has never been faster and flowed so smoothly! The only thing is when im playing my music and go to switch the song it sometimes freezes but it recovers before i ever have to restart the phone. But they can fix that easy with an OTA so no biggie i can wait. So glad to have 2.2!

  • The release was about what I expected. There are some good things and bad things. The one bad thing I noticed is that the videos I captured on my DX while running 2.1 will not play now that I updated to 2.2. The News/Weather App is pretty nice though and the addition of using GPS location for the weather is a huge bonus for me as a traveler.

  • RobRawls

    My DX runs 20 times better now. Its good to use my phone with out all the freezing going on!

  • Elvis

    My home wireless worked fine on 2.1 and is now broken on 2.2. Come on Motorola…


  • carl

    love the update..way better than the leaked version ha..it took about 15min but that was no biggy..everything is twice as good as it was before..only bug I found was in my music player from time to time..other than that it's pretty sick

  • Why is it that the Evo can do *Rooted* tasks without being officially rooted but My DroidX won't major Flaw i should be able to do a simple screen capture… sorry i shouldn't have to void my warranty to be able to do something so simple

  • srmcdermott

    It completely killed my phone! Verizon is sending me a new (or refurbished one). I was told that 1 to 1.5 percent of DX owners have had this happen when they upgrade to 2.2.

  • Michael

    I'm seriously irritated that Verizon requires another data plan on top of my unlimited data plan for USB tethering…PDAnet stays on the droid.

    • Ksizzle9

      root, install barnacle legacy, or wifi tether for root users

  • Gearz23

    WTF!??? My wifi isnt working properly. Some1 pls help :/

  • Dustin

    I don't know much I speak for other users as my phone was not rooted previously, but I had a heck of a time after the update installed. The phone was stuck on the motorola logo for a while. I had to search around to realize that removing the battery and restarting without the battery first and then reintroducing the sd card would relieve the issue I had. Has this happened to many other DX users?

    • Yea happened to me but runs great now

  • soulever989

    Not too keen on the 270 degree screen turning. Is there a way to change it so it only rotates 90?

  • Maselow

    I don't know if anyone has this problem like me but it seems that my contacts are loading very sluggish. My contact pix take forever to come up.

  • 2.2 Regrets

    2.2 forces me to use a pin code, to unlock my Driod X. I can't disable, it is already a major pain in the ass, how do i go back to 2.1

    • Doesn't force me to use a pin only. I have at least three options.

  • Deybwah116

    Is there ANYONE here who got the Droid X on launch day who is NOT having issues with Froyo? Or issues in general?? So in otherwords, is there anyone here who got the Droid X on launch day and it runs PERFECT? As in, no lag when unlocking phone, no lag at all actually, no freezing to battery removal reboot, no issues with music player, etc etc etc.

    • Deybwah116

      I have a feeling that the first batch of Droid X's that were made are flawed. It's a working theory and YOU can help with the test results! Report in folks!

      • quiklives

        Picked mine up 7/15 at Best Buy. Had it rooted, unrooted it for the OTA update, then re-rooted it, all with no problems, and 2.2 is running smooth as can be for me.

        • Deybwah116

          My theory is flawed then! Thanks mate.

    • I've had mine since day one and my Droid X is running like a champ. Love the 2.2 btw.

    • Ralubin14

      I was the first person to walk out of my local verizon store with one, and froyo seems to run pretty smooth on mine. ive had no problems with freezing, any lag from 2.1 (mainly in the messaging app) is gone, and my battery life seems to be slightly improved. as for the lag for the unlock screen, no it is not as perfectly smooth as the 2.1 unlock screen, but it is far from “laggish”…maybe “choppy” if i slide it across slowly, but as soon as i drag it all the way across, my phone unlocks immediately. the only things i've had NOT perfect with froyo is the keyboard seems to be just a bit slower than 2.1, and I cannot lower the brightness of my screen all the way down… as soon as I lock the phone, it automatically raises the brightness a little bit. but other than that, i really have not had any problems. im sure they'll be releasing an updated version of froyo before all is said and done, just like they did to the original droid

    • Deybwah116

      Thanks for the replies!

  • Bkspero

    I am overall pleased with the upgrade for my stock X. If battery life is slightly better or worse, it is too small a difference to tell. Generally feels more polished. Music player now more reliably resumes play where it had left off. Seems a little snappier overall. Nice to finally be able to voice dial using my bluetooth earpiece.

    Some irritants. Having to use the unlock screen along with my pattern unlock. Missing the .com key. Biggest issue is the floating reply bar in the new Gmail. In landscape mode it uses so much screen real estate that you only see a thin sliver of the message. Not terrible for text, but I have to look at charts and graphes in emails, and I can no longer see the whole image at one time. Have to keep scrolling up and down.

  • Durancira92

    I am having a problem with wifi ever since i upgraded. It would go on and off and would go back to scanning for the network that im connected to. It frustrates the hell out of me!!! Any suggestions?

  • Hrcasas

    Did 2.2 fix the low volume level?

    • Durancira92

      It added more volume levels as u can see when u go to raise ur media vol. the red bar wont raise in a large chunk like 2.1 and as to being louder im not to sure but i think it is just a bit.

    • quiklives

      It's definitely louder for me, I've had to turn everything down. But from what I can see, YMMV

  • http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/23/editorial-the-dark-side-of-android-hacking/

    hey droid-life, just wondering if you have read this from nilay patel @ Engadget. looks like he used that method that was posted the other day of going to 2.1 via the-gift and then going to official 2.2 by OTA. any input ?

  • Jacel0731

    It has more eye candy than 2.1 but it definitely is not as smooth. When listening to music and waking up the phone it makes the music stop a little that wasn't happening on 2.1.

    Needless to say I am very disappointed.

  • Tracy Wilborn

    WTF?? Now my phone randomly reboots for no reason? This was absolutely NOT a good upgrade..

  • timarnette

    My battery last a lot longer. I love 2.2 and how fast it is. Worth the wait.

  • palmettogirl

    my sd card gets unexpectedly removed for no reason, so i have to power down my phone every few hours. where before my phone was powering itself down for no reason before 2.2. i'm about to do a hard reset on this one tonight, and see what happens.

  • Jamescaceres1989

    well i like it i havent got full in detail with it but so far i like the flash on the web and the rotation of the phone keyboard … plusss I LOVE the sound it higher and louder pluss pluss the graphics and reso is better i want better themes for my launcher pro where can i get some ???any one know

  • kevin

    its funny how all you people are complaining about bugs, but all you were whining for the longest time you just wanted it, well this is what you get. Maybe you should learn to freakin be patient, just cause you have the latest and “greatest” doesnt mean you get all the goodies first.. god

  • Ciloma

    Battery life was bad – now it is even worse.
    All icons on my homepages routinely vanish – requiring a power off to recover.

  • Jd

    I actually love the update. The only thing I am pissed off about is the new version of gmail. Now it handles multiple gmail accounts, but drops the functionality for mail import/export accounts. I can no longer reply through my school email account. This is a pretty serious problem for me. I know I could set up the email app, but I don't want repetitive mailboxes.

  • Dave20852

    my X has slowed consideribly. I also had to reboot because the device has lock up. WTF. I want 2.1 back.

  • Driddle68

    1. Stock music player not playing any stored music on sd card. Anyone find a music player in the market to play .wav files?

    2. Google maps navigation cuts off while in navigation mode and have to select navigate again to resume. Very annoying when driving!

  • Only issues I have is the keyboard can be a little laggy, the lock screen is a little slow to respond, and still the volume issue… ringer,speaker phone, and music player can be louder… other then that its fine

  • Blulie

    + Like the vibrate never/options tool

    + Sound on mine improved after I adjusted the Volume in Settings

    + Overall battery life seems improved

    – Missing certain apps in the market

    – Can't change my notification ringtone now

    – Dislike the new frame around contacts images

    – VZW Navigator mandatory? Lame

    I think I invested too much anticipation with this update – I'm disappointed. I thought Flash would outweigh my sadness for no 4G and no front-facing camera. Not in the slightest.

  • dying_light

    The lock screen for me is a little annoying, I had it set to the pattern on 2.1 and now I have to have the pattern and the lock screen, and I can't find the setting to get rid of the lock screen at the beginning.

    Other than that, it runs much faster and I haven't noticed a difference in battery drain.

  • Anonymous-x

    Compared the Galaxy & HD2 & the HD2 is bigger so My D2 will keep me happy & I'll update the HTC & wait for the next new phone which should be better…

  • Buccs1062

    Excellent battery life. Flash. Smooth and fast!

  • Droid X user in Nashville

    I haven't seen any problems with my DX, but mine was not rooted. However, I honestly can't tell the difference in the upgrade. Phone says I'm running 2.2, but other than the keyboard missing the .com, I can't see much of a change at all. It's certainly not the fantastic upgrade that I had been counting one. I wonder how many of you who are having problems had rooted your phones before the update.

  • tjpeco

    I wasn't able to find apps on the market like paypal and flighttrack yesterday but today everything I was looking for has appeared.

    Other than that I've had zero issues. None of the problems that others are describing.

  • JTE

    i'm not having any of the music player problems or any battery manager force closures. however, I totally hate the updated Swype. I don't know if it reset some accuracy settings, but it appears to have “forgotten” many contractions. I can't type “don't” or “it's” without it prompting several incorrect words (and not the one I intended). I went very slowly and deliberately, and still got “let's” trying to type I – t – ' – s, and still get “doesn't” instead of d – o – n – ' – t. Also, when filling in a few comment boxes on websites, I noticed i can no longer move the cursor like I used to.

    Overall, I really like the update. I'm getting better battery life and flash is awesome (if a bit underpowered). I'm not sure if the speaker volume has improved or not. I think it could still be higher. I have noticed the stock browser cut out on me a few times, but I'm not sure why.

    • quiklives

      I can't get my swype keyboard to reproduce the problems you're having with contractions at all.

      • JTE

        I tried omitting the apostrophe and it's helping

        Can you get the red bull's eye to appear when typing into browser window? I can't as I'm typing right now

        • JTE

          I also really wish it would make the text editor full screen in landscape mode in my browser, like it used to. Still works for text messages but not in the browser. and the gesture for don't (including swyping over the ' ) must not exist. Works fine if I don't swype the ' but it's going to be hard to unlearn that

    • JTE

      I jinxed myself… Battery usage statistics now FC every time >:( @ 40% when I checked, was around 80 earlier when it worked if that correlates to anything..

  • future sailor

    One thing that irks me: when I'm listening to audio via last.fm or Google Listen, I'll notice a quick gap in audio when the screen adjusts from (either) landscape layout to vertical layout. Never had this issue in 2.1.

  • Ceewiz

    + better input using the multi touch keyboard (seems like it anyway)
    + better battery life (once again, user specific i guess)
    + browser seems more refined and less blah

    – despite the improved browser, the keyboard is slow to respond sometimes
    – the market doesn't seem to work as seamlessly
    – the unlock screen is piss poor compared to the 2.1 screen. (laggy movement and takes longer to open the home screen)

  • Wiiingman

    My DX has been pretty laggy since the 2.2 install… It frequently freezes, makes the screen go blank, and restarts… I don't know if it is a problem with an app that i have, or what the deal is… I haven't modified my phone in any way, aside from using ATK on a safe setting…

    • Deybwah116

      Same here.. they should be releasing a patch soon though.

    • Mine is laggy too. 2.1 was great compared to this. My phone buttons like to change colors. From the normal gray to green and red, screen freezes, I knew I should have waited a few days until all the bugs were worked out.

  • Deybwah116

    Music player keeps freezing – battery life is worse – had to hard reset to actually boot after update – speaker phone does not work period(verizon said it may be due to an app I d/led from market? wtf..) – still slow when unlocking and other times – just doesn't feel stable as there are bugs all over the place, quirky behaviors, inconsistent.

    But that boggles my mind because a lot of people who have droid x are flying. My mom just got one and hers actually feels heavier and responds FASTER, no bugs, speaker phone works, basically perfect. I got mine the first day it shipped, so perhaps they worked out some kinks in the later shipments.

    I'll be going to Verizon to get a replacement. The busted speakerphone is no bueno.

  • Deybwah116

    Music player keeps freezing – battery life is worse – had to hard reset to actually boot after update – speaker phone does not work period(verizon said it may be due to an app I d/led from market? wtf..) – still slow when unlocking and other times – just doesn't feel stable as there are bugs all over the place, quirky behaviors, inconsistent.

    But that boggles my mind because a lot of people who have droid x are flying. My mom just got one and hers actually feels heavier and responds FASTER, no bugs, speaker phone works, basically perfect. I got mine the first day it shipped, so perhaps they worked out some kinks in the later shipments.

    I'll be going to Verizon to get a replacement. The busted speakerphone is no bueno.

  • Michael_NM

    Update to my earlier issues. The apps that were previously missing in the Market are back for me. Also, the battery statistics have not forced closed at all today. I've re-booted twice and finally add LauncherPro, but I'm sure that's not what solved my two issues. Also, battery life seems to have improved today… maybe because I stopped using live wallpapers?

  • LiveFree

    lol…. I find so many of these comments comical. everyone gripes and gripes about being lied to and wanting 2.2 for the X and wanting it now. And they get what they want and now complain and have issues. IMO this is what you get for pressing Moto/VZW to get the release out. If people in this society would learn some patience life would be so much more grand. One that that does bother me tho is the bad wrap Moto gets pushed at them. Fact is the other mfgs have had there fair share of issues with there Android devices and updates.

    Personally I've had this running for awhile already ( no OTA update for me and no I'm not talking the leaked 2.2 build it is 2.3.15) and have none of the issues being reported, except for the silly battery usage FC'ing on occasion, but IMO it is no big deal. Really why the heck do people need to be looking at it all the time anyways. I've removed all bloatware along with most of the BLUR and 2.2 has been rock solid.

    As far as the Market problem goes with apps not showing up from what I'm told it is a Google issue and has nothing to do with Moto/VZW or the device. They need to update on there end for the new fingerprint in the build.prop on the X.

    • Deybwah116

      You find it comical that people are having major issues with their product and are vocalizing? Wow, self-absorbed a bit? Just because you aren't having issues doesn't mean everyone else is making stuff up. Get off your throne. lol.

      • LiveFree

        Did I say anyone was making thing up? NO I didn't so lets not put word in my mouth. You obviously didn't get the point. Alot of people making comments about Moto VZW and blah blah blah is what is comical. They wanted wanted wanted and complained about not getting what they were” Promised”. And my point is this is what you get for pressing the release of something that wasn't fully ready obviously. Has nothing to do with the fact is my device is running correctly or not. And i feel the peoples pain who are having issues and I'd also be bent/pissed off.

        • Deybwah116

          There is nothing comical about this situation. Go reread your post, you sound like an arrogant know-it-all. This is what “you” get for pressing Moto/VWZ to get the release out. Excuse me? No one forced Moto/VWZ to release a flawed update. I find it comical when people elevate themselves above others due to their insecurities. Now THAT'S funny! 😀

  • YF

    Is anyone else having an issue with Windows not finding the drivers for the newly updated 2.2 DX when connected via the USB cable? (The update was an OTA from stock 2.1)

    As it stands, I'm unable to use the “PC Mode” and all of the functionality that it includes. Any help on this is appreciated!

    • LiveFree

      FYI it is another known issue by Moto/VZW from what I'm told.

      Curious which driver is it. My guess is the MTP USB driver. If you need PC mode for use with ADB for whatever reason the driver will load correctly if you use USB Mass storage or Charge only. It will not load correctly in PC Mode or Windwos Sync mode.

  • Kiyuan

    Had to purchase a music player because the stock one freezes up the whole phone…whats up with that

    • Deybwah116

      Same here. Which music player did you buy?

  • Cporter15

    My phone before the upgrade was getting slow at opening text messages. I had cleared all my messages (text, email, recent calls and canceled all apps with task killer and it was still going slow to open up a new message that would just come in. I've noticed after the upgrade that it's faster now opening the texts. Also after using task killer before update it would take about 20 seconds for me to have control over the phone again after hitting the kill button. Now after hitting the kill button I still have instant control and my widgets are loaded right away. So far I like it. Still more to investigate.

  • Brute92

    I cant update mine, is anyone having this problem? When I go to the menu>settings>about phone>system update I get the message “check for update was not available at this time. try again later.” What do I need to do to fix this? or is it just because of a busy server?

    • Same here. Have the same screen. Frustrating.

      • Lakerzz

        Same here. Did you just recently get you’re DX?? Maybe that’s why we can’t get it yet. I just recently got mine.

  • Titieer234


  • whydidnt

    My Battery life has sucked since the upgrade. Drained 70% in about 4 hours yesterday with only light usage. Battery Manager crashed when I try to see usage, but the clear cache button is grayed out, so nothing to clear I guess. I also can't seem to find Google Voice Actions, where do i find that? Voice Commands takes forever to load. I've also had the phone reboot twice on it's own, something that never happened on 2.1. It seems like I may have got a bad flash. Anyway to re-flash?

  • Twism4477

    The only problem I have encountered was losing all entries in my calendar and I can't add anything to my calendar

  • Rob p

    The stock music player locks up on me when on the lock screen so that I can't unlock the phone…. It also has some play back issues…one time just turned off during audio playback and wouldn't turn back on until I pulled the headphone jack out (weird huh?)

  • dredaav

    it will be even better just as soon as you guys post a program that has a true one click root for it…

    • quiklives

      I waited for EasyRoot before, and was planning to wait for a true one-click solution this time, but I got impatient this morning and used the D2 method previously posted. It worked without trouble for me, and I' not usually very good at that sort of thing.

  • Sep

    Not digging the new unlock slide or the extra bloatware. Other than that, it's pretty neat.

  • Maybe I am just lucky, but coming from stock 2.1 that has never been rooted and i am not seeing any of the problems reported here. Flash works well, I am pretty pleased with the update.

  • Mried

    Very dissapointed in the lack of Hulu support for the android community after 2.2. I emailed them with my displeasure of not being able to load most of their videos and they directed me to the their list of “supported portable devices”, all of which are Apple products. I find that amusing since Apple basically told they Adobe Flash community to go pound sand. Apparently the Hulu Plus offerings are in HTML5….

  • Ronhova12345

    Market is broken. Some apps don't show anymore. Had to root phone and download beasly market fix. Wtf! This is the official OTA! I should not have had to do that!

  • Marcio

    why are my apps always opening in landscape although the phone is sitting flat on the table??? Anyone?

  • PowersUSA

    Flash is coming in handy already. I'm now able to stream the audio from a local sports radio station that I'm not able to get over the air in the bunker that is my office. I was able to stream, full screen over 3G, last weeks episode of Survivor from cbs.com. Now, If you visit CBS.com you get a mobile sight that does not include Survivor as a mobile streaming option (nor does the TV.com Android App). So I used another new 2.2 feature, that being Chrome To Phone. I simply loaded up the Survivor page in Chrome on my desktop and zapped that page over to the phone. I was also able to stream the TWIT live stream also. So, for me, having flash has come in pretty handy.

    That being said, the number one Flash sight in our household (three young kids) is Webkinz.com. The sight loads fine, but the flash based login dialog does not invoke the keyboard so I'm not able to login to see how well the game will play.

    Other nice to haves… Smoother unlock screen, Improved camera app, improved overall system performance, improved market app (though it still has miles to go in my opinion)

  • Poop

    update also lost all my dictionary slang I use when I txt or email. only thing so far that is better is having flash. I also notice a drop in battery life. I though 2.2 was supposed to make it better?

  • Mdn5024

    Why are messages out of order now, I liked how it was before, most recent message at the top. I also don't like the screen rotation, cant comfortably use it vertically when laying in bed anymore. Even though we have flash, too bad espn3 still doesn't work.

  • Jol

    This might be the worst phone ever, Exchange still not syncing even AFTER VZW and MOTO told me that 2.2 would fix…

    This thing is junk, returning for an Incredible today.

  • 116Unashamed

    This is my first post.. regretfully it is a complaint about my Droid X. I've had many issues since installing the OTA update. I even did a wipe after the upgrade and while that seemed to help slightly, the annoying problems outweigh the benefits.

    First, I don't like changes with the keyboard. I can't pinpoint what changed.. I know the “.com” key is gone. But there's something else. It is slower to respond at times.

    Also, the GPS icon keeps coming on every little bit. For no reason. Nothing open that should be accessing GPS. I fear this will result in battery drain.

    Third, having Flash is nice, but I don't have time to put up with the lag it causes loading pages. If it can't run better than this, I don't want it.

    Fourth, the bloatware is getting out of hand. I expected it, but still think it's ridiculous.

    Okay, I'm done complaining. Hopefully things get worked out. I am a previous BlackBerry user and am still way more satisfied with my Droid.

    • nicotinic

      I hear you with the lag. Your best bet is to change the plugin setting in your browser to on demand. Works well for me. No lag and faster browsing til you click on a flash item.

    • JC

      I’ve had none of these issues….and in fact my battery time has been better and Flash has been darn near perfect. No issues of slow or lagging performance with anything. The only problem I noticed was the force close issue when trying to view the battery manager but after clearing cache its been fine.

  • DroydHead

    My battery manager keeps force closing on me when I go to check the statistics.. Although, it doesnt happen everytime, but most of the time.

    • Edjm711

      To fix that you can clear the cache and it will stop force closing on you. 🙂

      • Edjm711

        Settings-applications-running services-battery manager-clear cache

        • DroydHead

          cool thanks… I think it worked.. Battery manager was in “running applications” and not in “running services”.. Tried it like 10 times and it looks like it did the trick. +1 to you.

    • jeesung

      stop checking the statistics!!

  • Ralubin14

    I'm having only 2 issues. First of all I would like to say my battery life seems to have improved. However, the two issues I have are minor, yet noticeable. The one is with the messaging… my keyboard seems a little laggish and also the message notification flickers a few times once i have opened the message. the other issue is that the brightness seems to be off…. even when the brightness is ALL THE WAY lowered, it is very bright…much much brighter than it was with 2.1. Other than that, 2.2 is running wonderful! Is anyone else explaining similar issues?

  • Edjm711

    As with the leak, in the official I keep getting these annoying captcha pop ups when I go to do something, usually speaking, making me look at the phone to input it, usually while driving-which was the reason I was speaking in the first place. Few others have this issue in other forums, with no solution

  • Edjm711

    also as others have mentioned, apps I regularly used no longer appear in the market

  • Android 2.2 is better than I expected. Everything seems a whole lot faster than before.

    I've been waiting to get my hands on Adobe Flash 10.1 since I heard about it months ago and I am highly impressed and not one bit disappointed. I can finally view flash enabled websites and play flash games on the go, which is incredible!

    The camera/video camera just got a whole lot better, as well. Much easier to use with the addition of the Take Pictures/Take Video buttons at the top right-hand side. Much better 'cause now I get a good shot rather than a blurry one because of the “holding down the camera button” and it doesn't always take shots when you want it to. Really nice addition!

    Also, when I first got my Droid X, there was a dead pixel, or it appeared to be one, whenever I took pictures/video, and the dead pixel was actually in the picture/video. Well…Android 2.2 cleared that right up. Brilliant!

    There's so much more that is great about Android 2.2, but you'll have to download/upload your Droid X to find out!

    A really incredible update and highly satisfied!

  • Rain_king46

    Here is what I have found: I was running the leaked 2.2 (rooted, bootstrapped, and Build.prop applied) I flashed 2.1 back on my DX and did a wipe just as the OTA was released. So went from a fresh 2.1 straight into the OTA 2.2 no problems at all. Total install time from fresh 2.1 to 2.2 was maybe 10 minutes over home wifi. I have since rooted using the new easy method posted on Droid Life yesterday. Bootstrapped and applied the new Build.prop that Beesley has already compiled from the OTA 2.2. 2.2 OTA seems a little smoother than the leaked version was on my phone, but that could also be the wipe that made it smoother. 2.2 both leaked and OTA versions seemed to make my DX faster. Problems I have noted with 2.2 on my DX, apps missing from market (corrected by application of Build.prop thank you Beesley) Battery usage monitor still force closes as it did with the leaked version. Widget Locker has force closed a couple of times on reboots. But if I restart it, it runs fine after that. I have never noticed a low volume with my DX but things seem louder to me after the upgrade. I am not having the music issue that some people have reported. My music player works fine as do MP3 ringtones. My battery life seems better, not shorter as some people have noted (Build.prop also helps with battery life) I have not noted any problems with the camera. Activesync for Exchange email seems to work better than it did with 2.1. New Swype seems smooth and stable. I dont use vibrate on my phone, so I dont care much about that change. I am getting 1350-1450 results from Quadrant consistently. The additional bloatware that Verizon has added doesn't really bother me. I understand that they want to push their stuff to make money. I just hide what I dont plan to use with Launcher Pro. Out of sight, out of mind.

    All in all 2.2 is a decent yet slightly lackluster upgrade from 2.1. In my opinion, worth the upgrade but certainly not worth all of the complaining we have all been doing about waiting for the OTA update. I fully expect an official patch update in the near future to fix the Market problem and possible the battery usage force close. I get a third party app force closing, but your own system battery monitor? C'mon guys, really?

    To anybody who doesnt mind rooting their DX, I highly recommend Beesleys Build.prop. it will fix your market problem and give you better battery life and better performance until Moto can get us an official patch to address this blunder.

  • It seems like most of the negative feed back on 2.2 is similar to the issues the Droid 1 had.

  • Exceter M

    Not really a fan of the updated Swype. I preferred the darker colors of the 2.1-Update version of Swype, and it also seems to not be as accurate with word prediction as the first version. I also prefer the original Pin number entry UI for the screen lock timeout. The buttons were much larger, easier to punch your unlock code on the fly. Other than that, this sucker is fast, sleek, and pretty!

    • Anonymous

      swype is not even close to being as accurate as it was before the update. It doesn’t even recognize “don’t” or “it’s”… keeps typing “doesn’t” and “let’s”. When I bring up the context menu to change it, I don’t even see the right words…

      Bring back the old swype!

  • Krweby

    I would have thought with the extra time they spent on it they would have fixed the force close on the battery use display and how it cuts off the last 4 seconds of wma files. Both the had said they where working on. This was stated by employee on their forum.

  • greyhulk

    First of all, the update somehow nuked all of my pictures and videos on my SD card. First time that has ever happened to me with an Android update. It only affected those file types. All of my sound clips/ringtones are intact.

    Second, there are bugs. For example, open a text messaging thread: Hold down on a message until the context menu comes up. See the option to “Copy messsage text”? Who wrote this update? Cobra Commander? I'm sure there's more.

    • nicotinic


    • Anonymous

      in this case text isn’t referring to text message, it’s referring to the text in the message, or the words. Think “copy paragraph text,” or “Copy email text,” it makes sense.

      Also, unless you used file explorer to search for the files, chances are it just didn’t recognize them in the media library yet. Try restarting it, they might show up.

      • Anonymous

        No, I mounted the SD card on a computer and checked. Most of the files are either missing or have been corrupted to an unreadable format. I’m sure it’s a fluke, but this is a new SD card (the one that came with the X) and I’ve never experienced this issue before. Some of the pics/videos are irreplaceable, so I’m a little frustrated now.

      • Anonymous

        Also, I was referring to the obscene number of S’s in the context menu item. Look again. Do you sssee it now, Dessstro?

        • Anonymous

          Ah no i didn’t see that, sorry.

    • guest

      lol cobra commander

    • jeesung

      it's an X-tra feature! 😉

  • El El Kool J

    Well kellex.. sounds like alot of people are unsatisfied with 2.2 for the X …. how's your feelings with it?

  • sangseong

    How come there is no “I'm stuck at M Logo” category in this poll?

  • Roady672

    My battery life blows now.

  • Gadgetguitar

    Switching back to my fascinate.

  • so much for a volume fix….

  • the gallery locks up and/or is very slow when it loads pictures/videos… any fix to this?

  • richlizard24

    My phone gets stuck on the Moto splash screen at start up. This has happened to me twice since the update and I have to pull the battery to get the phone to start up properly. The weird thing is that all of the start up sounds occur as if it has booted up normally but the screen is still just the Moto logo.

  • Maybe its the power of negative thinking but the quality of my pictures seem to be grainy, a problem I didnt have before. But that could just be me.

  • XsmittyX

    Sorry if this is off topic, but is there a way to see an entire text before sending. If drafting a long text it seems difficult/cumbersome to view it all. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • Hit the back button to make the keyboard disappear. Then you should be able to read the whole text message.


    I need some advice Droid-lifers! My contract is up and I have a very strong itch for a Droid X and have had one since the rumors started about the phones development. The thing is 4-G phones will be developed soon and I don't want to be tied up in a two year contract stuck on 3-G while everyone else is loving them some 4-G…. So do I get the Droid X and satisfy my hunger now w a year contract or wait until 2011?

  • droid51Third

    force closes way to much, Launcher pro needs to update, battery manager force closes, my speaker does seem louder tho.

    Just some bugs that need to be fixed, and fixed now, drives me CRAZY. If im in an app and try and go to the home screen it force closes LP. anyone have this issue and know a fix for the problem?

  • Guest

    It's great except for the fact that I can no longer receive emails from my Outlook account. All I get is an orange triangle which tells me that there is an authentication error receiving…Any ideas?

    • Odd, I don’t have any problems. Check to see if you have SSL enabled.

  • mtkregs

    2.2 for the X sucks!

    Disclaimer: My previous statement is due to the fact that I don't own an X and am very jealous of those who do. Also, I didn't vote as I don't want to affect your results. Have a nice day!

  • Brian

    Typing seems better… still cannot upload some movies to youtube because they are larger than 1 gig when they are not… quadrant score is less than the prerelease of 2.2…

  • Bob

    anyone else notice that the battery dies alot quicker now???

    • Ozyman666

      Seems to be lasting about half as long as 2.1

      • Maybe you’re just using it more now that it has 2.2 on it. =)

    • aminiche

      voice calls seem to be much more draining to the battery. havent noticed any other differences. but im not getting the battery life i did with 2.1

    • Floyd

      It seems to me my battery lasts just a little longer now. . Im happy with it so far, havent had any issues.

      • I’m with you, battery is about the same if not better. Haven’t had any issues at all.

        • alex

          For me its been different. For the first few days it would die quick. Now ive been running it for 9 hours and 8 of those hours ive had the music player going and im at 60 percent. Thats fantastic. Dont know what happened.

    • future sailor

      I’ve experienced the exact opposite.

    • Ditto

      • ditto. seems to be constantly syncing (not sure with what)

        • Even though the system keeps all your data from 2.1, it seems that the programs reset to their defaults. I had to go back into a lot of my programs that constantly pull data from the Internet and reset them so that they only synced when I opened them/specifically chose to sync.

    • Dongoracing1

      mine lasts a little longer now. But you may have an app that i dont have thats running differnt on 2.2 that didn’t run like that on 2.1? Good luck.

    • Wlbaxter

      My battery life appears to be much better as compared to my original Droid running 2.2.

  • CrayZme

    I'm having numerous issues:

    When making or receiving a call I cant hear them and they cant hear me – Have to do bat pull to fix

    Battery last 30 mins with every feature turned off – had to do hard reset/wipe to fix

    Contact list became a mess – Thanks to VZW backup assistant! Bastards! Had to delete all contacts and load only from google.

    Phone locks up and apps constantly crash….

    VZW is blaming hardware and is send another new boxed phone to me not refurb…..

  • Javier

    I'm Stuck in the M LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hoppie2828

    I'd love to be able to say, but still can't get the *^%%^#& update! No push or pull…Running the leaked 2.2 and rooted..so just waiting for someone to come up with a rooted zip

    • antintyty

      what rock have you been hiding under??

      they (MOTO) CLEARLY stated that the people with the leaked 2.2 would NOT get the OTA notice nor would they be able to pull it from the server….they are NOT going to support that leaked version, hence all the C&D emails/letters to the websites that where hosting those links…

    • Timoh

      You can't pull the update with rooted 2.2 RSD lite back to 2.1 first, or just keep the leaked 2.2 like some of us are doing for now.

  • Timoh

    Still using the leaked version until the devs can say how hackable the new version is. Being unable to flash back to 2.1 makes me think they changed the security in a bad way. “Uncle paul” mentioned battery life on the leak. I can run mine all day with normal use and still have 50-600 percent when I go to bed.

    I have no reason yet to use the official release.

  • Kind of irritated with 2.2 Other than the automatic updating of applications (which I don't plan to use), I don't really see any benefit.

    What do I have now that I didn't have before? A problematic camera, VZ Navigator (wtf)… am I missing anything? Well, GMail upgrade, which is nice.

    Honestly, while I'm not sure it's possible, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Motorola had stripped the JIT compiler right out of this thing.

    • Anonymous


      You sir are a noob. Please read up on what’s new in 2.2…. and by what’s new I mean old now… just new to the X


      I am right there with you… loving my FlyX…..

    • Anonymous

      VZ Navigator?!? next they’re going to block Google Maps / Navigation?

  • Dbond306

    I wish they'd fix the volume issue already!

  • Michael_NM

    It seems buggy to me. It's not as stable as Froyo on the Droid or Droid 2. Battery Manager force closes, paid apps missing in market, etc. It seems like VZ/Moto pushed out an unfinished product to meet the end of summer deadline. I hope/expect a minor update soon…

  • Tracy Wilborn

    I've had more bugs with my X in the last day than I had for the almost two months I've had it. Sort of makes me want to go back to 2.1. <:-(

  • dtlorman

    Has anyone noticed it does not scroll up and down as quickly as 2.1?

    • haven't noticed but did notice the additional slider thing on the right side of text threads to scroll through them a lot faster

  • Cwhiteman

    I haven't found a single issue on my dx with the ota 2.2

    • Lakernutz

      Ditto…I’m reading these problems and checking each one. O-fer so far. No difference in the battery that I can tell…If anything it seemed to give me a full charge quite a bit quicker. I haven’t really timed it, but it went from 20% to 100% in less than an hour. Is that possible? Could be a false reading I guess…Then too, it could of always been that quick and I never noticed.

  • Other than that dick move of changing the signatures on the bootloader, it's good. But that bootloader thing makes me bitter, so my opinion is biased.

  • Ryanrj1352

    Unless Im missing something it doesnt allow to use the volume buttons to go from ring to vibrate only to silent like it did on 2.1. I know there are settings now for vibrations but unless im crazy they took away this feature….No biggie though, I can just get a toggle for that…..I also dont like the screen rotating. Its very shaky now and turning at the slightest move even if Im trying not to rotate it…..

    • jiggaman508

      Set vibrate to only when not in silent mode, that will fix the volume issue

  • Poop

    I don't like not being able to quickly go from vibrate to total silence from vol rocker. vibrator is so loud on these things. also can't hide my pimpin email acct from the wife anymore. when u hit email icon it always brings up both to pick from. but I think that's just in the app. might uninstal update on gmail.

    • Ixobelle

      can’t hide pimpin email account from the wife

      : /

      oh, america, and your family values.

  • I am still using 2.1

  • Uncle paul

    Keeping the Leak for a while, running great and battery life keeps getting better too, same or heavier useage and I havent ran it dead yet vs 2.1

  • ray949

    Anyone know how to remove the bloatware from a DX 2.2 that is rooted?

  • droidrev71

    Who is on second?

    • Mata

      Whats on first 🙂

      Been waiting to root/debloat/play with the X till 2.2
      Now I have it rooted, titanium backup’d – getting ready to freeze out
      some apps and get fly soon 🙂 No complaints from me, but hey
      I’m pretty new at this.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know’s on third

        With all these problems, I think I will stay with the leaked version for now.

  • Manuelgalaz1

    I dont know if everyone else is having this problem but i realized that i have not been been able to play any of my music or my ringtones because it is not supporting the format. WTH!! If there is a fix for this please let me know.

    • yeah, i can’t play wavs.

    • try rebooting it. I had video player problems til I reboot

  • Maansova


  • Feffsf


  • edjm711

    As on the leak, I keep getting a captcha pop up that interrupts what I’m doing every few hours, several times a day. Usually after I speak a command, forcing me to look down at the phone, usually while driving, which is why I was using voice in the first place. Drives me nuts. I see a few others on the forums with the same issue but no resolution to the problem.

  • in response to the drivers, you have to run the mot connect that comes up. it will install the new drivers. Thats what worked for me. try usb mass storage mode to install them.

  • Android 2.2 is better than I expected. Everything seems a whole lot faster than before.

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on Adobe Flash 10.1 since I heard about it months ago and I am highly impressed and not one bit disappointed. I can finally view flash enabled websites and play flash games on the go, which is incredible!

    The camera/video camera just got a whole lot better, as well. Much easier to use with the addition of the Take Pictures/Take Video buttons at the top right-hand side. Much better ’cause now I get a good shot rather than a blurry one because of the “holding down the camera button” and it doesn’t always take shots when you want it to. Really nice addition!

    Also, when I first got my Droid X, there was a dead pixel, or it appeared to be one, whenever I took pictures/video, and the dead pixel was actually in the picture/video. Well…Android 2.2 cleared that right up. Brilliant!

    There’s so much more that is great about Android 2.2, but you’ll have to download/upload your Droid X to find out!

    A really incredible update and highly satisfied!

  • HTC IME (EVO) keyboard force closes after FROYO update. Tried to reinstall Keyboard but to no avail …still force closes. Anyone else using the HTC Keyboard successfully after 2.2 update? btw, I prefer the HTC keyboard because of the directional arrow keys, lets me hop around and fix all my errors. Thanks in advance.

  • Kevin

    It’s fine. Good even. The moment the wizards come out with custom ROMs I’ll be even happier. Bland, washed out vendor ROMs will never be very exciting.

  • Joe

    1. Flash

    1. 270 degree rotate. Is there a way to put it back the way it was? 180 rotate was it?
    2. Advance Task Killer no longer works correctly.

  • Supermiah

    I still have not been able to resolve an issue: I am missing apps in the Market….. I have an unrooted DX 2.2. I cannot get all my apps. Like MLB AT BAT 2010. It is not there.

  • brian309

    I get a new phone out the deal messed up my homescreen after update.

  • I find my phone runs A LOT faster. It used to get choppy scrolling through home screens as well as the app drawer. Now it glides extremely fast. Its only been 1 day but I am hoping to see better results as far as battery life. I don’t think my X has a good battery life. I often times have to plug it in when i get home from work and I’m not a heavy user. Maybe I got a bad battery.

    Also, I am waiting for an easier rooting method. I really like Universal Androot prior to the 2.2 update.

  • I really don’t like how the music player seems to lock up in landscape mode, but I really *do* like that my various audio applications don’t seem to play over each other anymore.

  • SFC_Airborne51

    Nevermind its not loading comments my bad no need to flame me. ;p

  • YF

    Is anyone else having problems getting windows to update the drivers when connecting the phone via the USB cable? As it stands, I’m unable to successfully connect in PC Mode because the drivers can’t be found. I’m running Vista, any suggestions?

  • SFC_Airborne51


  • To remove the bloat, i highly recommend root explorer in the marketplace. I think its like $3. It will let you get into the system – apps folder and from there you can either renamed the applications to .bak or you can uninstall altogether. Just make sure you dont remove any files named blur. I highly suggest renaming them just in case you ever need them back. Renaming will remove them from your home menu list.

  • It bricked my phone, why the hell would I like it? Wasn’t rooted, just did a regular OTA update and hangs at the M screen. Will boot correctly 1 maybe out of every 10 times, no recovery except for that 10th time. VZ had to replace the phone.

  • Kind of irritated with 2.2 Other than the automatic updating of applications (which I don’t plan to use), I don’t really see any benefit.

    What do I have now that I didn’t have before? A problematic camera, VZ Navigator (wtf)… am I missing anything? Well, GMail upgrade, which is nice.

    Honestly, while I’m not sure it’s possible, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Motorola had stripped the JIT compiler right out of this thing.

  • Question… I have a DX 2.2 and I am rooted. How do I remove the bloatware from my phone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!