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FRF91 Froyo Running on Motorola Milestone

All of the hard work that has been put into cracking the Motorola Milestone over the last 7 months or so is starting to pay off.  While I don’t completely understand “second boots” and the entire process the devs of this community are using at this time, they have definitely figured out a way to get the FRF91 Froyo build onto this locked down Moto device.  The port also seems to work flawlessly aside from a little camera malfunctioning.

This is great news for the Milestone community just a week or so after hearing from Moto that the decision to update to Android 2.2 had not been made yet.  Now you have an option!  Not bad right?

Video action…

And here’s me looking at you Birdman.  How’s that Droid X work coming?  (smiley!)

Source:  ModMyMobile

Cheers John!

  • Gil

    Looks cool. I want it

  • guest

    the PS3 has been hacked!

  • Louis

    Does anyone have a theory why those bootloaders are locked in the first place? The updates are free, so Motorola doesn't have any advantage in you using their software, and I hear of a lot of people that they chose nót to buy a milestone because of the lock. The only thing it does is making Motorola less money. Freeing the bootloaders would mean more $$$ for Motorola and superhappyfuntime for us, so why?

  • It's a great mobile phone to send torpedos online

  • Dexter

    this is not just a 2.1 hack, its more close to the leaked Droid 2.2, within limits possible.
    But yes, its utilizing a 2.1 kernel.. missing a few drivers for device-mapping(app2sd) camera and power management, but its still much better than 2.1-update1 .

    and no, its no china-mobile hack, its actually a Nordic! hack, and scandinavians are proud of what they do.
    but yes, i dont claim its a 100% nexus one, nor Droid , its a mix of both. to enable the more feature, where possible. we still lack some functionality..

  • hickerbocker

    What's the difference in the Milestone and the Droid 1??

  • Tygereye79

    The Milestone is the Droid1, right?

    • Louis

      yeah, it is. It's the name used in Europe, because “Droid” is trademarked by verizon. The only difference is that the droid is shipped with a 16GB msd card, and the Milestone with an 8GB card + some very small software differences.

  • El El Kool J

    I'm sure birdman will get that X bootloader cracked wide open.. 😛

  • Guest34

    Thanks, Richard Hrivnak, we now know exactly where you live 🙂

  • Maizekid

    Good for them.

  • Ron

    AWESOME! Cheers to the Android community and developers. Whatever that is impossible, is possible, and together we will succeed.

  • Annoynimous

    here's my analogy on this rom, you go to chinatown to look for pirated movies, sometimes the dealers hack up something good to make it look like an original, for e.g pirates of the caribbean 4 – the return of sparrow, this is something very similar. Its a nexus one froyo rom running on the milestone 2.1 kernel
    (which is still freaking locked by the world's idiotic company called Motorola, you can't upgrade this kernel to the improved 2.2 because everything is signed and there's no way to bypass this, just picture it like a Sony Playstation 3 security… yeah PS 3 hasn't been hacked after so many years),
    and the camera might never work because the drivers are for a HTC camera, not a Motorola cam!!

    This is how desperate we have become and the shittiness isn't going to stop when Motorola releases Milestone 2. Let me tell you what happens to the droidx after getting to the 2.2…. nothing, nothing will ever happen again for the droidx updates because Motorola will create a new phone to give you a gingerbread update.

    • Droidzilla

      Somebody's always gotta poop in the oatmeal . . .

      Too bad, but you speak the truth. This is why I stopped drooling over the X and am eagerly awaiting the Samsung Galaxy S line. SAMOLED + unlocked bootloader = rad.

      • Boib

        You're dreaming if you think Samsung will support their phones better than Moto..i7500, behold anyone??

    • guest

      the PS3 has been hacked!

  • Jeremy W

    Yes this is a step in the right direction but they still havent cracked the bootloader and id imagine the process to put this on your phone whether its an X or Milestone is not a simple one.

  • Burko

    Bootloader is not hacked, Kernel is still 2.1.
    Progress yes… but this isnt 2.2 as Nexus One owners know it.

  • nkhex19

    Great news Milestone owners! Gives X owners something to look forward to hopefully. 🙂 Great work Devs!

  • The D2 is starting to look better and better with this milestone news. The Android community is the best around.

  • Droidzilla

    Toasted bootloader }:)

    I love the smell of hacking in the morning!

    • StephanC

      Droid Does make breakfast… can you eat a toasted bootloader?

  • brandonmee

    People said the x would never be hacked because the milestone locked boot loader had evaded it for so long….this just goes to show you we should have more faith in these awesome developers.

  • Barlog


  • good morning everybody…can't wait til August 6th!

    • Ius_

      Ok something needs to be clarified ASAP.

      This is a MOD, that introduces Froyo elements on top of a 2.1 Kernel.
      This hack, while fantastic and a definite step forward, does not contain 2.2 kernel

      • Jcsuc

        Whats the problem with 2.1 Kernel the Virtual Machine is Replace on top of the kernel right? so performance incrases.

  • Here's to hoping they get this type of bootloader access on the X soon!

    • kellex

      Amen to that.

    • ditto and amen 🙂