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Best Buy Confirming August 12th for DROID 2

Earlier today BGR had received word that the Droid 2 release date of August 12th might have been confirmed through Best Buy, and we’ve got the proof to back that up.  We’re still wondering why Verizon won’t announce it though.  After all, the 12th is next Thursday right?

Interesting note in there is the reference to “not sell” before the 12th meaning they should have some in stock any day.  Time to run to your local Best Buy and beg to play with one?  Maybe.

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  • I'm switching from a BB to a Droid. Can't decide between the D2 or the DX! Love the DX HDMI out and 720 video, but the size is huge! Like that D2 has a keyboard but no HD vid? Lame!

    What to do, what to do……

  • I'm switching from a BB to a Droid. Can't decide between the D2 or the DX! Love the DX HDMI out and 720 video, but the size is huge! Like that D2 has a keyboard but no HD vid? Lame!

    What to do, what to do……

  • Scott

    Not understanding the excitement over a D1 with a little lipstick and blush and a 2 after it's name… it's the same phone with a little proc. hike that I'm already beating with my D1 anyway. All options that are available on it (hotspot, swype, flash) are all software, which means that I can do it too… am I missing something, or are people just hyped cause it's “new”?

    • guest

      twice the ram is pretty nice, also doesnt droid 2 have 8 gigs internal storage?

      • Guest

        Agreed on the RAM, but the 8 gig internal is coupled with an 8 gig SD (expandable)

    • Asdgs

      Agree. ITs slightly faster, nothing an OC can't handle but thats about it. I have a decent micro card installed on mine, so the 8 gigs is moot to me. Same camera, same OS (for those of us who upgraded…) AND probably more locked down by big V and Moto….. Not really seeing a point to spend money on this phone.

  • Justin

    Id like to see how many units are sold compared to d1. Prob most new sales as I assume there won't be many d1 changeovers.

  • antonio mantana

    I want one so bad even I need one an I have all power.

  • im confused… should i or can i manually upgrade to froyo? HELP!!!!

    • Justin

      If you root, yes

  • root4life

    easyroot isnt on the market. app is suspened http://bit.ly/bNT1rL

  • Isn't this the same day the epic 4g is being released? Maybe that's why they bumped up the date

  • appdaddy

    I see mobile hotspot in there! Now, they need to add that little neat option to THE Motorola Droid….

  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Another (dumb?) question…ok my buddy says he'll finally be over later for me to UNroot his phone for him (sad) so should I even answer the door?? Ok my real question:: after I flash him back to 2.0.1 sbf using rsd lite, do we even need to update/ install 2.1 at all or can go straight to 2.2 manually??

    • MuddyB00ts

      Just play around with it for a while, load up a stock 2.2 rooted rom, and give it back to him, telling him it's stock. Then ask if he likes the free built in wifi tether feature and extra speed. 😛

  • Ralph Trentacosta

    Maybe its just me, but i do not see all the excitement around the Droid 2. Why would you choose a droid 2 over DroidX? Same price. X has the bigger screen and faster chip. If you say because of 2.2 and thats the only reason, there are way around that, or just want two months and the X will have 2.2. Someone please explain why the Droid2 is worth even selling. From what I have read there is not much difference from D1.

    • GNO

      For the most part, I agree with you. They both have a 1 GH processor. I think the real selling point would be to have the slide out keyboard. I'm surprised that they are selling for the same price. The D2 has a smaller screen, 5 MP camera (vs 8) and comes with a 8GB SD Card (Smaller Gee Bees 🙂 I love my DX and wouldn't think about any other…but some just gotta have the push button keyboard.

      • Just turn vibrate on for the keyboard and it'll be just like the physical keyboard 😛

    • Annoynimous

      because theres 80% chance that Motorola will port this droid success over to Europe again and name it Milestone 2 (where Motorola will literally send the froyo update to Milestone users in the form of a new phone). Buying another motorola phone is like funding Motorola to keep locking up android phones.

  • TexasDame

    I picked up my first Droid just a week ago. My BB didn't have any DXs in, and I had pre-ordered it, so frustrated with all that I picked up the Droid instead. Love it! I'm coming from Blackberry and it's a world of difference. But, the next day BB called and my DX was in (Murphy's Law). Well, now I like the keyboard and size of the original so I asked them to change my pre-order to the D2 (even though they aren't taking pre-orders for D2). They graciously put me at the top of the list–told me they'll call me immediately when they come in. Now I can't wait till next Thursday. BTW: Thanks for this great site. I'm new to it and I love reading it.

    • Justin

      Stay on bb, they might have been feeding you bs by putting u on the “top” of the list

  • Usdibebnan

    I'm done buying Motorola phones unless they unlock the bootloader. Waiting for the next HTC or Samsung with hopefully 2ghz and front-facing camera

  • hey how can i get the marketplace on my phone.. i rooted eariler today and tried to download a rom and when it came up my phone wiped itself and im missing the marketplace….

  • Does anyone have any info on how much (if any) progress has been made with unlocking the bootloader on the DX? Tshane

    • kellex

      Droid X SBF is in the wild. We could be much closer than ever.

      • Thanks for the info.

        Still on the fence on upgrading to the X from my Droid. Don't really wanna give up that freedom I have with the Droid.

  • Chris Nimon

    I think people who have 1000 + comments should have a gold star next to their name. What do you think tato?

    • Well if it goes with my blue one, then yes. I agree 🙂 lol

    • mhbigreddroid

      I think they should get a job/life.

      • Chris Nimon

        You realize these are the same people who may (OR MAY NOT) help you with your phone 😀

        • Michael_NM

          Isn't it funny when someone comments about someone commenting. I like that star idea by the way. Maybe a silver star for 500 comments.

          Now for some geeky projections. At my current rate of commenting, I am projecting my 1000th comment on Nov. 12, 2010. I'm hoping my 1000th comment will start something like this: I just ordered my Droid XD 2ghz Beast…

  • I've been wanting to get into the Android scene for about a year now. December '09 I got a Droid but ended up returning it for financial reasons. My wallet is a little thicker now (not by a whole lot), but WireFly is offering the Droid for free with free shipping and a $30 bill credit. This sounds simply too good to pass up. With the superphones bouncing around all over the place though, should I hold out and save up or grab the deal while I can? I guess I'd prefer a Droid X, but I'd rather have Vanilla Android than blurredroid. My main concern is Gingerbread, but it's a long way out anyway. Feedback much appreciated. Peace.

    • Tyler

      That's why the D1 has an unlocked bootloader, you may not officially get 3.0, but us Droid-Lifers will have it guaranteed 🙂

      The X, on the other hand, has a locked bootloader so it may get 3.0, but they're liable to leave you behind at any time and there's nothing you can do about it

      • That's great to hear. 🙂 I wonder, though, just how much of a power difference there is between these phones. Is it a $230 difference?

  • GNO

    I'm not a conspiracy theory kind of person but…..you see in the screen it's launching with 2.2 AND Flash. Aren't we having issues with the flash on the D1 with Froyo this week? Something is fishy…..

    • Evermour

      I think they just wanted to hold out on everything until the droid 2 is out on the open.

    • Rdcamero

      We all know they had to come up with some reason to delay the update until Droid 2 is out.They want all of the Droid owners to come in for the free class on the 12th so they can try to get them to upgrade to the Droid 2.If all the droid owners had Froyo by then there would be no reason for them to come into the store.

  • GeeDee82

    I'm thinking I might upgrade to this in September when I get my bonus…hopefully by then we can unlock the bootloader.

  • El El Kool J

    Anyone having DROID 2 fever yet??

  • zero

    Anyone know if the Droid came with a 1 year manufacters warranty? I ask only because I did have 1 year on my Voyager and when it conked out I went in and paid $50 to get it replaced with a brand new one. Want to know if that's the case with the Droid 1 as well.

  • Mark

    Off topic… but anyone else notice that flash drains the battery quick. I feel like when I watch flash video on a site I can see the battery level steadily drain.

    • zero

      I downloaded but haven't used flash for anything. I tried Netflix and it basically said my device isn't strong enough to watch movies on it. Very upsetting.

      • Netflix doesn't use flash to stream they use silverlight. So you wouldn't be able to do that anyway

        • zero

          Damn. I wasn’t aware of this as I don’t really stream it on PC and have only streamed from my Xbox. But thanks for the info.

    • Rotate the phone 180 degrees and enjoy the video 🙂

      Seriously, though, I don't try to watch many flash videos i n the browser. At least on stock and xscope they seem to size funny and lag horribly, wifi or 3G

  • FNG

    Holy sadness. It looks like 3 units per store…

    • What part of the flyer says 3 units? I must have missed that.

      • FNG

        I'm a BBY employee…

  • tbaybe

    hum,… wonder if best buy will swap out the droids… my insurance plan is thru best buy instead….

  • timekiller

    I'm in ur droid-life stealing ur first..

    • Anonymous

      Yep. Probably, on the 12th, it would be the R2-D2 pre-sale release but the official one would be on the 25th.Droid 2 Launch Impressions .

  • net_enginerd

    Has it been confirmed that the Droid 2 will be the replacement phone if your Droid 1 fails?

    • Winterfresh

      I went to the verizon store and they said they were almost positive that asurion would offer the DROID 2 if the DROID OG were to fail w/insurance

      • net_enginerd

        Sweet…thanks. 🙂

  • Evermour

    Oh snap i just want froyo >:l

    • Sigmundroid

      Dude, unless you’re blowing up pics to 11×16 and up you will not see a difference between 5 an 8 mp….

      • Anonymous

        Aha dude who cares, im not buying it. But why would they put a 5 mp instead of an 8? And you probably will see more of a difference.