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Easy Root, the Newest 1-Touch DROID Rooting App

After the beta version of DMUpdater was taken down today, many of you were left without an option to root your Droid and only a few hours remain until the official Android 2.2 update starts rolling out.  Are you freaking?  Freak no more!  The developer behind an app called “Easy Root” reached out to us this afternoon claiming to have an app that can root both the Droid 1 an Droid X with the touch of a button.  Nice timing right?

Can’t say that I’ve tried it as my Droid 1 is sitting stock at the moment awaiting some Froyo-ness, but feel free to give it some run and let us know what happens.

Not free, but only $.99 in the market.


Download Link

  • Jamesball

    not in android market

  • Keylo3655

    I have a Droid 2.2 but can’t find the easy root application. help please.

  • Cerin

    If it's not available from market, where is Easy Root now? Googling only shows a bunch of echo-chamber blog posts about it.

  • Arkian

    I just got easy root installed and got to the “root me” page… Then to the “Congrats” page… It said to reboot my phone (which I did) but when it came back on and I brought easy root back up, it acted as if i never rooted it… It just goes back to the “root me” page…. I tried reinstalling easy root, but it gave me the same results… Any suggestions??

  • Bobbytatone

    when will easy root work with 2.2….. or am i just doing something wrong

  • Bobbytatone

    when will easy root work with 2.2….. or am i just doing something wrong

  • Mrpicolas

    use universal androot much better and less problems

  • Guest

    is easy root still working?

  • Guest

    is easy root still working?

    • Mrpicolas

      use universal androot much better and less problems

  • Yankees1

    HELP… New to rooting. I used Easy Root yesterday to root. Worked like a charm. Downloaded Titanium backup and batch backed up apps and system settings. Installed CyanogenMod android version 2.2 (most recent standard version of CyanogenMod plus Google Apps). Lost some apps (MLB at Bat, for one) and phone was very slow and buggy for hours. It seems to be becoming more stable, however it appears that there is a problem with my root privileges. Titanium backup indicates that it can't gain root access. I have clicked the problems button and installed the most recent version of busybox about 20 times without luck. Each time I do this, Titanium appears to gain root access (“Titanium Backup has been given super user permissions”), but Titanium Backup in the notification bar states “Failed! See web page for troubleshooting”. Using Connectbot, $su and #whoami return “permission denied”, indicating a problem with my root privileges. I have read lots of posts but am going around in circles trying to out what to do next. Honestly I wish that I didn't install the custom ROM. Was happy to be rooted at 2.1.

  • balthuszar

    a little off topic, but need some help guys. i updated to sapphire 1.0.0 and it WAY slowed down my benchmarks…like on 0.7.0 i was running over 800 and now i'm running less than 500…i'd like to go back to 0.7.0, but when i try to boot into recovery(hold x while turning the phone on) it just does the motorola logo in boot until i let go of x, and then boots normally, as in it boots the phone, not into recovery…any thoughts?

  • Yaaqmon

    downloaded it from unstableapps.com and it worked like a charm. Was very pleased and the stress free rooting was totally worth 99 cents.

    Thank you to the dev!

  • I installed easy root and then downloaded rom manager then installed froyo which was a few roms down from the cynagen roms.. I backed up the data wit titanium and cleared cache and data. It didn't give me the option for adding Google/android apps. After I restarted my phone the market app was gone and the apps on the phone didn't work. I have the superuser allow apps wit the ninja logo. When i try to open superuser a black screen comes up.I can't download anything to the phone because it says this action is not allowed on device. Is my phone bricked? People can't call me but I can, i can also use the internet and texting. Is there a way to go back to stock 2.1? In the about phone it says that it is version 2.1 update 1 but superuser is on it can somebody tell me what I can do PLEASE!?!?!?!

  • The description on the Market says this app works on 2.2. Does this mean we can just get the OTA 2.2 update and THEN use this to root, or does it really only work on 2.1 for the Droid?

  • Nitro28_us

    i tried the unroot tab now, rebooted and my super ninja is gone on my dx, this is sweet

  • Please Help.
    After months of debating whether to root or not, I finally did it.
    Here are the steps I took:
    1. I rooted my D1 using easy root
    2. I backed up my data with Titanium
    3. I installed Clockwork flashed recovery and backed up my ROM.
    4. I downloaded and install CyanRC2 via Clockwork. (I did not wipe and clear cache)
    Here is my problem:
    My phone has been at a boot? Animation for over 2 hours. There are streams of blue lines (sometimes colored) at come from each side of the screen to form an ‘X’ in the middle of the screen. Should it take this long or am I in big trouble. I have not tried to remove my battery or anything yet to get it to stop.
    Any help or guidance would be immensely appreciated.

    • Jason

      Any help? Still at the same screen 9 hours later.

    • Jason

      I am able to boot into recovery. Should I use nandroid to do a restore?

      • Cleared cache, wiped it, booted it. Now all is good. Actually better than good.

  • Jeremiah

    Hey folks, I'm running a droid with fw 2.1, easy root runs and asks me to reboot. After reboot there is no root access… what am I missing?

  • Derek

    It's amazing how many people are attempting this stuff, just jumping in, not having a clue what they are doing. I envision a lot of bricked Droids on ebay very soon!

  • Kehslions5

    please!!!!! can anyone help me!? i bought the easy root and used it then i installed rom manager and a whole bunch of other apps for rooted droid. i used rom manager and i installed one that said froyo, it was under the cynagen roms. i backed up my data and cleared the cache. after my phone restarted it looked like the first time i started it up with the browser messaging phone apps on the home screen. this time there was no market app and the other apps that are on the phone like google maps and navigation dont work the force close. there is the superuser allow app thats a little ninja on there but when i go into it it just shows up black. the phone still says its 2.1 update 1 so i dont think its rooted can someone please help please

    • Derek

      When you downloaded the Cyanogen, it asks you if you want Google APPs, you have to check that or it will not get installed.

      Personally, I would recommend that you install Bugless Beast Froyo, Chevy Froyo, or JRummy Froyo. I've found Cyanogen Froyo to be quite buggy still. To get Chevy and Jrummy, you will need to purchase ROM Manager. The free doesn't give these. You also need to reserver about 2 to 3 hours just to grasp the basics of what you're doing. The realm of rooting and ROM swapping is not for the faint of heart or the non tech.

  • Matthew

    hey guys. VERY new to rooting and bought this app. says i'm rooted but need to reboot phone to finish process. real noob question: how do i reboot phone? is that power off, then power on with 'x'? if so, what happens after that? please advise. thanks!

    • sahilm

      Rebooting is turning off the phone, and then turning it back on. Nothing more.

      • Matthew

        thanks sahilm! i'm officially rooted!!! Thanks again and thanks Droid-Life! You all rock!!

        • sahilm

          No problem. Just was on the site and saw your comment, and was one of the few problems I could help in. Enjoy Root!

  • Julie



    I need help…this is off topic, but I tried to root my phone and then tried to update it with some builds then tried to do 2.2 now it's all messed up back to 2.0 and I have no idea how to get it back to the way it was HELP!!!!!!

  • Corkis

    Easy App has been updated in market and now supports unroot.

  • Bogart2482

    market did not find app when i scanned the barcode!!! what gives? i must say i did the manual update for froyo and i'm not digging it so far…..wish i would have waited for the OTA….but i'm sure i still would have been unhappy!!! Time to ROOT!!!! wish me luck

  • Gritmob420

    the link nor barcode work

  • Bill Ward73

    Are they going to have an update for easy root to make it compatible with 2.2….?

    • V941726

      it shows up on the market, but it is not available

  • Derek

    It wouldn't surprise me if this app was just alternatively posted by the DM team so they could charge for an app again. They are scammers on issues like this. They keep making an app and quit doing updates on it and will rename it under another developer and start charging new fees again.

    I've paid for 2 apps from the DM team (first called SholesMod) and have a feeling this is a 3rd they are trying to exploit people to buy. If it's associated with them at all, plan on losing support for this product within the next 60 days. Be cautious in supporting this dev group. You'd be better off following the team that does ROM Manager and finding free alternatives to rooting.

    • Nathan

      Hi Derek. I am in no way associated with the DM team, so no worries there man. If you need proof of that, one of the recommend apps after you root is ROM Manager. I am a CM guy myself!


      • Chris

        Hey when are you coming out with a update for the unroot button?

  • Ford5pt0

    installed this on my wifes phone yesterday (wish i didnt have go through rsd lite and all that crap) i cant believe how easy this was. Anyway, i just wanna make sure i'm correct here, but after i root her phone, all i have to do is boot into recovery, wipe data and cache and install a custom rom right? I'm doing this without rom manager for now, what a pain…..

  • Prime

    I can't find it on the market

  • Vcdburn

    104 degrees!! Wow

  • Luke

    After i rooted to CyanogenMod, i lost my tetris and doodle jump in market,its not there even when i search for it…any suggestions guys…first time rooted as of today

  • Corkis

    Is there a video on this or a credible tech review available on the web? How does this compare to other methods?

  • How would u unroot? Just uninstall?

  • Affliction

    ok i have been going through and everyone is talking about to to root the droid 1 but i have a droid x i know nothing about doing this to my phone but i really want to do it can anyone help me with a step by step process on how to do this so i dont brick my phone

  • Steven

    it works, but i don't know what the heck to do now that I have a rooted droid. many of the processes such as overclocking are far out of my league as an everyday android phone user. I did download setCPU to overclock my droid, but it seems that it is a little more complex than that. Waiting for the Android 2.2 update and getting it regardless.

    • Steven

      PS the moto droid does not have the correct hardware to wifi teather.

  • if i root my phone now will the ota still update my phone?

  • Bob

    The above link to this app appears to now be dead

  • Wahmuk

    I've been trying to buy this app off and on for over 12 hours and I keep getting an error: “A server error has occurred”. It's the first app I've tried to buy from the Android Market, and I can't say it's been a good experience so far.

  • Marquezsf

    this app is great

  • Cant find it on the market.

  • V941726

    sometimes i think this site is just a rumor mill

  • Deanack

    It is showing:

    A server error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous screen.

    This has happened for the last hour.

  • tonytbone7883

    ok, so if the boot loader is still locked even though you have your DX rooted, this means you can enjoy stuff like setCpu and others that require root access, but not able to install a custom ROM????
    Seems to me if that's true, shouldn't you wait to get the OTA upgrade then Root your DX?
    One more question, if the DX is rooted, can you install a custom kernel? DX owners can we see some Quadrant scores PLEASE…..

  • *looks around for his Staples “Easy” button*…..cause this made it so. I didn't mind paying the $1 – I've wasted more on less LOL.

  • Chris

    if all i wanna do is wifi tether for free will i have to do all the backups…i have the Droid X

    • Lorenzockellogg

      don,t know about the back ups but i did the other 1 click root an went straight to see if the wi fi tether work and yep it did had my laptop running from my D.X on the internet

    • steven

      you don’t have to back anything up. i did it with out even thinking and it didn’t change a thing. i have a droid but it don’t think it will be different

  • Patrick

    It's nice to see that we have to pay for a one click root, unlike unrevoked, which is free. /end sarcasm

  • FortitudineVincimus

    for $1, it was worth buying.. now, just need to work up the nerve to actually follow through

    I have MyBackupPro, which I had to pay for, and it seem you also then have to buy Titanium Backup to backup in root, so you have to buy that, to make sure you can backup data and not loose it

  • Branshaw09

    Any new root users that are out there looking for a good stable FAST 2.2 ROM. Check out ChevyNo1's Simply Stunning. He just rolled out 4.6 Sunday and it is awesome. It is in the paid version of ROM Manager. Load that with a new kernel and you'll be flyin! Have fun!!!

    • V941726

      its not in my paid version. where do you look exactly? i dont get many choices

      • Branshaw09

        In ROM Manager click download ROM, then scroll down under Premium and it is under ChevyNo1, click on Simply Stunning FROYO v4.6. When you download it, you also be given the option to add a new kernel and set a theme if you chose. Have fuN!

        • V941726

          realized its for the Droid 1. i have the incredible. looks real nice though

  • kris64

    So I've been working with a friend to root his phone using this method. (I've rooted long ago using the 'old fashion method') Everything seemed to be working just fine, he was granted superuser permissions upon downloading ROM Manager and Titanium backup. (Which I assume means he was rooted)

    He then went about backing up his system and downloading a new ROM. Upon uploading the newly downloaded ROM the dreaded traingle with phone beneath it popped up on the screen. Fortunately a battery pull and a restart brought his phone back to its previous state, but an attempt to manually boot into clockwork recovery (which he had flashed using ROM manager) also led to the triangle……

    My advice to him was to reflash the recovery, or try an older version of clockwork. Am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Jparks0807

    im stuck at authorizing purchase, been like that for about 30 minutes, any suggestions?

  • V941726

    download link is broke and so is the market link. what happened?

  • Spidajay

    Just rooted my Droid X with the above program. Now how to get 2.2???

    • you can't locked boot loader have to wait a long time still

  • brandonmee

    May I say if you do decide to root the new CM6 is amazing. You can change the colors of just about anything you see on the homescreen. It also runs as smooth as ice; it is very nice.

  • Richwestendorf

    how do you pull this up on the market. i couldn't get it, then it finally showed and i had to do something and went back it now i can't pull it up again. any tricks to finding this in the market?

  • mhoe

    where oh where is froooyo?

  • DracoZaroff

    I'm sure this is a stupid question but I want to be sure. Using this method will I lose my apps and settings?

    • Swould333

      I didn't lose mine… it just gives you Root access to Android 2.1… not a new version of android… manipulates what you have… was easy… 😀 … still doing research as to the use of rom manager and updating to froyo..

    • brandonmee

      If you choose to wipe when you install a new rom you will loose your apps. However after you root download titanium from the market and back everything up. Then after you install your first rom you can reload all your programs quickly without accessing the market. Also once running a 2.2 rom you can go between them without wiping, but if you do wipe the market will automatically re-push everything to your phone that you had while runing 2.2. It is a nice feature they added to 2.2.

  • Swould333

    DANG!!!!!! that was EASY…. worked great for me.. took like 15 sec.. reboot and BAMM.. got my ninja..
    not saying that 15 sec didn't seem like an eternity… i've been spooked about this awhile the anxiety of doing it was alot worse than the effort to do it…


    Now what… flash clockwork recovery and a froyo rom?… did the “x” and “power” to see if it put on a new recovery, it's still the android recovery… can you flash a rom from the stock? or do you have to use clockwork recovery… sorry for being such a noob… just with having this much of a shortcut to root it takes alot of the directions Klexx has on here out of the equation and leaves a few gaps…. any direction would be much apreciated.. 😀

  • D1 rooter-wanna-be

    Can someone give me a step by step procedure on rooting. Lets say I use this app to unroot my stock 2.1 D1, that is step 1, what is step 2, step 3, etc…… I want to root, sounds like it will still be way better than 2.2.

    Step 1. Use Easy Root
    Step 2. ____________
    Step 3. ____________
    Step 4. ____________

    Thanks, I am a newbie and cant afford a new phone if I brick this one.

    • brandonmee

      1. Root
      2. Purchase Rom manager for 3.99 from market.
      3. Find a rom on there you like(most have pictures of what they look like. Cyanogenmod 6 is nice and you can change the colors yourself in the settings.)
      4. Click download….when finished I suggest you click to make a back up and wipe data and cache and hit ok.
      5.(i am adding a 5) ENJOY your delicous froyo…I have been getting fat off of it for a couple months now…it is awesome.

      • D1 rooter-wanna-be

        Do I do the back up and wipe from the Rom I just downloaded? or do I have to go somewhere else to do that? After rooting and downloading a Rom manager, is there any safety apps i should consider? like anythig for recovery or back up or anything? last question: once i root, can i save apps to the sd card? Thanks brandonmee, very helpful.

        • brandonmee

          After you click download rom of your choice in rom manager and it completes rom manager will ask you if you want to wipe and create a backup. Once you are rooted you can get titanium back up from market and run a batch backup…follow on screen stuff it will tell you if you need stuff. It will back up all programs, data, and settings. Then you can batch restore after rom installation. Yes once you go to 2.2 you can save apps to sd. Play around in the settings menu and you will find it. Manage applications and click move to sd card. Each rom handles it differently so you will have to look around on where to turn it on at. On CM6(the one i recommended you start with) It is inside of CM6 tweaks and the application settings and then you will see allow application moving and install location options. It is in the phones setting menu. If you have any more questions…I will be around here for about another half an hour or so.

          • D1 rooter-wanna-be

            will i have to do a back up with Titanium with every new Rom i install? I am just so nervous about doing it, afraid i might mess something up after i root by not having the right app to do this or that or back up this or flash that. so much termanology. And is it worth it to do this with the 2.2 ota update supposedly coming today?

          • brandonmee

            worth it …..oh yeah….you can tether for rfree after root…that there is worth it. No generally you do not have to wipe before you install new roms i just recommend it going to 2.2 therefore you do not always have to run titanium. Once on 2.2 the market will automatically sync too. When you go from one 2.2 rom to another and you do wipe the market will automatically reinstall your apps with your contacts.

          • Jason

            This has been a huge help. One question. So are all of the apps wiped out? What does that do for some apps that are no longer in the market or apps like Shazam that now charges people that installed after July? Thanks again for all of the help.

          • Anonymous

            If you use the titanium backup…you will have a backup of all programs on your phone.

          • ilpleasu

            I am so confused reading all of these replies about rooting and tethering etc. I purchased a new X on the 15th of July online, got it the next day, took it out of da box charged it up about 6 hrs. activated it, of course I purchased PDANET for 22 bucks, installed it and its been doing the job of tethering with no problems free no monthly tehering fee…….just a note>>>>> Verizon

          • brandonmee

            Just be sure to check the backup on rom install in rom manager so you will have a backup of your original.

  • tim

    i just can't win! DMUploader now cost $20, I tried buying Easy Root and it won't install successfully…

    • joandy

      Just follow this guide: http://www.droid-life.com/2010/07/08/how-to-roo
      I've rooted 3 phones already and not a single bricking. Just make sure you follow the instructions EXACTLY and you'll be ok. In fact, I did it again yesterday night.

    • Lee

      $20? You have got to be kidding…. those people are crazy. I sure hope only one or two people buy it at that price. If $20 is what they are trying to charge it is nothing but PURE greed. A $1.00 is reasonable and I'm sure thousands of people would buy it. $20 is nothing short of robbery.

  • G.T.

    I've been curious about rooting but uneasy to try it myself. I was disappointed to hear that the froyo update won't let you tether. If I root before the update will I be able to tether? and what happens when the update comes out and I've rooted?

  • happyrooter

    I just did it!!! and i am rebooting and going to install a rom from rom manager.

  • Luke

    First time rooting,twas easy and im pleased with this app.

    Droid 1

  • can u recalibrate the screen on a D1? Maybe it would help me.

  • Ufish2

    worked great on my X..now we need custom rom::)::)::) and well worth a buck for a noob like me..plus I dont have a brick..lol

  • Tr1cky

    2.2 OTA isnt coming 🙁 its gonna be a while before any D1 gets is 8(

  • MMM770

    I'm mostly depressed due to the temperature being 104 where ever this droid was.

    • Nathan

      It was awful yesterday for the temp. But releasing this to the world it bearable!

  • dreas_droid

    its not in the market when i search for it

  • unrelated. My screen keeps going crazy and I don't know why. Vanilla and only had my D1 for about 3 months, HELP!!!

    • brandonmee

      what is it doing?

  • Xintensex

    Does this work on Dinc?

    • Mrpicolas


  • Skreemer311

    I did this but i want my Droid X back to stock. I know nothing about rooting and want my froyo. Can you help me?

    • Skreemer311

      Or… a ROM manager for Droid X to figure this stuff out.

      • will be a long time if ever as the droidx has a locked boot loader so a full truly custom image will never be an option most likely just the milestone second boot method

    • Mrpicolas

      check out alldroid they have instructions on how to unroot the x

  • MattInPDX

    Didn't work for me, got my money back and rooted the old fashioned way.

  • Chris Nimon

    Aahhhh, now i see why DMUpdater was pulled. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-general-

  • Robert

    Will I be able to use this if I get the update? Is there a rooting for dummies link…Rather, rooting for idiots, I can check out? lol

  • Droid 1 Rooted successfully.

  • Ricco

    Hey everyone! Long time reader, first time poster. Since I am a couple of days (maybe hours) from froyo I was thinking about rooting my phone. I keep reading about how great it is and I finally got over my fear of bricking my phone. Well anyways let's get to my question, if I do let froyo upgrade onto my droid, will I lose my chance of rooting my phone? Do I have to wait until gingerbread comes out to root my phone?

    • Mrpicolas

      well not exactly but you will have to wait for the devs to root 2.2 or load a custom recovery onto the 2.2 update

    • skltr21

      you should still be able to root, but if they lock the bootloader with this update custom ROMs are highly unlikely……. so if you're gonna do it, do it now. better safe than sorry.

  • Aj Mrtnz

    this has to be the easiest and free way to root your droid just have to follow 6 steps it is really easy http://www.mydroidworld.com/forums/how-tos-guid

  • Brt3120


  • Jer

    Once I root with this app how do I get 2.2 and Flash?Please help I am new to rooting.

    • CJ

      Go to the market and download Rom manager. Easy installation of ROMs there, I'm running bugless beast. After that I downloaded flash from the downloads section on this site and installed on my phone.

      I rooted this weekend so I'm new to root too.

      • Jer

        I also installed bugless beast and it is still 2.1. I will try to download flash and see if that puts 2.2 on it. Can I use the download link from this site from my phones browser?Thanks

        • Chris Nimon

          BB V1.1 is a 2.1 rom, BBV0.4 is a 2.2 rom

          • Jer

            Perfect 2.2 is now on my Droid!!! how do I get flash on it now?

          • Chris Nimon

            I think the rom has it on it already but if not just go to this link. http://www.appbrain.com/app/com.adobe.flashplayer easier if you use the phone to get here

          • Mrpicolas

            search the droid life site its posted

          • CJ

            I think Chris is right, I think flash is built into the rom. Have you tried browsing some sites to test?

            If not you can download from this site, just open the downloads link at the top of the droid-life home page and you should see the apk file there.

  • i feel so left out since i cant find this on the market….scanning barcode doesnt work either, i wanna root again before 2.2 so bad

    • Chris Nimon

      I just tried it with barcode scanner and it worked. Maybe it was just overloaded at the time?
      It also came up when i searched for “easy root” on appbrain on my computer.

      • nope still not working for me, search says, “There are no matches in Android Market for the search : pname: com.unstableapps.easy root…..i dont know what to do

        • Chris Nimon

          did you try the appbrain link?

          • yes ive tried everything, created an account with appbrain and installed the app but the market still cant find the program….is there any other places i can directly download it from instead of from the market?

          • Chris Nimon

            did you try downloading it from appbrain on your computer? if you open appbrain on your phone it shouldnt be taking you to the Android Market. Is that what is going on?

          • no i made sure im doing everything from my phone so to not have any issues but it just wont find it on the market. just gives me that error i typed out in an earlier response

          • Chris Nimon

            you can get it from appbrain on your phone too. Actually if you have the appbrain app and sync it, and get fast web installer and run it, you can browse appbrain on your computer and find an app, and click install and your phone will immediately start downloading it.

          • its gotta go through the market though and thats what its not finding it on, man i really wanna root again but it doesnt look promising

          • Chris Nimon

            appbrain is just another market. it like kmart and walmart. you can get the same stuff just different stores

          • tried restarting my phone and searching again but still the market error. 🙁

          • Chris Nimon

            are you still stuck on 2.0.1?

          • yeah, the ota never came for 2.1 and the baseband is correct for it to come….ive tried forcing it on through update.zip but my sd card doesnt act like its in the phone so nothing can be saved to it. ive tried reformatting it as well but write protection is on, on the card, and ive even used the stupid adapter to take it off and its still on. i want easy root bad and i want 2.2 but i dont think ill be getting both

          • Chris Nimon

            im betting that is why its not showing up. did you copy all your sd files to a folder on your computer and then use your computer to format the sd card to fat32? then rename the update.zip file to just “update”?

          • format never finishes on my computer because of the “invisible” write protect lock on my mini sd, im so fed up with trying today….if you have any other suggestions as to how i can get 2.1 plus easy root on my phone im all ears 🙂

          • Chris Nimon

            now i can only guess that you either need to be logged on the computer as Administrator, or you have a bad sd card. If you happen to have one (yeah, i know, like we all have micro sd cards laying around) try it. Does your computer read the card? if so when you right click on it does it say you have so many files or anything? can you change the permissions there to allow overwriting it? If your computer doesnt read it, it could also be the adapter.

          • i am administrator, when i put it in the adapter to format or just read the card it shows up as an empty card. Nothing at all is on the card….dunno who my phone is running but im not gonna screw with trying to figure that one out lol. Theres absolutely nothing on the card, its like an empty one in my phone. Weird yeah but meh….there are no permissions to change on this because im top level on the computer. I tried putting on the update.zip file on the sd card a few hours ago but since its locked into a read only state it will let me paste it on the card but when i go back to check it, theres nothing on the card again. Im really confused with this stupid sd card….sucks i dont have an extra one laying around like you said lol.

          • Chris Nimon

            the only 2 things i can think of is another msd card or possibly try it on another computer.

          • the adapter had a slide on it, i unlocked it and tried to format it that way but it said it was still write protected……stupid computers hahahaha

          • Chris Nimon

            make sure that when you put it in it doesn’t lock itself accidentally. I
            have had that happen to me before.


          • brandonmee

            I suggest rooting the old fashioned way…it is on this site just follow the videos since you can't find this and you are still at 2.0.1. Then get rom mananger and tell it to format your card.

          • Chris Nimon

            your adapter doesnt have one of those little slide locks on it does it?

          • Chris Nimon

            also try rebooting your phone then searching for it

          • Chris Nimon

            make sure you put a space between easy and root my market took awhile to find it as one word and appbrain didnt find it. when i put it as 2 words it popped up almost instantly

  • Fardner24

    took less than 30 seconds! AMAZING!!!

  • Donald Maroney

    I downloaded app, installed, hit the root key, rebooted (ctrl+alt+del), but instead of coming to the screen it shows with the apps on it the app starts over again as if I am just starting. Am I rooted or is it not working? How do I tell?

  • Timmah

    Omg it worked on my iPhone 4! Yayy!

  • rtn1911

    Bought the app and rooted in under 2 minutes. Rebooted and everything works great so far. Droid X.

  • T_Droid

    Here is a link to a previous post on rooting and installing roms. I think it will help with a lot of your questions for those that are new to being rooted.
    Just scroll down past the rooting section


  • grrr, i wanted to see if this works but i cant download it, it says there are no matches on the market when i do a barcode scan……does anyone have an alternate link or something?

  • Nitro28_us

    Just curious if anyone knows how to unroot my droid x just in case I want to send it back before the 30 days is up… phone seams pretty awesome but doesnt hold a candle to the volume & speaker of the droid 1.

  • TheCoyote

    I can't believe how quick and easy that was. Unreal. Rooted my Droid 1 and had an iPad tethered to Barnacle in about two minutes from the time I scanned the Easy Root link.

  • Raven

    I really want to try this, but after reading about the people at Defcon that released a program disguised as a “root” utility to help easily root your phone that really sends back lots of personal info I am a little hesitant.
    I want root to run SetCPU, but I do not want the wipe involved in installing a root ROM. I also figure that even if I root with this and don't go any further, the OTA 2.2 update will restore my phone to unrooted anyway.
    Thoughts on these concerns?

    • huskerjack

      once you root, you won't get the OTA until you go back to stock. the OTA won't automatically restore you to unroot. if you're really thinking about rooting, you should probably do it now, before installing the OTA 2.2, because it may be a while before they hack the stock 2.2, and obtain root. from what i've seen, the OTA 2.2 is FRG01B, which many of the custom roms have been using for a few weeks now. so, you'll essentially have 2.2 anyway, plus all the coolness of the custom roms and themes. if you want to go back to stock and get the stock 2.2 later, you always can. i'm sticking with root for now!

  • Lguidry88

    Once rooting with this, what should I use to backup my stuff before venturing into ROM-land?

    • Lguidry88

      I’m posting this 2 days later, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I was rooted within 45 seconds, no problem. Installed ROM manager, made a nandroid backup, and flashed Jrummy’s Kangerade. Phone has been running prefectly since!

  • Earle Rylander

    I'm “rooted” but I'm not running 2.2 and my phone is being VERY slow.


    • change rom to get 2.2

    • Mrpicolas

      rooting is just getting access now you need to find a rom and maybe try a diiferent kernal check out rom manager its a good place to start

      • brandonmee

        and well worth the 3.99. Every phone I have rooted for friends and family…I have required them to purchase it for me to do the process for them.

  • Earle Rylander

    I'm “rooted” but I don't see 2.2 and my phone is being VERY slow.


    • U need to reboot ur phone after u root

      • Earle Rylander

        Yeah, I did and I still don't have 2.2. I've rebooted several times.

    • CJ

      You also need to put a rom on there to give you 2.2. I downloaded rom manager from the market and used it to put bugless beast on my phone. Not a lot of customization options but so far very stable and fast (which is what I really wanted).

      • Earle Rylander

        So after I download the ROM for 2.2, how do I install?

        • Chris Nimon

          The easiest way is to use Rom Manager from app market. or you can download the rom, rename it “update” put it on your sd card. hold X while turning on phone, then click install update.zip.

          • Earle Rylander

            I already have Rom Manager downloading BBV0.4 with 2.2

            After it finishes, do I restart or what do I do to apply the new rom?

          • Chris Nimon

            when its done a screen will pop up saying back up and wipe data. because your upgrading definitely wipe data. i would also back up so that if anything were to happen you can restore to where you are at now

          • Chris Nimon

            hey buddy, you still with us or are you playing in froyoland right now?

  • TylerSilvss

    I LOVE DROID LIFE that is all

  • T_Droid

    I had been running sapphire rom which is very good, but switched to jrummy's newest version lithium. It is based on the latest build of 2.2 it is fantastic!!! So why wait

  • Just bought it, works like a charm. I'm already surfing the web on my laptop with my 3G connection. Now, to find some cool ROMs…

  • mjfbush

    I just can't wait for 2.2!

  • Pujols Fan

    Does this app come with a way to unroot?

    • Paul

      Thats what I'm wondering is there a way to uninstall or un root back to stock if it's not working the way you wanted it to??????

      • Chris

        have you tried it?

        • T.Pego

          i just emailed the dev asking if there is a way to unroot, he responded right away:

          Unroot is coming in a midweek update to the app. If you need to right now you can delete the added files with Root Explorer.


          • Lee

            Oh my…. that is not how you unroot. Don't just go in and start deleting files.

            If you want to unroot, just flash the stock rom

  • That was fantastic, best $1 I could have spent today… Oh now that my toes are wet I might as well jump on in… Thanks for sharing

  • dannydarko

    DM updater is Frigin $20 for the app version0.1.2 WTF!!!!!!is that!

    • Lee

      Crooks is what they are…. Rooting is so easy, but is worth $1 for a simple tool. But $20 is just taking advantage of people.

      • brandonmee

        even worth a couple of dollars maybe…I did it the old fashioned way with sbf files…but definitely not 20 dollars.

  • Jon

    Does this app come with a way to unroot?

    • Lee

      You don't need a tool to unroot. Just flash the stock rom and recovery.

  • Wish you could re-root with this app.

  • Nick R

    Will this app still work when the 2.2 update is released?

    • balthuszar

      took the words right out of my fingers

  • ajavgeek

    Some good news for HTC Eris as well

    Too root without need of computer


    Worked like a charm for me

  • jay

    I dowmload it but none of the root apps work???

    • Fardner24

      You actually have to go into the app and hit root for your phone to be rooted

  • Hey Kellex are you gonna make a blog post so everyone can post the time they get their froyo ota update? Idk make it a little anticipation game of it. Like as soon as you're done updating get on here and post the time you received it.

  • but when I click the link it says to go to android market but I can't find it there??? so where is it at???

  • Jeff

    I bought the app. If the rumors of Verizon not allowing any form of tethering in the Official Froyo update is true, I am going to root the phone tomorrow. I would say that there is a better than 50% chance I will be rooting the phone tomorrow….

  • Martin

    I rooted my 2.1 Motorola Droid about two months ago by downgrading to 2.01 etc. Let me tell you, it was a complete sonofabitch that took a ton of time. Ultimately, it was worth it.

    A few weeks later my Droid died due to an unrelated (I'm assuming at least) touch screen failure. Since then I haven't bother to root again with my replacement. Now, with 2.2 coming out and this app appearing, I decided to try it again. The difference in ease of use is outstanding. It literally took about 120 seconds, including 3G download time, to root my phone from scanning the QR code on. Totally worth my time, considering I paid $0.99 to get the same result as about an hour or so worth of work.

    Extra bonus: since this directly roots 2.1 I was able to use Titanium Backup before doing anything else. This is probably possible without this app nowadays since rooting 2.1 seems to be getting better, but it's still a benefit compared to two months ago.

    TL;DR: This works with the Motorola Droid and is totally worth it.

    • Lee

      Great post! One thing I like is that you first did the process on your own. By doing it yourself you have a better grasp of what's going on if you ever have an issue. But after learning how to do it on your own this would be a nice “quick” rooting tool. $.99 is very reasonable, anything more than that is a bit silly. Someone wrote that dmupdater is something like $20…. that is ridiculous.

  • You say your staying unrooted right now. Well me to because I also want the froyo-ness, but unfortunately I just found out a couple of hours ago that the new froyo that's supposed to launch officially tomorrow will not come with WIFI HOTSPOT, will not be as fast as other roms already out there, and also the adobe flash might not be complete and will be launched as a beta like it already has been. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!! Come on this is straight up crap. >:( So anyway I just bought the easyroot app on the market. I already for see myself rooting again by the end of tomorrow after I have checked this crap froyo launch out tomorrow. Poop on a stick.

    • Tyler

      Wait, you actually thought the “official” OTA would be better and less locked down than what the devs can come out with? Just put on a froyo rom now and get wifi hotspot

    • brandonmee

      the adobe players running around right now are betas. Adobe hasn't released a final version.

  • JrocX

    This has got to be the easiest thing I've done on my DX. Successfully rooted with this app. 🙂

  • John

    FRG01B is apparently the official release we can expect OTA.. Newest batch of ROMs incorporate this build (and let me tell you, they are sweet), so we already have better ROMs than whats going to come over the airwaves. No need to unroot IMO..

  • chris

    if i go ahead and root is their a easy way to unroot…I have the Droid X by the way

  • Rizzidy


    • skltr21

      whoa……. i wish i had this option when i first rooted. i would have paid a dollar to have a program do it all for me with one click. sounds great to me. good for noobs……

      • aczm1988


    • Michael_NM

      Offer an easy way to root for only a buck? Go to Heaven!

    • Ortizchief

      is only $1.00 come on

  • its not available on the market when i hit the download link through my phone….

  • Does anyone know if I'm rooted but still running stock, do I still get the update?… (I just rooted using the dmu updater,but again I just rooted I did not flash any roms) thank you

    • skltr21

      i would think so. when you download a new ROM they usually disable the OTA updates. but rooting should still get you the OTA. if you're rooted on stock 2.1 without a custom ROM i would think you would still get the update. but what's the point of rooting if you want the OTA update??? once you receive the update i would think it would un-root you. and like in the previous post on here….. you may not be able to root your droid with this new update. no one knows. i wouldn't take that chance if you want to be rooted…… just my opinion.

    • No ota get rom manager in market and buy the premium and flash clockwork recovery download lithium mod and you have FRGO1B it will be updated if need be after OTA

  • Ortizchief

    it works for sure not a joke

  • EdCenter

    If this works as advertised it would definitely be worth 1 dollar minus a cent. If it adds a backup image manager, then I wouldn't mind paying a little more!

  • tbaybe

    f-ing awesome! If it works that is

  • off subject but the droid x has been rooted right? and droid 2 will be out soon now i keep hearing something called vanilla android or something im guessing thats what allowed people to install custom roms with the last android phones with that being absent will there be no more custom roms for these newer higher end devices? If this is the case that sucks ass cuz i love theming my droid 1 and install custom roms and all that other crap but with that being absent ill prolly lose interest in upgrading just for the reason that i cant do as i please with my phone that what made android far different from weak ol apple motorola always gotta be gay =(

    • “Vanilla Android” means stock Andriod UI (i.e., no TouchWiz or Blur interface). Vanilla android phones are usually faster to update because the manufacturer doesn't have to port the new UI to it. It has nothing to do with being able to install custom ROMs.

      • so do u think custom roms will be on droid x and droid 2? or is it to early to make assumptions?

        • skltr21

          as of now no because of the locked bootloader. if someone cracks that then yes….. you'll see some custom ROMs. i wouldnt expect them any time soon though.

          • o ok that sucks would u happen to know if they offering the droid x as a replacement for the droid 1? because i just read that post and if there offering it now ima go throw my phone in a wood chipper lol

          • skltr21

            hahaha how dare you?! dont destroy such an amazing phone! you're crazy………

          • Mrpicolas

            theyre are actually some partial themes for the x if you check alldroid but be warned these are done thru adb and are replacing framework bits so use at your own risk

          • skltr21

            just checked them out…… nice, but not for the noobs at all. pretty risky. i think people should wait till they get a custom recovery.

  • Djduquet

    Well this is the first app that I've ever paid for and I have to say that without a doubt it's worth every cent.

    Very easy process to root the phone. One click, and you're done.

    This is the first time I've rooted and figured that prior to 2.2 coming out was a good time to actually do this.

    Kelex, the app is flawless I'd suggest it to anyone who wishes to gain root.

    • DMUpdater works and it's free. http://is.gd/dZvyh

      • joandy

        No its not. It cost you $20 to use it now.

      • JFKempf

        From what I have read, the authors of DMUpdater have asked that the pre-release versions be taken down as there is a possibility of it bricking your phone.

      • Timmah

        Please remove that link. You are posting a link to a paid program which is $20.00 USD which is piracy.

        • joandy

          Timmah, before saying is piracy you need to make sure that it is indeed the apk for the $20 version. Because if you try running an older version it will prompt you to upgrade or quit. It doesn't allow you to root..

        • What the Frack?!

          It's probably $20 to discurage people from using it.

      • Chris Nimon

        DO NOT USE THIS. Check my post further down. This is not finished. The DM team dont know why it is in the market for $20 but said it could really mess up your phone. see my post further down for a link to their response.

  • Baked14

    Never!!!!! Have you ever seen a blue rose grow in black grass? I'm stressed out, so tired. I need a vacation. I'm standing here, like a movie paused. I need a vacation. I'm gonna bank head when I'm good. I'm minding my business. So why you people hating. I put it on the good hood. I need a vacation. I'm going in the woods where it's dark. I'm stressed out, I'm so tired. I need a vacation. Pt that everything. You people don't see me. That's how it is sucka. You know the name glitch. We on 75. My hands down 75. Put that on everything. You know that man. So why can't he be first? Why cant he be 2nd man. he's maRking his spot like a dog pisses on my tree. Never cross it. I make goo for us. I put that on everything. I'll do it. You got to believe me. I'll do it do it do it. put it all on the line. FIRST!!!!

  • Anyone know of a good wifi tether app? Just rooted my phone and wasnt sure which one to download

    • aczm1988

      Wireless tether for root users. If not rooted i think Barnacle tether works. Both are free in app market.

      • What's the difference between the both. I'm rooted

        • Tyler

          Wireless tether for root users works and Barnacle doesn't (for me running 2.2 on a Droid 1)

    • Ortizchief


  • Ace Z.

    Lmao!!! I was reading Kellex's post about unrooting your phone to receive the official OTA 2.2 update and started laughing. I've unrooted when 2.1 came out and I was like “Ok? I've seen this before, but now my phone is a lot slower!” So my suggestion, don't unroot…wait for other ROMs to come out once the official 2.2 arrives.

    • joandy

      I'm assuming he did it to show ppl what the official 2.2 is gonna be like.

  • Ron

    Just in case for those who want to revert back to Android 2.1 stock.


    • Ron

      Good thing I backup both of my Android 2.1 and Android 2.2 leak with root in case I decide to go back. So now, I'm on Android 2.1 stock to see if I get the update or to see any changes from the leak. Wish everyone luck for those who are waiting on for the update later tonight.

    • what is it?

      • Ron

        It is Android 2.1-Update1 (ESE81) stock for Motorola Droid!

    • Nick

      That link is broken, Ron. Do you have any more info about getting back to 2.1 stock? I forced the (unrooted) Froyo update on my Moto Droid and I want to go back to 2.1 to root.


  • Jedi_Gunslinger

    Just rooted friends phone installing the sapphire rom in video, then installed rom manager…flashed clockwork everything smooth to this point. But when I go to dl one of the new lithiums mod roms it says: download unsuccessful the content is not supported on this phone,,,any ideas, it dl'd fine to mine

    • Puck3511

      what kind of phone?

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Droid 1's

        • Jedi_Gunslinger

          Sorry should have clarified I DID NOT use this process to do it, but the rsd lite/ so recovery method

          • skltr21

            are you downloading it from ROM manager or from a website??? if you're downloading from ROM manager you need to flash clockwork and you should be good to go. but yeah… first clear the download cache from within rom managers options. if you download it from a website you can use either method. you can download the file and if you're using a clockwork recovery you can just put it on your sd card the way it is and go into rom manager and click install rom from sd card. or if you want to use sprecovery then you need to rename the downloaded file update.zip and put it on the root of your sd card. then boot into recovery and go from there.

          • DeathofGrim

            I ran into issues with sapphire too so I got bb then rom manager worked just fine

    • Not sure try clear cash in menu in rom manager 2. Use older clockwork recovery 3 try another rom like pete,s then come back to lithium 4. Goto web site to get dwnload zip droidforums.net

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Thank you sir, will give those a go… and yeah that's where I got the dl's, worked on mine but not his…idk??

    • Ebbressi

      Try going into settings>applicatons>and check Unknown Sources

  • How do you get the degrees on top of the bar?

    • Sparklees

      If I'm not mistaken, it's Weatherbug

      • Yes your correct Sparklees, weather bug has an option to place the tempering the notification bar.

    • it's called TempMon it monitors the cpu temp. Only needed if you are overclocked

    • weather.com app setting

    • Nathan

      I use WeatherBug Elite.

  • Yes i'm Fourth!

  • Usdibebnan

    Wow, who has Droid 1 stock anyway?

    • Wraithix

      I do. I tried rooting one night when I was drunk. Not good! lol. I really want to try this but with 2.2 coming out, IDK.

      Can we please make comments such as “First!” ban-able?

    • aczm1988

      I know 5 ppl on stock 2.1

  • picaso86

    I would hold on the official Android 2.2 update because I am pretty sure will be having some awesome ROMs with the official build… plus some goodies! 🙂

  • wow am i first lol