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Adobe Android Summit is Go…(1st Half)

And we’re here at Adobe HQ.  Updates and goodies on the way…

9:37AM – First up is a Flash 10.1 overview/intro from Anup:

Current devices…

-Nexus One, HTC Desire, HTC EVO, and DROID 2.

On future delivery to devices…

-OTA updates:  content triggered downloads, system software updates, and via on-device app catalogs (Android Market).

-Ship pre-installed like on Droid 2

Adobe AIR overview/intro…

-Support for Android is coming in Q4 2010.

-No word just yet on how it will be introduced.

Digital Video and TV Delivery overview/intro:

-Delivery:  HD video and allow playback of online content through your television.

-Gaming:  Bringing Flash games to TVs.

10:05:AM  – Paul Betlem Director of Flash Player…

Release Goals/Focus:

-Performance and battery life

-Usability and user experience

-Existing content compatibility

-Deliver new capabilities

-Partner collboaration

The Flash device lineup.  Who has it and who will get it…

How about Flash on the Droid tablet in 3D?  It’s under consideration…

10:55AM – Adobe AIR for Android now by Aaron Filner…


-Aaron just demo’d Youtube, a game called Meteor and FITC event apps for AIR.  So clean, so much potential.

-How AIR works with Flash, deployment as applications, features and requirements, and rollout…

11:41AM – NJ talking Flex Mobile and Flash Builder…

The rundown on Flex…

The rundown on Flash Builder…

LUNCH.  Check out our second half post coming this evening!

  • ok so when can i get flash on my droid

  • ok so when can i get flash on my droid

  • droid4lyfe

    so when is the official release coming for the droid…is there anywhere we can download the and manually install

  • Hans

    So Motorola Milestone is not getting Flash 10.1 ?!!!! :O :O :O

  • guz1115

    Asked and Anwsered I'm sure, but Eff it, D1 down with flash?

    • I'm running CM6RC3 and today the market notified me of an update to Flash. Don't think this happened on other release candidates and have always been using beta/leak? up til now.

      • NorCalGuy

        I was as well but the previous version of flash has been available in the market for about 2 or 3 weeks now ( that is if ur running froyo with market hack). I also just got a update to… hopefully a little more stable than the last. Running new lithium rom

  • Not you

    did you take those pics with an iphone?

  • Nice work man. Only complaint is some of your image quality is a little shaky I am sure it is difficult to take pictures of a projection screen but I figured I would throw that out that as a critic.

  • scores87

    they did they include the milestone for flash support????

  • Normanb20

    Can anyone upload this to a dropbox or something so we Droid Bugless Beast users can get it?

  • Rdcamero

    Why show the Droid X and The Incredible as being Flash enabled when they are clearly not as this point.Had they planned for these phones to have flash by the time this conference was to take place.

    • Mrpicolas

      Because they have developer phones which I'm sure are already running 2.2

  • Brendan

    Tablet sounds awesome

  • flash rulez

  • Exciting.

  • Charugan

    Everybody looks really excited up there.

  • Any Adobe Connect Pro app news?

  • sf

  • Ummm Droid X…did we forget about the 4.3 inch screen. When will this magnificent device be blessed with Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1.

    • Spencer

      I can't wait for that too!

  • Justin

    Online content through tv?! YES!

  • ViggS

    Whats with the MAC!?

  • Ae0187

    Funny… the guys is presenting on a mac!

  • Neo1738

    is it me or is the first picture showing the ADOBE conference using a MAC??? wth?

    • JimmyD

      Am I blind? =(

      Where are you guys seeing a Mac in the pics posted above?!

      • Krze.Ballin!

        In the first picture, the guy in the white shirt standing next to the silverish MAC with the white apple logo.

        • JimmyD

          OOOhhhh… I didn't even see that on the podium! My eyes processed it as part of the background!

          …I guess that's how my brain processes @pple products! LOL =P

  • eddieonofre

    What about that Video Chat on android using adobe air????

  • Football4lifeson

    Why won't those idiots at Hulu stop making love to Sjobs and offering outrageous support for the i*hone and start offering support for the one and only platfrom that DOES Flash!?!?

    • StephanC

      They have a fetish for tasteless, boring products.

      • Football4lifeson

        Yes they do, but you forgot magical in your description =p

  • Football4lifeson


  • 1bad69z28

    Hey Kellex, so you're in the SF Bay Area, cool let me know if you want to meet up for lunch would be great to meet you. I am sure Tim A Tato is close by lol

    • tbaybe

      ya tim… where are ya??! 🙂 lol

      • Going deaf from all the construction 😛 lol
        SUCKS……and yea, Kellex is letting me down.
        BUT, im thinking Vegas Droid-Life meetup soon! 🙂

        +1 this! lol

  • Steve H

    Is that guy falling asleep?

  • Keep us up to date. And score us some swag! Maybe another contest?

  • Dark_knight2002

    is there a live feed for this at all do we know? like ustream or other live steam sites?

  • duh….. FIRST!