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Verizon Sending Email and Video Messages to Get You to Purchase a DROID X

If you do not currently own a Droid X, Verizon sure wants to get you into one.  We saw the promo flyer from earlier that they are sending out to customers, including some that bought the Droid 1 back in November which under normal circumstances would have no business upgrading early.  We’ve received forwarded emails from readers that Verizon is pushing to upgrade plus this video message that went out to a Blackberry owner…

This is the time people!  With all of this promo material flying around, you should easily have a strong case for them to allow you to upgrade.  Well, assuming that you would even want to.  Good luck!

Cheers Mark!

  • amber

    I bought my Droid 1 back in November along with everyone else, but yesterday I got the promo email from Verizon. Went into the store and they confirmed it was legit, so I ordered the Droid X (said to be shipped Aug 3rd). I asked what made my account qualify, and the rep said he didn't know. Also, regarding a comment below, they didn't say anything about a tiered data plan. And it was $299 with an instant $100 rebate, not a mail in rebate… I couldn't say no Ü

  • Jared Krinsky
  • amber

    I bought my Droid 1 back in November along with everyone else, but yesterday I got the promo email from Verizon. Went into the store and they confirmed it was legit, so I ordered the Droid X (said to be shipped Aug 3rd). I asked what made my account qualify, and the rep said he didn't know. Also, regarding a comment below, they didn't say anything about a tiered data plan. And it was $299 with an instant $100 rebate, not a mail in rebate… I couldn't say no Ü

  • Usmc1488
  • Branshaw09

    Anyone else seen success doing this? I'm thinking about trying for my wife. Contract is up on 10/11, but she is not on a smart phone. She's using EnV Touch. I'd think they would let her upgrade. More money in their pocket!!!
    Personally, I'm holdin on to my Rooted D1 to see what is out this fall. After that, I'll prob take my 1 year upgrade and get an X. I want a Droid Pro for Christmas!!!

  • Tbone

    Tried earlier this morning. No go.

  • JimmyB

    attempted to call and get an early upgrade! but failed =

  • Verh3312

    i bet verizon is doing this because they and asurion are out of droid 1 and will have to start giving away droid x or incredible to insurance claims. what do you guys think??

    • JT

      I was thinking along those lines as well. It gives them a fresh stock of functioning D1's and everyone who upgrades will supposedly receive the newer phone come claim time. It would effectively double their ability to replace D1 with D1.

  • K, so I am currently living in Guam, I have a D1. If I was to buy a droid X would I be able to use it here even though my local provider doesn't sell it yet?

  • Cmorty72

    Sounds good and all…..
    But I'd rather wait for if Motorola's “Droid Pro”.
    Besides, my D1 is still alive and kicking with no issues whatsoever.

  • Jrosario101

    i wonder if they will let me upgrade from my droid incredible even though i got it like 3 months ago, dont get me wrong i love my DI and wont give it up its a lot more compact and easier to root and play with, i would just feel extra special if had all 3 droids in my possession lol… yeh i know im a geek, i even got the droid eris for my wife you know the unwanted step child of the droids

  • Los

    all the hype to get the dx is due to big red is they are capping thier data plans so no more unlimited data and for us root user is no more unlimited downloading roms from our phones limited wifi tethering and some other goodies i was just testing the new beta app for justin.tv well those are my thoughts but hopefully that doesnt happen.

    • Djspikezz

      According to VZ's Rep's and CEO, they are keeping the unlimited. And there should be Hype for Droid X, it's definitely better then Droid 2, no HDMI, NO 8mega pixel. Plus Droid X is a moto DROID, just better then droid 1, it'll be rooted and roms will be out for it eventually and it will be god til the 2ghz phone comes.

  • Madcow06

    I didn't get a letter just out of the blue verizon sent me an email saying “congratulations you have just earned a new phone!” My upgrade isn't until march 2011 so needless to say I'm pretty stoked to be able to get the droid X!!

  • ek3

    how is the headphone jack in X, anyone? My droid's headphone jack is loosening and is constantly switching sound from left to right when walking and sometimes even shuts off the music player (thinking the headphones fell out).

    • Sure that's not the headphones themselves? Tried other pairs you know work in other devices? My X's is five for sure


    My upgrade date is April 11th, 2011 but I'm going for an X tomorrow morning!

  • Pinstrps

    I'm not going to pay 300 bucks for the X to upgrade early….I can wait.

    • Djspikezz

      Actully it's $199.00 I upgraded my phone yesterday. I had only had my Droid for 8 months too! It's $299.00 minus $100 mail-in Rebate… online it's instant rebate, but you can't take advantage of it from online and from what I know, the VZ operator person had to have their boss upgrade me, cause the promotion wasn't working on their computers event hough it's listed from July 16-Aug 31, 2010.

  • tjpeco

    Why don't they WAIT to on the promo garbage until they actually HAVE PHONES TO SELL YOU IF YOU WALK IN THE DOOR.

    I'm so pissed that I can't get one. I wasn't going to buy one until I could hold one in my hands. Grrr the wait is annoying.

  • RealGame22

    My girlfriend got one in the mail. So I, guess it is true. /n She talking about waiting on the iPhone 4

    • Djspikezz

      IPHONE 4? lol fail

  • I'm loving my droid X!!

  • Crdelk

    If they want you to get one so bad why do they not lift the eligibility rule??? If you have only had your Droid 1 a year this month then you can not get an X.

  • Djspikezz

    DUDE!!!!! I ORDERED ONE!!!! #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#* CHECK THIS #*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#

    Got my Droid December 2009. I called Verizon 611 # and asked them about this promotion. I told them a White Lie, and Said I got this mailer in the mail. They went to check my promotions on my account and nothing showed up. However the representative looked up promotions and found a interesting promotion from July 16 to August 31,2010 that allows for early phone upgrade.

    Here's the catch, when she went to put the order in, the computer wasn't allowing her to sell it to me since I hadn't had my Droid 1 for over a year yet. The order was going in as FULL PRICE!!…. So she put me on hold and talked to her boss about the above info, and they gave her clearence to allow me the promotion of upgrading early.

    Again guys, I got my phone in December 2009, 8 MONTHS AGO! Called 611 and did what is described above and BAM! I'm getting the phone at $299.99 + $100 mail-in Rebate! DROID X $199 ANYONE COME GET SOME BABY!! WOOOOT!

    • ahshucks

      i was thinkin bout tellin that same white lie… so i hope this really worked.. cuz i'm sure as the sky's blue about todo the same thing

    • Jared Krinsky

      Tried it and it didn't work.

  • just played with an x. Not exactly an upgrade to my rooted d1

    • Winterfresh

      I was playing with one yesterday at the store and it seemed unresponsive and laggy, it might've just been the floor model though, or motoblur changed the way to click on something in the app drawer.

  • On a side note, I went to verizon to get the droid x on saturday 24th, at the time they said expect august 4th as the ship date, but I received an email today saying my phone has been shipped, so those who just recently bought one, you can probably expect it to be at your house by this saturday.
    they messed up my shipping and gave me 2nd day, not overnight even after confirming when i purchased it.

  • tonytbone7883

    Has anyone used launcher Pro with Droid X?

    • tony

      I do. It works fine. Make sure you shut off all the widgets in the original home screen.
      One thing that will change is that you will no longer be able to resize any of the motorola widgets. No big deal though. After that it's all gravy. and a bonus is that launcher pro allows landscape mode at home screen.

      • tonytbone7883


  • Stephen

    So those of us with D1's have a chance to upgrade? Hmmm. Very tough choice. I would do it in a heartbeat if the bootloader was not locked, but the Milestone has a Froyo ROM so it's very possible it will be cracked soon. I even have the money to upgrade.

    • Tom

      Well personally I'd wait till the newer phones come out later this year…

  • Not sure I would do it for my Droid 1 but my wife is packing around an Eris… so I in and then hit a Verizon store, they would only do the upgrade if you had the mailer or the video message posted to your account. Got my Droid 1 in November too.

  • Bs_thinker

    I was able to get the upgrade from my droid1 which I got in November. Apparently they have no objections to me spending lots of money twice a year.

  • droidd

    When the DX first came about, I thought it was really cool, and I was ready to use my annual upgrade to get it on launch day, but that MotoBlur-esque interface is disgustingly ugly and unpolished to me. That alone really turned me off to the DX. I'm sticking with my DROID for now.

  • 855tutbo

    Try a droid x for a week with swype and you will never look back

    • digitalicecream

      I got the Droid X keyboard on my Droid Incredible, plus Root, Plus Unencrypted bootloader, plus AMOLED FTW. The More I use my dInc the less I'm tempted to go to the X. Now if only I could get my hands on an OEM cradle… oh wait, there will never be one… 🙁

  • stang6790

    I was looking on ebay and saw a milestone xt720 listed. I had heard of the Milestone but not the xt720. I looked on the Motorola site and it says it has an 8 megapixel camera and HD 720p video recording and hdmi out. Is this something new or have I just not been paying attention?

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Looks pretty sick wish we could get that on Verizon

  • Dra$tiK

    talked to Big Red customer service and was told if your contract ends before the end of 2011 u can get the early upgrade!! since i bought mine in march of 2010 i am not eligable till 2012

    • Jaybird_163

      are you sure about this…? if so, I'm going by a store tomorrow 'cause my contract is up 9/21/2011

      • Michael

        mine is up 9/15/2010, do you think I could get it?

    • dddd

      Mine is up 12/18/2011… still brand new droid haha. wonder if i could get in on this. don't even know if i would want to. i tried it out, it seems pretty laggy… compared to my d1

  • I hate to be this guy but…

    In five months around Christmas time this phone will be much cheaper. I'll hang out with my Moto Droid till then.

    • And the 4″ Samsung will be out then that doesn't have the boot loader locked down.

      • Winterfresh

        Samsungs phones are so ugly though =/

        • Jrosario101

          i agree and the ui looks like they are trying to be like an iphony

          • Anonymous

            Yea I know, they even made the application launcher go sideways like the iphone.

  • Epell

    Something feels fishy here. I don't know what it is, but Verizon is promoting DX too hard.

    • What are talking about their not even marketing it as much as the Original Droid

    • Chris Nimon

      I think theyre pushing it because the Droid 2 is about to drop

  • Off topic, Can you root the first droid and use SetCPU to overclock to like 1.2 Ghz or do you need a cusotm ROM?

    • Jedi_Gunslinger

      Good question, can anyone answer whether you need a custom ROM to overclock with setcpu….?

      • Hmm….I don't think so. You do need a custom kernel though. But I do know that some Rom's don't work with some Kernels. Not sure why…nothing catastrophic, just that you will have issues with certain Roms if you don't have a Kernel that it's happy with.

        It's easy to do….go to the Market Place and download “ROM Manager”. Then click on the very top thing which is “Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery”. Once you do that…your phone is rooted. That's all it takes. Then you can use ROM Manager to “Download ROM”. I would suggest Bugless Beast or Cyanogen Mod.

        It's all really easy and using “ROM Manager” is as technical as it gets for many phones that are compatible with ROM Manager.

        If your gonna root and use a souped up Kernel, you may as well use a souped up ROM as well. They have a bunch of performance tweaks. You only gain…no losses in rooting.

    • Droidzilla

      You at least need a custom kernel. If you “root” 2.1, you're really running a custom ROM; it's just “stock themed.” Stock 2.1 has yet to be actually rooted (like it matters pragmatically, but there it is).

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Thanks for the response

    • Branshaw09

      You would need to download and install a 1.2 kernel on your rooted D1 in order to do that. You can find them in ROM Manager. I currently run ChevyNo1 1.1 kernel and the specs I get in benchmarking put it above the Incredible and X and just below the Nexus One (2.2). Good Luck!

      • Thanks everyone, man this blog is so helpful!

      • Jedi_Gunslinger

        Thanks for the response

  • My brother got the same video message on his Blackberry Tour… lol

  • Rodeojones000

    To be completely honest, Verizon could offer me the option to upgrade now and get the X for free and I still wouldn't take it. Until the bootloader issue is solved, I have no interest in that phone.

  • nkhex19

    “Droid X, its the next generation of DOES!”

  • Is anyone else curious why they're pushing so hard to get people into fresh 2 year contracts right now? Maybe the i*hone is really coming in January and they want us all locked in so they can use most of that initial stock to steal all the pissed off ATT customers. Little do they know we don't want the stupid i*hone regardless of what carrier it's on! Droid FTW!

    • Usdibebnan

      If they fix the “Antennagate” issue, then I maybe tempted…waiting for 2ghz Droid

      • Tyler

        Why in the world would you be tempted by an iDont next to a 2 GHz Droid running 3.0?

  • pd

    No upgrading until someone gives me a phone with stock android and no encrypted boot loader. Or at the very least without the encryption, so that I can put some custom ROMs on there.

    Until that time comes, I'm sticking with my D1.

  • thescreensavers

    “Limited Time Offer”


  • that's pretty sweet!! Still on my Droid 1, and I love it.. will NOT upgrade until I get an Android phone with a physical keyboard and a front facing camera.

    anyone with me?

    • Branshaw09

      I am with you! If you'd asked me a week ago I would have jumped all over this but now that I am rooted…NO WAY! Pluse I want front facing camera as well! We'll see what hits the shelves on Black Friday!!!

      • yea hoping that quote from the Motorola exec from a loooong time ago about the 2 front facing cameras is still true for this fall!

    • I'm with u man gotta have physical keyboard

    • Droidzilla

      Meh, I'm over the physical keyboard. I'll wait for a 4G tablet with front facing camera and an unlocked bootloader.

      • The_Other_Ray

        Oh yeah, you can't death grip that.

    • Wraithix

      I was all about the physical keyboard at first. In the end I only ended up using it for Nintendo and Sega games. With Swype being available all it is, is dead weight.

      • yea… I might have to just give it a go… get so used to the physical keyboard, never really tried just using the on-sreen… maybe I should go like a week without the physical to see how I do! haha

        • b00ky

          Swype is well worth trying. I have used my only a handful of times and most of those times were for the initial setup of the phone when I flash a new ROM. My next Android phone will not have a keyboard unless the the phone I want just happens to have one. I can swype much faster than I can type on a physical keyboard. The tutorial is well worth doing. Not sure of the best way to get Swype right now, but I am sure it is posted here somewhere or on the XDA forums.

      • tin

        Can anyone tell me how to get Swype now that they have closed the promo? Droid 1 user

    • DeathofGrim

      the physical keyboard is great hardly use it anymore since swype but it looks nice lol.

      • really? yea Idk! I just can't get over the physical keyboard! haha… maybe I'm just too afraid to change 😛 haha… tried swype for a few minutes, but never fully! haha maybe I should…

    • JVSEDI

      Yes I agree with you…I've been saying the same exact thing. Love my Droid and will only upgrade to something with a front facing camera, physical keyboard (a must) and a bigger screen would be nice too.

    • a1locjaw

      I agree.. I use the keyboard a lot (when I'm not dictating).. and a front facing camera would just about seal the deal… and also, it seems that if you upgrade, you now have to pay the tiered pricing on the data plan.


    First……YEA !!!

  • first first… just talked with someone who got the flyer!