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Easy Root, the Newest 1-Touch DROID Rooting App

After the beta version of DMUpdater was taken down today, many of you were left without an option to root your Droid and only a few hours remain until the official Android 2.2 update starts rolling out.  Are you freaking?  Freak no more!  The developer behind an app called “Easy Root” reached out to us this afternoon claiming to have an app that can root both the Droid 1 an Droid X with the touch of a button.  Nice timing right?

Can’t say that I’ve tried it as my Droid 1 is sitting stock at the moment awaiting some Froyo-ness, but feel free to give it some run and let us know what happens.

Not free, but only $.99 in the market.


Download Link

  • Jamesball

    not in android market

  • Keylo3655

    I have a Droid 2.2 but can’t find the easy root application. help please.

  • Cerin

    If it's not available from market, where is Easy Root now? Googling only shows a bunch of echo-chamber blog posts about it.

  • Arkian

    I just got easy root installed and got to the “root me” page… Then to the “Congrats” page… It said to reboot my phone (which I did) but when it came back on and I brought easy root back up, it acted as if i never rooted it… It just goes back to the “root me” page…. I tried reinstalling easy root, but it gave me the same results… Any suggestions??

  • Bobbytatone

    when will easy root work with 2.2….. or am i just doing something wrong

  • Bobbytatone

    when will easy root work with 2.2….. or am i just doing something wrong

  • Mrpicolas

    use universal androot much better and less problems

  • Guest

    is easy root still working?

  • Guest

    is easy root still working?

    • Mrpicolas

      use universal androot much better and less problems

  • Yankees1

    HELP… New to rooting. I used Easy Root yesterday to root. Worked like a charm. Downloaded Titanium backup and batch backed up apps and system settings. Installed CyanogenMod android version 2.2 (most recent standard version of CyanogenMod plus Google Apps). Lost some apps (MLB at Bat, for one) and phone was very slow and buggy for hours. It seems to be becoming more stable, however it appears that there is a problem with my root privileges. Titanium backup indicates that it can't gain root access. I have clicked the problems button and installed the most recent version of busybox about 20 times without luck. Each time I do this, Titanium appears to gain root access (“Titanium Backup has been given super user permissions”), but Titanium Backup in the notification bar states “Failed! See web page for troubleshooting”. Using Connectbot, $su and #whoami return “permission denied”, indicating a problem with my root privileges. I have read lots of posts but am going around in circles trying to out what to do next. Honestly I wish that I didn't install the custom ROM. Was happy to be rooted at 2.1.

  • balthuszar

    a little off topic, but need some help guys. i updated to sapphire 1.0.0 and it WAY slowed down my benchmarks…like on 0.7.0 i was running over 800 and now i'm running less than 500…i'd like to go back to 0.7.0, but when i try to boot into recovery(hold x while turning the phone on) it just does the motorola logo in boot until i let go of x, and then boots normally, as in it boots the phone, not into recovery…any thoughts?

  • Yaaqmon

    downloaded it from unstableapps.com and it worked like a charm. Was very pleased and the stress free rooting was totally worth 99 cents.

    Thank you to the dev!

  • I installed easy root and then downloaded rom manager then installed froyo which was a few roms down from the cynagen roms.. I backed up the data wit titanium and cleared cache and data. It didn't give me the option for adding Google/android apps. After I restarted my phone the market app was gone and the apps on the phone didn't work. I have the superuser allow apps wit the ninja logo. When i try to open superuser a black screen comes up.I can't download anything to the phone because it says this action is not allowed on device. Is my phone bricked? People can't call me but I can, i can also use the internet and texting. Is there a way to go back to stock 2.1? In the about phone it says that it is version 2.1 update 1 but superuser is on it can somebody tell me what I can do PLEASE!?!?!?!

  • The description on the Market says this app works on 2.2. Does this mean we can just get the OTA 2.2 update and THEN use this to root, or does it really only work on 2.1 for the Droid?

  • Nitro28_us

    i tried the unroot tab now, rebooted and my super ninja is gone on my dx, this is sweet

  • Please Help.
    After months of debating whether to root or not, I finally did it.
    Here are the steps I took:
    1. I rooted my D1 using easy root
    2. I backed up my data with Titanium
    3. I installed Clockwork flashed recovery and backed up my ROM.
    4. I downloaded and install CyanRC2 via Clockwork. (I did not wipe and clear cache)
    Here is my problem:
    My phone has been at a boot? Animation for over 2 hours. There are streams of blue lines (sometimes colored) at come from each side of the screen to form an ‘X’ in the middle of the screen. Should it take this long or am I in big trouble. I have not tried to remove my battery or anything yet to get it to stop.
    Any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated.

    • Jason

      Any help? Still at the same screen 9 hours later.

    • Jason

      I am able to boot into recovery. Should I use nandroid to do a restore?

      • Cleared cache, wiped it, booted it. Now all is good. Actually better than good.

  • Jeremiah

    Hey folks, I'm running a droid with fw 2.1, easy root runs and asks me to reboot. After reboot there is no root access… what am I missing?

  • Derek

    It's amazing how many people are attempting this stuff, just jumping in, not having a clue what they are doing. I envision a lot of bricked Droids on ebay very soon!

  • Kehslions5

    please!!!!! can anyone help me!? i bought the easy root and used it then i installed rom manager and a whole bunch of other apps for rooted droid. i used rom manager and i installed one that said froyo, it was under the cynagen roms. i backed up my data and cleared the cache. after my phone restarted it looked like the first time i started it up with the browser messaging phone apps on the home screen. this time there was no market app and the other apps that are on the phone like google maps and navigation dont work the force close. there is the superuser allow app thats a little ninja on there but when i go into it it just shows up black. the phone still says its 2.1 update 1 so i dont think its rooted can someone please help please

    • Derek

      When you downloaded the Cyanogen, it asks you if you want Google APPs, you have to check that or it will not get installed.

      Personally, I would recommend that you install Bugless Beast Froyo, Chevy Froyo, or JRummy Froyo. I've found Cyanogen Froyo to be quite buggy still. To get Chevy and Jrummy, you will need to purchase ROM Manager. The free doesn't give these. You also need to reserver about 2 to 3 hours just to grasp the basics of what you're doing. The realm of rooting and ROM swapping is not for the faint of heart or the non tech.

  • Matthew

    hey guys. VERY new to rooting and bought this app. says i'm rooted but need to reboot phone to finish process. real noob question: how do i reboot phone? is that power off, then power on with 'x'? if so, what happens after that? please advise. thanks!

    • sahilm

      Rebooting is turning off the phone, and then turning it back on. Nothing more.

      • Matthew

        thanks sahilm! i'm officially rooted!!! Thanks again and thanks Droid-Life! You all rock!!

        • sahilm

          No problem. Just was on the site and saw your comment, and was one of the few problems I could help in. Enjoy Root!

  • Julie



    I need help…this is off topic, but I tried to root my phone and then tried to update it with some builds then tried to do 2.2 now it's all messed up back to 2.0 and I have no idea how to get it back to the way it was HELP!!!!!!

  • Corkis

    Easy App has been updated in market and now supports unroot.

  • Bogart2482

    market did not find app when i scanned the barcode!!! what gives? i must say i did the manual update for froyo and i'm not digging it so far…..wish i would have waited for the OTA….but i'm sure i still would have been unhappy!!! Time to ROOT!!!! wish me luck

  • Gritmob420

    the link nor barcode work

  • Bill Ward73

    Are they going to have an update for easy root to make it compatible with 2.2….?

    • V941726

      it shows up on the market, but it is not available

  • Derek

    It wouldn't surprise me if this app was just alternatively posted by the DM team so they could charge for an app again. They are scammers on issues like this. They keep making an app and quit doing updates on it and will rename it under another developer and start charging new fees again.

    I've paid for 2 apps from the DM team (first called SholesMod) and have a feeling this is a 3rd they are trying to exploit people to buy. If it's associated with them at all, plan on losing support for this product within the next 60 days. Be cautious in supporting this dev group. You'd be better off following the team that does ROM Manager and finding free alternatives to rooting.

    • Nathan

      Hi Derek. I am in no way associated with the DM team, so no worries there man. If you need proof of that, one of the recommend apps after you root is ROM Manager. I am a CM guy myself!


      • Chris

        Hey when are you coming out with a update for the unroot button?

  • Ford5pt0

    installed this on my wifes phone yesterday (wish i didnt have go through rsd lite and all that crap) i cant believe how easy this was. Anyway, i just wanna make sure i'm correct here, but after i root her phone, all i have to do is boot into recovery, wipe data and cache and install a custom rom right? I'm doing this without rom manager for now, what a pain…..

  • Prime

    I can't find it on the market