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DROID Froyo OTA Halted? FRG22 Replacing FRG01B?

Rumors have begun to fly around the dark tunnels of the interwebs (here and here) that the FRG01B Froyo update for the Motorola Droid has been halted due to unnamed bugs.  Seems odd right?  You’d think that pretty thorough testing had been done before they decided to start launching this puppy.  Right?

On a related note, you may recall the leaked FRG22 Froyo build for the Droid that we posted this morning which definitely came as an extremely interesting surprise.  Why would Motorola and Verizon be pumping out new builds if the OTA is rolling out and confirmed as FRG01B?

Well we just received this screenshot in an email from a reader and could potentially help clear up all this confusion (or compound it).  He claims to have received FRG01B, only to be prompted immediately after with a “security patch” which was about “1.6mb” and took him to build FRG22.  Did that make sense?

Time to start cracking on Google servers for the file!

It could potentially look something like this:


Update: I should add that if you updated to FRG01B yesterday manually, you are fine.  There is almost 100% chance that a file will be available to upgrade you to whatever the new build is should this whole story be true.  This happened to the Nexus One 2-3 times during its Froyo update.

We’re digging deeper…

Cheers Daniel!

  • Cory

    its pretty funny because FRG226 has pretty much the exact same bugs as FRG01B.

  • Cory

    its pretty funny because FRG226 has pretty much the exact same bugs as FRG01B.

  • Will the frg22 build fix the bugs on the Droid?

  • Guest

    I just received (8/14) the FRG01B update, even though I thought they were going to be rolling out the FRG22 instead. Anyone know what's up?

  • Techead

    Ya the bug could be a extremmly fast draining battery while the Facebook widget is on a home screen and a huge problem with the integration with the SDCard and live sync programs I know that for any app that has a Widget that if you move the program to the SDcard you lose the widget the only way to get it back is to move the program back to the phone and restart your phone. Sometimes the SDcard and programs that are on it fail to start or load up during boot and it sometimes crashes the OS. These are just some of the problems I have come across after manually installing the update on Friday the 6th. Am I sorry I did it? HELL NO!!!!!! it bets the hell out of 2.1 any day of the week and the tether option is on the FRG01B rocks

  • Yaro Kasear

    Is this why I am not getting the update?

  • mark

    please keep us posted

  • Slagg3r

    Are they pushing the update or no?

    • Yes,the ota update has not been halted. Being pushed from 8/3/2010 till 8/13/2010

      • Slagg3r

        Thank you

  • ddogg845

    I think they will take teathering away

    • Techead

      No Tether is still there, Hotspot is Gone but who cares about that. Tethering is were its at its just to bad that MotorDroid is slaved to a crappy money hungry mobile carrier Verizon and not to the awesome T-Mobile carrier who doesn't charge for tethering. Hell Windows Mobile has had Tethering for years now on its OS and T-Mobile has really shined in that area for years for me. I really hope Motorola Droid goes to T-Mobile I would be the happiest man alive when and if that day comes

  • Ray949

    This is what Pete had to say about the latest baseband:

    Although the latest baseband (C_01.43.01P) has been available for roughly two months now, it was officially pushed OTA on the 3rd of this month. As always, it is a good practice to use the officially pushed files rather than those that have been floating around for quite some time. They may be labeled the same but there is a chance that they could be slightly different.

  • Ray949

    I have been using Pete's FRG22 with P3's 1250Ghz kernel and works like a charm. Quadrant score on performance setting hits between 1710 and 1740. Running cool and good battery, also he has the latest baseband update. Here is the link to his downloads: http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html

    • marty

      Don't you have to be rooted to use Pete's FRG22 ?

  • Jus4mee


  • Nicandnodes

    Has anything been confirmed yet regarding the “halt” with FRG01B? I manually download 2.2 and have experienced no problems except for yesterday my screens went crazy and nonresponsive…I think it was the humidity since it happened with 2.1 as well.

  • Lepa71

    I updated to FRG01B and now I want to go back and root my droid. Has anybody tried it? Is it possible?

    • JimmyD

      I'm curious about this as well! Anyone?

      • Lepa71

        I actually did it today. Search google for “Guide to Rooting 2.2 for Windows and Linux “

  • Maddragter

    Ok, I did the manual update to 2.2 im not rooted nor do I have SPrecovery, I havnt seen any bad problems with the update,but it did seem really lagish, anyway I want to go back to 2.1 so that I can have sprecovery and root and all those other goodies, ive seen some remarks about using rsd lite to flash the sbf file ESE81. Is this only for rooted phones or will this process work for stock droid phone. and if so what are the steps I have to take, do i just flash it to the phone or do I need to clear data and stuff, please help thanks

  • Im having a problem with the Froyo Build FRG01B.

    The Volume/Ringer rocker on the side was changed, before I could have silent, vibrate, and then righer (low to high).. After this update I can only get Silent, or Ringer, or Ringer and Vibrate. (When changing the Vibrate settings in the Sound Menu).. Am I missing something??

    • Lushultralounge

      Same here.. I think they will fix that bug in the next update that will be coming…

    • Keith

      what's weird is I can't do silent at all, except using widget or menu. All I can do is vibrate or ringer. Also if I press and hold the down volume on vibrate the phone continuously vibrates until I let go.

    • Pootiechris

      go into settings, sound settings, click on vibrate and then choose only when not in silent mode. that will make it so u can use the rocker to go to silent.

  • Kaufkin

    for those having battery issues, try removing facebook update?


  • Matt

    I feel like my battery runs out daster with froyo. i go from 100% to 70% in 2 hours without using it…=/

  • Brad

    Hey Droid Life, First off let me say that i love this website and after seeing it i instantly added the app to my moto droid. I tried to manually install the update as soon as i saw it on droid life but i could not get it to work so i decided not to worry about it. Now i am getting really anxious to get my froyo on so should i go ahead and manually do it now or just wait for the OTA since i have waited so long anyways?

    • Up to you as everything is 🙂
      What couldn't you get to work about it?

      • Brad

        well at the time i didnt have a computer, i just had my phone so i figured no big deal. I went to every website i knew of that had a link to the download (droidlife, phandroid, and android guys) and i couldnt get any of the links to open except ones that took me to megaupload. However, when trying to download it on megaupload i would click download but nothing would happen. This was at around 1 am so i just got frustrated and quit.

  • Chris S.

    anyone else have major alarm clock problems after the update? mine goes off at the appointed time…but no buttons will turn it off. not even the power button. had to pull the battery. my wife was happy with the early wake up.

    • J Randolph

      you can make the volume and camera buttons turn it off, it's under the settings when you hit menu in the alarm app

  • Has anyone else found our why this had changed And how to update it manually?

  • danny boy boom boom

    If we are running g froyo now. Can we just ota to te new build or are we have to manual update to the new build.

    • marty

      I don't see how anyone outside of Verizon could know the answer to this.

  • rw-1

    Goggles has been found to FC on doedexed version of this build. I'm sure a fix is in work.

  • TBone

    When are the rest of us getting the OTA update? I don't want to accidently brick my machine so I am waiting.

  • Bonez

    When can we expect cyanogen rom for this build

  • Sanjeevk

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  • Hey just wondering if anyone can help me figure out how to make my battery last longer froyo drains it and my phone overheats. I have advanced task killer on crazy mode killing ribbing apps and s soon as they're killed off give seconds later they all pop up. Help.

    • Get rid of ATK. 2.2 runs services that show up in the task killer, and with the task killer repeatedly killing them, you are effectively bleeding your battery dry. But trust me, delete ATK and don't get another task killer. Android knows what its doing.

      • marty

        I agree with this. It is very likely that the task killer is causing the overheating and battery discharge. Why are you running it? It isn't doing anything positive.

    • Jonesboy6

      Good morning Cathy! If your rooted with pete's build of 2.2 then I would try reflashing it then get setcpu from the market, but if your running the OTA non-rooted version I would take it in to verizon.

  • Davo376

    FYI… I did the manual update like a lot of folks on here yesterday. At first, battery drain was high and the phone was heating up seriously, and sluggish. I was running a task killer. All kinds of apps were autoloading (tweetcaster, maps, clock, etc etc etc), and everything i killed would just restart. Phone memory would drop down to below 30 MB. I decided to uninstall the task killer and just let Android do its thing.

    Now battery is lasting and none of the things that kept getting auto loaded get loaded. Memory is constantly running at about 70 MB or higher depending on how many apps i am currently running. Those of you having the battery and heat issues might want to consider uninstalling task killers if you are using them. I was a big supporter of task killers before, but phone is running much better with Froyo and no task killer.

    • Yep, I just did the same thing. I had Taskiller and nothing good was happening. Every time I cleared all apps, I was at about 90mb free, then about a minute later, back down to 35mb area. I have deleted Taskiller and now things are running a little bit better.

    • mhoe

      awesome davo… I'll try this, im having these problems. same thing was happening to me as inferno… 90 mbs down to 35mb in matter of minutes.

      • It seems like Froyo runs background apps a little bit differently. When I had the task killer opened up, I was seeing a whole lot of new background services running for my apps, and Taskiller wanted to kill all of them. I think the constant cycle of kill – restart is what was murdering our batteries. I've had my TK deleted since last night and I've already noticed a big improvement in my battery life and overall temperature. We'll see how it goes.

    • Erock

      Still kinda a newb at all this. My question is this. I have noticed the same thing with task killer and constant processes starting back up and im tired of always killing them to keep my battery life, prior to froyo I had no issues with this. Therefor here comes the newb question, if I delete my advanced task killer how can I tell what is currently running and how can I stop it and how can I see how much phone memory is being used?

  • mhoe

    Installed froyo and the following two mornings I've woken up to a completely dead phone (and no alarm going off). This thing just sucks the battery dry like that's its job.

  • Bus Driver

    First time here Great Site! Alot of info here Thanks. I updated both my Droids yesterday, the only problem I had was facebook didn't update on 1 of them so far so good.

  • Alxgzz202

    wait.. i updated manually to the froyo update 2.2 yesterday, so…does this mean ill be getting the frg22. if so i hope they release the official flash 10.1 . ive been experiencing some lag when playing flash game.

  • Ziv


    * Has Pandora's sound quality on Froyo been fixed?
    * Does Mail support HTML and images when using Exchange as the protocol?

    Those were the 2 outstanding issues I had with Froyo, which made me go back to 2.1

    (please don't mention K-9 or the other email clients. I've tried them all, but would like to know when the native Mail support is fixed, in Froyo)

    Thx 🙂


  • Aferrazzo

    well i am a little less nervous now i just hope we continue to receive updates from here on out, i would feel bad helping my friends with their froyo update and having it be the wrong one….

    thanks for all the updates guys
    sorry for being such a newb lol

    • Don't worry they will still get the updates. Remember, the 2.2 build that most of us have now is the official OTA build that VZW sent out, so its supported regardless of how you installed it.

      • Aferrazzo

        i just cant wait for the final official update to be here 🙂

  • I just received the OTA for 2.2, its FRG01B, and I didn't get a patch. Nonetheless, all seems well, and I can upload the update if anyone would like. Moto Droid

    • It would be interesting to see the size of your file. It may be good to load your update that you just got and then someone can do an md5 on your fiels and the ones from the leak on tuesday.

      • Yea put that update up somewhere and post a link. I'll take a look at it.

  • Justin

    I just went to the buffet tonight and manually downloaded frozen yogurt onto my phone.
    The phone doesn't seen to work any differently, but the chocolate yogurt dropping from it is delicious!

  • phive

    i downloaded froyo for my droid from here its FRG01B. will i still be able to the get FRG22 From Verizon, or will it just skip over me?

    • Michael_NM

      You're completely out of luck. Once FRG22 is released OTA, your Droid will be bricked, your warranty will be void, and your contract (having been breached) will be canceled and you'll be billed $350. jk

      Read the “Update” part of the post. Dr. Droid, The Mods, and the Insiders here won't let us get “skipped over.” We may not have a definitive answer on how at this point, but we'll (I also did the manual update) be just fine.

      • phive

        just new to the whole droid world. Do you think we will have to manually install all the updates now, or will it come from verizon as if we did nothing? I just dont want to brick my phone. should I be worried????

        • Michael_NM

          Sorry for giving you a hard time. I honestly don't know the answer to your question about future updates. I suspect we'll get them from Verizon as they become available or manually if we choose. However, I promise you that you have no need to worry. Your phone won't be bricked.

          • famous101

            hey i am stuck on part 2 of the updating to 2.2 proccess… it says to put file on sdcard? how do i do that. do i have to have the phone software cd downloaded to my comp or what?

          • Michael_NM

            There's no need for additional software (at least for a PC. If you're on a mac, I have no idea and I think you should sell it.).

            To answer your question: I'm assuming you've downloaded the file to you computer. So, just connect your Droid to your PC via the USB cable. You may have to enable USB storage. Open the folder for the Droid (you can use “My Computer” to find it if it doesn't pop up) then proceed with Step 2. After that, follow the rest of the directions exactly.

            My advice would be to wait a couple of days. I have the update installed, and it's cool, but not so cool that I couldn't live without it. This will all get sorted out quickly, and it may be easier to hang tight.

          • famous101

            so your telling me i can just drag to update.zip folder into my “droid” folder? doesnt have to be in the sdcard folder? because i cant seem to find an sdcard folder, unless i have to make my own?

          • Michael_NM

            When I connect my Droid to my PC, it is displayed as “Removable Disk (G:).” That's the SD card. I don't see a “droid” folder. Dragging and dropping to the G drive is how I completed step 2. I think this answers your question. I hope it helps. 🙂

          • famous101

            bad news :/ cant find removable disk G. all i have is D E and F… F looks like it has alot of my droid stuff in it such as a music junk folder. is this it or am i missing something?

          • famous101

            *correction* the only “removable disk” i have is F

          • Michael_NM

            Disk G is somewhat arbitrary and varies from one computer to another. F sounds like the place for you. You can confirm this by looking at the contents of F. If there's a folder named Android, you'll know you're in the right place. Remember, “Place file on the root of your sdcard (not in any folder).” then proceed.

          • famous101

            updating now! thanks so much. now when the OFFICIAL OTA is available will i be able to update in this 2.2 version or will i have to downgrade back to stock 2.1 then update?

          • Michael_NM

            I'm not really sure. This is/was the “official” 2.2 update. Please see my second response to phive above. I've got to get some sleep now. Cheers!

          • JDub429

            Manual updating with these files IS the official 2.2 Froyo. So you won't get an OTA anymore. VZW hasn't pushed 2.2 OTA update to ALL phones yet, it seems, and so we have this fun little adventure. Theoretically, if you manual update to the 2.2 FRG01B from this website and they push another OTA update you will receive it on your phone, because you're not rooted.

          • Udumbass

            You are an idiot. You first tell someone that their phone will be bricked and then turn around and apologize and say you don't know. Keep your unimpressive idiotic remarks to yourself as it is painfully obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Michael_NM

            “jk” after the first paragraph of the first comment indicated a joke. Thanks for insightful (first-time) response. 🙂

          • Sdk_1052

            To Udumbass: go play with your *phone and quit complaining. He was joking to ease some tension.

  • Daddypants11

    so this is my first time on here hi all. All I have to say is that yes the froyo I got off this site was not so good but I dont blame droid life after all I am the one who installed it to my moto droid. It did lag my phone down hard and drainded the crap out of my battery but that is the risk you take for jumping the gun. right!? B.T.W. thank you for your hard work in keeping us up to date on everything android.

    • welcome to the family man, your in the company of Droids most knowledgeable people….anything goes wrong ask us and we will help you fix it :-).

      • Daddypants11

        Thanx Nick! I do like D.L. and all they have to offer. bummer the update didnt work out.

  • Josh

    What about the people who never got the OTA at all?

    • maybe it will come as the update, then the patch…..or could be just FRG22 only….i just wish mine would update already. all my friends have theirs updated lol. GO GO GADGET OTA!!!!! hahahaha

  • crowedog

    I manually updated this morning and noticed my phone was running hot and my battery was draining way too quickly. In my case the “Email” app was the problem. I deleted the existing accounts and then set them up again. This seems to have solved both issues. Not sure if this will help anyone else, but I thought I would share.

  • crowedog

    I manually updated this morning and noticed my phone was running hot and my battery was draining way too quickly. In my case the “Email” app was the problem. I deleted the existing accounts and then set them up again. This seems to have solved both issues. Not sure if this will help anyone else, but I thought I would share.

  • aczm1988

    Everyone that manually updated and are “scared” about not recieving this new update heres how it is.

    1. This new build may not even happen, for now brush it off as a rumor.
    2. Even if it does happen and for some reason, cant update to it manually (highly unlikely) you can always revert back to 2.0.1 then update to 2.1 then update to the new FRG22 build. Its not hard at all so everyone can calm down and relax. Remember its the moto droid you can do anything you want to it.

    • scared

      how do you go back to 2.0.1?

      • you have to flash the 2.01 SBF file with RSD Lite to get back to stock 2.01

      • aczm1988

        Actually pete has a 2.1 sbf file heres the link


        Click on ESE81 sbf and flash that with RSD Lite and bam! Your on 2.1

        Just tested it on my rooted 2.2 it works.

  • Tergiversator_Maximus

    I manually updated yesterday and this morning my alarm went off three hours before it was supposed to. I actually had to pull the battery to turn the damn thing off. When I turned it back on, it turns out I have two Clock apps instead of the former Alarm Clock app. The one Clock app is version 2.1 and the other is 2.2, the former being 300KB and the latter is 12KB. I can't uninstall 2.2, but I can uninstall 2.1, though I'm holding off until I find out something definitive about it.

    The strange thing is one of versions (I'm assuming 2.1, but I don't know because I can't figure out which is which) has a series of numbers and the % and $ symbols instead of the date, but otherwise it seems okay.

    • BAoxymoron

      wait are you root and did you use titanium backup?

  • GoneFishing

    Kellex- Question: This is on Pete's site for latest Download..( FRG22ODEXED.zip )..Is this 2.2 for root from 2.1 the correct version?? or should I just wait for things to calm down and get some clear answers??

  • So ahhhhhhhh how about this weather……? I am going to be Droid-lifeless for 4 days while I'm camping in yosemite.

  • Kswallace87

    I had 2.1 n looked on Rom manager and this build (FRG01B) Verizon 2.2 Shock or Rooted. I Flashed that Rom no Superuser but i still got it, but no problems! It did reboot 2 times but after that it worked fine adobe flash is great! Idk what Moto or Verizon is doing sending all these builds for. Oh well Love me some Froyo!

  • pappy53
  • guys – do you read the post? it states not to worry if you updated last night – as we will most likely see the newer update OTA or file and all will be well. If you're really that upset about it – just reset – back to 2.1 you'll go.

    As for me!…I'm not sweating it – I don't ever want to go back to 2.1 if I can help it. Plus – the FRG01B is awesome!

    DROID me! *jumps*

    • Whats steps did u do? I wanna do this

  • Santee Lopez

    i downloaded froyo for my droid 1 from here its FRG01B.can i still get FRG22?

    • Aferrazzo

      thats what i am wondering, i wish someone would answer us i am freaking out

  • Ratibor

    My co-worker and I started having Exchange issues, as in unable to connect to server after we manually patched. Seems to be similar what happened with nexus 1 folks after 2.2 went live. SSL related, my guess.

  • Aferrazzo

    ONE simple question. are all of us who manually upgrades yesterday screwed or is there hope for all of us thanks in advance

  • So I have been working on trying to get Sapphire 1.0 to work on my droid and this thing just hates me. Launcherpro doesnt work at all and I cant even get gem settings to work. Everyone talks up cvpcs but honestly I have had nothing but bad luck with there stuff. I will just stick with jrummy or bb

  • Anyone thinking the bug could be poor battery life? Usually i have 80% battery at the end of the day and now after the update i have 20%

    • Stevewest87

      My battery dies fast now too, i use task killer and almost immediately all of the apps that i stop start up again. i switched to a different app manager but it is still doing the same thing froyo keeps opening all of my apps on its own! wtf?

    • I'm charging as we speak. Usually at night I have 60% tonight I had 5% !!!

    • T_Droid

      What ROM were you running before this? I have been on 2.2 roms since early June and I never have anything near that amount at night. I normally have to put in on the charger in the evening.

  • anyone think the bug could be poor battery life? i usually have 80% battery this time of night after the update i have 20%

    • Madcow06

      my battery life seems fine. unplugged at 7 am get home from work around 9(where we have terrible service so that doesn't help) all with live wallpapers, weather, and gmail going and have 60% as we speak at 11:15

  • Miranda

    I'm starting to regret my decision to manually update last night…….seems as though i should have just waited……or rooted….

  • Just checked with anouther vzw support agent they say same thing the ota has not been halted and will continue untill 8/13. So this is just a patch

  • mjfbush

    be patient guys, the ultimate version will come out soon.

  • Aferrazzo

    so wait, if you manually downloaded froyo FRG01B will you still get this OTA if it ends up being true, i am a noob i know but i am just curious

  • Ok, just rooted and need help, downloaded titanium, barnacle wifi, rom manager premium, drocap, busy box (says not nand unlocked, but rooted … Not sure what that means) … and now i need to know how to these awsome roms i hear about … but not sure how … used one-touch to root … trying to give all the info i can …

  • Moondog188

    there a some bugs for sure my phone has dropped 3 or 4 calles and locked up once and having trouble with screen roation now that i have updated

  • Someone talked about a possible change to USB Tethering. Well I just tried USB tethering it works fine but as soon as you open an internet browser on your cpu it redirects you to a verizon page that shows you three different options for mobile hotspot plans. I might switch to FRG01B to see if its different here in a minute.

  • Adam

    Does anyone else think the manually updated 2.2 is waaaaaaaaaaay slower than 2.1? So much more laggy…and finger swiping between the 5 homescreens is a lot less responsive now too…I've resorted to just clicking the homescreen buttons in the bottom corners to navigate between the 5, rather than finger swipe.

    I hope that gets fixed.

    Also, I'm super glad to have the new bluetooth voice dailing, but holy hell could it be any more abbrasive/unpleasant? “TALK NOW!!!!!” Ugh. Why not just get the friendly GOOG-411 guy's voice on there instead of this mean nazi wench. Dang! Luckily VoiceDailer HF is a little friendlier to use, even if it is a hair slower.

    Also also…in the menu screen that shows all my apps, I always saw online that in 2.2, when you scroll through your apps, as they go off the top and bottom of your screen they sort of fade away farther and farther into the distance, but I'm not seeing that on my phone…they just get clipped off the top and bottom instead of fade away…..not what I was expecting.

    • Chuckr1958

      I agree, the response time is slower moving between screens. I also find that I have to swipe more than once to get it moving. Other issues I've seen is when I am in an application, for example the browser, and then rotate the phone and open the slider, everything freezes for a few seconds. I've also lost the screens during a rotation as well. And what gives with the volume control losing the level/vibrate/silent choice? I don't like the idea that I have to go into settings to change it.

  • eddieonofre

    check out that game for those geeks like me that love somo gaming there is a scrabble for android
    I know out of topic but it is just fun to play scrabble and I just wanted to share the fun with the droid user, give it a try, it is a free app.

  • Yagermeister

    Larry R. from the “other” forum 😉 that posted the update.zip off the Google servers said he thought the last few characters in the filename had to do with CRC checks possibly. With that in mind who here knows how to reverse compute CRCs? From the screenshot for FRG22 above we see in the kernel g874c292 and for FRG01B we see in the kernel g103d848. These are both the same number of characters used immediately before the .zip in the full server filename. I hope that is enough for someone to go on to figure out the new filename off the google servers 🙂

    • Funkybeef

      It's some other meaning. The numbers “e48e48ff” and “g103d848” are not CRC's of each other. I tried both ways.

    • briboy

      “e48e48ff” is the first eight digits of the file's SHA-1 hash. I tried a few filenames with the hashes of the FRG22 files, but no go. I'm suspecting this is some sort of leaked test build, not an update.

  • J1102g

    When I am connected to my network it keeps loosing conection using the browser on wifi. I manual updated yesterday.

  • Towelie420

    Can anyone tell me when we will get Froyo for Droid X? If Droid 2 is launched with 2.2 before Droid X gets it, that would be an epic failure. What's even dumber is anyone who believed there could even be a remote possibility that all these Droid devices would get 2.2 all in one day. Verizon is wack gamin' like Matt Damon.

  • According to vzw support twitter the ota. Update has not been halted, my frst post

  • Mr. Joshua

    Kellex and the rest of the awesome group that helps with this site:

    You guys rock. I used to be a fairly regular visitor to droidforums, but I began to notice that a significant amount of the stories and leaked pictures came from this site. I believe I really started following this site right after the 2.1 debacle. Ever since then, I have not looked back. This site is by far the most up-to-date and very well written. I will sometimes go to various stories when looking at Google News and almost every one contains either bad grammar or other typos. So – THANK YOU! And keep up the good work!

  • Yagermeister

    Anyone know how to get back to 2.1 update-1 from stock unrooted FRG01B? I tried overwriting the update.zip with the ESE81 update.zip and using the Android Recovery but receive an Installation aborted message with a (Status 2) error. Any ideas?

    • Metalgeargreed

      go back all the way to 2.01. I had to do that after being rooted to get 2.2 to finally work.

      • Yagermeister

        I have 2.2 stock unrooted working fine but am seeing the issues other have seen with 2.2. I am just wishing I could go back to 2.1update-1 stock unrooted to wait for the final release of 2.2. Would I have to use the RSD way of doing things?

        • Yagermeister

          First of all..yes I am replying to myself 😉

          Using RSD Lite I just went all the way back to 2.0.1 and then upgraded with the update.zip for 2.1 update-1 in 3 minutes flat (fastest time ever for me!) I have my battery life back!!!!

  • Debrihmi

    Key Kellex!
    How about setting up a chat room?

  • jduffy118

    wait a second, there was an update (fpifjalkfjB) and then there was a bug so its being replaced? i guess thats a good thing though. when should we expect it? in a couple days? or in a couple weeks?

  • misphit_917

    Well this new update is to correct the flash issue i'm assuming i guess well have to wait and see remember they released 2.1 update. A few days before the actual OTA.

  • got a quick question guys, i went back to stock 2.1 but i need to know something. what radio version do i need to have to be ready for froyo? Mine right now is C_01.3E.03P

    • Porschephile2k3

      Hey Nick, can you outline how you did this? I'd like to go back to 2.1 update 1 too. I can't last a day with FRG01B, whereas with ESE81 I'd still be at around 70-80% battery level by the end of my work day. Thanks!

      • http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html then go to the ESE81 SBF file and flash your phone through RSD Lite and youll have 2.1 update-1, thats what i did….i didnt flash the ESE81 Recovery just the top ESE81. Now im waiting for them to push the 2.2 to my phone which should probably come by the end of this week if not tomorrow

  • funkybeef

    Extracted both FRG01B and the “leaked” FRG22 files. The contents are vastly different. Also the FRG22 archive is almost twice as big. Something fishy here…

    • kellex

      I agree that this is one of the oddest things ever. Still no clarification can be found.

    • Dave

      FRG01B OTA is an upgrade patch, not a full OS. It requires ESE81 to be installed.

      FRG22, on the other hand, IS a full OS. It could be installed to a bare phone.

      • Jager07

        Huh, Dave, you may be on to something. That makes total f'ing sense (but that's from a guy who doesn't know what the hell i'm talking about. ha!)

  • gmail process keeps force closing. sheet…restart did nothing for me…

  • I have heard that the “B” at the end of Frg01B means beta. True or not i don't know

    • JosueD

      It could be, But on Verizons support page it shows FRG01B to be the official update, Therefore I doubt it would be a beta.


  • Jduro923


  • Jcoburn

    i'm finished listening to droid-life. i will now stop believing this page, and will start believing my phone when it says UPDATE!

    • kellex

      Haha fair enough. Just remember that Verizon told us the update was going to be FRG01B and that it would start yesterday. We're simply following their lead. 🙂

      • Jcoburn

        well the so called “official Build” doensnt even support all the apps in the market! lol old rooted versions of 2.2 supported those apps! back in may! somethings definately fishhhy here!

        • Anonymous

          I thought you were “finished listening.” Perhaps the fact that the official build doesn’t support all of the apps is one of the reasons it’s been halted and replaced with FRG22. Believe whatever you’d like, but you’ll never find deception on this site.

          • Besides you tricking everyone into thinking you are a nice guy!

          • Anonymous

            I am a nice guy! 🙂

          • Jcoburn

            Yes indeed, I DID say i was finished listening. But sir, even you must understand that listening and reading are two very, very different things!

          • Jcoburn

            This simply means i will stop trying these ruthlessly absurd means of OTA updating :}

        • Daddypants11

          lead…follow….or get the hell out of the way bud. any of those i can respect but the cry baby act has got to go!

          • Anonymous

            Welcome to Droid Life! You beat to the punch here (and did so in exemplary fashion), and that’s great! Two-thumbs up from a Droid Life addict.

        • Anonymous

          i had some missing apps but they are now BACK and in FULL SWING…so no issues here anymore.

          • Jcoburn

            didnt say missing apps ole’ chap. I said ones that arent available in the market!

        • VzwFan

          My gess is that Verizon works very hard to break certain features of Android to preserve their revenue stream. For example, they want to charge $20/mo for tethering the phone, which Google has built into the base functions of the new OS. They must do some unnatural things to break this to control it- which likely has other unintended consequences like breaking other apps. I found that the power saver widget needed to be re-installed, same for Swype (if you’re lucky enough to have the beta). The third party tether progreams still seem to work.

  • Debrihmi

    I have a root D1 running FRG01 by Pete (rooted), I tried to install FRG01B via ROM Manager Premium but it would re-boot twice then throw me back to my original build (and yes I re-flashed it) – gave up don't wanna hear about it anymore.. Question is, can I rename FRG22 to update.zip, throw it into the root directory and install it via Power-X boot?

  • Theflyingswami

    I manually updated yesterday, but if another OTA update is sent out is there any reason I wouldn't get it? It's not like I'm rooted.

    • kellex

      You'll get it.

  • i noticed on FRG01B that i couldn't connect to yahoo mail via wifi. is that fixed with FRG22? i reverted back to BBV0.4

  • 10yck

    I never got the first upgrade so it may be true. I was wondering why I did not see if yet.

  • starcrwzr

    I've seen the battery drain too, plus some of my apps quit working, like the S2 Calendar widgit. I've also had the Froyo launcher FC and required a powerdown to get it back. Just weird little things. Another thing I noticed is that if it's in the desk dock, and you get a call, after you answer the call and hang up, it's still in the clock mode. I also don't like the fact that you have to always exit the USB connection screen when you put it in the desk dock.

    The new clock screen has at least your live background running instead of that brown swirl static background. Still weighing the benefits of this build.

  • rockymtnhigh

    Ok, first OTA, then a second one; and all sorts of rumors about whether it is faster than BB.4 or not. Anybody actually do any testing?

    • JosueD

      This may help, I'm running FRG22, With the stock kernel which is 600MHz, My Linpack score is 9.615, And my Quadrant score of 841.


      • tonytbone7883

        That's because you're not rooted. If you have a rooted FRG22 ROM your speed goes to 800MHz and your Quad goes to 1100. http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html

        • JosueD

          Hell Yeah I'm Rooted! Lol, I downloaded the rooted Rom yesterday, And was rooted before that also, I just like to keep stock speeds because I'm not a fan of overclocking, That is highly dangerous to the phone and not recommended.


          • tonytbone7883

            I totally agree with you I've had 1.0GHz kernels and higher and ended up with stability issues. The stock kernel in the BBv0.4 has a stock 800MHz kernel in it and it seems to be the same one on the new Froyo build. Here is a blog I saw on Pete's website: Peter Alfonso said…
            The kernel defaults to 600mhz, you must be rooted to bring it to 800mhz. Yes it is the official from the ota, as is the entire .zip I made.
            8/3/10 10:58 PM

        • g00n

          just to be sure here.. this is frg22 odexed root??

          • Anonymous

            yeah, or you can install Bugless beast V0.4 and have the exact same thing and then some of 2.2 Froyo with no issues running 800MHz. Remember ODEXED version can’t have themes.

        • How’d u do that? What r the steps so I can do it?

          • Anonymous

            If you are running the rooted version of FRG22 all you need to do is download the SETcpu app and it should be able to take you to 800MHz. make sure you set it to “autodetect”

      • steveliv

        you can run at 800mhz and not worry about anything.

    • tonytbone7883

      BBV04 is faster by 300 Quadrants. The weird thing is that both have the same kernel version. Pete's just the MAN….

  • JosueD

    I've been running FRG22 for a while now, It runs really smooth, But so far the only change that we may all notice is that it comes with twitter pre installed, Verizon keep it up with the froyo goodness glad to see you haven't forgotten the Droid1.


    • stlbryson

      I manually updated to FGR01B this morning and noticed the Twitter app. I know I uninstalled it before…right? LOL

  • Porschephile2k3

    Guys, assuming the new build fixes the power management issues, I would suggest downloading Advanced Task Killer on the Market. It seems to keep certain apps from reopening when you close them on Froyo. My battery today seems to last longer and my phone seems a bit cooler, but they have to fix this at the root cause instead of using external apps to manage tasks.

  • droiddidit

    Just upgraded from FRG01B to FRG22 with no problem. Honestly I do not notice any difference with my novice eyes. All I can say is the OTA update is extremely fast with no lag. Well I felt the same with other ROMs particularly SimplyStunning4.6, CyanogenMod6RC2, UltimateDroid and Pete's ROMs.

    Wish there were themes for the OTA.

  • EggoEspada

    Just thought I'd throw it out there that people are claiming this worked for the Droid X.
    I sent in the tip then looked to see it was the same build as this. lol. Sorry about that.
    But this site claims that they have it running on the Droid X. I don't have one, so if someone can test this

    • nkhex19

      They messed up and should of put Droid 1 not Droid X. You can't even boot into recovery with the instructions they posted because they said you need to hold power+x to boot into recovery which requires a physical keyboard. Hopefully no one with an X tries to install that file, not sure what it would do.

  • Is this dude for real? What the hell is he reading?

    • EggoEspada

      Just read the same thing, on a different site claiming they got it running just fine…

    • nkhex19

      Whoever wrote that article kept putting Droid X instead of Droid 1. Hopefully no one gets confused by that and tries to install the file on their X. Actually they wont be able to boot into recovery with the instructions they listed because that's how you boot into recovery for the Droid 1 (hold power + x) which requires a physical keyboard.

  • YankInDaSouth

    I've been running FRG22 all day and it's smooth! plus it fixed my redraw issue with Launcher Pro!!

  • Dpu328

    Can't seem to flash any themes over the FRG01B by Pete. I've bee trying to flash the roberj13 Alternate Dark and then CM6 RC2. It seems to stop in the process and boot into the old theme, except I can't get into menu settings per force close every time. Yes I've flashed the cyanogenMod several times first

    • kellex

      Pete's is not deodexed meaning themes will not work on top of it.

      • Thats odd, i downloaded FRG01B from here last night and am running Jrummy's lithium rom with his blueberry theme

        • kellex

          Jrummys is a full ROM and not just a theme.

          • nkhex19

            Hey Kellex, these websites people are posting links to are claiming the 2.2 Froyo file you posted for the Droid 1 will work for the Droid X. They credit Droid-Life but are misinformed and hopefully no one tries to install it on their X. Luckily the instructions to boot into recovery will not work on the X (hold power+x) which requires the physical keyboard of the Droid 1. Just a heads up. Don't want people visting the site thinking Droid-life posted the file works for the Droid X which we all know you clearly stated its only for the Droid 1.

      • Dpu328

        would the FRG22 make any difference?

      • tonytbone7883

        Good to know. I did not know that's what that meant

  • Ok people You have to see this. Someone read the Motorola droid 2.2 leakpost from here and thought it was for the X, now everyone is thinking the X has froyo. http://www.techtechies.com/20100804/technology-

    • Wow…I wrote to them….thats so stupid…

      • Yea I saw this starting to spread to other sites and I was like really how do people not understand it is for the droid one hold power and X. Did they think that if they just held their droid x when they turned it on it would go into recovery. It gave me a good laugh 😀

  • tonytbone7883

    See why you should never jump the gun and live to regret it the next day……
    Blue energy theme

  • kriven4437

    i have only seen one weird bug but that may have been launcher pro plus… flash beta works great on this release to!

  • Erock

    I was tired of waiting for the OTA update to be pushed to my droid so I decided to manually upload the froyo on my Non Rooted droid. I did so and all things seem to be running great, my question is this,,,,Will I still recieve the OTA updates and patches in the future as I always have since I manually updated my phone with froyo? Any help on this question would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

    • tonytbone7883

      I think you should be able to, as the only phones that will not are the rooted and phones with SPRecovery.

      • Erock

        Thank you..

  • is anyone having trouble plugging headphones in when on the phone on the droid like i cant touch the earphones cord or the phone will play my music and hang up my phone call which pisses me off why cant we get that update that fixes this issue on the milestone??

  • D720s

    Isn't this a good thing? Constantly updating = constantly fixing? I'd take an OTA every week if it meant improvement.

    • kellex

      I'm with ya.

  • tbaybe

    Yes the battery draining is about to make me go back to 2.1, if I can figure out how to lol

  • Dpu328

    I can't seem to flash anything. I've been trying to flash the FRG01B. It just reboots. Even with a wipe data. Flashing recovery twice doesn't help

  • haha! I LOVE this!!! Forget reality TV shows… this is better than any of that! haha

    I can't wait to hear what happens next!

  • They forgot to install the death grip feature.

    • rockymtnhigh

      That is hilarious. I stole it for my FB status. Awesome.

  • My manually updated Froyo appears to be having problems with pushing my Gmail. I wonder if this will help fix the issue…

  • wow, this is turning into a clusterf….

  • rals

    Damn this will mean that Pete would have to start over with FRG22 for BB V.5

  • guz_1115

    If we manaully updated yesterday is it going to prompt us to do an ota for this new build or do we manually update when its available?

  • Imanjja

    well havent got the great froyo update yet still waiting grrrrr. so does this mean it will take even longer for this awesome goodness

  • Bill Ward73

    anyone help me out… want to download rooted version of froyo, but jumped the gun and already downloaded unrooted last night… Should I do a factory reset and install rooted version since it appears easy root does not work with the 2.2? thanks in advance…

  • im still waiting on 2.2 for droid incredible….something tells me i'll be sitting here a while ::sad panda face::

    • Ajjh

      blah i have the flagship phone the X and I have to wait with the only info “LATE summer” god it is like waiting on 2.1 for the droid all over again.. as bad as it sounds i'd rather have had them say soon 🙁

  • Porschephile2k3

    I really want to like Froyo, with all the speed improvements that my Droid has gained and all those cool features, but power management in the new OS is really killing it for me. My phone's been running hot even with simple tasks that used to keep it cool with Eclair, and it seems to be zapping the life out of my battery in just a few hours of use. None of the task killers in the market can do anything especially System Panel. All my apps are showing as active, none cached/inactive, and everytime I close them down they open up again. Of course it could be the app though, but damn, how can I enjoy Froyo when I can barely use my phone?

    • OreoMan

      I've been having that same issue. Others on Android Forum are also having hot battery/hot processor issues as well.

      • Porschephile2k3

        OreoMan, thanks for confirming. I can breathe a sigh of relief that I'm not alone in experiencing this.

        • Give it another day for the heat issues to go away (had increased heat the first day or two of using Froyo), also, do not kill all tasks with a task manager. Only use it on applications that need to truly be killed. Android OS will take care of the rest for you.

          • OreoMan

            You know, you may be on to something here. I noticed that my phone would cool down, and without any use, would heat up on it’s own and then cool down again. Kind of weird, but makes a little more sense with your post.

        • My phone dies in less than 4 hours since I installed Froyo 2.2, I used Task Manager killers and the apps keep opening on its own… Help please

          • Don’t use a task killer, use SetCPU to underclock when the screen is off.

        • Jtwildman1

          Same issue here. Battery is about dead as I type this. Fully charged less than four hours ago

          • Reedme

            Same problem here. My phone was fine with Froyo OTA upgrade from Peter Alfonso. Then I upgraded to the most recent baseband and my phone runs hot and battery drains. Could it be the combo of the baseband C_01.43.01P with Froyo?

      • Michael

        Yep – I'm seeing this too. Maybe that's what FRG22 fixes?

    • ORNG

      Yep my battery dies so much quicker now with froyo, and I've barely used my phone today. Normally at the end of work my battery is at 80% off a full charge. It was at 40 % today.

    • Porschephile2k3

      Guys, assuming the new build fixes the power management issues, I would suggest downloading Advanced Task Killer on the Market. It seems to keep certain apps from reopening when you close them on Froyo. My battery today seems to last longer and my phone seems a bit cooler, but they have to fix this at the root cause instead of using external apps to manage tasks.

    • 78racing

      Mine has been running hot as well, killed the battery in less than 5 hours and can not find any running processes that are glaring out at me.

    • Anonymous

      i installed frg01b on my sisters droid right wen it came out and kept it all stock and shes had no problems at all. she gets 16+ hrs of battery and no heat issues at all. maybe you guys are all running the wrong kernels? on my droid i had really bad battery and heat problems with BB.4 and p3 kernels (which worked great on other builds) as well as most chevyno1 kernels until i tried the 1.0ghz ULV. since then i can go 18+ hrs on a single charge with no heat problems either. so my guess is either a kernel that doesnt like the setup you have, or a rogue app or 2 hiding in the background. Just my 2 cents 🙂

      • Porschephile2k3

        My kernel version is the same as what’s in the picture kellex posted, so I don’t think that’s it. I usually don’t use the phone that much and used to get almost 2 full days without charging. I can’t even last a day with Froyo with the same usage behavior.

  • WAMbreaker

    man we could make this into the best soap oprah/reality- Droid-LIFE

  • This build has made a bunch of nonsense.
    In other news, Sapphire 1.0 has been released! http://sapphire.ccroms.net/wiki/releases/sapphi

    • kellex

      Nonsense is the perfect word for it. I can't wait for it to all be over with heh.

      And yes, rooted folks, go get Sapphire 1.0!

      • Be careful with Sapphire 1.0, I was getting constant FC while running LauncherPro, I am going to try again with just the stock launcher

        • You did a full data wipe, right?

        • Azilla

          LP has been doing this with even stock 2.2 for past 2 updates its seeing more and more FC’s

        • No problems for me with LauncherPro.

      • Anonymous

        Funny thing happened to me; when I installed Sapphire, everything ran perfectly except for one small problem: my GMail account was gone. As such, my contacts didn’t sync and my sms was filled with numbers but no names associated with them. Needless to say, until I’ve done more research on the issue, I’ve reverted back to the leaked FRG22.

        • I am guessing you didn’t do a full wipe. Also, did you look in settings for syncing contacts?

          • Anonymous

            You are correct about me not doing a full wipe. However, after it failed to install my GMail app, I restored my previous build and reinstalled Sapphire this time doing a full wipe and cache cleaning. When I rebooted I was without GMail, Market, and many of the other standard apps; wasn’t sure how to reinstall apps, like the Market, without the Market, haha. If you’ve got any thoughts though, by all means, please do share 🙂

          • Yes, do a full wipe. Then after installing Sapphire, apply this update http://bit.ly/sapphire1gapps in update.zip form, of course. You should now have all of google’s applications.

          • Anonymous

            Very cool. Thanks for the tips/advice. I’ll give that a shot.

          • Anonymous

            go here:


            also if you have ROM manager it’s up there. you can download the ROM, any kernel you want, the theme you want, google apps add-on, etc. easy way. but if you want to go the manual route use the link to his site. he’s got everything you’ll need and all the info for his ROM.

          • Anonymous

            Much appreciated, you’ve given me a great jumping off point 🙂

      • Anonymous

        done….. and done! gala s theme running…. and running super quick and super smooth. +1 for sapphire!

    • YoMomma

      Hate to have the noob question but I read the installation instructions and is the full data wipe the same as Wipe Data and Cache in Rom Manager or should I do something different?

      • I don't use ROM Manager, but that sounds right.

      • Yep, wiping data and cache in rom mgr gui is a full data wipe. Some also recommend using recovery’s wipe options as well, but maybe they are just oc. 🙂

        (Edited for spelling, hope I got them awl)

        • Why would anyone delete all of their data?

    • Bravobrown

      Nonsense? Updates? Maybe you don’t get the coolness that is Android and its constant upgrades. Somebody is laughing at the teensy tempest in a teapot 🙂

  • Still waiting for 2.2 on DINC.

  • Kellex you've been covering this so i want to ask you:
    Iv have the newest build of froyo last night i tried usb tethering and it worked without taking me to the verizon page.
    does that mean that verizon hasn't set up the tethering yet (block it) or is it because its not verizon's flavor of froyo?

    • kellex

      Indeed. That's great news.

      • sweet so i guess ill be using this a lot today and tomorrow. and one more question:
        is wireless tethering a go? with an app?

        when i was on an earlier build (like cynogen) i was able to use wifi tether and connect it but it was slower than dial up.

    • villian1998

      I bet you that is what the newest build fixes. I think they let the wrong build go that allows people to tether without going through verizon. Otherwise this newest build doesn't make sense because even with a few bugs it would be just an update and not a new build.

  • MuddyB00ts

    has anyone seen any bugs with FRG01B? If this keeps up, Verizon is gonna get laughed at when they announce Gingerbread.

    I wish they would just push out the source and keep it as pure as possible, who's with me? Do a lot of people like the after market crap?

    • for me when i had it for like 3 hours before upgrading, no it was really smooth and fast even with the stock kernel



    • MuddyB00ts

      I think you'll get it and hopefully it will finally disable the all caps function for you. J/k 😛

      • He's an Oregon Duck, give him a break. 😛

    • thebourbonnflip

      manually updating is the same as getting it from OTA….its just different installatiion process. and you should be fine if they do update to FRG22

    • Ajjh

      GO DUCKS.. I'm graduating from UO next weekend 😉

  • Droidzilla

    The new update is to read your thought waves when he phone is by your head. It was a “security breach” inasmuch as it allowed independent thought by the collective.

    Nothing to see here. Skynet, commence assimilation.

    • You know what’s crazy? Today is August 4th. In Terminator 2, they say Skynet came online on August 4th, 1997.

      • Rizzidy

        2010 =/= 1997 fyi

      • Klaatu

        Just wanted to mention that Judgment Day was actually August 29th, 1997. 🙂

  • Hmm…

  • Nice +1!!! 🙂

    • Stephen D

      I was almost first 🙁

    • I'm surprised the build number isn't FCKIP4 – Google, let's make this happen.

      • Jonesy

        Never gonna happen, those characters are well beyond Hex 😉

        • Flyinion

          So is the letter “G”. Hex is 0-F unless I’m remembering incorrectly 🙂

      • eddieonofre

        lol you make me laugh….. good one!!!!!!

      • kellex

        Luda you are the man.

        • No sir, you are the man, I'm just here for the comic relief.