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DROID 2 Global Benchmarks and System Info, Hello 1.2GHz Processor

We first showed you our exclusive shots of the Droid 2 Global and now have even more goodies from this amazing looking device.  Who wants some Quadrant system info and benchmarks?  Unfortunately we don’t have screenshots, but this is the information we’ve been given we have no reason to question.  How does an ARMV7 clocked to 1.2GHz sound?  1709 benchmark?

Update:  Screenshots now posted!

SDK version: 2.2

ARMv7 rev 2
Current freq: 300mhz
Max freq: 1200 mhz
Min freq: 300 mhz
Cores: 1

Total: 488700 kB


So you can see from the system info that this beast has been clocked at 1.2GHz which would make this D2 the fastest device on the market, right?  It also is sporting what appears to be the same 512MB of RAM that both the DX and original D2 sport.  And when an actual Quadrant benchmark was run, the first attempt came up with 1566 and the second hit 1709. Seriously, wow.  To give you an idea of what the Droid X gets, check out this post.  The Linpack score came in 16.499 which is about as high as you’ll see for whatever reason on an OMAP processor.

Other stuff we know:

  • Same 2.2 Blur that is on the D2 and DX
  • Same 5MP camera
  • Same keyboard

Impressed?  I’m loving the look and the speed, but is the 3.7″ screen a deal breaker?

  • Definitely need an upgrade and change my phone!  It’s so slow!

  • 362601342

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  • Yourdealman

    I just ran Quadrant on my new Droidx 2.2 fresh start up and i was hitting 1500 no problem

  • Well The Linpack score came in 16.499 which is about as high as you’ll see for whatever reason on an OMAP processor.Thanks for sharing with us…

  • Caosroy

    Lol a not even a 1.6 on that benchmark with that 1.2 gig in it?? My 800 on my G2 pulls that lmao fail motorola

  • Well its was good It also is sporting what appears to be the same 512MB of RAM that both the DX and original D2 sport.Thanks for the excellent information!

  • Thanks for posting this. i really enjoyed reading this. Well I Like D2 and im sure with more updates coming this phone will be even better than the global……..hehe

  • The Droid world phone was never going to have 4″ it was bad info going around the web & The 4″ device is a different phone entirely..thanks

  • 1. How can I get this unlocked?
    2. How's the GPU in this? 1.2GHz is nice but if it's paired with something that scores 15fps in the Quadrant GPU banchmark I'll take a Galaxy S with a slower CPU instead.

  • Reggiesweets26

    Really. Is any of this really that important? I mean if you really want to change something on the droid2 just add more friendly features, like the buddies now app. It is really cool. Love my D2 and im sure with more updates coming this phone will be even better than the global……..hehe

  • I really like the blog. it seems to be so helpful for me, No doubt about it dude, Droid is the one to watch! and I am sure to all the commentators here!

  • phandroid

    Well i am not surprice my vibrant is rooted and clocked at 1.2 Ghz and my qudrent is 2600.

  • BAoxymoron

    honestly I'm just happy about the hdmi out… oh wait… not

  • Ivmc1985

    Galaxy S 2.1———>Galaxy S 2.2 ——————> Danger

  • RungWee

    No doubt about it dude, Droid is the one to watch!


  • SD

    really? no ones going to make the obvious joke??
    These are not the droids we were looking for

  • Stephen D

    The OMAP processors score low on Linpack because Linpack relies on the pipeline. TI did nothing to the Cortex A8 pipeline with the OMAP, so it has a 64 bit pipeline. However, the Snapdragon has a deeper, 128 bit pipeline that is able to process twice the information, and it also processes it faster. There are a few other differences between them that I can't remember, but that is the primary reason that the Snapdragon scores much higher in Linpack.

  • Milestone 2 , DROID 2 Global, Motorola DEFY, DROID X…

    Hmm… Which should i choose to buy?
    So confused 🙂

  • JB

    I am liking this phone a lot but.. I agree. 3.7 is a deal breaker. If it was 4″ like the original rumor had it, I would upgrade from my D1 for sure. Infact I was actually holding out for this phone. But, ughh, so disappointed tight now.

  • bayarea

    will this be in other colors like maybe black? and really to me a 3.7-4.0 inch screens are good for me i dont want to be carrying a mini tablet in my pocket.

  • MikeSS

    Wow, people who are saying my X is better just don't get the purpose of this phone. It's Global folks! As someone who ventures outside of the United States a few times a year for more than a week, I'm very interested. Right now I'm carrying my D1 and another world phone with me every time I travel. I've got to deal with 2 sets of accesories, android&symbian OS's…

  • Ehh, they could have made this phone soooo much better in my opinion.
    Kind of a let down that it's just a Droid 2…
    Who agrees?

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  • adam

    Not a big deal i have my original droid that has root with 1.3ghz and app 2 sd that clean about 200 mb of my internal memory . Thank but no thanks. FYI people that ARMV7 is old .

    even the droid 1 has DROID by Motorola, A855, delivers a richer Web experience and smarter messaging on the thinnest … Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 600 mHz;

    u putting old spec from 2008 that even the original droid has better processor wow.

  • guest

    Not a big deal i have my original droid that has root with 1.3ghz and app 2 sd that clean about 200 mb of my internal memory . Thank but no thanks. FYI people that ARMV7 is old .

    even the droid 1 has DROID by Motorola, A855, delivers a richer Web experience and smarter messaging on the thinnest … Arm® Cortex™ A8 processor 600 mHz;

    u putting old spec from 2008 i past.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    BUT… can it be rooted

    THAT is the question

  • brando56894

    Not bad, now it makes slightly more sense for verizon to ditch the droid 2 in favor of the droid 2 WE since it has a slightly higher clockspeed (which can easily be achieved via rooting a D1 or D2). Im still sticking with my original droid until at least march of next year, my contract isnt done until november 11 though.

  • shdowman

    An R2D2 Droid sans the graphics. Better processor but same Blur crap and craptastic camera…unless you are going overseas a lot, nothing to see here…move along.

  • Zerotime

    Looks like its an alternate universe version when you see it in white. I like it even w/ a small screen

  • I said it


  • Tman

    When will this be out on the market?

  • Patwww

    When you say is a 3.7 inch screen a dealbreaker, do you mean that in a bad way? I think 4.3 would be a dealbreaker. 4.3 is for people with 30/40 vision or less lol.

  • Chad

    same crappy camera? COME ON motorola , droid's camera is one of the worst ive had :/

  • Dpry3580

    Your “other stuff we know” listing has a couple flaws.

    My X has an 8 MP camera, not a 5, and my X doesn't have a keyboard.

    The D2 has a physical keyboard, right? (booooooo)

    With 2.2 my X FINALLY ranks highest on benchmark with NO modification.

    I could never beat the Nexus 1 until now.

    This thing with LauncherPro Plus is amazing.

    I might consider rooting, if the percs out weigh the risks. I haven’t heard of a good enough reason to root the X yet. I can’t imagine it performing better.

    It will take a 2GB processor and equal size screen before I’d consider giving up this monster.

    • jeesung

      i think he means D2 Global has same camera & keyboard as D2 and same Blur as D2 & DX

    • brando56894

      2GB Processor? I think you mean GHz 🙂 GB is a storage measure while GHz is the number of cycles per second (technically thats the definition of one hertz not one gigahertz)

    • … He was comparing it to the D2… Anyone who knows anything about Droids know that was implied..

  • chris

    For those of us who live/work/go to school outside of the US, this phone has a huge advantage over any other phone available. The current selection of world phones is pretty shabby to say the least. I'm glad I didn't cave and get a blackberry, because I would much rather have a world phone running android.

  • P0k3y

    Quadrant scores are useless. I get lower scores with ADW launcher than with Launcher Pro, but the former is so much faster. At least icons pop up instantly when I return to home screen from browser or Youtube.

    • I agree I ran bench marks last night 3 times when I got the 2.2 ota first I got like a 1460 then a 1230 then a 1508…. I don't know what to beleave oh and today got a 1377…. so what ever im done with quadrant I think since its always all over the place

  • Definitely looks white on the bottom. Not to happy about this. Two colors please?!?!


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  • FrenchToast

    White…. drooooooooooools…

  • Steve

    Any chance of an early upgrade for us early D2 adopters?

  • Goin for a job at Verizon wireless… hopefully I get it and can help with some inside scoops….. just thought id share hahaha

  • Lpfingstag

    i think verizon should upgrade all the Droid 2 users to this new phone. Seems BS that they would release the 2 only to release the global 2 months later….

    i guess thats how technology goes but damn

  • RoadsterHD1

    My rooted D1 is running at 1415. I'll wait for the video chat phones and running 2.0Ghz processors. They should be out by august next year….
    D1 Froyo2.2
    ChevySS4.7 blue
    Watermark theme
    1.1 Medv P3 kernel

  • kyle55x

    I'm more interested in the hot chicks that want to chat…..

  • Infernox51

    Hahahah, I hit 1750 today on CM6 9/22 nightly at 1.2ghz….and I have a Droid 1.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Will the D1 ever get the 2.2 blur update like the D2?

    • lets hope not…

    • IzzyD

      No the D1 is Google Experience so they can not put BLUR on it per the terms

  • Patch89esch

    further proof that the DROID's processor can handle 1.2GHz when overclocked. Its essentially the same chip. ARMv7 Cortex A8.

  • This phone may bench faster, but coming from a D2 it is not.

  • DannyJedi


    This phone is weaksauce.

    My X is wayyyyyy better, and btw… who cares about 200mhz?

    im getting over 1300 with a stock X runing 2.2.

    Of course in the next year we will all be pining over the latest phone with a 2ghz+ processor and 10mp camera. who knows, maybe the next droid will have a fleshlite app… now that would be great. 🙂

    • gdiddles

      It would be great…unless you’re a girl. :

    • angermeans

      If a phone with a 1200mhz processor and the same exact specs as your X is “weak sauce” then surely a 1000mhz phone will be even weaker, right?

  • IzzyD

    The 4″ device is a different phone entirely. The Droid world phone was never going to have 4″ it was bad info going around the web.

    as for this device they can keep it IMO. About the only reason to want one is if you do actually travel out of the country alot. And for having an upgraded chip at 1.2Ghz the Quadrant score is no good. I've gotten over 1500 on my X running Froyo with a 1.0Ghz. So with an extra 200Mhz it should be doing better then that or they need to still tweak the OS more.

    I'll pass and wait for the next batch coming, one of which will hopefully be LTE.

    • adam

      Droid x doesnt look any better then droid x both has the same resolution 854×480.

  • Stangetz

    Hah hah @ the ad on the bottom: “Hot Chicks Want to Chat”

    • i haven't seen an ad in ages. get adblocker bro

  • NorCalGuy

    I dont know pretty cool, but i think i will be waiting for that 4″ slider from HTC what ever it may be called. I love the physical keyboard but a small performance upgrade from what an overclocked D1 can do is not enough for me to go out and buy this phone, but maybe if i was a world traveler… Until then i will keep my overclocked D1 with custom ROM's (new one every couple of days, to much fun to dl new ROMs all the time). The only thing that could make it better would be a 4″ screen maybe even in HD???

    • The350zWolf

      I'm with you NorCalGuy, and again and again the ugly locked bootloader beast rears its head. What makes the D1 an awesome phone STILL way after it's end of life cycle it its unlocked bootloader! D1 can do 1.2 GHz oc'd and can compete with any DX and D2 running Froyo. Can you imagine the possibilities if the bootloader was unlocked on the DX and D2? The only handicaps on the D1 is the puny RAM and puny internal memory. Still not impressed by this world edition.

      • Anonymous

        I think big red is trying to make sure we keep buying new phones as soon as they release them, but my D1 has been keeping up from day one and beating most of the other stock and locked droids… I think they realized that if they leave the bootloader unlocked then people dont have to get a new phone until either they break that one or a really cool new one comes out saw with a 4″ hd screen and slide out keyboard.

  • Chad24taylor

    So considering this is the same processor as the DInc…is it conceivable that we could get a stable overclock to 1.2 somehow?

  • No hdmi out huh?

  • Krazyrogue

    What app are they using to take screenshots? I've noticed in a couple screenshots across different websites the notification bar has an android w/ 3 arms, what app is that?

  • DroidieAng

    any release date yet? I just got a D2 and if this comes out soon I want to return the D2 for this one 🙂

    • Drew_VA

      Bump…my friend promised to return his Blackberry if they released a global Droid in the return timeframe (though that's probably out of the question at this point).

  • jiggaman508

    1. Will we EVER be able to flash custom kernels to our d2's and 2. If so would the kernel on this phone work on a regular d2?…just throwing it out there….

  • well, one can overclock on 2.1 Droid X. Still not possible on 2.2 due to kernel changes. Can anybody work on this so it works for Droid X 2.2 ? Voltage is set at default to 64… which is fairly high.

  • Geesh, just when I root and move to 1GHz (D2 speed), I now have to go to 1.2GHz to keep up. Let the SetCPU profiling begin!!!

  • zepfloyd

    They better do better than the 1390ma battery…that was a huge mistake already keeping the same from DROID to DROID2

    • jiggaman508

      my d2 seems to have much better battery life than my d1 did, I've had it about three weeks now and I def can make it longer throughout the day without a charge

      • zepfloyd

        consider yourself lucky. they one I had certainly did not compared to D1, and they were both set up the exact same. Reviews on vz seem to agree with me too..meh, it went back for an X, which actually has lasted the same as D1 so fine by me.

        • m42technic

          I think the key to battery life on the D2 from my experience is to turn all the MotoBlur sync'ed crap. I just use the social networking stuff built into LauncherPro Plus now which is much better in all respects IMO. 🙂

          • zepfloyd

            Oh I did that. Like I said it was a clone of my D1 on D2, settings, accounts, usage, etc…only got 2/3 of the life I had on D1, now same thing moved to my X and I'm fine, which is odd cause of the bigger screen you would think. Who knows maybe it was a phone issue.

  • 3.7″ a deal breaker? Hell no! That's more like a sweet spot if you ask me. 4″ would be the max I would want, but I still love the size of my D1.

  • Michael_NM

    1.2GHz… I guess when Moto announced a 2GHz processor by the end of the year, the “1.” was written in invisible ink in front of it.

    • Guest

      I think the quote was something like “we’ll see phones with two gigahertz processors by the end of the year” (not an exact- google the video if you want)

      So, technically they’re on track. Dual processors running 1GHz is supposedly in the works at Moto. “Two GigaHertz Processors” not “2GHz processor”

    • iknowthingz

      I didn't realize this was the last week in December. Did i miss Christmas?

      • Anonymous

        Droid fiscal year is Oct – Sept 😉

  • EC8CH

    Every upgrade since the Droid has seem incremental to me…

    Once we see three little letter that will all change… LTE.

    • Anonymous

      I am not sure I will want LTE if the new data plan tiers don’t appeal.

      • Mathenk2

        My big bandwidth times are generally at home and at work, which I use WiFi for (fast when download, and better batter life when phone is idle (vs 3G when idle)), so tiers shouldn’t be a big issue for me, but I am slightly curious to see what the tiers turn out to be.

    • PyroHoltz

      Agreed, LTE is a must for my next phone, the D1 has been a great phone so far.

      My current Quad score OC'd to 1.1 is 1,462.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        I hit 1556 on FRG01B (Pete’s) with JDLFG’s 32.24 1200 kernel

      • What ROM are you running?

        • PyroHoltz

          CyanogenMod6.0 w/ P3Droid’s LV125-1100 kernel.The phone is dead stable and runs cool.

        • digipimp

          I'm running Chevy SS with the ULV 1250 kernel – last 3 quadrant scores of 1730, 1651, 1668 – stable too.

          • Anonymous

            Very nice
            +1 for the D1

          • Anonymous

            i’ve got Shadow Rom w/ P3 LV 1250 kernal.

            @1250 day to day is fine, but Quadrant crashed the phone in the 3D graphics testing
            @1100 = Quadrant 1550

            may give the Chevy ULV kernal a try

          • Anonymous

            Try comparing Quadrant numbers with other Androids right now:


            Not bad, but it appears that Droid Pro is quite a bit weaker than the new processor used by HTC Desire HD. I think this is the limit of OMAP 3 based processors. Where are the OMAP 4 phones? 🙂

    • Mazz0310

      I agree, except I think the Droid X upgrade was bigger than just “incremental” The screen was a huge change, but still not enough for most people to upgrade.

      • Gil

        I agree. I’m not upgrading until LTE comes out in my area.

  • Satan

    What happened to the 4″ display??

  • Endisky

    I want a 4″+ screen AND a better camera!

  • damn and i just got the droid 2 🙁