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The Tato Series: An Interview with ChevyNo1

HELLO DROID-LIFE! Well as much as I promise, I also deliver. 😉

We had such great feedback last week that this will become a weekly series on Droid-Life! Can I get a “heck yes”?!? I have had some awesome interviews lately and I (we) really can’t wait to share all it all with each and every single one of you.

Me and TechDeft (TechDeft and I?) had the supreme pleasure to chat it up with Doug (aka ChevyNo1, aka Kernel Masta, aka Mr. Simply Stunning). If you are in the rooted community, then you know this name. If you are non-rooted, you know this name. Let’s face it……you know his name!! So without further ado I give my second installment of The Tato Series. This place has become my second home. After Facebook of course 😉



TechDeft: So Mr. Chevy, could you introduce yourself for readers who may not recognize your name?

ChevyNo1: Well, I call myself ChevyNo1 on all online forums (not just tech). My first name is Doug!

Tim-o-tato: “ChevyNo1″…whats the story behind that?

ChevyNo1: I started off in online forums I would say around 1997 – for me it was all about cars. Was looking into buying a 1998 Camaro, and wanted to get involved in the scene – so that’s where the name started. Of course, I am a HUGE Chevy fan. So I belong to a few automotive forums, also known as ChevyNo1.

Tim-o-tato: Excellent. Who doesnt love American muscle! 🙂

ChevyNo1: YEA!

TechDeft: So how did you chart a course from the car scene to the linux/Android scene?

ChevyNo1: Well, I’ve been quite the tech geek for quite some time as well … and over the years, tech I would say has pulled even with automotive for my interest level, and in the past few years has even surpassed it. I have been a programmer for 18 years now, but never mobile. I got the Droid in December of last year, and that was my first foray into ANYTHING mobile.

TechDeft: What have you been programming in? 18 years, you must have learned on COBOL I’m guessing?

ChevyNo1: Yep, COBOL was my primary language that I learned … ‘C’ was just starting to become popular so I only got one class of that … learned on a DEC VAX. My first job out of college though (1992) plunged me headfirst into UNIX – first 10 years was all UNIX, ‘C’, X-Windows/Motif.

TechDeft: You have an extensive background! Some readers are nodding their heads here, others are scratching them. Was it hard to move into mobile? What about Android made you want to develop for it?

ChevyNo1: I had been interested in either programming Palm or Windows (had several Palms before the Droid) … but didn’t jump in. Once I heard these phones were running a Linux OS, it was a no-brainer for me. I HAD to have one!
I actually wrote an app in the emulator even before the phone arrived!

TechDeft: Wow, you were excited! So you started with applications? Or you dove into kernel development?

ChevyNo1: Started with apps – and I haven’t written once since – that is until recently, when I started digging into Settings.apk. But after the apps – first it was a basic ROM build – THEN it was kernels – then it was more extensive ROM changes.

TechDeft: What apps did you write? Should we be scouring the market for gems?

ChevyNo1: Lol! No, nothing really exciting, pretty basic stuff. One of the earliest was a patcher for the wifi-tether application. There were lots of manual steps needed to make it work, so I put together an apk that did all the work, and made it a single-click widget on the desktop. Another was a brightness patcher, because the wireless driver floating around broke brightness. I have never put anything on the market – maybe one of these days!

TechDeft: Some of the work you have done is fairly complex, in some cases requiring pretty deep hardware knowledge(Overclocking). Did you do this kind of work on Linux kernels previous to Android, or did you learn it fresh for the mobile platforms?

ChevyNo1: I learned it fresh – I had never worked on a kernel in my life. Got 2-3 tips from Tasmanian Droid (old alldroid board) and from there I learned the rest!

Tim-o-tato: That’s very impressive!

ChevyNo1: I think of myself as a pretty quick learner 😉

Tim-o-tato: So how old were you when you got into all things programming?
I did the math and if it was 18 years ago when you started, that means I was still receving milk from my mother still! LOL

ChevyNo1: The first time I saw a computer was in 7th grade – a Vic 20!! First programming of any kind was done in 1987 on a SuperPet running Basic. Our science teacher wouldn’t even let us touch it! Haha

Tim-o-tato: Wow, 87! I wasn’t even a thought lol

ChevyNo1: I can’t believe I’ve been around this long … *sigh* lol I still feel 20!

TechDeft: What kind of things do you feel are lacking in your work right now? What do you think could improve?

ChevyNo1: I am constantly digging into the guts of Android – and day by day I am becoming more knowledgeable, and more comfortable. I feel like I am just starting to get a firm grasp on it. If I weren’t so busy with ROMS, I would like to get into the kernel even more! I would specifically like to get into the hardware, and be able to tweak things beyond what I’ve done already. For example, make the screen more sensitive. Those types of things – really hardware-level stuff. Anything in the kernel is more difficult in my opinion than in the ROM. ROM programming is more intuitive, since it involves layouts, graphics, etc. Kernel development is all behind closed doors, and it’s just so low-level.

TechDeft: Which is some of the harder programming to do.(If you do get into it, figure a way to make 270 rotation less finicky lol) What phone do you focus your development for? Android as a whole? The “original” Droid(Moto)?

ChevyNo1: Right now I’m ONLY programming for the D1. I pretty much have enough donations now to purchase an ‘X’ – so that is my next victim 🙂

TechDeft: Will you continue to develop for the original Droid? Or will you focus your efforts on breaking your way through the bootloader?

ChevyNo1: I plan on continuing both – I have a loyal base of clients for D1, and I don’t intend to leave them in the dust. BUT cracking that bootloader will be high on the list of priorities!

Tim-o-tato: Let’s hope you crack it! 🙂

TechDeft: What do you think could most benefit the Android community as a software developer?

ChevyNo1: I think so far it’s doing well – it’s a good community of sharing, and I think that ultimately is the key.

Tim-o-tato: Agreed. It is a wonderful community.
Did you ever think your work would be admired by so many people?

ChevyNo1: No I didn’t!!! lol

Tim-o-tato: How does it make you feel to see so many people admire your kernels and the Simply Stunning ROM?

ChevyNo1: It makes me very proud of the effort I put into this – and thankful that people have given me a chance when they have choices. I only dream my job could be this much fun, lol

Tim-o-tato: Don’t we all? lol So do you have any family or friends that use Droids??

ChevyNo1: My best buddy bought a Droid after he saw mine 🙂
And now of course he’s running my ROM!

Tim-o-tato: Well he has the best user support anyone can ask for! lol

ChevyNo1:That’s actually one way I plan to make myself known – is by my support – I want everyone to know where the best support is. That and my attitude towards people – I feel I am very approachable and do not make anyone feel stupid for asking questions. 😉

Tim-o-tato: That’s definitely a way to do it. As a user myself, having a way to get the right answers to questions is a big issue I myself have all the time.

TechDeft: How many hours a week do you spend doing this stuff?

ChevyNo1: Let’s see…I would estimate 15? Maybe 20 if I have a release.
I had a pretty big learning curve compared to the other ROM builders who have been at it for a while.

Tim-o-tato: Considering that Pete (Bugless Beast) has been working on programming for about 6 months, I would say you have a huge curve!

ChevyNo1: Yep, considering Pete has no programming background, I think he’s done a very nice job – he’s just limited as to how deep he can dig. Good work though!

Tim-o-tato: Are there other Devs that you look to for answers to questions you have? Or any Devs whos work you admire a great deal?

ChevyNo1: The obvious – Cyanogen, whom I’ve never interacted with, Koush ( have interacted some ). Another newcomer I’ve spoken a lot with and helped is JRummy – he’s doing excellent considering he has no background either. And also Sniffle (Sapphire|CVPCS).

Tim-o-tato: Sniffle is quite the comedian sometimes!

ChevyNo1: Haha yea! Nice guy from all I can tell – and smart!

…..So it’s time for my silly Q’s.

Tim-o-tato: If Steve Jobs offered you a job at Apple. Would you take it?

ChevyNo1: Only if he lets me make it open-source!!!

Tim-o-tato: We won’t get our hopes up lol

Tim-o-tato: Task Killers. Do you yourself have one?

ChevyNo1: Nope! I feel Android does quite a good job of managing that sort of thing – and yes, I was using one for a while. Not that I’m against it, but people must realize that if ANYTHING kills your app, it’s going to take time to reload. Often times this stuff gets blamed on a ROM or kernel.

Tim-o-tato: The name Simply Stunning. How did it make its way to fruition?

ChevyNo1: As far as the name – I felt two ‘words’ seemed fitting – I think at the time I was thinking of what would sound good alongside ‘Bugless Beast’ … and I really did feel my first attempt was ‘stunning’ 😉

Tim-o-tato: That’s wonderful! I must say when I first rooted and had only a few choices. JRummy, and Simply Stunning. I went with SS 3.1!

ChevyNo1: Glad you liked it!

Tim-o-tato: What launcher do you use for your Droid?

ChevyNo1: Just the good old stock Launcher2 that comes with the build – I am fine with it – have played around though, and if I recall correctly, I really did like LauncherPro. Would be fun to create my own Launcher as well – but so many others have done it, and have done it well …

Tim-o-tato: Tell us something no one would ever guess about you…

ChevyNo1: I a huge metalhead – not sure anyone would guess that, especially at my age!
I go with my son to metal concerts – not sure how many dads do that lol
I DO start out the day very lite – classic rock, 60’s and 70’s – but by the time noon rolls around look out!

TechDeft: (you just became Tims bestfriend)

Tim-o-tato: I’m in love! A Dev who likes metal! This is great!
So for the readers, name some of your favorite bands if you’d like.

ChevyNo1: My new favorites – Lamb Of God, Devildriver, Droid (the band)
Older metal – Pantera, Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica, etc

Tim-o-tato: Oh yea! +1 all day long!

ChevyNo1: When I moved to Pheonix 14 years ago I went into concert frenzy, because everything comes here. I’ve been to about 100 metal shows in the last 14 years and I have the ticket stubs and concert t’s to prove it! lol

Tim-o-tato: You mind giving just a bit of insight as to what your day job is or is like? Do your co workers know about your Droid fixation?

ChevyNo1: I work for a Fortune 500 company as a lead programmer analyst – mostly business programming. I do more leading than coding these days, which is why it is Android to the rescue of my sanity lol. A few at work know about my obsession – they think its quite cool. It’s been there 14 years now since I came to the USA.

Tim-o-tato: Since you came to USA? Where do you hail from?

ChevyNo1: I came from New Brunswick, Canada – that is where I grew up. Then I lived in Toronto for 2 years – then I came to the USA in 1996.

Tim-o-tato: Excellent. Canada is great! Poor Milestone users though lol

ChevyNo1: Hahaha I know it!

TechDeft: Is there anything that you would like to ask the non-developers of the community?

ChevyNo1: What can I do to become their premier ROM of choice?
What is it, about “ROM x” that makes them want it more than SS? 🙂

Tim-o-tato: That’s good for sure! (So, in the comment section below people: Answer his Q!) 🙂

TechDeft: What is the best way for folks to get in touch with you about your ROM? Is there a best forum post to post on, or an e-mail that you want public?

ChevyNo1: Sure! You can mail ([email protected]) for any questions related to my ROM or kernels – also I have twitter (@ChevyNo1Droid)

Tim-o-tato: Well Chevy, I really wanna thank you for ALL of your time. This has been a true honor for myself. It’s been fun!

ChevyNo1: Very cool – thanks SO MUCH!

Tim-o-tato: You got it 🙂


So there it is. ChevyNo1 has been doing his thing for 18 years! A true pioneer! We salute him and all his hard work to make our phones better everyday! Woo-hoo! Anyone else notice how when TechDeft and Chevy go into their ‘Nerdery’ I retreat and don’t say much? I really am clueless about all that!

So tell me everyone in the comments: What makes you choose other ROM’s over Simply Stunning? Chevy wants to know!

Thanks again everyone! See you in the comments!

-Tim-o-tato and TechDeft

Follow @ChevyNo1Droid on Twitter! And see his ROMs and Kernels HERE!
You can check out:
TIMS BAND They have a CD release party this Thursday in San Fran! 🙂
TechDefts Blog is

  • CJ

    I love Simply Stunning…but my main tweak to it would be adding a list of scripts i can use with a terminal emulator…that is where BB wins. Tons of user friendly scripts that I can personalize to my liking…maybe you have them but there not posted with the download link and I seem to be having a hard time finding it….the reason is I like to keep the rom i have but tweak it when i want to…change the bootanimation, add more or subtract more memory, whatever…but let me control it, not the rom. BB and SS both rock, I like the visual tweaks of SS but also like the internal tweaks of BB…give me both without glitches and that's the winning rom.

  • CJ

    I love Simply Stunning…but my main tweak to it would be adding a list of scripts i can use with a terminal emulator…that is where BB wins. Tons of user friendly scripts that I can personalize to my liking…maybe you have them but there not posted with the download link and I seem to be having a hard time finding it….the reason is I like to keep the rom i have but tweak it when i want to…change the bootanimation, add more or subtract more memory, whatever…but let me control it, not the rom. BB and SS both rock, I like the visual tweaks of SS but also like the internal tweaks of BB…give me both without glitches and that's the winning rom.

  • C Hutchson

    I'm running SS 4.6 and I've not changed a rom since! Good work…..

  • Lost

    Can someone post where I can download a non-live wallpaper that's showing in this post?

  • Eddie Mdlaw

    FLAC support! This is the main reason I use CM/Sapphire.

    • ChevyNo1

      Should have it already!

  • BAoxymoron

    Sweetness didn't think many people liked DROID pretty good stuff need more though, I see you got thrash, speed and metalcore, but what you think of black, power, gothic, death, melodeath, deathcore, etc.

  • SDcrackin619

    Chevy da man! I been rockin SS 4.6 for what feels like forever! Keep up the great work!

  • Got rooted with sholes mod and used them for a while and they were smooth and stable but they didn't come out with anything new. So I switched to bb using Tom manager. Pete's 2.1rom was great. Than I saw Chevy no 1 ss rom. I decided to try because I saw a lot of stuff in the forums on his roms. Doug's roms really are simply stunning!! The best roms I've seen. I am over clocked at 1.2 gigs with ulv and baterry life isn't bad I have my wife's Droid on a jrummy rom it isn't bad but itnis no ss. I am going to switch her over to simply stunning. Thanks Chevy no1 for the great roms.

  • Evermour

    Yep, i was one of those readers scratching their heads. Lol x.x

  • I love these posts. Pete and doug are great. I am on a plain jane froyo build and I.am going to look into simply stunning. Really I want a 1ghz kernel great battery life and the option to reboot durring shutdown instead of a.full shut down. Other than that I am a happy end user.

    @tim Love these keep em coming!
    @doug bad ass work keep it up.

  • I have been running sapphire 1.0 since release, and I really like it. I haven't tried SS yet, will check it out this afternoon. Really liking these interviews.

    So sort of OT, has anyone had problems running their Droid at 1Ghz?

  • Lee

    Simply Stunning is now my favorite Rom. I have bounced between them all and also like JRummy and of course Cyanogenmod. Each Rom has it's own feel and lately I keep coming back to Simply Stunning.

    In his new version (4.7) which just came out today includes the 2.2 multitouch keyboard!

    Thank you ChevyNo1 for all your good work!

  • DiGz76

    I think ChevyNo1's Simply Stunning and Pete's Bugless Beast are the 2 best ROMs available. I use Pete's over Chevy's only because his has the BB Toolkit. I like that because I'm not comfortable using the terminal emulator. If Chevy were to add something similar then I would probably switch back to his SS. Keep up the great work!!

    • ChevyNo1

      You need to check out 4.7 – no need for terminal anymore 😉

      • DiGz76

        Thanks for the response. I'm loading it now!

      • DiGz76

        My gmail does not work on the SS 4.7. I don't get email notifications and I get force close every time I try to open it. Please fix 🙂 I will have to go back to BB in the meantime.

  • The only thing to turned me off to SS 4.6 was the boot loop. Yes it was a bootloop. I just installed SS 4.7 after reading the article and no bootloop. I like it so far. I really enjoy the Rom Dev interviews. Keep em coming.

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  • Kingpin_478

    os there a way i can get the wallpaper in the screenshot? prefferably black and red

  • Fordno1

    umm I may be new at this but. What just happend? who is this guy, whats so great about him, why do i keep forgetting really important things, why camaro when you have shelby!

    • brandonmee

      Why shelby? Because the guy likes chevys…besides the engine that made shelbys so popular was a chevrolet desinged engine.

  • domnisoara

    I've been using bugless beast v0.4 as of late. I keep coming back to it because of the scripts (particularly the one that cleans up the memory after boot), the stability and the SPEED. I think it's the fastest rom I've tried (at least it seems that way, even at 800MHz). There is a distinct lack of themes for it though (now that I'm learning theming, not so much of an issue). I AM using Chevy's 1GHz ULV kernel though. Can't be beat! 🙂 I'm not feeling the love from Pete, though, so maybe when 4.7 drops I'll switch it up. Keep up the great work, Chevy!

    • Give Pete a break. If you read my last interview you would know he is a VERY busy boy 😉 lol

      • domnisoara

        I read the last one. I know he's busy. Like I said, BB is the one I keep coming back to. 🙂 Just been very eagerly awaiting 0.5. 🙂

    • tonytbone7883

      A bit off topic but, I just saw a poll on kernels and “Slayher” was number one and “Chevy” and P3 were 2nd and third? Does anyone use Slayher? Thoughts.

  • person51090

    Thanks for the great interview! Chevy's kernels work the best for me. I like the features in his ROM, but I still run BB since I find it truly bugless.

  • The350zWolf

    Hi Tim, great section, keep the good (awesome) interviews going. In answer to ChevyNo1 question, first I haven't tried SS yet and I've been loyal to Pete's BB from day one, so I can't really compare, but I will try SS and let you know. As far as sticking with BB is all about reliability and performance. I like that Pete give you the ability to customize the ROM with his scripts and toolkit. He's also very responsive when it comes to support. I have to say that I have tried Chevy's kernels and they are top notch. I'll try Simply Stunning and report back.

    Thanks Tim. Thanks ChevyNo1!

  • CompCrash

    I see the Chevy logo in the car home app. Subliminal messaging anyone?

  • chevy if you will unlock the bootloader for my droid x… i will PROMISE you i will i will run your SS and let you know how i like iT!!!!!

  • WOW i really like this new series or articles going up every week! keep up the great work droid life. The only place to get all of my Android Info.!!!

  • lakerzz

    Very nice roms Chevy. And Tim, is everybody invited…lol…no, really…(awesome music)

    • Dude, you coming? lol
      DNA Lounge Thursday night!!! 🙂

  • CompCrash

    You just became my favorite Dev. First off I have SS 4.1 (going to get 4.6 in a min). Love it. It is great and blue, nothing beats blue. Then I read this and the fact you like the Camaro (that where the SS is from?) my favorite car. Also metal.

  • tbaybe

    This might be the next rom I try

  • DeeMat

    I have been a user of SS and some of Chevy's kernels. His work is some that I always pay attention to.

    Tim-o-tato and the rest of the team: Another great interview.

  • Papa Droid

    There's alot of things I like bout SS Roms, I would really like to see the clock ( when u place it in the docking station) stay the same. I hate that it changes and floats across the screen. There's a few things I would like to see in Chevy's Rom that the others have, like being able to pick how many icons go in a row and how many rows u can have. being able to pick how many screens u want, and some of the tweaks that the others uses.

    • lakerzz

      I definitely agree with you on the clock portion of you're comment. I wonder if anybody else agrees.

  • El El Kool J

    I currently have a backup waiting to be reloaded again in a few days. I constantly switch between CM6. lithium, SS:)

  • Dave12308

    Doug is a class act. I've dabbled a bit in kernel development (mostly for the old 2.0.1 ROMs) and for a while there, was hounding the poor guy unmercifully. The thing I like about Doug's way of spreading knowledge is that he will point you in the right direction, but not ruin the learning process by doing everything for you. I think I learned more from asking Doug questions and being pointed in the right direction, than I would have if I were to take a Linux development class somewhere.

    And the best thing is, even though he is somewhat of an expert with these things, he was never condecending in the least. Everything I asked him, his responses showed that he really WANTED to share his wealth of knowledge. At no point did I feel like a “n00b”

    • ChevyNo1

      Thanks Dave – been a while! I'll have to pop over and say hi 🙂

  • 2013nader

    I want it to be faster with no lag!

    • ChevyNo1

      You should see less lag with 4.7!

  • mipami

    I really like the rom SImply Stunning. I just wish you could have the ability to add a battery percentage in the notification bar. It would also be nice if the pull down notification window was translucent like many other roms, instead of being solid. However, awesome job with the rom ChevyNo1, keep up the great work!

    • ChevyNo1

      Battery percentage is in the Blue themed ROM and has been added to the stock theme for 4.7. Also, pulldown is transparent 🙂

      • Anonymous

        absolutely love the new 4.7 rom, thank you so much for all your hardwork! One suggestion I was wondering is, do you think it would ever be possible for you to put in the rotary lock buttons, on the lock screen as an option? Like what was done with Ultimate droids new rom?

  • Pcguru30

    I do not know this name 😀

  • This is not related to the blog but I just had to get it out there. For verizons next ad capaign for droid they should use the line no jacket required.

  • Im a big fan of simply stunning, Lately it's been a bit laggy then before but it looks great and overall i've never had a problem with it. I'm really happy with it. Prior to SS i had cyanogen,bugless beast, and stock (eww will never go back to that one again)

    for those looking for screen shots and even themes check out http://www.droidforums.net/forum/chevyno1/

  • Droidzilla

    I'd really like to see some customisability so that less “theming” is needed. Ability to change icons, taskbar colour/options, lockscreen mods, etc. I know a lot of tools exist to do this, but a “one stop ROM shop” would be about as rad as a plate of bacon covered in bacon bits.

    As for why go with another ROM: I'm on CM6 because of the features it has on it above and beyond stock (like bluetooth HID support, lockscreen music controls, etc.). SS may have some of these, but I really haven't been enticed to search for another ROM. I may try yours now, though, after reading this!

  • Michael_NM

    So we've Dr. Droid (Kellex) at the helm, and a weekly series by Dr. Root (a.k.a. Dr. Picolas, Mr. Picolas). How about renaming this the “Dr. Tato Dialogs,” and the app round-ups the Doctotron Report.

    Also, still waiting for the Droidcasts…

    In any case, these are great additions to the site!

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    Since you asked I shall comment on the question of grammar.
    In this case “Me and TechDeft (TechDeft and I?)” it would be TechDeft and I …

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  • fish1552

    I'd like to help him out with reasons why I've used others, but I honestly started with his and stayed there. Like others, I love the bkapps/rstapps too much to go elsewhere. Yes, he tends to like blue while I prefer green, but I can deal with that. 🙂
    I was tossing around a few ROMs to load as my first and was hearing a lot about BB and CM but I think what attracted me to Chevy's was his name. Honestly, as a Chevy fan myself, it was sort of a no-brainer. 🙂 And just stayed there ever since.
    Thanks for the hard work.

  • EC8CH

    I wish a site (like DL maybe) would make and keep up to date a comparison of Custom ROMs that compares what features are offered (scripts, setting, OC controls, customizations, etc). A lot of times there is a feature that some people just can't live without and that is what drives them to a certain ROM. Othertimes its just a seat of the pants feeling of how fast and smooth it feels.

    • fish1552

      Sounds like a great idea too. Although this might have to be a community level project because I think with all the different ROMs, and the updates to each, this would be a HUGE project for 1 person to keep up. Or maybe have a few people per ROM post items for each one?

    • I am working with all the other Mods and Kellex for making a complete list of all ROMs and features! Thanks for the great idea! 🙂

      • Orangearrrows

        That will be great. thanks

      • EC8CH

        Thanks, I think a ROM comparison table would be used by many root users, and would be an invaluable tool. I hope it isn’t too much of a PITA for all of you to keep complete and current 🙂 Good Luck!

  • tonytbone7883

    Is there a place where we can see multiply screen shots of the different ROMs? Choosing a ROM can be easier if we knew what it was going to look like on our phones. The process is to time consuming especially if you have a problem to just choose a ROM based on someones opinion.

  • ReebX

    Sweet! The more talented people working on getting that boot loader cracked, the better!

    OT: What is it with Swype putting periods instead of spaces on the Droid X?

    • JT

      I think it's an option somewhere in your swype settings…

      • ReebX

        I can turn the spaces off, but its so much faster with them on…

  • Sniffle

    Chevy you should come visit in in IRC sometime, we haven't chatted in a while 🙂 – sniffle

  • tonytbone7883

    Great interview. I have not used SS yet. I'm running BBv0.4 but may try SS soon. The question about what ROM to choose is easy, speed and stability. The ultimate Rom would be one that has built in themes and kernel choices, or just a 1GHz stock kernel. First thing I do after installing a ROM is install a theme and kernel. The gray notification bar bites, everyone wants a black one right? The music and power bar widgets suck on stock Roms until you apply a theme to it and it looks cool. Make a ROM with these themes and even kernel choices built in as an option in the settings. This way we don't have to install them afterwards and allot of people end up having issues after installing a theme and just get frustrated, but if their already built in, all you have to do is choose it and apply it and reboot your phone and you got a different theme without having to boot in recovery and that crap. Multiply kernel choices because not all phone are the same, and multiply themes because people are different too.
    1.1 kernel
    Blue Energy

    • SS has

      • tonytbone7883

        Thanks for that. I may just try it today. Do you know where I can see more screen shots of it?

      • tonytbone7883

        Do I have to wipe data when I install it coming from BBv0.4?

      • tonytbone7883

        Downloading now with Rom Manager. I chose default kernel and blue theme. I'll let you know how it goes. thanks

        • Sweet!

          • tonytbone7883

            Installed and running so far so good. Real nice ROM. I love it so far. Few more kicks and giggles with the Chevy tools. I love the “Chevy” emblem on the car dock wheel. nice touch.

      • tonytbone7883

        Installed and running so far so good. Real nice ROM. I love it so far. Few more kicks and giggles with the Chevy tools. Thanks for that…

      • Hey Bobby, where'd you find the RichSteven's Smoked Energy theme at? I tried googling for it and got nothing. :/

  • thenew3

    First Pete, now ChevyNo1. Both these guys seem super cool! I wouldn't mind having some friends like them 🙂

  • Awesome Guy! Love his work, Kernels and Roms have always been “Stunning” (pardon the pun) He is always very accessible and very customer oriented! Great Work Chevy!

  • walter cronkite would be jealous

    • Trying to get the Trolls rolling again?
      Spare me! lol 😛

  • Br_d

    When I first made the decision to root, I went with BB, and used that for awhile. When froyo came out, I tried BB v0.1, but it had a lot of bugs. So, I tried a bunch of other ROMs and settled on Simply Stunning because it seemed to run the smoothest for me.

    I have been using it for about 2 months now and though I have dabbled in other ROMs, I keep coming back to Simply Stunning. The best feature, by far, is bkapps/rstapps. If other ROMs had this, I would probably dabble more. It is so great to be able to wipe data and cache and be up and running within a couple minutes with pretty much all of your previous settings.

    I am anxiously anticipating v4.7 and I'm hoping it has the status bar customization features I'm looking for (primarily the ability to hide the alarm clock icon – it just bugs me for some reason and I don't think any other ROM does this). Beyond that, the only thing on my wishlist from other ROMs would be the amount of customization Lithium/Kangerade has for LWPs, boot animations, fonts, etc. and the ability to switch between them. That's the other ROM I've been dabbling with the most because it intrigues me, but I still feel like it lacks the smoothness of SS, so I always switch back. 🙂

    • Ben

      Completely agree with the scripts for apps.

      Also, a few of the other ROM features other devs have added that I'd like to see added would be:
      – FULL status bar customization (the alarm clock icon was a great example)
      – Preset settings/color theme choices to change all menu items at once
      – Provide the framework resources for themers to modify more easily
      – Perhaps an app as was suggested for controlling add/remove apps, hiding apps, running scripts etc. (think the add-on for LitiumMod here, I know some of this is in the ChevyNo1 settings menu)
      – Provide the ability to have more than one LWP form your ROM listed. I like switching a lot but don't really want to keep flashing just to update a LWP. (which BTW, I really like the SS style for the NexusMOd LWP, the others are always too thick with the live lines/dots).
      – Customizable lock screens/features (Cyanogen has some cool features like the “ninja mode”)

      And not to be picky, but adding more completeness to the colors scheme. I know that the SS 4.6 sotck blue theme for example, the clock when docked isn't blue, still stock green.

      • you can change the notifications colors/ clocks and even hide it. The new SS is pretty awesome with some really cool adds.

        • Br_d

          You can hide the clock, but not the alarm clock icon. Yet. Chevy has said there will be some additional notification bar changes in 4.7, and I'm hoping that's one of them.

          • guest

            you will be happy with the new additions

      • guest

        there are some theme add-ons that have the clock and lock screen modifications you want for version 4.6

  • None

    could have done w/o the whole bloody interview in the body of the article, ffs…

    • Awe. Im sorry

    • fish1552

      I would have thought the title of the article would have TOLD you that…dumbass. Hey, let's go read an article titled “An Interview with…” and expect to NOT see an <gasp> interview.

  • Banderberg

    It would have been nice to actually see some Q & A about what he's done to his kernels that is different from the stock sholes kernel.

    Specifically it would have been nice to simply ask him: What if any changes have you made to the Droid kernel source code? How many lines of code would you say you've changed from stock source code?

    Honestly, who gives a crap what anyone's favorite bands are?

    • ChevyNo1

      I can answer that for you – about the only thing I've changed in the kernel is the overclocking – for example, I was the first kernel dev to go beyond 5 slots. At one time I produced a 10 slot. But the changes have all been around overclocking. Many, MANY hours spent tweaking kernel voltages, in three different series of kernels. So – total lines changed? Maybe 50.

      As far as favorite bands? It was an attempt to know one personal thing about me that people might not guess. 😉

      • ChevyNo1, as another (older) metalhead, I give a crap. You should check out Silent Civilian, or an old-school thrash revival band called Battalion.

        I'll admit I haven't tried SS yet, have been on JRummy, Bugless, Pl3x, and going way back, Ultimate Droid. One of these days I'll gave to give your ROM a shot.

        • Update: flashed the latest Lithium Mod w. the Gala theme, and then Google Maps wouldn’t work… so I figured, “Time to try SS!”

          So far so good!

      • Banderberg

        Yeah I don’t blame you for answering Doug! It was just a waste of precious interviewing space if you ask me.

  • JosueD


    • You're REALLY fast 😛

      • Mrpicolas

        you still havent posted in my post man shame shame lol jk…

      • JosueD

        Fine, U beat me lol, =D