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Verizon Tech Support Confirms Froyo for Incredible and Droid in Early August?

Update: I should have been more clear with this.  This is indeed just a rumor and should be taken as such.

An unofficial Verizon Tech Support Twitter account basically confirmed today that the delay of the OTA update for the Droid Incredible is because Android 2.2 will now be included.  Yes, “unofficial,” meaning they admitted to being official tech reps,  just not ones endorsed by corporate VZW.  Even so, we’re guessing they still have a pretty good inside track as to update statuses.

And in response to a question on the Droid 1 receiving Froyo

Awesome.  Early August is 13 days away.  Countdown time!

  • guest (but not again!)

    I came to this page hoping that it would be an asset for tech support.  I see that you are mostly a bunch of smartass brats trying to one-up each other.  I don’t care about who can pee furtherest up a rope!  My DROID X is dead, and I was hoping to get a little tech help, but. . . . . .

  • x2

    I called customer service yesterday and they told me that the OTA release started on the 3rd of this month (aug 2010) and will be finished by the 13th.

  • x2

    I called customer service yesterday and they told me that the OTA release started on the 3rd of this month (aug 2010) and will be finished by the 13th.

  • Rob

    I spoke to a tech at Verizon a few days ago about the poor handling of my yahoo account and he said that when the 2.2 update is released “either at the end of this month or beginning of August” should take care of that as well as a large increase in system speed. I asked him if he was talking about the Froyo 2.2 update and he said yes.

  • DannyK

    Just got off the phone with tech support at VZW for my wifes blackberry (I know she should switch)!

    The guy told me it was originally July then told August…he said rumor is end of the year now.

    • huskerjack

      for the Inc, D1, or both??

  • Jimmy

    Verizon SUCKS!

    • Oh wow. You are right! I can't believe I never thought of this before. Thank you for setting me straight. Hey Kellex… we might as well shut this blog down. Jimmy came through here with a completely new take on the world of wireless communications.

      Well… it was nice being a part of this community well it lasted.


      • Oh I Think We All Need To Switch To AT+T And Get I*hone 4s Cuz That's Sooo Much Better Than Verizon, Um No I'm Sticking With Da Big Red =)

        • Big Red is the uber! 🙂

  • huskerjack

    lots of people (me included) are frustrated with the delayed Froyo to D1. BUT, if you don't want to root (as i don't), here is an alternative: http://www.launcherpro.com/ LauncherPro Plus has just been released, and it's pretty sweet!! you can choose the number of homescreens (2-7), and it has a dedicated, customizable icons at the bottom of the screen. my perception from using it is that it's much snappier than the beta/free version, and seems to increase the speed and performance. i'm diggin' it!!

  • WhereIsTony

    I am willing to bet the X gets froyo around the same time. I bet verizo wants them all to stay similar, both for the look staying current and because the sales people only need to know one version.

  • iMartyMar

    i just want to say thank you to droid-life I check with the site several times a day. Droid-life always lets me hear what I want to hear this is by far the best android website out there thank you creator of droid-life. I am going to create a bunch of back-links to your site to say thank you. Everyone who uses android should know about this site.

  • Yeh, same here. Not sure what the point of waiting is anymore.

  • trend

    Does any one know any mobile flash game websites for the flash I got on my droid list more then one if u can

  • I'm not getting my hopes up. After a heart to heart conversation with my Droid1 we have come to the conclusion that our only option is to root ( late I know but very necessary ). I've been on the fence since the last update fiasco and have finally been pushed over. With all these new restrictions and the fact that my Droid1 is being put down by Verizon only 8 months into its short life and 7 months into my 2 year contract I feel I have no choice!

  • Droid Annoymous

    To any one who applied a new baseband to their droid how would you go to a previous baseband if you applied a new one? I haven't seen any videos or tutorials on how to apply or go back to your old baseband before you applied a new one does any one know?

  • Evermour

    I hope this update fixes a few bugs that my incredible has, it starts to randomly spazz out after awhile.

  • when is the verizon update commin for the Droid X?

    • chefmelv20

      go to your system setting and check for update manually

  • when is the verizon update for the Droid X commin out i thought it was the 18th????

  • chefmelv20

    Droid X system update 1.13.604.en.US version is now available for download. Just go to your system setting and check for update date and BAM you got it.. takes about 4-5 min btw

  • Chris Nimon

    I dont know if anyone remembers me saying I was going to Chicago with some fanboys a couple of weeks ago but that is this wednesday. Anyway it seems they've decided to drive separately ( hope they don't get lost with out free google nav. haha) I also wont see much of them as they are apparently going downtown to the apple store because of a “problem” with their phone and are exchanging it for a new one (like thats gonna help 😀 ) We will be staying at the same hotel so i'll probably have to give them directions downtown, and wireless tether for their ipad lol. 😀

    • lakerzz

      My I*hone loving brother just wrote a letter to Appl* complaining about all the problems he's having with his new I*hone 4, lol. He said he was going to go trade it in for one that works right, and I said, “what, trade it in and hope they give you a Droid phone?? I THINK NOT!!!”

      • Chris Nimon

        I genuinely feel sorry for those who bought the I4. They really got screwed bad this time. Apparently their not all zombies cause theres a lot of people signing into those class action suits. Yeah, I actually laughed out loud when I heard this guy was going in for an exchange, poor guy lol

        • lakerzz

          I joke around, but you are right. My brother an I get along very well, and I do feel bad for him. I did try like crazy to tell him to dump AT&T, and join Verizon and Droid up. Oh well, what can you do?

          • Chris Nimon

            Oh, just because i feel sorry for them doesnt mean i wont tease the hell out of them

          • Michael_NM

            Chris, you're a commenting machine! Nice to see your new eye reflects that. 🙂

          • Chris Nimon

            Ive been assimilated. I change avatars almost as much as my underwear ha ha.

          • Michael_NM

            I think you've got the same addiction as me… My name is Michael and I'm a Droid Lifaholic. It's been 37 seconds since my last “refresh.” Step 1: Admit that we are powerless when it comes to Droid-Life. Step 2: Came to believe that a power greater than us could control our sanity… wait… isn't that already covered in step 1? 😛

            It's a good thing there's not a refresh button on my keyboard, because it would be really tired. 🙂

            Cheers Chris! Give those iPhans Hell!!!

          • F5…
            Thats the refresh button on your keyboard.
            You're welcome

  • Chris Nimon

    anybody else having trouble getting tv.com from the market? I gotta have me some Star Trek when visiting the, ahem, library 🙂

  • chops5648

    what bout the droid x what is the time frame for that? a guesstimate

  • just got the Droid X update. had to check manually.

  • ok lets backup a minute here…VZW said they would have the Droid update out by the end of july…this better be true for us Droid 1 owners

    • wolverinefan

      Completely agree with you man. Its f…. bs our Droid started this whole thing. Not gonna lie to you i would like to get the droid x forget the droid 2 they dont seem to have done a good job on the upgrade. But by the end of this year they probably with come with a droid thats faster plus 2 cameras.

      Plus OTA 3.0 comes out. So i would say is safe to wait till end of the year, it would be a waste of money, but i'd like 2.2 OTA.

      • huskerjack

        they are!! the Droid Pro is rumored to be coming out before the end of the year – 4.3″ screen, 2 GHZ processor, 1 gb RAM, 12 mp camera, 720p recording, keyboard, and front facing camera – it's looking like it could be a monster!

        • huskerjack

          oh yeah, and it will be running gingerbread 3.0…

          • wolverinefan

            So have u guys rooted u're droid 1 or whats the plan to wait for the officail OTA 2.2 Cuz out there, there are so many different ROM i have no clue no more whats going on which is good which is not any advice

          • huskerjack

            i haven't rooted, and i'm not going to. i would be in over my head. it's Froyo or bust for me… in the interim, i posted on this site a little while ago about a pacifier solution until 2.2 – LauncherPro Plus. i just cut and pasted the post below:

            lots of people (me included) are frustrated with the delayed Froyo to D1. BUT, if you don't want to root (as i don't), here is an alternative: http://www.launcherpro.com/ LauncherPro Plus has just been released, and it's pretty sweet!! you can choose the number of homescreens (2-7), and it has a dedicated, customizable icons at the bottom of the screen. my perception from using it is that it's much snappier than the beta/free version, and seems to increase the speed and performance. i'm diggin' it!!

          • huskerjack

            btw, can't wait for the Huskers to visit the Big House!!! 🙂

  • Ninstler

    Pois é, Incredible OTA update com android 2.2… Quem sabe não da para especular a MR2.5 com Froyo pro Milestone ao mesmo tempo =)

  • Schindler557

    Still not sure what to do. I have not rooted my incredible yet – I was going to wait until the OTA update. I want to be able to tether and am not willing to shell out the bucks for their plan – will I still be able to do this after the pushout or should I just root now.

  • I slightly remember a previous “13 day” countdown… I'm just saying… If early August doesn't provide us with Froyo for our Droid then I am rooting. No questions asked.

  • 1lionmurrill

    I heard a rumor from this guy who over heard this rumor that the new Motorola iphone-X will be released with the new Jelly Bean 3.0. Limited Pre orders start next week at participating Wal-Mart Super Stores. I'm leaving the house now to get in line!

    • lakerzz

      Holy crap!! I could've sworn that was gonna be nothing other than HTC, where in the hell did they get Motorola from???? Eehhhhhh…..

  • 1lionmurrill

    I don't believe anything I read on droidlife anymore. This whole site is one big rumor.

    • Michael_NM

      You're free to quit reading at any time brother. Any time. I, on the other hand will take the rumors for what they are and continue to enjoy all of the goodness, goodies, and tips in addition to the rumors.

      • lakerzz

        Well said…;)

  • Jeff

    I can wait….patience = golf, beer, and chicks.

  • Towelie420


    What is the deal with this?

    • Timoh

      Looks like someone was misinformed on what the release actually was. It's just a patch that adds 2.2 features to 2.1 AFAIK. It's a complete waste of time for Motorola to have worked on at all, they should have put all their effort into a real 2.2 release instead. Should have come with the phone IMO.

  • Djspikezz

    I'm honestly tired and could careless about when the OTA comes. Im ROOTED, 2.2 for over a month now with better options then the stock 2.2 will have.

    Waiting for OTA and constant posts about this day and that day just gets peoples hopes up. Most of us already experienced this with Eclair 2.1.

    • Yo dude what ROM are u using and what phone
      later dude

  • Michael_NM

    First, thanks to Dr. Droid for sharing what he knows. While I am eagerly awaiting the release, I''m perfectly happy with my Droid as is. Otherwise, I would have rooted by now. However, this weekend I took my Omnia out for a while, and laughed about what a difference a year makes. We'll get 2.2. Soon enough? Maybe not, but at least we're not lugging around Omnias, XV6700s (my first smart-phone) or God forbid iPhon'ts…

    Remember, those who haven't learned from the past are doomed to repeat it. In short, same story different update.

    • lakerzz

      Yeah. I remember my Voyager, Dare, then Omnia *shutters at the memory* Although I do kind of miss the mobile tv on the Voyager. (When I first got it, I thought the mobile tv antenna was a stylus, haha)

      • Evermour

        Lol i had a voyager, i thought the antenna was a stylus too.. i still have my voyager.

      • tik

        when i first got my voyager back in the day, everyone thought it was sooo amazing because of that antenna. Just can’t imagine how I thought that UI was any good now that I have an Incredible.

  • So…no Droid X update today?

    • chefmelv20

      manually update in the system settings

  • Firelight

    I'm aiming for two weeks ago with Sapphire and not bothering for the waiting…

  • Paul E.

    I've been running Froyo for nearly a month now on the Droid 1. Yawn.

    • V.S.

      Is it totally working?? I still haven't rooted yet, nervous about loosing some normal functions and reception….

      • Paul E.

        I've been rooted since March. Only ever had one problem, and a restore to a prior known good ROM fixed that. I've been running JRummy's “built from source” Froyo since early July, and haven't had a single problem with it. At all. Reception's great, no random reboots, nothing.

  • Jeff P

    I've been running a rooted version of Froyo since 25-JUN-2010

  • Because I've Already Rooted And Running Froyo (Sapphire) I Would Imagine That I Wouldn't Get The Update…But The Devs Would Come Out With An Update For My ROM That Would Include Everything In This New Release???

    • Djenks24

      If its anything like the 2.1 update you already have more bells and whistles than its going to have. Enjoy.

      • That's Kinda What I Figured Because That's Why They Make ROM's Take The Stock N Jazz It Up Baby =)

  • Personally, I like dipping gingerbread pieces in my froyo. Hopefully custom rom bakers feel the same way.

  • zach

    I work for VZW technical support and I can tell you that we are NOT given release dates for software updates, even “around” [this time]. Do not trust this Twitter account, it's a load of BS.

    • It's Only A Rumor, And This Is A Blog Where People Can Ask Questions And Get Information. Wether This Source Is Reliable Or Not…We've Had Plenty Of Let Downs So I Think We Should Just Let People Vent About How They Feel And If They Wanna Get Their Hopes Up Let Em, Because In The End It's Just Gonna Be A Rumor If It Doesn't Come Out =)

      • usnmustanger

        Why is the first letter of every word of your posts capitalized? Looks spammy!

        • Timoh

          He's practicing for the headlines! Gonna be a star!

        • Haha Nah I've Been Capitalizing As Far Back As I Can Remember And No Its Not Spamming Lol I'm Just Like Everyone Else On Here

          • It's not spammy, it just reminds of the illiterate 18 year old siblings of my friend on Facebook dat tallkk LiKKe this yooo000

          • Lmao I Think The Capitalization Makes It Easier And Neater To Read…Maybe I'm Wrong But I'll Continue Cuz Its Like Second Nature, Yoooooo =P

    • andrew401

      please dude, i have had verizon reps come through HUGE for me. maybe you just don't got the connects some people have. don't get ya panties in a bunch over a tweet it's really not worth it at all. this is a blog site so chill out

      • Exactly!

      • Djspikezz

        Rooted 2.2 > stock 2.2… OTA Update? who cares.

        • KooklanR

          Yeah who cares about HD recording… it's so lame… not?

          • Djspikezz

            Im talking about Droid 1.. not your sorry little incredible.

          • KooklanR

            Little? Sorry, you must be confusing it with your phone's processor speed.

          • I see what you did there!

          • Bob

            na, once you root you can over clock, non issue.

  • For those who only have the Droid this must really be a bee in their bonnet. They always say their Droid will get all OS updates before anything with Sense and now this. They are probably very sad right now :..(

  • lvmydroid

    Well, I'm going to wait a couple more weeks but if it doesn't happen I may just go ahead and root, just a little scared cause I'm not all that tech savy and want to be able to go back to stock if I need to send back in under warranty if any issues come up.

    • kellex has some unroot and rooting videos it helped me out alot and i was also skeptical of rooting and now i love it!

      • Yea I Watched It On My Phone Had To Memorize The 10min Vid Cuz When My Phone Is Off I Have No Internet But Man He Did Such A Great Job By Demonstrating It Was As Easy As 1, 2, 3 Done *Two Thumbs Up To Kellex* =) Droid Rules!

      • Kellex. Is that on youtube? I'm also not as tech savvy to root but if update doesn't come soon I'll join the rooters.

        • tac

          haha i just rooted my phone a few days ago with the froyo rom followed a video on youtube dint work so well o well verizon is gonna send me a new incredible

  • zizzybaloobah

    Moto and VZW need to deliver on this for Droid owners. They promised Flash support when they launched the Droid in November. Time for some love for those of us that took the plunge early and helped them sell gobs of Droid phones.

  • mjfbush

    The Droid still has a lot of life left, breathe easy fellas.

  • Flyinion

    “I'm aiming for early August”

    That's funny, I've been running Froyo since July 5th 😛

  • Here we go!!

  • Im tired of Verizon getting everyones hopes up about froyo, they always lie about dates its absolutely absurd. After the moto droid didnt get it on the 13th, i decided to root with kellex's verrry easy step by step guide/vid. Its been great running froyo haha

    • EggoEspada

      You know half the time we get dates its just guesses right? They really haven't been that bad about these things, its just us jumping to conclusions. lol

      • Bensoncd

        I luv jumping to conclusions. Sometimes it's the only exercise I get. Eager for 2.2 for my lil Droid 1. Would have rooted by now but will not give up my wifi. I also like the flexibilty to be able to root my phone if I feel like it. I am disappointed that is not an option on future motorola's a shame. They seem to think only developers are interested in that. Au Contrare. Some of us fans just like to tinker. It's the american way.

    • same here i love my froyo <3

  • first

    • dammit. I was actually excited.