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Manually Update DROID Incredible to Android 2.2

Ahhh, the finding of an early morning OTA update.zip file.  My favorite.

So yeah, the “official” Android 2.2 update for the Droid Incredible has been found and is ready for your manual consumption.  It’s a pretty simple process that we’ll assume causes you no pain.  Well maybe a little.


*Note 1*– This is for stock non-rooted users ONLY.

1.  Download the update.zip file from here. (DIRECT FROM GOOGLE.)
2.  Drop the file on the root of your SD card.  (Meaning, don’t put it in any folder.)


3.  Turn your phone off.
4.  Press and hold the Volume Down and Power at the same time to boot into HBOOT.
5.  When the white HBOOT screen appears, use the volume button to move down to “RECOVERY.”
6.  Press the Power button to select “RECOVERY.”
7.  When the triangle and exclamation appears, hold the Volume Up and Power button at the same time.
8.  Using the volume button, scroll down to “apply sdcard:update.zip” and select it.
9.  Your phone will now update!
10.  It could take some time, so be patient.  When it reboots, you are on official 2.2.  Yay!

Via:  XDA Forums

Cheers Android Central for the Google Link!

And cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • Cramos13b

    i want to get my phone back to the unrooted state so if i download this update, will it bring it back to normal?

  • Atombt

    when i try this it says no e signature
    then it aborts installation

  • Alexyaz

    Hi i have been trying to manually update my droid incredible for about 2 days now and it just seems to be not working. My phone was rooted but i unrooted it. and every time i put it in to recovery and try to apply the update, my phone just wont be able to install it. I have no idea on how to get it to work am i the only person who is having these problems? if not please let me know.

  • Cole

    2/FRF91/231334:user/release-keys” E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted.

    • Alexyaz

      I have the same thing let me know if you fix it

  • Cole

    it just keeps saying error in sd card update

  • Ray Arvizu

    mine doesnt work i named the file update and when im in the recovery place it does say update.zip (NOT update.zip.zip) and then i try it and it says aborted or something. I have a mac and everytime i download something it decompresses it automatically. so i tried both ways: placing the file in the sd card unzipped and zipped (but i had to zip it myself after it downloaded). What do i do !!!!! i still have stupid 2.1 and another thing ive called htc, ive gone to verizon stores and they all say they cant do anything someone please help me!

  • Lavas

    Got it. Had to downgrade, use the may update, then update again to 2.2.

  • Lavas

    Got it. Had to downgrade, use the may update, then update again to 2.2.

  • Lavas

    My phone is rooted. Is there a way for me to get the update?

    • Lavas

      I should mention that I tried the “easy way” and there was no update prompt.

  • CraigC

    “1. Download the update.zip file from here. (DIRECT FROM GOOGLE.)
    2. Drop the file on the root of your SD card. (Meaning, don’t put it in any folder.)”

    Do you mean download the file to my desktop, unzip it, and transfer it to the phone via USB? I did the first part, but when I plugged in the phone, I didn't get a menu, and didn't know how to acquire one.

  • CraigC

    Can you please explain this a little better?

    “1. Download the update.zip file from here. (DIRECT FROM GOOGLE.)
    2. Drop the file on the root of your SD card. (Meaning, don’t put it in any folder.)”

    Do you mean download it to my desktop, unzip it, and transfer it to the phone with a USB cable? I did the first part and plugged the phone in to my PC, but then I didn't get a menu, and didn't know how to acquire one.

  • Johnsmith

    First off, ensure that you have the Stock 2.1 ROM with first OTA, it WILL NOT work otherwise.
    software/Build version will read as the following: 1.22.605.2…if it is 1.22.605.0, the update wont work…please go here to update it http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=7933281#post7933281

    • Johnsmith

      Also when it gets to the red eye it might look like it froze it could take up to 15 minutes on the first boot. don't pull your battery. Just let it run.

  • martyen

    i cant get in to the hboot. i dont know how?

  • Mike H

    When I get to recovery, it says “E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command” and then when I try to install the update from the SD card it starts going, says it's verifying, etc, but then after a few seconds says “E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip (status 7) Installation aborted”

    Anyone else having this issue? I'm wondering if it may be because it was rooted and then I unrooted to get the update?

    I actually received the OTA and my phone froze trying to get the update, which I assumed was due to the root, so I unrooted and have since been unable to get another shot at an OTA and neither of the files from here seem to be working… Any input would be appreciated.

  • got it to work was on build/software 1.22.605.0 and needed 1.22.605.2 for the update to install correctly…. Seems to be working fine now update in a few minutes….

    • kenny

      Hey Victor this might sound dumb, but I also have build/software 1.22.605.0, how did you update it to 1.22.605.2?

  • i can't get it to work it keeps aborting it says
    E:Can't open / cache/recovery/command

    — Intstall fro sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    Installing update…
    assert failed: file_getprop(“/system/build.prop”
    , “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/inc/inc/in
    file_getprop (“/system/build/prop”, “ro.bu
    ild.fingerprint”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.
    E:Error in /sdcard/update.zip
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Can someone please help me and tell me what it is i am doing wrong tried several times and it's still not working. So frustrated.

  • NYC_DINC_luva

    IS anyone else having issues with their FM Radio no longer working after the update to 2.2?

    • NYC_DINC_luva

      Figured out the problem – if you have FM Radio problems, then go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>FM Radio then hit 'Clear Data'

  • Ron

    I tried the “easy” method of going to settings–>about phone–>check for system updates, and it didn't work…my phone told me it d/l 2.2, then it didn't and kept saying system updated even tho the firmware info said 2.1 !!! However, doing the HBOOT method worked great 🙂

  • Donangelo1218

    its not fuckn working

  • Will it void your warranty or Insurance protection plan on the phone.

  • johnnydangerous

    Ok so here's the thing. I started off rooted with an upgraded radio and s-off. I would've downloaded a custom 2.2 ROM but I really didn't want to do a full wipe and lose everything (I understand I could've backed up and restored afterwards but I'm difficult and didn't want to do that), so I waited. I wound up receiving the ota from Verizon and just kept it there. Froyo was looking at me in the face and laughing. I know I couldn't update to froyo with the radio already updated because well, I like having a phone that works. So I made a titanium back up, downgraded the radio and did a full wipe back to factory. Loaded clockworkmod since I have my s-off and restored using titanium, so now I'm halfway to my goal. Of course in the wipe, I lose the ota that was ever so patiently waiting for me. So I decide to try this. Now I know it says that this is for stock non-rooted, is that because you have to go into the stock recovery? And is there any other way to get official froyo on my phone?

    • johnnydangerous

      Oh and btw when I tried to manually update froyo, it would say installing update, and then

      assert failed: file_getprop(” /system/build.prop”, “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon/inc/inc/inc:2.1-update1/ERE27/161494: user/release-keys”

      File_getprop (“/system/build.prop” , “ro.build.fingerprint”) == “verizon_wwe/inc/inc/inc:2.2/FRF91/231334: user/release-keys”

      Any ideas guys?

  • Sp245

    downgraded twice and tried the update everything on the phone is gone but still cant do the upgrade keep getting the message ,E: cant open catch , help anyone please

  • followed the instructions above …applied the update, it went through all the steps of updating/unpacking/etc …it rebooted and now it shows the HTC logo and a % indicator ….it'll reach 100% and then just reboot and do the same thing over and over again.

    Any ideas? Please help!

  • dirtyjeep

    Worked for me.

  • Geographydude

    2.2 for my Dinc Thanks!

  • Myvern

    is anyone having trouble with some applications not working right? Adobe slow speech and the swype keyboard not working

  • Mik1071

    I have seen a bunch of comments on people disliking the Amazon MP3 app, VZ Navigator app, Skype and a few others. If I download the update, extract it to my pc and look at the install files (updatesystemapp) can I delete those programs, recompress it and run the update without those files? Has anyone tried this?

  • Jfricke1188

    2.2 just hit my phone in Santa Clarita, Ca, whats with the MR2 software?

  • Max

    got my OTA at 12am on the dot last night, no manual update for me. ATX

  • Ronaldbice

    I've tried both ways to update but i just get an error message, my dinc is stock and i don't get why it doesn't work

  • donotdoit

    Unfortunately it did work. Had root and S-off. Now still have root, but can't revert back to 2.1. If being able to customize your phone matters, do not install. As of now, I'm stuck with additional bloatware, more memory occupied, and no way to undo.

  • Hefendaz

    I just followed these directions and it worked fine. The file may be named correct when you download it, update.zip then just follow the directions above. Write them down and do each step as it says, took longer to download the file than it did to update the software. Thanks.

  • nononono

    I warn everyone to stay away from the manual update – I applied it and my phone got stuck in a continuous loop. The update would get to 97% and then reboot, over and over. I had to restore the whole phone from backup.

    • that's exactly what is happening to me also.

  • Mr. Incred

    It works but not everything comes across. E.g. the three icons on the front of the screen, did not show up. The new contacts did not show up. The rest of it looks like it did. Anyone else have the same problem? Will the OTA still come through regardless? Any thoughts on how to have everything Froyo is supposed to have?

  • Prudenciow

    Yes……….My Incredible is updating right now………..so, for whatever reason I ended up putting the update.zip in my internal memory, reason why I got my error messages, and after close examination, I remember that I have a 2 gig sd card not the 6.77gig that the disk drive I was using showed, lol…………..so I moved it, and is now working like a charm, can't wait for the update to be done…………Thanks for everyone's help. And to the forum………I definitely couldn't wait anymore.

  • DIncredible

    Is anyone else still experiencing the 2.1 camera interface? i have 720p, and the buttons rotate, but it doesnt have the new camera buttons or updated gallery app.


    There are examples of what it should look like. I'd be interested to see if anyone has this after the manual update.

    • Cybil66

      I sitll have the old camera also.

  • Prudenciow

    It won't install in my Incredible!!!! please help……..followed all instructions. Right off the get go it says, E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command

    Install from sdcard…
    finding update package…
    opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    Anyone?…….I was really excited about this but my Incredible is giving me Incredible emotional pain right about now, lol………Thanks

  • bdogg

    perfect,…worked great thanks!

  • mike dobak

    did everything, downloaded it, took forever, then is said aborting install

  • Jfricke1188

    when is the 2.2 going to hit california? how does the process work

  • Rats

    Can't get any of the ideas I've seen on this thread to work on my phone – file renaming, clicking up & down vs. holding up and down, Going into Home/Settings/About Phone, etc.

    • Rats

      Finally. Instead of clicking volume up and down simultaneously, I clicked volume up and power simultaneously at the / ! symbol. Now loading as I write this.

  • Mkoyerp

    I used this option and it worked like a charm. Viva le Dos.Dos

  • my only question now is, after downloading this and updating manually, will be be able to get the OTA update when the next one comes I.E. gingerbread or honeycomb

  • Jsnvargas8

    im manually updating my inc as we speak but i have one question, if i manually updated for this update would i have to manually update for every update after 2.2 or will i still be able to recieve ota updates? im new to this so please don't bash on me if this has already been asked. thanks.

    • lol nice i had the same question, I think it has been asked b4 also but cant find it.

  • Clark72985

    When i get to the triangle with an exclamation mark screen i hold down the 2 volume keys like im supposed to and still nothing happens. I followed the directions. Downloaded file renamed it update and put it in the root of my sd. Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      dont hold them down just make sure you click them at the same time like you would in a video game,

  • ladyITlaw

    Try switching to WiFi and turn off Verizon 3G. I just switched to Wifi before trying to follow these instructions to manually do it and before i could even finish typing in the URL a screen popped up saying a new update is available do I want to install.

  • QuadFather

    Can anyone confirm that they've received the new camera USER INTERFACE?

    NOTE: I am NOT talking about new capabilities, like 720p recording and camera rotation – I can confirm that this update.zip includes those updates. I am talking about the way the camera controls look and are arranged.

    Can anyone confirm that their camera UI is different from the 2.1 UI after manually updating to 2.2? Or does this update.zip file merely give you more options rather than a new UI?

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      From Android 2.2 site what changed as far as Camera
      Camera and camcorder
      •Changes to camera preview API to improve efficieny of preview pipeline.
      •New display orientation for camera (it can now work in portrait orientation).
      •New APIs in android.hardware.Camera for managing zoom level.
      •New APIs android.hardware.Camera.Parameters for querying and setting device camera settings such as focal length, exposure, zoom level, view angle, and others.
      •New thumbnail utility for video and image thumbnails.
      •New CamcorderProfile and CamcorderProfile classes enable apps to determine device hardware camera capablities.
      •New support in android.media.ExifInterface for retrieving GPS and focal length.

      As far as I am concerned I am saying all that is there. I dont see what you are talking about.

  • Steve Dub


    I'm pretty sure I found a bug. When I try to view my pictures they don't all load. When I click on one to view it, my phone gets suck and I have to pull the battery to re-start it. Lame.

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      make sure you have either your pics on the SD card or the phone memory. I only have 103 pics and after having read your post I looked at mine and I did it fast from 103 to 1 and they all loaded and very quickly. I have all my pics on SD card.

  • Thomas_lant_rrt

    Guys I dont know who else went through this but I did upgrade to 2.2 and last night I went to sleep with 90% battery and I woke up with 30%, did android kill my battery in just 7 hours? I know about app killer and everything else I make sure I always do that and before android 2.2 my battery going to sleep would be 100% and when I woke up would be 95%. That is a huge difference, but I am did notice that my battery is taking longer to charge too, it use to charge in under an hour now it takes over 2 hours. I am chalking up the first night as maybe somethings were updating themself under the new OS, so we'll see and I will be sure to come back and comment on it tomorrow. Is anyone else having the battery drain the first day?

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      Just to let you all know I was at 100% and after unplug from wall in under 10 mins it went from 100 to 92% on stand by. I will be downloading the downgrade and if my phone does not make it as long as it use to I will be downgrading back to 2.1 no OS is worth such a drop in battery. GL to you all.

    • my battery took almost 1 hour to recharge at 60% when it normally takes like 30 mins to fully charge from about 20%

    • Cybil

      I am having the same problem… went from 100% to 95% in 5 minutes and takes forever to charge.

  • Kevdogg4

    I KEEP getting ERROR IN SD CARD UPDATE.ZIP!!!! Can anyone help?? I follow steps exactly. I was able to the ota update a few months ago that gave me the boot up animation and 720 video. So why is this one not working??

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      hmmmm maybe you got the test version, look in your software if you got the 720p maybe you already have 2.2

  • Nateand

    Have they figured out how to root the dinc running 2.2?

    • Mrpicolas

      No not yet give it some time

  • my camera interface works fine, seems to be just you and the one other guy…

    • QuadFather

      It works for me too, but it's the 2.1 interface. Let me ask you one question: do you access your camera settings from the right or left side of your screen?

  • Tmo1604

    ok so ive tried installing it manually 3 times now. every time after i hit “apply sdcard:update.zip” it starts but it says, “:no file in directory, installation aborted”….. any suggestions?

  • QuadFather


    Myself and one other person in this discussion have confirmed that the camera interface has not changed in this update. The screen rotates all directions and you can record video in 720p, but the interface was one of the big updates we were supposed to see with the Android 2.2 update.

    So, unless the 2.2 update for the HTC Incredible officially omits the update to the camera UI, then I am doubtful as to whether this update.zip file truly is identical to the official OTA update for the Incredible.

    Anyone know how to return to 2.1-update1 after manually installing this update.zip?

    • why do you think this is not the offical… it did come from google…

      • QuadFather

        I thought I just explained this …
        Just because it's from google doesn't mean it's final. Keep in kind that this isn't an officially released file. Also keep in mind that it seems to be missing an important 2.2 feature.

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      My camera is fine I just tested out everything and the 720p recording works fine. I am not too sure what you are talking about. I did this update last night and I am happy as long as the battery corrects itself. it takes longer to charge (which may be a good thing if it last longer), but last night after the update my battery dropped from 90 to 30 in 7 hours of standby…..?? does that make sense and yes I know about app killer….

      • QuadFather

        Ok people, please read what I said … The new capabilities work fine (recording in 720p, rotating the phone) … It's the new 2.2 USER INTERFACE that's missing … you know, the one that expands from the right side of the screen, the one that's supposed to make one-handed operation of the camera possible …

        Why does nobody understand what I'm talking about? Can anyone confirm that their Incredible has been updated to the new camera INTERFACE?

        • Thomas_lant_rrt

          do you only have one hand? I can take a pic fine with one hand already you just aim and push the button. I really have no clue what you are taking about the phone is generally better I think you are looking for everything that was promised and in real life you never get everything they promise. The bulk of the the good is there. If you dont like it reset it.

  • RodLS

    I got my droid in the mail yesterday and an hour later i undated to 2.2. Everything worked fine and its easy.

  • Ted

    does this version contain Adobe Flash? I can't seem to figure out if it does or not.

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      yes it does it comes preinstalled with flash, if you load it onto your computer and win RAR the file you can see the flash player installs from the update itself.

  • well it worked with ease for me, it took about 20 mins from start to finish, be patient, and THANK YOU Droid_Life, and Google =)

  • webco

    I tried this using the above instructions to the letter and it installed with no problems! I have not tried any of the features yet… It took a long time to reboot but the first icon I noticed when I looked into the phone was 3G Mobile Hotspot!

    Thank you Droid Life! And good luck to everyone else…screw Apple…and vzw OTA waiting games….

  • hmm seems to be working so far, half way done now…

  • webco

    ….arrrrgh….sick of waiting…trying this now….let you know how it goes….

  • well here goes nothing.

  • anonymous

    it worked for me. just takes a while to load on the first start up

  • bamadroid

    I hate you guys :)… I have given up. I cant even get into recovery, just kicks me back to the hboot screen. And I tried putting the update file on my phone storage and going to about phone, but to no prevail.

  • Grockj

    Interesting… I just copied the file to root of my SD card and my phone popped up a message that said “System update is ready to install” I didn't even have to do anything fancy. It's updating right now so… I'll post again if it works?

    • Grockj

      Yep, worked great. Very easy, even easier than this article said.

  • JohnSk

    Worked like a charm for me. I noticed the increased speed almost immediately. The only glitch I encountered was that Swype gave an error indicating that it was not installed on the right device. Reinstalling Swype resolved that problem.

  • Chocolate8175

    couldn't get to work, just kept saying installation terminated, wtf?

    • You put the update.zip on your phones internal memory and not on your SD card

  • Kent808

    Does this 2.2 update correct the AAC codec issue? I use Pandora on my Dinc way too much and would not be able to deal with crappy tunes.

  • Mr. Incred

    Looks like the key is to move it out of a file and you must keep it .zip, just rename it update so it shows update,zip

  • Mr. Incred

    did it work for you?

    • bamadroid

      did you use the SD card method or phone storage and go to about phones?

  • Zogarza

    What do I do with the update.zip file once I'm done? Can I take it off of my SD card?

  • Mr. Incred

    This website does not work either

    Download the http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/… file from google.

  • Me

    Milwaukee easting up the froyo. it was quick and easy to install. …more easy than quick but who's counting

  • Mr. Incred

    I tried it, it does not work!

  • Samspartan3

    you have to rename it just UPDATE and it works DONT put update.zip and it will work i just did it

  • Jhauck3

    Got a bunch of force closes on my apps once I updated, but otherwise, good to go! Sorta excited and bummed at the same time! What am I gonna do now? No more wait and see!

  • marcus

    Stock Incredible BEFORE 2.2… Benchmark score of 532, and after 1050!

  • i know you said this will only work for non-rooted users but what if im running the stock rom with the unrevoked forever and stock recovery of the phone

  • Spartan-N71

    Right on… worked like a charm here in the Portland, OR burbs.. easy to do, just follow the excellent instructions given in the Droid-life article and you'll be on 2.2 on your Dinc in no time. bout damn time too.. can't believe I spent as much time as I did checking this damn phone for the update.. talk about OCD :)..

  • Doctor

    SD card method worked for me

  • Thomas_lant_rrt

    Working for me I renamed the file Update not update.zip also place it in the main folder of the SD card so it is outside of all the folders.
    power down phone and when you power it on make sure to hold the volume button and power button down at the same time.
    Enter the Recovery mode press power button
    then relax you dont have to press as soon as u see the triangle it more important that u are able to press them at the same time. like click them at the same time like a video game dont hold them down for 10 mins and wait.
    Find the SD card file named Update.
    Select it and hit power button and you are done relax and everything will be fine.

  • marcus

    How do you get Flash?

    • Thomas_lant_rrt

      google it from ur phone it will show up

  • Svlopez11

    The root folder is your drive letter assigned to your storage. In my case I connected my Incredible and copied the “update.zip” file to drive E: which is my sd storage. In other words connect your phone to your computer and open the letter assigned to your phone. Once you open that folder, that's your root folder. Your going to drop the zip file on there and not on another folder. Hopefully this helps.

    By the way…it does work. My Incredible is up 'n' running froyo.

  • Musicloverrqe

    Am I the only one that has NO IDEA where or what the root folder is called and now to get to it? Please help.

    • @Musicloverrqe just plug your phone into your computer and go to “my computer” and its either going to be drive F or G, but its the one that has less than 2GB of space. Just click on that and drag the update file into it, not putting it into any of the folders that are already in there. After you do that, continue with the installation instructions

      • Musicloverrqe

        @Wil – Thank you so much! I did the update but now it seems to be stuck on a screen that looks like an eye w/ 2 red dots to the right of it.

        • Bobalay

          You guys gotta read before posting. Just leave it it will go thru the upgrade process and reboot a couple of times before it's done. This same question has been asked all day long.

          • Musicloverrqe

            Sorry sorry sorry. I feel like one of the Tech Support callers at my job! For shame! I know better!

          • @Bobalay i did read everything before I posted, hence I know what i'm doing, and maybe @Musicloverrqe isn't as tech savvy as some people, so just give him a break

  • MrP

    Has anyone gotten this to work with the unrooted radio update?

    • bamadroid


  • Juggalosk8r896

    never worked for my fone
    please help

    • M A Hillers

      Go to internet, press menu, then press settings, scroll down to the download storage section. Make sure you are downloading to storage card. When download completes you will have to transfer it to the root of sdcard directory. That means dont save it under any subfolders, just copy and paste the file you downloaded under “sdcard”. To do this you will need to have a file manager. If you do not have one go to the market and download “file manager.” When your download is complete open file manager. Find the file you downloaded and copy or move it using 'file manager” to the sdcard folder. After this make sure you rename the file you downloaded to “update.zip”. Once you have the file at the root of the sdcard directory the above steps will work flawlessly.
      p.s. for those who can not comprehend this, to make it really simple the file manager program has a folder at the top with an up arrow. Press this until you see a folder that says “sdcard”. If you open sdcard folder and paste the file directly under this folder. Do not put it in another folder. Thats what is meant by “the root of sdcard directory”

  • Jammin67

    updated well, but I had to rename the file as well…Loving the Froyo in Cleveland!

  • Inm8killer

    ok it works great…dont type ( update.zip ). it already knows its a zip. installed astrofile from market after putting it in my root. went into astro file long press update. then edit. rename update.zip…if you name update.zip when saving to your sd card it will save as update.zip.zip reboot in recovery and follow instructions on this site.

  • tommy_boy83

    worked great but cant sign in to native twitter widget? can sign into one from app store fine wired always worked fine before. Also when I close the browser and kill the app it reopens on my last page rather than home. Checked the settings not sure what is happening there. Anyone with a similar issue?

    • Mr.INC

      Have you solved this problem because im having the same issue…

  • Ghb113

    What about rooted phones?

  • THANK YOU!! the update worked absolutely perfectly!!! =) for everyone who doesnt want to wait for the OTA update just do this instead..

  • Rrkotha

    Works gr8.
    Follow the instructions on the original post…. u will be all set

  • howay13

    Thanks Kellex! Installing now! Can't wait!

  • marcus

    Doing this on a Mac, and… nothing. Any ideas?

    • marcus

      just found out, DOES NOT WORK ON MAC!!! (unless you did something different than me) I tried it first on my Macbook Pro to no avail, then on my mom's PC, and it's working. Hoping nothing screws up :-/

      • Why yes it does work on a Mac. I did it on mine. Just make sure the file is the correct name.

  • Jmanin


  • Why the note? (*Note 1*- This is for stock non-rooted users ONLY.) Is there something I should know if I have root?

  • martin_figgs_

    i know might be a dumb question…but i have a mac…can i do this with my mac? when i download the file it says 93.7 mb then when i move to the sd card it says its moving 117 mb of data? does have to do with the mac?

    • Shadowtdog

      You really don’t need to use the computer at all. Just download the file on the phone and save it to the SD card. If you get the AndExplorer application from the marketplace (free) it lets you do things like move the file (I moved it from the “download” folder on my SD card to the root of the SD card) as well as rename the file (I downloaded from Google and then renamed it “update.zip”. AndExplorer lets you do things that the “finder” can do on the MAC or “Windows Explorer” can do in Windows.

    • Yes, just make sure that safari preferences are not set to “open files after downloading” as this will make it unzip the file. You need it to stay zipped! 🙂

  • Can you not upgrade this if you have already rooted?

  • Rumpole

    can I remove the update.zip file when done?

  • Newbie

    I'm trying to get the zip file into the root folder. When I plug my phone in I see an F and a G Drive. How do I determine which drive to put it in?

    • Humzaq

      For me, it's the G Drive. Right click on the icon and click properties. The one with 8 GB total space is the phone, and the other one is the sd card

      • Newbie


  • CHWR06

    I got the update this morning, and it had an error and never updated. Verizon told me they would try to push it to me again after everyone else was updated, so i tried the instructions in the article with no luck. It gives me an error after i select to apply sdcard:update.zip and aborted the installation. I even tried a factory reset and got the same problem. What is going on!? Any ideas of what to try next?

  • Frank6773

    Hey, got the 2.2 working. HOWEVER, I tried multiple flash videos (m.flash.com) and although the picture was fine. The sound is super slow-motion where you can’t even understand it. Anybody else seeing this?

  • Rsalomon84

    im confused do you unzip the file befor you put it on the root sd? cuz i cannot get this to work some1 help 🙁

    • viewthis66

      no. Just download the zip from the (here) link from above to your desktop. Then connect your phone and mount your sd card. then open the drive on your from from my computer and simply cut and past the zip “as is” to your sd card. do not drop it into any folder, then disconnect your phone. you are now ready to follow the rest of the instructions.

      i did this about 2 hours ago and it only took about 5 minutes for the whole process 🙂


    that was actually MUCH easier than i thought it would be! its updating now… holding my breath! does this come with flash or do i need to download separately? OMG SOOO EXCITED!!

  • Ethiopia

    Awesome. Worked first time for me, like a charm, downloaded from the Google link. I was so sick of waiting for the update over the last 3 days. So a massive THANK YOU to everyone who laid out the instructions/posted the links/posted hints in the comments.

    Now, for 2.2: It really bumps up the Incredible to a new level. Subsonic headset controls work (finally!), the Android agenda widget got a nice update and now can display the location of an event (I have it syncing with my outlook wirelessly through Google calendar), and I'm noticing a speed increase. It took a few reboots and some sitting and waiting, but LET THE PHONE DO ITS THING. It's thinking. Let the damn thing think. Don't think it's frozen or anything, just wait.

    So once again, thank you all for your help 🙂

  • captnbirdman

    just did it, amazing. followed the steps of the article, the other way didn't work (going to settings, about phone..). took about 20 minutes for the update to finish once started.

  • Dazz1996

    All done with my update it took 6 times but all done i started with the one not from google renamed it in caps like on this page UPDATE.ZIP did both sd and the sd thats is in the phone that you cant take out then renamed to update.zip still did not work so last got the google one and named it update.zip and it worked just to let everyone know the phone will look like it locks up a number of time just let it boot till its do may take a long time but just let it boot you will see things that no one is talking about like i said just let it boot good luck im happy so will you be

  • speer factor

    For all the noobs like myself do not rename the file “update.zip” . “update” is the proper name.

  • Anonymous

    hboot method worked

  • Frank6773

    I’m not only a newbie to the droid world but just got my Droid Incredible today with 2.1 so just navigating around was a task for me. I was able to follow the directions in the post and I’m now with 2.2.

  • bignate50

    its keeps saying installation aborted!! help

  • viewthis66

    works great! thank you Kellex.

  • Juggalosk8r896

    consistantly said installation aborted
    would not let me update

  • Derek

    When i get to the last step Apple sdcard:update.zip for some reason says finding update package, opening, verifying, then E: failed to open (No such file or directory) Installation aborted. what do i do? love buddy..

    • Derek

      and its in an emmc folder. is that wrong, it automatically put it in there i guess, when i downloaded it i set it on top when it was in disk drive, no folders, no nothing

  • Confused

    Purchased HTC incredible 2 weeks ago. No reflash… all stock.
    Renamed file to update.zip (confirmed in DOS as update.zip, and not update.zip.zip)
    Copied over to root SD card. (confirmed via phone file explorer)
    Followed directions listed as above.
    Selected “apply sdcard:update.zip”
    E:Can’t mount/dev/bockmmcblk1p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk1)
    (Invalid argument)
    E:Reading package…retry 1
    …….. (same display until retry 10
    ” ”
    E:Reading package…retry 10
    E:Can’t mount /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 (or /dev/block/mmcblk1)
    (Invalid argument)
    E:Can’t find /sdcard/update.zip
    Installation aborted.

    Uh…. help?

  • bignate50

    i cant get it to work after i select apply sdcard etc it says install aborted. ive tried numerous times!!!

  • Adem09

    My phone tells me that E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command and then it says installation aborted

    Please help

    • Adem09

      I wiped my phone and that didn't work. I re-downloaded from the Google link renamed it update.zip and now it says E:signature verification failed… UGH

      • Phattyfabs79

        I had the same issue, but the below directions solved it for me.

        1. Download the file directly from the Google link and NOT the MegaUpload version (this version did not work with my phone).
        2. Rename the file to update.zip
        3. Copy the file to the SD card. This is normally the G Drive on most computers with a recovery partition or it'll be the drive with less than 6GB of space.
        4. Download AstroZip from the Android Market.
        5. After AndroZip is installed, find the update.zip file on the SD card. It should be named 'update.zip.zip'
        6. Rename to update.zip
        7. Follow from step 3 in the article.
        8. Update takes about 20 minutes from start to finish

        • CHWR06

          Still didn’t work for me. I called verizon and HTC. No one knows why my phone won’t update to they’re sending me a new one…. i guess thats one way to fix it….

    • CHWR06

      I'm having the exact same problem. What is going on!?

  • radio

    what baseband radio are you all showing after the update ? im not taking about the ota, just the downloaded zip people….

  • Anthony

    Love 2.2.. follow da directions as described and it worked out fine.. contacts are still there

  • Dan

    Not working for me…

    It says it cannot find the file on my SD card. I dropped the zip file onto the SD Root and renamed it….did I not put it in the right place?

    I made sure it was on the SD card…and just dragged the file from “My downloads” to the SD card and dropped it…it didnt go in any folder, just went to the bottom.

  • Boltcc

    I did it, was very easy, no problems yet.

  • Hayesj09

    Manually installed the way instructed above but kept the folder name “update” and it worked.

  • Evansjohn95

    it says installation aborted

  • Xilovefood

    my screen is just at a red eye… what does that mean?

    • Bobalay

      Wait it’ll go & reboot a few times.

      • Ramzilla

        Mine was sitting there for a few minutes, 3-5 maybe, and finally moved on. It game me a gratz for updating/upgrading screen and is now updating with the HTC logo in the background.

  • Mayday

    Can you delete the file after it has installed?

    • Bobalay

      Not from phone it shows as -rw permissions if it was drw then yea. I’ll try with it connected via usb and let you know.

    • Bobalay

      Yes, I deleted the file via PC and rebooted the phone all is good.

  • CrazymanAF86


    • Mavcable

      Why are you typing in all-caps? Try going to http://www.audiusa.com/ to see if your Flash is working…

    • Mickyimp

      go into the browser settings and enable plugins

  • mine worked….had me on the edge of my seat for a bit, wondering if I just bricked my phone, but it works fine, saved all my settings, all my user info.
    I had to go in a turn a few things off, like the weather and what not…but it works fast.

  • Cmac

    Does anybody know if the Unrevoked 3 rooting method will work after the 2.2 update is applied? I'm thinking about updating, but I wanna hold off if I can't gain root access after I update. Thanks for the help everybody.

  • Bobalay

    I've talked some bullsh!t about this update not really being out because I haven't seen any proof but after seeing the manual upgrade made available this morning I grabbed it and installed it and it is in fact the real deal. Android 2.2 and yes Flash 10.1 is included. The upgrade was flawless and yes it did hang up a bit when loading but I left it alone it rebooted a few times but it's as good as gold. Sweet! So what's the ETA on Gingerbread's 3.0 OTA? lol

  • Yoda

    I was so exited to finally get the update. I downloaded the file. Then went to plug my phone into the PC and what did I see….a message that the OTA update is ready to update my phone…..coincidence?

  • bamadroid

    Need help guys… My recovery doesnt work, when I try to go into recovery it just kicks me back out to the hboot screen. I'm not rooted, it all started when I updated to the new radio file. Can someone point me into the right direction please

  • Misfit5150

    Worked Perfect!!! 10 Minutes, TOPS!!!!
    Thanks for the info!!!!!

  • Downloaded via the Google link… after update, it rebooted, played the new Red Eye boot animation, and hung for minutes… Got me a bit worried there. Then it booted into Sense. Unlocked the screen and it hung at “HTC” logo for a while… It eventually prompted with “update successful”

    • Derek_spencer

      same here. all is good now. screw waiting. and what’s up with the mobile hotspot? — is big red going to charge us?

      • Jquant1075

        Same here. I’m waiting…htc…Congratulations! your phone has been updated successfully to version 3.21.605.1 thank you

      • Anonymous

        Ya 3g mobile hotspot will cost money you could always root and get Wireless Tether 🙂

    • Josh G.

      same for me too. i freaked out when i thought it was locking up at the droid eye. then it took forever to boot sense. eventually everything seemed to work ok. phew!

  • Humzaq

    Hey, what do I do with the update file after installing? And what happens to the 2.1 file? Does it just disappear?
    And btw, it worked

  • ohiobuckeye7

    Just upgraded via update.zip. Everything went smooth! Even noticed my signal bar is actually higher and I just got a message with my exchange account which before did not work with Zimbra which is was we used at work.

  • Evermour

    I know. I hated the whole htc then verizon logo.

  • kulz

    works like a charm 😀

    i knew there was a reason i keep coming to this site… ;p

  • Rohicks

    Got mine this morning.

  • QuadFather

    Followed instructions. Worked just fine, once I put the update.zip file on the sd card (i read it wrong at first, duh me).

    Everything seems to work (Flash 10.1, etc.) EXCEPT …

    The camera interface seems to be exactly the same … I mean, it rotates all directions and you have a 720p option for video … But wasn’t the interface supposed to be much-improved for easier one-handed access to camera settings? It does not at all resemble any of the screen-shots i’ve seen for this.

    If that’s the case, then … that part is missing from this update, and I don’t have the comeback to my iPhone4-toting bro’s comment “Ew! The interface is horrible and difficult to use!” that I was hoping for.


    • Rafikki

      Same issue here. Camera seems to not have changed in this manual update, unless I’m missing something.

  • Guerillabill

    Here's an easier way.

    Download the http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/… file from google.

    Rename the file UPDATE.ZIP

    Copy the file the root folder of your HTC Incredible.

    Press Settings, then press 'about phone'.

    This will recognize the 'update.zip' file and ask you whether you wish to apply the system update.

    Select 'yes', and the update starts and installs itself.

    • Interesting..

    • bamadroid

      maybe a dumb question, how do you get the update file into the root folder of the phone?

      • GuerillaBill

        Connect the phone to your computer via the USB cable. On the phone, pull down the menu on the main page, and press the ‘charge only’ option, and change to ‘disk drive – mount as disk drive’.

        The phone SD card will then show up as a disk drive in Windows.

        Drag the update.zip file to the phone drive. It will be in the main folder (not sub folder).

        After moving it over, press ‘settings’ on the phone, and choose ‘about phone’, then ‘system updates’.

        The phone will see update.zip, and ask if you want to install the update.

        • bamadroid

          didnt work, thanks though

        • bamadroid

          when I go and look at the update.zip file on the phone, its in a subfolder “emmc”. Could that be my problem? I tried to get out of that folder but I cant copy it or move it out.

          • Jmanin

            mine did the same thing. did you find out how to move it out of the emmc folder?

          • Bamadroid

            Never figured it out

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            emmc is the internal 8gb memory on the phone… you want it in the sdcard folder… if you mount it to your PC, E: is your internal memory (emmc), and F: becomes the SD Card.

          • bamadroid

            Yeah, I can’t use recovery on my phone, its been messed up since I upgraded to the new radio file. So I was trying this other method of putting the update file on the root of the phone and going to about phone and updating system. Have any idea how to get my recovery to work??

      • webco

        root folder of the SD card not the phones internal memory. I used a thirda party application to move it and rename it. There may be another way but that’s how I did it.

    • Czone

      If I do it this way, will all my apps and contacts etc. be wiped off the phone or will things remain the same?

      • Anonymous

        This one could be great, Although, the latest news surfaces the web, that the name of the next Android 3.1 or 3.2 would be Honeycomb.Now that would be amazing to see as well.

      • Windopelii

        I did it and did not lose any data or settings, working great in Denver Thanks Droid-life….

      • Jcrotinger3

        they will all stay the same

    • Anonymous

      I just tried this, it doesn’t work. I even tried to reboot the phone. (yes, update.zip is in the root of the phone, not the sdcard) My other Dinc is working via the normal hboot method. LOVE 2.2 and really love chrome to phone.

      • bamadroid

        How did you get it into the root folder?

        • Anonymous

          the root folder is the lowest level folder. it’s not called “root folder”. when people say root folder, they mean the base folder, where you see all the other folders. when you connect your phone to your computer via usb, it’s the folder that you open to. It has like “DCIM” or HTCSync2.0.25.exe in it.

      • ballbusta

        Drop the file on the root of your SD card not the phone memory

    • Dasgiggler

      it didn’t work for me this way.

    • Jay Hernandez00

      I just did the update. It only takes a few mins. All contacts and apps are still on my phone.

    • Anonymous

      This didn’t work for me..

    • Jay Hernandez00

      does the qwerty keyboard still look the same for the people that have the update ? or does it look like the droid x qwerty ?

    • kellex

      That's interesting. Haven't actually tried that but it works?

    • Inm8killer

      this method does not work just tried.

      • Adrianb

        it does work, try harder. 🙂

        • Chocolate8175

          please enlighten me as to where my err is, I followed all the steps verbatim. Am I dumb?

          • Anonymous

            No, this doesn’t make you dumb….but it might make your download a crappy one. I’ve had to download a second zip on past droid updates.

        • Chad05

          Doesn’t work either. I’ve had the update.zip file in both the root of my SD card and the Phone mem. I’ve had named and renamed update/ update.zip and even update.zip.zip just for kicks. I even tried both the google link and the megaupload link.

          Still not working… How do I ‘try harder’ than this?

    • Derek

      When i get to the last step Apple sdcard:update.zip for some reason says finding update package, opening, verifying, then E: failed to open (No such file or directory) Installation aborted. what do i do? love buddy..
      and its in an emmc folder. is that wrong, it automatically put it in there i guess, when i downloaded it i set it on top when it was in disk drive, no folders, no nothing

      • Bullet Tooth Tony

        Needs to be on the SD card… F: when you mount it…

    • dirtyd

      had to rename “update” not “update.zip” then it worked. b4 it was giving me a error code.. also be patient, looks like phone is jakt. but its just working… trust it, roll a bleezy of some purp n by the time ur high u gots froyo!.. i didnt.. but everything is good even the resolution looks a tad cleaner than old version… hooray for manual update… no patience for ota

      • Dan

        I had the same problems until i renamed it update… do not add the .zip it already knows it is a .zip file

        • guest

          its not recognizing it

      • Abeg757

        how do you rename?

        • webco

          not sure how others did it…I’m not as savvy as many. I used a third party application file manager to rename the file.

      • Ders27

        worked!!!! it is SOOOOOO easy !!! Thanks

      • Vrooom

        Exactly, the file download window on Firefox showed the file named as a .zip file. Naming the file update worked for me, thanks, nice catch!

    • Rtt

      Not working, it’s not recognizing it.

      • Riverdance33

        Thanks so much, worked after renaming. Awesome thread.

    • Get ready for the deluge of people using Windows who don’t have extensions shown and thus have named their file “UPDATE.ZIP.ZIP” and will begin to say “DURR NOT WORKING” 😛

      • Anonymous

        LOL, Hey, that was me, had I not remembered the ‘properties’ command, 🙂

    • Alexlavallee

      I downloaded a third party application manager (ASTRO) and renamed the file. I removed the .zip, and powered down the phone. Turned the phone on hold down and the power button. Using the volume button down, I selected ‘recovery’. To select, you must press the power button. Once the triangle comes up, hold the up volume and power button. Select update. I just did this. AWESOME!!

  • Mavcable


  • Mavcable


  • Mavcable

    Yes. You haven't read much about this, have you? 🙂

  • Why is it such a pain in the ass to unroot now? Totally wasn’t ever even worth it.

  • Max


  • Jkdprime

    I downloaded manually, and after reboot, the system increases to 100 percent, reboots and goes through prcess again. It has done this 10 times so far. I think I killed my phone…arrgh!

  • Humzaq

    After downloading this, should I remove the file from the SD card? And what happens to the Android 2.1 file? Meaning, does it disappear or does it still stay somewhere on the phone/sd card?

  • Bravofan

    does the version have flash 10.1?

    • Mavcable

      Yes. You haven't read much about this, have you? 🙂

      • Bravofan

        just asking. someone on another forum said they used this update and it was not on their phone.

  • MatriX123

    How do I save to sd card? I downloaded it but It went straight to phone storage.

    • Mavcable


    • Gardner24

      download a file manager such as astro and move the file

      • MatriX123

        Ok. One more q. What is the sd card labeled in the list of files?

        • Gardner24

          its not in the list its all of them you don't put it in one of the folders

          • MatriX123

            Did it and moved the file. Still didn't work.

  • Bob

    ooo it's doing it!!!


    Suck on that VZW, don't pick me

  • Mike2step

    question…I read on here that someone in PA recieved the OTA…I live in PA and still haven't recieved it. Is it possible for me to get it sometime today or no?

    • Mavcable

      Location has absolutely nothing to do with the order the OTA update is rolled-out in. This has been explained time and time again for several weeks now…

    • Evermour

      I dont think it matters on where you live.

  • MatriX123

    Can this be done on the phone or should it be done on a computer?

    • Gardner24

      can be done on the phone thats what I usually do so that way i don't hav to mount my phone ect.

      • Chris

        Eww, please don't mount your phone in public, at least. 🙂

  • Dayvidk

    Heck yeah! I actually feel like I have a DROID. We now have a red eye boot animation! ha ha

    • Evermour

      I know. I hated the whole htc then verizon logo.

  • Bravofan

    Does this come with flash 10,1?

    • Mavcable

      How many times are you going to ask this within 10 minutes? Look it up on Google, bud… Google is your friend. 🙂

  • Matthewritchie

    Updated using original post instructions. It worked great and took < 10 minutes. Thanks for the help! Froyo rocks!

  • Jonathan Pope

    File confirmed as working. Just finished says congratulations your phone has been updated successfully to version 3.21.605.1


    • did it wipe everything on the phone? I'm in Brooklyn also — were you rooted before the OTA upgrade?

      • Did not wipe everything off my phone still had my apps live background and etc. I wiped everything off my phone dough wanted to feel like i got a new phone. I was not rooted and never will

    • Chris

      I'm in Brooklyn as well (Bay Ridge), but still nothing. Did it just pop up on your phone? How did it happen?

  • thanks so much for this!!!!

  • MatriX123

    Me too. Fail

  • bamadroid

    Anyway to get this to work without going into recovery? I can’t go into recovery, it just kicks me out to the main Hboot screen. I tried another way someone posted earlier, but can’t get it to work. HELP!!

  • Dayvidk

    Mine wont update either. I downloaded direct from google. I get this report.

    E:Can't open /cache/recovery/command

    — Install from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (No such file or directory)
    E:signature verification failed
    Installation aborted.

    • mcscissorhands

      I get the same error message, also downloaded direct from google. The other link is down now too.

    • nberry

      I ran into the same error message … After pulling out a few hairs i realized transferring the files from my mac to the phone was changing the .zip file to a folder so no matter how i renamed it it wouldn’t work… So i don’t loaded the file directly from the phone and moved it to the root of the sd card use astro file manager and it work fine.

    • Dayvidk

      Ok, maybe if I followed directions… I saved to SD card this time and not internal memory and it worked. Its still too early here 🙂

    • Quinope

      Check your computer and see if HTC Sync is installed. If it is uninstall the program, reboot your computer, and try the process again.

    • Make sure you didn't name the file update.zip.zip. If your OS doesn't show file extensions, then that's exactly what you did. Just rename it to “update” and try again.

      • brainneek

        Good call.

    • Haney

      For me it did that because if you change name to update.zip the phone sees it as update.zip.zip because its a zip file. make sure you name it update and leave the .zip off. then it should work.

      • Dan

        Did the same thing…DOH! Now it works!

    • Ispep_25

      Ive tried everything that everyone has said on here and I’m still getting Installation Aborted

    • Chocolate8175

      yeah me too

  • Dut36

    If you do this update, what happens when the OTA finally arrives?

    • Quinope

      The OTA will pass you by because you can't update to what you already have. But this is official.

    • Mavcable

      The phone will obviously not try to update to the OTA if you're already running the same version as the OTA. *sigh*

  • Quinope

    No you can't because your phone won't apply the update. You need to downgrade to stock and then install it. This video can help you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eeuiURZZZds&feat

  • Demetriusl31

    Yay! Froyo 2.2 baby! Not that I was tired of waiting for the OTA update but this maunal update was the easiest update I ever done. On my european HTC Hero I just did the “change the date” trick to get the 2.1. Man, cant tell how happy I am, the Incredible is beyond Incredible now!

  • Abodetti

    Mine fails when i try to manually update. Says the file doesnt exist.

  • Monstasofdamidway

    Got tired of waiting for OTA. I just manually installed 2.2 on my DInc!! I have FROYO Goodness……Thanks Android Central!!!

  • MatriX123

    Says it's no longer available

    • Max


  • Mando

    does anyone know if I install this and my baseband is already upgraded to, will it brick my phone?

    • I would also like to know this.

    • kulz

      i just did the manual update and the baseband is

  • What about us folks who rooted? Can we go back “official” by using this?

    • Quinope

      You can unroot your phone to update but I'm about 90% sure if your baseband is already updated you can't apply this update anyway. But if you unroot then you are fine. No this does not factory wipe your phone just upgrades.

      • Do you know whether you have to unroot to get the OTA or this manual dl?

  • Finally…..Thanks. I'm so tired of checking my phone for the OTA. Now I can be done with it.

  • Looks like it's stil the same version as the one leaked a couple of days ago.

  • Gcflores4

    Does it work?

  • schwartzman93

    Your welcome guys…and i know the title is dumb, lol

  • Kille50035

    got my ota this morning yay

  • CheeseLover

    Man I was hoping this would happen. Updating now!!!

  • GinoSylum

    Is this the exact same 2.2 we would get over the air?

    • kellex


  • Little Timmy

    Quick question to anyone will this update work if I am rooted or do I have to do something else

    • idk but if your using unrevoked forever im sure it will

      • Little Timmy

        I am not using unrevoked forever I dont really understand rooting so Im not going to bother with it anymore so if I am rooted using unrevoked3 can I just install this update

  • Max

    I might as well seeing how Verizon/HTC hates Texas, but I can't blame them.

    • Mavcable

      Location has absolutely NOTHING to do with when your phone will receive the update. How many times is this going to be explained?

  • Just live


  • Axel


    • CheeseLover

      … grade maturity

      • … time you used that joke

      • Axel

        I know you are, but what am I?

        (Sorry, couldn't resist :P)

  • hacky

    I dont need manual update, I got my OTA 2.2 for my incredible this morning, its downloading as I type this!!! living in PA. this is so sweet, and i just got my incredible on the 15th of ugust

  • g35


    • CrazymanAF86


  • FIRST!!!!!!!

    • CheeseLover

      … grade maturity

  • Anyone who is having trouble you need to go to the xda link kellex left. You have to reupdate to the may update version in order to download froyo. Works fine now thanks man.

  • thank you thank you thank you. I followed the instructions and now we have Froyo in New Orleans, and I’m not talking about PINKBERRY

  • C13urge

    Is it the same Build and Baseband numbers that is on Verizon’s support website document?
    Build: 3.21.605.1 Baseband:

  • Dasgiggler

    I cant get this to work. can anyone explain in better detail where or how to copy the download to. When I connect my phone it connects as 2 removable devices E and F. I have even put in both but I get an error when Hbooting it that says sdcard/update.zip directory of file unavailable. Any help would be greatly appreciated! MAN I want this to work!

    • Dasgiggler

      the exact error is
      “E:failed to open /sdcard/update.zip (no such file or directory)
      E:signature verification failed”

      • Dasgiggler

        nevermind! after the 20th time I finally got it. YAY! now wait for it to work!

  • 1T2dirtnap

    Got the update yesterday Honolulu Hawaii about 8pm. Glad to finally see it coming from Google’s servers. Took less then ten minutes to update.If you didn’t get the OTA, I would suggest you do the method stated above. It’s the same thing as the OTA, no sense in waiting when you have the update coming from a reliable source.

    After the update you should notice an increase in speed, also news widget and the Nexus live wallpaper (looks cool). Some things have changed I’m noticing some text and phone layout has been updated… the more you use the phone the more you will notice the changes. Phone will not be wiped, everything stays. This phone is truly Incredible.

  • house

    Has anyone experienced sound problems with their videos when updating to 2.2? I can’t hear any of the sounds from my videos i have on my phone. And yes, my volume is turned up.

  • Atokad

    I’ve DL’ed the update.zip and copied it to my SD root folder. When I got to About Phone>System Updates…nothing. I’ve checked the file name is correct and even downloaded the file a second time just to be sure…nothing. What gives?!?!

    • I followed the directions above rather than going through the About Phone>System Updates and it worked.

  • FROYO! I have my Froyo!


    Okay, all celebration aside, I had a few anxious moments. Screen went dark, no action. Turned it back on and it sat… and sat… and sat…

    Finally moved on though.

    My ONLY real problem was on final reboot it told me I was low on space. I moved one app to SD card and that seems to have cleared the issue. Not sure why I got that msg since I seem to have plenty of space both internal and external.

  • kitok311

    I followed the droid life insruction. It looks like the update wne t throught but when I turn on the phone and go to the home screen, it says “loading…” but nothing happens. Can’t get pass that message. How should I fix this?

  • Sjm614

    Can you do this right from your Dinc? or do you need a computer?

    • Jarrough

      if you download the update.zip directly to your dinc, you’ll have to use astro file manager to move the file to the SD card.
      if you download update.zip to a pc, you’ll plug the dinc in as a disk drive and paste it onto the SD card.

      you can do it without a pc, but it is quicker and easier with a pc.

      • LiquidBreadMan

        K… can’t get this to do anything at all.

        When I run Astro and click on “Home” I can see UPDATE in the list. It’s definitely a zip file, and when I view the file properties it knows the name is UPDATE.ZIP (all upper case). Clicking on “About Phone” in settings does nothing and rebooting the phone does nothing either. (I’m on stock 2.1 and have never rooted)

  • Finire

    Now that I’ve updated it to 2.2, I’m noticing one annoying thing. CityID will not end. I can end it as many times as I want, but it only takes milliseconds to restart it.

    Well, let’s not forget about Verizon’s VZ Navigator… I’d love to get rid of that. Does anyone have any news on maybe getting the Froyo file straight from HTC? I love HTC Sense, but I can’t stand the crap that VZW adds to it.

    • Jarrough

      you’ll notice that with several apps, because… android 2.2 doesn’t allow developers to kill other apps like they could in 2.1. therefore, advanced task killer literally does nothing. apps may temporarily disappear from the ATK list, but check your ‘Manage Applications’ screen within the native Settings and you’ll see that those apps are still running.
      you can download Froyo Task Killer which will jump you to a modified ‘Manage Applications’ screen where you can force-close apps, but android is setup like linux and will periodically kill un-used tasks on its own. i’ve been testing 2.2 without a task killer and the battery is running the same (if not longer) than when i had 2.1 + ATK. just keep your wifi and gps turned off while not in use.

      • Finire

        After giving 2.2 several hours to manage the apps, I’ve noticed that City ID isn’t running at all anymore. I can’t state how happy I am about that.

        Being we’ve all got the Incredible (which should be called the F*#%ing Fantastic) I know that app storage isn’t an issue. But I would really like to dispose of the apps that I will never use. Primarily the apps that you have to pay for monthly (i.e. VZ Navigator $9.99, 3G Mobile Hotspot $20.00, City ID $3.99). Even if I could just get rid of the icons from my app list that would be enough for me.

  • Updating now… fingers and toes crossed it all goes well. Sounds like everyone is having good success with this method, so I’m diving in too. 🙂 Will post an update when it’s finished.

  • Phil

    Worked great, thanks. I was getting impatient with verizon, then my cousin texts me to tell me he just got the update. Enough is enough 🙂 Thanks to this I got it on my own.

  • mary kate

    if i download this manually and install it, will i have any problems updating ota in the future? ex. gingerbread?

  • Anonymous

    What if you have stock 2.1 rooted already? Can you just apply this update.zip?

  • Caldwell2325

    Finally, how much more awesome can this phone get.

  • Jdonahoe

    Was surprised last night in Alabama when I checked my phone around 12:30AM and found a text box asking whether I wanted to install the update or do it later. Duh, now!!! By the way, I don’t see flash as a standalone app, but it is running within the browser.

  • leebz

    must be named “update” not update.zip…. completing install now. make sure on sd card. drop file in sdcard no folder. then do what it says. simple

  • Sean

    Worked perfectly, didn’t know they were sticking in an LED flashlight app. Hell yeah, finally!

  • Got it installed, works. first boot up is a little slow. took about 10 minutes to complete from downloading the zip to reaching the home screen.
    Looks great, cannot wait to see if I can voice dial from my bluetooth headset.

  • Justin

    about 80% of my apps are force closing after this, just gotta wait for an update?

  • digiratistudios

    Downloaded update.zip from link on site to SD Card.
    Followed instructions.
    About 15 minutes later, installation complete.
    Android 2.2 on my HTC Incredible.
    Tested flash at http://m.flash.com – worked fine.

  • Ryan

    Awesome! Super easy to install, thanks!

  • Bill

    Followed the directions as above, ~30 minutes start of download to finish.

    All apps and settings remained the same.

    Did a *228, option 2 to update the roaming codes as well.

    THANKS from Portland, OR

    • Anonymous

      What up Portland! 🙂

    • Wooo!!! From Madras!!!! Not that anyone knows where that is lol.. but we’re in Central OR…

      • Linuxwitch

        Froyo in Pendleton!

        • Rob

          as in Oregon? I lived there 32 years! thats my home

  • Xilovefood

    YAY! I got it :] sooo smootth!

  • Jdunn82

    is this any dif than the last leak that came out or did the build numbers end up matching?