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Verizon Summer Device Catalog Leaked, Droid 2 is Official

We showed you exclusive pictures of the Droid 2 a while back, but had been waiting patiently for Verizon to finally announce it.  And through a leaked summer catalog we can see that it is officially coming in August, we just don’t know exactly what day that will be yet…

And a nice comparison spec sheet of some of their top devices…

Sweet stuff right?  Check out the BGR link below for the rest of the gallery.

Source: BGR

Cheers SBob!

  • guz1115

    I still love my droid 1!

  • guz_1115

    I still love my droid 1!

  • OK so here’s my story, and PLEASE don’t take this as griping. This is a big issue for me and I want to make sure I make a smart move here.

    I have had the iPhone 3GS and the 3G before that. I LOVE the iPhone 3GS – it does everything I need. I love how it incorporates my pictures from my Outlook contacts (I’m on Windows 7) and takes all my cover flow artwork from my mp3′s. I love the simplicity of email. I love the availability of apps. I love the sleekness and the feel of it. Sure, there are DEFINITE drawbacks, such as AT&T, proprietary dictatorship by Apple, need I say more… Anyway, I bought the iPhone 4 and returned it. It, frankly, SUCKS. WAY too many issues, and not just the “death grip.” It’s really, REALLY terrible. Really. Terrible. REALLY. So I went back to a new 3GS that I just bought from AT&T upon returning the 4. But I’m still just chapped at Jobs’ attitude and arrogance (the whole “non-issue” business, iron fist control, etc.) and want to really just ditch AT&T and Apple altogether. I’d like to move to Verizon and I love nearly everything about this phone…except Android, because I’m not really quite sure about it yet. The reason I say that is because I just last Friday dumped my 3GS and switched to Sprint for the HTC Evo. While I liked the Evo’s feel and what not, it definitely has battery issues, connectivity issues, and 4G is NO-where yet. But I was concerned about some other things:

    1) Outlook contact pictures didn’t sync right to my phone
    2) Didn’t like have to manually manipulate what “mode” you want the USB connectivity to function as – whether to transfer files, sync, or simply charge, etc.. I feel this should do this automatically.
    3) Album artwork didn’t come over for everything
    4) Push notification was not instant…required a fetch schedule of 15 minutes

    So, in short, I returned that too, and went back to the 3GS that I still have. Call me fickle. I just want what works for me. But after heavily reviewing the Droid X all across the web, I am truly jazzed about it. I want to say “screw Apple and Steve Jobs” and move on. Totally willing to pay the ETF with AT&T for this. If it means a switch to a more stable phone on a more stable network and not made by an UN-stable man, then triple-yay. I run a business and really appreciate push notification sending emails to my iPhone. I appreciate being able to pull up my contacts and see their pictures. I appreciate being able to see all the artwork from my iTunes and have the coverflow work correctly. It’s not all about aesthetics, believe me. I just want things to work as fluidly as they do for me on my iPhone 3GS. This is a bigger migration than I thought it would be: iOS4 (which is NOT better than the old iPhone operating systems, by the way) to Android. I appreciate the vast strides Google is making to surpass this behemoth of a bad apple, and to eradicate Jobs’ mental monopoly over his Applemmings and sheep. Google has helped me, in more ways than Apple has, to become more productive with my business; I support Google. I support FREE enterprise. 🙂

    So…can anyone enlighten me on the following:

    1) Have you had problems syncing contact pictures to your Android device?
    2) Have you had problems with your album artwork syncing?
    3) Do you know if Android 2.2 Froyo has plans to make the USB connectivity a more universal functionality?
    4) Does anyone know if there is an iTunes-for-Android besides DoubleTwist or Songbird that will actually take all of my iTunes DRM files (including movies) and sync them flawlessly to my Droid X?
    5) Anyone know if Verizon will be able to support simultaneous 3G surf and talk soon? I can do this now on AT&T and while some may discredit it, it has come in handy on more than a few occasions.
    6) Is Froyo supposed to make the phone go even faster?
    7) Will the phone eventually support 4G, does anyone know? Or does it not have a radio or whatever in it for that?
    8) Does the phone do push notification of emails, or it only a 15-minute “fetch” type of download? There is a definite difference between instant push and scheduled fetch…and this is crucial for my business.

    Sorry for the long-winded post and the laundry list of questions. As this will be my first Droid, I’m VERY excited and I LOVE what I see. I might just name it C3PO, but I don’t want it always complaining that it needs an oil bath. 🙂

    A trembling canyon jumper,

    • Chris Nimon

      1. no problems at all. when you activate phone with google account everything comes back with it.
      2. no, I use the 3 (cubed) app which is awesome and finds covers automatically.
      3 you can set it to do the same thing every time you connect. usb, sync, whatever.
      4. DRM is why i dumped itunes years ago. i had to burn the music to cd, then rip it back to computer to get
      rid of it. I don't know if there's an app that deals with DRM or not.
      5. contrary to what you've heard, we ALWAYS COULD talk and surf at the same time.
      6. Froyo is unbelievable. made my droid twice as fast, comes with flash, has many many options.
      7. have to have a 4g phone for that but like you said, 4g is currently nowhere.
      8. you can set your email accounts to check for new mail every 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or never.

      good name choice, I like it. Id suggest going in and trying out the Droid X. I did and I found it to have a huge screen yet didn't feel very big in my hands. It actually felt only very slightly larger than my Droid.

  • El El Kool J

    Just got my shipement in for these new catalogs..

    • did anyone else try the nfl website it requires flash yet they want you to get on it from your phone. When are the catalogs coming out because droid is listed as supporting it.

  • does anyone have this issue on the droid to where you download music from your phone using tubedroid or music junk and when you go to your music app and check the song limit it says like 20mins or more when the song is probably 4 to 3 mins long?

  • Let's give Motorola some love here. They are offering 2 great phones in less than a month or so apart. Droid 2 may not be the flagship its predecessor was, but they made some nice changes. They fixed what most of us disliked about the original. Be honest.. how many of you have taken your cell pics and blown them up to an 8×10? Probably few if any of us have. 8mp means nothing unless that is what you are doing with your phone. Most just think because it has a higher # it has to be better. … false.. it really only matters if you are wanting to make larger pics. Now if the camera had faster and more accurate focusing, then this may mean something to most of us. 8 MP over 5 MP on a cell.. who cares.
    I don't think most droid1 owners will rush out to get the 2nd offering, but it will continue to make it a good seller. LOL. My 4 cents anyway

    • Bort

      IMO the problem with only having a 5 MP camera is when you want to crop an image and have the final image be of decent resolution.

  • This is nice and all, but the only new phones on there are the DROID X and the DROID 2. Where's the Samsung Galaxy S phone?

  • Nah, I'll hold out for the Droid 4G on Verizon. {{-_-}}

  • Thanks again everyone for a great day on D-L.com! Time for this lil tater to hit the sack?
    See what I did there? 😛

    Night! Tomorrow should be full of entertaining posts and comments to boost!
    The question is….will you be “first”??? 🙂

  • I'll keep my D1 but any chance I can buy the girl 😛

    • Chris Nimon

      you ever heard the saying ” 15 will get ya 20″ lol

  • Tex

    Maybe somewhat off topic, but I was one of the hunters in Dallas today and sadly didn't find the card first but I did get to play with the DX for awhile….What can I say but SWEET! Light, so fast, resizable widgets and Swype is super responsive. I think I may have to upgrade anyway, bootloader be damned!

    They also handed out $20 dollar Verizon gift cards to all the Hunters! That “should” be all the reason I need to convince my wife I need to upgrade……

    If it makes it to youtube, I'm the tall dude in the Blue Cowboys cap. Peace!

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  • kizzle

    is the droid2 gonna have the same “blur” experience as the DX?

  • aczm1988

    Anyone having a problem with downloading the droid-life app? I get an install unsuccessful error evertime i try and download it. Last 3-4 roms did it to me. Currently on cyanogen6. I even made sure apps2sd was off and it still wont download.

  • Anyone a fan of PTT or Nextel? Try TiKl-Touch to talk (beta) in the market.

  • jedijesus95

    lol. Guess they are bringing the Kins back.

  • lakerzz

    Off topic, but is anyone else having a problem with a rom running kick a$$ the first 3 or so days, then it starts lagging? Actually, the only problem I have is when I am in the browser for a little while, then hit home, it then takes (what seems like) forever to be able to swipe or even select anything on the home screen. Could this be a Launcher Pro thing? I noticed this issue with a few different roms…

    (And if I reboot my phone, its kick a$$ again for a little while) :/

    • T_Droid

      Yes I have the exact same problem. I suspect it is a launcher pro/ram issue. I have tweaked the LP settings and still the same result.
      Anyone have a fix for this?
      I'm running sapphire .8.4 oc 800

      • lakerzz

        The worst thing is that it seems to happen most when I'm trying to show my phone off to my “iphont” loving brother…lol

        • Chris Nimon

          yeah that does suck when that happens. but then it comes on and they go WHAT IS THAT, HOW DO YOU DO THAT, and all is right in the universe again.

        • T_Droid

          I don't want to show it to anyone when it happens! Its it happening with any other launchers? It really aggravates me!

  • Chris.Go

    Be nice if we could read it. Thanks for the advertisement though!

    • Michael_NM

      You know what's easy to read? BGR that's what. Dr. Droid (Kellex) couldn't have been clearer when he wrote, “Source: BGR.” Your snarky remark about the quality of the image is misplaced. However, I do agree with you that thanks is in order. Thanks to Dr. Droid for being a one-stop shop for all things Droid!

      • Seriously, I agree….
        I want to hold my tongue, but if he doesnt like the site then why is he here? 😛

  • So…No more love for the original Droid?

    I guess if they drop the price to $99 on the D1, they will never sell any DX or D2s. Lets face it, there is nothing they can do that D1 can't already handle quite well 😉

    • they selling it at walmart for 49 bucks. I got my gf the droid but as for me imma wait for the droid x

      • I seen it for free w/ contract from wirefly :-/

  • Ruddy

    hey can anyone help me on how to setup the SetCPU program to overclock..
    i finally made the jump late last night and rooted and its really sweet..
    cliche i know but i dont know why i didnt do it sooner..

    kellex you should have a weekly welcoming into the brother hood of the droid-phi-omega-rooters 😀


      First thing is to click on AutoDetect in Device Selection, DO NOT pick your phone. Next take the slider and drag it up to the max, this is the fastest this kernel will go and you set it where you would like. I also leave the scaling as OnDemand. Technically you are done, but you should set up some profiles. Screen Off is where you can save some battery, I am running 300 max/300 min on my kernel. These speeds will be different for different kernels. Try to set this at the minimum say 400/250, if you get a phone call and your phone does not wake up for several rings you need to bump the min speed up for this kernel. Read up more on DroidForums.net, do not change any of the Advanced settings unless you really know what you are doing…also always start with Set on Boot Unchecked.

      • Ruddy

        whats the ideal temperature that it should be on?
        it showed on mine reaching 85

        • FSRBIKER

          That's F. I am sure and that is totally normal, while gaming you can see temps upwards of 120 but I always like to keep mine below 110 with just surfing, streaming, etc. You can set Profiles to drop the speed say at 110 degrees then again at 120. Charging and using the phone you can see the temps rise as well, I clock mine around 700max while charging.

  • my biggest loss from efuse and sw encryption on the DX is the inability to make that blinding white notice bar black………go go launcher pro to hide that stupid thing.

  • Chris Nimon

    I have finally decided to get the DX. i'll have to use the wife's DI in the meantime. Goodbye old friend, hello ebay, please take care of my little Rooty.

    • Michael_NM

      Congrats Chris! “Goodbye old friend…” almost brought tears to my eyes.

      • Chris Nimon

        yeah its actually kind of sad how much we get attached to these things lol

        • I don't “like” this at all…..quite sad 🙁

        • t0ni

          You may want to rethink getting rid of that phone. It may be one of the last unlocked bootloaders from Moto, which might make it more valuable? That's what I'm thinking.

          • Chris Nimon

            yeah i know, miss my phone already and im still using it lol. If the DPro is locked when it comes out I might just have to switch to something else like that galaxy S or whatever they're gonna call it at verizon.

          • t0ni

            Wow, I was thinking Samsung too! Moto should rethink the bootloader thing.

          • Chris Nimon

            saw some video and reviews and specs and what not on droid forums and internally its a complete beast.

          • t0ni

            I know, but externally…not so much. I love the look of Moto. Tough decisions!!

  • Flyinion

    Seriously, we need a download link for those Droid Life wallpapers with the radio tower on them.

    • Chris Nimon

      Is this is what your looking for? http://www.droid-life.com/2010/06/29/download-r

      • Flyinion

        Ah, yep thanks. I see why I missed it, that date is right in the middle of my vacation to Seattle a couple weeks ago. I was checking DL but not daily and missed it I guess.

  • Is it me or is the 15 taking a long time to get here. I know its less then two days away but it still fell so long away. I can't wait to get the droid x and officially be part of the verizon network and finally leave atnts crappy network.

  • 1bad69z28

    Has anyone heard about the Dorid 2 being locked down as well??

    • JG

      check my comment below…

      SW and HW encrypted as well as locked with an eFuse.

      expect this to be the way moto rolls out their new phones now…sorry

      • 1bad69z28

        Hopefully or should I say maybe some of the dev's out there can crack this.
        I think it's a shame to take away root and custom ROM's. But there is the
        business side of things, but as long as the rewards are great as in our Moto
        Droid, why not??

        • FSRBIKER

          Other people have said business side as well, meaning what exactly? They actually are losing alot of sales since this phone has an encrypted bootloader, this phone has a lot to offer the Rooting Community and I had hoped it could help develop Android even further like the Droid has. This is Motorola's decison to live with, the company to watch right now is Samsung with the Galaxy series being released on all 4 major US carriers…and it's bootloaders have all been unlocked. If you are talking about warranty claims, I can count on one hand with fingers left over the amount of people I heard that actually bricked their phones.

          • Complete agreement. Rooting has brought a Android to a point not possible with “stock”.
            And it really only gets better and better. If Motorola is starting to crack down, then I will keep my Droid till the day I die. F them 😛

          • 1bad69z28

            I agree with you and most importantly I feel a company should listen to it's
            customers, but on the same side you know only a few people compared to the
            rest of the US and what happens when you do get phones coming back that
            have been overclocked past it's design of the processor with shortages in
            life span to the phone. And thats just a small example. I want the
            phones to be able to be rooted as well. But companies do tend to protect
            themselves from the cost of hacking and ruining the device. Then coming back
            and blaming verizon or Motorola is the bottom line. They should make the
            phone like the Droid 1 no locked booloader.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I couldn’t send it earlier http://musital.tecalli.com/about.html Enjoy!

      • Flyinion

        Bad move on Moto's part if other manufacturers don't do this as well. All of us rooters will move to other brands that can be cracked. Granted we're all only a small part of the android users as a whole, but still.

  • I would def get the droid 2. You can root and OC that thing to hell. Plus the og droid won't be able to get android 3.0, that's a big selling point.

    • JG

      sorry to break it to you…p3droid has confirmed the droid 2 and possibly droid pro will be locked down the same way as the X …with hardware and software encryption as well as an eFuse.

    • if cyanogen can squeeze froyo onto a G1, then he can definitely get 3.0 onto a Droid.

  • i am sure that was sent in pdf why didnt they just link it! u cant read crap on that, maybe they should used the droid x camera hahah

  • Never had a droid but I think Droid 2 is cute and it has a keyboard..really disappointed no signs of a Droid pro. I would like to see the Fascinate.

  • 1bad69z28

    Droid 2 Leaked I can't wait to see it, play with it and then have some words for Motorola. This is the Flagship, the revolution that started it all and brought the Andriod OS to the forefront. The sheare genius of smartphones that can walk, talk and chew bubble gum at the same time. So why not make the Droid 2 the harbor of the latest goodies from Motorola that can break the Iphone 4's back? I hope there's some surprises that we don't know about, but it doesn't look like it. .

  • themiracle2012

    ok. Again I notice that the Dinc's max SD card support reads 16GB. Well then, explain this:


  • evltwn

    Nice to see the D2 come with a 1ghz processor, but did anyone notice that its only coming with a 8GB memory card pre-installed and is only expandable up to 16GB? With the Droid 1 or classic, it came with a 16GB SD card and VZW claimed you could expand up to 32GB. Gotta say I'm a little disappointed in this.

  • Chris.Go

    Leaked my ass.

  • Possomcrast1

    i think i see a front facing camera on the droid 2

    • The_Other_Ray

      The front facing camera is in the back.

  • javonte

    I won't be getting no droid 2 there is nothing new about it except its processor the only ppl I cud think who wud get this or waste money on this is people who like new stuff rich people or someone who wants a shineier version of the same thing they had now don't get my wrong if I wuda had a different phone I wud get the droid 2 but I have a droid one which I'm very happy with and droid 2 has no key feautures that's a that will make me run to verizon to upgrade and I know motrola is gon be tryin to lock down these new android phones which will prolly be less people rooted with these upcoming phones besides isn't any sequel of a phone or movie pose to surpass the old version all droid to is a revamped version of the droid same camera got rid of the gold accent now its silver shiny new black or blue looking mettalic feel got rid of the thumb pad thing and got a new processor that's basically it any one thinkn of getn this comn from a droid one is crazy cuz u can overclock to the same procesing power that droid2 will have

    • tilldurr


      • haha reading that gave me a headache

    • kizzle

      talk about run on sentences.

      • He doesn't want to buy a Droid 2 because he's saving up for a period key.

        • t0ni

          Hahahahha, i just lol'd!! Thanks.

    • grammar, its important.

      • Michael_NM

        What does grammar own? (Its is possessive,) I agree with your point though, it's important. 🙂

    • Punctuation is your friend.

    • Evermour

      Someone's trying to write a novel… but Id like to know the differences.

    • the only punctuation in this whole post was 1 apostrophe haha

      • Michael_NM

        Actually, there are five apostrophes in the comment. We got give full credit where it's due. I'm in the middle of grading papers right now. I apologize for being picky, off-topic and over-zealous, but that's just where my mind is right now. Okay, back to work.

        • He is sooo right though. Look at that thing! Wow! Hurts my head 😛 lol

  • Guest

    This can't be right. The Droid X listed says the Expandable Memory Support is only up to 16gb when the verizon site says it is 32gb for a max total of 40gb.

  • D2 is only a 5MP camera. Oof.

  • Jeff

    Anybody know if the Droid 1 accessories (Multimedia Dock, Car Mount, and car charger) will all be compatible with Droid 2?


  • Br_d

    They still have the Kin on that chart. I thought the Kin was dead!

  • Epell

    I guess Fascinate is technically in the Fall lineup.

  • Fascinate???

  • Mrpicolas

    im still wanting that droid 2

    • Oh no you didnt lol

      • Mrpicolas

        Oh yes did

  • T_Droid

    First of all, there is NO Droid listed, which I suppose is to be expected with the release of D2, just very sad to see it in print, or not see it as the case may be.

    Also, I really am having a hard time seeing the huge upgrade with the D2. I know it has faster processor etc. but as we all know the D1 can get to that speed rather easily. Could it be that Moto, VZW want the D1 phased out as quickly as possible so they can imposse their encrypted bootloader??
    just a thought

    • Timoh

      They also don't show the Samsung Fascinate. Just because it isn't listed doesn't mean they wont sell it. Also, there really is no point in a business sense to keep the droid(1) when the 2 is the same with better specs. I know the bootloader will be locked but that doesn't matter to Verizon/Moto, and they are probably more excited to have it locked than to keep selling one that isn't.

    • Once again its not speed its how efficient it is -.-' You know like why the faster snapdragon vs tiomap is just as good even though its slower in the mhz sense.

    • geleenjavelina

      well that's why we have a comparisson with Droid 1 and Droid 2.

  • SB0b

    I´ve nearly lost all hope on this phone and now this…. the next weeks are going to be exciting 😀

    p.s. first comment as login-member….

  • Puck3511

    hopefully the bootloaders not locked on this like DX is…

    • nick oberly

      its not for sure though!

  • Ace Z.

    Only if the DROID 2 was manufactured with unbelievable specs. I'm still disappointed and shocked on the little improvements from the DROID 1.

    • EggoEspada

      They should of waited till the end of the year and called their 2GHz phone the Droid 2…

  • Why put out a phone with a lower pixel count than the droid x??? Not a deal breaker but kinda confuses me…

  • I am curious as to how the Droid X can get an 8MP camera and the Droid 2 is listed as having a 5MP camera.

    • samething i said lol

    • Martinpelant

      I think it is because droid X has the part with the camera thicker -> there is more space for better chip

    • Zacqua10

      Because the Droid X is the new Verzion flag ship, for the time being that is. In a few months it will be the DroidPro. The Droid2 is the Eris of the first round of Droids.

  • Iit looks sweet in grey

  • StephanC

    I noticed that both the Droid X and Droid² have 1 GHz processors.

    • Good eye! 🙂

    • Timoh

      Not quite a selling point but the Droid X comes with a 16gb microsd and the Droid 2 only comes with an 8gb.

  • Bort

    No HD video capture on the Droid 2?

    • DD


  • what are those 2 little holes on the left front face of the droid 2? i know they’re on the original droid but they look more visible on the droid 2.

    • Martinpelant

      I think there are hidden all the sensors

      • i'm hoping it's more than that…

    • I ALWAYS have wondered the SAME thing!!! lol
      Looks like a camera 😛

      • i really really really hope it's a camera…

        • I can already tell you it isn't. But it would be cool nonetheless 🙁 lol

          • One of them is the sensor used while you're on a call that turns your screen off when you put it up to your face.

          • Makes sense 😛

        • Martinpelant

          From the left to the right: light sensor, proximity sensor, speaker, notification LED
          at least that is in the original DROID / Milestone

          • dammit…thanks for crushing me…haha

          • wait a minute…the LED notification isn't that big one on the right. it's actually below that one to a right a little bit. i just tested it.

            so there's 2 on the left, and 2 on the right. one of them on the right isn't visible in the picture…that's the LED notification light….so that leaves one unaccounted for…or are there multiple sensors that provide the same function.

          • Manny

            Yep you are right, the smaller that I was asking is the LED, so my question is what is above it?

          • Manny

            With a flashlight I can see all the holes very good. Below, a little bit to the right of the LED I have another little hole (smaller than the others) on my Droid, What is that? (4 holes in total)

    • nick

      front facing camera????????no it cant be

  • This is neat 🙂 Thanks!

  • Martinpelant


    • wow….you're good…..lol

    • I was checking my email 🙁

    • Martinpelant

      FInally my first first. BTW I hope we get Milestone 2 with the same specs as DROID 2 in EU too