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Swiftkey Beta Hits Android Market

We’ve been raving about Swiftkey as an alternative to Swype for quite some time now and even provided you a couple of betas to test and guess what?  The official beta has landed on the market!

For those not familiar, Swiftkey looks similar to a stock HTC IME keyboard but has this mysterious way of predicting the next word in the message you are typing.  And when I say mysterioius, I should really be saying amazing.  It’s a fantastic keyboard.  Check out the beta now!


Download Link

  • Took me a bit to figure it out too. Just long press it.

  • slevenkelevra
  • Wow. For the first time I have actually had a pleasurable experience using a touchscreen keyboard on my Droid.

  • Admin

    http://db.tt/MYc2Hl — swype for HVGA that never expires.

  • Admin

    weak sauce. swype ftw

  • Ababcock810

    Still don't know how to do a question mark (?) in Swiftkey.

    • Took me a bit to figure it out too. Just long press it.

  • I had swype and i always forgot to swype lol. I had gotten used to the stock keyboard. But i do like this swiftkey. Are there any themes for it? anyone! lol. hey what ever happened to the 2.2 update for stock droids? i didnt get it!

  • I lk

  • mrwindowz

    I always see barcodes on sites discussing apps. What is that for? Is there a way to scan that on your droid or something in order to jump to where it is in the market?

    • Jess

      Yup, exactly. Download Barcode Scanner from the market and then you can use it to scan the barcodes you see. Plus it's a pretty good tool for scanning stuff like movies or games at stores and seeing if the prices are better elsewhere.

  • Why does it require network access? Key logger?

    • MisterCee

      Good question – no one seems to have picked up on this. I was wanting to know too. All I've found so far is the official FAQ: http://www.swiftkey.net/faq.html#12. Guess we just gotta trust 'em.

  • otter34

    I thought this worked like swype or shapewriter, but I see it doesn't. I kind of like it though. If I remember right the motorola Q often predicted the word I was going to type next and I always wondered why droid default didn't?

  • Ace_Thruster

    Tried this for about a conversation or two… back to Swype.

  • Pretty cool but still prefer swype.

    Is there anyway we could update on apps ? Best app ?

    Free/paid ?

    Most used ?

    Would just like to see what some are using. Thanks

  • Jutleyut

    I like SwiftKey better than swype but YMMV.

  • Craig

    I've been using SwiftKey since the Alpha and I really like it, tried Swype and ShapeWriter as well but I really like how SWK predicts not only the word you're typing but the following words as well. I've had the experience several times where it has predicted nearly all of the words in a sentence. It makes for MUCH faster texting, especially after it has had a chance to analyze your writing. Pretty sure if they ever start charging for it I'll lay down the cash.

  • t0ni

    Way off topic, where's Kellex??

  • I have loved swype ever since I got the beta…but if everyone's considering this a legit competitor then I guess I'll give it a shot

  • El El Kool J

    ewww swype..

    • ewww?

      • El El Kool J

        I'm not a very big swype fan.. lol..

        • Yikes 😛
          That's too bad 🙁

          • El El Kool J

            well probably cuz i havent given much a chance yet.. plus it removes the voice to text feature which ive used alot..

          • El El Kool J

            u like this swiftkey beta? i like this one its cool.. word prediction is really good.. it know what your trying to say pretty good.

          • DeathofGrim

            Tim I got a question I know off topic but. I Can't seem to be able to get into recovery.. so its not letting me change roms. The power x don't work. I'm runnin the new cyogen mod. Super user is in my appp drawr and everything. Any ideas?

          • Flash an alternate recovery, and then flash clockwork again. That seems to do the trick…

  • Paul E.

    Actually works really well at guessing, I'm surprised. That said I like to have it make up its own sentences by just repeatedly choosing the middle box. LOL.

  • Flyinion

    May have to check this out, I love the HTC_IME keyboard. On a side note, anyone running Insane Nemesis ROM (orange in my case with a data/cache wipe even) notice there are two sets of Android Keyboard entries in Settings (in addition to the normal hardware keyboard, i.e. actually two stock virtual keyboards)?

  • Joshua BaronMD

    Has any else had the experience of this draining their battery?

  • puck


  • Stephen D

    A bit off topic but does anyone have a link to somewhere I can download Swype? Mine stopped working. This was after the original beta expired so that is not the reason it stopped working.

  • Chris Nimon

    not a big txter so ill stick with my custom ime keyboard. giving this a try though.

  • Drew_VA

    Agreed. Swype is still more amazing. When is the standard swype keyboard going to add the microphone key? Hate having to switch over to stock or IME to use speech-to-text…

    • I know what you mean. It's pretty much the only reason I have to switch out of swype.

  • evltwn

    haha…I just downloaded it this morning from one of your older postings…works great though.

  • Cyberdemon

    Hey Kellex, is this a newer beta version then the last one you posted? The previous version was 1.0.341.

    BTW, this is a very nice keyboard.

    • Cyberdemon

      NVM, i just went to “the market” and looked lol. Sorry for the lame post lol. Current market version is 1.0.448, so yeah update it if you use Swiftkey.

  • Evermour

    Quite new to this, but where can I get swype…?

  • been using swiftkey for a while now…i like it.

  • FlyingPlatypus

    Sooo….. Swype or Swiftkey?

    • EC8CH


      • John C

        hey guys how do u have swype?? i got the beta a while ago but then it stopped working cuz it expired…anyone have a link or know where i can get it again- moto droid……….thanhksss

        • John C

          NVM!! got it. thanks

          • rebelz13

            John, where did you find it? I can't find anything other than expired versions….

          • http://beta.swype.com/ You have to register, then they email you a link which downloads an installer, which in turn downloads the app… kind of a convoluted process, but worth it to get swype

          • rebelz13

            any idea as to how long it takes to get it?

          • Mr. F. HAM

            i got mine right away after i registered for it

    • FlyingPlatypus

      Maybe we can get a poll for this?

    • Swyyyype 🙂 With custom themes FTW! lol

  • Droidzilla

    I use this as my “traditional” keyboard for those times I don't feel like Swyping. It's great to use in landscape mode with the slider, too.

    • thislandisyourland

      I was thinking the same thing, its a fantastic addition to the hardware keyboard, but I still prefer Swype as my software keyboard.

  • dominguez619

    100th Comment!! kind of a waste but oh well lol

  • Second!

  • Coaster36