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Exclusive: DROID 2 User Guide

Want to read up on the Droid 2 before it hits stores some time in August?  Then check out the user guide we just received which actually gives away a few key details as to what we can expect from this new Droid family member.

Download:  droid2-dl.pdf

The first is the MotoBlur skin which is already featured on the Droid X and was rumored to be included on the D2.  From the screen shot above, you can clearly see the same launcher with the phone and contact buttons sitting beside it.  We understand that builds can change and sometimes user guides aren’t always on point, but we have no reason to believe the Blur skin won’t be featured.

Next up are the keyboards and from what we can tell, the multi-touch version (which is awesome) plus Swype will come pre-installed for your using pleasure…

And the last thing is the likelihood that Android 2.2 will come preloaded.  As you can see from this shot, we’ve got the Froyo Google search menu…

Thoughts?  Can this phone still be a winner?  Is Motorola packing in a surprise to grab our attention?

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  • Dsheets54

    How I get music stay on my phone

  • Cappucino5290

    my internet service keeps going off what do i do

  • Cappucino5290

    my internet service keeps going off what do i do

  • Aaaelev

    Why does it take 2 weeks to get the X and the 2 is available tomorrow? Is the X that much better or are we getting played by Moto?

  • Aaaelev

    droid x or droid 2, which one?

  • Thereffrey

    Is this going to be buy one get one free?

  • Fakearshui

    Could you please upload it in rapidshare as some countries are not allowed to use megaupload

  • Rogue5

    If Moto has something up their sleeve, then i just can't wait to hear it. If this is it, then couldn't you guys do better than this?

  • Ruler

    When is a European version coming out?

  • crichton007

    If the more efficient processor is all its cracked up to be I'd really like this phone.

  • No front camera, no hard keys, no hd video, no gyro, no LTE, no roms, no dice! Unless a dice app is in the bloatware lol.

    I'll deal with my rD1 and its”limitations” for now.

    Ps–“bloatware” is in swype dictionary. That amazes me.

  • Player

    when will a phone a great as droid 1 come along?

  • WHY was it necessary to move the hot keys around?! And come on moto, what's wrong with vanilla android? Gingerbread should be just around the corner after all

  • Guest

    Does this mean Swype will be available for all Android devices soon?

  • Paul hahrgiss

    try a droid x for a week with swype, and you will never go back to a droid 1-2, it feels like trying to type on a postage stamp, lol

    • Swype on my d1 is perfect. ???

  • Bullet Tooth Tony

    While my 1 year upgrade will come on November 7…. I think I may wait the full 20 months. D1 is working fine, and with actual Apps2SD, I have a lot more memory even with a lot of apps still not allowing it… I'm kinda hoping for an LTE Droid by summer next year. That's the plan anyways…

  • I'll stick with my dx love this phone

  • ooh yay swype… i love swype.. its so easy nd works great

    • 1bad69z28

      I havn't tried Swype yet and I have a rooted D1, is it as good as you say, I've heard about 50/50 Pro/con on this app.

      • When my trial ran out I almost cried. That make a difference?
        Thank god there was another version on dl!

  • David

    It would be awesome if someone comes up with a microUSB to hdmi cable like they did for the Samsung galaxy phone.

  • brandonmee

    Unrelated but I am tethered through usb on my droid one running froyo right now. P3droid released new kernels today that will monitor temperatures and allow both forms of tethering plus many other plug-in modules.

    • Tyler

      my old p3droid kernal worked just fine with wireless tethering… well, the wireless tether for root users app. Idk why you'd have to use the official one, it takes two clicks for me to start wifi tethering as is…

  • Leonard

    droid 2 NEEDS to have an improved camera, aka the droid x camera and 720p recording! its silly to use the same camera as the droid 1 which suckkks and besides even the iphone 4 does 720p video, come ooon motorola

  • Hmm looks good to me! Never had a droid 1 so 2 should be sweet.

  • Annoynimous

    buying another Motorola android phone is like funding the terrorist to hold the bootloader hostage…

  • Rodeojones000

    The real question we all have, and the only question really worth considering, is whether this phone will have an encrypted bootloaded like the X. If so, then I wouldn't get this phone if Verizon gave them away for free.

    • Timoh

      I don't think it's a question. I'd say it's safe to automatically assume that all future Moto smartphones will have an encrypted bootloader.

    • Droidzilla

      +1. My bet's on all future Moto devices having locked bootloaders, which is sad because I really liked the Moto phones.

  • Timoh

    The Google search would normally indicate that it will ship with Froyo. This is Motorola though, they have been adding features from 2.2 to 2.1 with the X. Could be Froyo or it could be just another feature added to 2.1, hard to tell with Motorola.

  • davesdroid

    I'll take it as a replacement for my D1 thru Asurion, but I won't be using an upgrade for it. Through rooting, my D1 already is a D2 that I can theme whenever I want. What's the point

  • K Matheny

    LauncherPro will help take care of that Blur mess…

  • I was told that Droid X didn't have the motoblur.
    thats bullsh@@.

    • “Ninjablur” 😛

      • 1bad69z28

        Ninjwho, Ninjayourbusiness 😛 lol What's up Tim a Tato how ya been?

        • Beeen good! Tired a lot lately lol
          Whats new in da hood man?

    • I can't see why this is such an issue anymore. Its nothing like that old crappy version of it anymore. Don't wanna use it, just use Launcherpro. Done, fixed, and gone!

      • ^^^^ what he said. seriously. all devices are shipping out on 2.x or beyond (except the Dell Streak, but that doesn't count), so different UI skins or tweaks are irrelevant now. LauncherPro it up, and problem solved.

      • Shaneoryan

        adw ftw

  • Jbarb21

    Not sure why anyone with a D1 would 'upgrade' to this and lock yourself in for another 1 to 2 years. The D1 rooted does everything this does and more. With all the new stuff coming out by Dec it is a no brainer for folks who currently own the D1 just wait …….

    • WhereIsTony

      While I myself would not upgrade if I had a D1. Some people may want the fastrer processor, internal sotrage, more RAM, and a better keyboard.

      To each his own is the Hallmark of the Android revolution after all.

      • Tyler

        the faster processor point is moot if you're running it at 1200 MHz anyway like a good D1 user 😛

        • I can only get 800 with set cpu. How do you get 12?

    • ckeegan

      December stuff is all still rumor, with nothing having even been filed with the FCC yet from any manufacturer. I also don't think this is meant to be an upgrade for the D1 owners out there. There are 7-8 smartphones, whose owners are going to be eligible for NE2 or Annual Upgrade in the next 6-8 weeks.

  • djenks24

    I hope it has the hard keys like the DX. Thats a great improvement. I was always hitting those accidentally on my D1.

  • Vz always has demos before the actual release, at least the major stores in your markets will. My store had droid x the monday before it came out and i was able to go in and try it out for a while to make a decision on it before ordering it online to avoid the mailin rebate.

  • supermiah

    I hate to say it but this is almost like what Apple did with the 3G to 3GS. Just under-the-hood upgrade. I know that Moto made the DX and the keyboard is different on the D2, but really, if you are going to make another physical keyboard phone, MOTO — give it some pazzazz! DX all the way (or the 2ghz monster at Christmas)

    • WhereIsTony

      I think they aren't going to push it as a big phone the way they did the Droid and Droid X. Its just a Fix on the minor problems they had with the original.

      • 1bad69z28

        Exactly my thoughts as well, Moto should've waited for the real goodies to put into the D2 later this year..

        • Electro

          Sure, like a 2+gig processor, HDMI output, Lieca camera/lens, 60 gig SSD and a capacitive touch slide out Qwerty keyboard (like razr keyboard) all in a polished titanium chasis. What would you say to that? 8-P

          • 1bad69z28

            Sounds good lol Now if Motor would listen to us we are in good shape lol

      • experiment626

        Yes “minor issues” like the unlocked bootloader.

  • Blueice10478

    has anybody had any problems with the droid's internet shutting down. Im rooted and will be browsing the internet and boom, internet will automaticly close. It will earse my history and have to start over from scratch. Any suggestions?

    • I have had the same problem. its weird becausemy cell phone signal is droping too

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Not sure if its the exact same problem you described because my history doesn't erase, but yeah I been having quite a few closings lately (none before rooting) and also where the screen will 'blink' briefly when first loading or scrolling a new page. This doesn't always lead to the shut down, but may still be related…and I will have to look into wat Amon said about the signal dropping because I really hadn't noticed…

    • Droidzilla

      Your browser is fine; Al Gore hates you, that's all. Try purchasing some fluorescent bulbs and recycling more. Maybe buy a hybrid. Let us know if that works.

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Idk, that might be the case for some but me and Big Al are tight, he even swings by to pick up my recyclables every other week in HIS hybrid to help me keep my carbon footprints small…so must have someone else out to get me, any ideas who?? Lol

        • EC8CH

          You need to remember, the internet is a series of tubes… mkay. Just look for a drain that has a puddle of bytes floating around and pour some Drano into it… problems solved.

        • Shaneoryan

          after al leaves he rides his private jet back to one of his mansions where he will use over twenty times the electricity of an average household

          *cough* al is a hypocrite *cough*

          im super serial

          • Dwils83

            Someone watches “Penn and Teller: Bullshit”

      • EC8CH

        Al Gore is too busy hunting down the ManBearPig to ef with the internets on his phone.

    • It may ur voltage on ur kernal is too low

  • EC8CH

    YAAAAAAAAWN… *rubs eyes*

    Wake me when the bootloader gets unlocked

    • Droidzilla

      I'm glad I'm not the only one thoroughly bored with this phone! “Oh, it's like my Droid but with no customisation potential (since I can already run FroYo at 1.2GHz).”

      These aren't the Droids you're looking for. Move along.

      • leniamonio

        well at least, it's better on the Droid 1. At some subtle, level.

    • 1bad69z28

      I really think Moto missed the boat on this one. D2 should've been the DX plus some other goodies as the original flagship that helped launched the Droid phones inio existance. This phone will probably get little buzz, unless Moto is hiding something from us. We will see.

      • EC8CH

        Moto is hiding something from us…

        the bootloader.

  • Kevin

    Where is a good side-by-side comparison between the Droid2 and DroidX (and maybe Droid1)?

    • Thats what Im looking for too, and maybe throw in the incredible too. I have a feeling Im gonna be using my D1 untill it breaks or gets lost

  • djrabbie303

    Doesn't a user guide defeat the purpose of us playing with the phone to figure it out :p

    • tbaybe

      amen!! The first droid came with NOTHING and that was so intriguing to me!!!

    • except people are still idiots. despite it saying it PLAIN AS DAY in the user guide, or being told HOW TO DO IT IN THE STORE BY THE SALES REP (if they're a good one that is…), they'll still come back in asking for help with powering the goddamned phone on.

  • I mean it will be a winner just as much as the first droid was I'd say with the momentum Android has had… but I mean it's the exact same as the Droid just with a better processor right? So it's still going to be a sweet phone (cause the Droid 1 is still a sweet phone!).

    Don't know what else Motorola could do, besides that whole R2D2 rumor!

    • i see what you mean

    • ckeegan

      Maybe it's just me, but I think doubling the RAM, including DLNA, improved keyboard (supposedly), and the 8GB internal storage (still rumored I believe) might be a slight improvement as well as the processor. I also don't see the Droid1 officially getting Gingerbread, but obviously there are unofficial ways to do it.

      • ckeegan

        I also would not be surprised to find a higher capacity battery under the “hood”.

  • g35

    Will hang on to my Droid 1

    • Kaufkin

      agreed, Blur is a no-go for me. I'll hang onto D1, and see what Xmass brings. (thought…) maybe they leak the manual first, hoping that the folks will read it, since they can't play with the blasted phone yet?

      • g35

        Either way looks like were stuck with Blur on Motorola phones but wouldn't mind it on a 2GHz, 4.3″, front facing camera and slide out keyboard phone 🙂

        • tbass

          I believe you are thinking of a laptop.

      • Sjobs

        its easy to just download launcher pro to replace the horrible blur launcher.
        I also use autostarts to block the blur and bloat stuff on my DX

      • WAldenIV

        It has the same non-Blur version of Blur on the X. It's not really Blur, but you people are sensationalists.

      • jdub

        im thinking the samsung fascinate is gonna be a contender… ive been messing around with the captivate and it is quite the device!

  • kulz

    wonder y user guides are leaked first… ;p

    does any1 actually read them 😡

    • kellex

      Negative, no normal person reads them heh.

    • EC8CH

      First thing I do before I buy anything is download its user guide online

      • kulz

        nothing wrong with that. i dont' think my D1 even came with a manual in the box…
        some ppl are kinestetic…and some ppl are visual learners 😉