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How to: Root Android 2.2 for the Motorola DROID

Now that the Motorola Droid has received Android 2.2, we get asked quite often when we’ll update our guide to rooting especially from those that were waiting on Froyo before taking the dive.  Fortunately for everyone, the process takes a simple click rather than that long drawn out RSD Lite process we had to run through during the 2.1 days.

This post should act as your one-stop guide to rooting your Droid running Android 2.2, flashing a custom recovery image, and creating your first nandroid backup to get you on your way to custom ROMs and so much more.

If you are looking for reasons as to why someone would root their phone, check out this poll we ran a while back.  The comments serve as one of the best compilations of reasoning you’ll find anywhere.


Update:  This rooting method works on Android 2.2 build FRG01B.  It does not currently work on FRG22D.  If you would like root access, I suggest rooting instead of installing the new FRG22D update.


Instructions for Rooting Android 2.2:

*Warning* – Rooting your Droid will void its warranty.  There is also a chance that you could do permanent damage to your device and possibly “brick” it.  You accept all risk should you decide to follow this process.  Droid Life accepts no responsibility.

1.  Download and install Universal Androot.
2.  Open Universal Androot and tap  the “Root :-)” button.

3.  It will run through a series of steps.

4.  If you the process completes successfully, it will look like this.

5.  Congrats!  You are rooted!

6.  Now reboot your phone to finish off the process.


*You can stop here and enjoy being rooted or you can hit up the next set of instructions to get a custom recovery image on your phone which will allow you to make full backups and flash custom ROMs.


Installing a Custom Recovery:

1.  Open the Market and search for ROM Manager.  Download and install it.
2.  Open ROM Manager and select “Flash Clockwork Recovery” at the top.

3.  If asks you for permission, check the box and tap “Allow.”

4.  ROM Manager will now flash Clockwork Recovery onto your phone.  When it finishes, it will tell you.

5.  It is now time to create a full nandroid backup and prepare for custom ROMs!


*Time to create a nandroid backup which will save you should you have a misstep somewhere in the future while flashing a custom ROM, new recovery, etc.  Nandroid backups should be created constantly to ensure you have a current backup of your phone.


Creating a nandroid backup:

1.  In ROM Manager, tap the option to “Reboot into Recovery.”

2.  Using the volume up/down keys, scroll down to “nandroid” and press the camera button.
3.  Choose “Backup.”

4.  Clockwork Recovery will now create a full nandroid backup of your current phone settings.

5.   When it finishes, choose “reboot phone.”
6.  You now have a rooted phone, custom recovery and a full nandroid backup.

You can now participate in our Custom Theme Friday’s, flash future ROMs, Android leaks and so much more with your Motorola Droid.  Hope this helped and feel free to drop your comments or questions below!

  • Dahalprabhakar

    i also rooted my droid 2.2. and when i start my phone in recover mode, there is no options like nandroid as mentioned…what am i supposed to do??

  • James

    It keeps saying “Failed ! No ~~ Fu goo ~~~”

  • Leanpower

    I have an Android version 2.2.2 build FRG83G and the Universal androot will not parse, is there a newer version of this rooter?

  • Bnetto6127

    Failed! no ~~~fu goo ~~~ [?] wtf?

  • Louie Soto

    I am holding out for the Droid Bionic, but this new Droid X looks sweet

  • Faulkerson

    This is way better and easier and shows you how to root 2.2 love froyo rooted

  • Darthyutsi1

    Im using android 2.2 on a druid 2, and none of the universal androot downloads I found worked. They all either wouldn’t open or failed when I hit do root.

  • OldCrLvr

    OK, so I downloaded the software. As I was in step 3 it finishe but came up with “Finished ! No~~~ Fu goo~~~” Whats up with that? How do I resolve it? Thanks in advance, Chris

  • Ludwig45

    This did not work last night. The new version, 2.2.2, stops this. We need a new root program….

  • Why is it so difficult to root an android? Peter, Koowie.com

  • kschzhd

    You do realize that Universal Androot contains a trojan, right?

  • Mjbaatz12

    Failed ! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~ …..?

  • AndyG

    I have done the steps to root my droid but it keeps saying root failed! No! fu goo. Its really weird and I’ve tried it a couple times and can’t figure it out! PLEASE HELP.

  • Derwood1999

    I got an error
    Failed ! No ~~~Fu goo ~~~

    Anybody know what this means?

  • Howe000

    The HTC Wildfire (android 2.2.1) does not work!

  • trvseq

    I have moto Droid frg83d 2.2.1 the one button root didn’t work for me

  • ommageek

    UniversalAndroot.apk fails…

  • Jarroddavis12
  • Jarroddavis12
  • Ralph.

    OK. Downloaded the apk file… now what? I can't get past this. Please help!

  • Rlittle66

    It tells me Failed! No ~~~Fu goo. Whatever that means.

  • Danonorato

    Did not work on. Droid x 2.2
    I got foo goo. Why is this. Dose it matterif my build version. Vzw. Thanks.

  • Dschout78

    When you go to uviversal androot…Which download do you use? Premium or regular?

  • Gjohnson_iii

    will this process for rooting 2.2 work with a phone with FRG83, android 2.2.1? would like to know before starting up on this. Thanks in advance

    • Deltsig77

      Ditto. Did my DX but finally convinced my wife to let me root her Droid and want to know if FRG83 can be done this way or do I need to go another method.

      • Grknrkn

        has anyone gotten the root to work for frg83 yet???

    • Orionshee

      It doesn't work on mine.

  • Tjborrell

    I have a Droid and it is rooted, I cannot update my Gmail, Goggle, and other items. Can anyone help me and tell what I need to change on my phone? Thanks

  • Middletonhb86

    I downloaded the universal android and when I go in the app and press root it tells me failed! NO! Fu–Goo! Does anyone know why it's doing this and how I can fix it so I can root my ph???


  • Cholmez80

    this did not work for me keep getting error java.util.zip.ZipException:expected End of central directory signature WTF does this mean?????

  • brickbreaker

    I've had the Motorola D1 for about half a year now, I have been reluctant to root my phone due to obvious reasons, loosing 500 dollars with a phone brick. (700 if u include the prices of buying it in the first place). But, since i moved over to ubuntu, my pda net doesn't work and hearing about the hot-spot app that i don't have to pay extra for seems pretty nice right now.

    I was wondering, since of the apple iphones everytime you update your phone after jailbreaking it, you bricked it….how are ways i could brick the droid.

  • Well the android 2.2 i follow the instructions and i pushed the button but then did the root:) button but when its done instead of saying “woot your device is rooted” This article is really great, strong support

  • Baileyjbickers

    what do i do when it says failed! No Fu goo

  • Jlax132

    can you download this from the fone???

  • mord

    So what you are saying is that the backup thing will backup up the stuff from before the root Right?

  • Davewillis

    How do you know what build you have?

  • Briant599

    why does it say E: signature verification failed installation aborted? it wont let me do it

  • jamie adcock

    Nevermind it says Failed! No Fu goo

  • jamie adcock

    What does it mean when it say failure no Foo goo

  • P95stang

    i have never rooted a phone before but i want to do it to my original droid. I currently have the 2.2 with the build FRG22D. Can any one point me to a good website with instructions how to do it or explain it

    • Mrpicolas

      actually this website has the instructions for you please use the search box located at the top of the screen and enter your query.

  • brandude

    I have a Droid running 2.2, and just installed Universal Androot via the link provided. After pressing the “Root” button, I get the following error: “Failed ! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~”. I searched around and could not find an explanation of what the error means or how to circumvent it. Do anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • ts

    Ok so I have 2.2d just installed universal androot tried rooting and got the response failed no~~~~~ Fu goo~~~~~ whats that about?

  • grant73

    how can i tell if i have FRG22D or FRG01B?

  • Johngreco85

    I'm on the froyo 2.2 and I downloaded the app that rooted my phone. Well it says ok on everything and then it says no…fu…..goo…..Is it because I have flash 10.1 installed also? Anyone know how to fix this?

  • S McNeeley

    I'm running 2.2 and followed the beginning steps above but I get a No Fo Go when I click the “Root” button, any advise? Thanks

  • ben

    My build is listed aa VZW in my phone settings not frg01b or frg22d, what does this mean for my rooting ability?

  • ting-a-ling

    k so i have android 2.2 i follow the instructions and i pushed the button but then did the root:) button but when its done instead of saying “woot your device is rooted” it says “Failed! ~~~Fu goo~~~” what does that mean? can i fix it and still root my droid? can anyone help??

  • Drvidal C

    If you root your phone, do you loose the phones mobile service?

  • Westy293

    I got this all installed and stuff. But I am too much of a newbie to understand this none sense. So just wondering how to uninstall and if its going to cause any problems please let me know.

  • jim

    I agree with Al. I really don't want through the trouble of reverting back to FRG01B. While this seems lazy, I think I really don't have the time, patience, or energy to do it. I would love for this to become compatible with FRG22D! Until then, I guess I'm stuck without being rooted.

  • Droid…Dork

    I received a “Failed No fu goo” messgae when I tried this. DO I need to make some changes somewhere or am I SOL.

  • Droid…Dork

    I received a “Failed No fu goo” messgae when I tried this. DO I need to make some changes somewhere or am I SOL.

  • Synsynthetic

    Ok so I still have not rooted my Droid and it updated to 2.2 FRG22D how can I root now

  • Sue_moua

    I tried it and it failed…y? It said failed to root no fu goo???

  • Jared
  • Mark

    Do you think this would work on an LG Ally running 2.1?

    • Westy293

      Come on man its a Droid website

  • Kevin

    OK…I purchased the ROM manager…I downloaded the free version and it still stops working…can't get past the Flash ClockworkMod Recovery step…says “An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!” What the heck does that mean and what should I do now???

  • Al

    Wish I would have read this before upgrading to FRG22D. I had been using Easy Root and it worked until this last update. Would very much like to know when a 1-click root will be available for FRG22D. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a good tutorial for manual rooting is, I would appreciate being pointed in the right direction. Thanks

  • Steve

    how long there is a functioning 1-click root for FRG22D?

    I updated already, and can't seem to find a good guide on how to root manually, and honestly would prefer this 1-click option if available soon.

  • Alex23xx

    Okay so I finally decided that I should root my droid, but im running FRG22D already so any help on how i can root it???

  • Transamgt24

    I'm trying to root my Original Motorola Droid so I can overclock my cpu. I downloaded Universal Androot and when I hit the Root 🙂 button it goes through the process and then it says “Installing toolkit” and then it says “Failed!No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~”. It won't get past that. I don't know what the problem is. If someone can walk me through it I would really appreciate it. I'm a brainiac at computers but when it comes to hacking into phones or programming computers I don't have the slightest idea.

  • Dave in Silver Springs

    Hi folks,

    love my D1 and was just UGd to frg22d. Flash 10.1 installed flawlessly. I can see I'm really going to miss my root. Any word out there on a reliable method yet? Inquiring minds want to know:-)

  • Betterurslf

    Does anyone know how to undo the FRG22D update back to the previous one??? I really need help

  • Mipaen83

    Before I root my Droid, I'd like to know if it is possible to unroot or restore my Droid if I had a warranty issue?

  • David

    i used to be rooted but now im stuck with frg22d but i still have the superuser permissions icon is their a way to get rid of it ive tried reseting my phone wiping out everything but it still comes up, or is their a way to root frg22d

  • Gwilkins75

    I downloaded this app and rooted my droid with ease and was finally able to produce a wifi hotspot. However this morning when I awoke there was an update available for the new flash player on my phone, I downloaded it and now wifi hotspot will not work. When I try to root the phone it says I am already rooted, when I try and unroot it says failed. I have tried unistalling and reinstalling the app and that didn't work. Any suggestions?

  • Driftstallion90

    Hey guys, where can i find instructions on how to root FRG22 manually the long way? Since the one click doesnt work.
    thanks in advance 🙂

  • Amaress

    I'm on FRG01B right now and I rooted this way. I'm getting the FRG22D OTA update notice. Can I update or not?

    • Marty

      What ROM are you using

      • Amaress

        The new Bugless Beast.

        I don't mind if I can't update, but that stupid notification wont go away…it pops up every hour or so.

        • Marty

          Try CyanogenMod-6-09012010-NIGHTLY-Droid it works good for me

          • Marty

            Its FRG22D so you will not get OTA

    • I was rooted as well, got the OTA update regardless. I didn't have a ROM yet. I did whatever I could but that goddamn notification wouldn't go away. I decided just to take the OTA for sanity's sake and just wait until it gets rooted w/ UA

  • Georges

    This is on and off topic but hoping someone here can help. I rooted my phone “Droid X” with 2.1 and then applied the froyo 2.2 update. I did a backup using Bootstrap BEFORE I did anything. I was told to unroot the phone you can do a factory reset. So I tried it, the phone went to a clean install if 2.2, problem is it seems the phone thinks is rooted BUT nothing works.

    I click on the bootstrap and it doesn't tell me the phone's not rooted it just does nothing, I look at apps like ROM Manager and drocap2 and again no errors and look like they are working but nothing happens. ROM Manager see’s my org backup, I click on it and nothing, no reboot, no error, it just sits there.

    in running Universal Android – v1.6 beta I click on the root and it fails on what looked like the exploid lines. I get the same results attempting to re-root the phone using the old method

    C:AndroidSDKtools>adb push Superuser.apk /sdcard/Superuser.apk 1229 KB/s (27688 bytes in 0.022s) C:AndroidSDKtools>adb push su /sdcard/su 753 KB/s (26248 bytes in 0.034s) C:AndroidSDKtools>adb push busybox /sdcard/busybox 1945 KB/s (1926944 bytes in 0.967s) C:AndroidSDKtools>adb push exploid /sqlite_stmt_journals/exploid failed to copy 'exploid' to '/sqlite_stmt_journals/exploid': No such file or directory C:AndroidSDKtools>adb push exploid /sqlite_stmt_journals/exploid failed to copy 'exploid' to '/sqlite_stmt_journals/exploid': No such file or directory

    This is all new to me so any help in getting this problem resolved would be greatly appreciated


    • Mrpicolas

      Use the 2.1 sbf. And reset the phone to factory then start the process over then use universal androot to root on 2.1 the use root explorer and move su from system/bin to xbin and reapply the 2.2 update package the bootstrap then run rom manager flash clockwork boot into recovery and backup

  • Itester8

    downloaded the link onto my phone and when i try to open it an error screen comes up that says “there is a problem parsing the package” what could be the problem?

  • Wilsodw

    Ouch! Now have frg22d and guess what, I now decide to root. Can I after the manual frg22d update? Also when and if I can I would love to over clock only to 800. Do not need the fancy stuff, just plain speed for my stock D1 running FRG22D. Any suggestions? oh and Iam not much of a teck on these things.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Ok so I just got a replacement phone in the mail and I have FRG22D (cool I guess) but can I use the old rooting method since the one click doesn't work?

  • Fightenphils

    how do you re-boot your phone after the root

  • Christielnf

    But no WiFi w/out rooting, correct?

  • Fightenphils

    how do you re-boot your phone after the root

  • Christielnf

    Also, let me clarify what my intentions are to see if it is even possible. Never rooted before, manually installed the 2.2 froyo update on my stock phone once the files had been out. Running stock – Motorola Droid, version 2.2 Build number FRG01B. I couldn't find the Universal Androot on the market and read really bad things about Easy Root. My main reason for wanting to finally give in an root is for Wifi. That's the only way I can get it, yes? I read there is a paid app for tethering for stock phones, but nothing for wifi. Thoughts? Opinions? (Nice) suggestions?

    • without rooting you can download pdanet and tether via usb cable

      • Christielnf

        But no WiFi w/out rooting, correct?

  • Christielnf

    Not finding Universal Androot in the market… suggestions?

  • Triniboy515

    Im stock frg22 jus got a refurb and i want root access back wth do i do !? someone plz help a fellow android in need =[

  • Abe

    Droid 2.2 froyo official

    I just rooted my phone using the Androot, I also did “Flash Clockwork Recovery”, it worked, then I went to reboot into recovery” The first time my phone restarted as normal, the second time it showed a triangle with a ! in it, and a droid phone laying down. It's been stuck there for like 3 minutes.

    I'm scared to do anything and brick.. What do I Do?! [email protected]

    • Abe

      I took out my battery, on bootup I froze at the eye, second time it started as normal, but phone was laggy.

      I can't find any other nandroid backup guide. I tried it again and I got froze again at the ! .

      Alright, so now what?

      • Lynahred

        I am reposting a note I just made a few hours ago a few lines below here. I tried to do a second backup tonight (after about a day) and I had the triangle ! screen too. I flashed clockwork recovery and then all was fine. I also restored to right after the root yesterday to check some temperatures with overclocking.

        Here is the post from below:

        Try to flash the clockwork recovery again. That worked for one of the others having trouble. If you read down through the comments you will see that he didn't get the clockwork recovery to install properly the first time he tried. His screen had the same or similar exclamation point as yours.

  • Marty

    I rooted last night my D1 how do you overclocked the D1?

    • Download SetCPU from the Market ($1.99).

      Set 'Min' to 250 and 'Max' to 800, check the 'set on boot' check-box. I also check the 'set on boot' check-box with the default settings under the 'advanced' tab at the top of the screen.

      You can play with other settings, but I have found this to be best on my phone, performance-wise and battery life.

      • Lynahred

        There is also an overclocking widget program that will do basic overclocking 125 to 800 without any hacking of the kernel. I am interested in how much the temperature of the phone varies. I am planning to restore to before I did the widget to see if the temperature is higher or lower.

        The overclocking widget is FREE!!

        The interesting thing is that if you uninstall the widget, the 800 to 250 that I had set held. So the only way I know of to get the overclocking is to restore to before I installed it. I hope the restore works!

  • Jessecnyc

    works great on FRG01B droid 2.2 froyo rooted and overclocked

  • Lynahred

    After rooting with the above method, I did a full backup of ALL my apps with Titanium backup. I was able to install BusyBox without using the version that you can access in Titanium Backup (by clicking on “Problems?”)

    Overclock Widget allows moderate overclocking (and underclocking to save the battery) without customs ROMs.

    And I found Wireless Tether to work without a custom kernal which is nice. (I couldn't get Barnacle Wifi Tether to work on my Droid.)

    Thanks to those who posted on the thread in order to encourage me to try rooting. I need to rest a bit before trying custom ROMs.

  • CC

    I rooted the phone and installed the custom recovery, as outlined above, but something is going wrong when I try to create a nandroid backup.

    First, I tapped Reboot into Recovery in the ROM Manager screen. I got an “Are you sure” box and tapped “Yes.” The Driod went dark, and after a few moments, the Motorola logo appeared, as on a normal startup. I never got a screen where I could scroll down to “nandroid.” The phone finished booting back up, so I tried a second time, and this time after the white M logo appeared, the screen switched to a very scary “warning screen” with an exclamation mark inside a triangle and a phone laying down beside it. Poor thing looked like it had been hit by a car; and of course, I was worried that I had just ruined my phone. But I held down the Power/Lock button, which made the phone switch off, and pressed it again – after which, the phone booted up in the normal way again.

    So, what am I doing wrong? I'm hesitant to do much with my phone right now, as it's rooted but I don't think I have that backup yet, and I don't want to brick it.

    Much appreciative of the help!

    • Lynahred

      Try to flash the clockwork recovery again. That worked for one of the others having trouble. If you read down through the comments you will see that he didn't get the clockwork recovery to install properly the first time he tried. His screen had the same or similar exclamation point as yours.

      • CC

        It took a couple attempts – flashing alternate recovery, then flashing clockwork again, and again and again – but I finally did get to Recovery mode. Created nandroid backup, now running ClockworkMod just fine.

        Thanks again for the help.

  • Mike

    if FRG22D isn't rooted soon I will go back to FRG01B. All i would have to do it add the FRG01B file to my sd card and boot into recovery apply the update from there right?

  • Stormriderart

    Finally rooted after following this forum for about 90 days (seemed easy enough, not sure what took me so long) Now that I've gotten off the fence what ROM should I use… The watermark theme looked good but I'm not sure if I need to install something prior to this? Pls no bashing me everyone who started needed guidance to get going..Thanks

  • Sittingbill

    What Are Some Of The Nicest Roms On Rom Manager! Wish There Were Screen Shots

  • Marty

    Is eazy root a good rooting app

  • Cowboyben

    OK Kellex,,,educate me,,,I rooted my droid according to these instructions,,,now,,,and again I say educate me,,,my droid seems to be a little faster, but what should I expect…can someone please help???

    • Railrider

      Cowboyben, I'm not sure I understand your question…If you followed the procedure above then you should have root access, What you do after that is entirely up to you, If you want to run a custom rom may I suggest Sapphire1.0.0, I have tried numerous custom roms and it seems to be the most stable and it gives you TONS of options, A lot of people swear by Bugless Beast but I have no personal experience with it, Check out the Sapphire website (link below) pick your theme and follw the instructions, you will need Rom Manager (free version is fine) and Busy Box, both are available free from the marketplace. Having a rooted phone is great, Honestly it's like getting a new phone everytime someone creates a new custom rom wich is alomost daily, check out the Custom Theme Friday section for more….


      • Lynahred

        To Ziggydroid, Railrider or anyone else.

        Since this easy method of rooting involves a change from stock 2.2 FRG01B to a rooted phone, do you know what is going to happen when Verizon pushes the FRG22D update on these phones? I am really interested in this method but worried about what is to come. It is possible the Verizon is trying to make rooting harder and isn't it also possible that the updates will unroot the phone?

        Also note that the following link is to a thread that warns that the rooting with this program doesn't always work. If it doesn't work with Universal Androot, then it would seem that the user would want to “unroot” their phone. But Universal Androot doesn't offer an undo button.

        I am still worried about rooting. Help calm my fears and thank you in advance.

        • Ziggydroid

          Univeral Androot and Easy Root have ways to unroot. Yes, rooting doesn't always work, but if you root (with a 1-click method) you should be able to unroot the same way.

          Now, about Verizon. If your phone is rooted, FGR22D will unroot it. This happens with any update. It is not Verizon's direct intention, it is just the nature of updates.

          Developers for rooting apps usually take some time after a release to adapt their app to root new updates. So if you get FGR22D, watch for the developers to update their app, get the new rooting app, and do it again. This happened right after FRG01B, and it will happen with FGR22D. Easy Root's developer has a post on it at unstableapps.com. Hope this helps.

          • Lynahred


            I thought that Univeral Androot had no undo button. I guess I am getting closer.

            I know there is a method to stop the update notification if one does the rooting the hard way. I am still wondering if this works for these easy one button solutions.

    • Ziggydroid

      Nothing big happens right off the bat. I would start small. Go to the Android Market and search for programs with the word “root” in it. Most are free. For example, if you are rooted you will be able to run programs like Barnacle Wifi Tether and turn your phone into a mobile hot spot. Without rooting, running those apps would not be allowed. Now you can do it.

      If you want to get into custom roms, Railrider has a great explanation!

  • Mike

    is there any way to root frg22d?

  • Ding007

    When I goto the making a backup, all I get is the triangle with the ! mark in the middle of it

  • When trying to install BB do i need to boot in to recovery in order to install it? Is there something i am missing for loading custom ROMs from ROM Manager?

  • Alcidezmendez

    will not allow to back ups the screen goes into a triangle and ? and nothing happens what should i do thanks all

    • NJDroid

      press up on the volume key and the Carma button at the same time then a menu will come up control with d-pad highlight the option you want and hit the gold button on d-pad to selected the option

  • Ziggydroid

    Meant to say “isn't” mentioned….oops

  • Ziggydroid

    Easy Root is mentioned too much here. It works really well and the dev. is working on FRG22D.

  • hey guys, i finally decided to root!!!! (i know, right?) and i got bugless beast going on my droid because i am addicted to droid-life.com. but when i installed to another ROM, it just got stuck in a loop. so i did a nandroid (which takes wayyy too long), and it went back ro after i rooted, and before i did bugles beast. NOW I GET STUCK IN A LOOP FOR EVERY ROM I TRY!!! what the hell is this!? what am i doing wrong?? any tips!? ive tried about 10 different roms now…

  • how do i unroot 2.2 droid

    • i used universal androot

      • Start Universal Androot again and press the UNroot button.

  • Lynahred

    Has anyone used this one touch root this week and then successfully rejected the FRG22D update push?

    I am afraid to use this until I know I can stop the update from Verizon.

  • Raven

    Help! No backup/ nandroid option in recovery? Any help appreciated

    • Raven (again)

      Also, the backup current rom option in rom manager just rebooted me into recovery, and I still did not have any nandroid/backup in there 🙁

      • skltr21

        are you rooted???

  • Ricoticonj

    I am not getting backup option on in the reboot recovery screen' Any suggestion

    • Gardner24

      If you go into ROM Manager it should give you an option to do a backup. Where it says backup current ROM its the same thing.(I'm pretty sure, that's what I've always done.)

      • Ricoticonj

        got to work thanks

    • skltr21

      are you sure you're rooted?

  • Does this support Milestone as well? I am looking and eagerly waiting 2.2 root on Milestone…pls let me know if it works..much appreciated..

  • I have been on the fence about rooting since I got my Droid back in May. Every Custom Theme Friday, new ROM, or any other root post pushed me a little further to make the leap of faith. But at the end of the day, I really didn't want to mess with RSDLite and that stuff because it didn't seem airtight enough, and there was no way I was risking bricking my new phone and going back to my LG Dare until my next upgrade. Thanks to Universal Androot I made the jump today! No custom ROMs on mine yet though. Point is, this method is much better than the 2.1 root and I no longer feel like the kid with no friends sitting in the corner while (seemingly) everyone else is talking about ROMs

  • bigfire

    Odd behavior with RomManager. I seemed to have to flash to Clockwork everytime to boot into recovery. Very annoying.


    Is this a safe and reliable way if rooting ?

    • Itsdaartman2303

      did it… work perfectly fine , only thing is you can not unroot with it .. just a click off a button. i was skeptical about it also, but after reading all the people that successfully rooted using the same method ,, i give it a try and have no problems..

  • Updated to FRG22B and now came back to this page to root only to find that it won't work after the update. PISSED!!!! There is no way to go back, is there?

    • Itsdaartman2303

      i read in some thread you can use rsd to flash back to 2.1 .. will look it up and get back to you..

      • Thanks, man!

        • Triniboy515

          did this method work for you?

      • skltr21

        apparently you need to flash 2.0.1 first though. you can't go straight from 2.2 to 2.1 i guess. so you need to flash the stock 2.0.1 sbf file first. then flash the 2.1 stock sbf file. then root from there.

  • Lynahred

    The biggest cool thing with rooting is to do the wifi tethering. So how do you do that once you root?

    Also how do you stop the FRG22B from screwing up the root if it gets offered by Verizon/Motorola as an upgrade/update to the phone. I know that those that have done the update with custom ROMs can OK the update and it won't install but what if I want to root for wifi and don't get around to the custom ROMs this evening.?

    • lakerzz

      You can download wifi tether from the market…and its you're custom recovery that will block the update.

  • DeathofGrim

    If I'm already rooted and running a custom rom if I wanted to unroot and used androot to do so what would happen? Would it instantly go stock?

    • Correct me if i am wrong other knowledgeables out there, but i think if you didn't flash a recovery then you should just be able to “unroot” through androot app.

      I could be way off so wait until someone with greater know-how to confirm.

  • Tacown

    Uh Super User Keeps force closing when trying to open the Log tab.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    • I had the same problem until I granted a program superuser permissions (SetCPU) now it works fine

  • Chuckoneil60

    When I click “Reboot into recovery” in the rom manager, i get a white triangle with a yellow exclamation point in it, hovering above a droid image. Whats wrong?!? please help

    • I get the same thing and i am new to this whole process with my phone.


      • Chuckoneil60

        Yo, Capek, I did what flyinion said. Just open rom manager and try flashing it again (first option) i did and got into recovery.

    • Flyinion

      Did you flash the clockwork recovery first? Top option in RM.

      • I did, i don't know about chuck though.

        • Flyinion

          try flashing it again. If it doesn't work, try flashing one of the alternate recoveries located at the bottom of that same screen then flash the clockwork one again. Supposedly that can fix things like this and supposedly it was supposed to be fixed as well lol. If it's still not working, make sure that 1 RM has root access in the SuperUser “ninja” and also 2 are you getting a message saying it was successful in flashing?

          • When i open ROM manager it says “recovery failure” after trying to install Bugless Beast from the ROM download section. Should i flash recovery and wipe data/cache when installing BB? Where do the downloads go once you download a ROM? Thanks for the insight.

          • Chuckoneil60

            YES! So i just flashed the clockwork mod again and I got into recovery Thanks!!!

      • Chuckoneil60

        Sure did flyinion. Should I try it again?

    • bigfire

      in my experience, I have to flash to clockwork recovery before rebooting to get that working. It just refused to stick.

  • I have a crazy question ( or not ?.?.)?….but anyway, has anyone not rooted ever tried…say going backwards? And what I mean is…, now we have “official” 2.2 and manually installing a non rooted 2.1 on top or 2.1 – 2.0???? I'm rooted so I can't do this but just wondering.

  • Cprieto013

    Any benefits to using universal androot vs easy root? I used easy root a few weeks ago and i am having trouble with roms going into a boot loop after using a couple of days and I am thinking that using easy root might be the cause.

  • Itsdaartman2303

    work perfectly ,, has no problem went all the way to Nandroid back up… now to flash a new rom,, any suggustions. still a little new to this rooting biz.. but this was a piece of cake .. thank you, keep up the good work..

    • Flyinion

      I'd recommend Sapphire 1.0. For best results you'll need to wipe data/cache on this ROM when you flash it though. This means you'll have to set stuff like app settings, logins for facebook/etc., and other things back up again. Since you're rooted you can use Titanium Backup to backup all your apps and their data but Sapphire's devs recommend NOT backing up/restoring system data and also suggest that you don't restore app data when restoring the actual apps because sometimes app data can cause problems as well.

      I really like Sapphire though after trying 3 others first so it was worth it to me to do a full wipe and set everything up one time. Made easier of course by using Launcher Pro for a homescreen replacement so I was able to use its built in settings backup to save my homescreen layouts.

      edit: really important, if you go with Sapphire and load through ROM Manager, make SURE to select the checkbox to get the Google Apps as well or you will have big problems. They had to remove it from the base ROM package for legal reasons but ROM manager can download multiple packages and install them at once

      • Itsdaartman2303

        Thanks for the input , think i will try it ..where can i find this Sapphire..

        • Itsdaartman2303

          well finally got my droid flash on to sapphire 1.0 running on 2.2 ,, stumbled a little a couple reboot , problem was my update.zip package….renamed again and flash right on no problem very nice and fast

          running sapphire.1.0
          over clock to 1000 …

          thanks again..

      • Itsdaartman2303

        i tried to download Titaninium Back up but got and error saying to check if i was root (which i am ) and to make sure i have busybox installed..???

  • Dd

    i used androot on 2.2 afta i didnt get wifi tether an it worked fine

  • hawaiianbrowneyez05

    i got easy root and did the root. but then when i went to unroot it. it wouldn't unroot. so i downloaded the universal androot to try to unroot it, and same thing. its crazy

    • kkj

      SBF back to 2.0 stock and then OTA upgrade it to 2.2, then you can root it or leave it.

  • AeonFrog

    If I use this to root, will I still be rooted if I upgrade to FRG22D

    • swDota

      A similar question, if I root only and don't install any custom ROMs will I get, and be able to install, the OTA for FRG22?

  • Labshark

    How do you download and install the file? Do we use a computer and then transfer the file to the Droid's SD card?

    • skltr21

      You can do either or…..

      • Labshark

        I just got rooted….all seemed to go well. I still cannot uninstall say Amazon MP3. The box is grayed out. Is that normal?

        • kinokino

          you have to remove it from the terminal emulator or install a rom like UD that includes those commands in the settings.

          download terminal emulator
          Run Terminal Emulator.
          Type “su”, hit enter.
          Type “rm /system/app/com.amazon.mp3.apk”, hit enter.
          Type exit, hit enter

          • Spicypups

            I have followed your instructions. Everything works until the I enter the comand in the Terminal Emulator. I get a return mesage that it’s a read only file. How do I change the attributes of the file so it can be deleted. I don’t know why the Amazon app bugs me – but it always seems to be running and I never use it or have a desire to use it.

        • kinokino

          Sorry insert this step after su

          mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system

        • kkj

          Yes, the command to uninstall apps like that is to reboot into recovery, mount system, plug the phone into your computer, open an adb shell and type “rm /system/app/whatever.apk” replacing “whatever” with the name of the app (no spaces, case-sensitive.)

        • skltr21

          Yes thats normal. Some roms give you an option to delete those kinds of apps though. Sometimes there's scripts you can run in terminal emulator as well to get rid of them. I just leave them….. not a big deal. You can even hide them so you never have to see them with launchepro.

  • Jimstar

    Crap.. was rooted before.. Unrooted to stock so I could see what the 2.2 sock fuss was about.. Just used this thread and rooted again.. Went to install custom ROM, now stuck on the M screen.. wont even boot up.. crappy…

    • skltr21

      Pull the battery and try starting up again.

      • Jimstar

        tried that.. dangit.. now it wont even turn on at all and all I can do is LOL at it..

        • droiduser14

          what ROM did u try flashing?

        • skltr21

          Is your battery dead?

    • droiduser14

      Battery pull, did u wipe data and cache?

      • Jimstar

        ..yeah 🙁 Did both of those.. Think if I take it to VZdub they will give me a new one or let me upgrade? Crappy part is, they did that promo where if your up in Dec. you can upgrade early.. My contract is up in Jan.. damnit..

        • droiduser14

          Can always try flashing a SBF file there is a SBF file for the FRG01B build now.
          have u ever used rsd lite?

          • Jimstar

            Yup, used rsd lite the first time I rooted. I will have find the FRG01B build an see if I can get it to load up.. responding to the other reply Q? you asked, I attempted to load up Lithium mod with the p3 125-1000 lowV. Last time, when I was rooted thats what I had it as and it worked like a champ, loved it. This time though, my phone didnt like it lol.

          • droiduser14

            please keep me update, Have always heard that with RSD lite and a sbf file very hard not to get ur phone back?

          • Jimstar

            @droiduser14 – Fixed. Didnt have to get into RSD lite. I was able to get it into a boot-loop and then held down “X” to get into recovery. For some reason ROM Manager didnt flash correctly. So I had to go through the stock recovery and re-booted the phone a couple times and was able to get it back to where it was before I attempted to install a ROM. Thanks for your advise, helped remind me there is options to fixing the errors.

  • CopierITguy

    Is there a central location to download custom ROMs?

    • droiduser14

      Google 2.2 roms for droid, there is a lot of them! usually will find a couple u really like and plays nice on your phone. I use smoked glass “charity” latest version is now 7.01 based on the FRG22D build. Never have a issue with this ROM the best Of have run and have tried a lot of them.

    • skltr21

      Rom manager….. and go to droidforums.net and they have a ton too. so does the xda forums. blackbroid.com cyanogenmod.com just to name a few places to check.

  • TN

    Anyone try this on Droid X with the leaked 2.2?

  • bryan

    if i ever had to go back to stock everything to return phone to store how would i do that. used easy root….is there a simple way of doing this???

    • droiduser14

      would need to load a stock rom on the phone and make sure u unroot the phone after, I do this all the time as Big Red keeps sending me refurbished garbage everytime a have a warranty issue.

      • bryan

        where can i get a stock rom if needed

        • droiduser14

          Just google stock 2.2 roms. I keep the latest one on my comp. so I can just flash it before I sent the phone back. Never had a issue. Just make sure u D/L the right ROM for ur phone lots of droids out there only 1 ORIGINAL moto Droid!

          • bryan

            thanks for help where did you dl yours???

          • droiduser14

            search this site in fact the newest leaked ROM is on the home page right now for non rooted users to D/L

            Manually Update to FRG22D Froyo for DROID Now!
            Download this file: update.zip or DIRECT FROM GOOGLE LINK

      • jiggaman508

        Yea I'm on me third refurb in a month, I hate having to return to stock to get it replaced… I have never had any issues using the sprecovery sbf file with rsd lite, sometimes I think apps like easy root and universal androot make it too easy for people to root when they don't know what theyre doing. I'm by no means telling anyone not to root because imo root is the only way to go but for all of those on the fence…do your research before you root, also I am not knocking easy root or universal andrroot I have purchased easy root to support the dev and also think androot is a great app…if anyone has any issues whatsoever I an more than willing to help as is everyone on this site…just my two cents…

  • MrDMA

    Just did visit…..30 people there…all silent after I asked a question…useful!

  • i cant get that app in the market right? have to download it? I am so happy to read this post it makes it easy even for me ( non experienced droid user) to root 🙂 thanx kellex. Now i have something to do during my entire day at home being a mommy 😉

    • droiduser14

      right u have to D/L it then put on sd card and install APK from there.

  • xmetl

    this will work with FRG22D right?

    • kellex

      Hoping so but we really have no idea.

  • Blackbsd

    If i get this FRG22D update and it does not fix the issue where my video streaming is broken, I am going to be trying this out.. For some reason, every since I got 2.2 on my D1, I cannot even go to m.yahoo.com/movies and watch trailers anymore.

  • Hey everyone, silly question,,, how can you tell if you are successfully rooted???

    • droiduser14

      do u have the super user APP on the phone like the picture shows above?

    • NorCalGuy

      You will have an icon in your app drawer that looks like the screen shot in number 5 of and android and bones, you can click it but it probly wont have ne thing in it until you start using apps that request root.

  • NYCbgall021

    When I flash new ROMS will it delete all my apps from the drawer? or Is the effect similar to a factory reboot?
    I am on the fence and just teetering towards rooting but need a little more info.
    thanks all..

    • Maizekid

      Yes and No. There are several roms that can be downloaded that will keep all your apps and re install them once the system starts back up. All roms require you to sign back into your google account like the first day you got your phone.

      Another option though for rooted users is an app called titanium backup where you can also save the app and data to be reinstalled later.
      Hope this helps……. quick response from work.

      • NYCbgall021

        Also very helpful thanks all…

    • skltr21

      I'm pretty sure that one of the new features of froyo just automatically does it for you. So when you flash a new ROM and wipe data and cache it will delete everything. but when you sign back in to your google account all your apps will automatically start downloading again. if you use launcherpro as well you can backup all your home screens as well. so you dont have to set all your screens up each time. you just have to wait for all your apps to finish downloading forst though.

      • NYCbgall021

        Thanks for the info, I feel much better and eager to ROOT now.

        • Anonymous

          if you need help just ask.

      • Anonymous

        I have done a wipe data/cache a couple times, and the only apps that came back to my phone, were the ones I had paid for. All the other ones I had to find and re-install them. If you are coming from one 2.2 ROM to another 2.2 ROM, you shouldn’t have to do a wipe.

        • Anonymous

          if you wipe data and cache before installing a 2.2 ROM your apps will automatically start downloading. trust me……. ive done it a million times between me and my wife. im changing ROMs all the time and i always wipe before changing. and on every 2.2 ROM ive used they always just start downloading my apps again for me. you need to be patient and just let them all download before turning the phone off. ive found that turning your phone off will disrupt the process sometimes and then it wont work. so if you just download a new ROM and wipe data and cache, then when you’re done signing in to you’r google account, all you apps will start syncing. then maybe 5-10 minutes later you’ll get a notification saying “49 applications have been restored”. or whatever number of applications you have…….

  • place all on the root of your sd card and flash also he has a black and bold themed droid 2 keyboard for us droid one users so once you finished your good to go enjoy =)

  • Infernox51

    Has anyone found a solution to cwmod recovery saying that it can't mount the sd card randomly (and most of the time)? I forget what the actual error is, but its something along the lines of “Can't mount /dev/block/mmcb0 – Can't mount SD card” or something like that. I have already tried formatting the card, and the problem persists. I've found a couple open ended threads around, but nothing with any solid answer. I've tried just about everything else possible to fix this, including the flash sprecovery then flash clockwork again (still happens), flashing an old version of clockwork (still happens), and yelling really loud, shaking my phone (still happens).

    The work-around that I have been doing for now is just continually booting into cwmod until it reads the SD card. No rhyme or reason to this.

  • Brandschnizzle

    Root on 2.2 Droid X yet? Any News?

  • What does overclocking really do for your phone? Does it make your phone process faster? I overclocked my phone at max 800 and cant tell. Also, I have EASY ROOT and am rooted through it. Do I need to unroot my phone to receive any updates, and would I need to reset my overclock to stock settings before selecting “unroot”? I hear some horror stories about people messing up their phones and am worried about messing mine up too.

    • eddieonofre

      overclock does make ur phone run faster
      what kind of updates do u mean?? ur app will still update ?? OTA updates will hit your phone but if u are using a recovery those will stop the update from installing
      Yeah rooting is easy these days but that doesn't mean you shoud take it so easy there are risk on rooting, many of them fixable some of them not really big deals, take it from me I have been rooted some 5 month already but havent have any big issue.
      Just make sure every time you update a new Rom make a backup in case of problems

      • Flyinion

        Yeah, ALWAYS make a backup of your current ROM before flashing a new one. If you're flashing a new kernel as well…..ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make a backup. I was trying different kernels out once and found out my phone does not like chevyno1's ULV kernels at ALL, even the 800Mhz one. I had to reboot into recovery to get to my backup because the phone wouldn't stay booted up long enough to unlock and get into ROM manager tell it to restore my backup.

        • eddieonofre

          tell me about those expereicnes one I went from BB to CM with out wiping
          and I have that chain of forecloses that I couldnt even reboot the phone…..
          but I pull the battery and install my backed up of BB

  • Flyinion

    Ok this is more of a CW/ROM mgr. question but is there a difference between booting into recovery and doing a nandroid backup and telling ROM mgr. to do one? I thought both were a nandroid backup?

    • Anonymous

      I think theyre the same thing

      • Flyinion

        That’s what I thought. So I’m confused on why the ROM mgr. method is never mentioned for performing backups (maybe the free version won’t do it?). I love using RM to kick off a backup because I can give it a meaningful name first instead of a cryptic date and time “what ROM was that again?”. Not that I restore all that often but it’s nice to keep track of what I’m backing up. Silly example but since I’m running Sapphire with Watermark’D theme I name my backups sapph1-waterx where x is a number between 1 and ? to denote which backup it is.

        • kkj

          In ROM manager, you can name the backup (and rename previous backups, even if they were created in recovery.) If you boot to recovery first, you can backup and then do other things, while ROM manager reboots immediately afterward.

        • Anonymous

          A nanroid backup is very important incase u ever get caught where ur phone will not boot up, so u can’t get into ROM Manager to install the backup u made in Rom Manager. A nanaroid back up is able to be installed by powering up and holding x and getting into recovery. Just a good idea to do this, somex the phone may not get u back up and running, but u r able to boot into recovery at least!

  • Can you make a post to go over what “overclocking” and “kernels” are and some other things such as how to put custom themes on your phone and what “flashing ROMs” does/means? Thanks!

    • droiddawg

      I can’t believe nobody’s responded yet, so here goes…

      1) Kernels are the core of the phone’s operating system; the Android OS is a heavily modified version of Linux.

      2) Overclocking is the process of boosting the speed of your CPU by running it faster than the manufacturer intended; this allows your phone to operate much faster, but if taken to an extreme can damage the processor. Most custom ROMs limit you to safer ranges, topping out between 800 and 1000Mhz (the phone’s stock speed is 550).

      3) Flashing a ROM is the process of loading a customized version of the Android operating system onto your Droid. These custom versions allow you to personalize the phone’s “look and feel” by changing the style of the pages, menus, etc with “themes”; these range from minimalistic to artisan!

      Hope this helps!

      • Thank you! This was really helpful but it also raised a few more questions.I was reading the comments and saw people talk about when loading new ROMs or rooting then they might lose all their downloaded apps. Is this true? Also, if the rooting process doesn’t work or somehow bricks the phone, is there a way to get back to the previous settings?Also, while I’m thinking about it, for a beginner rooter (meaning that I have never rooted before) what are some suggestions of excellent ROMs and setting for my newly rooted Droid?

        • I’m currently running ChevyNo1’s simply stunning 4.7 and love it!
          with low voltage 1.0 Ghz kernal

        • Straylight

          “losing” your apps usually means you need to reinstall. That shouldn’t be a problem considering the store will usually restore all apps once you’ve logged in to the Market after a flash.

          Anything installed from outside the market will have to be installed the way it was the first time.

          You can also download Titanium Backup from the market and backup each of your apps individually to your SD card. Then restore them when you flash a new ROM.

  • Question: What added benefit will I have with my droid if I stop where Kellex writes:

    “You can stop here and enjoy being rooted or you can hit up the next set of instructions to get a custom recovery image on your phone which will allow you to make full backups and flash custom ROMs.”

    Can I tether to wifi wirelessly? Will my battery life improve? Overclock? Or do I have to install a custom ROM to get those benefits?

    • You can run rooted apps (drocap2, adfree, etc). You can tether using Barnacle, MAYBE also using google wifi tether, not sure on that one. You can adjust clock settings, not sure if you are able to overclock without a different kernel, however.

      • Is there a list of rooted apps?

        • Anonymous

          if you just type in root or rooted in the market you’ll get most apps.

    • quiklives

      You can definitely tether to wifi without flashing a custom ROM, as I do so on my Droid X. I don't know about the battery life, but I'm fairly certain to overclock you have to have a custom ROM. (Someone please correct me if that's wrong.)

      • StuckKid

        I have bugless beast v0.4 with a 1ghz p3 kernel. but i can't tether. does anyone know what the issue could be? I keep getting errors everytime I try to tether.

    • You can use any root app on the market. If you over clock you will only be able to go up to 800MH. You will not get batter battery life. That is what you can do for a higher over clock you will need a custom ROM.

    • Raven

      I get much better battery life running rooted stock 2.2 FRG01B with OverclockWidget. It not only allows overclocking, but also underclocking. Instead of being locked in at 550MHz I have mine set to run variable 250-800MHz when the screen is on and 125-500MHz when the screen is off. It has definitely gotten me much more standby time.

      • Thewildrat

        Sounds like an advertisement for that app. SetCPU has been doing that and more fro the beginning of root. It is on the Market for a small fee, but can be found at the Dev’s home site for free if a member. For you fellas just rooting a little research before rooting will answer most if not all your questions. There are many Droid related sites including this one with plenty of material to read. One other thing to understand also is that there are Dev’s that develop apps and ROM’s based entirely off another Dev’s work just with a few changes to make it look a little different so they can sell or boost their ego. Some Dev’s give credit to the original author and most Dev’s have no problem with this. It’s just the thief’s. As time passes and you stick with Rooting and ROM’s you will find your way.

  • droider10

    I rooted last night, and evereything seemed to work well, I got bugless beast and running fine but when I downloaded the watermark theme and tried to open it the superusre permissions forces close and I can't do it, also I just tried to do the nandroid backup and won't for the same reason. Does anyone know how I can fix this problem, plz help

    • droider10

      It won't even let me unroot with easy root, I don't know what to do

      • Anonymous

        Go into your app drawer and open up the superuser app. make sure that easy root has superuser permissions. and have you made any backups? if so…. just boot up from one of your backups.

  • droiduser14

    Has anybody tried easy root on a 2.2 ROM yet?

    • I was rooted through easy root for 2.1. When I manually updated to 2.2, I clicked on “unroot”, updated, and the clicked on “root me” after I was done. No error messages or anything, so I would assume I am rooted.

      • droiduser14

        Thanxs, I googled it earlier and got yes it works,& , no doesn't work on 2.2 ?

        • JoeD

          I used Easy Root before it was taken off the Market to root the stock OTA 2.2. Works great.

          • I haven’t used it personally but I know several people that have. It works fine.

          • gmlkng

            I bought easy root and had it 2 days before it no longer worked, tells me my key is invalid. I’ve emailed several times about it being repaired or a refund and haven’t received a reply back. As far as I’m concerned it was nothing but a rip off.

          • Sigmundroid

            hey brother, the person who put easyroot is nothing but a thief….
            Here, read this, be enlightened and save the money once you file a chargeback:


            The DroidMod Team are the innovators behind this…I’ve gotta give respect where its due.

          • Krawferd

            Yes, People stop doing the one click root. Just read the forums and work with a buddy. Own your device.

            BTW– Where can i find a large colleciton of modified zip files and theme? Anyone Know?

            Droid – 2.2 – Rooted – frg22d

    • On the Easy Root website (unstableapps.com) it says it works on DROID 2.2. So if you have it, you should be good to go.

    • Anonymous

      worked for me for 2.2. Not sure about the latest version.

    • Big J

      Yes, the one button root works great, as well as the nandroid backup…………

    • At0msplat

      I have easyroot and it works well with 2.2 FRG01B. On the site it says it does not work yet with the FR22D just released yet but I am guessing there will be an update for it soon. You can always install the new FR22D and then root your phone the old fashion way. I have done both and yes the easyroot is just a click of a button but you learn more doin it the other way and once you do it it is pretty dang easy.
      Moto D1 rooted FRG01B

      • cam

        so if i have fr22d i have to root it the old fashion way and not the way it says above?

  • mhoe

    if I root to try it out, is there an easy way to go back to stock after?

    • kellex

      As long as you don't flash the custom recovery, you can hit the “unroot” button in Universal Androot to unroot.

      • Kikitt

        If I flash a different ROM is there a way to flash back to unroot if i would want to?

      • Tacown

        So if I flash the custom recovery, the only way to unroot would be using rsdlite and flashing some unrooted file?

    • tonytbone7883

      re-open easy rot and click on “unroot”

  • zooger3500

    What exactly does this backup save? If I were to restore from a nandroid backup, what all would be restored?

    • kellex


    • It backs up the /system, /data, and /cache partitions, and the boot image. This means the OS, all your data, and all your installed apps and settings. Basically everything you're likely to change.

      It does NOT back up the SD card or radio firmware (baseband).

  • Jsbob15

    Ohhhh, I like the new superuser icon

  • Will this work for Droid 2?

  • tbaybe

    So easy 🙂

  • Don't forget, if you ever get stuck in the rooting process or have any questions, including how to flash custom roms, you can head over to the Droid-Life IRC for live support. Just go to the link below.


    • MrDMA

      Just did visit…..30 people there…all silent after I asked a question…useful!

      • Chesshine5000

        Hey, I just used the Live Help, and it worked awesome… It is new, be patient, it will build up more and more!

  • Snowblind164

    Now we just need a Droid 2 version of Universal Androot.

  • Wish this was out a couple of weeks ago. At least Easyroot wasn't too difficult.

  • Rizzidy

    It won't boot into clockworkmod recovery anymore… wtf

    • I had that happen once – no idea why, but re-flashing fixed it no problem.

      • Rizzidy


    • Anonymous

      Flash alternate recovery and them go back and flash recovery again.

  • McStagger

    any idea if Androot with be compatible with the new OTA update, FRG22D

    • kellex

      Not sure, which is why I posted this today. 🙂

      • Kaufkin

        how about a rooted verision of the FRG22D? heard rumors of one, but it seemed to be buggy… (quick google on the update will find the link… forget now…) any word from pete? 🙂

      • Triniboy515

        as soon as u find out about a method on rooting frg22 will u post an article? your fans would very much appreciate it !

  • Brandonogden

    whats the easiest way to flash new roms?

    • tbaybe

      Rom Manager

    • Mrpicolas

      Rom manager

    • Load ROM Manager and right in the app you can download and install new ROMs. Make a backup of your apps and data first (I use Titanium Backup), since you'll want to do the full wipe when installing a new ROM, then restore the specific apps and data you want back after.

      • I downloaded BB from ROM manager. What do i do once it asks me to backup and/or wipe data and cache?

        Thanks a lot everyone!