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DROID Froyo OTA Halted? FRG22 Replacing FRG01B?

Rumors have begun to fly around the dark tunnels of the interwebs (here and here) that the FRG01B Froyo update for the Motorola Droid has been halted due to unnamed bugs.  Seems odd right?  You’d think that pretty thorough testing had been done before they decided to start launching this puppy.  Right?

On a related note, you may recall the leaked FRG22 Froyo build for the Droid that we posted this morning which definitely came as an extremely interesting surprise.  Why would Motorola and Verizon be pumping out new builds if the OTA is rolling out and confirmed as FRG01B?

Well we just received this screenshot in an email from a reader and could potentially help clear up all this confusion (or compound it).  He claims to have received FRG01B, only to be prompted immediately after with a “security patch” which was about “1.6mb” and took him to build FRG22.  Did that make sense?

Time to start cracking on Google servers for the file!

It could potentially look something like this:


Update: I should add that if you updated to FRG01B yesterday manually, you are fine.  There is almost 100% chance that a file will be available to upgrade you to whatever the new build is should this whole story be true.  This happened to the Nexus One 2-3 times during its Froyo update.

We’re digging deeper…

Cheers Daniel!

  • Cory

    its pretty funny because FRG226 has pretty much the exact same bugs as FRG01B.

  • Cory

    its pretty funny because FRG226 has pretty much the exact same bugs as FRG01B.

  • Will the frg22 build fix the bugs on the Droid?

  • Guest

    I just received (8/14) the FRG01B update, even though I thought they were going to be rolling out the FRG22 instead. Anyone know what's up?

  • Techead

    Ya the bug could be a extremmly fast draining battery while the Facebook widget is on a home screen and a huge problem with the integration with the SDCard and live sync programs I know that for any app that has a Widget that if you move the program to the SDcard you lose the widget the only way to get it back is to move the program back to the phone and restart your phone. Sometimes the SDcard and programs that are on it fail to start or load up during boot and it sometimes crashes the OS. These are just some of the problems I have come across after manually installing the update on Friday the 6th. Am I sorry I did it? HELL NO!!!!!! it bets the hell out of 2.1 any day of the week and the tether option is on the FRG01B rocks

  • Yaro Kasear

    Is this why I am not getting the update?

  • mark

    please keep us posted

  • Slagg3r

    Are they pushing the update or no?

    • Yes,the ota update has not been halted. Being pushed from 8/3/2010 till 8/13/2010

      • Slagg3r

        Thank you

  • ddogg845

    I think they will take teathering away

    • Techead

      No Tether is still there, Hotspot is Gone but who cares about that. Tethering is were its at its just to bad that MotorDroid is slaved to a crappy money hungry mobile carrier Verizon and not to the awesome T-Mobile carrier who doesn't charge for tethering. Hell Windows Mobile has had Tethering for years now on its OS and T-Mobile has really shined in that area for years for me. I really hope Motorola Droid goes to T-Mobile I would be the happiest man alive when and if that day comes

  • Ray949

    This is what Pete had to say about the latest baseband:

    Although the latest baseband (C_01.43.01P) has been available for roughly two months now, it was officially pushed OTA on the 3rd of this month. As always, it is a good practice to use the officially pushed files rather than those that have been floating around for quite some time. They may be labeled the same but there is a chance that they could be slightly different.

  • Ray949

    I have been using Pete's FRG22 with P3's 1250Ghz kernel and works like a charm. Quadrant score on performance setting hits between 1710 and 1740. Running cool and good battery, also he has the latest baseband update. Here is the link to his downloads: http://www.peteralfonso.com/p/downloads.html

    • marty

      Don't you have to be rooted to use Pete's FRG22 ?

  • Jus4mee


  • Nicandnodes

    Has anything been confirmed yet regarding the “halt” with FRG01B? I manually download 2.2 and have experienced no problems except for yesterday my screens went crazy and nonresponsive…I think it was the humidity since it happened with 2.1 as well.

  • Lepa71

    I updated to FRG01B and now I want to go back and root my droid. Has anybody tried it? Is it possible?

    • JimmyD

      I'm curious about this as well! Anyone?

      • Lepa71

        I actually did it today. Search google for “Guide to Rooting 2.2 for Windows and Linux “

  • Maddragter

    Ok, I did the manual update to 2.2 im not rooted nor do I have SPrecovery, I havnt seen any bad problems with the update,but it did seem really lagish, anyway I want to go back to 2.1 so that I can have sprecovery and root and all those other goodies, ive seen some remarks about using rsd lite to flash the sbf file ESE81. Is this only for rooted phones or will this process work for stock droid phone. and if so what are the steps I have to take, do i just flash it to the phone or do I need to clear data and stuff, please help thanks

  • Im having a problem with the Froyo Build FRG01B.

    The Volume/Ringer rocker on the side was changed, before I could have silent, vibrate, and then righer (low to high).. After this update I can only get Silent, or Ringer, or Ringer and Vibrate. (When changing the Vibrate settings in the Sound Menu).. Am I missing something??

    • Lushultralounge

      Same here.. I think they will fix that bug in the next update that will be coming…

    • Keith

      what's weird is I can't do silent at all, except using widget or menu. All I can do is vibrate or ringer. Also if I press and hold the down volume on vibrate the phone continuously vibrates until I let go.

    • Pootiechris

      go into settings, sound settings, click on vibrate and then choose only when not in silent mode. that will make it so u can use the rocker to go to silent.

  • Kaufkin

    for those having battery issues, try removing facebook update?