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DROID 2 Cases Spotted at Best Buy

We had heard a rumor that Best Buy stores were starting to receive shipments of Droid 2 accessories, but had yet to see proof. Well until now anyway.  As you can see from the shot above, your local BB might let you purchase accessories for the silver and blue beast weeks ahead of launch for a whoppin’ $20.99.  Any takers?

Can Verizon just announce the date already?

Cheers Mark!

  • Al

    Exactly. You should ask: are you the center of the universe or the other way around. Everyone is sooo self-centered.

  • Sethish17
  • Nikki

    You know, the Droid 2 is actually perfect for me. My two year contract for a phone ends in a few days, right when the Droid 2 comes out. if the Droid 2 wasn't out, I probably would have gotten the Droid. But, since the Droid 2 has a bit more pros and the keyboard is larger, I'm happy with the 2(:

  • droid 2? didn't we just get the droid X lol

  • xpez

    at least they are only 20 bucks..

  • MustangGT500

    of course the droid x is still faster but that has nothing to do with the ram. droidx has a omap 3630 cpu and droid just a omap 3430 cpu.

  • Danosuke1

    Disappointed that it will have the same ui as the X, but it still looks cool.

  • If I wanted a case I would have bought an iPhone.

  • poeddroiduser

    My rule on phone sales, you want to sell me a phone, you give me a free case.

    • TheCinciBengals

      Then get he i*hone. I heard they are having specials on bumper cases when you buy the new one

  • one thing I missed when going to the incredible were the accessories. So happy to be back to moto x.accessories are so nice!!

  • ckeegan

    so, I can have a case and manual, but not the phone itself for my trip. damn it.

  • Bleezyd

    I think its funny they have seperate cases for Droid 2. Physically its 99% identical to the Droid1. You can barely tell them apart except for the keyboard layout and some rounded edges.

    • Firemanprice

      That's true but the D1 case won't fit due to the smooth bezel on the front of the D2.

  • RealGame22

    The only thing that slows down the first Droid is RAM. 256mb is not enough. When I overclock my Droid to 1.2GHz, my friend Droid X was still faster. Them Quadrant and Linpack scores mean…..NOTHING!! Processor is like a motor in a car, RAM is like the transmission.

    • Michael_NM

      +1 Processor speed = horsepower, RAM = torque.

  • Joe


  • Hogasswildmc

    I wonder if these also fit the original Droid.

    • Bleezyd

      Considering both phones look identical, I would bet everything for Droid1 fits exactly as D2 would

    • Firemanprice

      I'm going to have to say 99% chance of No.

  • Didn't type fast enough lol really dont see the point in claiming first i mean whole point of the site isn't to see who can get the first comment. If your not saying anything that refers to android dont bother commenting

  • Doesn't Motorola realized that they ruined their break out success with their recent locking of devices? I suspect the Droid X will be the last Moto phone to garner major attention unless they change course. Folks are gonna flock to HTC and Samsung.

    • Tony

      oh yea. They ruined the success so much that they sold out the first day of release and are STILL sold out. What a failure.

      • Tony nice reading comprehension. I said the ruined their BREAK OUT success. I also said the Droid X would be the last one, which means that it IS a break out success. Really man, think before you type.

        Part of the reason the Droid and Droid X are so successful is because of the large and diverse developer/mod community around Android. Droid X was already being promoted within the community before we found out about the bootloader.

        By excluding themselves from this community, they are leaving money on the table. This money will be picked up by HTC, which has always supported the community, even before Android existed(WinMo modding FTW!), and Samsung is aiming at us as a crowd.

      • If you clicked like on this, you really didn't read what I wrote at all.

    • Tony

      I really think people like you in the modding community are seriously overestimating how much of the market share you occupy. Sorry to break it to you, but its a very small percentage. 98% of the people that bought the phone don't even know what a bootloader is.

      • I agree. But I think you never went to an economics class. We are what's called early adopters. We help decide what direction a company will take with a device. If we ignore something, generally it dies.


        • Companies put products out there, and see who bites, and how hard. Look at soda companies, they regularly offer odd flavors, trying to see who will bite. That's why with have Cherry Coke, but not New Coke/Coca-Cola 2.(Real flavor failed in the 90's.)

        • Guest

          Internet fag

      • Tyler

        Yeah, but if a friend comes to me for Android advice, I'm forced to push them towards an Incredible or Galaxy S. Its a shame.

        • Exactly. And I've personally “sold” 3 Droids and 4 Droid X's. (One person bought one of each, one used, on my advice.)

    • Jbarb21

      Unfortunately your thinking that the core customer for these devices are the folks in these forums/blogs….it isn't. We think that because we spend so much time about this that everyone thinks this way….wrong….the average buyer of even the D1 does not even know what rooted or ROMS or locked bootloader even is. So….it will not have, overall, much impact in less sales of the device.

      • Al

        Exactly. You should ask: are you the center of the universe or the other way around. Everyone is sooo self-centered.

  • droid 2 is worthless, it's the droid but on lockdown. my OC droid is the same or better than the droid 2

    • scuba_koop

      Worthless may be a little strong! I plan on getting a D2 on a one year contract. I am one of the lame people that want a keyboard. Why not go for the 1Ghz processor. I know you can root, and overclock the D1. I have done that with success and enjoyed it. What is wrong with just wanting a little design and speed upgrade? Is the lockdown guaranteed?? I wouldn't call it worthless??

  • 1bad69z28

    Maybe a early release might be in the works? I'll pass on D2 unless something outrages comes out, that we don't know.

  • acquaz10

    Is that its eye? I don't really like that…

  • oh and if anyone is looking for an extra 16 gb card i'm gonna have 2 to get rid of i already have 2 16gb and a 32gb a make it a 3rd 16gb after i get the X on monday!

  • any news on any other VZW android phones? i wanna make sure im making a good choice going for the Droid X with my upgrade!

    • Kenbarnum

      Rumor is Moto will have 2 phones running at 2ghz by end of year…

    • The droid x is a really good phone i love mine however if your waiting to get a better phone you will always be waiting because there will always be something better in the works. With that said id recommend the dx over any phone

      • i love the size. honestly i listen to music and watch movies and browse the web more than anything else and it looks so perfect for that!!

    • Tyler

      I'd wait for the Galaxy S, better phone with an unlocked bootloader. Should be out in around 2 weeks (I hope)

      After that… I don't think any new phones will be around the corner. If they were, we'd know about them.

      • Droidzilla

        Galaxy S (Fascinate on Verizon) is my new phone to lust after (it was gonna be the Droid X; locked bootloader cured that). I don't know about the 2GHz monster rumoured to be coming out later this year. If it's all locked up and blurred out, I'll wait for the next big thing from someone else. Right now, though, I can't wait for the Samsung Galaxy 10″ tablet.

        • i dunno though the Droid X is much sexier that the Galaxy S!!

          • Droidzilla

            Agreed; that's what's so sad about Moto locking these bad boys down.

            Then again, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, front facing camera, and SAMOLED screen are pretty teh sex. Couple that with themed, overclocked FroYo ROMS (and early release, themed, overclocked Gingerbread ROMs in the future), and you end up with a big pile of awesome.

            Run all that through a 10″ screen and I'll be hooked like a ho on crack. Throw LTE on there for good measure and I'll never look at the real world again, unless it's through the camera lens.

          • my buddy is trying to pick up one of those Augen tablets today he drove to a Kmart in no where'sville to find one!! LOL! For 150$ guess you can't beat it though!!

          • yeah honestly i wouldn't mind the Incredible if it wasn't sense ui!

        • Chris Nimon

          I'm hoping the Galxy S2 isn't just rumor, it sounds like the beast we all really want, really really bad lol

      • I thought that was an Sprint phone

  • Ninja blur. 'nuff said

  • Mrpicolas

    i get mine cheaper through vzw but might check these out none the less

  • Lol wow no one claimed first thank god

    • tbaybe

      as u were typing they did….

    • 1bad69z28

      Look below lol

      • Didn't type fast enough lol really dont see the point in claiming first i mean whole point of the site isn't to see who can get the first comment. If your not saying anything that refers to android dont bother commenting

        • 1bad69z28

          No worries man lol, Erica did post something to go with her first. I respect
          that, anyway if someone is only caring about posting first, they won't be
          around long. It's great to have this forum to discuss Android and see all
          of the great posts. See you around the site Dominic.

          • well of course it has to be something about android! You cant say you've been the first to go to the moon if you've never actually gone to the moon. although this can be up for discussion… can we send the droid 2 to the moon.. i think it would be more useful there then replacing the first one..

            “why fix it, if it's not broken?”

          • 1bad69z28

            lol, good one Erica I agree we should send the D2 to the moon. Maybe Moto
            needs to listen to thier customer base more and the foums. How's the
            Cynogen Rom your running? I am running Bugles Beast V4 w/ 600 mhz pretty
            fun looking to change things up a bit 🙂

        • Droidzilla

          Ironically, your post and all of the subsequent replies had nothing to do with Android.

  • oooh