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More Details on Early Arriving DROID X

When we broke the news yesterday that certain lucky Verizon customers were receiving Droid X’s early, we started hitting up our contacts to see what else we could find out.  With no pre-sale through Big Red, plus an order denial while calling customer service ourselves, the idea of customers still finding ways to order the Droid X before July 15th is mind-boggling.

So here is what we’ve got…

As you can see from Verizon inventory screenie above, one of their Memphis warehouses is stocked with well over 25,000 Droid X’s, but as you’ll also see, our source received an error when trying to order.  He also went as far as trying to find a SKU for the device as another work-around to ordering and again, no luck…

Apparently this has to be done over the phone with consumer sales or customer service because all of the stores we checked with had no luck.  We also received the following email from a reader who was successful…

I just called Verizon as a new customer and they accepted my preorder on a Droid X, stating once they get the SKU numbers they will order the equipment and ship it to me. As of right now that is set for 7/15/2010, but will contact me if they receive them sooner!

So what do you think?  Anyone else had any luck calling customer care?  If you did, what device do you currently have?  Our Texas tipster earlier was coming from a Blackberry, which could be another angle to take.

Might as well give them a call to see if you can become one of the lucky early X-ers, right?

  • superb posts. Mind sharing how you get the ideas for blog posts. The first Droid came out and I decided to wait. Now the X is coming out and it seems to fit what I'm looking for…What more special to be posted.

  • Spetnazs

    One of my ex-wives works a verizon and apparently verizon has about 4 or 5 warehouses where the droid x will come from so there is way more than 25,000

  • Charles1489

    Can the droid x do multi media?

  • Charles1489

    good 4 u

  • Spetnazs

    One of my ex-wives works a verizon and apparently verizon has about 4 or 5 warehouses where the droid x will come from so there is way more than 25,000

  • Charles1489

    Can the droid x do multi media?

  • alex

    Called customer service on July 4, 2010, rep told me he could cancel my order on the Incredible and pre order the Droid X for me. However, he couldn't go through with it because the department that cancels orders wasn't open so I had to call the next day. Called the next day and this time the rep told me that she couldn't pre order the phone for me and that the other rep that told me that could was a “3rd party representative.” So I guess I could of gotten it early but who knows.

  • somebody

    Pre-order from VZW and may get it early?! HUH! better off going to a store on the 15th, I know YOU WILL get it sooner than what you thought.


    what the heck who took a picture of our inventory

  • Adfadf

    was in a verizon store today. while i was there, another customer pre-ordered the X and they told him it would ship on July 16th.

  • Camacho9555

    i went into the la jolla california store and they put my name on a list for the droid x. from what i understood it wasn't a pre order more like a reservation. i wont get the phone until the 16th but i am guaranteed one and dont have to deal with going into the store. but i still have to go in anyways to buy a cover and get my contacts imported. oh well

  • Godfrey2009

    Called Best Buy. They can sell as many Droid X's as they want until Saturday. You will be able to pick them up on launch day! So go to your local Best Buy and set up a pre-order!

  • abit off topic but I saw a Droid X commercial on a Spanish channel 2 seconds ago

  • Xtraordinary

    So what kind of line does everybody anticipate on the 15th. I'm sure it wont be anything like he I4, but should we be lining up early? All I know is after all this follow up, I'm going to be a bitter VZ customer if don't get one on realease day.

    • stovepipe-x

      motorola did there homework by looking at there incredible sales they stocked up so availibility shouldn't be a problem

  • andrew401

    i just called verizon customer service and they said i can pre order one right now if i wanted to. i already have one pre ordered through best buy. but i dont know why they would ask me if i wanted to pre order one if they are not doing it? hhhrrrmmm pretty odd

  • Brian

    I just went to the Verizon store to switch my Droid Incredible order over to a Droid X order and they were sort of able to do it. The second I asked, all the managers went into the back and had a little group meeting apparently I was the first person to do that at their store. They were not able to place the order for the Droid X in the system, but they did cancel my Incredible order and put my name on a preferred customer list so there will be a Droid X reserved for me on launch day even though they did not officially place the order in the Verizon system.

  • jal

    Verizon called me today as a courtesy to review my plan usage (i.e. upsell me). When the rep asked if I had time for a review, I said “sure, but I'd like to order the new Droid X first”. After checking the system and then with her supervisor, she told me she can't put the order in now, but that she'd call me first thing Tues morning (Jul 13) to take my order. She was very nice and very helpful. Let's see if she keeps her word.

  • Nssharp

    I have called Verizon wireless, best buy, and local resellers to get the scope and here is the deal…

    Verizon Wireless (corporate stores and their phone reps) WILL NOT take preorders, nor have I found anyone that will hold, or put aside a phone. You can order on their website on the 15th or go into the store. If you order it online it will be shipped the day of and I've been told it should get there the next day.

    Best Buy will preorder however at this point they can not ensure you get a phone (as the first batch is over). You MUST do a 2 year contract, they will not preorder for a 1 year contract.

    Now Verizon Resellers, they all vary. Some are not taking preorders, some are wait listing and will call you back on the release day, AND some of them are preordering. However from the ones I have found taking preorders they will only do it for new activations. So your best bet to preordering the phone is calling all of your authorized resellers and finding one that will do it for you.

    • edwards311

      I wouldn't count on BB, I got a call saying that the entire launch was delayed(from a BB store rep.). I contacted BB and this is what I got back from them…..Thank-you for contacting Best Buy Mobile Customer Care, my name is Victoria, and I will be happy to help you with this question. This is kinda a tricky question to answer because there are a ton of rumors flying around. I can confirm that we did postpone the release date on our end due to delays from Motorola. I can see that Verizon has not delayed the release with them directly also. One reason that makes this question tricky to answer is because Motorola has not released an exact release date. I did many searches all coming up with the same answers, that Best Buy delayed their launch, Verizon did not and Motorola hasn't confirmed a launch date. Here is one of the many sites I visited: http://www.simbasics.co.uk/motorola-droid-x-pre… . The one thing I can confirm to you is that the Best Buy Store reps that you spoke to about your pre-order were being honest with you about the delay. I just can not explain why Verizon has not been delayed. Hopefully, this has answered all of your questions. If you need any more information, or if you would like to purchase, you can respond to this message, or call Best Buy Mobile 1-888-BESTBUY. Thank you again for contacting Best Buy Mobile. Have a Great Day! VictoriaBest Buy Mobile Customer Care

  • Bejan

    When you pre-order, do they charge you for the phone then send it when it's available, or do they charge you for it after they're able to get and ship stock?

    • My experience is that they charge you immediately. That's what they did with my Droid Incredible.

      • stovepipe-x

        I preordered my x and they said they'll charge me the day it comes in

  • Lana

    The droid X is not available at Verizon for preorder. It is at Best buy. However I just spoke with a rep at Verizon and Placed my order for the droid X. It will be ordered by the rep I spoke with on the release date. I am now Guaranteed My X without standing in line. The difference between that and pre-order is it will be received 1-3 days after the release date. FACT!

  • It's so tempting to try and order it early. But I think I'll just wait it out and be at my Verizon store when it opens on the 15th. It's only a week and a day away… Then I don't have to deal with the possibility of it getting lost in shipping and all that. (I tend to have bad luck with shipping…)

  • John Locke

    I'm going to guess and say that the early arriving droid x's are the ones pre-ordered for those who are switching from the incredible to droid X.

    • Oh John Locke… there's no cell reception on THE ISLAND! 😉

    • Dave

      Sorry, but false. I have two Incredibles on order and they will let me cancel them but cannot order the Droid X. They said I have to wait until July 15th to place the order. At least this is whats been happening to me. I've tried a number of times from calling customer care to going into the stores.

    • Doctorb

      I have an “in” with a District manager for 3 large retail Verizon stores and I will be getting my X through the “back door” morning of the 15th. Believe me, if she could, I would have one before the 15th. Pre ordering may get you an X a few days after the 15th but I will have one in my hot little hands by 9AM on the 15th w/out standing in a cue!

      • Charles1489

        good 4 u

  • Clark Kent

    The best part about this story is that, that one warehouse already has 25,000 well before launch. Hopefully this will be a smooth launch and it will be available to the masses.

  • Chuk1005

    I was able to order one this morning, I currently have the original Droid. I received my shipping confirmation and tracking. I am scheduled to receive it Friday. Ill glady post pics friday.

    • havetolovemusic

      how were you able to order it? I tried this morning and wasn't able to do so

      • kellex

        Seriously fill the people in.

      • Chuk1005

        I called in, and was said i want to upgrade my phone, The CS rep said I wasnt eligible, so I asked(informed) her about the promotion to upgrade if your contract ends in 2010. She put me on hold came back and said sir you are correct about that promotion. Then she asked me which phone I wanted, I said the Droid X, she said let me see if i can place that order for you because it doesnt come out until the 15th. Then she started placing the order, I tried to do 1yr pricing but she said she couldnt and asked me if I still wanted it for the 2 yr pricing. I said yes, charged the order to my account and she game me my order number, 2 hours later I got the shipping confirmation.

        • Chuk1005


    • Picodroid

      Lies, lies and more lies. As I've said, I'm a Verizon Wireless employee. Post your shipping confirmation number and I'll validate it to prove your claim. But, I know you're a liar, so I won't expect anything to be posted.

      • Mrpicolas

        Lets all settle down no need to call people names

      • Chuk1005

        I dont have to prove anything to you especially by calling names, but like i said ill link up some pictures after i receive it friday. FYI to anyone else fedex says its shipping from COATESVILLE, PA but picked up from WEST CHESTER, PA

        • Chuk1005

          For those in denial like this pico guy, I will link pictures in this topic with my screen name also as proof once I get it on Friday.

        • havetolovemusic

          Well I will have to try again. Hopefully I'll get someone that can put the order through

          • Chuk1005

            Im not sure if it makes a difference by call center and location, but im located in the DC metro area.

        • Picodroid

          Yeah, right. I'll believe it when I see it.

          • Chuk1005

            Mr CS rep, that doesnt know whats going on with the Droid X i suggest u check this link……

          • Someguy

            HAHAHA Start believing it idiot. Don't try to be such a hard ass on the internet when you have no idea what you're talking about. You just got shown.

      • edwards311

        Hey Picodroid…since your a VZW employee, can you tell me how many Droid X's will be shipped to ther Bel Air Maryland store????? Com'on and hook a brotha up !!!!!!!!

  • Havetolovemusic

    I actually called customer service today. I have a enV touch that is dying more and more every day. So I got verizon to bump up my upgrade date. I told them I wanted the X and what not, the person I delt with seemed very friendly and on board with what I was trying to do. She went to order it and got an error herself, so then she went to the supervisor. She said that she was not able to order it at this time, but as soon as 7/15 came around I would be ordered one. She put me in the system so that when they do become available I would be automatically be ordered one. So that is kind of like pre-ordering? I don't know if this matters or not to anyone, but thought I'd post it anyway.

  • El El Kool J

    When that LTE network kicks in.. I will be so very happy I have Employee lines.. 🙂 Discount will be lovely..

  • Picodroid

    I'm a Verizon Wireless Customer Service Rep. There is NO WAY to place an order for this phone, it's not in the system yet. It shows up as 999999, it's just not possible. I have no clue how anyone could get an order processed, and even more so actually shipped out.

    They are, of course, in stock at warehouses which is obvious because launch is just a little more than a week away. But they're fully entered into the equipment system, not nearly enough to place orders.

    • Picodroid

      As for your reader who thinks he got a pre-order… that's not true. What happened is, the rep scheduled that person for a callback on the 15th. The order hasn't gone anywhere and won't until the 15th because as the rep they spoke to stated, they don't have a SKU for the phone.
      So, as you can see, Customer Service reps can't put orders through yet, it's just impossible.

      • kellex

        Thanks for the reply. This is the stuff that people need to hear.

        • lvmydroid

          My daughter is also a CSR at verizon and while they may not be able to pre-order any at the moment there where some calls at her site from people looking to activate their x's ( she had one of those calls ). I had sent her a text about the article here on droid_life and she was already aware of the “escaped” x's so it was no news to her.

    • Picodroid

      Oh, and don't waste your time calling. You're just going to tie up reps. They can't do anything… most of them won't have a clue what to tell you beside to call back on the 15th anyway. These early shipments were either done for people with friends on the inside (possibly at a warehouse) or a complete error that is likely not to be reproduced. As of now there's still only the two instances of people getting their D X early, right?

    • Jdtran4

      I called my VZW rep and they confirmed that you can't order the phone until the 15th but they can make notations in your file about the order and then call you back first thing on the 15th to place the order for you.

      after being bummed, they went ahead and moved up my NE2 date from July 27th to July 15th so i can apply my discount early so that was pretty cool of them.

      i'm wondering though instead of waiting for VZW to call me, can i call on midnight on the 15th to place the order?

  • Tracy Wilborn

    As much as I want a new X, after some years ago buying a Samsung SCH-I730 sight unseen, I just can't bring myself to buy a phone without having my hands on it first to try out.

    • BlkShrPi

      Just looking at the pic should've been enough. HAHA sorry man that is one ugly phone and it was A WinMo phone. What did you expect. Not trying to be an ahole, just a friendly wise crack.

      • Joe1138

        No offence taken, I agree it's a [email protected] phone. But at the time it was *WAY WAY* better then the SCH-I730 that I bought without holding. WOW!, what a brick. It's only redeaming factor was was that it had an IR port so that you could program it to be a remote for your electronics.

  • joandy

    Kellex, are you planning on adding this phone to the site line up? If so, I don't mind donating money for the cause and I'm sure others readers wont mind either. I personally don't care about the phone but I always enjoy gadgets stuff.

    Or another idea is for someone that gets the phone will become the Guinea pig for Droid X stuff (The down side of this is the guy/girl might stop doing it one day).

    I personally like the first one better, so let us know!!

    • kellex

      I'll be getting one for sure. 🙂

      • For free most likely :-/ lucky punk! lol

  • I Went to an authorized dealer and asked them about the release of the Droid X. They told me that only the corporate stores will be getting the Droidx on the 15th. Anyone else get the same info?

    • spyder00

      I work for a Premium Verizon Dealer and we are getting the July 15th they are already ordered! Just waiting right now…in store Promotion is Pre Order and get free choice of bluetooth headset…not that great of a deal but free is good lol

      • Good to hear. Going to call around and see if I can get more information on what others authorized dealers are doing.

    • Xtraordinary

      I went into an AD and was told they were taking preorders, but only for new VZ customers. I also called last night and talke to Customer Care and was told there was no “list” to put my name on to call me from. I was told to call at midnight on the 14th to preorder by phone.

  • I don't mean to be an ass but is there any real point to this phone? We know 1.5 and 2 Ghz phones will be coming out shortly and that Verizon should have their 4G network up and running sometime in November. I'm just saying that this phone is already outdated and it's not even fully released. Although I would love this phone I just think anyone with a Droid is better off waiting.

    • Tabe

      Oh yeah… And then when those phones come out we should probably wait for the even sweeter ones that are coming out after them!
      It's an endless cycle, man… You gotta make a choice and just go with it at some point or else you're never going to get a new phone!

      • Granted that speed and power will always increase, my point here is that we know we will have twice the speed processor wise and a 4G network in the next generation phones. Maybe I'm more aware of the next 3-6 months tech wise due to the great community here but usually new phones are announced and we're like…HOLY CRAP and wowed by the new factors…here…we all know that better is sooner.

        • Tabe

          Bottom line for me: I currently have a crappy Omnia on which I constantly miss calls and it constantly freezes up. Not to mention it's falling apart… I've been waiting for a while to replace it. The first Droid came out and I decided to wait. Now the X is coming out and it seems to fit what I'm looking for. I know that the 1.5-2Ghz phones with LTE are coming out soon enough, but right now I don't care. The Droid X fits the bill of what I need right NOW. I am patient enough to wait through the next gen that is coming and see what's out there when I'm ready to upgrade again.

          • Totally agree with you there….my argument is more or less regarding Droid owners. I've heard some horror stories about the Omnia….I hope you enjoy the DroidX and hell…if you talk highly enough about it, you may sway me. I really am in love with that 4.3 inch screen and the thin factor.

          • Tabe

            Yeah, If I currently owned a Droid it would be a much tougher decision for me.

          • Doctorb

            Ditto here Omnia hell. Only reason I got it was to stream my slingbox. But now with the huge screen on the DX, ” forget about it” … I'm in for the X and unlimited 3G. One year from now I'll check out more phones.

          • Tabe

            Haha, yep! I mean, the Omnia feature list was pretty impressive when it came out! The worst thing was the crappy Touchwiz, and I figured a flash to WinMo 6.5 would fix that… Little did I know that the only thing the device would do is piss me off over and over again! 😛

    • WhereIsTony

      Well I may be in a minority here, but I would prefer to stick with 3G and the unlimted data for now over LTE and the more expensive data to come. That may change when I see the new capabilities.

      • Tabe

        Yep, my thoughts exactly! And when I'm eligible for my NEXT upgrade (after the X) then there will be something even BETTER out there, and LTE will be more established. Maybe then I'll go to an LTE phone, as long as they're not charging out the arse for LTE!

      • oh…yea…that will suck!….I'm suddenly swayed to the DroidX

      • andrew401

        absolutely, 3g is fast enough for me especially once overclocked.

        • Overclocking doesn't change your download/upload speeds, if I remember correctly.

  • Tabe

    What in the WORLD is going on?! How are these people getting X's?!!!!!!!

  • Trolley Rider

    I “preordered” the first day this was announced in the presser. I went to my local VZ store and put $50 down towards the purchase of an X. The associate told me that while my $50 is not attached to a specific droid, they will hold the first one that comes in for me and will apply the $50 then. I will be there 7/15 when they open to make sure that happens lol.

    • Joshpaynedesigns

      I went straight to Best Buy as soon as I heard about the pre ordering that they would do. Luckily I was one of the few who made it there before they ran out of stock. I hope to get my Droid X shipped to me on the 15:)

      • WAldenIV

        You will have to schedule an appointment with Best Buy to pick up your phone. It won't be shipped directly to you.

        • Joshpaynedesigns

          Why is that a problem? I would rather pick it up from best buy over having it shipped to me.

          • WAldenIV

            It's not a problem. You said you hope they ship it to you on the 15th. I was simply letting you know that it won't be shipped directly to you.

          • Joshpaynedesigns

            Oh sorry I misunderstood you. Ya hopefully I will get it sometime next week 🙂

  • i called Verizon customer care last night after reading about this and they said they were not going to have any preorders at all. I also asked if the supply was going to out weight the demand and tech said yes, she said the best thing to do is try a local verizon store to get one on the 15th.

  • Urugami

    Have any of them been benchmarked in Quadrant yet?

    • Chris Nimon

      I checked one out at verizon that had quadrant on it. It was getting low 1200's but it was real snappy and smooth and opened apps quicker than my droid w/ 1739 quadrant.

  • javonte

    hey guys I had some extra nex tang goodness who have the new jrummy kangerade but kellex decided not to even reply or open my email so I guess if any1 wants it just reply to my comment

    • He gets about 1000 emails daily. Don't take it personally 🙂
      Feel free to post links here in the comment section

  • El El Kool J

    I think we are more excited about being first to comment than we are to be first to get a Droid X.. ???

    • I'm happy with at least 1 first a day… LOL…

  • haha this is fun!!!

  • Mrpicolas

    And it begins

  • El El Kool J