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Samsung Tab to be Announced Thursday, To Verizon Employees Today

Verizon is preparing to announce the Samsung Tab to the world on Thursday, but their employees get a sneak peak today.  I’m sure other carriers will follow shortly after, but VZW is at least talking like they will be one of the first to launch the first legitimate Android tablet.  While many have been skeptical of the size, you can’t help but be a little excited for this device.  Although a wi-fi only option would be really gorgeous.

All the information you need on the Samsung Tab here.

Detail sheet after the jump!  

  • Tony Vc

    no phone/calling capabilities? No thank you

  • aaronvail

    well my dad is an employee.. so I've already seen this, but I can't wait!

  • aaronvail

    well my dad is an employee.. so I've already seen this, but I can't wait!

  • Adpreece

    Have you all seen the Archos 101 tablet…. any thoughts on that one… it will have Android 2.2…

  • kervation

    I read that the reason that Samsung made this a “Phone” was so they could run the Android OS. Google said that the were considering blocking the 2.2 OS for tablets because it is not opitimized for those devices. It seems as long as it can be used as a phone then Android 2.2 would be allowed to run on it.

  • Adekoju

    Loking forward to it. Hope it will be priced right.

  • bamadroid

    So this is only going to be sold as a 3G tablet? No WiFi version? Thats just stupid. With that being said, that bad boy looks sweet. I will not be giving verizon 60 more bucks a month though

  • KnightCrusader

    I know it says UI not final, but I see that is shows “Phone” as the first icon. Does that mean this thing will make phone calls? If it does, I might get one. If not, I'll stick with my D2.

  • Nanllyn

    I really want this bad boy but 1) don't want to pay an extra monthly charge (I'm taxed out now!) 2) worried about the size and the apps not meant for a device that big 3) No wi fi so you don't have to use VZ network.
    Is it true that you can't tether this and not have to pay a monthly bill? Those are the things that will hold me back from buying it. Otherwise, I would buy it in a heartbeat. Only other thing I just thought about is does it do Google maps? I haven't heard anything about any GPS on them. That would also be a deal breaker for me. I can't wait to get more info on this.

    • Nanllyn

      Sorry just saw the links to the specs. I see GPS now. So that is cool.

  • NuclearFluxx

    So is this just a really big phone? Does one receive a phone number with the device? They should sell WI-FI only versions so we can tether to our droids and avoid another beastly monthly charge. I won't ever buy a tablet from Verizon specifically for this reason.

    • Rain_king46

      I dont think it is a phone. I think that the 3G is just data like an iPad. Notice that there is no dialer in the dock. Tho assuming it has Bluetooth, you could prob use Google Voice to make calls from it.

      • From everything I've seen it is a phone, there's just no speaker for holding it up to your face. You have to use speaker phone or a bluetooth or wired headset.

        I'm planning on using my upgrade to get it, then just reactivate my Droid X on the line and tether to it. I guess I'm lucky that it's coming out right when my contract is up for an upgrade :).

      • NuclearFluxx

        In the picture of the tab, the top left app reads “phone”.

  • Droidge

    This looks like a fun device for road trips. Watching movies, looking at maps etc. my DX wouldn't be bad either but it can be a little eye straining after a while

  • Chaan85

    um… why does the detail sheet say “the arrival of our first mobile tablet is just weeks away” when you are reporting this Thursday for the launch?

  • Skeptical about the size? I think that's it's strong point. The iPad is too big and heavy to hold comfortably for very long. It becomes an awkward device because of it's size and heft for it's given use. Something this size and weight might work much better.

  • awesomeness.

  • Jdstell

    This thing looks awesome, but…first-gen Android tablet running 2.2 with NO wifi only model? I'll pass. Holding out for Android 3.0, Wifi only model, and more time for app devs to get on board and make apps for it instead of stretched out phone apps running at the wrong resolution.

  • JTE

    you'd think they'd find someone with smaller hands to model the tablet, make it look big 🙂

    • Keithsmnr

      That's not what they want, though. They want you to see that it can still fit in your hand..

  • T3lancer2007

    7 inch screen is what really puts me off. I'll wait till a 10″+ screen comes out, and gingerbread/honeycomb, before I make my tablet purchase. This tablet isn't een comparably to the *Pad, which I bought and promptly returned.

  • bigintexas

    Ill wait for one with a 10inch screen, front facing camera, no data plan, and wireless g…

    • Hogasswildmc

      I agree. While this may sound funny, I would prefer to just use my DX with its 4.3″ screen rather than a 7″ screen. The reason I say this is because I believe there is a size range that limits what you can reasonably do or see with a device. I think 7″ is probably comparable to a 4.3″ screen in that regard, while a 10″ screen could be expected to have about the same usability/readability as a 15″ screen. I'm hoping that makes sense.

      Also I doubt Verizon will sell a wifi only model since they are in the bandwidth business. Selling wifi only works for a company like Apple because it's not a carrier and not expecting to generate monthly revenue from it. On the fli side, you might expect the Tab to sell for $250 under contract and an appropriate data plan which is much cheaper than an iPad.

      • Hogasswildmc

        Also, I am still holding out hope for a Notion Ink Adam.

  • can't wait to see how much this baby will cost

    • picaso86

      With a Verizon Contract for 2 yrs… grantee it will be like 200 bucks!

      • I hope they keep the price under control…

        • picaso86

          its Verizon – keep dreaming!

          the wireless plan its going to ridiculous!

          • Keithsmnr

            BS picaso, From what I've heard of people that have Sprint or AT&T, VZW is much more reasonable.

  • Am0795

    I hope its not too much money though. but great vzw is getting into its tablet mode.

  • ddddd

    Well, I have an iPad so i dont know if i'll get this. But, it does look cool.

    • Keithsmnr

      get out

  • i really really want. but a 4G capable tablet running honeycomb can't be that far behind.

  • Disguy

    I need to see this baby in action

  • TooGeeky

    “*Device UI Not Final”

    Maybe it'll run stock Android 2.2 without TouchWiz 🙂

  • PizzaGuyInErie

    It may have TouchWiz, but at least no Bing! And how about 2,2 for the Fascinate? If they can put it on this when we I get it for the Fascinate…

  • Rain_king46

    The wife has been bugging me for a Kindle. I told her to hold out for something like this that is not just a one trick pony. I hope they keep the price down in the reasonable range.

  • saimin

    Only want it if there is no expensive mandatory data plan.

  • I know I really want one. This is probably what my upgrade will be used for.

  • devolore

    EMPLOYEES HEAR IT FIRST, except for everyone who reads droid-life…

    • kellex

      +1 🙂

    • picaso86

      you made me smile! lol

  • But can it possibly do anymore than what my Droid already “DOES”?!?! lol Unlikely…

  • tbaybe


  • I'm stoked…..
    Going in there today to hassle my buddy who works there 😉

  • rals

    Google made a big deal basically saying that the 2.2 is not optimized for the those devices. Is safe to assume that the major part of the interface is all touch wiz?

    • kellex

      A lot of TouchWIz I'm sure. They have apparently done some tweaking to it though. Remember Google said they would have to approve anything less than Gingerbread/Honeycomb. Samsung must have done something right.