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Adobe AIR for Android Hits Market on 10/8

We just received word from Adobe that the first official release of Adobe AIR for Android will land on the market October 8th!

Not familiar with AIR?  I’ll do my best to explain it in simple terms, but you can find a full breakdown of it at this post.  AIR for Android provides developers with the opportunity and tools to create great apps that work outside of a browser and on multiple platforms.  So apps made in AIR can essentially run on a PC, Android device, i*hone, etc. without much tweaking in between.  Basically, it’s what we would call, “amazing.”

When we were invited down to San Fran for the Android summit back in August, we got a first look at some pretty fun AIR apps, so trust me when I say that this will be a date to mark on your calendar.  In fact, in the “Droid Does Flash” webcast the other day, Adobe evangelist Ryan Stewart pulled up an AIR app which appeared to be the greatest beer tasting/traveling companion you’ll find.  And Ryan, if you are reading this, we still want a copy of it!

Thoughts?  Confused at what AIR is?  Excited for AIR?

  • aaronvail

    I'm Excited for this! its going to be amazing! once again android has something that 1ups it on the awesome scale.

  • Hey didn't you guys just violate the NDA???

  • Good news, should make Android the easiest mobile platform to develop for in terms of breadth of options.

  • jedijesus95

    Since thats my b-day I'll say I'm twice as pumped for this.

  • Coming from iPhone, I can tell you one thing. Yes, Android is freer, more powerful, and not evil. Great. However iPhone App selections are generally better (because they are developed by the pros). Take, for example, sport games – where are the Gameloft-quality games on Android? Even FIFA for Android is much worse than its iPhone kin.
    Yes, the gap is, in general, shrinking, however I wish it would shrink a bit faster since I am never coming back to Apple.

    • Though this may be the case for games, I have never played a single game on the iPhone, nor on my Droid. I don't care about games–that's what an Xbox is for. I am looking for functionality, and for me, the Droid beats the iPhone on that any day. There are pros writing apps for the android system as well, but they focus on apps that are functional, not apps that will make them lots of money.

  • MMM333

    That's my birfday! 😀

  • Chris

    this just gave me a boner. 8========D

  • so is this a soley developer tool!?

    • no, it will allow a large amount of applications to come to the android market with ease for developers

  • The desktop version of TweetDeck is built on this.

  • Mrpicolas

    Ryan you should have given tim o Tato a dx also.. lol I know we're not asking much are we?

  • SOOOOO excited!!! It couldnt get here any faster! lol

  • second

  • First!!