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Some Verizon Customers Targeted for Really Early Smartphone Upgrade

One of our readers just sent in these pictures of a new promotional piece he received in the mail from Verizon which will allow 3 of the lines on his family plan to use a “special early upgrade” to “any smartphone” including the brand spankin’ new Droid X.  Cool right, but what’s the big deal?  Our tipster is a Droid 1 owner and is not even close to his 1 year upgrade let alone his 2 year, meaning his account has been flagged for “Next Best Activity” which you may recall from this promotion.  And while his line doesn’t necessarily meet the guidelines posted there, we’re assuming one of the lines on his account did which in turn is allowing all of the lines to upgrade.  Sweet right?

If we’ve got any Droid 1 owners out there looking for an early upgrade opportunity, this might be it.  Feel free to mention this post at your local VZW store and see what happens, well until August 31st anyway when the promo ends.

The rest of the promo mailer:

Cheers Steven!

  • zaymalone

    YES get them to upgrade ad get that phone then switch the phone they had before their upgrade back to their number and give you the droid x or inc and you just go switch your number to that phone ive done it plenty of times

  • Jared Krinsky

    Am I the only one who laughed that the picture of the promo mailer was taken on a macbook pro.

  • I wasn't planning on getting a phone until one of those Android “superphones” with the amazing processors and Gingerbread was out, but I might come into extra money, and with this upgrade offer, I may go for a Droid X, and try to keep my Droid 1 as a side phone. As disappointing as it is not being able to run custom ROMs, between different launchers and what the phone can already do, there wouldn't be much point to it, but installing ROMs is pretty fun in itself, so it'll be cool to still do that if I keep my good ol' Droid.

  • guest

    My parents got this early upgrade for their storms and theyre taken it. I got the D1 in december and didnt get it but im happy wit my phone and would like to keep my keyboard. So…….

  • Athardison

    didn't work for me, this is the 5th time I have tried to upgrade for the X, I've called, I'm tried online, I;ve chatted online to a verizon person I even printed this and went into my local store today. Same story, different day, they just don't know that I don't mind stopping by every week to try until they let me. 🙂

  • Falconfree

    My mother was told this by a Verizon rep over the phone too. Turns out almost all of the family's phones are (early) upgradeable right now. This is especially useful since everyone in the family has decided that they want Droids. 😉

  • In reading the comments (and please, let me know if I'm wrong) it seems that the actual upgrade date for customers that have received this offer doesn't change. Is this correct? I ask because I'd much prefer it if they could change the actual upgrade date so that I could purchase the phone thru wirefly for $180 or letstalk for $150.

    Anyone have any luck with something like this?

  • nickbutterz

    I got my Blackberry Tour in november a week or two before the Droid 1 came out and last week i was told over the phone i can upgrade. So yea no where near a year for me either. Ordered the Droid X the day after i found out about that. Now just waiting on my phone.

  • Sabio

    Why's everyone talking about the X? You can upgrade to the Incredible too which is a better phone IMHO…

  • I had more than a year left on my Blackberry contract, but got the $200 upgrade mail. Jumped on it within a day. I guess their high-value customer algorithms work!

  • ckeegan

    I want one. Waiting for the Droid2, but my upgrade date isn't until 9/14 from my Touch Pro2. Needless to say, I'll be calling on launch day regardless, to see if I can convince them to do it early.

    • Don't wait, call now and try to snag the Droid X, I like it much better than the Droid 1, the larger screen makes the GPS feature worthwhile.

  • Nekroman524

    i got this yesterday, called VZW and i never had to opt in for anything, now im waiting for my droid x hopefully by aug 4th . and they let me charge the 200$ to my acct. i was not ready for an upgrade till oct 2011. very happy with VZW

    • Jared Krinsky

      Would you please be able to send me a scan of the promo. I want a pic of the front and back so I can bring it into my closest Verizon store and demand them to give me a droid X

    • Rocketsfan222

      I haven't gotten this promotion but is there a way I can convince VZW to give me it. I bought a D1 in late May and want to get one of the ones.

      • Jpframerica

        I'm with you, I got one in late May as well. How awesome would it be if they offered us an early chance to upgrade!

  • I got the original Droid in April which extended my contract date out 2 years so even thought my wife's line was eligible for an upgrade in October it didn't qualify for the Droid X early upgrade because the contract end date wasn't this year. So I called customer service and told them that my wife's new consulting job required her to have a smart phone but the company she worked for didn't provide the phone or service. I asked them as politely as I could to move her upgrade date up to July 15th and I reminded them that my account has always been in good standing.

    They approved it right away and even gave me overnight shipping at no additional cost and since it wasn't a part of the Droid X upgrade program the “No Buddy Upgrades' stipulation didn't apply. I activated the Droid X on her line and then immediately when online and did an ESN swap which went through flawlessly.

    At 1st my wife complained that she never gets the new phone because I always take her upgrades and give her my old crappy phones (even though the Droid was barely 3 months old.) 1 week in and I don't think the Droid has left her texting, blog updating, web browsing hands; it's funny because I was just going to keep her data plan for a month then cancel it so she could go back to her old phone but I'm not so sure that she'll let me now.

    • Michael

      One of my lines is due for an upgrade 9/15/2010 and I want to take the upgrade on my phone (do a buddy upgrade) and go to a droid X. Neither of the lines is the primary line and neither have data as of now. Do you think verizon will allow this?

      • Rocketsfan222

        I have a similar situation, someone on my line is eligible for an upgrade now, but they don't want a data plan. I have a data plan and the D1 right now, is there a way for them to get the DX or Incredible and give it to me without incurring any fees?

        • zaymalone

          YES get them to upgrade ad get that phone then switch the phone they had before their upgrade back to their number and give you the droid x or inc and you just go switch your number to that phone ive done it plenty of times

  • Destructive_hippie

    I just called Big Red on Thursday and talked to them about the whole asurian problem and told them if i didnt get an early upgrade i was canceling well he gave me a 2 year renewal discount. placed my order for my droid x friday and received it on tuesday. So this is definately nice.

    • Bkshaw23

      Exact same thing I did except I had the note my account that I was offered an early upgrade so that I can go to the store and get my phone. I still haven't used the upgrade because I have not decided if i want to go with the X or not.

    • Jared Krinsky

      I would appreciate it if you told me what exactly you said to allow them to get you a early upgrade.

  • tonytbone7883

    Does anyone know if Launcher Pro works with Droid X??? What about Themes for Droid X ???

  • tonytbone7883

    I just transfered an upgrade from another phone on the my family plan to mine and now I'm eligible for the Droid X. How cool is that!!!!

  • El El Kool J

    I got customers comming in with this and when i bring up there account to check there actual eligible dates.. alot of them are eligible in the middle of 2011. so this is a sweet deal for the lucky few getting the option to upgrade.

  • I just got this same mailer yesterday. Not looking to go to the D[X] for several reasons I won’t go in to here, but it was interesting. Here’s part of why I think my D1 line (activated November 2009) was flagged for early upgrade.
    >> I was secondary on my account when I upgraded and my wife was primary
    >> I wasn’t eligible for an early upgrade in November, but my wife was
    >> I upgraded my wife’s phone to the D1
    >> VZ then switched the numbers / phones, basically making me primary with the D1 and her secondary, still left with her env2
    >> Best part? The secondary line was the one that showed the hit on the VZ ne2 / upgrade date… so even though they moved me to primary for that line’s early upgrade opportunity, somehow the upgrade date (7/24/2010) didn’t get reset in the system. So, I guess I can upgrade my D1 anytime I want….

    …. which I plan to do if / when a better vanilla android option comes out on VZ. Currently, none exist.

    Wow — that ended up being more detailed than I meant for it to be (and arguably, more detailed than any of you care)… ah well…

  • Ponchera

    Just got off the phone, I called into the # in the above mailer. He did not allow me to do this but he said that the way you get these offers is that you have to OPT IN to marketing promotions, mailers etc. My account was opted out. He says once you're OPT IN, they send mailers, txt messages, emails everyday with offers, at random. All you need is to be OPT IN.

    I asked “how do you opt in online” he says you can't, you gotta call and ask. Apparently I opted out when I opened my verizon account with D1.

    I also did a little bitching that I had paid full price for a DINC and that the battery sucked bad, that didn't work. So crying a river won't work either, they don't have a magical add you to offer button.

    • Jdunn82

      it does work, just got to get the right person.. 3 calls in I got a really nice person that talked to his supervisor and got me the droid x for my line. I had to pay 299$ and deal with the 100$ MiR but all worth it IMO. I will soon have the droid x and the wife will have my incredible.. win win!

  • Tyler

    I'd kind of like to see a poll: Would you upgrade your D1 to a DX for $200 if Verizon allowed you to? I know for me the answer is no because it is quite silly to “upgrade” to a phone running 2.1 at 1000 MHZ when I'm running 2.2 at 1200 MHz, but it seems like plenty of people are thinking the DX is a huge upgrade over their D1… I'd almost consider it a downgrade to the locked bootloader. Now, when the 2 GHz phone comes out? Sign me up!

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      One thing to consider is no one has actually claimed the capabilities of even producing a 2 GHz chip. I know MOTO announced it but they announce alot things and never stick to the timetable.

    • PoorApple

      Make a lot of sense , I just got the droid 4 months ago and even when my company paid for it Im not going to change this stock open excelent device for a locked one for the only change of a bigger screen and double the RAM . Everything take me to wait for a next generation in one more year and 4G capable.

    • RW-1

      I have to agree. All this hype, and although rooted, it's not hackable yet, if at all. I got my D1 on Nov of 09, not eligable, but slightly jealous.

      Then I look at my D1 running froyo for the past month or so and the remorse goes away.

      All of you spending the $199 .. man, I wish I had that kind of cash laying around in this economy, by Dec we'll se the phone drop and the 2Ghz monsters will be out for the holidays, sometime after that, I'll be buying. But fo r now I still love my D1.

    • Fdefili192

      the droid x is the only android device that has over 512mb or 1 gig of internal memory for apps..it has 8 gigs..no other android phone comes close..the d1 has 512mb the incredible 1 gig the evo 1 gig…its funny not many reviews have mentioned this fact …thats huge not having to worry about space for apps..place 16 gigs for pics and music….wow

  • DiGi

    on a family play here 5 lines.. no mailer oh well guess I keep my D1

    • tonytbone7883

      try going online and see if any of the lines are eligible for upgrade and try to transfer that upgrade to your line.

  • Matty76

    I rec'd one of these as well, but mine line was due for an upgrade anyway… I ordered my Droid X at midnight on the 15th and ended up with it on Friday night.. LOVE IT!!!

    So the wife was jealous as her line was due for an upgrade until August of 2011… when this showed up it said we could upgrade her line early, which has the mini browser data plan on it, and our extra line which doesn't have any data on it. That line wasn't due until Sept or Oct of 2011.

    It's clear they want to get people into the smartphones so they can tack on the mandatory extra data charges.

  • Jdunn82

    I have called 3 times and they will not let me upgrade my secondary line 🙁 It is a dumbphone I pay no data on.. you would think they would want the more money monthly…

    • Jdunn82

      apparently this promo is only available in certain area's

  • Kevin

    My 2-year didn't expire until Feb 2011 but, using the online ordering site, I got a DX at the 2-year price. I didn't receive any special offers and I was surprised it let me do it. Just before I completed the order online I called Vz and they said I wasn't eligible. I hit order anyway and got the phone the next day. All confirmations and online account info say my existing contract was extended.

    • Kevin

      By the way… my previous phone was the Droid that I bought at full price. Not sure if that had something to do with it.

    • As long as you are within your second year of a 2 year contract, and are upgrading to a high end smartphone, such as the Droid x or incredible, it will let you do it which a lot of people don't know.

  • I received a sales call last week that had the same general theme as the mailer: One of your secondary lines is not a smartphone and Big Red wants to upgrade it. But they wouldn't let me transfer my current Droid to the second line and let me upgrade to the Droid X on my primary.

  • I'm failing to see the big deal here.. They always send this kind of junk mail out. I guess it's a slow day if this is considered news worthy.

  • One of my lines is due for an upgrade in about 8 months that line has the LG Dare. According to the “Next Best Activity” all three lines might be eligible.

  • Nigeramus

    Totally calling my local Verizon Wireless today. Gonna get that droid X bitch!

    • poeddroiduser

      What is “All of the above” I'll take Droid for 1000 Alex

  • verizon question? I am a secondary line on my family plan and there are two other additional lines on the plan, one being the main and another secondary. Both the main line and other additional line are up for an upgrade is there a way for me to use there upgrade as my own even though I just upgraded my phone to the D1? Im assuming I can, I just need to figure out how to convince them to let me use there upgrade.

    • Droidzilla

      Holy crap, that sounded like an SAT question.

      • Sorry I wasn't sure how to best ask the question. Im an engineer so we don't know how to write so good.

        • Droidzilla

          No, it was a valid question; I'm just messing with you.

          To answer, I should think you are able to. Verizon will generally let you upgrade a line and then swap phone numbers for devices. For instance, you could upgrade the eligible primary line and then have the associated number switched to your Droid 1 and your number switched to the new device (I assume a Droid X?).

          Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but this is how I understand it.

    • poeddroiduser

      What is “All of the above” I'll take Droid for 1000 Alex

  • Carlin Nathan

    i went and called they told me the promotion was only for costumers that do not have a smartphone and want to upgrade to a smartphone they are eligible to upgrade early……… But I<3My Droid with a little Froyo on the side

    • Droidzilla

      They said it was only for costumers? What are you waiting for? Go put on a batman costume and get you some upgrades!

      • EC8CH

        While you're at it, dress up as “The Flash” and run around your local Apple store yelling:

        “You can't see me! You can't see me!”

        • Flyinion

          LMAO that's funny.

      • Hahaha I was thinking the same thing

    • I had the Storm (1) and wasn't eligible for an upgrade till 4/11. I was able to upgrade to the DX and have been anxiously waiting for it for a week now.

    • how about you reactivate an old phone for a couple days.. then play dumb.. most verizon reps aren't that smart you could probably get away with it

  • About two years ago I got a similar mailer from Verizon that let me upgrade my BlackBerry early. It hadn't even had it a year yet. Good stuff!

  • Rain_king46

    We are going to see a lot of early upgrade offers. This is how Verizon forces you to change from your existing plan into one of their new plans with the teired data package.

    • AnDroidSepTIX

      Well the tiered pricing doesn't exist yet so that would be hard to do. They want you to upgrade cause they will make money on all the data plans you will be adding.

  • dcstad

    ps…. thank god for a teenager to help me out on it too! =)

  • 1bad69z28

    Hmmmm, me and the wife have been thinking of getting a family plan, I should be very close to the 1 year on my Droid D1, maybe I can work this out with my local VZW connection. I can give her the Droid X and I can wait it out for the 2 GHZ phone, hopefully in the future.

  • dcstad

    hmmm i just got my D1 this april. i'm lovin' it. 🙂 i previously had the envy2 w/only texting. never had all this internet on the phone. 🙂 but i'm getting used to it fast. its a learning process. i know newer is supposed to be better….. ehhhh nope! 🙂 wouldn't upgrade if offered. stayin' right where i am. 🙂

  • I have 5 lines on my family account and got the same mailer yesterday in the mail which allowed 4 of my 5 lines to be upgraded.

  • DeathofGrim

    That would be great!

  • mtkregs

    I have a family plan on which my line (MotoDroid1) is the primary line. I bought my Droid on the first day it came out (last Nov). I'm not eligible for an upgrade for another 11 months per VZW website. My Dad's line, on my account, is eligible for an upgrade mid-next month. However, per the VZW website, all 4 lines on my account must pay full price for a new phone right now.

    Seems odd that this promo would be offered to some and not others. It would be interesting to know what methodology is used to determine whom VZW sends these promotional offers to.

  • The Terror Wrist

    my upgrade wasn't up 'til 2/11 and they let me slide with no problem.gone are the days of my BB storm 1 and now i feel like i'm in smartphone heaven.loving my MDX (my first Android device)!

  • AnDroidSepTIX

    YEP finally decided I am taking the jump. Im jacking my girlfriends upgrade and giving her my DROID. I was going to wait but I dont see any better phones coming Moto anytime soon. Plus with swype typing on the screen is easy. And if another phone comes out worth the upgrade well my line will be available. REALLY hope we dont break up. ; )

    • Andrew Hewitt

      Yes! Haha I'm doing the same thing. Except we already broke up but I played my cards right and I'm still getting her droid x when she gets it. ;]

      • AnDroidSepTIX

        Just keep giving her what she wants. The ______. Four letter word fill in the blank.

    • haha that's funny

  • i have four lines…and no emails. what gives verizon!!! actually, i wouldn't upgrade from my DI unless I was blown away. droid x doesn't do it for me…

  • Ssantinelli

    That's funny, I noticed one of my lines on my family plan, which I JUST got a Incredible on (On Release day!), was due up in 9/10… Made NO sense, but I love my incredible so much, I don't think I'll ever replace it… 🙂

  • rals

    So I want make sure I understand. This works for family plans that have a phone that is eligible to take advantage, or that if I fall 1 year for my next upgrade that I can get a new phone? I guess I'm confused on this.

  • Hmmm …. got me thinking 'bout it

  • Hmmm, I hope I am special enough for them =) lol

    • tbaybe

      me too 🙂

    • 1bad69z28

      Hey Tim, I am thinking about moving on this deal with my VZW connection to see if I can get this deal and the Droid X to the wife. Have we heard any new news about the 2GHZ phone from Moto?

      • Slated for an end of the year release from what I hear…lol

    • planetes42

      Hey Tim-tomater — my friend just got an HTC Hero. Think you can send me a Swype invite so I can pass it along?

  • Jay P