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Unrevoked 3.21 Returns, Let’s Root Some DROID Incredibles

Unrevoked 3.2 returns as version 3.21, has undergone some major testing and is ready for your use in dropping the rooting hammer on your Droid Incredible.  After what appeared to be a few hiccups when used on a few devices, the team that has been dominating HTC products for months now seems to have smoothed it all out.

So who’s ready?  An entire Incredible rooting guide has been setup at our forums to help you out.  Unrevoked has also put together a nice FAQ plus the correct HBOOT drivers you’ll need to accomplish this task.

Download Unrevoked 3.21 here.

For anyone that’s rooted a DI, please drop your tips in the comments to help the newcomers out!

  • Mitchell1484

    When I run unrevoked, at the end it says “waiting for root” and the root is never applied and my phone just starts normally. The recovery image doesn’t even come up…what do I do? (HTC Incredible with HBOOT drivers on PC Running Windows)

  • travis95

    what does root mean and what can i do if install it to my phone im not smart with phones first droid bought last week?

  • travis95

    what does root mean and what can i do if install it to my phone im not smart with phones first droid bought last week?

  • Beyondtheexterior

    I am sooo pissed… everything in my phone was erased! EVERYTHING!!!!

  • Noob here. Tried to root yesterday. I bricked it but, I have one more and don't want to brick it. Running 2.2 and 2.15 base-band. Anyone know where I messed up at……?

  • tattoopunk

    Now that I've rooted, how do I unroot for warranty purposes?

  • Zombiehaven

    I got it rooted, didn't install any custom rom's, but I am unable to get to the clockwork revcovery screen. Just a black screen with white bars on the sides. I have to pull the battery to get the phone to restart. Anybody else having this issue??

  • Theodor33e

    oh god how do i unroot???

  • Theodor33e

    ok im 15 and wondering is it easy to unroot if i have to go to a verizon wireless store? And does rooting disable sense ui, because i enjoy it…

  • Craney0514

    Rooted my incredible and I love it. but honestly I'm surprised there ain't many roms or kenels for it. Anyone know of a good place to get Rom and all that other than Rom manager?

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • ok, really dumb question here, really dumb (im a noob when it comes to Android rooting. Did a ton of apple stuff for my buddies and those are a cinch compared to my DInc), so my question is, am I rooted?? i followed the instructions “setup at our forums” and looked over “put together a nice FAQ” but when Unrevoked 3.21 did its thing (yes i installed the HBOOT drivers) and my phone rebooted for the final time, nothing appears to have changed and i mean nothing. My baseband is the same (2.15.x.xxxxx) kernel, build number (or at least i think it is.. 3.21.605.1 CL231334 release-keys ???) & software version.. can someone tell me whats up please?

    • If you have the ninja icon in your app drawer that says “superuser permission” then you're rooted. My guess is you are… I rooted mine on Thursday!

  • Bjackson 4

    What drivers do you have to install and where can I locate them?

  • Jesse

    ha, i got tired of being locked up by verizon so i made a project of rooting my stock 2.2 di…on friday!!! should have just waited, but it's all good, it was kinda fun going through it (downgrading to 2.1, rooting, s-off, upgrade to 2.2, rooting again).

    one of the biggest advantages of being rooted that i like, that i don't think i heard, is that you can now do wireless tethering, which is just absolutely cool.

    now i just need direction on overclocking and underclocking my battery, anybody got any ideas how to do that?

  • bravoleader2

    Just rooted. Let's see what this is all about. Any roms that anyone can suggest?

  • Webby

    What does S-off mean?

    • Mark

      S-off = “Security Off.” It gives write access to the /system partition.

  • Curtisthefox

    I need some help here…. I am on the verge of rooting my Incredible simply for the ability to control what apps are allowed on the phone. But I just don't know if its worth losing my warranty over. If it weren't for the warranty, I would've rooted when I first got the phone. What is your opinion? Is it really worth rooting this phone?

  • Fully rooted with S-off forever! thanks unrevoked.

  • themiracle2012

    I use the Mac version. Literally 1-click. open unrevoked3, plug in Dinc to Mac, wait, enjoy rooted goodness.

  • Normanb20

    OK so I ran this, thinking it would just root, and not turn S-Off (I thought that had to be done with unrevoked forever). Now I find myself with S-Off, afraid of needing to warranty it out. I am not really looking to ROM it, since I am still having fun with Sense.
    Anyone know how to turn S-On?

  • Dayvidk

    I am totally stoked that this is finally available! I checked unrEVOked last night and saw that it was back up. I am trying to go step by step. I am stuck at: “Download the unrEVOked modified USB driver and expand it somewhere you will remember.” I have clicked and downloaded the zip file. What do I do with it? When I open the files I do not see anything to install. I assume I am supposed to be installing the drivers? The next step is to open Open Device Manager. What is this and how do I open it?

    • Dayvidk

      Ok, I re read these instructions several times and now it is making more sense..

  • Pro-tip: When you get it rooted, flash a new ROM of your choice then flash a new kernel. It will make it run sooooo much better. Longer battery life, runs a lot cooler under loads.
    I've only had my DInc rooted for a month or so, but I absolutely love it.

    • Dayvidk

      I am sure that all of this will make sense at some point but as much as I have read I am still confused. Once rooted with unrEVOked, and then I need to turn S-off with unrEVOked forever? At that point I will still need to flash a ROM and flash a new kernel? Then what? I have read that you do all these things but I am not clear on what they do and why I am doing it. Also the process to switch to a new ROM. Then do I need to remove the previous?

      • Deacon51

        A new ROM will overwrite your old ROM. All of your data on your phone will be lost unless you back everything up and restore. This isn't that big of a deal. Most of your contacts will sync with gmail or facebook. Your apps are stored on the market. SMS and Call logs can be restored with 3rd party apps.

        What will a new ROM give you? Well, HTC runs a ROM called “Sense” that's build on top of Android. Think of it as the user interface. You get some real nice widgets, like the weather/clock widget. You also get a ton of crap like CityID and Friend Stream. Other ROM's can remove all this, some will replace them with home made options, others will leave you with a very stock Android experience. No matter what ROM you pick, the choice is yours and yours alone. If you love Friend Stream, stay with the stock sense ROM. If you want Android and nothing but Android with no widgets (other than the ones you install) search for a Vanilla Android build.

        • Dayvidk

          Thank you! You just made this very clear. This is starting to make sense 🙂

  • Deacon51

    I have a DInc that I rooted (S-Off) a wile back (pre-2.2) and I upgraded the radio firmware and loaded CyanogenMod.

    I have not loaded the factory 2.2. I didn't want to give up root, and I like having a screen that rotates like it's supposed to. I also assume that whenever Android 3.0 gets released it will take HTC / Verizon six months to port everything over and find some way to charge an extra $10 a month for the cool new features. But… I am have a few issues. My DInc will lock up from time to time and require a battery pull to get it going again. I do have a FC every now and then, and always at the worst time. So I have been wanting to at least play with the official HTC ROM. Now that the new unrevoked is out, maybe it's time to go back to stock.

    My only fear is the radio firmware. I don't want to mess around and brink my DInc. Anyone have any guidlines for making sure the radio is on the correct firmware?

    • deladroid

      It's hard to brick these android phones anymore as there are boot access programs and stock roms, etc, that allow you to “re-do”. (Disclaimer: Anything can happen though!)

  • Mace

    Manual Froyo updated DINC, keep getting a “Validation Error: Backup CID is missing”. Any ideas/suggestions?

  • Erie215

    just rooted my DI quick nd easy thx unrevoked 🙂

  • KleenDroid

    Darn Nice! Makes me wish I had an Incredible instead of my D2.

    I love my D2, but I wish Moto would let me enjoy it a little more…. 🙂

  • Devin Rs42

    Tried it but don't really like any of the ROMs in Rom manager

    • qmartman711

      you should try the virtuous ROM. The ROMs are not as nearly perfected in the DI community as other devices. But the themes that we have are definitely awesome. Just a change up from standard 'sense' feel. And, some of the kernels- incredible. My battery lasts me on average 2 days now!

      • Submatrix

        where are themes for virtuous located? And what battery are you using, stock?

        • Anonymous

          There are a couple mentioned in ROM Manager. I am using Incredible Revolution. Kellex did a write up about it last monday, i think. Battery I’m using now, is a seidio 1750mAH. But there are themes listed in xda ( http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=639 ) as well as some of the droid forums for both aosp roms and sense roms alike.

  • stock 2.2 users can root with this method?

    • Mrpicolas


  • Mike

    I used the OS X release candidate version last week to root my Incredible (with the over-the-air Froyo 2.2 update already installed). Worked like a charm.

  • Kvan

    I assume this works with 2.2?

    • Mrpicolas

      Yes did it last night On my wife's phone

  • kulz

    vanilla android…HERE I COME~!

    off with your head SENSE~! >:O

  • Tried this when they were testing, worked great.

  • antintyty

    How about some Froyo love for the X users?? Dang you Moto and Big Red!!

  • antintyty

    First….hahaha, i did it!!