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DROID 2 Having Signal Issues?

Not exactly the post we were looking to write just 4 days after the Droid 2 was released, but there are some rumored signal issues that we unfortunately can’t confirm ourselves.  Almost all of the review models that were sent to MobileCrunch and Engadget reportedly experienced varying signal strength without even touching the device.  Is this the next antennagate?  Let’s not go there.  Since we’ll assume that the design is likely not the problem, then a software issue could provide a fix.  Do we know when or if that could happen though?  We have no idea.

I guess what we really need to know, is if you, the reader are experiencing anything.

Anyone pick up a D2 last week?  How is your signal strength?  Any dropped calls?

Via:  MobileCrunch, Engadget

Cheers acidburn!

  • Cook

    I would like to get my phone back into extended network because the signal was better…how do i do this, or do I need to take it into a Verizon store. 

  • Sherry

    Are there any problems receiving emails? I want to buy a Droid 2. However, recently I sent an email to a Droid 2 user who did not get the body of the message. This happened 3x consistently. Each time I thought I made a mistake and sent it without the info but no. Is anyone else having that problem?

  • Anonymous

    My Droid 2 will occasionally (once a week) experience fluctuating reception problems. It will go from full 3G to 1 bar 1X in less than a minute. The restarting the phone will not remedy the problem. The Phone has to have the battery and SD card removed to resolve the issue. Moto help us soon!

  • Sin2live

    I thought I had a bunk phone, but this seems to be the case with mine. Whenever I look to use it, there are zero bars, when I move into an area I have ALWAYS had reception, I get one or two bars. Hoping there is a fix, or the Thunderbolt is released within the 14 days I have left to exchange it.

  • Ben

    Yes, bought a Droid 2 weeks ago and am experiencing 0 bars today where calls aren't even getting through and are sending callers straight to voicemail. Extremely frustrating and definitely not the first time this has occurred, but I didn't figure it out til just today. My wife is on the same plan so I'm going to compare my signal strength with hers (she has one of the free crappy phones) and then speak with Verizon if there's a major difference.

  • Shoysingleton

    My calls drop like 10 times a day!

  • MartinK

    I currently have the droid 2, after starting with the droid. I can honestly say the modifications made to the device are easy to adapt to, as well, as I have not had one single problem. I did experience an audio issue with my first device. I have not had any dropped calls now that you speak of it. It could have used a little more publicity, for basically my droid 2 does everything the X does….and I love my keyboard!

  • MartinK

    I currently have the droid 2, after starting with the droid. I can honestly say the modifications made to the device are easy to adapt to, as well, as I have not had one single problem. I did experience an audio issue with my first device. I have not had any dropped calls now that you speak of it. It could have used a little more publicity, for basically my droid 2 does everything the X does….and I love my keyboard!

  • I've got a Droid 2. I think they're full of crap. Reception is great.

  • I've got a Droid 2. I think they're full of crap. Reception is great.

  • Natalierpayne

    Just picked up the droid 2… in 1x to nothing to 3g over & over again… Dissapointed 🙁 I just gave up on iphone bc of issues with signal… boo

  • Davidbiz0303

    Got a pre-release so have used it extensively. There are definitely issues with battery life. I'm lucky if i get a full five hours of occasional use out of it without the battery draining…Haven't noticed much in the way of signal issues but then I don't get a Verizon signal where I live anyway! 😉

  • Annie

    Got my new Droid 2 set up on Tues., 8/17. So far it has dropped all calls made from home, worked on half a dozen calls when out and about but did cut-out briefly once. The signal strength bar varies from 1 to 4 just sitting here at home. Today Verizon said they've had no complaints about dropped calls with the Droid 2, BUT they reminded me they only guarantee it will work outside buildings – never heard that one before! Have been with them for 6 plus years and with much simpler phones, i.e. LG8300 was what I traded up from, and never had a dropped call or signal problems except in rural areas. I'm in San Diego County coastal area and would assume there should be no problems here.

  • Bluexsky

    I get 3g signal .. then change to 1x then no signal.. then back to 3g signal.. over and over again… not happy with droid 2

  • I have the same issue. I recieved the phone on monday and activated it but didnt make a call until tuesday and today. The reception sounds horrible. Lots of background noise and the call goes in and out. Even when you watch the status bar the signal goes from 1 bar to 4 bars and then no bars, and thats when you're sitting still. This could also be why the battery is draining so fast. I had to remove the facebook account in order to save the battery life. The battery has gone from 100% to 80% in 4hrs and thats just from sitting on the counter but thats definitely an improvement. Idk wats up but I really want it fixed. Whats the point of having features you can't use…

  • bed2

    As a new D2 user coming from the iPhone 4 mess I don't see that I could ever go back. Data is way faster, reception has been stellar everywhere I have been (all over CT). Only complaint has been some occassional clipping of sound at the earpiece. Battery has been as good as iPhone3gs.

  • Dfreyer

    got mine friday and have to buy touchdown to sync contacts and calendar – this of course makes those two standard buttons you see (the head and the phone) totally useless. thanks droid

  • Rjcurreri

    I am having signal issues with my droid 2. Areas where I received full signal with my blackberry world edition from five years ago are now dead zones for me. I cant even use the phone in my office where i have always had reception

  • honkj

    hmmm, lets see how Motorola really is doing at making devices compared to Apple, using the ultimate of unbiased all seeing sources: (and a very good predictor into the future too)…


  • Papa Droid

    Last.. 😛

  • Justin

    Can you hear me now?


  • Berserkr

    I have a Droid that was bought back in November that Im still fighting with Verizon over. Get no data or voice in my home at all. I have an Evo and iPhone 4 that I have no problems with. Was told today by Verizon Tech Support, that Verizon dose not guarantee signal/data service in any building. So maybe it's not a Droid 2 problem but a Verizon problem. Time to kick Verizon to the curb.

  • Put a jacket on it

  • NYdyno

    I love my new D2. I've had ZERO issues with signal and call quality is great. I've used it in multiple locations throughout the US without so much as a hiccup. I really love this phone.

  • Justin

    Cmon apple fans, the flood gates are open

  • Camaros_Kill

    I havent read thru the comments so dont shoot me for possibly repeating this, but i had a feeling something like this was going to come up simply due to the fact that the strange usb/no hands on the back of the phone problem exists with the D2. For those who dont know what im talking about, with the usb plugged into the D2, and your hand NOT touching the back of the phone, the screen will bug out completely while dragging or moving widgets around. Simple fix is hold the phone like a human being while its charging, or dont use it while its charging.

  • guz1115

    Dont let apple get wind of this!

  • L.G

    How ironic ha!

  • aredubya

    I definitely have some signal troubles here at home, with 1 or no bars in rooms where I had two or better on my old RAZR.

  • ASDroid

    I got a Droid 2 on Day one. Got there just as Verizon opened. I did notice that the signal seemed to be varying a lot on the first day. Sometimes showing no bars then showing full. I have not had one dropped call or any reception problems while actually on the phone. There has been an occasional loss of network when I am trying to get on the app marketplace. Doesn't last long.

    I would say something is definitely fishy, just don't know if it is a big enough deal to do something about it.

  • Droided out…

    Exchanged my Droid for a Droid 2 last week. Signal strength varies and if I have wifi turned on, neither one works properly, (i.e. improper browser downloads, unreceived emails, straight to voicemail, etc.). The worst is that the corporate sync doesn't work. I want my Droid back, unless Motorola can fix the sync issue with the contacts. I am in sales and have over 700 work contacts, and only 100 sync'd (I have downloaded Touchdown for the time-being until there is a fix). Emails are sync-able, but are intermittent and rarely push without manual refresh and the calendar does sync.

  • Not you

    the number of bars you have on your phone doesn't matter that much. You can have all bars lit and have crappy phone connectivity and have only one bar lit and have excellent phone connectivity. It's a reference not necessarily an exact representation.

  • Not you

    I've had my D2 since the 13th. I travel all over the country (mostly major cities). I haven't had any issues.

    • Not you

      It's a rumor apple started or had MobileCrunch and Engadget start for a small fee of course.

  • Droidfan

    Got the droid 2 the day it came out and I can confirm battery issues.

    I can't really speak to the antenna since I just signed up for Verizon so I don't know what the coverage is supposed to be like.

    Suffice to say though, I've turned off every process I can and I still get maybe 4-5 hrs of battery life w/ moderate use during the day. Its pretty bad and frustrating. I was hoping it was just a defective battery but maybe it isn't.

    argh. really love the device alot but the battery life makes it unusable as a phone.

    • Do you have the screen brightness up high? Do you leave WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS on a lot? Do you have apps syncing or updating all the time? If the answer's yes, that's your problem. Don't blame the device for your inability to properly utilize it.

    • RoninX

      Maybe you have a defective battery? I leave everything turned on (GPS, WiFi, 3G, Touchdown, Gmail, Beautiful Widgets, live wallpaper, etc.), and I've been able to get over 6 hours of heavy usage and a full day's (10 AM – Midnight) worth of moderate usage…

  • BigRed4X15

    I bought my D2 on Friday 8/13/10, and I am happy with the upgrade from the D1. I have NOT experienced any signal problems in the central Florida region, in fact I get better signal in my house than I did with my D1.

    On a separate issue I find that the faster processor and 512 ram has truly made the overall experience to be superior the D2 over the D1. I use a lot of widgets on my home screens, on my D1 there was always a lag when returning to the home screen from an app, but on the D2 this isn't an issue.

    Now if we can just crack that boot loader!

  • I still have the D1, and since upgrading to Froyo I have been having problems with the data line dropping out and not coming back for a few minutes, or at ALL unless I reboot the phone. I really have issues with it after turning off wireless (which seems much faster with Froyo I must add). I don't mind rebooting my phone every morning, but more than once a day is kind of ridiculous.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say that if the D2 is having signal problems, it may the Froyo, not the phone itelf. I am leaning towards some type of memory problem, as my phone also speeds up noticeably after a restart.

  • RoninX

    I've had it since day one, and I've had no dropped calls or connections at all.

    The number of bars has varied from the time, but it hasn't affected call quality or 3G. I can reliably get signal inside my high-rise apartment's elevator, which I couldn't do with my T-Mobile G1.

    I'm guessing that Motorola is being a little less “optimistic” with the number of bars displayed than some other manufacturers *cough*Apple*cough*.

    • RoninX

      I have noticed that if I only have 1 bar and I turn off wi-fi, the phone immediately connects to 3G and the number of bars often increases immediately to 3 or 4. My theory is that when wi-fi is turned on, the phone reduces the power to the 3G receiver to be sufficient for voice but not data. I've had no trouble making or receiving calls regardless of whether wi-fi was on or off, so I'm guessing that this is a power conservation technique.

  • I've had my Droid 2 since the 13th and haven't had any problems with it. Oh, it dropped 3G ONCE for about 4 minutes, but that's it. Usually have 3-4 bars and get around 20 hours of battery life with average use.

  • It seems that many handsets has this issues, not only iPhone from Apple

    • Not you

      this guy is another paid employee!!! You probably have an iphone don't you?

  • JosueD

    I highly doubt Motorola would be as stupid as apple as to releasing a phone with antenna issues!


  • I have had my Droid 2 since the day it was released and I have had countless signal issues as well as my phone not connecting to the 3G network (which was never a problem with my original Droid) and I also have had a ton of issues where my phone with not sync with my facebook to update the pictures in my contact list and also, I made certain settings like clicking the home button twice to go to text and it changes by itself now and i have to restart my phone before i can sync it with my computer via usb cable. its quite annoying…waiting for an X to come in….

    • Guest

      i had alot of issues like you said also my cramra would not trun on only if i hit the phone with my hand then it would trun on.. i went back to big red and thay gave me a new one.. with this new one i have not seen any issues and my signal is always 4 or 5.. hope that help i think some of the phone have issues must of been a bad run… ( that new kid thay had working for one day and kick him out the door for 2 meny f'ups.. )lol

  • Assman

    My D2 only seems to be dropping I#hone calls. Go figure

  • gwilson93

    I haven been having issues with my droid2 also. I have major battery issues and that could be cause of the signal issue, it must be cause i get a network error sometimes when i am in the market, and webpages wount load sometimes either! I hope they come out with a fix cause this phone is too good to give up!

  • Matt799

    I have seen signal strength vary on my D2, but only the bars on the screen. The reception of actual calls have never changed.

  • Derek

    Signal problems on the Droid 2? It's even more like the original Droid than I thought.

    I love my original Droid, but finally had to drop it because the call quality was horrendous.

  • fred80

    I have the original Droid (which I love) and my wife got a Droid 2 on opening day. Just last night we were side-by-side and I had max bars for signal, she had one bar and was having trouble downloading an email attachment. She said she was going to call VZ but I haven't check with her today to see if she did.

  • Claire

    I haven't had any reception issues. No dropped calls either.

    The only problem I'm having is the screen sensitivity when I'm on a call. Even though the screen is dark, my cheek keeps dialing numbers and it is incredibly annoying.

  • Danny

    I love how all the comments seem to address everything but the actual issue. I received a Droid 2 on launch day and have been experience big issues with my reception, fluctuating between 0-3 bars and dropping in and out of 3G service constantly all over an area that is normally rock solid for Verizon and all other carriers(metro Atlanta). My phone's battery is being drained by constantly searching and changing signals. If this continues to be an issue I will be returning my phone. I hope motorola/verizon addresses this soon.

    • I'm in carrollton area and I have superb 3g if it goes to two bars its an extreme rarity… Droid x

    • NairRo

      ***Sup Danny***.. I couldn't agree more… I love the writers of this Blog Site however some of the comments are totally unrelated……The first 20 comments have NOTHING to do with the Post…… I picked a D2 on launch day and noticed it's not really what I thought it would be, and this is coming from a Droid Eris user…. My D2 has been experiencing shotty calls I dropped 2-3 calls already in areas where my HTC had no problems.. My 3G service has been very suspect at times.. My D2 speed is not what I thought it would be.. After unlocking the screen it has a serious lag before I can swipe between home screens. The WiFi button is acting really weird… It flashes on to off like it trying to connect. The battery on this phone SUCKS. I can only get a half a day out of my phone before I'm looking for a charger.. Maybe I was just expecting to much from this phone…

  • Picked up a D2 for my gf the day they were released (she thought the DX was just too big), and I've played with it quite a bit and haven't noticed any problems. I talk to her all the time and haven't had any dropped calls either. Just texted her and she says “I've had ZERO problems with it.”.

  • arirang

    if true, that's disappointing; however, WE CAN CHOOSE to buy/replace with another make/model. that's power to the consumer, power to the android platform!

  • Stephenwest0

    I haven't had any signal issues with mine so far and my girlfriend hasn't with hers either.

  • jag28co

    Dont worry. As they have done with the DX volume issue, if there is a problem they will admit to it and will find a fix for it. I am sure they are reading this blog and other blogs and testing the device right now.
    They will NOT say its user error cause the users do not know how to hold a phone or they could also say all phones have the same issue and repost the IP4 video.

    I am sure VRZ and MOTO are working to get a fix on this (if there is a problem)

  • Chris Nimon

    Acid Burn, Zero Cool, Cereal Killer. Im gonna have to change my screen name to The Plague or Lord Nikon lol

    • Rizzidy

      'bout time somebody caught on to that.

      • Chris Nimon

        I still watch Hackers (im 36). Its one of my 16 year old daughters favorite movies lol

  • I find this one hard to believe… but it could be true. Perhaps they are just holding it wrong! (i know its wrong but i couldn't help it)

  • Cam

    I got a D2 (had a D1 before) and my girlfriend has a Droid X…I can definitely notice the signal fluctuations they mention in Engadget. This hasn't resulted in any dropped calls for me, but it has resulted in some slow internet browsing and failed Market searches. When placed side by side with the Droid X, the D2 definitely was all over the map. I adored my D1 and am generally loving the D2 (the new keyboard, is, in fact, awesome)…I just hope they can provide a software fix for the signal issues!

  • domnisoara

    If D2 is running the same baseband I have on D1 (C_01.43.01P), I'm not surprised that's there are signal issues. Other people got improved signal quality with the update — I got worse. 🙁

  • The problem isn't the signal but how the Droid 2 REPORTS the signal. I get the same -90 to -100dBm on my Incredible and Droid 2 but the Droid 2 may say I have 1-3 bars at that signal. Not a big deal, but a software update will fix it.

    They should first fix the apparent lag in the unlock screen (when you swipe to unlock) and the lag when you swipe across home screens. That's just laziness on their part.

    Fix the lag.

    • Lee

      I agree that the stock launcher should be lightning fast right out of the box. We should not have to load “LauncherPro” to have a fast launcher. As far as my Droid1 is concerned, thank goodness for LauncherPro!

  • Zeus

    Probably just a rumor started by Apple.

  • ThundarPanda

    I'm having an issue. 3G fluctuating to 1X and going from 4 to 1 bar while I'm in the same spot. And yes, it does produce loss of data. No lost calls though, this phones sends calls and text even with no bars!

    • Liquidsteel30

      I'm getting the same thing.

      No dropped calls (I've only made three on it, though…), but data does crawl at the random interval that it decides to switch down.

  • First off can we show the d bags the door? Secondly my droid1 has had reception issues over the last month but for no apparent reason. What baseband is everyone using?

  • Cmas1

    I have a DX and testing a D2. At home I layed them next to each other. My D2 said it had 1 bar and my DX showed 3 bars. Sometimes in my house my D2 can't browse the market because it says it lost it's data connection. So I have to turn on the WiFi as a work around.

  • JT

    These signal problems wouldn't stem from the introducing thousands of 3G phones into the air all over the past 2 months would they?

  • If the day ever comes…. am gonna post a FIRST…. lol… it doesnt bother me…. have fun…. :')

    • Sigmundroid

      If you really want to be first
      either keep refreshing the page or get an RSS reader/subscribe to it
      for Droid-life.com

      You'll be 1st.

  • Anuthabrutha

    Droid 2 “Don't be doin”

  • guest

    Mine has been dropping calls in the exact same spot in my apartment as my last Verizon (dumb)phone, but that's it. The signal doesn't seem to be any better or worse.

  • Adam

    i got a d2 and ive had no problems with it at all…great phone

  • Adam

    i got a d2 and ive had no problems with it at all…great phone

  • I picked one up at launch and have not a single issue with making or receiving a call. I actually think the sounds quality is coming through better. I have seen the signal bars raise and lower without moving the phone but has not actually cause and issues. This is no matter how i hold the phone.

  • adams

    First Motorola throws chaff about iphone antenna problems now they fall in the same bin. perfect! that was a short time comin…

  • Droidzilla

    Hard to trust Engadget when they give the i*hone a 9/10 and the Droid X a 6/10 (as well as giving the Sammy a 7/10). Maybe their AT&T repeater tower that's built into their office is interfering with Verizon reception. That or Steve Jobs told them the Droid 2 has fluctuating reception, so they just reported it like that.

    • JT

      They seriously gave the DX a 6/10 ??

      Nevermind the score they gave that phone that received a “Do not Recommend” from consumer reports…

      Really, I'd even give the i*@#$ a 6/10 out of pity…

      • Anonymous

        They gave the DX a 7/10.

    • Sigmundroid

      The IP4 has issues, but where it counts most (as a multimedia device) it delivers.
      The Droid X's supposed 720P video looks like garbage. It's like they took the Droid 1's cam
      and upconverted the resolution….unimpressive.

      • JG_69

        Where it should count most is as a phone, and the iPhone 4 is an epic fail as a phone.

        • honkj

          and the only people who say the iPhone 4 is an epic fail as a phone, are people who do not actually own an iphone 4…. like this bozo…

          on the other hand, The only people who are complaining about the Droid 2 reception, are the people who have one….

          big difference there…

      • Tabe

        One of the most ignorant statements I've seen in a while… “Where it counts” isn't it's functionality as a PHONE?! Are you kidding me?!
        We're talking about the iPHONE here, not the iPod…

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        My droid 1 with increased framerate modded into the build.prop creates video unrivaled by any phone ive ever seen. including the iSh*t4

      • Hachooie

        My video quality was excellent…far better than the droid one. But then I went to 2.2 and id have to say video quality looks just like he discribed not sure what that’s all about but the speed of everything else is worth the resolution loss for me.

    • phrozen

      Completely agree with this. All the android phones they have reviewed have been scored low. Also I have had my Droid 2 since the release day and have used it extensively in many different areas with no signal issues at all.

      • Anonymous

        Nah, it doesn’t have a signal issue. At least not for me. Although, I must say comparing it with my old droid before. I am still happy with the former. Droid 2 Unbiased View

    • yea i read engadget as much as i can and im on to them. i dont go anywhere but droid life for my android news best believe that! they get a fat check from apple so you know they are going to be partial. fuggin haters

  • jwb

    No issues here. Only legitimate bug I've spotted is the WiFi widget going haywire.

    • Cmas1

      I've noticed that too. It won't connect and just keeps retrying. Is that what yours is doing?

      • jwb

        Yeah if I try to turn it on from a WiFi widget (tried both Blur and Beautiful Widgets), it just turns on and off repeatedly. My solution is to go into Wi-Fi settings and turn in on and off from there. Not as convenient, but it works. That tells me it's a software problem, not hardware.

        • Cmas1

          That’s what I’ve done too. Sometime the widget works, sometimes it doesn’t. Now I’m using the Power widget…I’ll see how that works. I assume it will be the same for now but for me it’s not a biggie nor a deal breaker.

  • Ketto

    My signal has been fine. Haven't noticed any issues.

  • Knightcrusader

    I haven't had any problems either with reception, but I was having trouble with it yesterday switching back to Verizon after it was on Extended Network.

    So far I have had better luck with reception on the Droid 2 than I have with the Touch Pro 2.

    • supermiah

      I have had this prob too with my Droid X. I sometimes have to put in airplane mode and then back on again

      • This just happened to me when I tried to refresh the droid-life page… anyone else have this problem?

  • saimin

    Steve Jobs says don't hold it like that.

  • :cue steve jobs and his camcorder…:

  • Soleicey

    i have no problems with signal so far

  • Daddy1luv

    No notice on dropped calls. Signal is good.

    I do notice that the screen sensor, when you put the phone to your face isnt working well. Im either dialing numbers on the phone and or hanging up by hitting end call with my cheek.

    • Jamerson90

      Are you hitting the button when you hold the phone against your shoulder? If I hold my droid1 with my hand, its just fine, but placing it on my shoulder brings me back from the proximity sensor just enough to turn the screen on

  • Tomjones5087

    First baby, Droid one lives forever. All the rest are pretenders. tomjones

    • Bill

      heh. ya you keep telling yourself that while you continue to use ancient technology. sucker!

      • P!X3L

        I can OC my droid to 1.3ghz how fast is your phones cpu?

        • Tony

          1ghz without compromising battery life or OS stability. Thanks for asking.

          • Bill

            woooooooosh. 😀

          • Sigmundroid

            In case you did not know…it is entirely possible to
            run a Moto Droid 1, and have it optimized to run stable and maximize battery life.

            Due to the way physics works…Clocking to 1.3Ghz is like saying
            “I have a huge E-peepee” but it doesn't work!”

            It is all in the way you setup your profiles,monitor temps and have fail safes in place
            Just in case ish happens.

            Moto Droid 1
            Bugless Beast W/ The latest Baseband + Froyo 2.2 FrF84B
            OC'd using Chevy's ULV 125mhz-1200mhz kernel

            Using SetCpu, Auto killer, Launcher pro
            Running flash, using/running other apps while watching flash (Live TV)
            My temps never go above 40 C. SetCPU (available in the market) allows you
            to setup profiles which give you better control than the D2's stock management system.

            However the D2 has a lower nanometer die output, The Droid 1 Does (not)

          • Anonymous

            If by compromising battery life and stability you mean increasing battery life and maintaining stability, then i understand you completely. you clearly either never had a D1 or werent smart enough to realize the potential of rooting it. Either way, my D1 clocked lower than 1.3GHZ is faster and equally as stable as the D2, plus i can actually do more with it than any D2 owner currently can.

        • Sigmundroid

          Let's see you upload a video running flash video/multi-tasking while running
          your Droid to 1.3Ghz…Then for fun make sure you have your tempmonitor app
          running in realtime so we can see your temps. In reality you are OC'ing your phone to run at more than
          double its initial down-clocked speed….

          • Jwizzy

            “In reality you are OC’ing your phone to run at more than
            double its initial down-clocked speed….”

            And? The stock CPU was underclocked to begin with. The core can obviously handle the added heat generated by the increased clock as per the spec sheet. Perhaps the CPU shares a nearly identical core as the 800mhz stock OMAP3440? what I’m trying to say is increase the clock on a cpu doesn’t automatically mean trouble as many cores can either 1) handle the added heat/speed and 2) with series chips like these, often share a core with higher clocked chips, aka you can OC them no problem.

          • the dude

            i dont know why i waste my time in reply but have you ever heard of low voltage kernels? or kernel tuning? hell there are even ultra low voltage kernels.

        • LinuxLover

          GHz isn’t a true measure of speed. Besides, MotoBlur slows everything to a crawl anyway.

      • EC8CH

        Until the Moto bootloader is unlocked, the free and open Droid has a credible claim to superiority.

        • Bill

          nope. it's cool though… keep on saying things to make your outdated android phone having ass feel better =P

          (i'm just giving him crap…in case any person w/o a sense of humor doesn't understand my comment(s))

          • EC8CH

            My ass feels better loading custom ROMs at will.

          • Bill

            awwwww…low blow ;(

          • EC8CH

            No worries, the news coming from the bootloader cracking camp seems to be pretty positive these days.

          • Bill

            heh, ya…slowly but surely

          • I wouldn’t be dissing the D1 if I were you, it is the phone that started this blog!

          • Chris Nimon

            you load custom roms in your ass ? lol ( happy gilmore)

          • EC8CH

            At least it’s less painful then putting them into your DInc.

          • Chris Nimon

            yeah, im waiting for a good one to put on the wifes Dinc.

          • EC8CH

            Your wife has a Dinc?

            Is it bigger than yours?


          • Chris Nimon

            only when she gets excited lol

  • No dropped calls yet, but i am noticing the fluctuating signal. It drops into 1x about 3 times more often than my Droid1. hasnt affected my experience yet though.

    • Meg413

      Mine has done the same thing.

      • D2=BAD

        I can confirm – took the update to d2 2 days ago- since then signal is from 0 to 3 bars all the time – rarely saw the d1 at anything under 4 bars. This is all at my house where signal should be 4 according to owning the d1 for a year at. Called VRZ asked them to roll back to D1 and they referred me to motorolla- called motorolla and they advised that “They cant downgrade, just upgrade”- bullshit. Again, calls are not dropping (yet) but i notice a DEFINITE signal issue and it presents itself in crappy voice reception with other end cutting in and out momentarily…. I am gonna go up to the VRZ store and chew someones ass out until they give me another phone or cut me free of contract so i can get on Sprint and get an EVO4 (without a D2 update effectively trashing what used to be a great phone.)

  • First…..

    • You'reLame

      Stop doing this.

      • dis like

        • only kids type “first”. your not a kid are you?

          • briderx

            I'm 27 and still appreciate a good “first” now and again. It makes me feel like a Toys-R-Us Kid… I don't wanna grow up.

          • Anonymous


      • Towelie420

        I hate people who cry like a baby about the first thing. It is a part of this blog now, like it or not. First is a right of passage, something that has been with Droid-life.com since the beginning. It's only one post, so if you don't like it, it's pretty easy to overlook, and move on the the next post. Waisting another post to denounce it is doing exactly what you're condemning them for. If you don't like something on TV, do you change the channel, or do you make a call to your cable company and whine to them about it?
        Scroll down and move on.

        • Sigmundroid

          Towelie420: Do you realize you're a bigot?

          As long as people's opinions are the same as yours, there is no issue, however
          if they don't adhere to your asinine requirements? They are hated for it because
          they have a difference of opinion. E.g; You're a bigot.

          Personally, I don't care, but when you say you hate someone based on their own preferences
          you've got major issues that need surfacing, acknowledgment and extrication, son.

          • AnDroidSepTIX

            STFU…Figure that acronym out. I HATE when people try use words to make themselves look more intelligent than they really are. We all have access to Websters dictionary. Go diagnose someone who cares. FIRST to tell Sigmundroid go troll somewhere else.

          • Lee

            Why get all upset just cause you don’t understand a couple words?

          • AnDroidSepTIX

            Well FIRST you obviously didnt read the comments. I never said I didnt understand them. Second if you want to just make random statements well then because your MOM told me too.

        • Et tu

          “You’reLame” wrote three words complaining about the previous post, and then you wrote 108 words–36 times as many–complaining about him. Shouldn’t everything you wrote apply to yourself, also?

      • Your complaining about the “FIRST” comment took up more space, and took more time to read than the “first” post.

        Seriously guys, the only thing annoying about the “First” posts are those who CONSTANTLY complain about them.

    • OK. What does “first” mean to generate so much controversy? Just curious.

      • EC8CH

        It’s a race to be the first to comment on a post. Some find it to be childish and they complain about it.

    • Michael Tucker…you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, Michael should be ashamed….for not putting exclamation points after his first!

        Good job Michael.

    • yourdum

      I like how these blog posts are 10% comments on the article, 90% arguing about “first”.

      Now back to the article, FIFTY SEVENTH!!!