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Original DROID Removed from Verizon Website, DROID 2 Hints All Over

You can still view the Droid 1 by hitting up droidoes.com, but after clicking on the “Buy Now” button you’ll be directed to a dead page meaning the D1 is officially gone.  Also, if you attempt to simply pull up the listing in VZW’s smartphone section for the original beast, you are going to come up empty as you can see from the screenshot above.  So where is the Droid 2 then?

We’re guessing it’ll be popping onto the site within a couple of hours.  There have already been D2 sightings, hints and leaks on Big Red’s site including the 360 degree viewer we showed you yesterday plus this accessory page…

We received a tip that the Droid 2 page was even available around midnight last night in place of the D1 page, but appears to have been taken down already.  The phone ID could be 5429, if that gives you a snooping start.

Let us know if you find anything else!

Cheers Brandon!

  • DDee72

    I just saw the commercial for the 2!! and omg…I know the actor who is in it!!!!!!! His name is Rocco he's great he was in my acting class. New Droid is Sexyyyyy

  • DDee72

    I just saw the commercial for the 2!! and omg…I know the actor who is in it!!!!!!! His name is Rocco he's great he was in my acting class. New Droid is Sexyyyyy

  • droiddev

    The D1 is still available on my Verizon phone page too… Muncie, Indiana – $149.99 after discount. And on a side note, the DX is on the Costco web site, and says available online and in the warehouses, whereas the Verizon site now has a “shipped by 8/26” stamp on the X…

  • ChiFlyer

    Droid 2 page is up but not letting me buy…

  • Juliajones

    Droid X and the HTC Incredible just dropped in price in the Verizon site to $149.99.

  • Lakers




  • balthuszar

    i've still got the droid on my vzw page

  • The phone that brought android to life has been gone, and now they are trying to make it forgoten… wow verizon

  • Justin

    ¤ tear

  • kellex

    It'll be gone don't you all worry. 🙂

  • andrewcweaver

    It's still there, and I can still buy it.

  • Pog-Mo-Thoin

    Kellex, I know the Droid OG is going the way of 8 track tape players, BetaMax vcrs, and the Sony Walkman, but could you quit putting nails in it's coffin? Every post you put up like this makes me feel like I am watching Jordan play for the Wizards, except that the Droid is '96 Mike and is still lighting up the league.

  • Verizon website does NOT have Droid 1 (Danbury, Connecticut).

  • bksone74

    a bit off topic and i apologize to you Moto Droid guys/gals for interrupting but anyone know when the Incredible will be getting 2.2?

  • guz1115
  • guz1115

    Droid is still available when i view it. Whats up with that?

  • Ricky


  • i love my droid… im attached, and its gonna be tough when it goes to droid heaven… upgrade or not.

    • I just hope mine lasts until an upgrade so I can retire it in working condition. Maybe take it out for a spin now and then, use for a little development, walk in the parks, etc

  • Droidfan

    there is a press release out about pre-sales – tomorrow the 11th

  • Chad

    verizon just announced it!! http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/see-wha

  • EC8CH


    “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine …”

  • Princepwnage02

    Ummm… the Droid 2 is officially available for pre-sale, if you haven't seen: http://www.mobileburn.com/news.jsp?Id=10321

    • Timmah

      No it isn't. Not until tomorrow. It would be all over verzion's webiste…

  • JG_69

    Shows up fine for me when I look at Android devices on verizonwireless.com

  • if u want a droid, u can still buy one used via ebay, amazon. if there's a mount rushmore of phones, the original droid would definitely have a spot.

  • Timmah

    Nothing is gone? It's still there. xD And it can be bought…


  • Still available when I view it. Doesn't even say out of stock. It actually offers me buy one get one free!

  • Jonathan Maynard

    can anyone help me return to 2.1 from the manual 2.2 update? I used astro. my phone is still going crazy and has been for a few hours. PLEASE HELP

    • Lee

      Did you perform a backup before you applied the update?

  • Steve

    Sorry to say, but I am given the page for the Droid 1 when I link from “droiddoes.com”…

  • JosueD

    This Is Just Sad, Long Live The King!


    • Nick177th

      Yes, long live the King

  • champlification


    • champlification

      Who thinks you'll be able to sell D1 for a high price if they don't get the bootloader unlocked on the newer android phones?

      • WhereIsTony

        Doubt it, Roms while cool are not that mainstream and people will likely lean Toward the Incredible for the specs.