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Download: Rooted FRG01B Froyo for DROID

For those of you that stayed rooted while the Froyo OTA update was discovered, you can now have it with full root access.  Yep,  Pete (Mr. Bugless Beast) has already put together the FRG01B build, slipped in superuser and has it ready to rock on your Droid.  What’s even better, is the guy is in the middle of a camping trip and managed to hack while roasting some mallows.  Dedication.

Download:  FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip (alt link)



1.  Download the file to your SD card.
2.  Open ROM Manager, choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
3.  Scroll down to find FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip and tap on it.
4.  When prompted, check the box to create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
5.  Skip the “wipe data and cache” box if coming from another Froyo build.
6.  Phone will reboot, work magic and BAM!  Enjoy the new Froyo!

Let us know if you run into any issues!

And again, amazing work Pete.

Source:  Peter Alfonso

  • Ana

    if i wipe date will i lose my metro pcs flash

  • Tc3230

    Is this only for Droid or will it work on any droid(Samsung Captivate)?

  • Rbay321

    What is the Drop Box for in my gallery? I didn't put it there and I can't get rid of it.

  • Rbay321

    What is the Drop Box for in my gallery? I didn't put it there and I can't get rid of it.

  • Jarrisw

    Having some intermittent problems with this build:

    -Intermittent errors using market, sometimes it won't load at all.
    -I may be crazy, but i could have sworn there was an alarm app that took you straight to your set alarms in 2.1, can't find it on this build
    -Automatic brightness is much brighter at night (again i suppose this could be an actual change in 2.2 no way for me to tell)

  • Atall64

    I get message from Rom manager saying the SD card needs to be mounted to use Rom manager. Not sure what that means…..

  • Kingdugar

    I need serious help. My latest flash is reading unknown in Rom manager and whenever I try to flash into the latest it reads An error occurred while attempting privileged commands. Please help someone

  • Nomad1125

    I dont what to do now i have tried this several times and it still dosn't work i put it as update.zip and i also tried running it through my ROM Manager

  • D1 rooter-wanna-be

    Is there a root for stock android 2.2? i manually updated to 2.2 yesterday and am looking for a root of FRG01B, and i was not rooted before. Thanks.

  • anyone know if you can do the update.zip method?

  • jazzy

    having an issue with the wifi connecting to my router. it connects for a short period of time then stops even with all the wifi bars showing. everything else seems to work great.

  • Conco2k

    Need some help here. I am using Sapphire 0.8.4 rom with the frf84b build. Will this file work for me?

    • Conco2k

      just FYI in case anyone has the same setup as me. I ended up using the ROM Manager and doing the install and install went smooth. did a backup first. HOWEVER the phone lags like crazy. dont understand this.

  • What about the baseband my never change

  • Kanepj2001

    Followed your instuctions, but it took a 2nd try at Rom Manager to get things working. Google Voice works great. Had to re-install Face Book. still leaning the ends and outs of Android 2.2. I'll be test my other apps and let you know if there are any issues. Thanks

  • The base band on mine didn't change? Anybody know why. It is still stock

  • I installed the root 2.2 and I lost maps and it will not download from the market any idea on what I might try?

  • Pacmannproductions

    right now im rooted 2.2 with sapphire…if i dload this and place it directly on my sd card and install it, will i lose all my contacts n stuff again?

  • n3m0xD

    can anyone show me how to root 2.2 so i can get the rooted 2.2?

  • Nick

    i had a problem doing this. Might be kind of a stupid one but i did the whole process up there and it put my in SB recovery thing.. any anwsers?

    • Jonesboy6

      Nick I'm assuming you and Jeff R and Eric are rooted already and have installed Rom Manager. I think you'll have better luck if you flash clockworld mod recovery before you go to step 2 and if you get the triangle ,reboot then flash sprecovery then immediately reflash clockworldmod again then go to step 2 again! hope this helps.

      • I got it to work on a friends phone by following you instructions “Jonesboy6”. Thank you for the help.

  • Jeff R

    Quick question…. I'm trying to install the new rom now and when it reboots, how long does it usually take before the triangle and “!” goes away?

    • Dshel61

      I am having the same issue!

    • Your battery level has to be above 60%. Mine was doing the same thing but after it charged up over 60 then it worked

    • Eric

      I am also having this issue…Ive tried like 4 times and still keep getting the triangle and !

      • Eric

        I got it to work…I flashed an Alternative Recovery and then flashed ClockworkMod Recovery again and I was then able to load the rom

  • Jonesboy6

    Where is bluetooth voice dialer that was on the features list/

  • Dshel61

    What do you lose when you choose “Wipe Data and Cache”?

    • Jonesboy6

      Everything except your contacts list which is automatically backed up to your google account. Do you have any file manager program running that backs up your apps?

  • Tamiam

    Can't get to step 4 found the FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip on my SD Card but when I tap on it 3 files appear boot, Meta-INF and system?? Help what did I do wrong?

  • Omegaxzer0

    I just tried to install the 2.2 rooted ROM using the ROM manager. This is the first time I have ever installed any rom either with or without the ROM Manager. I am using a DROID that was rooted using Easy Root. It just gets stuck on the screen with a ! inside a triangle next to the phone whenever I choose to install. Any help?

    • Dshel61

      Hold the Volume UP button and then press the CAMERA button.

      • When do you do this? As it's rebooting or after you see the triangle with the ! in it?

    • Tanda05

      You should try flashing on older recovery and then reflash the recent clockworkmod recovery and it should work fine. (I had the same thing happen last night and it worked for me.)

  • pman

    Since this is the official release with root does it include flash 10.1? I apologize if this is a stupid question to people but I have had a FRG1B build in the form of sapphire v.0.7.0 for a while now and I cannot get flash to work on my Droid. I even downloaded the leaked FRG22 today and updated to that and still c can't seems to get flash. Can anyone point me in the right directions. Again, I apologize if this is anyway a stupid question in any way, I'd prefer not to get bashed for being a noob with flash for android.

    • Bill Ward73

      go to the “manual 2.2 update” forum and scroll down. you will see a link to get flash. That is where I got it and it worked….

  • tDroid

    worked great. loved how it kept all my information too. reinstalled all 72 apps that i had

    • Bill Ward73

      Did you by any chance install the unrooted version first? I did and am wanting the rooted version, but seems I need to factory reset first and don't want to lose all my apps…

  • Adiaz


  • k0r

    So what's the difference between this and the sapphire version? is it worth switching over to this one?

  • Rvrikard

    I am new to rooting and learning a great deal! I have rooted 2.1 and installed ROM manager. I have read through the instructions and the posts related to installing Pete's su build (Thank you Pete!) — there is one step in the instructions I have a few questions about.

    1. Do I need to wipe data and cache when I install Pete's su build?
    2. If I have to wipe the data and cache, will I need to reinstall my apps and set up my email accounts, etc?
    3. Will I need to reactivate my phone?
    4. If I need to reactivate my phone, how do I reactivate?
    5. Are there any additional steps or details I need to be aware of?

    Thank you….

    • Ykay511

      1. no you don't have to wipe data
      2. yes, if you do wipe data, you will have to reinstall everything
      3. yes, you will need to reactivate your phone, thats only if you did not backup and performed a wipe data
      4.ts easy just log in to your google account
      5. you should be fine

      • Rvrikard

        Thank you Ykay511! Worked like a charm!

  • Bill Ward73

    scroll down on the main page to manual update for droid… it has links for both near the bottom….

  • Ickidy

    Why is this build from bugless beast using the old baseband rather than the baseband from the new 2.2 ota? Is there a plan to update baseband?

  • Bill Ward73

    if I was rooted before the update, but didn't install the rooted OTA, can I download this version or do I need to wipe the other first… thanks

  • Sixstringman987

    i dwnloaded the update.zip file yesterday and also installed the adobe flash. everything works great, its faster,some apps have new faces. on mine the tethering part works but it locks you on the VZW website making you pay for it. so im just using pdanet. im enjoying it so far!

  • spyder00

    hey guys how do i get flash on my phone and crome to phone now? ive installed the 2.2 from pete can anyone give a hand?

    • Bill Ward73

      scroll down on the main page to manual update for droid… it has links for both near the bottom….

  • Brian

    When we tap on FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip do we just hit ok or should i hit add zip?

  • Bettadaze

    tried installing over BB v.04, now stuck on bootloader M, flahed alternate recovery, then did the clockwork mod, still nothing. just tries to installs and gets stuck again.
    tried doing a previous restore with BB v.04, now market wont open, still gets stuck when trying to boot in recovery.
    ROM Manager doesnt seem to be working correctly?? wifi works on browser, but wont load additional email, says no connection.

    any suggestions??

    • Bettadaze

      ok..it actually worked this time. still seeing if i have any issues. thinks arent responding correctly..maybe it was all the battery pulls. but market is working, wifi, well see.

  • Raven

    OK, so this is probably a dumb/naive question, but what what would happen if you just renamed this rooted FRG01B to update.zip and stuck it on a stock 2.1 like you were doing a manual update of the OTA rom. Would it give you a rooted 2.2, do nothing, brick your phone? How does the magic OTA update upgrade you to 2.2 without wiping your data and why can't this method be used to give you a rooted 2.2 with a stock boot loader?

  • mathewdev

    I don't see the any differences but it's nice to have the official OTA with root! As always DroidLife does it again! I can't get through the day without checking this site at least once!

  • Jayrod718

    Does anyone have the DEV Version that has the overclock to 800mhz, i have the FRF84b Dev Version with the NexTheme? I would really like the FRG01B with Overclock to 800MHZ.

    • steveliv

      This rom is overclockable to 800mhz. I installed last night, restored SetCPU and have been running at 800mhz ever since.

  • ILoveSTARCraft2

    Will the Black Theme work with this? I think it was one of the 7 choices themes, it has the Droid incredible Eye and the transparent black notification bar and the 5 different Music Widgets. Made by Fabolous i think.

  • masug24

    I updated from BB0.4 to this new build… the only issue I'm having is that the screen won't auto-rotate anymore (I have the auto-update option selected in Settings… I'm not an idiot). Anyone else having this problem?

  • Mikeylikesit

    The official OTA was a patch to ESE81 not a full ROM…open it and check. FRG01B was already rooted when it was leaked awhile back…I really don't see what all this hoopla is about since nothing had to be done to put the OTA stuff in an already rooted leak of 01B…nothing special to see here.

  • Iceberg720

    I'm still getting the red eye bootloop. I wiped my cache and didn't wipe data and still nothing. Any suggestions? I'm hoping I don't have to wipe data.

    • Steenerk

      I'm getting the same boot loop also. Can anyone help us with this problem. Thanks in advance

  • Travillion

    Has anyone noticed problems with the Gallery app? After the update my gallery shows the correct icons, but when I select a picture to view full screen it shows me a different one…

    • Open the SD card on your computer. Go into the folder that holds your galleries thumbnails and delete them all. NOT the pictures, just the thumbnails. That will fix your problem 🙂

      • Travillion

        Thanks Tim! Will try it now. …And I'm honored to get a response from someone so high up as you 😉

        • haha I don't know about that. lol
          Why is everyone so nice this morning? 🙂
          Thanks! Anytime…

          Let me know if it works…if not, we can figure it out lol

          • Travillion

            Yea, it worked! Thanks a bunch!

          • zero

            Everyone's nice because everyone is happy about all the goodies we have been getting over the last 2 or 3 days. =D

  • DW

    Is big red pushing a baseband update at the same time as the Froyo OTA or is the OTA leaving everyone on the old baseband?

  • Swould333


    That was Quick… Pete.. you the man..

  • Rendar_UDL

    I just upgrade to this from FRG01 by Pete from a couple of weeks ago and it's working great. I just noticed 1 small thing I can't figure out. Skype Mobile is gone. As in, it does not appear to even be on the Android Market. Anyone have a clue as to what that's all about?

  • blade78

    I've install this ROM http://bit.ly/otafroyo. And it seems to run more smoother than Simply Stunning 4.6. There's is very little lag. Even my flash player is working. Motorola Droid 1. Good work Pete. Apply this Rom to BB5.

  • steveliv

    anyone flash a chevy overclock kernel? if so, which one are you having the best performance with?

  • slackerjoe

    Ok, so I am stuck at the “M” logo, it won't go past it!!! I can't get to recovery or anything. HELP!!

  • Mathenk2

    Is anyone else noticing about 10Mb more of available memory over FRG01? I'm consistently seeing about 10 megs more available memory throughout the day and I am treating the device the exact same. Just curious. Maybe I'm full of it, who knows.

  • tbdroid

    Kellex Peter or anyone….

    downloaded and installed…. looks very familiar! Just wish I remembered where to find my old update where my icons and mail looked like google icons any help?

  • Chase

    Metickone has had this build going for a while now, and it's themed and overclock-able. Head on over to the Droid Forums and check it out. I've been running it for like a week and a half and it runs like a dream!

  • Andysustaita1993

    wow rooted “””2.1″”” still getting love. i know 2.1 is not really rooted but still it is geting love HaHa

  • rooted. (Coming from BBv.4) Downloaded 2.2, works fine. Downloaded chevy's 1.2 kernel. works great. No problems. 🙂

  • Tylermmoore

    I updated to to the rooted version of the Froyo but my baseband version stayed the same at c_01.3e.03p. Is there any reason for that?

  • Crumbut

    Im glad we got the update even though it had to come from Droid-Life (thanks) but I have to ask.. whats all the hoopla about it? What drastic changes has everyone experienced? Im asking incase Im missing things other than the Flash support …also downloaded from Droid-Life(thanks again). Has anyone had any problems? I have noticed that Advance Task Killer no longer works 🙁 A lot of software starts itself up at boot then when I kill them they come right back!! ARRRG! I have uninstalled and reinstalled it (and others) several times throughout the night. I havent tried the USB tether yet (yes its there) has anyone?
    Share your 2.2 stories please 🙂
    I have never rooted but am strongly leaning that way when an easy 2.2 root comes out.

    • steveliv

      android handles task killing behind the scenes pretty efficiently. it will close apps as it requires.. you really don't need ATK. the system actually asks apps to close and allows them to save data, etc which is better than you killing them immediately.

    • Travillion

      I tried the tether and yes, it works, but it took me to Verizon's subscription page stating I need to buy a tether package. So in a sense, it doesn't work (unless you add an additional $20 to your plan…).

      • I am rooted, downloaded frg01b from here and it lets me tether, no subscription page! in fact this post is on verizon's 3g 😛

        • Travillion

          Wow, I wish I had your luck! Sounds like we did the exact same thing…but you got free tether and I didn't!

  • PeDe

    ever since i flashed this official ROM, i'm missing some apps from the market. I wiped 2x and cleared market cache and even flashed again and wiped 2x and cleared market cache and still nothing. any help's appreciated

    • steveliv

      i think we have to wait for google to recognize the new firmware before the copy protected apps show up

    • Travillion

      Yeah, I lost an app in the upgrade, too. According to the Market, I had never purchased it in the first place. Fortunately I had a backup of it through Titanium so I was able to restore no problem. But…Market still doesn't acknowledge it in my downloads, so if I ever want to update it I'll probably have to repurchase it. Stinks…

    • As of typing this and looking for a fix for most of the day…I rebooted my phone after doing a backup and all of a sudden all the purchased apps just showed up. I think it’s good to go now.

    • As of typing this and looking for a fix for most of the day…I rebooted my phone after doing a backup and all of a sudden all the purchased apps just showed up. I think it’s good to go now.

  • Lenny

    I'm getting boot loop after the installation???

    • Chris B.

      If you haven't figured it, I had the same thing. I rebooted into recovery and cleared cache. Worked after I booted again.

  • Marshmelons.

  • Kaeo ortiz

    i dnt have a home launcher now… what happened??

  • Wordplay420

    I'm new this whole rooting thing, do it'd be cool if I could get some things clarified. So I'm running rooted 2.1 with a custom 2.2 rom? And installing this update will give rooted 2.2? Will my SS v4.6 be gone? And would I be able to reinstall SS v4.6 on this new update?

    Sorry for all the questions. Thanks in advance.

  • Javsld568

    Is it me or i cant download skype anymore?

    • Tajjat3

      The original app isn't in the market anymore. Maybe under construction who knows.

      • Javsld568

        oh so it has nothing to do with the fact im on froyo now? i mean i had the Buggless Beast 0.4 and i had skype installed but never launched it, i did a bit of research and i read somewhere it soon will have video call, maybe they are going to relaunch skype for the droid 2? (i know it wont use video calls for droid 2 but maybe like a new UI or something)

        • Tajjat3

          It may have something to do with that but also take into consideration that with the EVO out now and possibly more front facing cam phones coming out in the near future, they are going to fix it up good. Personally I don't see the use of it unless you have a front facing camera or talking to someone through skype that's out the country.

  • Tajjat3

    How can you root from stock 2.2? Most of the previous beta apps are gone

  • Scubasteve2011

    Help Please.
    How do I save this file to my SD card?

    • Tajjat3

      If you downloaded it from our computer, you have to connect ur phone via USB, then in the notifications bar connect the phone to the computer. The when the phone is linked to the computer you can bring it up through my computer if a prompt hasn't automatically popped up. Then drag the downloaded update.zip file to the connected sd card. (whatever you named it). Hope this shed a little light on your troubles.

  • Marquezsf

    app is cool but it doesnt let me boot into recovery mode

  • DroidFan

    I installed this and so far it is working fine. the only thing I dont like is that my quadrant score was only 850 when before I was at 1200 easy. I am not complaining cause I know Pete will get a faster one out there.

  • Mesarectifier146

    it would be cool if the samsung live wallpapers would work on this version..too bad…

  • I'm a complete newbee, so please be patient.

    Why this is great? I live in Mexico and wanted to use the market for some paid app, so I rooted the phone (Droid) and installed a 2.2 ROM called Sapphire-0.7.0-Droid. It works great.

    What is up with this new FRG01B?

    Is it different from the version I have? Why should I care changing ROMs? Is this one better? In what regard?


  • Cubs2200333

    will i need to reactivate my phone if i am coming from an earlier rooted froyo build

  • Jonesboy6

    Hey fellas I'm running BB 4 and p3droids kernel at 1Ghz smoothly and I'm 99% happy! The 1% I'm missing that is important to me (which this FRG01B build is supposed to have) is bluetooth voice dialing so I can go back to using my bluetooth earpiece with my droid1! should I stick with BB 4 and wait for 5 hoping it will have that feature or flash this FRG01B build?

    • Travillion

      I can't imagine Pete would specifically remove it for his next BB. The question is how patient are you? Have it now…or have it later….

  • Mariodavien

    I can't install google maps. Anybody know a solution?

    • Justin

      Use the DL search function, there was a post about it a while ago

  • Madhouse

    Has anyone tried using the older faster OC kernels? Should i be able to just use those on this froyo build?

  • I flashed to this rom… but the only problem I'm having is when I try to download flash 10.1 it says item not found… what can I do?? Please help… I really want flash.. thanks

  • Bob Fraser

    Can't find flash 10.1 in this ROM. Did I miss something? Is there a separate download / install?

  • Konyeezay

    Has this fixed wifi problems for people?

  • Tiptoptommy

    some of my apps are not in the market? Sup with that?

  • stock Froyo is ago, good stuff seems to offer a slight speed boost

  • Allstar5101

    this wont work for me. I install file and then im stuck at droid eye animation. the weird part is when i touch the screen i can feel the unlock slider and even slide it but the screen stays at the droid eye. im coming from cm6 rc2

    • Mrpicolas

      wipe data and cache should fix it

  • Merc56

    I recently rooted my D1 following all of the steps Kellex posted including Sapphire 0.7.0, everything went fine.

    However, now I can't boot into recovery (power and X).

    Can I use RSD lite and reflash SPRecovery and use Petes file and rename it update.zip to get things back up?

    I know I am gonna have to wipe as well, but I have Titanium Backup so it should be no big deal.

    Thinking this is the best way to go.

    Any thoughts??

    • Mrpicolas

      get rom manager and flash clock work then sp rec then back to clockwork should fix your issue

      • Merc56

        well Mrpicolas, I did as you suggested and now i am fried !!!

        I flashed clock with rom manager and then used RSD to flash SPrecovery again… now it boots with the red LED and shows dead batt, android system is not booting, SD card not mounting (so no ROM Manager) and 3G and phone not working…….

        Any suggestions guys??

        I am back to my LG Dare ;( for today………

        • Mrpicolas

          Let it charge grab the 2.0.1 sbf and flash that with rsd lite follow the
          directions on the site should give you a stock image when done

          • Merc56

            Thanks for the reply Mrpicolas,
            So what I need to do is;
            1- grab the 2.0.1sbf from downloads on this site
            2- flash with the 2.0.1 with RSD lite
            3- then follow the directions on rooting from 2.0.1 and instead of Sapphire 0.7.0 I can use petes FRG01b zip???

            Does this sound right??

            Thanks again…

          • Mrpicolas

            Should be able 2 use that rom but I would use a stock rom and make a backup
            first to have a good image to go back to good luck

          • Merc56

            I don’t see the 2.0.1 sbf in the downloads section here…… only a 2.0.1 update.zip….

            Can you post a link or let me know where to download it please.

  • Can anyone help fix my fone!!! I used the one step root n rooted my fone then I installed Froyo from rom manager I saved my music and pics but I also cleared the data and cache now I can't do anything on my fone none of the Apps work n there is no market can anyone help PLEASE!?!?!?!

    • Chris Nimon

      can you get back into rom manager and load google apps from CM? (no wipe)

  • ADiaz

    Installed… reboot….. FC on every program. Even after battery pull. It says no need to wipe so i didnt. 🙁 did i miss something?

  • TheGrimReaper

    What a crock of sh*t. Pete did nothing that hasnt already been done to FRG01B which has been out for 2 weeks already. In both odex and deodex form and is no different than this release…

    • I think the main difference here is this has official footprint and so market issues should be resolve and Pete can call first! on that. Pete's the Android version of Speedy Lopez! (Always loved that guy!)

      I suspect other devs will have something out soon too. I'm sticking with CM RC2 and suspect Cyanogenmod will have their CM6 out soon with all of their goodies along with this official footprint.

      Fun stuff!

  • Is there any reason for me to install this now, or should I wait for an update for my ROM???… I am running jrummy's Kangerade V5.0.9.

    • MuddyB00ts

      There's basically already an update to 5.0.9. JRummy has been working on it with a lot of other people so they changed the name to Lithium Mod. There's tons of sweet themes too, here's the link.

      • Chris Nimon

        love this rom

      • zero

        Lithium looks amazing so far. I really did the look of the AWD launcher on there to but I feel LauncherPro runs so much better. I went with the Black theme as I can’t hit forums from work because of blocks so I didn’t get to look to much into it.

        Only thing I would like changed is the Google search bar still being white.

  • Ickidy

    I was wondering why FRG01BODEXEDOTA uses the old baseband and not the newer one found in the 2.2 ota?

  • Workded:):):):))

  • Chris B.

    Any clue…did this from a rooted 2.2 and it has throw me in a boot loop.. 🙁

    • Mrpicolas

      wipe data and cache

  • texashorns88

    All of Pete's builds will not connect to my MS Exchange work server. Anyone else having this problem?

  • gram104

    so i followed the steps but it doesnt show the same build number as above..is that because i came from the leaked version and didnt wipe the cache?

  • bigfire

    So what's the instruction for going from 2.2 stocked to 2.2 rooted? Mind you, I have zero experience on rooting.

    • MuddyB00ts

      go ahead and check the rooting guides. you'll have to downgrade to 2.1 using rsd lite the use the one touch rooting app. Then you'll have to flash sprecovery (which I prefer, I've had some problems with rom manager, sp takes a bit more work, but it has always been flawless for me) then put this update on you sd card and name it update. reboot holding x, wipe data and cache, allow the install, install and reboot. Poof, you're done. (if nothing I just wrote makes sense, read the whole rooting guide) hope it helps 🙂

      • bigfire

        the one touch root app (easyRoot) appears to have been withdrawn from the marketplace. Any idea where else it might be at?

        • MuddyB00ts

          I thought there was another one that was only a buck but maybe that got pulled too. When I rooted a few months ago I just went ahead and flashed the sprecovery file that is in the rooting guide on this site. That is a bit scarier but I swear it works when coming from 2.1. You absolutely WILL have to wipe data and cache though, with any luck, when you load up your first froyo rom your apps will be auto downloaded. when you are ready to flash some froyo deliciousness, here's a list of the best roms, imo (actually it's pretty much the same rom but with a bunch of awesome themes built in. Once you've got one, you don't need to wipe data and cache in between so it gets a lot more fun 🙂

  • Why anyone would doubt kellex and his sources is beyond me. Damn the goodies keep coming! I am yet to regret I rooted a few weeks ago.

  • Jason

    Anyone know how I can go from stock 2.1 to Root 2.2 using a MAC? Thanks.

    • P Forristall

      I just did it today:
      $1 to root

      Then follow the instructions above to get 2.2 rooted

      • Jason

        Thanks. I saw this before, but really never looked into it enough. Still had the old process on the brain. Purchased and will try tomorrow.

  • Fardner24

    I don't know how to say this so I just am. CAN WE HAVE SEX?!?
    LMAO. Nice work though!

    • Mrpicolas

      Ugghh yuck this comment = fail lol…

  • trumpet444

    Just found FRG22 build. Anyone heard of this yet? p3droid “announced it w/download links

  • Y Kevin97

    whats the alt link for?

    • Chris Nimon

      in case we all crash the first link lol

  • Dacooter

    So, What happens if i am Rooted on android 2.1 do i have to wipe data and cache. will this require me to re-activate my phone? and.. what if i do the OTA update and i am rooted? will it not come or will it give me problems? i am on a stock kernel i used DMupdater to root it and havent flashed the update that it give you.
    Thanks anyone who can help!

    • Chris Nimon

      have to wipe coming from 2.1. yes but if the verizon lines arent clogged it should take about 1 minute to do. OTA will take away root ( i think)

  • Chefchuck76

    I'm rooted to 2.1 but not Froyo. Do I have to wipe/dump in order to install the .zipped Froyo?

    • Dacooter

      if you figure out an answer that would be awesome if you could pass it on to me. thanks

    • Chefchuck76

      In SPR I'm getting “E: No tar archives found”

      • Mrpicolas

        use rom manager its so much easier and pete will have this up on there shortly after he gets back from his camping trip i would venture to say

        • Chefchuck76

          Ok did a wipe/dump…now installing ROM manager…sux I gotta set everything back up though

          • Chefchuck76

            Ok..got it…not exactlysure what I did, but it worked. Says 2.2 and FRG01B by Pete!! Now, off to grab a tether program and set up all my crap again…good luck gang!!

    • tvBilly

      I didn't have to wipe. Been running 2.1 rooted, but no ROM manager or clockwork, just the bare minimum to get root (the su app and ninja). The stock recovery wouldn't load Pete's rootedOTA, so I downloaded the free ROM manager from the Market, and used it (which worked just fine, remember the initial re-boot time will be much longer than normal). I don't appear to have lost any data of any kind! Everything seems to be working just fine (I'm still testing stuff, but everything I've tried so far, including LauncherPRO is working, wifi is fine, connects to 3G fine, the Market shows all my apps, etc). I haven't tried wireless tether yet, and I haven't gone digging in the directories to see what the state of my BusyBox install is.

      YMMV, but it seems to working as expected. THANKS PETE!

      • tvBilly

        looks like the update wiped out my busybox install, as well as my ad blocking hosts file. And I'm having trouble with Titanium Backup (paid), which can't seem to get root. Maybe after I re-install busybox.

  • can someone please explain what i need to do to install this on my 2.1 droid do i use “easy root”? then what? thanks

  • Drummer8001

    Anyone else seeing a very slow response from the servers of this file? My download has been going for about an hour and has progressively gotten slower as the night goes on.

  • Rlarson_mn

    Loaded up fine on my bb v0.4 unit. No issues with my unit and on Froyo 2.2 from Pete. Loaded up ChevyNo1 1.25Ghz ulv SetCPU to 1Ghz and now have a Quadrant score of 1501, Breath taking I must say, thanks Pete

  • Pete = infinite win.

  • Ocardian

    First I must say multiple thanks to Pete for getting this out so quick. I have two questions. I downloaded the new rom. instead of following the instructions above, it would not update, I had to rename the file to update.zip. I booted by holding X and updated that way. Question one is doing the install this way does it update completly. The reason I ask is because the update took no more than about 30 seconds to unpack and install when I rebooted it was a normal length of time to get to the home screen. Seeing other post saying long waits after update to boot is why I am asking. Question two is what file do I need to allow overclock above 800, which I am currently able to overclock at. Thanks and sorry such a long post.

  • Iceberg720

    I'm getting the droid eye boot loop…?

    • RealGame22


  • Earle Rylander

    Anyone know how to make this work with a Mac?

  • venomX0125

    can i get a LONG LIVE PETER ALFONSO FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zach471

    It can't actually be this fast, can it? WOW!

    • This actually seems smoother and faster than Pete's last stock build that I just upgraded from… benchmarks aren't much different but it seems cleaner that is for sure.

      • zach471

        I agree, Jason, this just seems to “work.”

  • Cubsoxs87
  • Boorad

    Need some help here. I'm at the system reboot screen and everytime i reboot my phone it just goes black. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

    • If you have the update on the SD card and you are running either SPR or Clockwork just go to the install from file and select your file and it should work the same. Had the same issue with Clockwork on mine the last update from Pete… this one worked fine.

      • Boorad

        Thanks for the help, but my screen continues to turn black everytime i push the reboot button. I starting to get worried :X

  • djsbears85

    I have the jrummy lithium and it is the same source code it looks like, from what rom manager says, but I have to say that it runs WAY smoother than my kangrenade ever did.

  • giambae the bigE

    I will rephrase my original question,

    Does anyone know of a froyo root for droidx ?

  • Fugitv72

    Can I install this as an update.zip?

    • zach471

      Dont think so. If you downloaded from your phone and you're using astro, just look in the download folder and it's there.

  • Good stuff Pete, thanks for the post Droid-Life

  • jedijesus95

    Froyo is old. Bring on Gingi!

  • giambae the bigE

    does this work on DroidX ?

    • Mrpicolas

      your kidding right it says that this is for the d1 or droid 1 no it will not work on the droid x

      • giambae the bigE

        really …

        “For those of you that stayed rooted while the Froyo OTA update was discovered, you can now have it with full root access. Yep, Pete (Mr. Bugless Beast) has already put together the FRG01B build, slipped in superuser and has it ready to rock on your Droid. What’s even better, is the guy is in the middle of a camping trip and managed to hack while roasting some mallows. Dedication.
        Download: FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip (alt link)
        1. Download the file to your SD card.
        2. Open ROM Manager, choose “Install ROM from SD Card.”
        3. Scroll down to find FRG01BODEXEDOTA.zip and tap on it.
        4. When prompted, check the box to create a backup if you don’t have a recent one.
        5. Skip the “wipe data and cache” box if coming from another Froyo build.
        6. Phone will reboot, work magic and BAM! Enjoy the new Froyo!
        Let us know if you run into any issues!
        And again, amazing work Pete.
        Source: Peter Alfonso”

        Didn't see here where it was specific to hardware, but thanks for answering my question

        • Mrpicolas

          See above post my bad lol…

        • Last word in the second Sentence. That and if you go to Pete's website you'd see it was a Droid, or look at the pic of the phone in the post, model is Droid, would not mix well with any other device I would wager.

  • steveliv

    just updated, went super fast..now restoring my apps 🙂

  • I thought 2.2 came with Swype. Does anybody know where I can get Swype?

    • Deep P609

      just look for it in the apps catogory on this site youl find it as a apk file

    • IseWise

      I have Swype through the beta that they were running a while ago and it doesn't work with this 2.2 FRG01B. So you might not want to download it and install it.

      Anyone else having a problem with Swype.

  • Paul


    Installed flawlessly using Clockwork. Benchmarked 1081 at 800MHz. Unbelievable that we can had a rooted 2.2 on the first day of “official” release. Droid-Life is awesome and Pete is GOD!

  • snafu009

    I just installed this and it works like a charm. Pete, you really are the man 😀

  • Longhorndude08


  • Stephen D

    Pete rocks. How could he possibly manage to do this while camping? As awesome as this is, I'm waiting for BB 0.5 before I switch back from JRummy's Froyo Kangerade.

  • Will this work on DroidX ?

    • Tyler


  • Awiegand

    First off you rock Pete, second anyway you could create a build that fixes the xm looping problem, even the over the air updated 2.2 has the problem. I use this app more than any other and that is why I am still running 2.1.

  • Has anyone installed this as an update.zip through SPRecovery yet ???

    • JFKempf

      I did a complete backup with Titanium, renamed this to update.zip, rebooted to sprecovery, did a nandroid backup, wiped data/cache, allowed update.zip, installed update.zip, rebooted, told google *NOT* to sync my apps/etc, downloaded titanium, restored missing apps & all system settings, turned on all my syncs, rebooted, and wheeeeeee! The only hiccups were having to put all my widgets back, Google maps did not seem to be included (just download from market, hey?), and I’m having trouble ‘finding’ I-Play bowling (new game) on the market. It should be noted that I was already running a rooted FRG01B from a previous leak and the bowling game didn’t show up for it, either.

  • Just installed with NO issues booting up! So far so good.

  • TylerSilvss

    How do i go from stock 2.2 to this. Do i downgrade some how can someone help PLEASE!?? Thanks
    PS Kellex i love you

  • Yeah this kind of doesn't work for me. Trying to use ROM manager or whatever and all I get is a Exclamation mark and triangle thing. This is the first time I've rooted and tried to use this and doesn't do anything sadly. No idea what I'm doing wrong.

    • Err…nevermind reflashed 'Clockwork' and it appears to be doing things now.

    • emanuelC

      flash clockwork mod recovery again and it should work

      • zach471

        No matter what I do, I cannot get ROM Manager to work for me. Flashed and reflashed. It's just not consistently working.

    • Deep P609

      did you flash the phone first thru rom manager?

  • bondo

    Can only over clock to 800mhz :/

    • DeeMat

      Others have reported using Chevy's kernels without issues.

    • Deep P609

      try drownload the p3 kernels the work like charm

  • C Rillo

    Any reason to install this? I'm already on BB .4

    • Tyler

      No, unless you honestly think that the watered down OTA version is somehow “better” than Pete's version

      • Anonymous

        I dont know that I think the vanilla version is “better,” but this is running faster for me than any previously installed ROM, Pete’s, CM, and/or UD. I can’t explain it. I’m currently overclocked to 800. I tried a Chevy kernel today, but ROM manager is completely broken for me, no matter what I do. But this works for me. All my apps are there and working, so I’m going to stick with this for a while and see how it holds up.

    • meekrab

      Wait for .5, it should be coming very soon

  • JimBobPooter

    What baseband did the OTA come with?

  • Dgigena33

    I'm new to this, I rooted 2.1 last night….no problem. I went through the above steps and now my phone displays the caution triangle, is this part of the process?? How long does the reboot take….any help would be great…

  • Thesavorysauce

    i thought 2.2 had flash player stock, yet after doing this rooted version i still had to go download it.

  • steveliv

    Pete addressing 7-14 date issue-> http://www.droidforums.net/forum/bugless/66278-

    • steveliv

      everyone needs to stop jumping to conclusions as FRG01B downloaded from google has the same build.prop date

  • “Why is it dated 7/14?” is a good question.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!! i'm glad i waited!!!!!

  • JosueD

    Guys! *Do Not Install This* It is not the OTA update, During the installation it shows the date it was built, It is dated 07-14-10, Therefore it is not the OTA update we received today! Wow, Cant believe someone like Mr. Peter Alfonso would do something like this!


    • before you jump to conclusions are you positive about this? and what proof.
      ( i want to believe you btw )

      • JosueD

        Okay, All i know is that when i installed this it was date 07-14-10.

        • steveliv

          Were you aware that the update that you can download from google themselves has the same date?

          • JosueD

            Obviously not! Now im currently working on checking that!

          • meekrab

            Edit your first post, because the simple fact is you do not know.

            Pete's success is based off his reputation and consistently outstanding releases. Do not give people the wrong impression.

          • JosueD

            If I recall correctly I did edit the first post, Thanks for trying to help anyways.

        • Dave8ab

          ROFL…FAIL. Now go apologize to Pete.

          • JosueD

            Untill i dont see the official OTA's build date im not gonna apologize!

    • the ota is even dated the same

    • I'm flagging this, cause the guy just keeps posting it. I smell rumor mongering.

  • Jcoburn

    No Log me in. no tv.com. useless rom until it supports log me in. i am a network admin and i cant have my best tool 🙁

  • TylerSilvss

    How do i go from stock 2.2 to this. Do i downgrade some how can someone help PLEASE!?? Thanks
    PS Kellex i love you

    • i need to know how to do this to 🙁

      • TylerSilvss

        yea im new to rooting and everything no one seems to be responding tho. I just want some root froyo goodness is that alot to ask?

        • Jsmuli2

          just google “how to root [android phone]”

          OR the previous articles on this website are very informative. and apparently there’s an app for rooting in 1 click now.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      You would have to put the old update.zip file go back to 2.1 then root. There is no current way to root stock 2.2. Atleast thats my understanding. I dont know where to get that file you will have to look around for it.

      • Ickidy

        all the files are available thru droid-life on megashare.

    • Ickidy

      1. downgrade with rsd lite to 2.1
      2. root 2.1
      3. install rom manager.
      4. put the rooted 2.2 from pete in the root of your sd card….

    • Shootu

      i wish i could use this on the X



  • What's the advantage to this than the latest BB build? What does it have that the last BB build doesn't?

  • steveliv

    can you overclock on this rom?

    • steveliv

      Answering my own question: I went to Pete's website and he answered a poster and said yes that it includes an overclockable/wifi tetherable kernel… time to update!

  • Liv

    thanks man

  • The_Other_Ray

    how is this different than what's in lithiummod?

  • Guest123

    is it me or when installed it is dated 07-14-2010…. is this the official update?!

    • JosueD

      Exactly my point, This Guy lied!


      • DeeMat

        The build.prop is dated 7/14 so it could be the same as the leaked version. However, it is nice to know you are running the exact OTA file.

      • Yourefuckingretard

        idiot. shut up

    • Btmaxwell3331

      I noticed that too.

  • Story

    Works great!, Awesome job a usual

  • tuccs

    i have an older version of the bugless beast froyo. If i go to this one, will it erase the settings and apps i have on my phone now?

  • any idea when the new sapphire will be rolling out?

    • DeeMat

      Not soon enough. Did you try the 0.9.X leaked version?

      • no, im trying to wait, wait, wait… it's just hard. lol.

        • DeeMat

          It's hard to keep one ROM longer than a few days. But Sapphire is the one I kept the longest. I am currently running Chevy's but considering this one…

  • JosueD

    When I installed this I noticed its dated 07-14-10? Kellex?


    • I'm flagging this, cause the guy just keeps posting it. I smell rumor mongering.

      • JosueD

        Rumor, What do you want a screenshot? Thats not a problem, Plus im not the only one who notice, Your just gonna cover up Pete like this? He obviously thought we were all stupid!


        • meekrab

          We already have a screenshot, above^^^

          The build number is FRG01B

          Guess what the OTA build number is……FRG01B

          Built date is erroneous. You don’t honestly think that they built this release on the day it was sent out to users do you?

          • FRG01B Was leaked out before the official OTA as a test build. So yes i do think the built date is important… I just need someone to confirm to me what the build date on the real OTA is….

          • meekrab
          • Okay, Once again, I know the official build is FRG01B, Just for the moment don’t think 07-14-10 is the correct Date, Two different things you understand? Build number, Date!

          • meekrab

            Yes, sorry for the aggressive responses; I appreciate you editing your first post. Glad to see you’re not just a troll!
            Anyway, in my experience, each build had one unique release date. Unless I’m mistaken, updating a previously released build and releasing it on a later date warrants a new build number. I have not seen any previous release candidates, frf57, ese81, etc., that had different release dates under the same build number.
            Pete did root this from the official OTA file and has confirmed the fact on his website.

          • Okay, Thanks anyways, Like I said in a post up their I’m relatively new at this, Learning more everday with Droid-Life! Didn’t mean to cause any trouble.

          • Mrpicolas

            ok what you dont realize is the build date is relitive to the date it was compiled by google and moto from aosp (android open source project the build date will not reflect the ota push date and its a good thing it has a build date of 7-14 becuase they have had time to make sure it is stable

          • Okay, Look I’m getting tried of this *Sorry Everyone!* I’m relativity new at this! My bad, My most sincerist apologies


          • meekrab

            Lol, Pete rolls pretty deep when it comes to passionate droid users.

        • Cory

          Wow. You really don’t know how software is built/released. I guarantee you that it was built LONG before it was released.

        • Tyler

          He thinks you’re stupid because you for some reason think the OTA version is “better” than his Bugless Beast version (can’t blame him)

    • Xheavymetaldadx

      Not to disprove you or anything but is it possible that the actual ota was built on that date and not released for two weeks? I guess we could examine the official ota that was put up here and see what the build date was? Thoughts….

    • Dave8ab

      Fail…on your part. You don't even know what you are talking about. Just because it's in the stage right now of being delivered OTA, doesn't mean it wasn't built on that earlier date. Need to learn a little more buddy.

  • Epia

    Silly question, but for those of us without rom manager can we place this in root and rename to update.zip and then install via sprecovery?

    • DeeMat

      Although I own the paid version, you can download the free version and use it for this…

  • Debrihmi

    Ok, I've tried this for the 3rd time now. Reboots twice then I get a “Recovery Failure” when I go back into ClockWork with the following menu choices: Recovery mode is “broken”, ROM Manager doesn't reboot, Other. After I choose it say email koush with the bug; other then not updating my system is normal. Is there a way that I can do it manually?

    • Btmaxwell3331

      go into rom manager and flash clockwordmod recovery again. that should fix your problem

  • superchachi

    is this odexed or deodexed? would like to try 928 Black theme over it, since it has odexed and deodexed version.

    • Story

      This version is odexed

      • superchachi

        Roger that, thank you. Didn't want to assume the file name was an obvious reminder.

        • Flyinion

          What’s the difference?

  • Rizzidy

    Does this include wireless tethering!?

    • Mathenk2

      No, but if you’re rooted just grab the Wireless Tethering for Root Users app from the Market

  • Can this be applied as an update.zip in SPRecovery ?

  • youngnamlee

    today was a damn good day

  • youngnamlee

    today was a damn good day

  • Terry C Henry

    I need some help my phone wont go into recovery mode it just gives me a motorola sign for like 30 seconds then reboots

    • Terry C Henry

      never mind just re flashed and its working installing now

  • Jcoburn

    Yes, Hugedroidfan, thats what i did and its smooth as silk!

  • hugedroidfan

    So, my wifes droid is not rooted (mine has been for a few months). Should I have her quickly root 2.1 before her phone gets the 2.2 update? When will we know if rooting 2.2 is going to be the bear that 2.1 was?

    • hugedroidfan

      To expand a bit…..Pete has easily created a version of ota 2.2 for roots but I assume that does not mean that one can already be on stock 2.2 and then root. So, is it risky to update to the stock 2.2 if unrooted, given that you plan to root in the future?

  • Kswallace87

    can i do this right from my phone?

    • Fawzi94


    • yes. just download to your sd card, open rom manager, user install from SD card and select the zip from where ever you saved it. Dont forget to backup your data if you dont have a recent backup

  • Bulldogx03

    I Need Help! So I attempted to root but the only thing that I did was install SPRecovery to my Droid. Hence I am still running stock 2.1. What 2.2 do I need, the official or the one for rooted droids? Also, what instal instructions should I use(official or rooted)?

  • Caleb Willow

    So, is there anyway to take Froyo off, root, and then download this onto my phone? Or am I stuck with just Froyo (I was too much of a panzy to root before)? Your advice is appreciated.

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    Hope unrooting was worth the whole 10 mins you got to enjoy the official FROYO before everyone else(rooters). Sorry its just kind of funny. People stressing over this for it all not to matter in the end.

    • lol i actually got like 90-2 hours of the new froyo before i took a nap and woke up to this. now its taken me about ten min to move to this rooted one 😛

  • DrKoopa

    I am upgrading from the leaked froyo to this one. I followed the directions and my phone is stuck at the opening animation.

    Pete must camp like I do, surrounded by all my electronics.

    • DrKoopa

      I am reinstalling my old back up and then trying again. I hope i do not have to “wipe data and cache” like i did when i first went to froyo.

      • JBGrifter

        I had the same issue. Followed the directions to update my old leaked 2.2 version and wound up stuck at the M screen for 20 minutes. Pulled the battery, booted and I'm back at my old leaked 2.2 version scared to try again.

        • Mathenk2

          Open ROM Manager and flash Alternate Recovery, and then flash back to ClockworkMod Recovery, then install FRG01B. I had this same problem while installing Froyo a couple builds ago and this seemed to fix my problem.

      • JBGrifter

        DrKoopa, try the instructions here, they worked for me:


      • Madhouse

        I had to wipe data as well and fresh install the FRG01B build. When i load into the OS and try to use titanium backup to restore my old files, it can’t get root access. I have super user on and everything. I remember before i had to type some stuff in terminal emulator to actually gain access. anyone remember?

        • I had trouble with root access as well testing this, even after data wipe, so i’m back on the nightly CM6 build…

          • JFKempf

            I always get the “can’t get root” from titanium on the first run even though I just granted it access. Simple fix for me is to go to the ‘more’ menu option and select reload and it tests for root again and processes on. For myself, since I’m using the donate version, it’s even simpler to click ‘problems’ which gives the option to download busybox and once that finishes titanium shuts down and on it’s next load it checks for root again.

    • Anonymous

      I’m having the same boot animation loop problem 🙁

      • DrKoopa

        “wipe data and cache” worked fine. just a pain in the butt.

        to do this boot into recovery (by holding ‘x’ while turning it on) then click on the “wipe data and cache”.

        Then for good measure i reinstalled the new rom and rebooted.

        • Questorz

          Mine did the same, stuck at animation… Going back to 2.2 older build backup… If I did the clear data & cache it would be too much of a pain.. Hopefully a better solution is in our midst.

      • Mathenk2

        Open ROM Manager, and flash Alternate Recovery, and then flash back to ClockworkMod Recovery

  • So excited to hear this! My only reason to not install this is if i cannot install custom themes. Question for all who have installed: can you install custom themes AND is there a wireless tether/hotspot?

  • DroidForLife

    For those of you who have not yet received the FroYo update – you can still watch Flash videos on your android device by downloading Skyfire Mobile Browser.

  • Andrewbenson

    Would there be a point to go to this even with the same build on like ultimate droids 5.0? same build so anydiffernces?

  • This Guy is a Beast.

  • Dude is amazing. I need help though. I try to download the file on my droid and it says that it is not meant for that device. Any ideas?

    • eddieonofre

      The problem is coz the browser doesn't let u download apk files
      but if u have Astro File manager installed u can go to the preferences and over there at the end u will find “enable Browser Download”check that and then go back to the download page and try again, this time should work.
      After u do this uncheck that check box coz it is know of causing problem with gmail attachements.
      Hope that helps :o)

  • Kevinxxx22

    jrummy had this 3 days ago

  • Batman

    Pete…Can I marry you….

  • Cirro


  • Love me some Pete…Way to go…now for some Bugless to go with it. and it will be perfect.

  • sc4fpse

    Now the real question is: Was Pete using wireless tether on a device that is apparently physically incapable of supporting wireless tether when he was working on rooting and uploading the ROM?

    • Gram104

      my “about phone” doesn’t show the same as above but i followed the steps. does this mean it didn’t work? i couldnt post so i did a reply..

      • what is different?

      • Jinxygrrl

        mine didn’t take either, it seems. It still says “voles-user 2.2 FRF84B 42477 release-keys”.

    • huskerjack

      the D1 has ALWAYS been capable of tethering – just by using 3d party apps (Easy Tether or PdaNet, for e.g.). i tethered on my unrooted, stock D1 for months!!!

      • Nomad1125

        well sure anyone can tether the real question is how you were tethering through wifi or bluetooth which is why some people like root access for its wireless tethering

  • that man is a saint

  • Puck3511


  • Flash still does not appear in the Market with this rom.

    But the beta installs just fine from your SD card.

  • is it possible to go from official 2.2 straight to this?

    • kellex

      Not at this time no.

    • rdunseith

      Give it a day, someone will root the Official 2.2. Hopefully

  • JosueD


  • JosueD


    • eddieonofre

      yeah but I rather wait for his BB0.5 which I believe and hope it is based from this build

  • So that is the new baseband as well!?! I'm still on the old one…guess I should do it…

  • So that is the new baseband as well!?! I'm still on the old one…guess I should do it…

    • Tavo_ag

      does this may work on milestone?