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Custom Theme Friday: Minimalist for CM6

The name of this week’s theme says it all.  This theme only changes your lock screen and notification bar; that’s it.  There is something about keeping a theme as simple as possible that is extremely enjoyable.  Basically, you get to pick from 1 of 10 colors that the dev has put together and then make the rest look as you please.  You can create your own LauncherPro docks, icons, wallpapers, etc. to match perfectly to the framework that has been colored.

Theme: Minimalist for CM6


*Rooted Droid 1 users only.

1.  Install CyanogenMod 6 from ROM Manager.
2.  Download Minimalist Yellow from here.  (Other colors here.)
3.  Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
4.  Unzip the folder from the Minimalist download and extract to “AndroidThemes” on your SD card.
5.  Open MetaMorph and allow it to perform checks.
6.  Choose “Pick existing theme” and the “Yellow” folder.
7.  Tap on “Yellow.xml” and “Apply all!”
8.  Your phone should reboot during the process and will reboot with your new theme!

Full support thread and other colors schemes here.

And if you are interested in the wallpaper and LauncherPro add-ons, download them here.


  • Gageoliver

    will this work on CM 7 ?

  • Thank you for all your work.

  • rootislife

    ok so after a few minutes the time color changed but i still cant figure out how to change the text color of the notifications. if anyone can fix this let us know!

    • rootislife

      nevermind…posted on the wrong page haha

  • T.

    Love the wallpaper. Also I have a question.. What phone should I get on Verizon? Droid Incredible or Droid X? I am a 15 year old. Who needs a calender, and the apps. I dont like the X's size but I can live through it.. help?

  • Drcaveman2

    what are those widgets you are using i like them?

  • Haha I was lookin at that too. You went from almost half full to almost dead in 12 minutes….. Im getting the Droid X when its back in stock here in Minot ND..

  • PLEASE HELP! so last night downloaded cyanogen and everything seemed fine but then it was time to go home and it was raining.. phone was in pocket.. got home (literally 3 blocks down) pulled on my phone and noticed the keyboard was wet. then the screen started flashing… then it went black. (wasnt dropped). the screen was still responsive.. but today i held it up the the light and i can see the screen.. its like the light behind it has gone black.. first thing i did was go into setting and check the brightness and its at 100%.. so earlier today i went into verizon and a new phone is on its way (not insurance) but now im scared because wont they be able to tell the phone was rooted? is there anything i can do? I really hope someone can please help me.. 🙁

    • Mrpicolas

      If the screen is black and wont turn on they will never know besides the usually send one out first then you send yours back

  • ChilliMac

    Im sorry, does your phone have to be rooted to do this?

  • stupid question but are these by chance installable on a nonrooted phone?

  • El El Kool J

    Kellex u rockin that Big bird theme 😛

    I'm loving CM6 RC2 though.. love the music on the lock screen thing.. I can use anyone of my music players and it works.. ya i love music so i got Lithium player, mixzing, Cubed(3), and default player. No matter which one I use the lock screen controller controls all of them :P. Big ups to Cyanogen and his team.

  • dark edge looks awesome (orange, please!) but im running CM6. 🙁 links to some other cool themes for CM6?

  • Jkdaking10

    look at how much it kills battery in 12 mins

  • Droid help question? Since I started running froyo roms when I go into my messages and I try to select the latest message and instead of opening the selected message thread it opens the thread at the bottom of the screen. Has anyone else noticed this problem or know a fix for it? I have noticed it on all roms but Im running jrummy v5.0.9 if that helps.

  • Tiggerxplur

    hi every one im the one that made these themes im sorry if some of you dont like it (it is my first theme) but please give me some suggestions to improve

    if you would like to give me some suggestions post here


  • TheDonutPirate

    No thanks, I'll stick with my droptheme.

  • sockpuppet

    ok wow.. this seems to be the first post about the motorola droid in like a month.. i like the new phones a lot, and i understand why your doing the new phones too (after all, it IS called DROID life), but i liked the site a little better when it was only about the motorola droid…

  • aczm1988
  • I take partial credit for inspiring this theme.

  • Flyinion

    “3. Download and install MetaMorph from the market.
    4. Unzip the folder from the Minimalist download and extract to “AndroidThemes” on your SD card.
    5. Open MetaMorph and allow it to perform checks.
    6. Choose “Pick existing theme” and the “Yellow” folder.
    7. Tap on “Yellow.xml” and “Apply all!””

    So is this kind of a tutorial on how to use MM? I've heard this app mentioned a few times and finally downloaded it the other day to see what it was about. I promptly uninstalled it after figuring out I didn't have a clue what to do with it.

    • wolverinefan

      So i got a quick question, I havent rooted yea cuz im waiting for Official OTA. If i root now, is there a way to unroot when OTA comes???

      And after you got for 2.1 to 2.0.1 and back to 2.1 after rooting whats a good ROM to install i mean , im so confused it ant even funny.


  • Droid137

    How long is it supposed to take Metamorph to apply this? Mines been going for a good 30 minutes now.


      I am having the same issue.

      • Droid137

        Have you found a solution yet? If you do let me know. I haven't found a way to make it work yet, or what's causing this.

  • mwaychoff

    The good old days of flashing roms 🙁 I still have my Droid1 but I can't put down the X!

  • StephanC

    If Nextel still existed and they made a ruggedized a Android phone this is what the interface would look like.

    I have great news for all Droid owners who are attempting to file a claim with Asurion. If you call right now you can get your Droid replaced for another Droid. They just received a new shipment of Motorola A855 devices but they won't be there forever so call as soon as possible! My new Droid will arrive on Monday!

    • Jarrett

      wait im confused.. why would you need a new droid? do you mean you can exchange your droid1 with the droid X?

      • StephanC

        No, I broke my Droid 1 by dropping it on the kitchen floor. In a previous post on this site people were told that their Droid couldn't be replaced by another Droid from Asurion (Your only options were a Droid Eris, Moto Devour, or LG Ally). That was true, however; Asurion just received a new shipment of Motorola Droid 1's. So for a limited time, you can get your damaged Droid 1 replaced by another Droid 1.

        • Asurion droids are peices of crap.. Ive had my refurbed droid for two weeks and the damn screen just blacked out. it started flashing then BAM, GOODBYE! holding another worhless droid on my hands. all i can so is answer calls. the screen will flash on for a second.. I didnt drop it or anything all i did was install cyanogen rc6 and then 20 mins later good bye! now i gotta wait to wednesday for verizon to send me a new one

          • StephanC

            They're sending me a refurbished Droid? If they do, they can expect a package in the mail because I'm sure as hell not going to take that! I am paying them to cover my loss with a new Droid, if they can't match that then I want a Droid Incredible or a Droid X. Trying to make me take a Droid Eris, Moto Drvour, LG Ally, or other inferior device is a textbook example of consumer fraud and I will make sure that they are investigated by the FTC.

          • Dcasper2

            You will get a refurbished Droid. Thats what is in your insurance agreement. Read over the fine print and you'll realize it. It also wont come with a memory card

          • StephanC

            Then I'm not sending the memory card back with my original Droid. The liar on the phone said “Asurion just recieved a new shipment of Motorola Droid's and you will be receiving one.” I will be calling Asurion on Monday to ask about my replacement. If the device is indeed a refurbished one, I will ship it back to Asurion and talk to someone in Management. Thank you.

  • No thanks. :-/

  • Ewww.

  • Bob

    Got that wallpaper in other colors?

  • nayr9800

    Any chance of getting the LauncherPro trays in white?

  • aczm1988

    Ah this is “ok” but if you want a great theme in colors i would give DarkEdge for froyo a whirl

    They have a fantastic setup for colors right now. Its in beta till froyo ota drops but its still worth a shot.

    Link http://www.droidforums.net/forum/xeudoxus/61048

    Oh and kellex your fav pink look is pretty sweet looking. Tim-O-Tato is running pink at the moment.

  • FlyingPlatypus


  • 1bad69z28

    Very Cool I like the the Yellow now if we could only have a Army Ranger Theme I am all over it 🙂

  • Andrew Hewitt

    Damn kellex, how much battery did you lose between 1:40 and 1:52?

    And as always, thanks for your hard work

  • Pretty sweet simple black and white theme (if you're color blind)

    Too much yellow (if you're not color blind)

  • Ehh not as impressive as some of the other themes that are out there… but anyways good work to the developer!!!