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Video: DROID X Android 2.2 Walkthrough

With the official Android 2.2 update for the Droid X coming out last night at midnight instead of noon today like we all were told it would, we had a chance to whip together a quick walkthrough!  This isn’t your typical Froyo overview since those have been done dozens of times by now, but I did cover some of the highlights which you’ll enjoy with this newly updated OS.

Video Action:

Everyone able to get the update?  Visit Settings>About>System Updates from your phone now!

  • Thank you for the video!!

  • Chales777

     It is not like a typical froyo really as you said…awesome…

  • Ackland11

    Ok I have both… but need the icon pack… where did u get it??

  • A Le X

    How did you get your launcher pro to look like that? with the 4 home screen options of “tweet” “voice” “gmail” “phone”. Where can I get the same icon pack, please?

    • Sheldonguy88

      I searched up and down cant seem to find it either…. but it looks so nice… so where can we pick it up???????

      • Ackland11

        ya i would really like to know as well!!! somebody please!!!!

    • Sheldonguy88

      Its Desktop visualizer in the market, its free. You will need LauncherPro as well….. Took 4ever but I figured it out. have fun!

      • Ackland11

        Ok I have both… but need the icon pack… where did u get it??

  • Will Rod


    Just wondering how/where can I install Lontra Pro on my device (Droid X). ??

    Thank you

  • Backup all your mp3, photos, videos to computer – Delete those files from your DX then do the update. Or else after Update DX freezes and you will have to leave it one for hours on end depending on the amount of each media you have so the database that builds for Gallery apps is created.

    I learnt this the hard way till I removed the SDcard it worked flawless. So then I removed the media from the SDcard and it worked flawless. I then added the pics back let it build database followed by the videos and then 6GB worth of mp3 which took the longest to create the DB.

  • Jon Jaeger Ca

    I love the theme please how do I do it. I can't find desktop visualizer anywhere… And how do you have the expanding dock bar out looks awesome!

  • Puffy98

    my phone doesnt push gmail…WTF?

    anyone plz help me??

  • ABerry5

    been running the leaked version since it came out… can someone tell me any changes from leaked to this? I'm about to go back because I did see some bugs (not bad but there were some, such as battery manager sometimes force closing on tap, and sms of todays texts not being ordered correctly, also txt messages sometimes start scrolled all the way to the top)

  • Dr_luke

    after update to 2.2 my DroidX just don't dowload any app from the Market. WTF?

  • Rickrmsy

    is anybody else having problems with apps working from the market and can't even find apps I paid for in market

  • Jeff

    Got my update at 11:59pm last night. Loving me some froyo 😉

  • Antr82

    Couldn't get update

  • you see when you click the photo in the text messages list a launcher for different actions concerning that action pops up now?

    also, there is a scroll tab in text message threads (was a pain to scroll through long threads before)

    I believe google accounts for google apps (like businesses or universities) did not function before and does now (i tried adding my college google account before 2.2 and it did not function but does now)

    all of this on non rooted DX

  • Amyleefe

    How do I get flash 10.1?

  • ADT

    All of a sudden I have a vibration in the speaker for calls. Is it from moto jacking up the volume in the update?? It's a new phone (2 weeks old) and it started today after the update. Anyone else notice this.

  • c_hack

    Huge disappointment. With 2.2, you cannot turn off the slide to unlock like you could with 2.1. You also can't sort contacts by last name – you can on D1 with 2.2. Why would they not think to allow sorting people by their last name?! I have yet to see any benefits.

    • Are you talking about the slide lock asking for a pin number? I think it has something to do with corp email exchange. I was having the same problem but after the update to 2.2 i removed my corp email then set it back up. The slide lock pin problem went away after that. I was having more buggy problems with 2.2 so I did a full wipe and restore. Even after the restore & setting it back up my corp email the slide problem is fixed.

  • Ktmotoxer

    I dont know if its just my Droid X but after the update everything seems slower except for the browser which seems faster but juttery. Theres bugs in the stock music app. Some flash sites dont properly work. No option to disable the slide lock and for some, no option to enable it. Task killers aren't working properly. And the friggin crap ware pops up every 5 seconds. They still didnt fix the music app. from cutting off the last 4 seconds of every Mp3 formatted song. And what the hell happened to the text magnification bubble? I think they rushed out the update to save face. I hope Im not the only one experiencing these issues. I honestly word rather have 2.1 back or a fixxed version of 2.2!!!! Total botch! At least on my phone….

    • I was having all kinds of trouble this morning since I updated to 2.2. I finally did a full wipe and things are now 100% better. Everything is running smoothly. It sucks that I did have to download all new apps, etc but it was worth it.

  • I've had nothing but problems ever since updating. No texts are sending, I'm losing service in and out, and my internet is as slow as my old flip phone….not sure what's going on but I am EXTREMELY disappointed with 2.2 right now.

  • sholtkamp

    Ok someone please port this multitouch goodness keyboard!!!!

  • JTE

    so I guess it's a bad omen that I couldn't watch more than 4 seconds of the video without it getting choppy or rebuffering… hopefully it isn't that bad with wifi. I've also heard that changing the browser settings for plug-ins to “on demand” helps, but I haven't tried it out yet.

    • JTE

      tried it home on the wifi and it worked much better. buffered for about 1-2 seconds every 2 mins.

  • Crawford720

    So I have 2.2 now, confused about flash, do I have to down load it or not? Shows up when I manage applications, but in my apps? Same with Voice search, both show like I do not have them installed when I go to the market? Voice does work on my phone now? Are updates? Not showing as that in my update applications.

  • Chdennis

    Desktop visualizer does not exist in the market anymore…what do we do?!

  • Wizardplayer2000

    Havent installed 2.2 yet … does the speaker get louder or what?

  • Gimesum8

    I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of and I STILL can't install the 2.2 update!!!!!!! I've done a complete data/cache wipe, deleted the update.zip file on my SD card, pulled the battery, tried while rooted and UNrooted close to 10 times already and this is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!!!!! I tried to install the leaked version once last week but it didn't work (froze at the M screen) and left me at version 2.1.

    Someone please help…I am tired of downloading this file over and over again! Thanks.

    • Xuser

      Look under Settings/Data manager/data delivery/social applications/

      Make sure sync over wifi only is unchecked.

  • Will there be a update.zip file for people that are running the leak?

  • Will there be a update.zip file for people that are running the leak 2.2?

  • trackzilla

    Anybody else notice that pattern locking the phone is disabled by VZW after updating to 2.2?

    • JTE

      I use the pattern lock (with the screen lock widget d/l from the market) and it works just fine for me on 2.2. I will say that the very first boot after installing the update brought me to the screen lock, even though the widget had it turned off. After the widget loaded from the reboot, it worked like fine again.

      • trackzilla

        I'll look for pattern lock int he market place; before I was using the built in pattern lock and it appears disabled. Thanks for the idea.

        • JTE

          I'm using the built in pattern lock, but I downloaded a toggle widget to turn it off and on. From what I've been reading on the forums, it appears to be an issue with corporate sync.

    • It's not disabled by VZW, it's disabled by your administrator of corporate sync. If you look farther down in the Location and security section you will see “Select Device Administrators”. Open it and you will see corporate sync. What that means is that your school/company has a restriction to give extra security since their company emails etc. are on your phone. This is new with 2.2.

      Now the fix, just delete your corporate sync account and then re-add it. Ta da!

  • jrsmith08

    how did you get your launcher pro to look like that? with the 4 home screen options of “tweet” “voice” “gmail” “phone”. thanks.

  • Love 2.2, it's all I had hoped it would be but having to enter a pin code when the phone has been off for longer than the specified time blows. I just want to slide to unlock, no pin…ever.

    • Pin? I have had to enter a pin number

      • quiklives

        I haven't either, but I never turn my phone off, just put it to sleep.

    • richg3323

      David, you can change it by going to settings>location & security>set up screen lock

      • Todd

        I go to Change Screen Lock and only have the options to change the PIN and Password. The NONE and Pattern both are “greyed” out and say Disabled by remote phone administrator. Can I change that?

        • Anderson

          Do you sync with an exchange server? If so, it may be causing the issue. I think you have to delete the account and redo it.

          • Ronin4759

            This helped. Thanks

  • Trug2018

    HELP! Would y'all recommend a DX or DIncredible???

    • Ron

      For my money, the X – no contest. Larger screen, more on-board memory, upgradable to 40G. The DI IS a great second choice if the X is too big for your use. (Hand, pocket, etc.) Let me know what you settle on. You will be happy with either!

    • Anonymous

      i would wait a bit before you decide, I mean have you read the comments lately? Trillions of bugs on the DX now and eh, I had a few bugs on my droid incred. It depends if you’re the bigger the better type then get the X.

  • wilydodger

    I lost my sliding lock screen after this update. I had it turned off in 2.1, and now I can't find the setting to re-enable it.

    It comes on when I first boot the phone and flashes for a second after I trurn the screen back on, but that's it. Anyone know how to get this back?

    P.S. The security lock works, just not the sliding one.

  • Chad59

    Got mine at 9:35 last night!!!

  • NebulaOcton

    My wife is reporting the comma button has disappeared from her keyboard

    • Good. No one needs proper punctuation 😛

    • Cporter15

      The comma on the multi-touch keyboard is there but you have to hit the 123 button first then its at the bottom left of the space. On the swype it's still in the same spot left of the space key. I've noticed speed improvements with mine already. Before it took awhile to get into someones text message now it pops right up quickly.

  • My phone, has never been rooted, and I am having all sorts of problems constant crashing, crappy performance, so I just decided to reboot, and now all I see is the Motorola Logo and nothing else, I have pulled the battery three times to no avail.

    Guess my lunch break today will be at the Verizon store.

    • You rooted and now you can't load a ROM and you're going to go into a Verizon store? haha
      Have fun! You'll have better luck in our Live Support IRC room…
      Top of the page^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


      • NorCalGuy

        Tim he said NEVER rooted Haha… he should be fine going to verizon.

  • viewthis66

    “pull” works great! love this feature. should be standard on all Android devices. 2.2 on the DX is nice!

  • capt. sluggish

    Smooth like buttah.

  • I have a question, was 2.2 supposed to have a built in “flashlight” app?

  • Jay P

    Im trying to download flash and gmail or anything from the market and it say download unsucessfull, does anyone know whats the reason. and another thing is it because it keeps saying loading data in the notification bar, thank u.

    • Anonymous

      I care deeply about you, Jay.
      Try going to settings-applications-all-Market
      then “clear data” and “clear cache”

    • Jay P

      apparently nobody cares about me not Tim or Kellex thanks u guys.

  • Enrique

    Need two now the easy way to root now… anyone can hell me?

  • El El Kool J

    OH NO KELLEX!!! Your signal was so weak.. you must have been holding your phone in the wrong hand… lol… 😛

  • SirBrass

    The droid 2 root method works with the OTA. It's been proven to work already. Go get your root now man :).

    • Do you wanna take the responsibility for people perma bricking their phones if they try to SBF it back to 2.1 incase of f***-ups though? 😛
      I didn't think so haha

      • Uncle paul

        its hard to brick a device flashing back to 2.1 via sbf. if you brick your s*** its no ones fault but yours, this is serious business.

        • Yea, duly noted….but people should be made aware of the fact that attempting to use RSD lite to flash the 2.1 SBF will brick their phone…and there is no fix as of yet…

          DERP! 🙂

  • Jgalecki

    What theme are you using in that vid that has the big tweet gmail etc. words on it? And how do I get it

    • Did you watch or listen to the video?
      He is using LauncherPro with an app called Desktop Visualizer…


      • Jgalecki

        I have launcher pro. I must of missed the part about the other app

        • Hehe I watched again and he didn't even mention it. Don't worry about it 😛

      • Jgalecki

        seems they took desktop visualizer off the market after the 2.2 update. Nuts.

        • It's probably just one of those weird bugs. Cause it's there for me. Google search for the APK or something 😛

          • Chdennis

            I looked for the APK and in the market and when you get to the market it basically says that thisi doesn’t exist. What shall we do!?

          • Ohyaknow76

            use astro file manager instead. i had the same issue.

          • yrahcaz

            Where did he get those icons?

          • Anonymous

            I can’t find the APK on the web either.

      • Chdennis

        Hey, Tim-o-tato. I was wondering if you knew how he got those icons on his home screen and also if there was any way that you could tell us how he got the dock to be a drawer. That feature was really cool and I would like to customize my phone to have that.

  • pir800

    downloading now!

  • Sfhock

    I had 270 rotation on my X before the 2.2 update… anyone else?

    • Timoh

      I had 90 degree rotation on 2.1, wasn't able to do 270 I don't think.

  • Timoh

    Keeping the leaked version for now. If it's true you can't flash back to 2.1 there's a reason they locked it out. I don't trust them.

    • Toastid

      I flashed back to 2.1 then got the 2.2 OTA just fine.

      • Jasonws

        Yea, that'll work fine. You just cant flash the 2.1 sbf once your on the 2.2 OTA.

  • supermiah

    I am missing apps…. MLB At Bat is not there.Can someone check to see if they can see it in the Market?

  • RMoulton

    Can anyone else see the video. I just have a huge white space where it should be. Or is it just me?! :p

    • Are you using an iPhone???

      • RMoulton

        I would rather use two tin cans and a string!

      • KraYzeE


    • Anonymous

      just you 🙁

  • Limbo1224

    the market isn't showing everything that it should, but the build prop posted on the site earlier should fix it. Also you can root droidx 2.2 with the same method as the droid 2.

  • zOMG?!?! 2.2 on the X?!?! I DONT BELIEVE IT! CAPS LOCK!!!! AHHHH!!!!!!

  • RMoulton

    Was someone up too late? There's no video.

  • The_Other_Ray


    • The_Other_Ray

      Ok I'll read the article now. 🙂