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Thursday Poll: Thoughts on 2.2 for the DROID X?

What are your thoughts on the official 2.2 update for the Droid X? Was it worth the wait?  Are you already looking forward to the next Android release?  Let us know in the comments!

Was the DROID X 2.2 update worth the wait?

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  • Sasuke818

    my camera doesnt load somtimes and i have to restart it also my music closes alot. hopefully gingerbread will be better.

  • TOM

    There are problems reported with music playback. My alarm has stopped playing music. The error it gives is that “Sorry the file you are trying to play does not exist anymore.” However, connecting through USB shows my MP3 file there?!

  • Bluff_daddy9

    since the download as soon as my auto kill kills all apps they turn themselves back on instantly

  • Wlbaxter

    2.2 on my Droid X is great, But I discovered at least one quirk with the newly updated blue tooth head headset functionality. If you use the screen lock, voice command over a Blue tooth can not be started by simply long pressing the head set call button. It appears that the screen lock has to remain off for this to work as advertised.
    You can get around it by using Choice dialer+ from the Android Market which does work even if the phones screen lock is enabled, or you can just not use the screen lock if security is not a priority for you. Hopefully, this is just a minor bug with the 2.2 android voice commander app and will be fixed with an update.

  • BMWMan

    So far I haven't had any issues. Battery life seems good. I do have one complaint…Why can't they make the lock slide like the (dare I say it) iphones? The slide lock is amaturish at best.

  • Schruelty

    Having some issues with phone freezing and getting blank screen after reboot. This also happened after initial update but was resolved after phone sat for awhile. Seems a little buggy still just hope lock up does not occur when im not around home and need my phone. When it is running seems to run fine not much difference, less random crashes then 2.1. Nice to have flash, hope and update is coming for the bugs such as the text messaging.

  • DroidEquis

    I Don't know if some of you are experiencing a “Force Close” when checking battery usage on your Droid X? Only about 35% of the time does it ever allow me to actually view what my battery is using most of its juice for. If its just my phone then, that makes me a sad panda. =(

  • Didjeri

    My signal strength seems to be very flaky since the update. I also HATE the slider lock requirement since my corporate sync requires the PIN lock also. Otherwise, I feel some improvements were worthwhile but not as earthshattering as everyone made it seems like the update would be.

  • Dpry3580

    The unlock feature does take longer now, u'd think they'd make it faster!

  • Dongoracing1

    Love It, Love It!!! Phone has never been faster and flowed so smoothly! The only thing is when im playing my music and go to switch the song it sometimes freezes but it recovers before i ever have to restart the phone. But they can fix that easy with an OTA so no biggie i can wait. So glad to have 2.2!

  • The release was about what I expected. There are some good things and bad things. The one bad thing I noticed is that the videos I captured on my DX while running 2.1 will not play now that I updated to 2.2. The News/Weather App is pretty nice though and the addition of using GPS location for the weather is a huge bonus for me as a traveler.

  • RobRawls

    My DX runs 20 times better now. Its good to use my phone with out all the freezing going on!

  • Elvis

    My home wireless worked fine on 2.1 and is now broken on 2.2. Come on Motorola…


  • carl

    love the update..way better than the leaked version ha..it took about 15min but that was no biggy..everything is twice as good as it was before..only bug I found was in my music player from time to time..other than that it's pretty sick

  • Why is it that the Evo can do *Rooted* tasks without being officially rooted but My DroidX won't major Flaw i should be able to do a simple screen capture… sorry i shouldn't have to void my warranty to be able to do something so simple

  • srmcdermott

    It completely killed my phone! Verizon is sending me a new (or refurbished one). I was told that 1 to 1.5 percent of DX owners have had this happen when they upgrade to 2.2.

  • Michael

    I'm seriously irritated that Verizon requires another data plan on top of my unlimited data plan for USB tethering…PDAnet stays on the droid.

    • Ksizzle9

      root, install barnacle legacy, or wifi tether for root users

  • Gearz23

    WTF!??? My wifi isnt working properly. Some1 pls help :/

  • Dustin

    I don't know much I speak for other users as my phone was not rooted previously, but I had a heck of a time after the update installed. The phone was stuck on the motorola logo for a while. I had to search around to realize that removing the battery and restarting without the battery first and then reintroducing the sd card would relieve the issue I had. Has this happened to many other DX users?

    • Yea happened to me but runs great now

  • soulever989

    Not too keen on the 270 degree screen turning. Is there a way to change it so it only rotates 90?

  • Maselow

    I don't know if anyone has this problem like me but it seems that my contacts are loading very sluggish. My contact pix take forever to come up.

  • 2.2 Regrets

    2.2 forces me to use a pin code, to unlock my Driod X. I can't disable, it is already a major pain in the ass, how do i go back to 2.1

    • Doesn't force me to use a pin only. I have at least three options.

  • Deybwah116

    Is there ANYONE here who got the Droid X on launch day who is NOT having issues with Froyo? Or issues in general?? So in otherwords, is there anyone here who got the Droid X on launch day and it runs PERFECT? As in, no lag when unlocking phone, no lag at all actually, no freezing to battery removal reboot, no issues with music player, etc etc etc.

    • Deybwah116

      I have a feeling that the first batch of Droid X's that were made are flawed. It's a working theory and YOU can help with the test results! Report in folks!

      • quiklives

        Picked mine up 7/15 at Best Buy. Had it rooted, unrooted it for the OTA update, then re-rooted it, all with no problems, and 2.2 is running smooth as can be for me.

        • Deybwah116

          My theory is flawed then! Thanks mate.

    • I've had mine since day one and my Droid X is running like a champ. Love the 2.2 btw.

    • Ralubin14

      I was the first person to walk out of my local verizon store with one, and froyo seems to run pretty smooth on mine. ive had no problems with freezing, any lag from 2.1 (mainly in the messaging app) is gone, and my battery life seems to be slightly improved. as for the lag for the unlock screen, no it is not as perfectly smooth as the 2.1 unlock screen, but it is far from “laggish”…maybe “choppy” if i slide it across slowly, but as soon as i drag it all the way across, my phone unlocks immediately. the only things i've had NOT perfect with froyo is the keyboard seems to be just a bit slower than 2.1, and I cannot lower the brightness of my screen all the way down… as soon as I lock the phone, it automatically raises the brightness a little bit. but other than that, i really have not had any problems. im sure they'll be releasing an updated version of froyo before all is said and done, just like they did to the original droid

    • Deybwah116

      Thanks for the replies!

  • Bkspero

    I am overall pleased with the upgrade for my stock X. If battery life is slightly better or worse, it is too small a difference to tell. Generally feels more polished. Music player now more reliably resumes play where it had left off. Seems a little snappier overall. Nice to finally be able to voice dial using my bluetooth earpiece.

    Some irritants. Having to use the unlock screen along with my pattern unlock. Missing the .com key. Biggest issue is the floating reply bar in the new Gmail. In landscape mode it uses so much screen real estate that you only see a thin sliver of the message. Not terrible for text, but I have to look at charts and graphes in emails, and I can no longer see the whole image at one time. Have to keep scrolling up and down.

  • Durancira92

    I am having a problem with wifi ever since i upgraded. It would go on and off and would go back to scanning for the network that im connected to. It frustrates the hell out of me!!! Any suggestions?

  • Hrcasas

    Did 2.2 fix the low volume level?

    • Durancira92

      It added more volume levels as u can see when u go to raise ur media vol. the red bar wont raise in a large chunk like 2.1 and as to being louder im not to sure but i think it is just a bit.

    • quiklives

      It's definitely louder for me, I've had to turn everything down. But from what I can see, YMMV

  • http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/23/editorial-the-dark-side-of-android-hacking/

    hey droid-life, just wondering if you have read this from nilay patel @ Engadget. looks like he used that method that was posted the other day of going to 2.1 via the-gift and then going to official 2.2 by OTA. any input ?

  • Jacel0731

    It has more eye candy than 2.1 but it definitely is not as smooth. When listening to music and waking up the phone it makes the music stop a little that wasn't happening on 2.1.

    Needless to say I am very disappointed.

  • Tracy Wilborn

    WTF?? Now my phone randomly reboots for no reason? This was absolutely NOT a good upgrade..

  • timarnette

    My battery last a lot longer. I love 2.2 and how fast it is. Worth the wait.

  • palmettogirl

    my sd card gets unexpectedly removed for no reason, so i have to power down my phone every few hours. where before my phone was powering itself down for no reason before 2.2. i'm about to do a hard reset on this one tonight, and see what happens.

  • Jamescaceres1989

    well i like it i havent got full in detail with it but so far i like the flash on the web and the rotation of the phone keyboard … plusss I LOVE the sound it higher and louder pluss pluss the graphics and reso is better i want better themes for my launcher pro where can i get some ???any one know

  • kevin

    its funny how all you people are complaining about bugs, but all you were whining for the longest time you just wanted it, well this is what you get. Maybe you should learn to freakin be patient, just cause you have the latest and “greatest” doesnt mean you get all the goodies first.. god