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How to: Root Android 2.2 for the Motorola DROID

Now that the Motorola Droid has received Android 2.2, we get asked quite often when we’ll update our guide to rooting especially from those that were waiting on Froyo before taking the dive.  Fortunately for everyone, the process takes a simple click rather than that long drawn out RSD Lite process we had to run through during the 2.1 days.

This post should act as your one-stop guide to rooting your Droid running Android 2.2, flashing a custom recovery image, and creating your first nandroid backup to get you on your way to custom ROMs and so much more.

If you are looking for reasons as to why someone would root their phone, check out this poll we ran a while back.  The comments serve as one of the best compilations of reasoning you’ll find anywhere.


Update:  This rooting method works on Android 2.2 build FRG01B.  It does not currently work on FRG22D.  If you would like root access, I suggest rooting instead of installing the new FRG22D update.


Instructions for Rooting Android 2.2:

*Warning* – Rooting your Droid will void its warranty.  There is also a chance that you could do permanent damage to your device and possibly “brick” it.  You accept all risk should you decide to follow this process.  Droid Life accepts no responsibility.

1.  Download and install Universal Androot.
2.  Open Universal Androot and tap  the “Root :-)” button.

3.  It will run through a series of steps.

4.  If you the process completes successfully, it will look like this.

5.  Congrats!  You are rooted!

6.  Now reboot your phone to finish off the process.


*You can stop here and enjoy being rooted or you can hit up the next set of instructions to get a custom recovery image on your phone which will allow you to make full backups and flash custom ROMs.


Installing a Custom Recovery:

1.  Open the Market and search for ROM Manager.  Download and install it.
2.  Open ROM Manager and select “Flash Clockwork Recovery” at the top.

3.  If asks you for permission, check the box and tap “Allow.”

4.  ROM Manager will now flash Clockwork Recovery onto your phone.  When it finishes, it will tell you.

5.  It is now time to create a full nandroid backup and prepare for custom ROMs!


*Time to create a nandroid backup which will save you should you have a misstep somewhere in the future while flashing a custom ROM, new recovery, etc.  Nandroid backups should be created constantly to ensure you have a current backup of your phone.


Creating a nandroid backup:

1.  In ROM Manager, tap the option to “Reboot into Recovery.”

2.  Using the volume up/down keys, scroll down to “nandroid” and press the camera button.
3.  Choose “Backup.”

4.  Clockwork Recovery will now create a full nandroid backup of your current phone settings.

5.   When it finishes, choose “reboot phone.”
6.  You now have a rooted phone, custom recovery and a full nandroid backup.

You can now participate in our Custom Theme Friday’s, flash future ROMs, Android leaks and so much more with your Motorola Droid.  Hope this helped and feel free to drop your comments or questions below!

  • Dahalprabhakar

    i also rooted my droid 2.2. and when i start my phone in recover mode, there is no options like nandroid as mentioned…what am i supposed to do??

  • James

    It keeps saying “Failed ! No ~~ Fu goo ~~~”

  • Leanpower

    I have an Android version 2.2.2 build FRG83G and the Universal androot will not parse, is there a newer version of this rooter?

  • Bnetto6127

    Failed! no ~~~fu goo ~~~ [?] wtf?

  • Louie Soto

    I am holding out for the Droid Bionic, but this new Droid X looks sweet

  • Faulkerson

    This is way better and easier and shows you how to root 2.2 love froyo rooted

  • Darthyutsi1

    Im using android 2.2 on a druid 2, and none of the universal androot downloads I found worked. They all either wouldn’t open or failed when I hit do root.

  • OldCrLvr

    OK, so I downloaded the software. As I was in step 3 it finishe but came up with “Finished ! No~~~ Fu goo~~~” Whats up with that? How do I resolve it? Thanks in advance, Chris

  • Ludwig45

    This did not work last night. The new version, 2.2.2, stops this. We need a new root program….

  • http://koowie.com Peter Shen

    Why is it so difficult to root an android? Peter, Koowie.com

  • kschzhd

    You do realize that Universal Androot contains a trojan, right?

  • Mjbaatz12

    Failed ! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~ …..?

  • AndyG

    I have done the steps to root my droid but it keeps saying root failed! No! fu goo. Its really weird and I’ve tried it a couple times and can’t figure it out! PLEASE HELP.

  • Derwood1999

    I got an error
    Failed ! No ~~~Fu goo ~~~

    Anybody know what this means?

  • Howe000

    The HTC Wildfire (android 2.2.1) does not work!

  • trvseq

    I have moto Droid frg83d 2.2.1 the one button root didn’t work for me

  • ommageek

    UniversalAndroot.apk fails…

  • Jarroddavis12

    Some one please help I tried to root and it says no fu goo what does it mean and how do I fix it please help
    Email: jarroddavis12@gmail.com

  • Jarroddavis12

    Some one please help I tried to root and it says no fu goo what does it mean and how do I fix it please help
    Email: jarroddavis12@gmail.com

  • Ralph.

    OK. Downloaded the apk file… now what? I can't get past this. Please help!

  • Rlittle66

    It tells me Failed! No ~~~Fu goo. Whatever that means.

  • Danonorato

    Did not work on. Droid x 2.2
    I got foo goo. Why is this. Dose it matterif my build version. Vzw. Thanks.

  • Dschout78

    When you go to uviversal androot…Which download do you use? Premium or regular?

  • Gjohnson_iii

    will this process for rooting 2.2 work with a phone with FRG83, android 2.2.1? would like to know before starting up on this. Thanks in advance

    • Deltsig77

      Ditto. Did my DX but finally convinced my wife to let me root her Droid and want to know if FRG83 can be done this way or do I need to go another method.

      • Grknrkn

        has anyone gotten the root to work for frg83 yet???

    • Orionshee

      It doesn't work on mine.

  • Tjborrell

    I have a Droid and it is rooted, I cannot update my Gmail, Goggle, and other items. Can anyone help me and tell what I need to change on my phone? Thanks

  • Middletonhb86

    I downloaded the universal android and when I go in the app and press root it tells me failed! NO! Fu–Goo! Does anyone know why it's doing this and how I can fix it so I can root my ph???


  • Cholmez80

    this did not work for me keep getting error java.util.zip.ZipException:expected End of central directory signature WTF does this mean?????

  • brickbreaker

    I've had the Motorola D1 for about half a year now, I have been reluctant to root my phone due to obvious reasons, loosing 500 dollars with a phone brick. (700 if u include the prices of buying it in the first place). But, since i moved over to ubuntu, my pda net doesn't work and hearing about the hot-spot app that i don't have to pay extra for seems pretty nice right now.

    I was wondering, since of the apple iphones everytime you update your phone after jailbreaking it, you bricked it….how are ways i could brick the droid.

  • http://www.lead411.com/Susan_Dacey_2018998.html Susan Dacey

    Well the android 2.2 i follow the instructions and i pushed the button but then did the root:) button but when its done instead of saying “woot your device is rooted” This article is really great, strong support

  • Baileyjbickers

    what do i do when it says failed! No Fu goo

  • Jlax132

    can you download this from the fone???

  • mord

    So what you are saying is that the backup thing will backup up the stuff from before the root Right?

  • Davewillis

    How do you know what build you have?

  • Briant599

    why does it say E: signature verification failed installation aborted? it wont let me do it

  • http://twitter.com/rajverma3135 Raj Verma

    Is easy root avaialable for htc desire froyo ???????
    i tried to use easy root but there's some problem showing failure no “fo goo”
    can you please help me to root my htc desire using easy steps as i can not do the normal process using dos

    plz reply me on rajverma3135@gmail.com


  • jamie adcock

    Nevermind it says Failed! No Fu goo

  • jamie adcock

    What does it mean when it say failure no Foo goo

  • P95stang

    i have never rooted a phone before but i want to do it to my original droid. I currently have the 2.2 with the build FRG22D. Can any one point me to a good website with instructions how to do it or explain it

    • Mrpicolas

      actually this website has the instructions for you please use the search box located at the top of the screen and enter your query.

  • brandude

    I have a Droid running 2.2, and just installed Universal Androot via the link provided. After pressing the “Root” button, I get the following error: “Failed ! No ~~~ Fu goo ~~~”. I searched around and could not find an explanation of what the error means or how to circumvent it. Do anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • ts

    Ok so I have 2.2d just installed universal androot tried rooting and got the response failed no~~~~~ Fu goo~~~~~ whats that about?

  • grant73

    how can i tell if i have FRG22D or FRG01B?

  • Johngreco85

    I'm on the froyo 2.2 and I downloaded the app that rooted my phone. Well it says ok on everything and then it says no…fu…..goo…..Is it because I have flash 10.1 installed also? Anyone know how to fix this?

  • S McNeeley

    I'm running 2.2 and followed the beginning steps above but I get a No Fo Go when I click the “Root” button, any advise? Thanks