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LauncherPro Update Includes Friends Widget, Customizable Homescreens

Continuing its reign as one of the top 2 launchers on the planet, LauncherPro has added the “Friends” widget to its lineup plus an option to set the number of rows or columns on your homescreens.  The homescreen customization comes with the free version, but as with any of the widgets, the “Friends” add-on only comes with Plus version.  What does the “Friends” widget do?  It combines your Facebook and Twitter feeds into one spot so you don’t have to mess with 2 separate widgets anymore.  Time to upgrade if you haven’t!

We’re not sure if or when these LauncherPro updates will ever stop, but just know that we’ll never complain when we see one available.

Full changelog at the LauncherPro site.

  • Komodos

    Im having issues with this update. The people widget wont show their profile pictures. Any help? Other than that, I really like it..

  • aaronvail

    This is a really great update! my screen is holding so many icons I don't need 7 screen anymore.. I have it set at 3 now!

  • so great has it all just hope he makes his own music widget

  • Kelly

    awesome update, now my lp fb widget works too!

  • Jdstell

    I've really had a mixed experience since resizing widgets and adding cloumns/rows to the homescreen. A lot of times the widgets overlap or the screen redraws whenever I leave and come back to the home screen. Tried messing with hacks, changing the memory usage, and locking launcher in memory. Another really annoying problem is almost every day, I have to restart my phone to get the launcher to run fast again. Otherwise when I unlock the phone it is really laggy and will not speed up with that reboot. After dealing with this for a couple weeks, I changed back to ADW Launcher two days ago. Haven't had a problem since. Unfortunately ADW launcher does not have as many options and is not as polished, but at it always runs fast and doesn't redraw.

  • im getting a force close issue, whats up with that? this all happened after i got the dx froyo update and added the friends widget

    • BilchThat

      I'm having the same issue. Anybody know what's going on with this, or are your people widgets showing correctly?

  • im getting a force close issue, whats up with that? this all happened after i got the dx froyo update and added the friends widget

  • Rodys7


  • foxdog

    looking at the actual friends widget, it looks like it should be a bar at the top, allowing you to fill screen with icons and pull the bar down over the icons to see the feeds. (like a minimize/maximize kinda thing) that would be cool, id pay for that. Still holding out for now on buying the plus version. To me, its just not quite enuf in it i want to justify paying for… yet.

  • This is what happens when the community supports a dev. and pays for the plus version of the app. We get updates that make us happy we spent that few bucks. See you can make a living in the android market, only if you are awesome and make quality apps. hmm all is right with the world….

  • bobafett

    simply awesome

  • Droid in Oregon

    I love Launcher Pro. The only problem I have is with occasional homescreen redraws that sometimes take as long as 15 to 20 seconds to refresh on my D1. Not awful, but definitely annoying. I can actually replicate the problem at any time by starting a new text message, opening the keyboard, and pressing the home key before closing the keyboard. I've tried just about every memory setting too.

    • bigee1212

      this happens to me even with the local.prop hack.

      i never get redraws anymore maintaining the orientation. however, switching the orientation as you described will cause a redraw every time…

      from what i hear compcache might alleviate the issue, but you'd have to get a specific rom/kernel…

      i wonder if its possible to fix without all these hacks, just better code.

  • the next big widget (esp with fede saying widget skinning is coming) is a home clock widget like Beautiful widgets

  • mlittle

    I don't care too much about the Friends widget and was excited to see the ability to cram more icons on each screen. I tried it and was a little disappointed. I noticed that if you do a 5 by 5 and rotate the screen, the icons overlap somewhat (DX). Also, is you do 10 by 10 and then go back to 4 x 4 you can actually see some of the icons on the very bottom of the screen. Also, the resizing of the widgets was less then desirable. No matter though, this is still the best home replacement and I hope to see more updates.

  • Those with issues: I had some too, uninstalled LP+ and then reinstalled and that fixed everything, including Pandora.

  • Twalker611

    Not sure if it was a result of this update… but did anybody else lose their pandora widget? I had it and it was working fine until this latest update for LauncherPro… now it doesn't even appear as an option….

    Am I missing something?!?!

  • this updated saved me from having to switch to ADW. Launcher Pro was FCing me like…eery 15 minutes. it sucked horribly. I probably spammed his inbox with FC Reports

  • Absolute

    Didn't work for me. Says Install was unsuccessful. Any ideas? I have the Pro Version.

  • skltr21

    this update was amazing!

  • ssjnimma

    After I updated my weather info widget has seemed to stop working… Anyone else have that issue!?

  • brain550

    This app is worth every penny, and more! I may just have to try out Twitter again, just cause I can now without multiple widgets.

  • BigFonz

    I don't have the Plus version yet, I just changed my homescreen to 10X10, but it messed up my clock widget. I would have to purchase the Plus version to be able to have an effective widget. Pretty sneaky, but smart. Not that I need a 10X10 homescreen. I only have one clock widget and one app on my one homescreen. I use a scrolling dock for all my apps.

  • if i upgrade and im running the white version… it will remove my white theme on my widgets correct?

    • MacII

      It won't be able to update your themed app. I believe you have to uninstall that one and re-install stock LP if you want the latest version. Either that or you can wait for the author of the themed app to make the necessary changes to the latest official update and install that one.

  • B.A.Carroll

    Federico for president

  • Aaron

    You could just use TweetDeck to combine FaceBook and Twitter 😉

    • Infojock

      Tweetdeck needs to come out of beta; it doesn't update like it should. I missed a lot of messages thinking that it would update correctly.

    • mtkregs

      Yes, you could…and I do. But, Tweetdeck still needs a widget that displays your message stream.

  • love it!

  • Nice when to see updates (even if small) on the core of the launcher.

    Oh and also,
    “This is the last promised widget in the LauncherPro Plus series (Note: there *will* be more widgets in the future, after making some improvements to the current widgets).”

  • It seems like the update fixed the sluggish bugs I had with the prior update.

  • awesome..