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DROID 2 Viewer Found, 360 Degree Glory

If you need any additional views of the Droid 2 before it launches on Thursday, we were just sent a link to the 360 viewer which Verizon features for all of their phones.  Displayed in all its glory, is the enhanced keyboard, weird silver metallic finish, and navy blue backing.  While most would have preferred the black we’ve seen on the Droid X and original Droid, this color scheme could quickly grow on us.

View the 360 Droid 2 here.

Cheers MK and Chris!

  • Dude u suck at typing…go back to grade school and learn how to make sentences and re-learn your spelling…some people are sofa king wee tawded

  • j.See | 2.2

    I don't think the color will grow on me. I LOVE Verizon, it's why I stuck w/ them through the days when there was no real alternative to the iPhone. I LOVE Motorola, it's all I ever have owned. & Google is amazing to say the least. Unfortunately something as small as the color for me does it. Maybe I'll check out the new Fascinate instead.. or just get used to the X for now.

    Otherwise I would have had this phone as soon as I could get my hands on it. Sucks.

    Maybe on the D3.

  • j.See | 2.2

    I don't think the color will grow on me. I LOVE Verizon, it's why I stuck w/ them through the days when there was no real alternative to the iPhone. I LOVE Motorola, it's all I ever have owned. & Google is amazing to say the least. Unfortunately something as small as the color for me does it. Maybe I'll check out the new Fascinate instead.. or just get used to the X for now.

    Otherwise I would have had this phone as soon as I could get my hands on it. Sucks.

    Maybe on the D3.

  • This locked phone will be my replacement? Wow. I'm never going to break my DROID. Another locked down phone by Motorola… they just lost a bunch of customers with this move to lock down phones. All I'm saying is that the DROID Pro better be unlocked

  • Jonathan Maynard

    K, now im on my computer cause my D1 is now completely useless. as soon as it is done booting it goes crazy and wont stop. can anyone help me return to stock 2.1 from the manual updated 2.2 using astro?

  • sparticus

    still no trackball. FAIL

  • Ok, off topic but I've gotta go back to 2.1. I used astro, can anyone pls help. My phone is unuseable most of the time now. I manually updated 4 days ago

  • I couldn't decide between DX or D2…this ugly arse color scheme may tip the scale to DX.

  • You al chill out if you have a droid phone stop crying. I like the fact that this phone is for the iphone switchers that want a real phone. Well all here have droids, with me droid droid my first real droid. I had a urchins touch and had a android on it but it was slow. I don’t care really about customers Rome because all that suit it adds I want use. I repair pc, so and Macs for a living. I m like the rest of the world. I don’t need to vvirtually back the phone like my old iphone cause the phone is awesome. Xblur. Is Ok and stock android is better but it helps when. I need to post dumb shit on facebook.

    • Dude u suck at typing…go back to grade school and learn how to make sentences and re-learn your spelling…some people are sofa king wee tawded

  • jedijesus95

    I'm pretty sure this phone doesn't exist otherwise Verizon would have said something. 🙂

  • Stephen D

    Anyone else notice the different eye?

  • balthuszar

    really…does the color of the phone matter? if its available in multiple colors, pick the color you like…if its not, oh well…color is the last thing i look for when buying a cell phone

  • Mx5sg

    i hope the 360 view was done by a dummy phone, cos the sliding mechanism looks slightly slanted…

  • RoninX

    I was one of the early adopters for Android. I still have my G1, and it was a great phone in its day. I considered the iPhone, but the lack of a physical keyboard was a dealbreaker. The G1 was utilitarian in style, but very well thought-out in functionality, and I've been very satisfied with my purchase.

    However, there's been a lot of progress in the last couple years, and the G1 is no longer fast enough for a lot of the apps that are coming out, and it's still stuck on Donut, and its screen is kinda small. So, time for an upgrade.

    I considered getting the D1 when it came out — very cool design and a powerful CPU for its day — but the horrible keyboard was again a dealbreaker. The D2 addresses all of my concerns about the D1 — great keyboard and a top-of-the-line 1GHz OMAP processor.

    Of course, the Droid Pro will have a 1.3 GHz CPU in November, and no doubt in 2011, we'll see a Droid 3 Pro Ultimate Unbelievable that has a dual-core 2 GHz CPU and a 3D display and plays Crysis. There will always be a faster phone in a few months.

    If you already own a D1 and don't care about the keyboard and absolutely need to install custom ROMs, I can see why you might not be excited about the D2. Personally, the D2 fits the bill, and I'm going to get one.

    But I'll get it on a one-year contract, so I can upgrade to the Droid 3 Pro Ultimate Unbelievable, or whatever other newly-released phone blows away everything else in August 2011. 🙂

  • TJ_8720

    ok so i might have come up with a way to get a upgrade for cheaper without needing to use an upgrade but it seems like it would be to good to be true…so i was thinking that i could get a broken as-is droid x off of ebay and then take it to a verizon store and say mine broke…would they check to see if i bought a droid x from the store or would they send me a used one that works???

    • tiptoptommy

      They would check it against your ein so be sure you get one with a good ein or its useless for that purpose

      • TJ_8720

        what is an ein and do u think most phone have a good one?

        • tiptoptommy

          Its like what a sim card would be im not totally sure what it means but i know theres a number under your battery, when phones are broken or stolen phones are reported the ein is killed so if you try and exchange one tit may be flagged or allready reported or stollen so it may not be the best idea

          • TJ_8720

            dang it, i thought i had a good idea there but thanks for the help

        • its actually an ESN, not ein but yeah its how verizon identifies devices on their network

          • TJ_8720

            ya i was kinda confused at that cause i googled ein and nothing came up…do u know if there is a way to check if it has a good esn?

          • tiptoptommy

            Im an idiot sorry for that haha

  • Claire

    Ugh, those colors are terrible. In all the leaked photos I could see the new silver color and I was very disappointed. The navy blue back is just awful. At least I can cover it with a case. Why couldn't they just keep the matte black look? They're probably trying to save money by not making a different case for the R2-D2 version.

  • Kenan


    droid 2 is on that list on the official website

  • tiptoptommy

    Ok im sick of the mystery phone crap! who is with me? Heres my idea. Lets compile a list of reasonable features that us hard core droid users want over the forcefed crap we get. Then submit it to all the phone makers who might listen to us. Maybe with an endorcement from the best unofficial official droid blog site we can get something brewing. Any other suggestions would be nice. Ill bet a phone by the people for the people wouls sell like elmo on christmas.

    • Why wait for the phone companies just build your own

      • tiptoptommy

        If o had the technology o would build it male it better. The tem molliom dollar phone

  • I think I'd go for more C3P0 than R2D2, but with an unlocked… oh nevermind. What's coming in Q4, again?

    • Dumb People Shouldn't Breed

      Dumbest thing I have ever heard. Droid 2 = D2 = R2D2. Where does C3P0 fit in besides being a droid in general. By that reasoning why not a Robot B9 edition?

      • DKyleF

        I didn't make the D2 = R2D2 connection until someone explicitly said it. Even then, I thought that was a really dumb reason. Most consumers won't make that connection, and the “being a droid in general” IS the connection they'll make. If Sony can make a Darth Vader PSP, a C3P0 Droid 2 seems to make much more sense.

  • Scea0512

    I see no big deal about this phone and I still HATE the wasted real estate at the bottom of the phone just so Verizon can show there logo ??

  • FirstDroid = Droid2

    Who thinks the Droid 2 will actually launch this thursday??

  • tonytbone7883

    If I had to this one in exchange for a damaged Droid 1 I'd get a black case or cover for it. Unless your a seattle seahawks fan I'm not liking this……

    • i dont mind the color, its ok, i prefer black but i'll probably get a case for it that'll cover the colors anyway

  • tonytbone7883

    NOT diggin the silver on blue scheme. I like the black and gold.

  • 🙂 like to refer to the original as just Droid… can add numbers or letters to all the rest, but it should only be referred to as Droid…. who's with me??

    • Porschephile2k3

      Hear, hear! BTW did you resolve your Froyo woes?

      • Yes… LOL.. I think… seems the ESPN app was running nice with Froyo. I uninstalled the app and it does seem like my battery life is doing better.

    • Michael_NM

      +100 Lockstep with you!

  • JosueD

    I really don't like the color, Although the silver makes it look futuristic, I really prefer the Black with the Gold accents that are found on the Droid1, I guess they changed it so it would look different from the Droid1.


    • henry

      there are other color schemes

  • WOW, did NONE of you realize that this is the color scheme for the R2D2 version? Clearly…

    • EC8CH

      If that's the case, I want the special edition Vader edition.

    • kellex

      To my knowledge this is not the R2D2 version.

    • Claire

      All the promo and leaked photos show the same silver metallic front. It doesn't appear that there will be a matte black version (sadly).

      • This one is a clear blue and almost white-silver, just like every picture of R2D2 that you can come up with. The Best Buy shot that came out has a definite black background with a much more chrome-silver front. Just saying, I am calling this as the R2D2 version we heard about, and the black and chrome one as the regular…

    • Whens the last time you saw R2D2? He's white, blue and silver; not black, navy blue and chrome. If this is the R2D2 edition, its a major fail.

  • EC8CH

    D2 eye is a copy of the side marker lights of early 2000 Audi/VW's… of that I approved 🙂

  • Rizzidy

    DEATH TO BLUR!!!!!

  • ST3

    What a queer phone…

    • Sigmundroid

      What a queer statement.

      • ST3 is QUEER

        Agreed. ST3 is queer.

  • Stephen D

    I like the blue, as blue is my favorite color, but the silver ruins the phone. It needs to be darker, like a stainless steel finish or something.

    • Not You

      I like both

  • tbaybe

    I love the color scheme, I wish the droid had it, honestly the colors were one of my hold backs last year…

  • call me when we can use custom roms. im moving to htc LOL

  • guz1115

    I just dont like the way the droid2 looks. I am sticking to my droid even better without the motoblur or whatever the hell they call it!

  • Adrian

    It should have been all navy, with silver accents instead of silver front panel. I'll wait for Droid Pro

  • TJ_8720

    what is verizon sending out as replacement to “broken” D1?

    • Matt4542

      There sending me a refurb Droid 1 and it will be here on Wednesday. Verizon must have a bunch of refurbs sitting around.

  • Mj_rulez_kidz

    I'm 15 and I have been wanting the original DROID since it first came out but i wasn't eligible for an upgrade yet. But now i can and I've had my eyes set on the DROID2 since the first rumors came about in May. Ive been working all week trying to get $200 so i could buy it. And now i find out it comes in blue?! THATS THE ICING ON THE CAKE! Blue is my favorite color!!

    • Jmprstar7

      Haha I have been doing the EXACT same thing.. can’t wait for thursday!

  • steven

    so should a person get the droid x or 2

    • Maizekid

      Depends on if you want the physical keyboard or not. If you can hang with no keyboard thing go with the droid x. if you need a keyboard go with the droid 2

    • Not You

      Should a person eat chicken or steak? It's a personal preference – only you can decide.

      • DKyleF

        If they’re a man, and steak is available, it is the only option. But I’m not sure how that relates to the Droids.

  • why on earth they compare this in size to an ipod is beyond me. and a 3rd gen ipod at that ! why arent people complaining about this locked bootloader/motoblur phone as much as people bitched about the droid X ?

    • EC8CH

      I just did 🙂

    • Evermour

      Hey now. Language. :p

  • EC8CH

    Color Scheme matches the Bootloader… stupid.

  • z32589

    I'm just gonna lay it out honestly here: It's a real shame what Motorola has done with this phone. Are you kidding me with that color scheme. It'd be like GM took a Camero, painted it navy blue and threw a beige canvas top on it and then proceeded to slap the Buick logo on the hood. It might be fast as all heck – but it's now a mom and pop sedan and it always will be.

    Seriously – Motorola is entering into a downward spiral here (but what else is new). The company took a stab in the dark with the Droid 1 and hit a home run – consequently SAVING their company. The Droid 1 appealed to a wide user base and embodied the spirit of evolution in the mobile market – openness and end-user customization. Verizon and Motorola, now back as the kings of the mobile empire, have fallen into the age-old sin of pride – thinking that they “Rule the Air” when in reality they are sacrificing what made them kings to begin with. Let's be honest – the Droid itself would have been dead along time ago if not for the developing community continually renewing consumer interest – whether overtly or covertly.

    Motorola (because we know your PR people actually conduct media research by reading these blogs): Listen right here, right now: Give us a phone that appeals to a wide consumer base. While you have the right to design a product to your specifications and protect that product, the users who KNOW what they are doing should be able to use that product as we choose.

    Verizon: Listen up: Don't make the same mistake you made with smartphones at the beginning – locking them down. The Droid 1 was NOT your baby – you got lucky, and instead of learning from the process – you are plunging head first into what created negative public opinion back in the iPhone glory days. Brand equity will only take you so far.

    Google: A Message for You – TAKE A STAND. Your company developed an open source operating system that was compatible across a wide range of hardware. Fight to keep it that way – because that's what will drive the industry forward and promote creative innovation.

    • The350zWolf

      I agree with z32589. Maybe motorola is now designing the new moto droid pro and it will come out with a Chewbacca scheme… I guess Chewee is not a droid, can you imagine a C3P0 model? Motorola listen up, WE WANT A DARTH VADER DROID

      • Rizzidy

        Did you even read his post?

        • The350zWolf

          Hi Rizzidy, hey I don't want to start any flame wars, but, is your reply widow stuck with “Did you even read his post?” At any rate if you read z32589 FIRST paragraph, he is ranting on the R2D2 (R2D2 is my assumption) color scheme. So I made fun of that by pointing out that the inept management of Moto-VZN will probably try to get cute with newer droid designs. Yes, z32589 is pointing out that after motorola's great comeback with the droid, they are just dumping it down the crapper. Also it is true that Google has become a disappointment in recent days

          • Rizzidy

            Did you even read his post?

          • Oofreakoo

            Did you even read his post?

          • I checked Rizzidy out the other day. About 8/10 of his comments are trolling, on average.

      • Co-sign on the Vader Droid. {{-_-}}

    • This was rediculously moving.

    • Sigmundroid

      Z…I get what you're saying but I'm not sure you understand
      what Motorola is doing/has done.

      Tell me what android phones were available when the D1 launched? Exactly.

      The D2 isn't out yet and the droid community has already seen
      -HTC EVO
      -Droid Xtreme….

      The fact these phones have raised the ante should tell you that Motorola wasn't going
      to go all out with the D2. The D2 serves as a replacement to the D1 with locked down functionality
      but with updated specs (most of all the CPU) it is otherwise the same D1 sans the features I mentioned
      and obviously stock with 2.2.

      Motorola has revolutionary phones planned but they aren't to be made until later this year in Q4.
      So, while I get your frustration with the D2 it wasn't intended to be a spec'd out beast.

      • Rizzidy

        Did you even read his post?

      • z32589


        I undertsand what you're saying – but I'm coming at this not from a “next best phone persepctive.” That is the short-term goal of simple dollars and sense for Motorola / Verizon.

        I am talking about the mobile “theory” behind Motorolas actions. The mobile communication industry is fast-paced and the policy that a company sets from the beginning usually does not change.

        • Rizzidy

          You don’t need to respond to these guys. Those of us with basic reading comprehension got it the first time around.

      • Toni

        I agree with you, people like this guy needs to get a real job. WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON HIS HANDS. i don’t even know how to use this site but i noticed this guy always has a lot to say. Get a day job and keep it. Best advice dude….

    • Not You

      WOW!!! That's a lot of words. I looked at this post and didn't even attempt to read. This is not a blog it's a forum.

      • SMH. {{v_v}}

      • Not you. This is a blog, NOT a forum.

        Do you know what a forum is?

        And why do you have time to post your drivel, but not read the well written open letter to Motorola?

      • Anonymous

        Actually, Updates with the benchmarks shows the increase of CPU jobs with the Droid 2 than with its predecessor. Droid II Matchups

    • Anonymous

      I’m just gonna lay it out honestly here: you wrote the freakin bible. Jeez. But i read some of it.(:

    • Amen, brother. {{-_-}}

    • RoninX

      I’m all for open source, so as a matter of philosophy, I’d like to see a completely open Droid (factory root, no locked bootloader, etc.).

      But realistically speaking, if you walk down the street and ask 10 people what a ‘custom bootloader’ is, 7 of them will look at you like you’re crazy, 2 of them will think you’re trying to buy drugs, and 1 of them will call the cops. The bootloader issue is something that phone enthusiasts care about, but they’re a tiny fraction of the overall market.

      • Here’s the thing tho….If that few people ever load a custom ROM, what do Motorola and/or Verizon gain by locking the bootloader, or lose by unlocking it? Obviously, a huge majority just keep the phones running as stock, and the most they’ll do is load a bunch of apps. They won’t even go so far as loading a new launcher. And since we can still root these new phones, we can still run a wireless tether….so really, what’s the point?

      • One concept I think a lot of you guys are struggling with is that of early adopters. When new technology is released, it’s the 1% of us who love this stuff that drive sales, not the people who buy later. If major corporations had to wait for what’s called the “early majority,” they would feel that the product was a bust and move on.

        We as Innovators and Early Adopters(what marketers call us early buyers) drive market sales.

  • Yagermeister

    **** Off topic warning ****

    Any rumors or rumblings of what is happening with FRG01B or FRG22 for Droid 1 over the weekend??

  • get quad

    Even with a dummy phone in his possession I've yet to see any indication Kellex actually tried to put the D2 into any of the D1 docks – you know, useful info. Not about to waste another $200 on accessories.

    • GNO

      If I remember right, someone said that the D2 is slightly bigger so it won't fit in the D1 dock. However, the D2 dock comes with some adaptor so the D1 could be used. Moral of the story, if you want the D2, you'll need to get the new dock. The man is always keeping us down.

      • get quad

        I figured he'd ignore this, much like his facebook page where dozens of questions are asked but never answered.

  • 1bad69z28

    Please tell me the new Eye will project a Hologram of Princess Lea begging for help lol

  • Brendan

    dont like the eye its ugly

  • MuddyB00ts

    I wish I coulda been in the meeting where they redesigned this thing…
    Boss man: What's the fastest and cheapest way we can distinguish this “new” phone?
    Engineer man: hmmmm… I got it! we'll change the color and rearrange the keyboard.
    Boss man: Brilliant! Someone get this man a corner office and a latte.

    Different isn't always better, open up the frickin bootloader.

  • Ugly, Black and silver would have been better

    • Not You


  • Frederick

    They should have made it all black, with a black chrome border on the front. Oh well. Better luck next time Moto?

    • Not you


  • 1bad69z28

    I was waiting to see if this is the R2D2 version. Will it have the R2D2 whistle sounds and Princess Leia special decoder ring lol.

    • MuddyB00ts

      Yup, and the 3D projector, but make sure you take off the restraining bolt first…

      • 1bad69z28

        lol, It's All in the Droid Eye lol The Restraining Bolt is the key to
        ROOTING lol

        • MuddyB00ts

          lol, perfect analogy, it's like George Lucas knew or something…

          • 1bad69z28


      • Anonymous

        I’m sending u a link that I promised http://its-4you.com/about.html
        Hope u like it.

  • wolverinefan

    Whats is happening with the OTA ? I mean these guys pulled another 2.1 delay on us, this is crap? Any news

  • well im kinda thinkin the color isnt so bad myself.

    • villian1998

      Kinda R2D2ish huh?

  • NorCalGuy

    ok so i get the look of the phone closed but when i click the open view i get a half open view…??? r they hiding something that we dont know about or just someone who wasnt thinking when they took the picture? And i do have to agree with some of the other comments the colors kinda suck, i am hoping the navy blue is a bad reflection or something. The all back of the droid family i think is one of its best features, it keeps the phone looking simple and yet elegant. I hope this is the R2D2 version and they r all just scaring us into thinking the colors have changed.

  • guest

    Is that a new eye?

    • eddieonofre

      yep seems that the Droid 2 comes with a new eye

    • kellex

      Yep the D2 will have its own DROID eye.

    • They all have new eyes 🙂

    • 1bad69z28

      Please tell me the new Eye will project a Hologram of Princess Lea begging for help lol

  • Ricky

    i think it looks really weird being blue on the back and silver on the front i wish they made it all black like the og droid

  • RanballX

    Yuck…. the color scheme blows.

    • Anonymous

      Like your mom. Im sorry i couldnt help myself. I’ll be mature now.

  • Mr. Joshua

    so close…

  • Bckdaassup


  • thank the maker!

  • ajavgeek


    • ajavgeek

      awesome #1