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DROID 2 Pricing Revealed, No Surprises Here

Verizon continues their silence with regard to the actual release date of the Motorola Droid 2, but Best Buy has given us enough insight that we’re expecting Thursday to be the day.  After dummy models started arriving last week, plus some employee documents, you can only assume that VZW is simply letting the blogworld create all the press for this one.  And after seeing the campaign for the Droid X, how can you blame them?

So we’ve got the D2 set to launch at $199 with a new 2 year activation or $599 at full retail.  Pretty standard right?  Should we also assume that Big Red stores are going with the $299 plus $100 rebate staple?  This would be a great opportunity for them to surprise everyone without it.

Via:  Engadget

  • Wialaddin

    yeah I noticed that it even overheated and stopped charging after 4 hours on a 5 hour trip running google navigation. So during my hotel stay found out about copilot and had no problems on the way home.

  • Lobster Flop

    Got confirmation from Verizon. Check this out. http://forum.androidcentral.com/android-news-ru

  • guest

    Anyone know if it's gonna have a proper headphone jack

    • Sigmundroid

      3.5mm is standard on all portable devices.

      You want a 1/4 inch jack? Really?

  • DjChristianLee

    Everyone brace yourself for the 2 ghz droid by the end of this year…..

  • Guest

    how is a keyboard with no D-pad “updated”?? How many people here use the D-pad for emulators and playing NES, GBA, SNES, etc. with ease? The D-pad will forever set the D1 apart from all other androids.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P5MXCNUOFAKU3LA5EATMFLOONQ pat

    You know we're devoted to this site if first thing I do after waking from a night out drinking Everclear is grab my Droid and boot up the site

  • http://www.facebook.com/jtwildman John T. Wildman

    Off subject, but thanks to everyone who helped me over the weekend with my 2.2 problem. It seems that the ESPN app wasn't playing very nice with Froyo on my phone. I uninstalled and my battery life is doing much better now. Sucks, I like the app, but maybe will work better later on.

    • Mctillsr

      Seems that Navigation is a battery sucker as well…. is anyone else finding this?

      • Wialaddin

        yeah I noticed that it even overheated and stopped charging after 4 hours on a 5 hour trip running google navigation. So during my hotel stay found out about copilot and had no problems on the way home.

  • picaso86

    I'm staying with my Droid 1 until the 2.0 GHz droid comes out…. :]

    • RACER X

      There is no 2 GHz phone there is not even a chip for it yet. Just because Moto says its gonna happen this year doenst make it it a fact. Apple said there wasnt a antenna problem you believe them too.

  • http://twitter.com/TonyG916 Tony Garza

    i know you got some good news regarding froyo for droid incredible….i know you do! i need something to make my monday.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-DeCecco/100000303234711 John DeCecco

      I know right? This wait is killing me.

  • Placebo137

    my contract ends in December, when i assume the droid 3 will be released, i'll wait until then. My guess is that they will phase out the droid2 by the end of the month and start pushing the droid 3.

    • Tubeaday

      Actually I believe that the Droid 3 is currently being phased out and the new Droid 4 is coming out as soon as the Droid 5 is announced.

  • JosueD

    I'm sticking with the Droid1 for a while!


    • http://techdeft.myopenid.com/ TechDeft

      It's officially an endangered species!

  • http://www.facebook.com/levi.schroeder Levi Schroeder

    Anyone else thinking the D1 still trumps this? =

    • z32589

      It does in certain areas for sure. The major drawback of the Droid 2 isn't even the Moto-blur / not-so-much-Moto-blur skin – it's the fact that the bootloader is locked down. You'll definitely even be able to ROOT this phone (the Droid X already has been rooted) but not being able to load custom recovery images to make backups and load ROMs makes rooting a pretty limited commodity.

      I honestly don't think there will ever be another phone like the Droid 1 – not even because of hardware / software restrictions – but because such a huge community of developers and fans follow the phone. The Droid 1 has revolutionized the mobile industry and really changed our technological landscape, in turn changing society as a whole.

      • http://www.facebook.com/levi.schroeder Levi Schroeder

        Exactly what I was referring to. I love the fact that I could load roms and pretty much change the OS anyway I feel like. Without that what can we do? Overclock? Woo?..

        But like John T. Wildman said, the majority of people do not do this so in that sense it is a better phone.

        Guess I am just part of the nerdy small percentage :o)

    • http://www.facebook.com/jtwildman John T. Wildman

      For those who run custom rom's, no way. For those of us who don't root our phones I think it for sure, is better. They improved what we hated on the 1st and made it faster.

      • Crackedvenom

        all they did was add a new processor and up it to 1ghz.. cant really be impressed by that one thing

        • guest

          and doubled the ram, and added a better keyboard, 8gb internal storage….yep cant really be impressed by that one thing can you.

          • Guest

            how is a keyboard with no D-pad “updated”?? How many people here use the D-pad for emulators and playing NES, GBA, SNES, etc. with ease? The D-pad will forever set the D1 apart from all other androids.

          • WhereIsTony

            I would say far, far fewer than who use it for typing, but I dont have any research to back up my theory.

          • Swebb

            SHUT UP KID..im tired of every old fan boy talkin sh*** about anything new that comes out..if you dont like it dont buy it and keep what you have…aparently you just dont wanna let go of your old toys..face it..everything will eventually get old and somthing new WILL BE BETTER!..stop crying about the bootloader you piracy freaks!..”i want free roms and emulator..blah blah blah” go buy a real game and play it you cheap f***s…side note this is why the gaming industry sucks now..people dont get paid enough to make games anymore bc you f***s download fake games in the form of roms and emulators..WTF..get a job and do thing the right way..and stop b*tchin

          • Sigmundroid

            Swebb, You know what I'm tired of?
            People (like you) who seem to think they have free reign, can run their own mouth
            whenever they feel like it, yet don't have the same courtesy and respect for someone elses opinion(s)

            He made a valid point since he plays games with his D1.
            You didn't make ANY cohesive sense because instead of attacking the argument, you resorted
            to ad hominem attacks, and a 5yr old mentality, using small words a cross eyed, midget with down syndrome could be able to mimic.

            Get over yourself and your opinion because no one cares about it.
            And stop liking your own posts, thanks.

          • guest

            YOUR AN A** Clownn!! lmao

  • http://techdeft.myopenid.com/ TechDeft

    Does the blogworld = the blogosphere?! 😛

    Good Monday Morning Droid-Life.

  • jiggaman508

    I was at a verizon wireless store saturday and I saw a droid 2 case on display so I asked the guy why the cases were on display if the phone hasn't been announced. He pulled the case off the display saying it wasn't supposed to be out. I asked him when it was launching and he told me this week.

    • tbaybe

      the people at the verizon store i went to had no clue when the droid 2 was coming out, thanks to Droid life, i supplied them with the answer :)

      • GNO

        I've been to a few stores here in SA and the staff at all of them have been completely useless. Just the other day this one rep was telling me how they'll be selling the D2 for $350 with a $100 rebate, just like the DX. He still didn't believe that I paid less than that for the DX in my pocket. Of course, this was right before he promised me that the D1 was not going end of life and that they'll continue to make and sell them.

        You're right, the peeps here at Droid-Life rock. You can always count on Kellex and company to share great, up-to-date info.

      • KyubiDroid

        Same here. They started to become rude-er by the minute. But a lot of stores are displaying cases on Wednesday said a Verizon Lady. And I'm only 12 years old.

  • YankInDaSouth

    If/when this phone is rooted is when I'll think about the switch. But until then I am more than happy with my personalize D1!!

  • tbaybe

    wonder if they are gonna still offer early upgrades??

    • Bill

      ^–wondering same thing

      • Mupdike

        I received a mailer that told me I was allowed to upgrade early to any smartphone this past weekend. Of course, my annual upgade date is the end of the month so it's not all that early. The 'offer' has an expiration date of 8/31/10.

        • NairRo

          Same here… Also no mail in Rebate….

  • z32589

    First!!! (finally!!!) 😉