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Clockwork Recovery Lands on DROID X

Check off another step in the process to cracking or at least bypassing the Droid X and its ridiculous bootloader.  Mr. Koush just tweeted the above photo which shows his Clockwork Recovery locked and loaded and ready for some custom ROM action (well not yet, but soon!).  We knew the process was getting close after we heard from Birdman just a few days ago, but this news comes off even sweeter.

Anyone else smiling from ear to ear?

  • Good news on Droid 2 Modding the front: The first custom ROM, said the phone is now available.

  • Tom

    Just rooted my Droid X with easy root, now I need some cool ROMS!

  • Tom

    Just rooted my Droid X with easy root, now I need some cool ROMS!

  • I was thinking I might have to move to Samsung or HTC, loading custom ROMs is 90% of my Droid-life, but this restores some hope that I will get to continue to run Motorola's amazing devices with even better grass roots software.

  • Samsung is notorious for making GARBAGE!!

  • Lil Twist

    Birdman?? RAPPER Birdman?

    Young Money Cash Money Boys! YMCMB! BRRR!

  • PETITION TO UNLOCK BOOTLOADERS ON ALL FUTURE MOTOROLA PHONES (for anyone interested) http://www.petitiononline.com/motoulbl/petition… {{-_-}}

  • gamboo

    Koush needs to be part of the r&d for moto. Just think how much better devices would be if they would use someone of his caliber. Down with unlocked boot loader.

    • KARL


      • Guest

        I'm not sure Motorola pays enough…

  • venomX0125

    here's a question will the 2.2 update make it harder for the droid x to load custom roms? basically what
    i'm wondering is if the 2.2 update will kill the work that's been done so far on the droid x

  • ReebyWantsYoMom

    For everyone saying theyll never buy a phone because of a locked bootloader your making it sound like every phone you've ever purchased was this customizable and open for you to do whatever you wanted with it. neither the droid nor android ever made rooting your Phone easy. If it weren't for our programmers and developers none of us would have root access. Motorola is simply covering its ass from novices ruining there phones and putting them back to stock so they can get another under warranty.
    Thanks to all that have worked so hard for us to have all these possibilities on our phones:)

  • Scottjdemaio

    Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding the functionality of the efuse, but it seems logical that if loading “non official” software bricks the phone, then the x wouldn't be able to get through an OTA without something telling it to chill. My question is does the data they're pushing (or will be) contain the chill pill, or does verizon do an OTA “efuse broadcast”, letting the bootloader know that an update and handshake is coming it's way…?

    • I agree i wish some one could answer you question for the “chill pill” i mean there has to be a file or something it would be the only logical way the efuse would brick or wouldnt with out the code or file.. anyone got some insight

      • Stephen

        if I remember correctly, I read that the efuse is not designed to brick your phone. Instead, it will run a loop at the recovery screen or something like that, until approved software is running again.

        • Neo1738

          i don't have the link but motorola did address the efuse issue, google it

    • Oo3rex

      come on guys, the efuse isnt gonna brick the phone any more than the efuse on the droid would brick it when you loaded custom roms. The locked bootloader is what stops custom roms from loading on the droid x. the reason the official ota's load without a problem is because they are signed by motorola.

  • jack

    off topic but is there anything being done with removing texts from droid x in history

  • Justin

    Wow, a little closer to me wanting to own a DX..maybe one day

  • brando56894

    I dont have one but it just makes me smile that they could crack it in about two months time, even with the encrypted bootloader. The future looks good boys…..

  • andrew401

    ahhhh and this is for all the people that said “oh, have fun with your locked down phone with no custom ROMs blah blah blah”…….. who's laughing now? that's what i thought.

    • texashorns88

      Technically them still.

    • Justin

      Is it cracked?
      Well I AM still laughing

      • Djspikezz

        You only hate cause you can't afford a DX lol. GTFO Android phone is an Android phone, all that matters is that it's not I*hone

  • Jeff

    great work!!!!

  • Hebertm1

    I look like I slept with a coat hanger in my mouth

  • good bye blur. you were neat for a while but now you are just annoying…

  • Why is his battery cover off?

    • Justin

      Because he took it off

      • no shit but why did he take it off

        • blake

          well maybe he corrupted the bootloader a few times before getting the process right. That normally requires battery pull in order to SBF flash.