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DROID 2 Multi-Angle Pictures Found

Well not to try and scoop Engadget’s recent post, but their tipster Dominic sent us these Droid 2 photos and tips earlier as well…so much for saving them until Monday morning I guess.

Oh and here is the official Droid 2 logo…

  • Justin

    So is a little faster, whoopee doo


    5MP??? yOOHR KiDDing RiGHT??

  • Jetbird

    Any News on when it's due to hit?? Cd use the larger keyboard due to my hand disability…Curious And Thanks for the updates!

  • Heynewgirl

    OH NO….I just broke my Droid, my beloved Droid. I fell on it. Should I get the droid 2. I dont like the buttons on the droid X. I feel terrible. Maybe I should buy one of the last droids that will soon be gone. I feel terrible.

  • Jager07

    Does D2 or DX fix this:


    Or is there another fix for it for the D1? It drives me crazy on mine (but doesn't seem to be nearly as bad on my GFs? We both use screen protectors)

  • El El Kool J

    OFF TOPIC.. The Droid 2 looks a little better I think.. oh wait this isnt off topic.. all of you're comments are…lol..

  • I'm going to pipe in my 2 cents about Motorola putting a locked bootloader on there phone. In a perfect world people would all be honest. If you root your phone it voids your warranty, Fine … so be it. However I have seen posts on here before explaining how to get your phone back to stock so it can be returned for a warranty issue.
    I am all for freedom, it's your phone/mini computer.. you should be able to do what you want with it. However, from a business standpoint I understand why Motorola/Verizon would want to lock their phones. People are not always honest and it cost them money as a result. I may not have the most popular view on here, but I feel it's worth piping in because it seems some are very angry about this. Is there really any reason to be?? It's really just a business decision on their part. Now if they could figure out a way to keep everyone happy and protect themselves I'm sure they would. Anyway my 2 cents… even if my thinking is wrong.

    • Gunner

      They could easily do what HTC/Google did w/ the Nexus 1. Just add a disclaimer screen upon obtaining root that says something like “By rooting your phone, your warranty is made null and void. Are you sure you want to do this? By tapping 'Yes' you agree to void your warranty.” Problem solved.

  • zero

    Looking for a little help. Just flashed BB V.04 to my Droid. Any recommendation for a 1ghz Kernel? Should I stick with JDLFG's for any rom. I was using his 1Ghz for CM6 prior to the BB flash.`

    • for bb I always use chevy01's kernels check them out.

  • ckeegan

    Saving a story until Monday? HA! What are you, a newspaper? You should know you can't keep this kind of stuff under wraps for more than 10 minutes, or else you no longer have a story.

  • Im a little upset that I see a 5mp camera still.

    • EggoEspada

      Mega-pixels aren't everything. If this thing has bigger sensors and takes better pictures, it doesn't matter.

  • zero

    Just received an e-mail from our Verizon rep (big company we have a few perks) asking us if we wanted to get a test Droid X unit since our VP's and President's always want the new hot phone on the market and we don't give them anything till we test em so we know how to trouble shoot issues.

    Ours should be arriving in a few days and since I'm the Droid guy at work (we all have BB's but my personal is a D1 rooted) I get first crack at it.

  • >.> Would be awesome if there was a eu release date πŸ™

  • I come across a apk which allows u to make your own live wallpaper its called own skin there are many customization options watch the youtube video on the link I provided once u download from this site it will be a zip just extract with astro or something enjoy dl readers http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-news/587

  • Justin

    What makes the D2 better than the D1?

    • SB0b

      The 1ghz processor, 512 mb ram, improved keyboard, android 2.2, hopefully a changed headphonejack….

      • Chris Nimon

        seems to me that Droid rooted with froyo and 1.25Ghz kernel has faster speed yet the new processor will probably have a more efficient architecture. Yes it has more ram, but can we assume it will ship with froyo? I consistently pull in the 1550 range on quadrant with a high of 1739 (been seeing droid x scores around 1400) and CM6 runs smoother on my phone than anything thats ever been on it. I think they're too close to call a concrete winner unless you throw in the extra goodies that rooted droid has. Then again, if they made the droid 2 a “developer” phone then game over, droid 2 wins in a landslide.

      • Frenchtimj

        Not sure what's wrong with the headphone jack….. Kinda like the full size and the location…

        • SB0b

          Many people complain about a defective contact on thei droids/milestones headphone jack…. so itΒ΄s not suitable as walkman-replacement πŸ˜‰ Hopefully they changed this.

          sorry for bad english


      • Justin

        Sounds like my rooted D1, except my D1 is faster. Minus the “improved keyboard” (whatever that means). I use swype and its as easy as can be.

        • SB0b

          I would bet 1000$ your d1 isnt faster than the d2. the clock rate isnt everything.

          • Justin

            Regardless, not work an “upgrade”

          • Justin

            So is a little faster, whoopee doo

  • sindeslroyer

    well guys another thing that hasnt been much considered is since theyre taking the droid1 off the line and this has some specs that are obviously lower than that of the x then maybe its so more people can afford to have a droid series phone. lower specs=lower price. if the x is 199 the maybe this will be 149?

  • In regards to Droid 2, they should've kept the button layout the same. {{-_-}}

  • I just wish Droid X had a physical keyboard and an unlocked bootloader. The rest I can live with. {{-_-}}

  • SB0b

    The pictures look like textures for a 3d-view

  • I think the droid one looks better and why would they put the same 5mp camera on it, higher-end phones now have 8mp cameras.

  • mjfbush

    The 3rd chapter in the Droid saga begins?

  • Stephen D

    I like the new design. If only the accents were gold or even red instead of that hideous silver. And I'd change the button layout back to the Droid's.

  • I think it looks cheap. Not everyone was a fan of the gold on the droid 1 but the silver highlights on this make the phone look as cheap as my old omnia 1. the gold at least gave it some illusion that it was powerful, the silver just makes it look like every other phone from 2 years ago when silver highlights were cool. so sad πŸ™ hopefully a new droid device in a year (when my contract renew is up) will look sexy again.

  • Chris Nimon

    Reading article from AndroidForums about verizons 4G network. Does “Global Roaming Voice Standards” mean I can now take my phone to sayyy…. Europe?

    • nkhex19

      That's awesome! Soon it will be DROID DOES International!!! πŸ™‚

      • Chris Nimon

        Im hoping, though Droid International sounds more like an airport compared to Droid Nation sounding like a rebel army. I think I can deal with that lol

        • nkhex19

          Lol, it does sound like an airport huh? We will think of some sick slogan for the Droid global campaign. Caint wait for 4g!

          • If they are ever going to get DROID going international, it will probably be the DROID DOES campaign. Except each country might have to do their own ads (because the DROIDs in the US ads have the VZ logo on them) For example the UK…the cinema trailer for the DROID2 might be something like Doctor Who chasing the DROID asteroid, it ending up crashing into the Earth, then the Doctor tries to investigate it in the TARDIS, then as more asteroids land around the world, the TARDIS goes metal and the DROID2 rises up from the console with the eye and the low-pitched DROOOIIID sound like at the end of the US launch trailer. The Doctor's reaction: What in the world is that? (like the US Stealth ad)

          • Chris Nimon

            OH YEAH, im a HUGE Tom Baker fan myself. Love this idea!

      • Chris Nimon

        Of course theyd have to change the commercials so that the verizon guy says “can you here me now'' in the language of the country they use for the background.

    • Frenchtimj

      If international roaming is in fact coming… It's about friggan time! The US is light years behind Europe. Most phones in Germany for instance are 4 band. Every time I visit Europe I walk around with my single band paper glorified paper weight… really is frustrating.

  • nkhex19

    Can't wait to check this thing out. Some may disagree but I really like how they stuck to the same design as the original. I think its the sickest looking phone. The industrial design makes it look and feel like you would imagine a phone named Droid should. My buddy got a Droid X and I messed around with it for a few hours and I must saw its one impressive phone, but I will probably upgrade to the Droid 2. Let's hope to an unlocked bootloader!!! (Unlikely though which is unfortunate)

  • Timoh

    Everyone saying they will wait for 4g just remember that Verizon is going to charge more for 4g. I'm pretty sure that they are going to do tiered data plans too(no more unlimited data). I know it's faster, but I don't know, I'm not downloading major files on my phone, I have my home connection for that. Have to wait and see the pricing plans for it to see if it will be worth it. If you don't care about the cost you'd probably not care about upgrading early anyway.

    Just a side thought. Continue Droid 2 talk.

    • Guest

      While I agree that downloading to my phone is not currently a big concern, IF the the 4G network is fast enough, and since I can tether my laptop to my D2 when I’m away from home, this could mean that I will suddenly be increasing my data usage by leaps and bounds. I’m sure this is a major reason Verizon is going to tiered data plans. It truly sucks, but I bet this is how it will go with all the phone companies for a while. I think this is how it will have to be until the market starts forcing them back to unlimited data, which is inevitable, if not prompt. Eventually they will build out the networks to handle the increased traffic and it will be worth it to entice customers to switch plans, or to keep up with other carries that are doing it. Until then we will have to suffer through it.

  • In the droid voice. “GRRROSS

  • Chris Nimon

    hey, howd it get that Droid-Life sticker on the back ? πŸ˜‰

    • lakerzz

      Haha…I wasn't going to get this phone until I saw the kick a$$ graphics on the back. I guess Kellex has some serious pull…lol

      • Chris Nimon

        yeah I wonder how many subscribers he has now? Back when he went from blog to website I bet he had 50 or so of us.

  • Rmellish3

    This is definitely off topic… but I was wondering how on my droid x I can send multiple text messages to one person. I had an env touch which allowed me to just put their name in ten times and hit send, however the droid x deletes every multiple entry when I do that for a text message now. Is there any way around this?

    If you want to know why I would like to know how to do this:
    My friends and I from time to time, mess with each other by spamming their phone with texts, they get pop up notifications for a few minutes straight, rendering their phone useless. But now I can no longer do this πŸ™

    • why would you want to troll via text, that is why you fail

  • Fawzi94

    This should have been thinner than the droid 1, with an 8mp camera and 720p, and a better battery. Motorola failed at upgrading. It's just the Droid 1 with some smoothed out edges and a slightly faster processor.

    • Sdff

      umm you realize there are limits to when building phones? ever wonder why the DX has that hump? its cause it needs the room for the 8mp and 720p, you think they just throw that in there for kicks? seriously people need to calm down, its called variety, something that verizon offers. if you want something that will keep getting better but with one option and where you dont have to complain about the button layout constantly, go to AT&T, I heard they have a pretty sucky iPhone and there's only 1 button so it doesnt switch.

      • lvmydroid

        Well, just FYI on that hump, the incredible also has 8mp and will have 720p with the OTA update and didn't require that much room.

        • sindeslroyer

          but the x is also thinner than the incredible except for the hump

          • timarnette

            I really do not mind the hump

      • lakerzz

        I believe its because it has a mechanical shutter.

  • I would be all over this if it weren't for Motoblur. The dark red and black color scheme messes with the buttons in the apps. I just hope it gets custom roms, even if it is a stock looking one.

  • Gonzo

    that looks pretty sweet but not worth buying if you have a droid already

  • jedijesus95

    Doesn't look a whole lot different and that could be a good thing. I wonder if Moto will lock it down since the Droid 1 was a hackers dream.

  • Thinh

    I just want to point out something…this isnt the Droid 2…it has a 5mp camera. Now unless Verizon and Moto intends to downgrade back to a crappy camera…that doesnt make sense.

    I was gonna point it out on engadget, but too lazy to make an account πŸ™‚

    • Jay P

      Anybody who buys D2 is literally throwing there money away.

      • EggoEspada

        Not really. Unless you already have the original Droid, then it wouldn't be worth it. But otherwise, its a great phone..

      • Why is this your thought? I am probably gonna go from my Droid X to the Droid 2 when it comes out. So far I prefer everything about the Droid 1 over the Droid X, except for the large screen size (!!), faster, and larger storage. So basically I'll have to give up the large screen size since the Droid 2 will have similar specs. In a nutshell all that of course…but I'm curious as to why someone votes against the D2. Maybe it will help me in my decision. Oh yeah, that and I prefer a physical keyboard.

    • Mwaychoff

      It is the Droid2, It already states in the summer/fall brochure that it's touting a 5MP camera, so they're not downgrading it, they're just not upgrading it to match the new X (which is another reason why I chose the X πŸ™‚ )

  • Caboose

    you guys think verizon or motorola will have some kinda deal like the at&t has with the iphone where you pay like 60 bucks to upgrade to the new model for the droid2 ? just been woundering this for awile because i dont got money to be throwing away for it?

    • EggoEspada

      Idk, they already offered early upgrades to the Droid X, which can be used towards the Droid 2, so who knows if they will.

      • but that doesn't apply to us who bought the Droid1 late like Jan. or Feb.+ i have a 2011 upgrade date or i probably would be holding a Droid X now! The Droid 2 looks promising, but i'm not into the new look. It's not exactly a step up from the droid 1 in my opinion more like a step sideways. Same camera, same screen size, better ram and processor (but if it is a locked bootloader it's even). Gotta know if they will offer a seperate promo for us. Maybe a better alternative to this! I had high hopes for droid 2 but honestly this is not what i thought we would see!! “Hello Moto you rushed!!”

  • BTwrestle04

    Why the hell did they change the location of the “back” button…. seriously… It might be a deal breaker for me coming from a Droid 1.

    • Jay P

      After a couple of days you'll get used to it.

    • Mwaychoff

      It's the same layout on the X. I was honestly thinking there was going to be a high learning curve with how much I use those buttons, but honestly by the end of the first day I was adjusted to the new layout, and am already finding myself hitting the wrong locations when tinkering with my Droid1 still.

    • I agree. I had the Droid 1 for a month, upgraded to the Droid X which has this layout of buttons as well. I got used to the back button being on the leftmost position in even just a month. But it also seems to make the most sense. Disappointed as well that it has this button layout.

  • Sdff

    im glad they got rid of the blue/chrome look to it previously seen in the video and the catalog. this will be my next phone since I am still on an EnV2 and the DX was too big for me.

    • Chris Nimon

      i always wondered if that was one of those protective covers that you have to peel off lol

  • sean

    Just saw an x today at Walmart (out of stock too). Man that thing felt like a ball of sweaty unprotected sex in my hand. Made my inc look downright frumpy.. I'm so tempted to sell my precious inc for one but I decided against it since 4g is right around the corner and the whole ebay process would be annoying. Or maybe I will.. if the bootloader issue is worked out. When I was holding it I realized it was a real shame what moto did..thinkin the x is going to be that girl that got away lol.

  • 5mp camera huh… is this bs?

  • Dman27

    soo i feel like they are just going backwards releasing this after the X lol!

  • Ketto

    I really, really hope that this phone isn't as expensive as the Droid X. It doesn't have as much features so them charging as much for it to me would seem just greedy. The only reason I could see them charging as much for it would the keyboard, but no way is that enough to warrant the same price…

  • Towelie420

    All the people claiming they're pissed about the locked bootloader on the Droid X, are really only mad because they used their new every two on the first Droid and can't afford full retail on this new beast. πŸ˜› (only pokin' fun)
    Guys trust me, I rooted my Droid 1 and was really into some of these roms. But also, lets all be honest and face the fact that some of these roms were just plain tacky garbage. Those ones that put stupid logos or halos around EVERY APP ICON. C'mon. And some of them were outright buggy and didn't get all my apps. Using titamium backup was shotty. Some of the 2.2 ones weren't playing nice with the marketplace and getting all my apps: Cyanogen (my favorite on 2.1) didn't retrieve all of my apps and would not let me get them, such as Labyrinth. It was like Sapphire without that market hack. Until I clicked to download that market hack, Sapphire was doing the same thing. Although with that market hack it was SWEET!
    While I miss wifi tether, I didn't really use it that much, but I am mad I don't have it.
    Altogether though, the Droid X does what I love the most. It runs my precious launcher Pro, WITH the 3D launcher, AND with live wallpapers. And I know a million of you will harp that stuff kills battery, which is why I had two batteries for my Droid 1. This stuff runs smoothly and without hickup on the Droid x, which was not the case on Droid 1. The browser opens snappier and swiftly. Transitions are like butter. Guys this phone is awesome, trust me. Oh and also, I'm typing faster on this screen than I did on the Phys Keyboard.
    I'm also throwing out a bunch of run-on sentences, lol, done!

    • Austin

      absolute agree towelie… I had a rooted droid ran 0.3 then moved to bb 0.4 and I was amazed vs stock 2.1.1 but i've had this droid x since launch day and even with 2.1.1 this phone is incredible. Extremely fast, the new “non but kinda motoblur” features are awesome and more useful than so much of those ROMs I used on my droid and the 4.3″ screen is incredible and should be the new standard for all touchscreen phones… I've been on this site since day one and I will confidently say maybe not 100% but almost everyone who is hating on the X is jealous. The droid is being phased out and this is the new powerhouse flagship vzw phone. This thing will get rooted, the iphone wasn't suppose to be jailbreakable and it was jailbroken the night b4 launch.. give it a few weeks, until then i'm gonna enjoy my awesomeness πŸ™‚

      • MDMarvel

        kinda hate u cuz i ordered my DX on launch day and have been constantly checking my inbox for the message that says it's on it's way to me and still haven't got it but hopefully it'll be here Tuesday.

    • Stephen D

      I would love to have a DX. It is fast enough to keep me from overclocking, which is the main reason I rooted my Droid. My one and only problem is the awful white notification bar. Hopefully Google changes that or even lets us customize it in Gingerbread.

      • Frenchtimj

        Don't worry…..You will have to overclock soon enough. With more powerful processors come more power hungry apps. Just like the PC world.. It's a never ending battle to keep up… For now…. you have the Ferrari…

    • The problem is that Droid X doesn't run the GOOD ROMs. We're not worried about the bad ones; we could always reflash. {{-_-}}

    • wow

    • Hogasswildmc

      Anyone who bought a Droid is pretty much eligible to use their every two for the X. I was….sent in my MIR already.

    • EC8CH

      Whatever anyone thinks about their own personal need about wanting to install custom ROM's, I wish everyone would recognize that encrypted bootloaders are an offense to consumers and they represent a dangerous precedent. If this practice becomes the norm, the smartphone industry will become a very less free and open place for the consumer.

  • Chris Nimon

    Am i missing something? Dont we have pretty much everything the Droid 2 has with root/roms/kernels? + free wifi/bluetooth tether, etc. Of course it may get the video update and MUCH better keyboard but i'm more than willing to make that trade.

  • RealGame22

    I like the sleek clean look.

  • Mrpicolas

    Ahhh my next phone

  • SinCitySRT4

    It will be rooted and romed? ask milestone owners how thats working out for them.

    • SinCitySRT4

      rooted most likely

  • The order of the buttons on the front makes me worry that this is going to have the crappy Blur situation on it too.

    • chops5648

      they already said it was goign to have that on it

      • EggoEspada

        They may not. We know that its coming with Froyo, but maybe it'll be stock. Google might ask it to be a “developer's” phone to take the place of the original Droid..

        • Chris Nimon

          i like your thinking there.

          • Didn't Motorola flat out say the other day in response to the whole efuse thing that they were pretty much “locking down” every phone from now on and if you want a developers phone to buy the nexus one? Wasn't that quote posted on here? I don't check too many other sites for droid news! lol

          • Chris Nimon

            pretty much but we can hope.

          • remeber google is almost about to stop selling the nexus after the current ones are all sold out

        • This would be nice as it would give us a more powerful phone than the droid 1 to play with. However if only select phones will get to be a “developer's” phone then I hope they wait and make it one of the 2ghz cellphones being released near the end of the year!

        • They are talking about the N1 coming off the market maybe we could see a shiny new Dev phone! But honestly hopefully not the Droid 2 it's not the Future of the Droid sorry!

  • Of all phones to move the back button on. I think the back button is in the perfect spot on the Droid 1, especially when using the keyboard!

  • puck

    Droid 2 is the one im waiting for !!

  • As long as they lock the bootloader I will keep ignoring Moto devices.. just gave up my pre-order of Droid X and wait for Epic 4G!

    • 1st vanilla android super phone with an unlocked bootloader will be my next phone…which sounds like it won't be a motorola. Until then, it's D1 / BB 0.4 / Blue Energy goodness for me…

      By the way, wasn't there talk about some kind of Saygus phone for release in January – March 2010? I remember reading about that pre-launch, but never heard after that…

      • Delriogil

        I hear a lot of people talk about vanilla android but never see anyone define it. Is that just plain android without any custom UI?

        • Yes, as in no sense/mtoblur. Although you can kind of get around them anyway with custom launchers like ADW or launcherPro.

          • I'm glad you brought the custom launchers up because I don't think enough people consider that. They just hear Motoblur OH NO! lol

          • But the problem with Motoblur isn't the UI, its the color scheme. Typically, Android has white/silver buttons within apps and their hilight when pressed is yellow or lime green. With Motoblur, the buttons within apps are dark, almost black and the hilight is red. The problem lies in that some buttons within apps are unreadable. Perfect example would be to download Bloo on a motoblur phone and look at the Inbox and Share buttons. You can barely read them.

      • Not sure about the Saygus phone sorry .. BTW after a second thought I am actually kind of happy with Moto's decision, now I can get a device with a better screen and keyboard — great for Emulators!

        Hope someone can solve the hack problems though, since I have a bad feeling that other device makers might also follow Moto's step..

    • puck

      I agree I will stick with D1 for now until something comes out that we can put roms on. Im hoping D2 will be the one

    • Not to piss on your day pal, but the Droid X will be rooted and rommed.
      You fed into the drama bullshit news that everyone posted it's a BOMB. It's not and it's being worked on currently to have the freshest of roms and 2.2
      But enjoy your 2nd class provider sprint!

      and on that note, please don't take offense, you're at Droid life. Us true Droid lovers will be in defensive mode when you crack attacks.

      • I agree. Droid X is the next generation of phone. and I agree, Sprint does….SUCK!!

        • dave

          haha yea, Sprint royally sucks where i'm at! Big Red is the only provider with 3G in my city. After I got the DX the Evo users wanted to try and bash the X and all I asked them was “how's that 4G phone working for ya, on your EDGE network?” lol

      • I DO know that it's not a bomb and I DO sincerely hope that somebody will get that system hacked — it's for the overall good of the whole community. I just don't want to take the risk to have a device for two years and not knowing when I can get it rooted… that's all my pal. And seriously, who does take internet comments for real, LOL

        In my area sprint actually served me well, not know where you are talking about though.

      • This isn't about being scared of not being able to root my D2. This is about not rewarding a company that feels it necessary to throw speed bumps in my way if I want to do with my purchased hardware as I wish.

        If Motorola feels it's OK to treat their customers as irresponsible buffoons, I feel it's OK not to purchase hardware from them.

      • He has a valid reason for not wanting to buy the phone. It's a sweet device no doubt, but the locked bootloader WILL be a dealbreaker for some at the outset even if it IS eventually circumvented. Just be happy he called out another Android device and not the iPhone.

        • Thanks for the understanding. you should know that I've been waiting for this device even since it's been call “Shadow” and I am the FIRST to pre-order in my area!

          Some say it will be hacked soon (and I really hope so), he should ask a Milestone owner how that feels.

      • andrew401

        LOL no it's not lets face it. you got a phone that will never have a custom recovery ( i have one also ) Moto really screwed up on this P.O.S.

    • country83

      I feel the same way. Will be keeping the Droid 1 until a 4G comes out.

    • Jay P

      I own Droid 1 and now I own Droid X, I don't need stinking ROMs. Apparently you must want a brick in your hands so you can wait for the 4G. Droid 2 is a waste of money, Droid X is every man's dream huge screen, fast processor, less weight than D1 and D2.

    • Good luck with that. With Verizon 4G around the corner (hopefully) maybe it might have been better to wait just a little more. But also it's thanks to someone like you who had canceled their pre-order that I was able to pick up my new Droid X the day after launch. πŸ™‚

      Btw, I have to say this is my first comment on Droid-Life. Been following the site for the last month or two since I've been looking for a new phone. Learned about the Best Buy pre-order through here, and now have the Droid X. Thanks Droid-Life! Will surely continue to follow this site!

  • sigh … second

  • First